#note to self
do what you need to do. be who you need to be for yourself. your life is not about pleasing others, it's not your job to do so. let go the responsibility of being the version of you everyone has pictured. instead, surprise them, shock them, let them have the real most genuine version of you. whether they want it or not, that's who you are, and that's all you need to be. i'm rooting for you.
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bbanks888 · 2 days ago
Heavy on the “what’s for you shall not pass you” 💆🏾‍♀️
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kineticpenguin · 8 months ago
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lightheartedsuggestion · a year ago
Stop convincing yourself you’re wasting your life away. The time you’ve spent resting and healing was and is necessary. You’re not a waste of a person if you find yourself struggling right now. Healing, recovering, sitting with your pain is foundational. It’s not a waste. You are still whole.
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medusabutmodern · a year ago
my heart goes out to anyone who was made to feel stupid for caring too much. anyone who was laughed at or "cringed" at for being themselves. anyone who cried silently so they don't be a burden. anyone whose love was taken for granted. anyone who feels unsafe in their own bodies. to anyone who felt devastated because others failed to be humane enough. it's not you, it's them. i hope you find a way to love yourself again. you're not alone. you're important.
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haleyincarnate · 2 months ago
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Quote by Lalah Delia
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honeyymistt · 2 months ago
the other day, one of my newer friends told me that she knew she wanted to be friends with me when a group of us were talking in a big circle and i backed up a little bit so she could be apart of the circle instead of outside of it. i didn’t even remember doing that and it just goes to show that small gestures and acts of kindness go such a long way and can completely transform someone else’s life. the cherry on top is that these things tend to have a snowball effect, and it can transform your life in ways you could never imagine, so go make someone’s day 🦋
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neurodivergent-noodle · 11 days ago
the fact that you’re here, surviving, is enough. I’m proud of you for making it through
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aysonatelier · 10 months ago
please go live your life & don’t worry too much. it’s all just lessons & blessings.
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atinycupofpositivitea · 2 months ago
From now on, whenever you have to face challenges and hardships, remember that:
It is hard.
But you can do hard things.
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happy-place-for-sad-people · 6 months ago
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lifeiswonderfullyyours · a year ago
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tiny-reminders · 2 months ago
it’s okay if today wasn’t your day, we can try again tomorrow! ♡
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thepoetryofascension · 10 months ago
this is a gentle reminder to stop giving life to moments that no longer exist. your energy cannot change what has already passed; within the present, however, exists a multitude of opportunities that may align you with your most desired reality. focus your energy there—where you can create a life that exceeds your former way of living.
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random-positivity · 19 days ago
there will be a day where being happy won’t be a struggle, and that’s worth fighting for.
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pika-studies · 3 months ago
Important Academic Reminders
there is no shame in asking for help
there is no shame in having a tutor
there is no shame in not getting As
there is no shame in not knowing what you want to study
there is no shame in having a job
there is no shame in struggling in a so-called "easy subject"
there is no shame in withdrawing from a course
there is no shame in changing your major
there is no shame in not taking a full load of classes in a semester
there is no shame in realizing your school may not be for you
hope these are useful :) -love pika☁️
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haleyincarnate · 2 months ago
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Quote by Anisah Amat
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disabilityhealth · a month ago
Treat yourself as gently as you treat others
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bbanks888 · a month ago
Tips for dealing with Imposter Syndrome
w/ Affirmations
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For all my accounting/finance girlies dealing with imposter syndrome working in corporate!
If you are anything like me when you first got into the work force you probably felt as though you are not qualified for your current position or that you are winging it and one day your bosses will find out (insane? Yes I know).
Here are a couple of tips I’ve learned to combat imposter syndrome
Don’t put so much emphasis on being perfect, you will learn on the job
As long as you understand the very basics of accounting such as your debits and credits and the natural balances and I promise you will be fine.
Every company has their own way of doing things hence why you only really need to know the basics.
Welcome mistakes, this is where you learn
Look at your mistakes as a viable learning opportunity. Each mistake was a learning lesson on what NOT to do. Mistakes provide the opportunity to grow and learn new things or different ways of doing something.
Just don’t continue to make the same mistakes because then are you really learning in that case?
Have faith in yourself
You worked so hard to get where you are today and you should acknowledge that. Nothing happens by chance and nothing just fallls in your lap. You worked hard and you deserve to be there! Obviously management saw something in you if not I doubt you would have gotten the job.
I know it can feel daunting going into a new company when you feel like you just removed your “training wheels” but nothing worth having is easy to get and you have to start from somewhere
Career Affirmations
My work and my work ethic speaks for itself
I am a vital member on my team and I contribute just as much as everyone else
I am a high performer and a natural born problem solver
I produce exceptional work and have an eye for the details
*not my photos
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yourhealingjournal · a month ago
you can always start again. clean up your socials, make new playlists, donate clothes you no longer wear. try out a new recipe, move to a new city and make new friends, pick up new hobbies you never thought of before. there is no limit to how many times you can press the reset button. it's okay to change and start over. you don't need anyone's permission to do it.
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