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WANDAVISION (2021) - 1.09 • "The Series Finale"
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PSI King’s Sensorium
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I was planning on finishing these but 😭 As a child I had a very few selection of movies as CDs that I would watch over and over again, and I've noticed my favourites included these guys, who were my fav characters! Which I think is how my obsession with robots started! They all mean a lot to me 💖💖💖
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Yo tengo -7.0 en ambos ojos 🙃🙂
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Avengers by Alan Davis
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The Ever After (4)
Relationship: Agatha Harkness x Reader
Summary: Agatha is getting more thirsty for the reader. Billy hears something.
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The 50s
The 60s
The 70s
The 80s
Agatha laid her confusion to rest when she realized Wanda just pressed rewind on the whole town.
As she’s sitting in the backseat of the Vision’s family car, she thought back to your glitch moment. It looks like the town is on the fritz when Wanda is under stress - more so if it’s labor. The witch did not know if she was relieved that your memory slipped just because of the anomaly, or scared that you would remember her. She decided it was the former.
The new parents decided to bring their kids to a Westview resort for a little rest and recreation. Wanda also reasoned that they should celebrate five years’ worth of birthdays. The kids did nothing but cheer and zoom around their house before their departure, a fact known by Agatha since she can hear them all the way down to her basement.
“Aunt Agnes,” the 5-year-old twins rushed to hug her when she met up with them on their front lawn. Kids are a lot better when they’re not touching her, she thought to herself.
“How are my cute, oh so cute, boys?” She pinches their cheeks which made them giggle. 
Billy continued clinging to her while his twin answered, “I’ve got my floaties, Auntie.” Tommy reached for his inflatable donut and presented it to her. She pretended to be surprised as if she has not seen those so many times. Not two minutes into the trip but she’s already losing energy to deal with them. How are they so energetic? They’re only 9 hours old!
“Are we ready to have some fun in the sun?” Wanda cheered as she approached their car. Agnes feigned excitement and joined the kids in squealing. 
Vision eagerly loaded their luggage in the car and asked everyone to hop in. They all ran and took their seats, the nosy neighbor sandwiched between the kids on the back seat.
Their vehicle came to a stop when they reached the resort near the edge of town. Bringing the whole family here is pretty bold for the young ingenue, Agatha thought to herself. She decided it’s not up to her to ensure their safety from the surrounding force field, she might even be the cause of its breakdown. 
As the group walked inside the hotel, the kids who are full of energy once again zoomed around the hallways. Vision ran after them as Wanda took their keys from reception. Agnes trailed after her friend, making snarky comments about, you guessed it, her husband.
“Ralph insisted on staying home,” she puffed her now-era-appropriate curly hair while leaning close to Wanda, “says he’s not in a good mood to be under the sun.” 
“Oh no,” the young witch said half-heartedly.
“One of these days, I’m going to poison him with garlic and kill the vampire man that I think he is,” she affirmed with a laugh. Agatha, of course, knows that the food condiment doesn’t really kill vampires. You do it with a stake to their heart, but Agnes is not supposed to know that. 
“Maybe he’s just planning a surprise for you,” Wanda thought of all the sweet gestures Vision had prepared for her and smiled to herself. Always the romantic.
“Oh honeybun, the only way he can surprise me is if he washes his own dishes over the weekend,” Agnes was about to laugh at her statement when her eyes landed on a breathtaking Westview resident. “Speaking of surprises, who do we have here?” She called to the incoming figure, who immediately caught the flirty inflection in her voice. 
“Wanda, Agnes,” you beamed at them, missing the way Agatha appreciated your view. 
She watched as you approached them in the reception area, sunglass in your eyes and a summer drink on hand. Her eyes traveled from your head to toe, not missing the magenta one-piece swimsuit peeking through your black lace coverup. It was modest enough for the time period but not enough skin for the Salem witch. 
“[Y/N], I didn’t know you were here?” Wanda wondered if she had somehow instructed her closest friends to come and follow her here. She’s still confused as to how everything works in her Westview. 
“I needed a break from the mourning atmosphere in my house,” your attention darting between the two housewives, “so I decided to get some sun you know.” You took a sip from your drink, eyes meeting Agatha’s.
“By the looks of it, you can definitely get it,” Agnes winked and continued to hold your gaze, smirking at the spit take you did with your drink. 
“Agnes, you’re so naughty,” Wanda remarked, still not used to the flirty and forward nature of her friend. It made her remember Natasha, who was also flirty but for mission purposes. Agnes, on the other hand, uses it for fun which was definitely refreshing. 
The young witch wondered what her life would be like if she had met Agnes and you before all of this. Would you have been friends the same way? Traces of fear crept into her mind when she realized the two of you would either be dead because of her or loathe her. She feels like she’s found her tribe here, just like she did with the Avengers, but that too ended the same way: losing the ones she loved and fighting with the ones she cared for. 
