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vvirgovixen · 2 days ago
today's affirmations
❝ I am the god of my reality.❞
❝ Logic doesn't apply to my desires.❞
❝ Limiting beliefs do not exist.❞
❝ I have a perfect self concept.❞
❝ I always feel confident and capable.❞
❝ Everything I desire is already mine.❞
❝ I love myself.❞
❝ I am magical, extravagant and incredibly gorgeous.❞
❝ I am alluring and desirable.❞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝ I am beyond beautiful.❞
❝ I exude charisma.❞
❝ Everybody loves me.❞
❝ I am the most beautiful girl on earth.❞
❝ It's ridiculous how good I look all the time.❞
❝ My skin is clear and flawless.❞
❝ My scent is sweet and captivating.❞
❝ I am THAT bitch.❞
❝ I succeed in everything I do.❞
❝ Everything always goes my way.❞
Tumblr media
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yslovely · 14 hours ago
Massive tip:
manifest out of love for yourself.
You want a perfect body? Manifest it because you love yourself and you know you deserve it, not because you hate your current body and you desperately want to change it.
You want more money? Manifest it because you love yourself and you know that money will help you take better care of yourself.
Want a perfect relationship? Manifest it because you love yourself and a healthy, perfect relationship with your sp is the only kind of relationship you deserve. You're worthy of being loved and having someone who treats you with respect.
This doesn't mean that you have to love your life and everyone and everything in it. Hell no. You have every right to hate the reality you're in right now. But you shouldn't hate yourself. It's not your fault if you believed for a really long time that life isn't fair, that all the rich people are selfish and you don't want to be like them, that you have no control over your life. So don't punish yourself for that.
Of course, self love isn't necessary. You can still manifest even if you hate yourself. It just gets so much easier when you understand that you deserve all the good things in the world. You shouldn't be your own enemy. Give this a try, it's really really worth it.
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nikasholistic · a day ago
Trust the Universe. Let go of fear. Let go of lack mentality. Trust that you’re always divinely supported and guided because you are. The Universe created you, you are the extension of the Divine, and this Infinite Intelligence is always taking care of you.
You are safe. You are protected. You are never alone. You are supported by the entire Universe. You are supported by your higher self and your spirit guides. You can achieve anything. You can create anything you want. You’re not a victim, you are a powerful, magnificent being, and it’s time to shine your light, it’s time to align with your life purpose and attain fulfillment in life.
When you trust that the Universe is helping you and guiding you, you emit a peaceful, calm vibration. You’re convinced that the entire Universe is working in your favor, and, as a result, your reality starts to mirror this belief, and magic flows into your life. You really can live your life on your own terms. The Universe wants you to do this, and the Universe will support you along the journey.
IG: @nikasholistic
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godofmanifesting · 2 days ago
“hold fast to your ideal in your imagination. nothing can take it from you but your failure to persist in imagining the ideal realized.” —Neville Goddard
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culturalresetshawty · a day ago
☆。i do not stress over the outcome of my manifestations bc i know for a fact that there’s only one choice, one truth and one option: getting all i want when I want 🎀
☆。i know damn well I'm capable of achieving every single one of my goals, i already achieved them all! ✨
☆。negative assumptions , emotions and affirmations got no room out here ! they all powerless, they nevaaa interfere my manifestations. 💌
Tumblr media
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michaelbogild · 2 days ago
I am here to tell you that you absolutely positively CAN.
Your dreams are realities that will blossom from your strong belief.
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fairyv1b3s · 15 hours ago
my fav law of assumption youtube channels:
- manifesting with kimberly
- electrasoul
- hyler
- irada j
- manifest with carys leah
- natalie dance as the pennies drop
- place prepared
- I am love podcast
- school of manifestation
- the dark oracle’s guide to the multiverse (more about multiverse & a dif take on law of assumption)
- neville goddard daily
- place prepared
- awakened imagination
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nakedbibi333 · a day ago
Remember that you are the only reason your desires manifest! Not the subliminal, not the affirmations, not the scripts, or the vision boards — just you. You don’t need anything to manifest. If you want to use a method because you like it or feel like it works well for you, then that’s wonderful! But never forget that it’s not the method with the power to give you everything you desire, it always has been and always will be you.
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kaportka · 2 days ago
Do not compare.
Don't ever distract yourself with how others are doing, what they are doing, where they are in comparison to you. Comparing yourself to anyone is an unhealthy habit. When you get sidetracked by accomplishments of others, you waste your energy. Instead of building yourself up, cultivating powerful beliefs, you create more competition and misery in your reality. Remember, whatever you experience is just a reflection of your imagination. So nobody is better than you, unless you allow them to be. Focus on yourself, on building strong self-concept. Upon seeing the success of others — be glad, because their fortune is the mirror of you. Start seeing your personal beauty reflected in the world.
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sexyandhedonistic · 2 days ago
A tip
Stop trying to validate the 3D when your manifestation still has not arrived
I know you may feel inclined to turn to the 3D for a spare crumb of reassurance that you are getting what you want, and when you aren’t you try to justify the case for comfort.
Do not do that
If you’re manifesting contact from your specific person and it’s nothing but crickets you should not justify it by thinking “they’re just busy right now” because guess what? You’ve just manifested them being busy, which means they will continue to not reach out to you. Affirm for what you do want and don't fixate on unfavorable circumstances. Remain loyal to your desires because the dominant story will always prevail. The 3D means nothing when you have the power to change it in any way you like, so don't give it any importance when it's not playing out the way you want it to.
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goddessglo · 12 hours ago
daily reminder
try not to overthink your desires on how they are going to come into your life or the steps you need to take to receive them. your desires have already been received the minute you thought of them. its about persistence. affirm through the fact it is already yours.
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manifesting-angel · a day ago
it is done, there’s nothing you need to do to bring it to you. just sit back and relax and let it come to you. it’s working!!!
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empathwitchliv · 2 days ago
✨🎃 October Links For
My Spiritual Blog 🎃✨
I have had back to back pain crises since the end of April 2021 and because of that I have been struggling more with managing my pain and anxiety. I'm a 25yr old Black, Queer, Disabled Femme that has Sickle Cell Anemia, anxiety, and PTSD. I'm a writer, blogger, chronic illness educator, accessibility advocate, and creator in my spare time. I've recently spent some time focusing on my spiritual journey of healing hidden wounds, healing the inner self, honoring my ancestors, connecting with my higher self, and spreading love to the collective.
✨ Welcome New Followers - October
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✨ Sickle Cell Awareness Themed Collective Reading
Tips, commissions and my spiritual blog ✨
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existpresently · 5 hours ago
i feel so complete with the mindset that my desires want me. i let them come to me. no trying or feeling of effort. just deciding, allowing, knowing, and trusting.
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fairyv1b3s · a day ago
woke up this morning and decided im going to buy the pearl of great price and fully immerse myself in the law. no more victim mindset. no more questioning my power. I AM powerful. I AM the god of my reality and I AM a master at manifesting. everything I see, everything in my life right now, is because of my assumptions, whether I like it or not. I am fully accepting this as a fact and I am taking back my power, once and for all.
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