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*+:。.。The key to being hot, is thinking as if. The key to being rich, is thinking as if. The key to manifesting your sp, is thinking as if. The key to achieving anything in life is thinking from that version of yourself you want to be. The only action you have to do is mental. Align your thoughts with the life you desire. Think thoughts you would have if you already had your desires. Make it natural as possible. And watch your whole life change.*+:。.。
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goddesssin111 · 2 days ago
it’s just your ego telling you that you can’t manifest successfully. it’s your ego putting the “what if’s” & the “that’s not possible” in your head. rise above your ego & correct it. keep thinking in YOUR favor no matter what your ego tries to throw at you to protect you. your ego only encourages you to think of the “what if’s” and “is it really possible?” because it’s trying to protect you from getting hurt. your only job is to rise above those thoughts and keep thinking as if it’s already done. set your ego straight.— itslitrllymine
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lavender--fairy · 20 hours ago
How to let go of the outer world
Here is something practical that you can do. This will help you let go of the outside world:
Treat this like an experiment.
Lay down or sit in a chair and be comfortable.
I want you to tell yourself this, or word it the way you want to, "I am allowed to completely let go of the outside world. I do not need to focus on others or what is happening out there. I only need to focus what is happening in here. If I feel satisfied in here, then I am. I will identify myself with my inner self. I no longer have to control the outside to but my inner. My desires are so easily achievable within myself. It brings me much relief knowing I can let the outside go, and only focus on changing myself. "
Say it once of a few times. Really focus on the relief you feel from not having to control the outside.
From here, imagine feeling satisfied or accomplished. Then ask yourself, "What would it feel like if I was who I wanted to be?" Then feel it, enjoy that feeling and know that you are NOW it. You do not need any more confirmation. That is final.
After you feel all of that, come out of contemplation and simply be neutral or feel more confident in yourself.
Only look within from here on out. Do not care about the outside. It will conform, even if it seems like it won't, it will. You will be in positions that will confirm what you have done. You will be in a position that will trigger your memory of what you have done within
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ʟᴀᴡ ᴏꜰ ᴀꜱꜱᴜᴍᴘᴛɪᴏɴ
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐀𝐫𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐍𝐨𝐭 𝐀𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐎𝐟 𝐑𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐍𝐨𝐰?
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Hey everyone~ I did a new pick a card reading for you guys. As the last ones were reality shifting related, I wanted to do one about law of assumption or more exactly about your manifestation journey! I hope you enjoy it! <3
-> check out my other pac readings
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How to choose a picture: Try to calm down, take deep breaths & use your intuition to select. Take you time and chose the picture you feel the most drawn to.
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༣P𝔦𝔩𝔢 1
spider -> camel, oyster
Hello pile one, I see you wanting to choose your own destiny, desiring control over everything and creating your own life. You strive for variety, you might often change your approach or ‘method’ and try to find out what works ‘better’. Your perseverance is definitely unmatched and there are not many people as reasonable as you. Also, you can be very patient. You are often focused only on your benefits and on how you can get the most out of things/relationships etc. You are in the energy of creating and I see you planning a lot and working hard. As your energy seems to be boundless, you almost never tire which consequently makes it hard for you to find the right time to properly rest - ‘Maybe that wasn’t enough, I should keep on working’ kinda mindset - your mind might be still full of energy but your body can’t keep up and you often don’t notice that or just don’t acknowledge it, so it’s important that you learn to rest inbetween the work. I see you often keeping a calm facade, and so the people around you often don’t see that you’re struggling within which might have led to you not receiving so much help or care from others/your family in your childhood.
Instead of being result-oriented, you should try to be more process oriented. Your mind is thinking about the future/your future life that you strive for but because of that you’re often not ‘living in the end’ - you subconsciously assume that your desires lay in the future and that you still need to work hard for them - which is not true! Those assumptions of yours are the problem. You’re not aware that your desires are already there! You just need to become conscious of them! You worked hard all your life, now it’s the time to enjoy yourself. You pressure your mind to constantly make progress because you still subconsciously think you’re not doing enough or that you’re not enough…please try to deal with your self worth issues. Don’t be scared of having your dream life, you deserve all of your desires! You’re so powerful and meant to live an abundant life. When you feel discouraged, try to use your creativity in a playful way.
