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mysiepereira · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 6/25 of drawing MCU Christmas prompts 🎄✨
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mindblowingscience · 2 days ago
When we're looking at the world around us, our eyes are constantly readjusting and reassessing what we're seeing – and new research shows how these shifts also involve a very brief period of 'blindness' when our vision is automatically blocked.
The research looks at the foveola, a tiny part of the retina that we use to see fine details. When we're looking for someone in a crowd, or trying to see a road sign at a distance, it's the foveola that we're relying on to report back to the brain.
Our eyes make small and rapid gaze shifts called microsaccades when we're looking closely at something, and the new study shows how these microsaccades also temporarily disable our vision – which overall seem to improve vision.
"We observed that microsaccades are accompanied by brief periods of visual suppression during which we are essentially blind," says Janis Intoy, a vision scientist from the University of Rochester in New York and the study's co-lead author.
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imposterogers · a day ago
did you see people are blaming Steve for the snap because he didn't sacrifice Vision? like seriously?
I think its so funny like i've made plenty of "vision is a toaster" jokes in my time on tumblr but vision was literally a sentient being with feelings and a personality. it made sense for steve to not immediately want to go "time to die, babes". not to mention i'm pretty sure thanos would have been able to win even if they did sacrifice vision. but on that note, shouldn't vision be to blame for not just plucking the stone out of his head ?
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erasethenight · a day ago
Tumblr media
Lazy Sundays
Another commission piece made for the lovely @englishmajor226 based upon their ScarletVision fic, Complete! It’s all about Wanda and her two Visions living happily ever after with their sons, so if you’re a fan of this ot3, I highly recommend it! <3 
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marvelwoman-sugarbaby · 8 hours ago
Vision: Hey, Y/n can I get some dating advice?
Y/n: Just because I'm with Natasha doesn't mean I know how I did it
Website used:
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Tumblr media
Uncanny Avengers 1 (2015) by Rick Remender & Daniel Acuña
Cover: Gabriele Dell'Otto (variant)
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dark-sorcerer · a day ago
The gaze of a Sorcerer is a powerful thing. Many of the fabled magicians and witches of old were said to be able to peer into the spirit world at a glance.
The Wide Gaze
The wide gaze is a very simple technique where you simply relax your eyes and take in as much of the periphery as you can without actually changing your focus. Try for a full 180 degrees.
The trick is to pay attention to everything that is happening, especially at the edges of the periphery, as it is here that you will begin to see spirits and astral forms that are out of the ordinary.
You must not refocus your eyes to see what appears on the edges of vision; simply pay attention and allow the information to be processed without looking straight at it.
The Empty Gaze
The empty gaze is a slightly more radical version of the wide gaze.
In the wide gaze, though you are paying attention to the full 180 degrees of vision before you, your eyes will still naturally focus on am object in front of you.
The empty gaze is exactly like the 180 degree gaze except that you will be focusing your eyes on empty space rather than letting your vision rest on a physical object.
To accomplish this, hold your finger an arms length in front of you and focus your eyes upon it.
Now withdraw your finger, but keep your eyes focused on the space where your finger was.
Your eyes will want to focus on whatever objects were directly behind your finger, but you must keep your vision focused on empty space.
Now, start to pay attention to the whole of your gaze as you did previously, and you will see that your perception shifts even easier than it did before.
Because your eyes are not focused on a physical object, you will find that the astral and psychic perceptions will move closer to the center of your vision and not be as difficult to perceive.
It will take a bit of work to be able to do this gaze, because the muscles in your eyes have the habit of focusing on physical objects. It may even hurt a bit, but with practice it will become second nature.
In time, you will be able to shift your gaze easily whenever you want to, a useful skill when you are visiting a power spot, or for scanning someone’s aura before a healing.
Dimensional Gazing
This gaze is more of a mental trick than an actual manipulation of the eyes. It is performed by taking in as much scenery in front of you as you did in the wide gaze.
You don’t have to worry about where your eyes are focused, just allow them to relax and take in the scene before you.
