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#note to self
sealdoggostudies · 44 minutes ago
Okay so I just had a talk with one of our guidance counselors... The conclusion is something I actually already knew, somewhere deep down. I’ve got to believe in myself and in my capacities, instead of thinking I’ll mess up anyway. I think this is something easier said than done... I’m not sure where to start. They proposed writing down some counterarguments, so why I will not fail. I can’t think of many arguments and when I read them I don’t feel that much better. Though, maybe in the long run those counterarguments will help me. I’ll give it a go.
I’d like to see this as the beginning of a journey to work on myself. Especially when this semester is over, I want to take some time to reflect on myself. In the meantime I think I’ll watch YouTube videos on learning to believe in yourself 😂 But ey, maybe I can learn something from that. I also know that this journey will be a long and hard one. But I’m ready.
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chtouchwrite · 4 hours ago
Forgiving isn't something you do for someone else. It's something you do for yourself. It's saying, “You're not important enough to have a stranglehold on me.”
It's saying, “You don't get to trap me in the past. I am worthy of a future.”
— Jodi Picoult, The Storyteller
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therstle · 5 hours ago
You need to know how to comfort yourself alone, so that when no one is there for you. You can be there. You can be the person that you need.
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magicalbabe · 7 hours ago
It breaks my heart every time someone tells me their incomplete love story. It's so agonizing to see people and our friends deal with such a hard time and letting go of the person they loved but somehow life is making them strong for their future and telling them to believe in the wonderful future which will make them happiest!
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lindosadgirl · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
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theoverly · 8 hours ago
Catch up game
Thanks to @noraleedoes for tagging me
(Writing this whilst running late to work thanks to delay in public transportation, so sorry if I'm a bit... er... all over the place?)
Last song you listened to: gonna go ahead and put two songs since I don't know which was the last; Thriller - cover by Scandroid and Chippin In - Damian Ukeje. I've been listening on these songs on repeat whilst writing about Kerry and Vince. I feel like this version of Thriller fits with Vince's style, and the second one is sung by Kerry in Cyberpunk 2077 cannon.
Last movie you watched: shit, I've been so bussy lately that I can't remember the last time I watched something longer than a youtube video. Gonna go ahead and guess it might have been either "a silent voice", "into the spiderverse", or a true crime documentary. (I was recently gifted a John Wick box, so gonna be watching the first one as soon as I have a couple of hours free)
Currently reading: My math book. Ten years later I'm finally fixing it so I'm gonna have full grades from high-school(or my countys equivalent) Other than that, I'm mostly reading fanfiction. Specificly, currently(still) loving @bubble-bones Cyberpunk 2078 fics. Last printed book I read was probably either Good Omens, Dragon Age the stolen throne, or abc's of lgbt+
Currently watching: Nothing atm. I'm a bit picky when it comes to series, so unless I get really immersed I'd rather do something else. (Last series I sat down and watched was She-Ra, right before Christmas)
Currently craving: For my female!V to sit on my fa-
... Alternatively, Johnny Silverhand's co-
Currently working on: Aside from my math course, I'm writing an outline for a post-cannon Cyberpunk 2077 fic. It's supposed to take place after this shorter fic I posted some time ago. It's starting to get very long though, so I don't know if I'll manage to sit down and write it all out in detail, much less dare post it...
I've started writing out a portion about Vince and Kerry, which is basically the rockstar running into the nomad whilst on tour with the Us Cracks and trying to get together with him. (It's currently 1% smut, 29% hurt comfort, 40% fluff, 30% Vince being confused, and 100% Kerry getting cock-blocked) might post that.
Currently playing: I started a second playthrough with my fem!V in Cyberpunk some time ago, but I haven't had time to play much with work and math taking up my time. And every time i start the game I usually end up taking screenshots with my V and/or Johnny using all the fantastic Johnny mods we've been spoiled with lately. (Some pics I've posted here, but most I'm hoarding for myself)
Tagging: I am much too shy to tag someone for this. If anyone sees this and wants to go ahead and fill one out for themselves but maybe haven't been tagged then I'm tagging you 💛🤍💜🖤
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apoapsiis · 11 hours ago
If your boyfriend says I love you that’s sweet and fine but when your murderer says it don’t internally say Aawh
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byamoremio · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
The best feeling is to feel safe and happy with yourself 🤍
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champainsaphir · 19 hours ago
If you reading this it’s too late...
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champainsaphir · 19 hours ago
Nothing Was The Same
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racinglesbian · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
it’s that kinda night ladies </3
remember to check on your friends, do something nice for yourself, soak in the sun today/tomorrow for a few minutes, dance or sing along to around to your favorite song, prepare your favorite dish.
just please take care of yourself, you deserve to not feel miserable, okay?
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kathyjewlez · 21 hours ago
Day 9 - You are beautiful and deserve only the best from the world. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.
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atinycupofpositivitea · 22 hours ago
Day 82/100 of the gratefulness journey
Today’s little things that I’m happy about:
- Worked on my daily tasks as planned, and got an important task done within reasonable time
- Stayed in touch with lots of close friends and that made me very happy
- Had a great workout routine and nice stretching (30 + 15)
- Currently doing the 67tybb challenge (you can check it out on Youtube) and hopefully this challenge will strengthen my mind!
- Reached out to my Wysa app during a difficult and anxious moment, together with eating some snack and putting my feet in hot water (somehow it calms me immediately)
- Felt very grateful for my wonderful partner, can’t wait to meet them 🌺
- Took care of myself and did my hair in a very nice way 
- Had a nice skincare routine and drank enough water
- Felt grateful for my progress so far, both physically and mentally 
- Found a very cool photo I took back in March 2020, before the pandemic
- Reminded myself that I can always count on me 
- Felt pretty good and positive throughout the day 
🌻 Can you think of something positive that happened in your day? 🌻 Feel free to share with us in the notes! 🌹
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