You’re advised to be in a more laid back and overall content energy. You are so self-reliant, capable of anything and you have enough nourishment within you to handle any challenge with ease. Release all your fears. As I said before the period of struggling is over, you have mastered it, now is the time to enjoy your dream life on cloud 9. Even in the face of negative things in your 3D, keep calm and just ignore it! I know you are a problem solver and a bit of a control freak BUT YOU DON’T NEED TO FIX ANYTHING IN YOUR 3D! Ignore it, focus more on the reality you want to see right this moment. Take responsibility for your reactions - keep them in check and don’t give the 3D you power! Create balance within you and be at peace. Also, don’t forget to drink enough water!
Again, I want you to keep your focus on your 4D/your imagination. Don’t take your inner gifts for granted - even the cards say that you’re a powerful manifestor! Spirit says you shouldn’t be shy to ask for more! Dream big! Be greedy! You deserve it after all this time! Please don’t doubt your worth or your ability ( I think the root of your ‘problems’ is your self concept/you self worth)
Ask yourself ‘what is it that I have been hesitant to share?’ - Reveal your inner treasures, the world is waiting to see you. Try to feel how blessed you are! You are the creator of your reality! Make yourself aware of that fact!
Messages for you from my angel tarot deck:
seven of action, four of abundance, nine of emotions
“You’re being called upon to claim your personal power! Feel confident, as your angels will give you the strength to say no when it’s the right thing to do for yourself. Your struggle may actually stem from an unresolved inner conflict, rather than a conflict with others or with your surroundings. “
“It’s time to reflect upon your relationship with money. Are you spending it too freely, or are you holding on to it too tightly? This can also relate to how you give of yourself to others. Is your heart open, or are you holding back? Your hard work and wise investment will bring great success!”
“This is a magical time in your life when wishes are granted and dreams come true. It may seem that good luck is following you, but actually these happy times are just your reward for being a loving and wonderful person. Your angels are asking you to enjoy your life and have more fun!”
༣P𝔦𝔩𝔢 2
fox -> vulture
Hello pile two, I see you having tremendous potential - you’re very unique. I think it's not very difficult for you to deceive and blackmail someone for your own benefit, but in all you do, there is beauty and unobtrusiveness. It is impossible not to love or not be fascinated by someone as charming as you. Your whole energy is bright and very attractive! I think you’re someone who does not trust others easily, I see you persistently checking a person before trusting them. I think trusting for example in your manifesting abilities or having faith in your wishes coming true might also be something you’re struggling with. You might also tend to be easily influenced by the people around you - involving yourself with someone who thinks negatively about LOA could easily affect you. So be careful with that.
I know you’re very smart and a quick learner, you can easily understand other people and their point of view and you can easily adapt to new situations - which is great! You guys might be the ones who share those epiphany moments on loa blogs.
You seem to be a maximalist, i.e. you think that if one does something, they should do it efficiently and sensibly. And this goes also for LOA stuff. You might be the type to read a lot of neville's work or watch many loa videos on youtube because you’re eager to broaden your perspective on manifesting. But be careful with hyperfocusing.
You might often be very confused after overconsuming information - you might sometimes feel overwhelmed and in turn become unsure of your identity and your mindset - feeling lost. And you seem like someone who doesn't do well once they ‘slip away’. So, it’s important that you always stay true to yourself and to connect with your loved ones once in a while.
You might need to leave behind the ‘tumultuous water’ to reach a future that is calm and promising. Don’t obsess with loa content and be careful with over-consumption. Blind consuming doesn’t bring you far if you don’t take the time to think about your new attained knowledge before researching more information. Give your mind space and time to process everything and to develop your own opinion and therefore your own assumptions. Try to become more stable and independent - try to find your own path. Stop second-guessing and decide what you want to think/assume and commit to it. Establish your own values. Be abit more egoistic and unconventional. Others don’t need to understand you or agree with your way of thinking and with your way of manifesting. Seperate yourself from others and from the idea that ‘just because something worked for someone more doesn’t mean it will be the same for you’, I see you constantly changing up your way of manifesting and questioning it and then researching for a new ‘method’ - you researched enough. You know all you need to know. Keep it simple and commit for once. Stop being active on the internet and spend some time with yourself to make mental progress! Even though you ‘look for useful information’, you’re constantly distracting your mind which makes it hard for you to charge down a straight clear path to success.
