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This sticker indicates that the person wearing it is deaf or hard of hearing and in some cases wears a hearing aid. In these times (when wearing mouth masks) it is impossible to lip-read, which makes it extra difficult. There is little point in wearing the sign if half the people don’t know what it means. The deaf and hard of hearing will thank you

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Today’s #makeup proposal. #makeupjunkie #makeupproposal
#BrandsWeLove #beautypaths #BeautyPathsTheStore
Link in bio to #shop our #maquillage #makeupcollections
#muse @virginia_mntz
#enhanced by @konstantine_dine_dine (στην τοποθεσία

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Muse will write the softest song you’ve ever heard and then put a sick guitar solo in there and be like: rock and roll motherfuckers

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1. Bake Halloween cookies 

2. Have a Disney Halloween movies marathon

3. Carve pumpkins

4. Buy candy to pass out for trick-or-treaters 

5. Pick out costumes for the entire family

6. Visit a pumpkin patch

7. Make a pile of leaves and jump in them

8. Go on a hayride

9. Decorate the inside & outside of the house

10. Eat ALLLLLLL the candy corn.

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