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Coming back to tumblr to ask:  Does anyone have a saved copy of the fanfic ‘Water in the Sun’ by Mila_Ros? I just lost my copy when my eReader failed and I love that particular fic so much + it’s written so beautifully I thought I’d try and ask around here! Please let me know!

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How would Gisborne, Thorin, and Francis react to you asking them to go stargazing with you :o

Gisborne would agree but I don’t think he’d be too interested at first. Stargazing isn’t really his thing, so he’d agree but you’d realise he’s not keen on the idea and kinda wondering why you want to go. 


Originally posted by serik27

Thorin would very much like the idea. it would mean spending quality time with you as that’s what he loves to do. Anything just to be with you. 


Originally posted by psicopathya

Francis would shakingly say yes, being a little anxious about how the ‘date’ will go. He’s excited on one hand to be with you, but scared about messing everything up and not being what you want. 


Originally posted by erebus-et-eigengrau

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How would Raymond, Francis, and Thorin react to you pampering them after a particularly hard night? You might have to ask Raymond, of course, but sksks i digress

Raymond would complain about you bothering him, but secretly enjoy every second of it. :) Once he’s told you off, he then smirks at you and sits back, allowing you to do as you wish. 


Originally posted by ofgreeengables

Francis would be worrisome and not quite sure what you’re doing. I think the pampering would make him anxious because he’s never had someone fuss over him before. 


Originally posted by starkassembled

Thorin would enjoy it, but then pamper you in return. He wouldn’t want to take all the pampering for himself. Any massage you give him and he’d turn it back to you. Thorin is a completely selfless person, so he would share everything with you. 


Originally posted by tinysofia

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After a while of Thorin rubbing his fingers over my hand soothingly I must have had fallen asleep once more, because when I opened my eyes again Thorin was gone and a frown formed on my face and a sigh full of sadness left my lips. So I sat in bed for a few hours, doing nothing but thinking about what happened the night before and just thinking, for it was the only thing I was able to do now.

Father and Thorin had forbidden that I got out of bed so I better listened to them, I would not want to be screamed at and got into any more trouble I was not in already. There was nothing else I was able to do and I began to really get bored. That was before the door to my now new chambers opened and in came Dis. She let out a squeal as did I and then she jumped onto my bed and we hugged each other tightly.

Then she whacked me over the back of my head and said in a scolding tone. “ What were you thinking, Miira? You could have been dead if it was not for my brother’s quick reaction of slamming the door open and to run to a healer.” “ I know and I’m sorry Dis, I just thought that you would not miss me when I was gone.”

I said in a sad tone of voice and looked down to my feet and I heard her gasp and then a pair of hands grasped mine and she began to speak again. “ Miira, how could you think that! You are my best friend, my sister.” “ I know but you were never there since our last meet up. I got nothing from you and I thought you had forgotten me and my father would have less of a problem if I were not there anymore.”

The frown on Dis’ face only deepened and my friend cupped my cheeks, forcing me too look her in the eyes. “ I’m sorry I have not been here Miira, my grandpa had forbidden me to come visit you.” I looked at her shocked and now a gasp escaped me. “ Y- your grandpa had forbidden you to come and visit me?”

Dis nodded her head and now the both of us had tears in our eyes which threatened to spill any second. The tears would have fallen when the door had not opened that very moment and Dis and I pulled away and looked to the door to see who had interrupted us. Not really caring anymore I pulled Dis into my arms and together we cried into each other shoulders.

A small smile took place on my face and a small giggle escaped as it did Dis and now we were a giggling mess in each others arms. A deep chuckle interrupted us and this time Dis and I really pulled away to see who came in. When we saw who it was Dis broke out into a squeal and she jumped out of the bed and ran to her eldest brother, jumping into his arms like she was still a little girl.

Well she wasn’t grown up yet but she wasn’t a baby too. Thorin caught her into his arms when Dis jumped at him, making him sigh at the same time. With his sister in his arms Thorin sat down at the end of the bed and turned around so her was facing me before he said. “ How are you today, Miira? Are you better than last time?”

I shot him a confused look. ‘ Better than last time?’ I thought, still confused as to why he said that. “ Why better than last time?” Thorin looked somewhat sheepish before he continued in a quite gravely tone. “ Miira you almost have not woken up again. You were still too weak. You had slept for over a month now and we thought you were not going to make it.”

I looked from Thorin to Dis and she nodded. This new insight brought tears into my eyes once again and I turned away so the two were not to see the tears that were now falling freely and small quiet raked through my body. Suddelny I felt a hand touch my shoulder but I crouched away from the hand not wanting to get comforted at the moment. 

I heard some shuffling behind me and the bed dipping and then how a door was closed. Still sobbing quietly I had buried my head into the pillows when I felt a hand once again on my shoulder and a soft soothing voice right next to my ear. “ Miira, look at me.” Slowly I lifted my head off of the pillow and looked up only to see that Dis had left the room and that Thorin and I were now alone again.

That relisation made me shiver and my hands began to sweat. All this was something new and I did not know what to do in situations like this. The knowledge that I could be dead now, brought tears into my eyes again and my bottom lip quivered. Thorin saw that and a sigh left his lips, then he hesitantly placed his hand on my shoulder.

This made my eyes go wide and a very small smile found ist way onto his lips, a smile which was barely there. “ I know you just found out, that you almost died. But look you are still here and living.” “ I know. It is just that at first I wanted to be dead but now I’m reliefed that I’m still living and it is just shocking to know that I almost succeeded and how selfish I had been.”