Be more patient, let the universe work for you - If you persist and stay patient the universe will do all the work behind the scenes till it manifests in your 3D. If something starts to seem like a mistake or tragedy, know that it might be a blessing in disguise. Don’t give up. Focus on creating balance within. Once you're stable and balanced within, nothing can sweep you off your feet anymore! Try to learn from your mistakes and release all the information you don’t need anymore to clear your mind.
Messages for you from my angel tarot deck:
a win-win solution, ten of thought, manifest your dreams
“There’s strength in diversity. By blending the ideas of other people with your own, you can often come up with a solution that’s magnificent! Start by focusing on the aspects that everyone agrees upon, and then open your mind to compromise and work together. Stay balanced and seek out a moderate approach. ”
“A situation that’s been troubling you has come to an end, and you can breathe a sigh of relief. With the challenging times behind you, you can now move on. It’s important to fully let go at this juncture. Someone in your life or you may now finally be free of his or her addictions or codependency issues.”
“You’re ready to go! There is no need for additional preparation. Take the first steps toward the changes you desire - even if they are small steps. Notice signs that guide you in the right direction, as well as resources and support that miraculously appear. ”
༣P𝔦𝔩𝔢 3
tarantula -> peacock
Hello pile three, you might not really see it that way but you are actually very compassionate and kind. You care deeply about the feelings and well-being of others. You are a very good listener and you can gain a tremendous amount of insight into other people’s problems and concerns. I think you are just very sensitive to other people’s emotional states, and you can sometimes be too emotional for their own good. I think you felt drawn to this pile because the person showed strong emotions (anger) which you can relate too. You seem to respond quickly to the needs of others and which often leads you to put everyone else’s needs before your own. You overall seem to be a bit anxious - you might be very irritable towards potential ‘dangers’, quickly reverting to being defensive.
I see that you try to be patient with manifesting… almost in a compulsive way. Like you seem to have that mindset of ‘everything I’m asking for is coming to fruition behind the scenes. And therefore, I just have to step back and allow it all to take hold of a solid foundation/to manifest in the 3D’ - which is a good approach to manifesting ngl! However, I think you have unconsciously developed this fear that moving too soon might create instability that in turn will undermine all of your hard work - which is not true! Of course a certain amount of patience is important but you should not wait to start living your life! Nothing can ruin your manifestations and the effort you’ve put into this. Please release this fear. Please get this ‘divine timing’-mindset out of your mind! There is no divine timing in LOA. You're holding yourself back. I don’t know if you had negative experiences as a child because you were too impatient and so developed this habit of forcing yourself to be patient ALL THE TIME to not get disappointed in yourself/hurt or for disappointing/hurting others but please release this fear!! Don’t get lost in waiting - there is no perfect time you have to wait for. You want your desires, right? You want to live your stable dream life, right?? You have waited enough. Claim your desires right this moment! Are you not tired of waiting? If you want you could affirm things like ‘Because I’m so impatient for my desires, the 3D always conforms instantly.’ - make use of your impatience and your strong emotions! There is nothing bad or wrong about it. Trust your intuition.
Release all the resentment, inner conflict and past pain within your psyche. Make use of your ability to adapt to new situations. Try to increase your level of acceptance… of yourself, of the past, your current situation and of your desired future. Accept it all. Be confident! No one will criticize you for being too extreme or for being greedy! It’s your reality and you have all the right to be greedy for what you want and deserve!! Feel that you are an unrivaled individual. Put yourself first. Power and beauty resides within you and extends outward indefinitely!
You need to claim your success. See yourself as a warrior, rebel against all that has held you back or oppressed you! Seek your own path and the recognition for your deeds. Praise yourself, hype yourself up- you can never have enough confidence! There WON'T come a time that crushes your ego again if you choose to stand up for your desires. This is your life and you can manifest whatever you want!
There is an indomitable force within you that you suppressed all this time - make use of it now. Against all odds, stand up for what you believe in, and be willing to fight to the ‘bitter end’. There won’t be any bitter end but once you have this kind of mindset and this immense courage and resolve you will make great progress in your manifestation journey!
You’re allowed to be optimistic and enthusiastic about the life you manifest. Please release any fears of missing out. Remember that you are in control and you’ll always be in control. Be kind and show yourself compassion.
Messages for you from my angel tarot deck:
a happy change, five of thought, healer of thought, four of thought
“Your angels have heard your prayers and have banded together to create real and joyful changes in your life. Events begin to move forward, and great progress will now be possible. You may need to make some rapid decisions due to the suddenness of activity. Be confident, and trust the guidance you receive.”