Imagine that everything you are seeing in front of you is actually happening on a two-dimensional surface like a television screen.
Keep gazing until you really get the sense that everything in front of you is happening on a two-dimensional surface, then reach out with your mind and contemplate what might be happening on the other side of that surface.
You can even try to mentally “peel back” the two-dimensional surface, folding down a corner so that you perceive what lies beyond it.
The mind is used to perceiving space in three dimensions only.
By using this gaze you are forcing the mind to perceive its usual input in only two dimensions, leaving the third dimension a vacuum to be filled by that which normally is not perceived.
Practice this method often and you will find that it pays off fairly quickly in an increased perception of astral and spiritual phenomenon.
If you use this gaze while looking at a scrying device like a mirror, you can consider that the mirror is a hole in the two dimensional surface, which will allow images to surface all the more readily.
Just as the breath can be used to effect the mind and body of the practitioner or be projected outward to effect the world, so to can the gaze.
The most famous example of this is of course the Malocchio, the Evil Eye.
Belief in the Evil Eye is as widespread as it is ancient, existing in cultures all over the world, and extending back all the way to ancient Sumeria.
Generally speaking the Evil Eye is given involuntarily by someone who is especially envious or furious and possesses the gift for malifica.
The overwhelming spite actually overflows the channels of the subtle body and flows out through the gaze toward the target.
Of course the Evil Eye is not always given involuntarily.
In England, the practice of delivering a cursed gaze was called Overlooking, Eye-biting, or Owl-blinking.
The mode of delivery is essentially the same: one allows oneself to become overwhelmed with emotional force and delivers this through the gaze.
The real trick to it is contained in the phrase overlooking itself.
You are looking over or through the normal physical appearance of the person and into their soul, where the intent of your gaze is translated as surely as a laser reading a compact disk. It is literally a piercing gaze.
Of course the basic technique of overlooking need not be contained to malicious intent. Love and lust can also be projected in your gaze.
As long as the emotion is strong and primal it can be projected by overlooking.
The Fascination Gaze
The fascination gaze is somewhat like overlooking except that you are not looking to pierce a person, but draw them into you.
This is what happens when people describe being “lost” in someone’s eyes.
Like a fly in a spider’s web they have been surrounded by the emotion of the person with whom they locked eyes.
Working with gazes is a bit hard to describe in print, but in general you want to fascinate yourself with your subject.
Take in every inch and allow your mind to become obsessed with the target. You actually have to fascinate yourself in order to use this gaze.
Once you are sufficiently obsessed just mentally draw the target in with your eyes. Lock eyes for a moment and feel their gaze. Draw it in with yours.
Do not think. FEEL what you want to project. The gazes project emotion, not thought.
You may be able to open someone up to telepathic suggestion using this gaze, but for the most part you want to convey emotion.
Directional Gazing
Lastly, I want to talk about directional gazing. Both occult tradition and modern psychology attribute certain qualities to looking in different directions.
For instance, according to the Hevajra Tantra,2 the gaze for overthrowing a person is to look straight at their third eye in an angry gaze, while you focus the eyes toward the left while the target or image of the target is on the left.
To attract the gaze should be upward to the right with the person on the right.
Other tantric teachings say that to project wrath you should look upward with your head slightly bowed.
To project calm look slightly downward.
To favor analytical qualities gaze toward the left, to favor wisdom and emotion gaze toward the right.
Play with the directions of your gaze and see what qualities it evokes.
Source: The Sorcerer's Secret by Jason Miller
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noosphe-re · 4 hours ago
The current industrial mass production of visual imagery tends to alienate vision from emotional involvement and identification, and to turn imagery into a mesmerising flow without focus or participation.
Juhani Pallasmaa, The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses
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Tumblr media
Creative toucan logo design - the process ♡
Need a premium logo? PM us for details:
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scarletwitchpanels · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ScarletVision in Avengers vs X-Men #8
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jamiethegardener · 9 months ago
wanda and agatha having a full on battle:
Tumblr media
meanwhile, the two visions:
Tumblr media
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