She shook the feeling and focused on what was in front of her: Vision running around with their kids, friends who get her and are always beside her, and a town where she belongs. 
Settling in her room, Agatha can’t help but feel excited for her weekend. She’s spending time to know Wanda’s powers and she can keep you safe beside her. It’s as if this town is working in her favor. Or maybe Wanda is just an excellent scriptwriter. 
The witch was putting on her swimsuit, careful not to wear anything out of this time period when a knock from the door took her out of her reverie. She tried to determine who the person was but somehow her magic can’t identify who it is. Taking one last look in the mirror, making sure she’s still the hottest witch in town, she opened the door. It definitely showed on her face how surprised she was to see the woman who’s been plaguing her dreams recently.
“Wanda said I’d find you here,” your face scrunched up with a smile. 
“I didn’t know you were aching to see me.” Agnes pouted cheekily which made you smile even more.
“I was just going to ask you a favor.” She stepped aside, letting you into her room. “I don’t think aching is the word I would have used.”
  After closing the door, she turned to you and asked, “And what would you use, baby?” Her voice was low and sounded like a challenge. You opened your mouth, thinking of a reply, but no words come out. You blame it on the heat on your cheeks when she called you ‘baby.’ 
Agatha surely did not miss the sudden redness
“Can you let me finish?” you ask in between giggles.
You noticed how Agnes’s eyes darken, solely looking at you. It’s like watching a predator set its sights on its prey. You two were stuck in a staring match, both unwilling to first let go, when she stepped forward pinning you against the door.
“That depends, sweetie.” Her closeness clouding all your senses, “will you beg for it?”
You remained still against the door, feeling the heat consuming your body and the stark contrast of the cold golden metal on your ring finger. You tried to gather your thoughts, clearing your throat. 
“I think we have very different ideas of what favor means,” you say as you try to remain upright. The lack of distance between you two makes you wanna fall directly into her arms. 
Agatha gave you a once over before replying, “I bet we do.” She grinned, placing a hand on your waist, seeing how unsteady you have become in the past minute.
“Okay,” you pushed Agnes lightly to regain space, “I just came to ask if you want to get a massage downstairs because they said couples can avail of it for a discounted price. Wanda and Vision are getting it and I was supposed to get it but Herb sort of bailed on me.” 
You were visibly catching your breath when you saw jealousy paint Agnes’ face. 
The Salem Witch felt a pang of pain run through her, especially with the idea of Herb wooing you. She wanted to claim her territory right there and then. She can just push you to the bed or have her way with you against this very door. Any way to remind you that only she can touch you best. She was taken out of her thoughts when you shook her body a little. 
“Did you hear me, Agnes?”
It was her turn to gather her thoughts, to remove the images of you deep in pleasure that only she can cause. 
“Yes,” Agnes smiled, trying to regain the upper hand in the conversation, “massage downstairs.” You nodded as she continued. “What about Herb?”
“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since…” you trailed off, trying to make sense of the gap in memory you’re just realizing. When did you last see the guy?
Agatha can see the confusion you’re currently wrestling with, no doubt caused by the unstable magic of the young redhead and her affinity for sitcoms. 
“So should we go downstairs and get this massage train going?” Your neighbor enthusiastically reeling you back in reality. She offered her hand and you accepted. You both strut down the hallway, all care thrown into the wind.
You also passed by the twins' room, where Billy is in distress about the voices he keeps on hearing. They all scream one thing: he’s coming.
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Black Panther #169 Variant Cover
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Mercedes Vision AMG
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For the second time now I awake from a dream where under new a new e621 beta feature I stealth released a giant lengthy "Emperor's New Groove" animation under a pseudonym, only for it to absolutely flop critically.
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“Everything we see hides another thing… we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.”
- René Magritte
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no matter the category, lizzie keeps winning.
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One thing that bugs me about Multiverse of Madness is we’re supposed to believe this is a world in which Wanda can access any possible reality and is trying to find the perfect reality but she doesn’t even look for Vision??? We got like two mentions of Vision and that’s it. When Vision is one of the most important things to Wanda along with her kids. I just don’t understand why Wanda wasn’t looking for a reality with Vision and the twins??
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Leaked footage from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.
I spent 7 hours on this Community meme, please laugh.
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ok but WHY aren't we talking about this
Tumblr media
this means that Wanda and Vision probably talked about universes and everything else like before going to bed and that he trusted her so much and OMG
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e.e. cummings, from 'Vision' (in Uncollected Poems), Complete Poems: 1904-1962
[Text ID: “and all the earth is wild with light,”]
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The Vision/Maximoff Family dressing as themselves for Halloween 
(and Tommy who dressed as Uncle Piet)
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It's always "what's up" and never "i love you in every universe"
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Jingle hell sketch dump 🛷
Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!
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tysm for 10k 🥺 / 15k 😳❤️
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