“The path you were on seemed like the right one, but now you’ve run into a challenge. There is a better direction for you that will make you much happier in the end. Changes are necessary so that you can get back on track. Avoid negative people who are draining, or who bring unwanted drama into your life.”
“It’s time to clean up your life! Get rid of anything that clutters your space or makes you disorganized. People who take from you but don’t give back should be released as well! You or another person involved in this situation is wise, insightful and caring; has a wonderful sense of humor and offers a lot of life experience.”
“Spend some time in nature listening for guidance from your angels and your own inner voice, because overanalyzing the situation won’t provide the answers you’re seeking. Consider taking a vacation or a small break to help you rejuvenate and become clear on what your next step should be. Meditations can be very helpful.”
༣P𝔦𝔩𝔢 4
hummingbird -> bat
Hello pile four, you have this positive and light energy around you. You seem to be someone very curious who loves to learn. You might overall prefer it to be surrounded by light energy. You’re eager to manifest your desired life and I think you are a bit reckless in the way you want to claim your desires. You might just have a hot temper and be a bit arrogant - I see you getting pushy and sharp with your words when things don’t go the way you want them to.
I think you often get impatient and forcefully try to rush things while not even fully committing to your desires. You need to be more concentrated on where you want to go in life. Are you not willing to put in the ‘work’? Where is your determination and ambition? It’s kinda weird, on one hand you just expect things to happen but on the other hand you have this indifference/apathy going on where I’m starting to wonder if you don’t really want the things you claim as ‘your desires’... mhm…Are you not taking this seriously? Are you taking yourself seriously?... I think beneath this carefree facade, you’re being extremely anxious and quite pessimistic - I am not sure if you are even aware of that.
Staying naïve and ignoring this issue won’t get you anywhere - you need to start dealing with your ‘darkness’. You’re not only deceiving others, you're deceiving yourself too. I think you have pushed this part of you aside for too long already. Acknowledge your dark side and start taking responsibility for it. Focus more on the subtle things around you and within you. It’s time to close this chapter of ignoring the depth of your existence. It might be uncomfortable for you at first. Well, but it will cause some things to prosper and others to fade to make life easier for you. Move on, no more lingering in the past/old story! There needs to be some kind of ending/closure before you can start your new life. Sometimes you need to explore certain depths because keeping things on a surface level will make you repeat your mistakes. And I’m sure you don’t want that. Be more self aware and stop the unconscious self-loathing - try changing your perspective. Become aware of your unhealthy habits and thinking patterns! Reclaim your power as a whole being. Disregarding a part of you or yourself in general will make you weak and decrease your overall confidence.
Embrace your true form! Enjoy time with yourself and with your loved ones once in a while. Practice self care and take care of your vitality, love yourself the way you need. So that you can get rid of this subtle gloomy energy around you!
Messages for you from my angel tarot deck:
nine of thought, inner strength, seven of abundance, six of thought,
“Stop being so hard on yourself, and turn your thoughts toward positivity. There is no need to worry! Anticipating the worst isn’t helpful. Know that heaven will provide a solution. If you’re experiencing sleepless nights or anxiety over a challenge in your life, release the problem to your angels.”
“You have great courage and kindness. You may not realize how strong and powerful you are but there’s no problem you can’t solve. The compassion you so freely give to others must also be given to yourself. Stand strong in your convictions if the right answer to tell someone is no.”
“Have patience! Sometimes dreams grow slowly. Don’t worry. The hard work you’ve invested will bring about a bountiful harvest. This is a good time to prepare, because things will soon move forward quickly. Use this time to rest and plan.”
"Peaceful times, great happiness and emotional fulfillment are on the horizon! Harmony with those you love is assured. The storms have passed, and now you can see that your destination is within sight. The stress in your life will begin to fade away, allowing for happier times.”
