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#fear street
deenafier · 2 days ago
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episode four- 1994 (part 2)
[part one], [part two], [part three]
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rue-bennett · 6 hours ago
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@creatorsofcolornet​ — event 6: heroes of color 
DEENA, JOSH & MARTIN (FEAR STREET TRILOGY) Just because we’re weird and smart and different, doesn’t mean they can feed us through their meat grinder. Not anymore.
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Ziggy: What would you say if one day I came home with….six puppies?
Cindy: *sigh* what’s in the box?
Cindy: What’s in the box, Ziggy?
Ziggy: I think you know-
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natdocx · 2 days ago
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If that’s the case, then why don’t we be a little more careful with our revisionist history?  –Are you kidding me right now?
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Can I have Alice “corrupting” a sweet innocent Catholic girl? I love her so much.
Me too bestie me too
What You've Been Missing (Alice x Fem!Reader)
Warnings: 18+, smut, nsfw, corruption arc, nipple play, oral (fem receiving), female pronouns/AFAB reader, shadyside reader that went to a Catholic school instead of shadyside high, Alice and Arnie are best friends instead of dating, friends to lovers, drug/alcohol use, porn with plot, developing relationship
Word Count: 3.3k
Tumblr media
"Who are you?"
Those were the first words anyone had said to you at Nightwing, and they were a just slightly too sharp to be considered friendly. You were hoping that the girl with the polo shirt would be the first to talk to you, but, well, it's not like you knew any of the other counselors.
You introduced yourself to the girl with the bleached pixie cut, and you'd watched as she looked you over. She'd sat in the seat next to you on the bus, her hand resting on the back of the seat in front of you. A boy, one with curly brown hair, sat in that very seat and turned around to look at you.
They seemed friendly enough, even if the way they smiled reminded you a little bit like a pair of wolves. You looked them over as well, and made a quick judgement. Punks.
"You're shadyside?" The boy asked, and you nodded your head. Well, basically. You'd gotten on at the Shadyside stop. "You just move here?" He asked, a furrow in his brow. You shook your head, and quickly supplied,
"No, I- I went to the catholic school. That's," You glanced over at the girl, "That's probably why we haven't met." You finished. Even if you did live in Shadyside, you hadn't gone to Shadyside High. The catholic school had been a joint school, a bridge between Shadyside and Sunnyvale. Just like Camp Nightwing, you thought. And, well, it more or less lead to isolation from most of the other Shadysiders your age. Especially ones like,
"I'm sorry, what are your names?" You asked, trying your best to be polite. The brunette quickly stuck out his hand, offering it and his name,
"I'm Arnie." And you took it gently to give it a polite shake. The girl had leaned back in her seat, and you watched the way she tilted her head up as she said her name,
"Alice." And, you wondered why the way she looked at you made a weird feeling flutter in your stomach.
"C'mon, Catholic school, don't you wanna see what you've been missing?" Alice called, and you let out a sigh.
It was a few weeks into the summer, and your new friends weren't exactly the best influences. Every day they seemed to find a new way to make trouble, but this- You'd told her one time that you'd wished you'd been able to go to Shadyside High, that you wished you'd been able to experience everything you'd been missing. But a party?
You knew you could just stay in your cabin. You knew you didn't have to go with them. But, each and every time Alice looked at you and called out that nickname of hers, you found yourself trailing along. And it seemed that tonight was not going to be an exception. So, beyond your better judgement, you followed the pair of them towards a party some of the counselors were having in the woods.
When Arnie came back with three beers, you hesitated to take yours. You'd never really drank before, but you noted that Alice took one so- You tried not to think about why you wanted to impress her so much as you cracked it open and copied her when she took a sip. You made a quick face at the taste, and wiped your mouth with the back of your hand to try to hide your disgust. Arnie laughed, and Alice asked a teasing,
"Well, Catholic school. How is it?" And you did your best to keep your voice even and cool as you said,
"It's good." You lied, and a smirk teased at the end of her lips. She shook her head at you.
"It's shit." She corrected, and you silently agreed. "But it's free." She finished, and you watched as she took another long swig. You did the same and hoped that it would start to taste better the more you drank.
Your conversation was headed nowhere fast, but that's how the pair of them liked to talk. No topic in mind, just whatever they could think of. After a few minutes, you almost thought that perhaps you were getting a bit buzzed. It was then that you watched Alice pull something out of her pocket and put it between her lips.
