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starlight-loki · 20 days ago
The Heatwave (Loki x Reader)
Or, That Time You Saw A Different Side of Loki
Word Count: 2.8k
Warnings: none
A/N: It’s been a long time, but I’m slowly coming back :’) thanks for being patient with me folks. In return, I hope you enjoy this lil fic — it involves Jotun!Loki ;))
Tumblr media
Out of all the days for the air conditioner to stop working, of course it had to happen during the hottest week of the year.
Tony had built countless Iron Man suits, engineered a new renewable energy source strong enough to power all of New York, and yet somehow — four days of attempted repairs later — he still wasn’t able to fix the Compound’s air conditioning system.
The temperatures were skyrocketing in New York, hovering steady in the 100s for the last few days. At first it was nice to have the strong heat filter through the building. After a summer that began mostly with cloudy days and sometimes stormy skies, the sunlight was a welcome gift to you and the rest of the Avengers. Sure the air conditioning was broken in the building, but at least it finally felt like summer, right? Going a few days in the heat wouldn't be all that bad.
Your optimism quickly melted away the longer the sun shone, however, and soon enough you found yourself in a completely different mood.
“Okay, who took all the ice?”
You shifted your gaze up from your sprawled-out position on the floor as you heard Bucky’s angry demand. He was leaning so far in the freezer, he was practically lying in it.
A few halfhearted shrugs rippled their way throughout the handful of Avengers scattered around the living room with you.
“The ice tray was full an hour ago!” Bucky jabbed a finger accusingly at the now-empty spot in the freezer. “And there were five ice packs in here as well. They're gone now. Where are they?"
As if on cue, Thor lumbered into the living room with an ice pack, which he had fastened around his head using a T-shirt to keep it in place. The other four remaining ice packs were attached in a similar fashion around his arms and legs, bearing an odd resemblance to the floaties toddlers wear while swimming. As if that wasn't enough, Thor was also hugging a bag containing all of the Compound's remaining ice against his chest, as if it were a teddy bear.
Thor looked like, in every way possible, an absolute child.
You could almost feel the prickling anger radiating off the Avengers' glares as everyone watched Thor plop himself into an empty armchair. Or... maybe that was the heat making you feel itchy. At this point, it was so hot that it was hard to tell where the sun ended and where your body began.
"I swear on the gods," Thor mumbled absentmindedly. "It was never even this hot on Muspelheim. I'll bet Surtur himself would've rather died than endure this heat..."
"Are five ice packs really necessary, though?" You demanded, propping your chin up on your hands as you glared at the Asgardian from your position on the floor. "What about the rest of us?"
Thor simply dismissed you with a noodle-like wave of his hand.
"Your mortal bodies burn far less energy than mine." Thor reclined back in his chair, moving his ice pack so it covered his eyes like a sleeping mask. "You'll be fine. Myself, on the other hand-"
"Those ice packs had my name on them!" Bucky exclaimed, stomping into the living room. "I specifically said not to touch them-"
"If anyone deserves ice packs right now," Tony interrupted with a sharp glare. "It's me. I bought the fridge, after all. My kitchen, my rules."
"Well then, what about me, huh?" Bruce nearly sprung off the couch, and your eyes widened in alarm as you noticed the edges of his skin had a sudden green tinge. "I was the one who made the ice, I deserve the bag."
"Absolutely not." Thor tightened his grip on the bag of ice in emphasis. "I found the bag first."
"Oh my god, you guys." You sighed, pushing yourself up off the floor as you rolled your eyes. Even the little amount of physical exertion it took to get back into a standing position made you feel tired. "Just make more ice, it'll be ready in a few hours."
"That's too long of a wait," Tony answered, sprawling dramatically over his section of a couch as if to emphasize his point. "I'll have melted right into the floor before the ice is done."
You shook your head, the fog of the heat sparking your irritation like a lit match to gasoline. "Maybe you should've invested in a faster ice maker then. Or at least a second freezer."
"Hey." Tony pointed a finger accusingly at you, only to be met by stifled giggles from the other Avengers.
"Better yet..." You swiped a hand over your forehead, cringing at the sheen of sweat that now stuck to your palm. It was too hot to even simply stand in one spot. " could've designed an air conditioning system that would, oh I don't know, actually work."
You must have uttered the magic words -- or perhaps 'cursed words' was a better term in this situation -- because a newfound wave of bickering emerged from your teammates, all of them buzzing in irritation like little mosquitoes.
Your patience had already been worn thin over the last few days. You didn't know how much more arguing you could tolerate.
You watched Thor angrily lob an ice pack at Bucky, only for his expression to morph into disappointed shame as Bucky triumphantly grasped the frozen treasure like a trophy, and you realized now would be a good time to go back to your own room.
It was a few degrees hotter in there, you thought to yourself bitterly as you walked down the hall, but at least you didn't have to share the space with these children.
As you passed by Loki's room, your pace faltered as you noticed his door had been left open.
He was hunched over on his bed, eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he lost himself in the worn paperback novel that sat in his lap. Your eyes widened as you took in the god's outfit.
He was wearing a thin sweater and jeans. Jeans. In 100 degree weather.
"You're insane." You couldn't help but splutter as you continued staring at Loki in disbelief from the doorway. Loki smirked, setting his book to the side before getting up to greet you with a friendly nod. You caught him look you up and down, before his features creased into a slight frown.
"And you... look like a wilted plant. Y/N, are you alright?”
You gave Loki a small shrug. "The kids are arguing in the living room again, Thor took all our ice packs, it feels like we have heated floors everywhere, and to be honest, I've started to feel a little dizzy."
Loki sighed as he took in your burst of information. With a small smile, he guided you into his room with a gentle hand on your shoulder.
"What about you?" You asked, gesturing to Loki's outfit. "Aren't you ready to pass out in that? Did you open a portal to New York in December and not tell me about it?"
Loki chuckled, the sound a warm gift to your ears compared to the screeching that had gone on earlier in the living room amongst the other Avengers.
"I'm different, I suppose."
"Well, whatever it is," you replied, stretching out on Loki's bedroom floor in an attempt to cool off as best as you could. "You and Thor certainly don't share the same temperature genes. You should see him, he's whining like a baby and he's got an icepack on each limb."
Loki smirked at your words, and you could've sworn you caught a flash of nervousness behind Loki's eyes. You couldn't help but wonder if you had said something wrong, but the emotion vanished as quickly as it came.
"I don't know how much longer I can survive in this heat." You mumbled as you laid down on your stomach and rested your head on your arms. "I haven't slept in nearly three days, I'm losing my mind."
Loki was sitting behind you, out of your range of vision, but you heard him let out a rather ragged and conflicted sigh. You frowned, unable to discern what exactly was going through the god's mind.
"I think I can help you," Loki began, his voice sounding rather constrained. Soft footsteps padded over to you, and you looked up just as he extended a hand towards you.
"How?" You asked with a frown as he helped you back up onto your feet. "Have you got a human-sized freezer you're hiding in your bathroom? Or better yet, a working air conditioner no one knows about?"
You laughed lightly at your own sarcasm, but your smile quickly faltered as you noticed how tense Loki had suddenly become. You were close enough to him now that you noticed he was clenching his jaw, and he kept picking at his hands.
"Icanhelpyou." Loki repeated, the words emerging out of his mouth in a jumbled mess. "I- I can help you. I can't bear watching you suffer in this heat. But you have to promise me something."
"Anything, Loki. You're my best friend, you know I'd do anything to help you in return."
"You must keep your eyes closed the entire time."
You blinked in surprise. You weren't sure what request you were expecting from the Asgardian, but it certainly wasn't that.
"Promise me that, Y/N." Loki demanded urgently. His hands gripped your shoulders tightly as his wide eyes searched your own. "Swear on the Nine Realms that you won't open your eyes, no matter what."
There was something so solemn, so incredibly fragile that had surfaced in Loki's eyes that you didn't even think to question him any further. Whatever this was about, you knew it was serious.