Tumblr media
© daisys-reality
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becomingthatgirl111 · 2 days ago
tips to look expensive 💎
my posts on how to look elegant are your favorite so in this post, i'm going to refer mainly to style many times we don't need a big budget to look elegant and elevate our personal image remember that elegance is not a style of dress is an attitude
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
invest in branded accessories: sunglasses, handbags, shoes, belts, jewelry
in autumn/winter invest in a good jacket or coat
fine jewelry, minimalist, and if you like gold, gold plated silver is a good option
total look in black or white is always a good option
a red total look is a very elegant choice
handbags preferably in light colors, for example, beige
a basic outfit with good accessories is better than an extravagant outfit
blazers in colors like beige are a good choice
pale pink, beige or red heels
if you are not a heel wearer basic white sneakers or with some accessories can be a good choice
in summer go for colors a little more colorful, like green, blue or orange, combine them especially with white
jeans are elegant if we combine them well, with a corset, satin shirts…
invest in brands but it is not necessary that they are well known by everyone
other tips:
maintain very good hygiene (this is obvious)
an oval nail design
yes to use make-up, make it natural but give your skin a juicy look, my favorite products for this are charlotte tilbury's products
take care of your appearance and your interior, nourish your mind with knowledge, books, new teachings…
do not gossip
invest your time well, in learning new things, doing activities that you like, having time for yourself, having appointments for massages, nails…
find a perfume with your signature scent, it can be from brands such as jo malone, byredo, maison francis kurkdjian or niche perfume brands
use different types of hairstyles every day (ponytails, straightening, waves in your hair, etc.)
invest in good hair products, including straightening iron and blow dryer
remember you are your biggest investment, you deserve to look the way you want and pamper yourself
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richiebitch · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s literally so easy to manifest. I mean you don’t even have to think of how it’s gonna come to you. All you have to do is assume and persist. That’s it. So please stop over complicating by overconsuming. It doesn’t matter if you are sad or depressed. Just keep persisting in a fact That everything you desire is already yours. Claim what’s yours. Don’t have a victim mindset. Don’t make excuses. Just affirm and persist. That’s it. IT IS LITERALLY DONE YOU GUYS. CREATION IS FINISHED. Once you affirm everything starts to move. Just keep persisting and slowly you’ll start seeing results. DONT EVEN DARE TO QUIT!
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zen-shu · 2 days ago
hiii , it’s me 🦚 anon!!!
so I got results from your 48 hours challenge and lemme tell you—
I’ve manifested a lot of my goals and I’ve seen movement for the rest. 1) Good Grades:so I had 2 geography tests and I slayyeddd the test. Same for economics & history. I even got one of the highest marks in English.
2) Writing Competitions:I manifested several writing competitions (& a singing competition too) and bro,in this one specific competition that I manifested to take place,I manifested getting a high rank! I got the 3rd rank! 3) Food:food is delicious so liek-
I just manifested kfc,sweets and chocolates!! For myself!!!
4) Watching movies with my sis:okay,I just wanted to spend more time with her and I wanted her to relax. Soooo….
we watched movies very often together. She better thank me for that. I also manifested her presentations getting cancelled and for her to have less work.
5) Telekinesis…kinda? I wasn’t rlily focusing too much on this desire but I can control how some of the objects move if that makes sense. I can move a door backwards and frontwards…
I lifted a paper slightly off the table.
The first time I did it,i freaked out and ran away 😭
I also made the papers fly TWICE and…it was outta control but anyways-
So these were my desires. Next,I’m gonna do this challenge again and solely focus on getting into the void state. That’s the only thing I desire rn. 😭
and I know I’ll get it no matter what y’all. alrighty byeeee luv you have a good dayyy!
Telekinesis is super fun, isn’t it? Congrats hon ❤️ I’m proud of you
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vvisteria-witch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Stop second guessing yourself
Stop wondering “am I doing this right?”
Stop wondering “how do i manifest this?”
Stop wondering “will this work?”
YOU are the key. YOU are the answer. You decide how all this will work. You know about law of assumption because you assumed life didn’t have to be this hard and you assumed that you could do something about it and you assumed you deserve better. Everyone is you pushed out, so when you learned how to manifest and when you learned about this power and this magic, all of that came from you. You are consciousness. Everything you learn comes from within. Stop relying on external sources and searching from answers. If you desire it you can have it and it’s already yours. You just need to claim it. Let go of these insecurities for YOUR sake. Claim your knowledge. Claim your ability. Claim you have it all. Claim you have the confidence. Let go of the desperate neediness.
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magic-irl · 2 days ago
Obsessed with the thought of the world falling in love with someone: Snowflakes falling in heart shapes so the person can notice, clouds shielding them from the sun, flowers blooming in their presence etc. (That person is me.)
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ikassumption · 2 days ago
𝐏𝐢𝐜𝐤-𝐀-𝐏𝐚𝐜𝐢𝐧𝐨: What’s In Store For You This Week?
