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ISLAM 101: Muslim Culture and Character: Dynamics of Spiritual Life: Part 6


Conscience, which has a central position in a person’s being and feeling that he or she is a human being, is a spiritual mechanism which wills, feels, perceives and is always open to eternity.

The will-power, feeling, mind and heart which are the “senses” or faculties of the perceptiveness of the spirit, is also the most important dynamics of conscience, by which a person is able to attain human perfection in this world and eternal happiness and vision of the Almighty in the next.

Conscience is a pure, bright mirror to the existence of God and is matchless in recognizing Him and making Him known to others, provided it has eyes to look with insight. Since collective conscience serves as an unerring and undeceiving judge, everyone should resign themselves to its verdicts and affirm it as a referee in their disputes. Duty is what God commands and Prophets carry out and communicate with others. Everyone must accept it and set themselves to do it. God, the Truth, is the Absolute Judge and conscience is the purest mirror to Him. It reflects whatever it reflects with such clarity and power that only the dread of inability to live up to its truth can cloud it, and even that most rarely. The more intellectually and spiritually disciplined one is, the more consistent and harmonious one’s thoughts and actions are. The more open to the realms beyond one’s conscience is, the more Divinely inspired and guided one’s manners are. Since conscience is the feeling and perceptive faculty of the spirit, it has always been regarded as open to the realms beyond, uncontained by space, having sound criteria and as pure as angels.

There are many judges and almost all of them issue verdicts based on the same sources, and yet their verdicts may differ. But the conscience is a judge with such penetrating insight that it can issue verdicts based on truths and its verdicts will deceive no one.

Collective conscience means the perception, discernment, and insight of the great majority of people and therefore rarely errs, especially when its knowledge is corroborated by a Divinely inspired source.

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Riyad as-Salihin, The Book of Dress, Book 3, Hadith 22

Chapter: The Description of the Length of the Qamees’ Sleeves, the End of the Turban, and Prohibition of Wearing Long Garments Out of Pride and Undesirability of Wearing Them Without Pride

Ibn ‘Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) reported:

My lower garment was trailing as I passed by the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) so he said, “Raise your lower garment, Abdullah.” I lifted it up and he told me to raise it higher. I complied with his orders and as I was still trying to find the best place (for it), one of the people asked where it should reach and he (ﷺ) replied, “Half way down the knees.”


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SAHIH al-BUKHARI : Fasting: Hadith 96

Narrated By Abu Huraira : Two fasts and two kinds of sale are forbidden: fasting on the day of ‘Id-ul-Fitr and 'Id-ul-Adha and the kinds of sale called Mulamasa and Munabadha. (These two kinds of sale used to be practiced in the days of Pre-Islamic period of ignorance; Mulamasa means when you touch something displayed for sale you have to buy it; Munabadha means when the seller throws something to you, you have to buy it.)

SAHIH al-BUKHARI : Fasting: Hadith 96/107

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MAKTUBAT IMAM RABBANI: Second Volume, 34th Letter

This letter, written to Nur Muhammad Tahari, informs that Allahu ta'ala is not like anything and that He cannot be comprehended through the intellect:

Hamd be to Allahu ta'ala. Salam upon those slaves of His whom He has chosen! Your honorable letter has arrived here. You write that your states have always been changing. Know that Allahu ta'ala is not within the alam, nor is He outside the alam. He is not apart from the alam, nor is He united with the alam. Allahu ta'ala exists. But He is not within or outside, united with or apart from it. Allahu ta'ala must be known as such, must be searched for as such, and found as such. If one has reached such an understanding [that is, contrary to the above definition], though it may be in a small scale, it will be understood that one has got stuck in shades and appearances. Allahu ta'ala must be looked for as a being never like anything and never comprehensible. One must struggle to reach that grade in an incomprehensible manner. This great blessing can be attained only through the sohbat of a murshid-i kamil. It cannot be explained or comprehended through writings or words. Try to do your duty! Write about your states until we see each other!

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