atutcha · 2 days ago
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Mercymaker but lesbian pulp fiction
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shanediomorrissey · a day ago
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Some McCree inspired Cobb bc cowboys with robo-arms, ya know
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myprincero · a day ago
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welcome to the shimada cafe!!!
(not ship)
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the-deadlock-south · 2 days ago
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dark wolf
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malrieoni · 2 days ago
How the Shimadas hold their dragons.
Tumblr media
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mulberrycafe · 2 days ago
Jack & Gabe: *back to back, arms hand cuffed above their heads after being ambushed by talon* fuck, I know how to get out of this but it’s going to take me some time, how long can you stay hand cuffed?
Gabe: well my personal best is 32 hours.
Jack: *bright pink*
Gabe: but of course then I had somebody to play with-
Jack: *bright red* oh.
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macntshplus · a day ago
The Overwatch team does not use that weird diversity calculator
Blizzard purposely put out the news of the diversity calculator bullshit for OW to distract from their current union busting tactics.  OW character designers/artists have come out to say that they have not only never used, but never SEEN the diversity calculator that Blizzard put out.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
YES, Blizzard is a shitty company - but please remember that there are also regular people working for this company who are not involved in controversy, and are fighting for BETTER working conditions. There is actually a Twitter account of Acti/Bliz/K employees fighting for better working conditions:  As someone who works in the industry it’s important to remember that employees=/=the company. Blizzard put this out as a distraction on purpose. Don’t fall for it, regardless of all the memes - this is NOT how OW designers make their characters. This was done to distract people of Blizzard’s bigger controversies and it’s working - don’t let it. 
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onefatweeb · 2 days ago
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chromatocloo · 14 hours ago
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They are in love I swear, this is how they flirt 🤖💕🤖
Coffee reward for @batghostgirlfan, who requested Hanzo and Cole as Omnics! I don’t draw robots often so they are always tough on me, but picturing these two goofs as such was fun ʕ◕ᴥ◕✿ʔ
More info on Koffee rewards ☕️ here 👈ʕ´ ᴥ ` ʔ
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shacklefunk · 2 days ago
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i used to rly love tracer but. ive never played overwatch so she faded from my memory. so heres a drawing of her, as i remember, which might or might not be accurate
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punprincess321 · 3 days ago
Cole: *Just newly adopted, sitting in his room fiddling with his mom's old pocket knife, her name engraved on the blade*
Gabe: *walks in carrying some books* Okay mijo, time to get back to school- Woah woah woah! You're not allowed to have weapons yet! *goes to take it*
Cole: No! *clutches it tightly* Please it's all I have left of my mama!
Gabe: *sighs* I won't keep it forever, you can have it back when you're done your probation.
Cole: *won't hand over the knife*
*an hour later, Jack walks by and sees Ana, Sojourn, Reinhardt and Fareeha in Cole's room talking to him*
Jack: What's going on?
Gabe: Cole has a knife. He hid it since it belonged to his mother and didn't want us to take it away during his probation, we're trying to coax it out of his hands but I am a bit worried what this could do to his mental state, or that our requests will make him violent and he'll use it against us...
Jack: I have an idea. *leaves, a few minutes later he comes back with a box that has a lock on it, he walks into the room* Cole, I know you want to keep the knife but it's still a weapon, how about we keep it in this box in your room, that way it's still with you, we'll keep the key until your probation is over, sound good?
Cole: *nods and slowly puts the knife inside the box*
Jack: *locks the box and puts the key in his pocket before handing Cole the box* Better?
Cole: Yeah...
Jack: I know you miss her kid, I won't take away a precious memory you have of her...
Cole: Thanks sir... *hugs the box*
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beefy-bara-tiddies · a day ago
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thoundcarriers · a day ago
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frames I've made for a shitpost. enjoy
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the-deadlock-south · 2 days ago
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absolute legend
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raining-static · 11 hours ago
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Nothing like sketching yourself hanging out with junkrat in between owed art
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mulberrycafe · a day ago
Tracer: ey! Cole you want a crumpet?