You looked down, watching as she took a drag of a rolled cigarette. You could tell just by the smell that it wasn't tobacco. You knew, or at least guessed, that they did drugs. She did it so casually you couldn't help but stare, and you tried not to show how appalled you were when she plucked it from her lips and held it out for you.
"You wanna try?" She asked, and you stared at it for a moment. You looked at her, and then at Arnie, then back to her. They were both looking, watching. And, god, how far were you willing to go to impress them? Well, her. With a gulp, you took the joint and muttered a small,
"Uh," And you missed the fondness in Alice's smile as she scooted closer to you on the log.
"You just inhale it." She prompted, and you gave her another look. You knew that much. Arnie was quick to add,
"And hold it in." He said, and you looked between them. Okay, inhale, hold in. You did exactly that, and, after a moment, you looked between them again. It burned the back of your throat, felt weird to hold your breath. They both stared at you with waiting eyes, and finally you let out your breath with a cough. The pair of them laughed, with Alice reaching to slap you on the back. You tried to ignore the embarrassment creeping up your spine as you did your best to calm your cough. More so, you tried to ignore the heat that Alice's touch sent down it as her slaps turned into good-natured rubs of your shoulders. She looked almost proud as she said,
"There you go, Catholic school." And, the way she smiled at you made the embarrassment completely worth it.
"You haven't had your first kiss?" Arnie said, leaning forward in his seat.
The five of you were in Arnie and Tommy's cabin, playing games and drinking. And, well, maybe smoking too. With the addition of Tommy and Cindy to your trio, you thought a game like 'truth or dare' wouldn't be so stacked against you. Seems like you were wrong.
It'd been a throw away question, one from Cindy, and that hadn't even been the question. It'd been about any boyfriend's you'd had, and well- When you tried to switch to dare that just lead to a whole new burst of questions. Ones that only got worse and worse.
You rubbed your face, hoping your cheeks weren't heating up as you pleaded,
"Please, god, just someone give me a dare so my turn can be over." You begged, hoping that maybe Tommy or Cindy would have mercy on you. Instead, Alice said,
"Fine." And you watched as she crushed her can of beer and tossed to somewhere in the direction of the trash can. "Kiss me." She said, and your mouth fell open at the suggestion. You stared at the girl besides you, a flurry of thoughts going through your head.
To some degree, you knew she was just trying to call your bluff. To give you an alternative she thought you'd never consider in order to get you to answer their questions. And maybe it was the beer, or the weed, but, as you stared at her smug face, you thought, What the hell.
You grabbed her by the front of her tank top and pulled her in. She made a surprised noise, one you quickly cut off as you laid one on her. It wasn't a rom-com worthy perfectly practiced kiss like in the movies, but it set every nerve ablaze when your lips met hers. It felt nearly like you'd been shocked, to the point that you were pulling away nearly a second later. And, when you looked at the shocked look on her face, you couldn't help but laugh.
It left you all at once, glee and excitement bubbling in your stomach and mixing with the alcohol and high clouding your mind. She watched you with complete surprise in her eyes, and you missed the way she reached up to touch her lips. After a moment, she said,
"Alright, Catholic school." Before she was turning to slap Arnie's chest and say, "Your turn, asshole."
You'd been too scared, completely unable to fall asleep as the storm seemed to shake the very foundation your cabin was built on. And, you didn't want to seem like a wimp, but, after about half an hour of jumping at every loud thunderclap, you finally whispered,
"Alice?" And your heart sank when you were met with silence. You tried again, whispering, "Alice, are you awake?" After a quick moment, she finally replied,
"What?" In a voice thick with sleep. You winced hoping you hadn't woken her up. You sat up, and pushed down any embarrassment threatening to stop you.
"I can't sleep." You started, and she made a noise in response. You smiled a bit at the sound, before nervousness crept up your throat. You didn't want her to make fun of you, to think you were lame for being scared by a storm. Still, you forced yourself to ask, "Can I sleep with you?" And a beat of silence passed. You almost thought that she'd fallen back asleep, or that she was about to start laughing at you at any second. Until you heard a rustle, flip over, and lift her covers.
"Yeah, c'mon, Catholic school." She said. You smiled, and were quick to climb out of your bed to slip into hers.
It was warm and soft, not a far cry from your own bed. The only thing that was different was that it smelled like Alice, and, well- She laid facing you, and, as you wrapped the blanket around you, you practically wrapped her around you as well. She reached to flatten the blanket, to pull it up on your shoulders as you settled, and then to curl closer.
