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Amethyst stomped into her 8:00 AM class looking like she trekked through Mississippi-Tornado-on-a-stick-Mud-Sandpaper-Hell twenty minutes late.

The whole room, filled with even the laziest stragglers who meandered into class on their schedule instead of the teachers, collectively gawked at her. Her hair twitched with static electricity, her body covered in mud, with half her clothes ripped. She stared back for a few moments, shrinking, before plonking into her seat without a word.

Amethyst forgot her backpack. Oh well. Doesn’t matter. I think a zombie ate it.

After last night, she was 110% done. Done. Her bloodstream was basically caffeine by now, some yahoo stabbed her through the eye twice, and she was DONE.

It took all of five minutes to fall asleep.



The exact same zombie from two seconds ago grabbed her by the hair and shoved a pike through her head, splattering her brains and making an impressive CRACK where it pierced through her skull like eggshell. 


She was so dead. Moving like molasses surrounded by a horde of monsters with no depth perception and zero magic left was the last thing she needed with a twenty-page thesis to write. At this rate, the extra boon her transformation provided would collapse under the weight of her injuries, and then she’d really be boned.


Did she really need to listen to creepy moaning right now? Could she hear anything? It’s probably just the blood rushing through my ears, since my auditory nerves are scrambled.

THIIIINK think think think. With one functional eye and the other dangling from its socket uselessly, she looked around. Zombies blocking the way back, wall in front. They had her by the arms and were proceeding to kick at everything they could reach. Oww… A cursory scan with whatever dregs of power was left quickly connected her to the pain from her smashed ribs. My legs are fine…

Finally, identifying what still worked, she tried to move, only for the zombies to pull her back. Reeling, she knocked into them, jostling her ribs and shooting her senses with sparks. Where would she have gone, anyway? In front was just a rain gutter leading onto a roof, with no stairs. A gutter…. a ladder!


Whatever she did, it needed to be fast, ‘cause those things fully intended to eat her head! The zombies jerked her over…

They’re handing me force…. Now!

And Amethyst raced forwards, pulling them with her! She couldn’t break out of their grip, but their own force bowled her into them hard enough to knock them backwards a few paces. Breaking for the rain gutter, she tore towards the wall… right there, it’s right there! Legs, don’t die on me now!

… Getting there just as a zombie managed to grab her skirt. Why why why nonononono!.. She shrieked, but she doubted there was anyone there to hear her except her captors. If she couldn’t leave, she’d be torn apart in this place…

This is the one good use for high heels in combat! Swinging her foot back, she repaid the favor and shoved the heel of her shoe through the beast’s eye and scrambled away to class before it could take another breath.


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Let’s pretend I’ve been doing blacktober this entire time instead of working on comic stuff lol.

Sorry to any tumblr followers I have ive been somewhat neglecting my tumblr after I noticed just how little attaention any of my art actually gets. It was kinda disheartening but now I’m back and motivated to try!

Gonna be uploading some of the art I’ve already posted to insta! Some characters you may recognize already just by the shots of my sketches!

LIKES/COMMENTS/REBLOGS Always appreciated!

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Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Last Resort

The girl stood up, back popping from finally being straightened.

“Hey,” a voice muttered. “What—“

She didn’t give them a chance to stop her. She just ran.

Her hair billowed behind her like a cape.

“Oh my god,” gasped another.

She ran past what once was an air conditioning unit, covered in rust. It reminded her of something.

Something familiar.

“No! Wait! Don’t—“

She ran to the edge of the roof, then past the edge of the roof.

Off the roof.

“You idi—“

The voices screamed.

They screamed like babies, like pigs sent to drown in an ocean. Like the demons they were.

They screamed and screamed and screamed.

But the girl didn’t scream. Not when she fell.

And not when something suddenly rammed into her, from somewhere to her left.

She grabbed the shape.

She wrapped her legs around its waist, tight enough.

They went backwards. Into a window, glass shattering on impact. They hit the floor with such force that she saw stars.

Then, they were rolling. The shape on top of her. The girl on top of the shape. Again and again, over and over.



The girl got to her feet, dizzy from their dance, cut up. She pulled out her wand before the shape could even stand.

Except it wasn’t a shape.

“W-what the hell?!”

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[image description: a digital drawing of a magical girl character all on a light blue hexagon patterned background. on the left her whole body is visible and she’s floating; she has tan skin, long black braids with a green streak, and green eyeshadow. she is floating, wearing a white green blue and orange outfit with a high necked sleeveless shirt that has rain drops around the neck, green shorts, long white gloves, and wedge heel boots. around her waist is a long ribbon that is dark blue at the top, with stripes turning to light blue, white, then orange, representing the atmosphere. it is secured in the front with a blue round decal that has an omega symbol on it. her boots have a geometric pattern resembling a K on the top of the boot, and M on the heel, and the small greek symbol tao on a button. in the closeup headshot on the right she is implied to be in normal clothing- and her hair is up in space buns with no streak, and she wears black lipstick.]

i was feeling inspired by the chemistry magical girls that @catsi​ designed & i have an environmental chemistry midterm coming up, so… environmental chemistry magical girl! 

her name is frida raddical.

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i decided to do a few changes to my art now to slowly get it to where i want it to be

i went back to drawing the line separating the neck and head, drawing four fingers instead of five since a lot of cartoons do that, went back to adding some minor shading using multiply, overlay and hard light layer settings and then lower the opacity of the lineart to give it a softer color

there might be more changes to my style in the future but here are the few for right now

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