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YOU GUYS, go watch UNCLE FRANK–It’s got Sophia Lillis (Syd from I Am Not Okay With This) and Paul Bettany (Vision!)–and they’re both so precious and so is Wally ❤ and I haven’t finished it yet, but I feel optimistic and LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! ❤🚗🚗❤

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Wanda Maximoff | You Should See Me In A Crown |

A new edit that I made (more of an instagram vibe) for Wanda Maximoff! I am pretty proud of it. *literally never happens*

I cant wait for WandaVision!!!!

She is the most powerful avenger! *just try and fight me on that*

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I really don’t understand what wandavision is supposed to be about 😂😂 this is also not helping

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