"Okay." You whispered. "I won't open my eyes, I promise."
Loki nodded, pressing his lips together into a thin line. It seemed as though the thoughts in his mind were close to being physically painful, and it hurt your heart to watch him go through this.
"You don't have to help me, you know." You closed your own hand over his for emphasis. "I'll be fine, the heat will subside in a few days."
"No." Loki's tone was stern. Final. There was no arguing with him. "I want to help you. I will help you."
You nodded, giving the Asgardian's hand one final squeeze as an attempt at comfort. With a deep breath, you closed your eyes.
You could feel your heart begin to pound in your chest as a thick silence enveloped the two of you. You waited for any sort of extreme event -- maybe a bright flash of light or sudden noise -- but nothing happened.
"Your eyes are closed?"
You couldn't help the small smile that formed on your lips when you heard Loki's question. His voice sounded so small, if it weren't for how serious he was being about this entire situation, you would've found it almost adorable.
"Yes, Loki, my eyes are closed. You can test me, if you like."
" many fingers am I holding up?"
"Wrong. Good."
You snickered, shaking your head at Loki's response.
The silence resurfaced once more, this time bringing with it a slight chill in the air. You sighed in relief, feeling your body relax ever-so-slightly as the air became cooler than it had been moments ago.
"If this is one of your illusions, I'm extremely impressed." You whispered. You were expecting Loki to chuckle, or perhaps boast even further about his powers, but all you got in reply was a bitter scoff.
"This does not merit awe or any such feelings." Loki mumbled. "Now, hold your hands out for me."
You extended your hands, perhaps a little faster than you had anticipated. Your fingers grazed something ice cold for a brief moment, the sensation feeling almost like a burn in contrast to the warmth of your hands.
You gasped as you jolted back, and as your reflexes kicked in, you accidentally opened your eyes.
The person in front of you was Loki, but then again... it wasn't.
His skin was now cobalt blue, with intricate markings spiralling their way up his hands and tracing the outlines of his cheekbones and forehead. His nails were such a dark shade of blue that they were almost black, and his eyes.
They were completely red, and filled with a mix of sadness and horror and betrayal as your gaze locked on his.
"I'm so sorry." You gasped, immediately squeezing shut your eyes once more. "I didn't mean to do that, it was a reflex, I didn't see anything-"
"Stop lying." Loki spat. "You can open your eyes. I know you saw."
Your eyes fluttered open slowly, but you kept your gaze glued to the ground.
"I'm really sorry, Loki." You whispered, feeling the sting of tears fill your eyes. It seemed as though his hurt expression had burned itself into your mind. "I broke my promise."
"Are you afraid?"
You looked up at Loki with a frown, his question catching you off guard.
"I'm sad that I hurt you. I regret moving as fast and as suddenly as I did, I regret not fighting my reflexes, but no. I'm not afraid."
Loki's gaze was unwavering, yet there was an absence in his eyes. It seemed as though he was somewhere far away in a memory.
"You should be."
You stepped forward, bridging the distance between the two of you, and held both of Loki's hands in your own. You inhaled sharply as your skin made contact with his and an icy chill coursed up your arms, but you didn't flinch away.
In fact, Loki was the one who tried to flinch away, but you kept your grip steady as you laced your fingers through his.
"I trust you with everything I am." You whispered. "I know you'll never hurt me. This is no exception."
"I'm a monster."
Loki's voice cracked almost imperceptibly on that last word. You shook your head, adamant to prove him wrong.
"This side of you is just as kind and loving as the other." You smiled softly, tracing a finger lightly across the ridges that marked his cheekbones. Loki turned his now-pained gaze to the ground as you caressed his cheek soothingly.
"You wanted to help me feel better, even if it meant revealing the side of you that you hated the most. No monster would do that, Loki. Hell, I don't even think some of the Avengers would be willing to risk their comfort levels the way you just did. And you did it all selflessly, because you didn't want me to overheat.
"In fact," you continued, smiling in awe as you studied the markings on Loki's face. "You're absolutely beautiful, both on the inside as well as the outside. You put Greek sculptures to shame, you're a work of art."
Loki let out a small choked gasp, and your heart skipped a beat as you noticed a few stray tears begin trailing their way down his cheeks. You brushed them away with a slow swipe of your thumb before leaning forward to kiss his cheek.
"Whatever events may have happened in the past to cause you to feel the way you do," you whispered, wrapping your arms around Loki and pulling him closer to you. "They're over now. The hurt ends here. I'll make sure of it."
"How?" Loki didn't even try to hide the disbelief in his voice. You pulled back from your hug, only to trail your hands down his arms and hold his hands tightly in your own.
"By being the first to love you as you are. Every part of you."
Silence passed between the two of you as Loki eyes allowed you to glimpse the war he was currently fighting internally with himself and his past. You knew this wasn't easy for him.
"You don't have to say anything, but I just want you to know that I'm here for you. This doesn't in any way change how I feel about you, Loki."
As silence settled between the two of you like little particles of dust, Loki stepped forward and caught you off guard. He pressed a delicate kiss to your forehead before wrapping you gently in his arms.
“Thank you for cooling me off, by the way.” You whispered with a small smile. “It’s only been a few minutes, but I’m already feeling much better.”
“I’m glad to hear that.”
“…Loki?” You asked as you rested your cheek against the god’s shoulder.
“This is way nicer than tying ice packs around my arms and legs. You give good hugs.”
That earned a genuine laugh from Loki, and although he didn’t reply, he gave you a gentle squeeze in acknowledgement.
Despite the chill that ran through your body as Loki remained pressed up against you in an embrace, you had never felt such intense warmth inside your heart.
This side of Loki — his true form — was more beautiful than you could’ve ever imagined.
TAGLIST: @startrekkingaroundasgard @justasmisunderstoodasloki @delightfulheartdream @pastyoverlord265 @lowkeytesss @levylovegood @that-little-zebunny
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bluebellhairpin · 2 years ago
Your Dash Has Been Signed By The Avengers!
Tumblr media
I asked them to sign it just for you; in case you’ve been having a rough day/week/year - or are missing you’re faves after Endgame. 
Share to spread their love! ❤ 
(2020 Edit: Times are very rough right now. For some more so than others - and love isn’t any less needed! So keep up your good work. You’re doing amazing. We all love you!) 
Tumblr media
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infinityblogger · 3 years ago
That moment when you're reading a good smut fic of your favourite MCU character, but then someone disturbs you:
Tumblr media
Seriously this has happened to me before. I'm all like, "Excuse me, can't you see I'm trying to imagine my super-hubby and I make love? FUCK OFF!!"
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marvelsswansong · 2 years ago
The Other Side of Peter
Tumblr media
Summary: Peter's known as the shy, sweet and endearingly awkward boy by everyone. But he has another side- a possessive, clingy and protective side- that only comes out whenever you're around. Cue surprised Avengers, Tony matchmaking and very, very, possessive & protective Peter.
tags: pure fluff, cuddly!Peter, protective!Peter, possessive!Peter, the Avengers acting as matchmakers.
a/n: this might be shitty cause I wrote it in two days
Everyone thought that Peter was just a sweet, shy and awkward boy.
And they weren’t technically wrong.
In fact, it was how you viewed him as well. You’d notice that he’d blush easily if someone teased him. You noticed that he had a habit of stuttering whenever he got nervous, or how he had a tendency to stick his hands in his pockets whenever he got complimented for something. He was simply so tender and pure, like a soft puppy- lovable and just all around adorable.
It was these qualities that quickly fostered your friendship, and so when Peter started to get a clingy, you just thought it was him acting like himself.
“Peter, wake up.” you whispered, trying to get out of his iron grip around your waist and failing miserably. Peter only groaned, pulling you closer towards his chest as you sighed, twisting around your body so that now you’d be facing him. He was still in mid-sleep, his eyes stuck shut and his curls a mess from the solid three hour nap.
