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Ana: Mother Swims Best

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Are many people still playing it?

I used to love it, with several hundred hours split between mostly Pharah and Mercy with a still-sizable amount of time on a double handful of other characters.

I played it a couple times between now and then and it seemed to have become pretty unbalanced and extra toxic at that time – did that trend continue? Is it worth re-purchasing now that I have a console again?

It was legit one of my top 3 favorite games of all time back in the day and I’d love to play it again if it hasn’t become a total shit show. Please feel free to reblog with your reply so this gets spread around enough for me to get a bunch of answers

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According to my wife, this is a nightmare version of would happen if from Overwatch played Destiny 2. (And was a real person.)

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I did a mini photoshoot for my daddy here are a few of my favorite ones

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Majority of Overwatch Characters: Have complex backstories tied together in a big web of intricate plot and speculation. Have huge relevence.

The Junkers, Hammond and Orisa: *record scratch* Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation…

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Soldier 76: I Didn’t Start This Halloween, But I Am Damn Well Gonna Finish It

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Roadhog: Be careful.

Junkrat: No need to worry, ‘careful’ is me middle name.

Roadhog: I know your middle name and I wish it was careful.

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Hope you’re all having a good new year so far! Voting can by done by patrons [here] and the choices this month consist of the following:

- Pharah x Mercy

- Zarya x Moira

-Sigma x Roadhog

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New skin who dis?

when you haven’t drawn Hanzo in forever but you can whip one out for some new content

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Soldier 76: Old Men Never Die, And They Don’t Fade Away

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Genji and Hanzo reacting to their s/o getting majorly hurt at a martial arts tournament/sparring match, (their opponent used an illegal move and got away with it)

A/N: I’m pretty sure this request shows that I know nothing about martial arts but I hope you enjoy it anyway, lol.

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Genji Shimada

  • Genji’s out here digging up a copy of the rule book and bringing it to the ref and whoever else he needs to until something happens
  • He’s obviously very upset that you got hurt but he handles it pretty calmly
  • Although, having a tall and fairly intimidating robot man angry-walking towards you is probably pretty terrifying on its own, no matter how calm and buttery the robot man’s voice is
  • Needless to say, the situation gets dealt with pretty quickly
  • You’re on your way to the hospital and your opponent is on their way to be served consequences
  • This isn’t totally on-topic but people at the hospital definitely think you just have a cool service robot until they try to give Genji an order and he looks them in the eye and is like, “I’m the boyfriend”
  • Everyone then is very embarrassed
  • But you and Genji also get a free hospital stay and some decent food, so neither of you is complaining
  • Genji sleeping in your hospital bed with you
  • Curled around you like a big ole puppy
  • He lets the people do their jobs but as soon as you’re put in his care, it’s full Nurse Genji mode

Hanzo Shimada

  • Hanzo’s… a tad more chaotic
  • He can and will throw hands
  • After making sure you’re okay, of course
  • Backseat medic
  • Hovers over their shoulders and points out things he doesn’t think they’re doing right
  • You may have to tell him to knock it the fuck off
  • If you end up needing to go to the hospital, he rides you
  • And quietly rants to you almost the entire time
  • This is where he starts preparing to throw hands
  • May or may not make vague threats about shooting whoever hurt you
  • And the ref
  • And the owners of the building the tournament took place in
  • And any other higher-ups
  • Hanzo, no, stop incriminating yourself
  • If the injury is so serious that immediate surgery or something has to happen, he stays in the hospital waiting room the entire time
  • Perched in a chair, like a statue
  • An angry statue
  • A very angry statue that glares at almost everyone who even looks at him
  • As soon as you’re in a room, he’s there with you and doting on you like a stressed-out mother
  • He starts taking over the nurse’s work without even really noticing, and you probably have to convince him to calm down again before said nurse kicks him out
  • He stays perched at your side until you decide to take a nap or something
  • Then he takes a brief outing
  • To go scare the martial arts people into making sure that the situation is properly dealt with and that your opponent is properly punished
  • This involves lots of hiding in the shadows of people’s rooms and not-vague threats of shooting them
  • When you wake up, it’s like he’s never left and he’s back to doting on you
  • Congrats, you have a Hanzo servant for the next… however long it takes for you to heal
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Orisa: Are You Satisfied With Your Barbecue?

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Overwatch - Kanezaka Deathmatch Map
Blizzard Entertainment®

Made by purpledragongifs. All gifs are 540px wide. Please do not delete credits.

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