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#tarot readings

Thank you, dear💕 it was all my pleasure. I’m glad to know you will get married to a good man. Also, please don’t think of him as a boring person, you will break his heart if you say it to his face.

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I don’t know why I’m being hinted to say “he’ll be a very normal husband” 🤔 perhaps if you dream of marrying someone extraordinary, you will face disappointment (shortly). But what actually does “extraordinary” mean to you? Is it synonymous of fame, wealthy or kindness? He will be kind to you, he will try to understand your beliefs and support you, but you must forgive him for his limitations and sometimes absence. His background is traditionalist and so is his mindset (depending on the field, he might get nervous at the mentioned of innovations and changes of structures. Very Tauro-like if you ask me), he’ll be the main provider in your household and your family will live comfortably. He’ll want to share his joys and worries with you, under her more serene facet, there’s hidden an enthusiastic man with a striking child-like smile. He will work his ass off all year to pay his family the best vacations 🥺. He’s indeed a workaholic, so a worn-out man crossing the main entrance or a sleeping soundly husband in Saturday’s morning will be a common image.

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Available for private Pet Readings !

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Use your intuition… (if you choose 4 5 6 please see part 2 )



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Your first boyfriend is someone that will be very special to you regardless of the fact you’ll have your first formal relationship with him. He seems older than you, he’s very mature and under control, his world is ruled by a rigid structure. He’s somewhat aloof (with a resting bitch face that might throw you off at first), hard-working, and not all that interested in love when you happen to stumble upon him. There’s a high chance you will like him for some time until he notices your feelings or started seeing you on a different light. He will give a leap of faith by dating you, but you must be patient. He’s the type to test people out before trusting them fully.

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hmmmmmmmm might fuck around and do tarot readings 👀👀👀

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Eight of Pentacles:

This card shows a young man working diligently and happily on a project. He has already done a great deal of his task and is focused on maintaining the quality of his work.

When this card appears in a reading this type of focused and satisfying work is indicated. It may be that you will soon be employed, that you need to persevere in a matter that is near completion, or that you are learning a great deal through work that may seem repetitive.

Regardless of the details, this is a card of nearing mastery and maintaining effort and focus until the end.

Hi! Thank you for requesting a reading! Please submit your feedback into the submissions box to let me know how you felt and if the reading connected/or if it didn’t. If you’d like to leave a tip, my link will be below!

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Namjoon’s Future Partner/Soulmate - First impression after meeting and their hobbies?


Originally posted by 4-seokjin


This is part 2 of 5 for this request 💜

*DISCLAIMER: readings concerning kpop/celebrities/YouTubers are just for fun and hold no fact.*

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Guidance today. Temperance XVl. Alchemy, Balance, Connecting with your guides, Harmony, Patience. You should learn to bring about balance, patience and moderation in your life. You are being invited to stabilise your energy and to allow the life force to flow through you without force or resistance. It’s time to recover your flow and get your life back into order and balance. Even when life feels stressful or frantic. You should take the middle road, avoiding extremes and maintain a sense of calm and even temperament.

Contact me for a personal reading 🖤

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Two of Cups:

This card represents two or more things coming together to create something new.

Whether this card indicates romance, business partners, friends, family members or the uniting of physical and spiritual realms, when this card appears it represents equality, balance and mutual give and take.

Hi! Thank you for requesting a reading. Please submit your feedback into the submissions box letting me know how you felt while reading, if it connected/if it didn’t connect! If you’d like to leave a tip my link will be below 💜

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Card of the Week Reading: Knight of Wands


The Knight of Wands is a fiery card. As our Knight looks as if he is about to gallop off the card, he speaks of movement and opportunity. Now is the time to be bold and take chances on new projects and ideas. Mix things up and don’t be afraid to gallop off with your own projects, ideas, and motivations.

Take some time today to think about what you want out of the coming week. Write down some ideas on how you could accomplish this. If one of those ideas resonate with you, even if it is a bit unorthodox or outside of the box, go with it! Embrace your creative side and enjoy the movement and change that comes with the Knight of Wands!

For more tarot content, follow my page on Facebook: Tarot by Fae!