A low groan escapes his throat as he slowly opens his eyes, exhaustion still clearly written on his face.
“What?” he asked, his arms still wrapped around tightly around you.
“I have to study for my exam tomorrow, remember?”
He refused to budge, only moving so that he could rest his head on top of yours.
You rolled your eyes playfully and looked up at him.
“I need to study, Peter.”
“But you’re too warm and I’m comfortable.” groaned Peter, tangling his legs with yours.
You giggled at his comment before nagging him once more.
“Please Peter, I really need to study.”
He sighed and reluctantly loosened his grip, allowing you to slip out of the bed and walk over to your desk. Picking up your backpack, you took out your notebook and a couple of highlighters before walking outside to the living room to sit on the couch. You only got a few pages in before you felt someone’s arms wrap around you from behind.
He sat so that his back would be against the couch before spreading his legs and patting the space between them. You raised your eyebrow in confusion.
“At least cuddle with me while you study?” he asked pleadingly, his tone sickeningly sweet. Your heart melted at the sight of his pout and gave in, shuffling over so that you would be in between his legs while studying. You leaned backwards so that you would be resting on his chest and bent your legs so you could prop your notebook up, all the while Peter snaked his arms around your waist.
“Don’t you ever get tired of cuddling with me?” you teased, looking up from your notebook.
“Never… W-why? D-does it bother you?” he asked suddenly, a look of panic passing by his face.
‘Ah, there was the shy Peter.’
You chuckled.
“No… It’s nice, actually. Thanks for always comforting me, Peter.”
It was at this moment that Clint walked into the room, sipping on his coffee and almost choking on it when he saw the position you two were in. You didn’t bother looking up from your notes, far too engrossed in your studying, while Peter was starting to doze off from your warmth. Quiet as a mouse, Clint retraced his steps and quickly exited the room before you could notice his presence.
The next morning, you were sitting on the kitchen counter, enjoying your breakfast, when Natasha slid in next to your seat with a knowing smirk on her face.
“Since when have you and Peter been dating?” she asked, causing you to look up from your cereal in alarm.
“Dating? We’re not dating at all.”
Natasha’s eyes darted across your face to find any signs that you were lying, but couldn't find any. Pursing her lips, she crossed her arms and leaned forward.
“Then how come Clint said you and Peter were cuddling on the couch last night?”
You laughed at her question.
“Yeah, we were.”
Natasha raised her eyebrow, causing you to roll your eyes playfully.
“That doesn’t mean anything! Peter’s just… you know, soft. And cuddly. He’s just my best friend, and he was just being himself.”
“Sureee….” trailed off Nat, unconvinced. You simply shook your head sideways and sighed.
“You’re thinking too much about it, Nat.”
Later that day, Natasha cornered Peter after she spotted him leaving the lab and asked him directly.
“Do you like (Y/n)?”
His face turned bright red at her sudden question, averting his gaze to the floor in embarrassment.
“Yes, a-a lot. B-but like not in that way-”
“Then in what way, Peter?” she pressed, already knowing the answer.
“I-um… I gotta go.”
Peter quickly sprinted away without answering Natasha’s question, fumbling with his books and almost tripping over his feet as he bumped into Tony along the way. Muttering a quick apology, Peter continued to run away as Tony turned his head to glance at Natasha.
“What did I miss?” he asked, confused.
Natasha simply smirked and shook her head sideways.
It only took a week before the rest of the Avengers became aware of how differently Peter acted around you. Natasha and Clint were working out in the gym while you and Steve were sparring each other, only for him to accidentally trip you over, causing you to twist your ankle. You cursed out in pain before hitting the floor, immediately capturing the attention of Natasha and Clint.
“Oh god, (Y/n), did I hurt you?” asked Steve, a concerned look on his face as he gently sat you up. You hissed as he lightly touched your ankle, causing him to quickly let go and tell JARVIS to alert Bruce.
“I just need to walk it off, I don’t need a doctor-” you started, only to be interrupted by Peter running into the room with panic written all over on his face. His frantic gaze looked all over the room before landing on you, his expression a mix of relief and anger.
“(Y/n), oh my god, are you okay?”
Bruce and Tony entered the room as you replied.
“Yes, yes, I’m fine-”
Peter’s eyes darkened in anger as he saw that Steve was still touching your ankle in an attempt to inspect it.
“Hands. Off.” growled Peter possessively, causing everyone’s eyes to widen in surprise before he blushed and apologized.
“Um, sorry. I-I mean, hands off, um, please.”
Steve warily nodded before slowly stepping away from you, allowing Bruce to kneel down next to you and examine your ankle. Peter quickly slipped his hand into yours, squeezing it when you cringed at the pain from Bruce rolling over your feet and examining the swelling around your ankle. The others watched in worry while Tony smirked, noticing that Peter was holding onto you for dear life. Not to mention that he was acting unnaturally possessive.
“It’s just a sprain, but you definitely will need to ice it. And try not to put any pressure on it, okay?”
You nodded at Bruce’s comment and tried to stand up, only for Peter to quickly push you back down. You looked up at him, confused, before Peter wrapped his arms around your neck and your legs to carry you. Your face felt hot as a result of the intimacy as he carried you out, thanking him quietly.
“Y-you don’t have to carry me, Peter.” you whispered, trying to ignore the burning gazes from the other Avengers. Peter didn’t seem to notice the gazes, however, only concerned with your well being.
“Yes I do, (Y/n). You heard what Mr.Banner said, you can’t walk for a while.”
You smiled at how endearingly bossy he was being.
“Thanks Peter. Y-you’re a great friend.”
Peter’s smile fell for a fraction of a second before he gave you a pained grin.
“Y-yeah. No problem.”
After the two of you disappeared behind the closed elevator doors, stunned silence filled the room. Tony was the first one to break it, turning around to face the time with an exasperated expression.
“That’s it, we’re going to make them a couple.”
A few days later, you were assigned to a mission out of nowhere that included… well...
“A fancy ball?” you said in surprise, looking up from the mission report. Tony simply shrugged in response.
“Don’t look at me like that, kid, I don’t pick the missions. But yeah, Fury thinks it’ll be a good idea for you and Peter to go together- you know, get the hang of missions and foster teamwork or whatever.”
“The target is also your age, so you and Peter will blend in perfectly amongst a sea of rich teenagers.” added in Natasha, masking the smirk on her face. You hummed in agreement before looking up in panic.
“But I have nothing fancy to wear!”
Tony rolled his eyes playfully.
“Do you really think I’d let you go on this mission without buying you a new dress?”
You allowed Natasha to drag you into your room, where she handed you the overpriced red dress and helped you put on your makeup and heels. It felt nice to get dolled up for once, and the butterflies in your stomach only increased when you remembered that you had to be Peter’s date for this mission.
‘It’s just a mission, don’t get your hopes up.’
You took in a deep breath to calm your nerves before opening the door. Peter was on the other side, fixing his sleeves before he looked up to meet your gaze. His throat ran dry upon seeing how beautiful you looked, and he had to force himself to speak.
“(Y/n)... Y-you look… stunning.”
You let out a soft chuckle, muttereing a quiet thank you.
“You look really handsome as well.” you replied, causing Peter to chuckle slightly.
The two of you just stared at each other, entranced by how good both of you looked. Tony was the one to break it apart, clapping his hand down onto your shoulder.
“Sorry to break up this love fest, but the mission?”
Peter coughed and looked down at his feet.
“Right, um, sorry Mr.Stark.”
The two of you walked downstairs to the limo, where Peter opened the door for you to get in before he climbed in as well. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife, and you could feel yourself getting lightheaded- was it the heavy dress or the fact that Peter was sitting a few millimeters away from you? You couldn’t tell.
Unbeknownst to you, Peter was also starting to get nervous. His hands were already clammy and he fixed his hair for the seventh time that night, his mind turning blank and forgetting all the mission details every time he saw you.
‘Focus, Peter, this is a mission.’
