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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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i’m an old tumblr user and it’s time to find new friends/mutuals music who have the same tastes *. ♡

Mac Demarco / Tame Impala / Beach House / Peach Pit / King Krule / Unknown Mortal OrchestraMilky Chance / Enjoy (wyatt shears)

David Bowie / Led Zeppelin / Queen / Jeff Buckley / Tears for Fears / Elliott Smith / Nirvana

Muse / Incubus / Foo Fighters / Biffy Clyro / Stone Temple Pilots / Pearl Jam / Supergrass / Death Cab For Cutie / The Black Keys

King Crimson / Frank Zappa / Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Yes

Queens of the Stone Age / Papa Roach / Red Hot Chili Peppers / Billy Talent

blink-182 / Blur / Radiohead / Franz Ferdinand / The Fratellis / No Doubt

Korn / Machine Head / Deftones / Sepultura / Rush / Primus / Helmet / Rage Against the Machine

Gorillaz / Daft Punk / Joji / The Lonely Island / House of Pain / Limp Bizkit /  Snoop Dogg / Bob Marley / Beastie Boys

and that’s not all, I like others bands and musicians btw, music is my passion ♡

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Send a random word in my inbox and I’ll make a headcanon based off it

Too small to notice, too far to pass by, Hale has not many seashells in his years. Even in his swims through the ocean he has not noticed many, the majority simply shrugged off as colorful rocks without further investigation. 

Every so often, however, there are particularly large shells that catch his eye with their odd, spiraling shapes. Rarely does he touch them nowadays. It’s startling to find something housed in one and terribly disappointing when one breaks in his hold.

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Send a random word in my inbox and I’ll make a headcanon based off it

Potatoes are both something Hale has seen and not something he could name. Or realize is edible!
Every time he’s seen one it was because of his antics in the tundra, chasing and scavenging merchants and travelers, but he always thought they were simply odd rocks. They certainly look like them to the giant. He questioned why people traveled with them, but, as one who uproots entire bushes to shove into his mouth and eat, he did not question it for long.

If Hale were to finally eat one, he would not be keen on raw potatoes, their texture like a thick mush in his mouth. Cooked, however, especially crisped, he would likely enjoy, with sweet potatoes likely being a favorite if he ever had the opportunity to try one crisped.

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Send a random word in my inbox and I’ll make a headcanon based off it

There may not be a single circumstance where Hale likes bread.

Toast? No. Whole loaf? Absolutely out of the question. Slices are just as bad and pastries, even if smothered in honey, can’t mask that texture.

The contrast between biting into such a thin layer that has a crunch immediately followed by a fluffy, cushion-y interior is terribly jarring. A dry squish with no juice nor even the toughness to chew, only completely flatten in one press while still having to grind through that exterior shell.

There is nothing satisfying in the slightest about bread, not even its oddly muted scent. That uncomfortably warm smell of yeast and a faint, questionable sweetness from something with no taste of such.

There is no instance where Hale likes anything with bread. It would take someone more stubborn than he to get him to try.

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Physical Contact Starters [SOFT]

“You know I don’t Sugar ~”

*Meilou took some shower gel, rubbed her hands together, then started massaging the swimmer’s back*


“How does it feel ?” She spoke in his ear with a soft voice.

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