Cole: *mocking with an English accent* Oi ya want a crumpet wit a bottl o watah- OW!!
Junkrat: *smacked him across the face* Watah, is how Australians pronounce it, not the English ya prick!! And even then your entire dictionary is built on capitalism! You literally removed letters to save on costs!! So don’t poke fun at us for doing the same for conversation!
Cole: jeez okay! Okay!!
Tracer: …Jamie would you like a crumpet?
Junkrat: absolutely! You got jam?!
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makethiscanon · 2 days ago
Okay now if other developers could follow Dead By Dawn's lead by giving a well-known game a dating-sim spin-off to satiate their fans' thirst, that would be swell.
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sigma-only · a day ago
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A little vampire Siebren I drew earlier and forgot to post
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personawhat · 2 days ago
practicing side profiles
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… and used a low res image of hanzo’s tattoo , slapped it on the body and gave up
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Can I have a request with hanzo, mccree, and mercy if you could with a S/O who often has sleep paralysis or nightmares almost every night and would wake up every early like 2 or 3 am?
Here you go! Enjoy this piece of pure fluffy hurt/comfort.
Cole is no strangers to nightmares
Although he doesn’t have them much anymore, his teen years and early adulthood were filled with horrible dreams
He hates that you go through the same thing
At first, he kinda struggles, because he’s the type of man who just wants to fix things
Cole wants nothing more than to magically make all your pain go away
But, as much as it pains him, he can’t snap his fingers and fix everything
This is going to be a long process of getting you to a better place
Of course, he still supports you in every way he can
Whenever you wake up in a cold sweat, he’s right there next to you
It doesn’t matter what time it is, he’ll wake up and hold you and promise you that everything’s okay
It’s alright, Darlin’. I ain’t gonna let anything hurt you. I gotcha, Hun.
He’ll hold you in his arms until you fall back asleep
Cole always encourages you to talk about your nightmares, because he knows how much it can help
He’s a great listener
If you express anything you want or need that might help, even offhandedly, Cole will bend over backwards to provide it for you
All he wants is for you to be happy
Angela not only has nightmares of her own every now and then, but she’s quite used to her friends and patients having an issue similar to yours
So she already knows some ways to help
Before the two of you go to bed, she always makes sure you’re calm and relaxed
If you’re not, she’ll put on some calming music and make you a nice cup of tea while idly chatting with you
She knows firsthand how much that can help
Plus, she’s got plenty of contacts in the medical community, and can get you a very high quality therapist
Still, those things may help, but they’re not complete fixes
So she’s not at all upset that you still have nightmares
When you wake up from a bad dream, she’s next to you with encouraging words and gentle touches
You’re so strong, Liebling. I know you can get through this.
After you’ve calmed down, she’ll make you a cup of tea and a snack before you go back to sleep
Angela always mentions how proud she is of you for dealing with this
It’s no easy feat to face this challenge, but you do such an amazing job, and she’s sure to remind you of this constantly
At first, Hanzo doesn’t really understand how to help
While he does have nightmares himself, growing up any sign of struggle from his family was seen as a weakness
And even though he’s constantly working to unlearn things from his childhood, it takes time
But despite his lack of understanding, he’ll try not to invalidate you, and will do what he can to help
He offers to meditate with you before bed as a way to help clear your head
And he makes sure you’re always comfortable when sleeping
He’ll even set up timers for around 1-2 A.M. so he can hopefully wake you up before the nightmares happen so he can prevent them
Whenever you do end up having a bad dream, Hanzo will soothe you by telling you stories
Either he’ll talk about the good parts of his childhood, or some of the Japanese folklore his father imparted on him
And once you’ve managed to relax, he’ll hold you softly and praise you
I’m sorry you must go through this, my love. You deserve worlds better. 
Sometimes, his attempts at comfort are a tiny bit awkward, but it’s easy to tell how much he cares, even if he struggles to show it
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