You tucked in the earpiece before exiting the car, slipping your arm into Peter’s and conjuring up a superficial smile for the host. After giving the host your fake names, the man glanced down at the list before letting you two in.
“You alright?” whispered Peter, giving your hand a light squeeze. You looked up at him and smiled.
“Yeah, just nervous, I guess.”
“Alright, so (Y/n), first thing you have to do is dance with Peter.” said Natasha through your earpiece.
“What does that have anything to do with the mission?” you whispered back.
“Just do it.” replied Natasha.
You sighed and looked up at Peter, who was listening to Tony.
“Kid, before you approach anyone, you need to dance with (Y/n).”
“What? Why?” questioned Peter, turning around so you couldn’t hear their conversation.
“You want to blend in before you start questioning people, right? Trust me, Peter. Just dance with her. Besides, I know you want to.” finished Tony, his tone teasing.
“Okay, okay I will.” whispered back Peter, embarrassed.
He turned around and extended his arm out rather awkwardly.
“Do you, um… wanna dance?”
You nodded and let him pull you closer, his hands resting at your waist while you pulled your arms up to wrap around his neck. It was an effort to avoid stumbling and to remain focused on the mission when his soft hazel eyes were burning right into yours, the world outside nonexistent as his aroma enveloped you in a warm brace.
‘He smells like honey and fresh laundry.’
“You uh… really look nice today. Like, truly.” muttered Peter, spinning you around gently.
When you were back to facing Peter, you smiled softly at him.
You could hear some muffled commotion in the background of your earpiece but ignored it, assuming that it was nothing.
“Neither of them are making a move!” groaned Clint, staring at the screen in despair.
“By the way, did you mention to Steve that we were making up a fake mission to get them together?” questioned Bruce, looking up from his computer. Tony rolled his eyes.
“Of course not. Whatever, (Y/n)-”
Tony leaned forward and grabbed the mic.
“This is a fake mission.”
Your eyes widened and you opened your mouth to respond, but Tony beat you to it.
“But trust me, there’s a reason why. DON’T TELL PETER ANYTHING.”
“Is something wrong?” asked Peter, suddenly stopping and placing his hand on your cheek. You ignored how good his touch felt and simply nodded.
“Yeah, um, everything’s fine.” you lied, deciding to trust Tony.
“Alright, good. Look to your right. See that tall guy with dark hair in the blue tuxedo?”
You glanced to your right and spotted the boy.
“He’s your ‘target’ from the report. Lie to Peter that you’re gonna approach the target and go flirt with that guy.”
“Target at three o’clock. I’m going in.” you whispered to Peter, his eyes becoming serious as he let you go. You fixed the hem of your dress before walking towards the target, as Peter moved over to the bar and ordered a drink to blend into the crowd.
“Why do I need to flirt with this guy again?” you asked quietly, navigating through the busy crowd of drunk teenagers along the way.
“Because Peter likes you and we need him to confess.” answered Clint.
It took everything in you to stop yourself from screaming into the earpiece.
You stopped walking and shook your head sideways.
“Okay, you guys are dead wrong. This is ridiculous, I’m turning back.”
You turned around and started to walk back towards Peter as Clint frantically explained.
“No, no, (Y/n)! Don’t you think it’s a bit weird how differently Peter acts around you?”
That made you stop in your tracks.
“What do you mean?” you asked, your heart skipping a beat. Could it actually be possible that Peter likes you?
“Oh come on, (Y/n). Don’t act like you haven’t seen how overwhelmingly clingy and protective he gets whenever he’s around you.” replied Natasha.
“Look, just go flirt with that guy. Trust me, Peter will get jealous and make a move.” added Tony, begging you. You took in a deep breath and gave in, quickly approaching the boy with your head down. You then proceeded to ‘accidentally’ bump into him, causing his hands to grasp your shoulder to steady you.
“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” you muttered, glancing down at the floor as if you were embarrassed.
Peter watched from the other side of the room, his fingers tapping on the side of his drink as he leaned back and surveyed the room. His earpiece had been silent for some time now, which was unusual but he chose to not think much about it. Besides, his mind was far to preoccupied with you…
(Y/n) (L/n).
The girl who had put a spell on him. Whenever you were in the room all he could think about was kissing and protecting you, the urge powerful and sometimes violent when you got hurt during missions. He replayed your smiles and soft touches in his head when he couldn’t sleep, staring up at the ceiling and hoping that one day they would last longer.
‘I need to stop pining after someone who will never feel the same.’
Peter’s gaze shifted towards where you headed off, only to see you conversing with the target in a not-so-friendly way. The tall boy was leaning close, his arm brushing up against yours as he whispered something in your ear. You were clearly enjoying what he was saying, a laugh escaping your mouth in response.
The sickening feeling of jealousy was burning up in his stomach again, and in a reflex motion, he downed the alcohol in his glass in one gulp. He wasn’t the type to drink, but something about seeing another boy touching you the way he wanted to brought out the worst in him.
His thoughts turned murderous when the boy’s hand started to trail down your arm, and Peter nearly broke the glass in his hands in anger. Without thinking, he quickly walked over to where you were and pulled you backwards.
“Hands off, asshole.” warned Peter, his voice a low growl.
“Who the hell are you?” questioned the boy, clearly irritated.
“I’m her boyfriend. And I don’t appreciate you touching my girl.”
You felt your face heating up from hearing him say “my girl”. The ‘target’ (whom you found out was a paid actor by Tony during your fake conversation with him) scoffed and walked away, leaving you alone with a very jealous and very possessive Peter.
Your voice seemed to snap Peter out of his murderous gaze.
“Um, yeah?”
“Am I really ‘your girl’?”
Peter quickly released you from his hold and started to profusely apologize.
“I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me-”
You grabbed him by his collar and crashed your lips into his, knocking the air out of his lungs. His hand snaked back to wrap around your waist, pulling your body closer as he got lost in the kiss. When you two separated, you looked up at him with a cheeky smile.
“I love possessive and protective Peter a lot.”
He blushed.
“S-sorry, I don’t know why I acted that way-”
“No, don’t apologize. It’s kind of… hot.”
Peter’s grin widened.
You nodded and wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Yeah. The fact that you’re all sweet, cuddly and shy… Then you get all possessive and clingy? I love the other side of Peter.”
He chuckled and kissed your forehead.
“Anything for my girl.”
--> masterlist
a/n 2: again, this was probably really fucking shitty. but I haven’t posted in forever and I missed you guys so... yeah. I’m really sorry about how bad this was.
general taglist: @wantyoubackpeter @platonic-plots @superwholockwannabe  @fanfic111  @xxmizzlexx​ 
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oknstark · 3 years ago
Heated Conversation ━ Thor [smut]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Thor x fem!Reader
Summary: Thor makes a bad decision on a mission in front of you. Also he claims that you, humans, doesn’t have to get into forces that you don’t know. That leads you both to have an argument and things happen.
Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT SMUT! With a little plot bc yes lol, some dom!Thor, sassy!Thor, and cute!Thor. Also, oral sex, unprotected sex (use condom, kids!) and stuff.
Some fluff at the end. (And a very bad attempt to write comedy with Tony being a little piece of shit as always, sorry for that lol).
Word count: 3,252. So long, sorry.
A/N: It’s the first time I write here and also english is not my main language so sorry for any mistake! Hope you like it and feedback it’s always appreciated! ♡
Also, Thor deserves more love so I’m going to give him all the love I can lol.
Waking up, shower yourself, dressing, training, talking with some of your avenger’s mates… that was basically your routine. Your very monotone routine. But still, you loved it.
You were doing something you really loved and enjoyed, of course. You remember the exactly moment when Fury told you that you were accepted on the iniciative, that was the very best moment of your hole life and now it made sense.
As an agent, of a high level you must say, it was an honor and finally all your tasks and years of training were worth the wait. You shared with all of your teammates the New Avengers Facility after the incident in Sokovia. You had to train new recruits along with Steve and Natasha, so you were very into it.