The smile stayed on his face as he continued to talk in a calm and soothing tone. “ Well but you live and you still got many years ahead of you. Years where you can improve yourself and get to spend a lot of time with Dis and Frerin and your father and siblings.” I nodded my head at his words and gave him a slight somewhat shy smile.

Thorin returned my smile and patted my shoulder gently before he took his hands away from me, which made me miss them already. The warmth they had spread through my whole body. I tried to hide the small frown which now graced my lips. But Thorin’s chuckle showed me that he had noticed the frown.

Now the frown turned into a blush which just made him laugh. Slightly angry I crawled over to him and slapped his chest playfully. His laughing stopped and he looked down at me, somwhat surprised. He had never seen me being that playful with him, but at the same time it made him happy that I could let loose around him.

The smile returned to his face and he let out a booming laughter, which I joined in quickly. His laugh was music to my ears, so I kind of stared up at him, probably with love in my eyes. It was silly of me to think of love, for I did not even know what love really is like and how love felt, but it still felt right.

Right to be here with him at this very moment. The smile on my face deepend and his in turn deepened as well and then I broke out laughing. Thorin followed me suit and noe we sat together on my new bed, laughing our arse’s off. After a few moments of us laughing the door opened again and Dis came in, her expression showed us that she was surprised to find his brother laughing together with her best friend and she was happy that her brother could let loose around her best friend.

Thorin and I stopped laughing for a minute but this moment here was so surreal and bizzare that we began laughing again and this time Dis joined us, but without knowing why we were laughing. Mahal even I did not know why we were laughing but it was magical. Two of the most important people in my life surrounded me and I could not be any happier than I was right now, although I learned today that I had almost died, only almost and now I knew what I had to do.

I had to keep fighting and maybe one day there were to be a future for Thorin and I. I smiled up at him happily and he looked down at me, a small smile on his as well. Then Dis interrupted our little moment and I swear sometimes all I wanted to do was murder this little beast, but I loved her so very much.

She squeezed between Thorin and I and wrapped one arm around Thorin’s shoulder and the other around mine, then she asked. “ What are the three of us going to do now?” I heard Thorin swallow before he wound himself out of his sisters embrace, an expression of sorrow on his face which he sent me, before he schooled his features to his normal scowl again.

“ I’m sorry to disappoint you sister, bit I still have got to do some work, between grandfather is waiting for me. See you tonight.” Then he stormed out of my chambers without a goodbye and a second glance towards me. My heart sank to the floor and a sour look took place on my face.

Have I done something wrong or what did just happen. That man was frustrating. Letting out a small sigh Dis took my hands into hers and she pulled me up and towards the door. “ Dis what are you doing?” I asked her confused. She just smiled and made a movement which probably should tell me something like that she was not going to tell me and that I had to wait.

Sighing I nodded and let her pull me out of my new chambers. She lead my down several staircases until we reached the lower halls, where we could leave the mountain. When I finally chaught on, on what Dis was planning a smile came to my lips and I felt slightly giddy. Normally we would not go out without permission but it seemed that Dis was not in the mood to listen to anybody today.

I mean no harm was really done so we were allowed to have a little fun, right? We both most likely had a mischievous gleam in our eyes, as we did have a bright almost innocent smile on our faces… To be continued

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How would Thorin react to others messing with your hair? Dwarves are very, very protective of their One's hair and only they can touch it in their tradition.

I think he would get very angry honestly. As you said, dwarves are very protective of their hair, as well as their One’s hair. Thorin would probably yell at whoever was messing with your hair, especially if they were touching his courting bead as well. Might honestly get a bit snippy with you too, but it wouldn’t be the same level of anger he directed at the people messing with your hair. 


Originally posted by dwarfdam

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Do you think Thorin snores?

I bet he does, but only when he is in the comfort of his own home and room and able to sleep deeply. I know he isn’t the type to snore when out in the wilderness (as he’s a light sleeper and has to be alert when out and about), but when in his home….he’s a thunderous snorer. I mean like…could vibrate his pillows kinda snorer lmao


Originally posted by ithrilyann

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How would Thorin and Raymond react to you cleaning their swords and/or admiring them? Perhaps asking them to show you how to properly wield the sword?

Firstly, I think Thorin would be proud to show you this sword and teach you how to wield one. After all, he may be proud, but Thorin is very modest about his fighting ability. So you asking him would make him smile inwardly, but he’d try not to show that. Cleaning his sword may be something he would be a little irritated at if you just took it, but if you ask, he’d be more than happy to let you clean it. 


Originally posted by iamjaynaemarie

Raymond would just be a smug bastard about it and then do his usual, “Women shouldn’t be fighters” spiel, which you just roll your eyes and scoff at. However, you pester him to show you and, in the end, he gives in and holds one or two lessons with you. As for cleaning his sword, he’d be quite possessive of his weapon and probably shout at you for messing with it. 


Originally posted by justmefawning

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How would Thorin react if you rejected his marriage proposal on the grounds of not being good enough for him?

oof, that’s a pretty deep one

Thorin would definitely feel shocked. Thorin thinks you are the most perfect person to have ever graced his life, and he honestly can’t comprehend how you couldn’t be the best for him because he admires you and loves you that much. If you are his kin or someone he considers his kin/someone he cares about, then Thorin tends to love unconditionally (even if his kin gets on his nerves sometimes [we are looking at fili and kili here lmao] and often), I feel like.

Thorin would respect your decision but only after you allow him a moment to talk with you and speak his piece. He will most likely try to get you to understand why he adores you and wants to marry you and try to persuade you to see things from his point of view. Most likely will tell you that you are the only person he will ever truly love and want to marry for the rest of his days. All in all, he would still be hurt, I think. So much so that he probably goes into a dark time of his life. rip.


Originally posted by enfantlunaire

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