Tumblr media
Ye know the drill! Pick one that you fancy AAAND let’s get it on!
Also, a reminder that Tarot does not decide your future, or fate - rather it’s YOU. Solely you, and definitely throw away that fear when you read something that you don’t expect, thinking that, “Oh, this is it, this is my future & it’s tragic as fuck!” No! The stuff written here should be taken with a grain of salt. GRAIN OF SALT. Thank you, and enjoy. Mwuah.
Pile 1:
Keywords: Break Up, Parting Ways, Peace, Solidarity, Abundance, Connection, Self-Care, Misunderstanding, Accomplishment, Cool Off, Heavy, Feelings & Sun/Leo placements
Pile 1! Heavy stuff here 🧐. Anyway, when talking about rom relationships, the state may be a little rocky & unstable rn, so much misunderstandings & it’ll possibly lead to that. A break up. It can also mean breaking up with such toxic habits, job, traits & etc. But I’m getting that it’s in your family that causes you distress, you good my broski? Masculinity is strong. Hah. *Plays Daddy Issues*
Though the aftermath is peace, inner peace. You know? It’s either you distance yourself from whomever, or try to communicate + work things out = solidarity... or no. Hey, they may be a little stubborn but somehow I sense that they can be all ears.
Now, that may be not for you, so take this with a grain of salt. Now for others, y’all are ABUNDANT! You’re going to be showered with either love, money, care or PEACE. Or everything rather! It’s amazing, I love the vibes! You can compare it to the singer: SZA! You’re going to be connected to your femininity!!! :3 There’s a feeling of accomplishment too, very productive week today, eh? Love that for you!
It can be that you’ll have a connection with someone too! (Hey, I didn’t say anything about lover. Don’t come at me next week!) It’s more of a platonic one really, with leo placements, sun whatever blah blah. Now enjoy my bro! Live ya life!
That is all for you Pile 1. Thanks for reading!
𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐞 II:
Keywords: Authority, Femininity, Courage, Justice, Fighting For What Is Right, Plead & Standing/Staying Firm
I think someone is going on a date~ You, or the other person may have gotten the courage to ask either OUT. I sense sunrise, staying up all night & allover feminine energy.
For others, you might need to face & plead someone for their forgiveness. Can be the other way around, but it’s pointing to you. Your mistake deeply damaged the other on the inside. You’re also probably the type who won’t admit to their mistakes just because of your pride. Know that it would not kill to apologize. The other is expecting you to.
As for the others-others, I want you to know how strong you are. Standing firmly still even if the waves that hit you are intense, you still kept standing. You were once pessimistic, with negative, and self-destructive behaviour - but you are gradually changing yourself. You can do this! Though somehow, I heard, “Head in your clouds” … Yeah. Just how you read it, you stay shelled in your head. Most probably one of your self-destructive habits you’re having a hard time dealing with. I assume that’s how you calm yourself down? Or make yourself feel safe from whatever you’re facing. You may have imagined yourself, a couple of times, being “heroic” to yourself or to others. Knowing that you can do it IRL as well, you have potential, my man. Don’t turn back and reminisce, be in the present! The present is what builds your future. Although you can change that… COUGH *LOA* COUGH COUGH
That is all Pile 2.
Thank you SM for reading lovelies!
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violetvibrations · a day ago
Tumblr media
@ still.life
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awhkacey · a day ago
𝑅𝑒𝑐𝑦𝑐𝑙𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑒𝑛𝑒𝑟𝑔𝑦:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’ll be surprised by all the physical movement you see one you start recycling all the energy you put into persisting in negative thoughts, complaining about the 3D, and limiting yourself into persisting in the things you actually want to see in your reality. Why would you use your limitless power to surround yourself with torment and negativity when it’s clearly not what you want? Use your power to reclaim your title as god, not a victim. Use your power to experience all that you desire, not all that you don’t. And trust me, once you recycle all that negative energy into energy towards building your dream life, it will only supply you with more energy to keep persisting in what you desire. Because once you start to see how much the world can change with just a sprinkle of your power, you’ll be unstoppable.
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goddesssin111 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
MOOD ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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lover-suggestion · 5 months ago
It's gonna work out. It's gonna work out. It's gonna work out.
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carpethedamndiem · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Eventually everything connects.
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richiebitch · 2 days ago
Regardless of everything all of my desires manifest in less than 24 hours no matter what. How? Why?
Cause I said so. Cause I am god.
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