You never wanted to dissapoint anyone or have secrets thay could be dangerous for everyone, but then the mission came.
Thor was back after two months, and the first thing the team did was welcoming the god of thunder himself so warmly with one of Tony’s fancy parties. Except that you all didn’t count that the alarm turned on and the original Avengers team left. One of HYDRA’s bases was found and your job was to go there and investigate.
With everyone on their battle clothes and Tony with his suit, now you were waiting for the orders from Steve.
“Remember the last time?” he started, ”well, we’re doing it slowly”.
“I hope this it has nothing to do with Loki” Tony said from his seat and commanding the quinjet along with Clint.
“Me too” the redhead said.
“So we’re going to battle, and then?” You said to Steve for him to continue his speech, and sat down on the place.
“We’re doing teams” he said sitting down with his tablet watching a map of the base in Washington.
Tony and Clint ended together, Romanoff and Steve, and then there was Thor and you. In case something was wrong, Bruce was on the ship ready to use a green code.
You all ended with a nood and let Captain Rogers handle the situation. After some minutes of talking, the quinjet landed and everyone got out to the woods, very far from the city. Steve guided you all to the large and neglected bulding and took separate ways.
Tony and Clint went to the left side, Steve and Natasha to the right, and Thor and you right to the core of the edifice. It was weird, kind of, because you didn’t talked too much to the asgardian actually, and now you both were partners on an important mission. You both started to going up on the stairs, you with your guns in your belt, ready for shot any enemy on your way, while Thor grabbed strongly his hammer.
It was easy the way to the second floor, but there some agents met both of you and were rapidly eliminated with yours and Thor fight skills. You both didn’t say anything and started walking, until the blond god found a blocked door. He defeated the lock with the hammer and you followed him inside.
There was a big room, and Thor was surprised with what he found: computers and files talking about other creatures, planets and galaxies, and the power that they would find outside… those bastards knew about the Infinity Stones. His anger was growing on his soul, knowing also that HYDRA was hiding Loki’s scepter.
You walked around the room, trying to understand the info on one of the computers, but suddenly a crash pulled you out of your thoughts. You turned around just to see Thor destroying everything on the room.
“What the hell are you doing?!” you screamed and you walked quickly near him and tried to stop him holding his arm. “Stop! Why are you doing that?! Stop!”
Thor took your wrist with his free arm and he tried to left you in your place without moving while he finished destroying the machines with his thunder and lightning. Suddenly, the fire was everywhere. Thor and you ran out the room, letting the things burning.
“Why you did that?” you asked again with the same voice tone, once you were going down stairs.
The god didn’t answered and finally were on the first floor.
“Thor, that’s not how you handle all that information” you continued. “Maybe on those files we would have an answer or something that led us to be prepared, but you just took it off, why?!”
“Everyone let’s get out of the building, there’s fire spreading on the place. Please, go to the quinjet, now” Steve’s voice was on your ears communicator.
“You already heard, let’s get out of here” Thor said, ignoring you, and you both started to run again after an explosion was heard on the back of the construction.
Once everyone arrived the quinjet, you heard Steve and Tony speaking about the information they have found on the base, while you were listening carefully. Thor was by Steve’s side on the ship, and you couldn’t stop staring at him and wanted to scream so bad that he actually found something too. But his deep gazes towards you said better not to.
You stayed in your seat, playing with your hands and thinking on a way to make him speak... or at least reveal what you saw.
“So, Y/N, you and Thor didn’t find anything?” Tony asked on the room.
“No, unfortunately” the god answered before you could. He saw you, in front of him, while you were with your arms crossed.
“Yeah, we just went for some investigation, but it ended with some agents on the floor so…” you shrugged.
“Fine, I think that’s it for today. Thank you” Steve said, letting everyone to leave from the conference room.
You stayed there, waiting for everyone to get out and then search for Tony and tell him what Thor did on the base.
But the blond man might have thought about you opening your mouth to your team leaders, and now he was still in front of you on the other side of the table.
“You’re not leaving?” you asked.
“Do you?” you noticed his playful voice. You just stayed there, without moving and just watched him, until he burst on a little laugh.
“What’s so funny?” you spoke clearly annoyed. You were wainting for the right moment to have a word with Stark about what happened, you thought everyone had the right to know.
“I don’t know” he lets his fists resting on the table between you. “Maybe you just want to told Tony or someone what I did before”.
“And what if I want to?” you were getting irritated by his behavior.
“You don’t understand…”
“What?” you interrupted. “What we don’t know?! Please, iluminate us, god of thunder, son of Odin, with your wisdom” you spoke, your voice filling the empty room.
“Want to know? Well, your kind is messing up with something you don’t know and this will only bring wars and wars, and that leads you to lose all the peace that you barely have in your tiny world. Did you know that you are not the only living beings on the universe?” he said, walking slowly to you. “Humans only think they are the center of everything when they are not, and your persuit for power only make you foolish and selfish, more than you already are, which brings consequences for all the Nine Realms, so I don’t want you to mess up on this situation anymore” Thor finished in front of you.
You couldn’t believe it. Was he treating humans like you were less than him and the other species on the universe? You can’t leave Thor talk in that way after what the team did for him and by his side.
“If you’re trying to stop a war, then you’re not doing a great job being here with us” you started. “Why don’t you go back to Asgard where everyone can see you as a god? You just have sparkles and lightnings on Earth. We’re not your subjects, Thor. And you can’t talk about us in that way. We can help you, but as I can see you don’t require our menor strenght because you can’t talk properly about your business with your partners”.
You were ready to leave because you didn’t want to go further with this conversation, but suddenly he stopped you with his hand in your arm.
“Don’t touche me!” quickly you got off of his grip.
Your anger was something new to him, and he let your arm go when you turned around to see him. You were always peaceful and was his first time seeing you showing that kind of emotion, only towards him.
You turned again and walked to the door, but Thor make sure you didn’t leave the room again standing by the entrance.
“Just let me go, you have what you wanted” you said getting serious. Your eyes never leaving his.
“I know, but not in this way”.
“Oh, now you’re sorry? Well, I don’t care. You said what you said, now let me go”.
You both stayed there, heating up and your breath was starting to get faster and faster. You were so ofended by his words and you just wanted to lose all sight of Thor.
By the other way, Thor was staring at your self madness. Your expression was unusual to him, the way you looked at him with those big eyes, your frowness, and your dry lips barely open… his eyes traveled stealthy on your chest and your cleavage, where your breasts were on the perfect rythm with your breathing.
He never took the oportunity to look at you in that manner, but gods. He surely was missing something because suddenly he felt more warming all over him than before because of the whole situation.
You noticed his stare and then, suddenly you thought to yourself that he wasn’t that bad… Okay, he was a god, so his physical was worth of one, of course. You felt yourself getting a little bit turned on when you looked at his arms. And his hands. Damn! It wasn’t that you never really thought of what he could do with them, right? Well, you did.
“Just…” you breathed. “Just get off the door, a-and, let me go. Now” you sttutered and you cursed yourself for that.
Thor smiled for himself, seeing you from above because of the height difference, and he took his opportunity to grab the back of your neck and kissed you deeply.
His action surprised you, but seconds later you kissed him back, being rough. His tongue wasted no time time exploring your mouth, and his other hand went to your hip to put you closer to his body.
Your hands traveled all over his arms and muscles, getting those dirty thoughts again in your mind. You didn’t know how much you wanted him, until now. Thor quickly locked the door of the conference room, wanting no one to bother you both.
He picked you up from the floor, and now your legs were around his waist. Separating from a few seconds from your lips, Thor walked with you on his arms and let you seat on the metallic table in the middle of the room. You both started kissing again with such passion, and touching both of your still clothed bodies.
Even though, he was getting a little desperated and started to touch you getting his hands inside your tank top and touching your breasts and everything he could. You shivered at his touch, and did the same thing as you started to try to getting him undressed, but even when Thor was on these clothes that he used to wear under his amor, it was a little bit difficult to take off.