You stared at her as you felt her hand brush the exposed skin of your shoulder. With heat on your cheeks and Alice's eyes on yours, you realized there was no way you were going to be able to sleep like this either.
It didn't help that she was looking you over. That she'd blinked any traces of sleep from her eyes, and they were so heavy you practically fell under the weight. Her hand moved again, and you hoped the way your breath hitched when she reached to touch you wasn't audible over the sound of rain. From the way she faltered for a moment, you knew you hadn't been that lucky.
Still, Alice's movement was slow, careful, as she reached to brush her fingertips over your cheek. And, yet, it felt like flames licking at your skin.
You knew what had happened a few days prior. That you'd kissed her. It'd been liquid courage, and, with her right there in front of you, you secretly wished for a modicum of it back. The pair of you hadn't talked about it, barely acted like it even happened. But, with her so close, it was all you could think about.
"I've been thinking about something," Alice started, and you nodded for her to continue. "Just, like-" She said, cutting herself off as she moved closer. Alice moved slowly, cupping your cheek and inching closer until her lips met yours again. You didn't move, simply letting your eyes fall shut the second her lips brushed yours. The same bolt of electricity went through you, the butterflies in your stomach roaring back to life as her lips slid over yours. It was a quick kiss, not far off from the one you'd given her. And, when she pulled away to look at you, this time not even a squeak left your mouth.
You watched as she let her head rest back on the pillow, watched as she bit one of her lips. Her eyes were closed, and, for a moment, you were desperate to think of a thing to say. Instead, Alice filled the silence,
"Does that feel the same for you?" She asked, and it took you a moment to reply. It took you a moment to even think with the way her hand was brushing over your shoulder. Her question was open-ended, ambiguous, but you could guess what she meant. You hoped you knew what she meant.
"Yeah." You admitted, and a went through you. It was hard to admit it to yourself, but admitting it to her? It was as necessary as breathing. She opened her eyes, and, when she leaned in again, it was more than just a quick stolen kiss.
It felt like she was melting you down as she moved closer, pressed her heat against yours. As she adjusted, moved so she could raise herself up and press you back against the pillow.
You were so caught up in the fact that Alice was kissing you, something you'd thought about for far too long, that you nearly forgot to touch her. She was already sliding her hand down to your side, teasing the sliver of exposed skin from where your shirt rode up with her fingertips. You finally reached out to curl your hand into her hair, to hold the back of her neck and pull her closer. To trace your hand down her back, feel the curve of her side. When her hand moved up your shirt, a wave of heat was already fanning inside your belly.
The pair of you didn't break apart until a clap of thunder made you jump, and, after a moment, the pair of you giggled. She leaned back in, kissing you over and over again until she was moving on top of you, moving to settle between your legs.
Alice's hands moved slowly, tracing the territory of your skin. She gripped your side, your thighs, until finally one of her hands was finding it's way back up your shirt.
"Is this okay?" She breathed into the kiss, and you were quick to nod, and you tried to ignore the desperation in your voice as you said,
"Yes." And pulled her back in. You let her lead the kiss, taking over your inexperience and guide your through it. Let her flick her tongue into your mouth, and slide it against yours.
You tried to keep your mind clear, your breathing even, as she reached to tease your chest. As her fingers began to gently pull and twist your nub. Despite your attempts of restraint, you moaned into the kiss, your hips lifting in search for something. You could feel her smile against you, hear her chuckle, before she asked,
"You want more?" And you were quick to nod. You whined when she pulled away, thinking that you wanted more not less. She was quick to shush you, to kiss down the length of your neck as she pushed your shirt up.
You could guess what she was doing, where she was taking this, but it didn't stop your sharp intake of breath when she sucked one of your nipples into her mouth. Your hands curled through her hair as she fondled your other breast, as her actions sent a heat through you that was driving you insane, nearly heading towards uncomfortable from how quickly pent up you were getting. When she switched to the other, it made your eyes roll back for a second and a moan slip from your lips.
When she let it fall from her mouth, you nearly whined. Until you watched her take off her own shirt. It made a certain hunger crawl into your mind, watching her strip herself bare. But, she didn't give you much time to ogle her. You looked down to watch as she kissed down your stomach, as her head threatened to disappear beneath the covers. Quietly, you asked
"What are you," You trailed off, even if part of you could guess. Alice paused. She looked up at you, a heat in her eyes that made your stomach do flips. And, god, did it do something to you. You were wet just looking at her, and, when she asked,
"What?" A teasing smile on her face. "Don't you wanna know what you've been missing?" You knew, the second she asked, that you did. It was surprisingly easy to tell her so.