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Collective Energy Reading 24.01.21


Energies feel intense. There is a bit of everything in the air. Can you feel it?

What is going on right now is the clearing of what’s left of the old. Old wounds, old patterns, old karma wanting to be resolved once and for all. We making room for all the good that is to come, that wants to enter. Making space, decluttering, throwing away what doesn’t serve us and putting something that does in its place. We know that what we sow is what we reap. What we feel in this very moment is nothung absolute, its a reaction to the previous thought. We are learning to master the mind, to use it for our benefit and peace instead of war. Passionate energy is driving us forward. The universe is sending us strength to work through these last bits holding us back from the fulfilment of all our wishes. Clarity is here. We move so much easier from fear to love than we did before. The energies are highly supportive of changing our focus and remembering who we are when hurt of the past hits. We know that it’s us and the quality of our thoughts which hurt us. If you feel hurt that indicates that your thoughts are not in alignment with what you truly want and with what is possible. They are not in alignment with truth. This knowledge gives us the ability to focus on what feels good and therefore is true. Just like our thoughts can create hurt and fear can they create love, bliss & harmony. That’s what we truly are. Thats where we are moving to. To the heart space, security, self esteem, consciously planting the seeds of tomorrow, consciously chosing love in every moment. Big energy! Never forget that life is a training camp and you get better and better each time you try again. No one has been born a master of mind. It’s all good. The universe has your back. Keep going it has already gotten much easier, it’s about fine tuning our abilities now. 🙏

Saint Germain: “Karma releasing. Move beyond drama. Create your own path. Make room for good energy.” So it is. 💜

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Eight of Cups

To be embraced in your warm bed, snug-as-a-bug, content. You could stay there forever, it seems. Taking part of a mental health day or just a day when the world outside your bedroom door seems too big is something we could all use now and then. But take note of how often you curl up under the blankets. Their safety feels good but just remember it’s better to face the difficult life situations head on and deal with the consequences later. 

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Good morning! Good Sunday!

Another public reading here. Pick a card! Later on the day I’ll reveal them and give you a message for the week.

Likes and reblogs are pretty welcome so more people can participate!

Warm hugs!

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Hello love 😻😻 thank you 🥰 I’m glad you liked my reading 💓 please message me about the reading you want ☺️

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Hi! So what I have for you is…

Compromise + No!

So the vibe I’m getting is that you may be someone who needs to loosen up or is too rigid/picky/uptight in your own way of doing things or even when you’re with people in general that it may take you really long time till you actually start dating. I’m feeling like perhaps you’ve been relying too much or expecting for “signs when the right person will come” quite often, but I feel that instead of waiting on for the person, you need to change/transform yourself. Or change is needed if you would like to actually date, it feels like you should take care of your appearance as in dress in a way where you feel comfortable and pretty for yourself and I’m just seeing someone who needs to let loose as in the kinda vibe when they start singing loudly alone in a dress with their high heels on and hair out on the loose. I feel that you need to accept yourself for who you are, let yourself express yourself. Because I somewhat do feel that because of this aspect of you, you may date much later on in life instead. And it’s honestly okay to be a single, old lady, its not always a bad thing at all! Everyone has their own journey and sometimes it’s more towards their own independence. 

Literally the Taylor Swift song that I haven’t heard in ages started playing in my head: 

But she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts
She’s Cheer Captain and I’m on the bleachers

Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you’re looking for has been here the whole time “

So I think in a way the person you may encounter as a date would probably be like this taylor swift scenario or maybe this song is your favourite song to let loose to? I feel that you need to know what you truly deserve and if your person of interest is not reciprocating that, then you deserve better love. It doesn’t mean you’re not good enough, it’s just you guys are incompatible. 

I’m also feeling that you know if you expect your partner/ yourself to be a certain way, you need to reflect that on your own as well. But not in a way where it suffocates your true identity/who you really are in the inside. Also probably try to take initiative instead of waiting on for too long or for your Prince Charming. Know your own worth and what you truly deserve. You can set up what you truly deserve and work towards working on yourself and living your truth.

Hope it all works out and that it makes sense! :) 

Thank you!

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