You managed to let your hands inside his pants and started to touch his length. Thor shivered by your touch and you felt him getting harder every time. And you loved it, but you wanted to do more than that
You rapidly stood up, taking his dick into your hands and you went into your knees in front of him. You gave him no time to talk when you started teasing him with your tongue and your mouth, leaving little kisses on his hard and pumping manhood. He started to moaning when you took what you could into your mouth and licked his salted skin, enjoying his noises. And knowing that you were the cause of them made your panties wet. His hand tightened around your hair and you started to taking more of him in your mouth.
Just when he was about to cum you stopped moving and took him out of your mouth. Thor was driving crazy because of the amount of pleassure you gave to him. He lifted you up and put you back again on the table. He tasted himself when he kissed you with roughness, and then he went directly to your core.
His hand touched your womanhood through your pants, killing you slowly, until he decided to take then far away from you and left them on the floor. He played with your cunt through your wet panties.
“I did this?” he said, looking at you with his blue eyes. His voice was deeper and his gaze covered with lust. “Do you like it?” he let in one of his long fingers inside of you. The others taking care of your clit and your sweet spots down there.
“Yes” you barely talked. You were out of your breath when you felt a second finger inside. He wasted no time, and started to fingering you so fast, and you moaned and moaned while you grab his left arm by your side. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”
You felt your orgasm coming after some time, but he pulled out before you could let it out. Thor licked his fingers, tasting your juices, while you recovered for your gone pleassure. His face went down on you as he throws away your panties, and started to eating you just like a god knows to do it.
You grabbed his long hair with your hands, moaning and never wanting him to stop. You were mind blowing right now as his tongue tasted you. He was getting hard again by your noises. Thor felt more powerful like this, making you whimper for his touch. The asgardian stopped, and you tried to recover your breath. He took out his clothes fast, and then yours, throwing them on the floor. 
He admired your body for barely some seconds. For him, you were perfect.
He knew that you wanted this as much as him, your eyes were pleading him to do so. He positioned himself on your core and slowly started to enter in you. You both moaned at the sensation, he was filling you so well and he felt your tightness around him. When he was all the way in, he started to moving fast.
Thor strong hands were around your hips while you laid back on the table, and he pulled in and out quickly. He was fucking you rough, and you loved it. He even didn't care if he broke you, he wanted to see you down on him while he was punding you with his manhood. Your face and your moans were turning him on so much that he just continued with no mercy.
Thor kept moving and moaning, but when he felt his orgasm close he decided to pulled out. You felt empty without him and looked at him with some annoyance showing in your face.
"I was close, why did you-" Thor grabbed you with his arms, and now your back was facing him, your breasts touching the table.
He entered again in your cunt and started to moving slowly this time, enjoying your tightness around him. You moaned as his pace, feeling every inch of the god inside of you, and now you could say that the asgardian was very passionate on sex, but maybe he could have no problem on giving you what you want.
"Harder" you were barely able to speak, and Thor was more than pleased to do as your commands.
His pace is harder and faster than before, and his hands never leaving your hips, as they are moving you to him. The only sound on the room are your whimperings and breaths, combined with the sound of skins slapping against the other.
"Do you like it?" he asked, his mouth against your ear and one of his hands takes your hair to pull you up to him.
You just moaned as an aswer, and his grip gets tighter than before in your hair. "Yes, yes, I love it! Please!"
You are a mess right now, just begging the god of thunder himself to keep fucking you without compassion. He was so big and his rythm was just perfect to you. You realized that you loved him fucking you, and he loved hearing you making those noises for him.
You moan as you feel your orgasm reach its peak again, and moments later your juices are running. You tried not to scream, but it was so intense that you just couldn't handle. Thor kept moving in and out, and your legs are shaking, until he cums after you and you feel his juices on your cunt.
A couple of thruts more, Thor has finally stopped and you rest on the table, grabbing the metal with your hands.
"Fuck..." you whispered. That was indeed the best orgasm you had in your life.
Thor pulled out from you finally, and he moaned at the sensation, just as you did. He helped you to face him again and he kissed you deeply, but not harshly, it was more with affection.
“Did I hurt you?” he asked, worrying for you.
You denied with your head. “It was amazing...”
"So, ready for round two?" he asks, leaning his forehead with yours and smiles.
"Whenever you want" you smiled.
At this point, you both forgot your little fight. And in a certain way, you were so thankfull about that heavy conversation.
"Have you seen Thor and Y/N?" Steve entered to Tony's office.
"Nope, but I can tell they're having a great time" he said without looking back at the Captain.
"What do you...- Oh my God"
"Yeah, they've been fucking since two hours ago, I think..." Tony watched again his objects, which involved new armors and weapons that he's been doing lately.
"Why don't you turn that off?" Steve asked looking away from the computer screen on Tony’s desk, that was showing the cameras from the conference room, and you and Thor were actually busy on the table. Very busy as he can hear (and see) everything.
"Nah, this will be funny later" Tony smiled.
"Could you fucking rabbits lower your volume?! I'm trying to relax and your noises are interrupting me!" Natasha screams through the halls.
Tony laughed at the redhead, knowing that she will walk to the room and make them shut up, as he continued working on his project.
"Well, at least we know where are they now..."
And with that, Steve gets out of the office with a blush on his face.
From now and then, your monotone routine involves Thor in all of his glory. Who would know that you and Thor would end up together?
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canumoveurseatup-no · 2 years ago
Bex's Masterlist!
Hi, I’m Bexie! A masterlist was highly requested so here it is! I will add more along as we go! Hope you enjoy and remember, Feedback is appreciated on my works <3 
Updated: july 27, 2021
NOTE: All my stories will have a black reader! Some of my smuts are not for the faint of heart so beware!! and please DO NOT REPOST MY WORK
Angst (A) Smut (S) Fluff (F) Trigger Warning (TW) Author’s Fav (AF)
Tumblr media
Masking (A, cg/l dynamics 18+)
-sharon is and always will be a bully especially in your little state. it takes a while for Steve and Bucky to catch on. who knew trained agents could be so oblivious?
Fallen Flower Petals (A, F, AF)
-the one where Sharon comes back and reconnects with Steve while Nat and Bucky reconnect and you’re left sullen
Hymns to Heal a Broken Heart (A, F)
-Civil war tore you apart. You missed Bucky and Steve, what happens when they come back and there’s a major change?
Tumblr media
Myself   (A, AF)
-You loved Steve more than you loved yourself. But was that enough?
Rot (Myself Part 2) w/ Doctor Strange (A, F)
-It’s easy to say you’re over someone if you aren’t seeing them. The real challenge is to look them in the eyes and see their smile and hear their voice and still be able to say “this is not what I want anymore”
Tell Me (Myself Part 3 18+) w/ Doctor Strange (A, S, F)
-Ever since that night at the party where you ran into Steve, your mind has been elsewhere and you’ve fallen back into the same uncomplacent tendencies from when you were with him. You just need Stephen to tell you on thing.
Lush 18+ (S)
-The team gives Steve some options to help blow off some steam. Little did he know he’d come face to face with you in one of those chat rooms. 
Lush pt.2 18+ (S)
-You and Steve have now set the rules for your new relationship and things are going extremely well. With an influx of college work and trying to do well with your internship, you get too deep into your own head and Steve is there to help you release that stress.
Lush 3 (w/ Bucky) 18+ (S)
-it’s time for another show and this time you have a new toy
Lush 4 (S, A, F)
-you and steve have some alone time. no cameras, no bucky. just you, steve and vulnerability.
In the Dark (Myself pt.4) w/ Doctor Strange  (A)
-You and Stephen were now going strong and you couldn’t be happier. Stephen meets up with Steve and they exchange a few words.
Save Me (Myself pt.5) w/ Doctor Strange   (A)
-Will Stephen save you in enough time before Steve takes you somewhere completely off the grid? Before Steve’s mind gets the best of him and he goes over the edge?