She pulled off your pajama shorts and your underwear in one go, and you bit your lip in anticipation as she pushed your legs farther apart. Any potential insecurity you could've had was pushed away by the kisses she trailed down your thighs, closer to your core between them. You felt her reach below, felt her fingers slide against you, and then you felt the warmth of her tongue.
You let out a small sound, your breathing getting heavier and heavier with every flick of her tongue. It sent sparks up into the pit of your stomach each time, and you reached to grip onto something. The sheets, the shoulders, her hair. Your hips moved of their own accord, and Alice followed them before she pinned them down.
She flattened her tongue, licking up until you let out a choked sound. She did it again and again, until you were panting her name. You couldn't keep yourself still. You tried to move your hips, ended up kicking out one of your legs when she flicked her tongue in just the right way.
"Like that- oh, just like that." You quickly said, both of your hands curling into her hair. To hold on or pull her closer, you were caught between. She listened, doing it over and over in a way that had you tilting your head back, panting up into the air above you. You could feel her hands move to hold your thighs, gripping the flesh as she pushed you closer and closer- It felt intense, being pushed up and up towards an edge you'd never felt before. She moved her tongue faster, and you whispered, "Oh, that feels," It ended in a moan, one that earned you a squeeze. You gripped her hair, tugging gently as the sound of rain and your own heavy breath filled your ears. You could feel your body tensing, the pleasure getting sharper and sharper, until you let out a cry of her name and your hips jerked. You gasped, pleasure blinding your mind as everything became so intense- too intense. She kept licking, just a few more times until you finally begged, "I can't- I can't," And she pulled off.
Your body relaxed, feeling boneless as you practically fell back against the bed. You blinked your eyes, trying to blink the daze away. When you heard the rustle of the sheets, you looked down to watch Alice climb back up. She wiped the slick, your slick, off of her chin, and you cupped her face as she leaned down to kiss you. It was a slow kiss, a one-eighty in comparison to the desperate one from earlier. But, you soaked all of it in, wanting to take everything she would give you. When she pulled away to ask,
"So, how was that, Catholic school?" You couldn't stop from rolling your eyes at the nickname. You reached to flick her neck, making her say a quick, "Hey!" Before you pulled her back in for another kiss and rolled the pair of you over.
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goodeisntevil · a day ago
In charge (scrap)
Sub!Nick X reader
Warnings: 18+, slapping/hitting, submissive nick?, swearing, light degradation
“Look at you now, fucking begging for it.” You straddled the man, grinding your hips into his.
“Fuck you-“ You struck the man across the face with the palm of your hand.
His breath hitched as you leant down whispering in his ear. “Don’t think you’re in charge just cause your a fucking goode or because your sherif, all you are to me is an inferior, insecure little bitch.”
You choked as you felt his hand reach up to your neck, pulling your head away. Retorting, you continued to grind your hips, his grip loosening as he laid his head back into the pillow.
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super-nova5045 · 2 days ago
ok but WHY does the newest stranger things teaser look like the opening credits of fear street?
mr. ross duffer pls stop copying your wife xoxo (/j)
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undercoverfren · a day ago
“i fell in love with a careless man's careful daughter”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
idea: @/iRIVERA1989
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meduseld · 5 hours ago
Nick chooses Nurse Not Ratchet and there’s a tragedy at the Shadyside Old People Home but they were old and it reveals the drug trafficking and he gets another medal. It’s sad and Nick calls Ziggy and he is sus about the whole thing and he believed her the whole time.
And then he asks her out or proposes.
Ok for a second I thought you meant Nurse Lane and I was like noooooooooo not my Nana Lane, that's too far. But this is actually...pretty great! Like makes sense, fits canon, gives Nick an in with Ziggy, and works towards his overall image goals. You'd make a better Goode heir than him Anon, and that's a compliment.
Ofc knowing Nick, he'd propose way too soon. Oh Nicky..........
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Simon, to Kate: Just think about it, please, I’m your hottest friend!
Simon: Actually no, that’s Deena
Simon: I’m your nicest friend- no, nope, Josh.
Simon: I’m your…friend?
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natdocx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[...] I didn’t bail! You pushed me away. And now you regret it and you can’t own up to that, so you’re making me mix tapes.
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goodeisntevil · 2 days ago
“My sisters in the toilet!”
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ex0skeletal-undead · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fear Street - Sarah Fier’s Cursed Hand by Houston Sharp
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