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Maesteg RFC looking the part in their NHS Charity training shirts! Great effort by the club to support our #NHS with a massive volume of purchases (and counting)! All supplied in 3 weeks with quality/bespoke design.

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Positive Affirmations :

- Growth is constant & nourishing

- I am achieving

- My experiences make me whole, even the bad ones.

- I have a bright future ahead of me.

- Ego & Empathy can be perfectly balanced.

- I invite positive influences into my life that want to see me succeed in life.

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(My fuckign… Kindergala Arrival post got lost because Tumblr decided not to work, I really don’t feel like rewriting all of it so I’ll give you a rundown)

Kids start outside the main room, all of them kinda nervous, they also decided to each partner up, it’s revealed that a fire happens before the gala but after the AU’s main storyline ends, and that Kid and Abigail went missing for two months, and now they don’t get along, I wonder why??? Also Rebecca seems to have a crush on Lily, Billy and Nugget have a ‘will they? Won’t they?’ type of relationship, mostly because Nugget hasn’t quite figured out his feelings for Billy. Fe sees the Felix from another blog that they’ve interacted with (displacebias) and Penny and Cindy appear to be close. Lily’s mad that she wasn’t allowed to bring her gun, and nobody knows who to talk to. (Because I s u c k at initiating conversations)

Buddy system:

Kid and Abigail (even though they don’t get along, they both hate Rebecca more than they hate each other)

Cindy and Penny

Fe and Ted (best sibs!!!)

Rebecca and Lily (they were the last two without partners but it works in Rebecca’s favor!)

Billy and Nugget (my gay bois)

Then they enter, the end.

[Open rp for all Kindergala attendees]

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