Voir Dire (Myself Finale) w Doctor Strange (A)
-the end is getting near and you’re getting scared. Will you be saved? And will the truth of Steve’s actions be revealed?
Voir Dire (alternate ending #1) (A)
Voir Dire (alternate ending #2) (A)
Nothing More (A, F)
-headcanon where Steve gets insecure due to your friendship with Sam.
Belonging  (A)
-life was wonderful for you and steve but when the opportunity to go back arises… does he take it?
Oh Lord (18+) (part 1 to the Halo Boy and Horn Girl series) (S)
-cast the devil away
Witching Hour (18+) (S)
-(part 2 to the Halo Boy and Horn Girl series) Steve struggles adjusting to life without his wings. You share his pain.
Tumblr media
Footsteps  (A, F)
-You being Tony Stark’s only child, you though you’d be his prize possession but no...
"Protocol" My Ass!  (A)
- Tony realized silence in situations of injustice is acceptance of injustice. So he’s using his place in society to speak the hell up and stand up for what is right.
Little Girls Like You 18+ (S)
-It’s little girls like you that don’t know how to keep their mouth shut unless it’s stuffed.
Little Girls Like You pt.2 (18+) (A, S)
-Your mother starts working from home for a while and that leaves less time for you and Tony to continue your rendezvous. One night you hear your mother and Tony going at it and it sparks something in you to get back at him.
Baby Boy 18+ (S)
-Tony always takes care of everyone and it takes a toll on him. You take matters into your own hands and show him he doesn’t always have to be the big guy.
Baby Boy pt.2 (18+) (S)
-After you too control in the bedroom, Tony can’t help but want more so he purposely sets you up in a situation that he knows will make you explode
Baby Boy pt. 3 (18+) (S)
-tony just needs a release and so do you
Ready (18+ because of trigger warning) (A, TW)
-You’re going through some personal battles and don’t want to talk about it. Tony realizes something is wrong when it’s too late.
I Wasn’t Ready (EG spoiler, loose sequel to Ready) (A)
-parent’s teach you a lot of things, prepare you for a lot of things to face in life... but what they don’t prepare you for is to be ready when it’s their time.
Pop-pop’s Babysitting Chronicles (pt. 3 to the Honeybee Series) (F)
-You and Bucky took some time for yourselves and went on a vacation. Annalise wants pop-pop to babysit and this is just a peak into the babysitting chronicles.
Teddy Bear (18+) (F)
-It was hard trying to hide your secret as a Little. Until it wasn’t a secret to a certain someone anymore.
Luxury of Loving You (18+) (F, S)
- Dating Tony is a full package. Sure he has the cars and the money. But it’s the late study sessions that turn into more, the date nights and university adventures that you value most.
Luxury of Loving You (ii)  (A)
-it’s all okay until it’s not
Luxury of Loving You (iii) (A)
-as you and tony’s relationship continues to grow, it’s only a matter of time before you meet each other’s parents. tony isn’t sure that’s such a good idea.
Luxury of Loving You (iv) (A) 
-you and Pepper get close under unexpected circumstances and it leaves Tony confused and concerned.
The Art of Intimacy (18+) (S)
-nights alone with tony where there’s no evil to fight always bring the best events.
Survive- prologue (A)
-tony has to risk his life to save yours. you may be the secret to saving all human from the worsening zombie apocalypse.
Survive- Where it all Started (A)
-no one knows how it began, all they know is that it’s here.
Tumblr media
Puffballs  (A, F)
-You and Bucky’s daughter starts to have some self identity and self-image issues at a young age. Bucky lets his daughter know there is nothing wrong with that she was given
Subdue  (A, S)
-Reader kind of has a hulk of her own. Despite her and Bucky’s no secrets rule, she kept this from him until one day he finds out in a way she didn’t want him to.
Shadow and Shade (Part 1) (A)
-You, the Goddess of Night, oldest Goddess in Greek mythology, find yourself on the team with Earths’s mightiest heroes. The brooding man seems to be the only comforting thing during your transition.
Shadow and Shade pt.2 (A, F)
-You let the team know that your son, Thanatos, is soon to come and though you don’t know what he plans on doing, you recruit all the help you can get. Bucky and the team meets your kids and in the midst of all the trouble, he wants to get used to you and your life.
Shadow and Shade Casting Lists: Part 1-  Part 2 - Part 3 
Shadow and Shade pt.3 (A)
-Training has begun, bonds are being made, but you can’t shake the feeling of knowing that they’ll be broken because things might not work out 100% like you want
The Mission (Pt 2 of Puffballs. The second installment to the Honeybee series) (A, F)
-You went on a mission and while tying to save everyone you could, it wasn’t enough. You go home and the dynamic of your family changes because of it.
Nerves (part 4/ prequel to the Honeybee Series) (A, F)
-prequel to the Honeybee series where Bucky finds out you’re pregnant and everything that ensues after.
The Gift Of Life (part 5 to the Honeybee Series) (A, F)
-father’s day is coming up and bucky tells you want he wants for his gift.
Coloring Book Adventures (18+) (S, AF)
-As a way to stay abstinent, you color in coloring books to distract you when you feel sexual urges. That’s until your father’s gardener comes to play
Coloring Book Adventures pt.2 (18+) (S, F)
- Though Bucky has finished the garden, he still visits you during the day tp help you color more pretty pictures. He takes you on adventures outside of your garden and you experience so much more of life and feelings you don’t know
Coloring Book Adventures pt.3 (18+) (A, F)
-You and Bucky tell your parents that you have been seeing each other. Once the truth comes out, it’s all a domino effect
Knots (18+) (S)
-You tell Bucky you want to be dominated in the bedroom and he pulls all the strings to make it wonderful for you... or should you say ropes?
Lush 3 (w/ Steve) 18+ (S)
Behind Closed Doors  (A, F)
-It’s the 40s and you find yourself falling for a certain Sergeant. You know it’s hard for you in a time like this but the love you two have for one another in insurmountable.
Not You (A)
-bucky wasn’t supposed to be the one to hurt you. not like this.
Not You pt.2 (A)
-you’re still getting used to the idea that bucky and winter soldier are two different people
Say ‘I love you” Before You Leave (A)
-you and bucky are going through a rough patch in your marriage
The Fear of Starting Over   Pt. 2   (A, TW)
-sometimes staying in a toxic situation sounds safer than starting over.
Act Four: Lucky Hand (part 6 of Listening party) (S)
-you love to see the glimmer of silver, now you get to see it up close and personal
Colors (A, TW)
-a series of describing colors without using its name.
Tumblr media
Underestimated Butterfly  (A)
-One thing you hate is being underestimated and you’re put to the test when your dead past comes back to life.
Ant Farm (F)
-davina wants an ant farm… but why?
Humanity (A, F)
-you’ve flipped the switch to your humanity and there’s only one person who can bring you back
Just a Minute (A)
-a minute turned into never
Act Two: Rock, Paper... (pt. 4 of Listening Party) (S)
-time to stick your hand back in the blind bag and the next one is revealed
Tumblr media
Call of the Void (18+ and w/Pietro)  playlist (S, F)
-you’re the rock star heartbreaker but Clint wants to change that and it took him a long time to do so, he finally introduces you to the team and come to find a certain speedster can’t help but head of heels for you.
Forget Me Not (18+ due to cg/l dynamic) (A, F)
-clint is your caregiver but it doesn’t feel like it when nat goes into little space and bucky is away so he’s second in command to take care of her.
Act One: Sensory Deprivation (pt. 3 to Listening Party) (S)
-the solo fun begins and clint is the first to play
Tumblr media
Phantom  (A)
-Reader’s powers get a bit out of control and sort of instills fear in the others. Some hurtful words are said, hearts are broken.
Aches of the Heart (A)
-friends with benefits never ended well, did they?
