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It just occurred to me that “Hawkeye” is continuing the MCU Phase 4 trend of the TV shows’ main villains being the dark reflection of the heroes.
Agatha Harkness was a witch who was cast out by the people around her, like Wanda.
Karli Morgenthau was a traumatized super-soldier with a strong sense of justice who wanted to battle corruption, like Sam and Bucky.
He Who Remains was a narcissistic jackass with questionable morals who started a war with other versions of himself, like Loki. 
Now we have Echo and (presumably) Wilson Fisk. Echo is a badass warrior who lost her dad, Fisk is the strong father figure who Echo looks up to. Basically, evil Kate and Clint. But we also have the added element that Echo and Fisk have Kate and Clint’s backgrounds but in reverse. Echo is a deaf person who grew up poor (Clint), Fisk is a rich socialite who thinks he’s invincible (Kate).
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erasethenight · 2 days ago
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Lazy Sundays
Another commission piece made for the lovely @englishmajor226 based upon their ScarletVision fic, Complete! It’s all about Wanda and her two Visions living happily ever after with their sons, so if you’re a fan of this ot3, I highly recommend it! <3 
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Vision: Hey, Y/n can I get some dating advice?
Y/n: Just because I'm with Natasha doesn't mean I know how I did it
Website used:
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olafsepcot · 2 days ago
druig: “you held a town hostage for a week so you could be with your dead husband and imaginary children?” 
wanda: “you used mind control to make people follow you for centuries and prevent human warfare?” 
druig: … 
wanda: … 
*a story of two mind control besties*
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wandavisionedits · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CONGRATULATIONS to the cast and crew of WANDAVISION (2021) 27th Annual Critics Choice Awards Nominees
Best Limited Series Best Actress in a Limited Series or Movie Made for Television – Elizabeth Olsen Best Actor in a Limited Series or Movie Made for Television – Paul Bettany Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie Made for Television – Kathryn Hahn
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nerdyfangirl23 · a day ago
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Guys. People don’t give this scene the amount of credit it deserves. Like, yeah Wanda can make new realities and a whole load of powerful stuff. But she didn’t just do that to make Hex!Vision. Like, girl had that much love in her heart to make a fucking sentient being that could think freely for himself and without control from her. FROM JUST THE AMOUNT OF LOVE SHE HAD FOR HIM.
Bruh these two make me believe in love. They literally do. Literal soulmates.
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harknessimp · a day ago
Wanda: What do you call murder, vandalism, and sabotage?
Agatha: Hobbies.
Wanda: ...
Agatha: ...that I do not engage in.
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piamastea · 2 days ago
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WandaVision Wa-WandaVision WandaVision ✨
Just a quick doodle for you guys while I focus on other things this week✨
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kathrynhahndaily · a day ago
Kathryn Hahn has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series at the Critics’ Choice Awards
via Kathryn Hahn Global
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marvelthoughtz · 2 days ago
When the Avengers are finally reformed by Sam he decides that the team would be more effective if they had two divisions- an Earth division, led by him that dealt with all ground threats, and a space devision that dealt with extraterrestrial threats. After much careful consideration (really just late night talks with a VERY tired Bucky) he decides that, if she was up for it, the best candidate to lead was the other captain. Carol Danvers.
She obviously immediately accepts because its basically her job now but with a fancier title and some extra recruits- Sam leaves it up to her to decide who to recruit, he obviously has some suggestions but at the end of the day its her who has the final say. She immediately recruits Thor and the guardians of the galaxy, as well as a few people shes met on the way. It was then she caught wind of what happened to a certain niece of hers.
She immediately tracks her down and sets off to both recruit her and check that she is okay- after all its been a while. Once she finds Monica there are instant tears and hugs all around.
Carol tells Monica how proud she is of her and how her Mother would be too. Monica shows off her new powers and Carol is hella impressed. Its then that she decides to break the news of her potential spot on the Avengers. She states that she was promised that if she ever got powers like her Auntie Carol she had a spot in Space- so with many tears and a few more hugs Monica accepts her rightful place next to her aunt as protector of space.
The other Avengers are a little confused at first when they always see Carol referring to Monica as Lieutenant Trouble, but they soon realise that these two have known eachother a lot longer than most of them and let them be.
All is right with the world… plus it meant that Monica was able to make the real difference that she always wanted to without having to cross a billion lines of red tape.
Thank you to @captain.samerica for helping me with this and basically coming up with half the idea! I hope you enjoyed have a wonderful rest of your day!
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i rewatched x-men : first class yesterday with my best friend and now,,,,, i’m back on my x-men bullshit, i want to rewatch them all,,,, and reading cherik fanfics,,,,, 
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hocuspocusbabyy · a day ago
Red wiggly woos’ 🪄 - WandaNat: Rated (T).
Tumblr media
Summary: Wanda Maximoff is a single mother and lecturer at Avenger’s University; Natasha is the new psychology hire who also frequently performs a popular bar called the ‘Asgard’. What happens when Tommy Maximoff brings them together?
Originally posted to Ao3:
Warnings: Check individual chapters.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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