WIsh I Could Tell You (AotH pt.2) (A)
-you and wanda try to move on from each other
Tumblr media
Call of the Void (18+ and with Clint) (S, F)
Easter Egg Hunts (18+ because of CG/L dynamics) (F)
-who doesn’t love Easter? And Easter egg hunts?!
Tumblr media
99 Cent Store  (A)
-He could have built you a whole 99 cent store with all the cheap lies he sold you. But were they really cheap?
Tie Me Down 18+ (S)
-Peter was never the kind to be dominant. He had trouble asserting himself when it came to everyday tasks. So it didn’t surprise you when he finally admitted he likes to be controlled in the bedroom.
Fortress (A)
-he doesn’t get in your brain, he doesn’t fill up the spaces. you don’t whisper his name now that you’ve built a fortress.
Tumblr media
Blue Push Pops (A, F)
-Everyone has their own way of coping with anxiety, Thor knows that. But he gets confused whenever he sees his girlfriend pull out a blue push pop. But his confusion grows when he finds her bedside table drawer full of them 
Ruin Me 18+ (S)
-teasing Thor was always fun. Especially when you worked him up so much he has no choice but to ravish you for all you’re worth.
I’m Leaving Soon (A)
-sometimes there’s only one way to handle things, it may suck but you feel it in your gut that it has to be this way
Act Three: What’s a king to a God? (pt. 5 of Listening Party) (S)
-who knew the sweetest of them all could be so disgusting in a way that had you drooling and wanting more?
Tumblr media
Date Night (18+) (A, S)
-Bruce keeps missing date night and he feels bad about it so he does his best to try and make it up to the reader.
Bruce discovering her has a daddy kink (Headcanon) (18+) (S)
Dr. Daddy (18+) (F)
-You’ve come down with the flu and there’s only one person who can make it better
Listening Party (18+) (S)
-he can’t get enough of you and the others like to hear it.
Front Row Seats (18+ w/ the team) (S)
-why listen when they can just watch? and maybe even… participate?
Tumblr media
Authentic Intelligence  (S)
-F.R.I.DA.Y becomes personified as a beautiful black woman and has her eyes on Sam. Though it’s weird for him, he reciprocates the attraction.
Shin Kicks and Wall Sits (18+ because of CG/L dynamics) (F)
-you’re a brat through and through and can’t help it. Sam sets you straight.
Dark Room (A, TW)
-grow through what you go through.
Shadows Dance (dark room pt. 2) (A, TW)
-your pain is their dance floor.
Doctor Strange
Tumblr media
Rot (Myself pt. 2) (A)
Tell Me (Myself pt.3 18+)  (A, S)
In the Dark (Myself pt.4)  (A)
Save Me (Myself pt.5) (A)
Voir Dire (Myself finale) (A)
Tumblr media
Outlaws 18+ (A)
-It’s easy for a good girl to go bad. But once they’re gone, best believe they’re gone forever.
Outlaws pt.2 (A)
-While wreaking havoc around the nation, it became a little lonely with just you and Loki, so you bring some friends along for the ride
All Avengers
Tumblr media
Shy/Innocent Black!Reader Roasting the Team (headcannon)   (F)
Avengers as Vines (F)
Avengers as Weird Shit I’ve Said (F)
Avengers as Youtubers (F)
Avengers as Different Water Brands (F)
Random Works
Tumblr media
You and Chris bet on the Super Bowl and he wins (headcanon) 18+ (S)
Headcanon: Pietro walks in on your dance session  
Ascension (Chase Collins) (A, F)
-When Chase was on his power hungry rampage, you helped him push through. Now you’re about to ascend and the boys find out. You find yourself in the same shoes as Caleb when one of your sisters come after your power
Not Some Ken Doll (Thanos smut)
-the fate of the world falls on you, or better yet, what’s in your pants.
More coming soon <3
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beautifulbows924 · 3 years ago
My Friend: Hey, who do you think is going to die in Infinity War? Because I think that......
Me: *Puts my hand over their mouth* No, we aren't going to discuss that, no one is going to die anytime soon. Especially not any of my boys. I swear that I will beat that purple thumb's ass into outer space if he even takes a breath in the same air as one of them.
*Takes my hand off their mouth slowly*
My Friend: You're absolutely insane you know that right.
Me: No, I'm just optimistic as hell.
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ardentmuse · 3 years ago
Ardent Muse Masterlist
Last updated: April 14, 2021
Tumblr media
Harry Hart x Reader 
Merlin x Reader
Eggsy Unwin x Reader
Tequila x Reader
Whiskey x Reader
Kingsman Headcanon
Tumblr media
Hogwarts Mystery Era
Charlie Weasley x Reader
Bill Weasley x Reader
Talbott Winger x Reader
Felix Rosier x Reader
Golden Trio Era
George Weasley x Reader
Fred  Weasley x Reader
Percy Weasley x Reader
Harry Potter x Reader
Draco Malfoy x Reader
Marauders Era
Sirius Black x Reader
Remus Lupin x Reader
James Potter x Reader
Tumblr media
Tony Stark x Reader
Bruce Banner x Reader
Peter Parker x Reader
Steve Rogers x Reader
Tumblr media
Ned Stark x Reader
Robb Stark x Reader
Tumblr media
Interactive Fiction
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fortheloveoflamp · 3 years ago
Y'all it's honestly so frustrating. I mean I get it, I want my work to be seen too. I’ll usually tag a few people that are present in the fic, in the tags, just to be more thorough.
But there is a fine line between tagging let’s say #Captain America and #Captain America x Reader when it’s a Tony Stark x Reader fic.
Especially since Tumblr’s tagging system is already kinda fucked, you don’t make it worse by tagging different people.
Sure, adding more people it gets your work seen in more tags, but not in the light you’d want it to. Personally, if I see a fic that has been tagged with a certain character, that isn’t the character I’m looking for, I pass right by it.
In fact, I make a point to not read it, because that’s just downright lying and frustrating as hell.
Another example, my friend and I like the YouTubers Sam and Colby, Devyn and Corey, Elton Castee and Aaron Doh. (Or the people that live/lived in the “Trap House”) While I like Colby (as does she) she also likes Aaron. So far we’ve only come across one Aaron fic, but in the Aaron Doh x Reader tag? All Colby fics. The only reason we found the one fic was because the girl posted her master list.
I’ve been encountering this since I joined Tumblr, and it’s always frustrated me to no end. So I’ve finally decided to say something about it.
Maybe not as much as you want it to, but that doesn’t give you a right to be disrespectful to those who do write, who aren’t getting reads because you decided your fic was more important. Thank you.
(And yes I will be tagging X Reader stories, not to be hypocritical, but because this needs to be seen by the people that are doing it) (which yes I know is also hypocritical but at least I acknowledge it)
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lesbian-deadpool · 6 months ago
Wade: We need to distract these guys.
Y/N: Leave it to me.
Y/N: Centaurs have six limbs and are therefore insects. Discuss.
Tony, Bruce and Stephen: *Immediately begin arguing*
Peter, watching in horror: Oh this. I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all.
Wade: I love this.
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ahh-myles · 3 months ago
Y/N: Ah yes, the five love languages.
Y/N, pointing at Tony: 'My family never told me they were proud of me'
Y/N, pointing at Peter: 'I'm so fucking tired please god just let me rest for five minutes
Y/N, pointing at Natasha: 'I love girls'
Y/N, pointing at Bruce: 'Please pay attention to me'
Y/N, pointing at Bucky: 'Touch Starved’
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 years ago
Steve: How many cups of coffee have you had?
Bruce: None.
Steve: How many?
Bruce: Five!
Tony: I’ve had eight.
Natasha: So have I.
Steve: What?
Clint: Weaklings. I’ve had ten.
Steve: WHAT?
Y/N: Get on my level, I’ve had thirteen.
Clint: *Gasps in admiration*
Steve: W H A T?
Peter: I’ve had fifteen.
Clint, and Y/N: *Gasps* A god.
Steve: NO! Are you alright? You all need to go to the hospital!
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