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Originally posted by serotonin-deficient

Some warnings: Implied violence then some magical violence. Just covering my bases.

This chapter is long and it gets weird. Continuing on with a very slow burn. I hope you are all still enjoying this fic. Comments ❤️❤️ and reblogging all encouraged and appreciated. Please don’t pass this off as your own writing. I’ll find out and laugh at you.

Small Time Witch (5)

When you got back to the compound Steve’s phone rang. He walked several feet away from you to speak to whomever was on the other end. When he came back he looked flustered. “Everything ok?”

“Yeah. I’m actually going to have to run. I had a lot of fun with you today. I’d like to do it again. Maybe without stabbing?”

Before you had a chance to answer he kissed you on the cheek. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

You felt like he rushed out of there really quick and that made you nervous. You walked back towards the building from the garage and tried to call Loki. No answer. You tried Wanda but the call kept dropping. No texts from either of them. You pressed then elevator button several times. It was taking forever. You decided to take the stairs. All of the hair on the back of your neck stood up. You looked around and saw nothing. When you opened the door to the stairwell something (or someone) clocked you hard on the back of the head. You blacked out.


Steve hated everything that was about to happen. He got the call on the way into the building that he needed to leave you there. It was time. Two masked agents would be waiting for you in the stairwell. They would blindfold you and take you to a small dark room. There, you would remain bound and blindfolded while someone would repeatedly ask you about sensitive information while you were being “tortured”. No one was going to physicality hurt you. Loki would use his methods to trick your mind into thinking you were being hurt. All SHIELD agents with high level security clearance went through this training.

Everyone was waiting in the upstairs viewing area. Steve sat down with a huff and prepared to watch. “You said this was to test her endurance under pressure. This is torture. For the record I hate this.” he said to Loki.

“Duly noted, Captain. I’ll have an ear piece and Dr. Banner will be able to monitor her vital signs. This is ultimately for her safety.”

“It’s cruel.”

“As a habit I do not deal in cruelty. I will keep her as safe as possible. I assure you no physical harm will come to her.” Loki felt guilty. He’s never experienced the emotion before but now, with a pit in his stomach, he had to betray your trust.

Nat tried reassuring Steve the best she could, “Look, Steve, we’ve all been through the real thing at some point in our careers. No one likes this. Better that she experience it now so she knows what she’s up against.”

He wasn’t convinced. Bucky sat next to him and patted his thigh. “She’s tough. She whooped your ass earlier. She can handle this.”

“How can you of all people believe that?”

“Because I have to or else I couldn’t bare it. If things get too dicey we’ll stop it ok?”

The room they were in was sound proof. They had mics to be able to hear you. It was all two way glass so, even if your blindfold came off, you wouldn’t know they were there. The agents brought you in. You were awake and fighting hard. They were instructed not to hit you or fight back but to secure you. They both looked extremely frustrated. One of them had a cut above his eye. They tossed you in the chair and slammed the door. When they went in the room with the rest of the team everyone stared.

“What the hell happened?” Steve asked

“She threw an elbow, sir. She almost got away. Had to taze her.”

Steve bounded across the room pinning the agent to the wall, “You were told not to hurt her.”

“Yes, sir. We were also told not to let her get away. We didn’t want to hit her again.” His nostrils flared and the back of his neck was red a splotchy. Nat put her hands on his shoulders and directed him away.

“Good job, guys. You can go.” They couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

“See? She did exactly what I taught her. She’s going to be ok.” He shook his head and went back to his seat. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

They removed your gag but kept the canvas hood on your head. You struggled against the bindings trying to free your hands. They bit at your wrists. You called out demanding to speak to someone in charge.

Sam laughed, “Damn. Is she asking to see the manager?” Mostly everyone laughed. Steve’s jaw clenched. He couldn’t understand how anyone could make jokes right now.

“She’s remembering her one day of training so shut the fuck up, Sam.”

“Sorry, Cap.”

“Does anyone else feel disgusted that we’re having a public viewing of our colleague being tortured?” No one would look at him.

Bucky was the only one who was quiet. He was remembering himself in this very situation. He knew your mind was racing which is why you couldn’t magick your way out of this. If he could only get you to calm down. That’s when he saw Wanda pressing her face to the glass. She looked distraught. He went to sit next to her. Neither of them spoke for several seconds. They held hands and wallowed in their shared trauma. “She’s screaming for me, Bucky. I can hear her.” She wiped a few tears from her eyes, “She’s so scared.”

“You can’t tell her what’s happening? Can’t she hear you?”

“Loki put up a barrier. She’s alone.”

“How can he do this to her?” Bucky was furious with Loki.

“He is doing as he was ordered. You know what that’s like.”

“Ordered by who?!” he said in a harsh whisper.

“Director Fury. The Security Council. They won’t give her clearance for this or any future missions unless she undergoes the same training as any other agent. It was Loki who convinced them to do it this way. He takes no pleasure in this.”

“Then why did he agree?”

“Because if he didn’t do it SHIELD would have. She would be in the middle of nowhere being tortured for real.” Bucky was seething. Surely Steve didn’t know any of this. He went to tell him when you let out a blood curdling scream.

Everyone was silent. All that could be heard was Wanda sobbing. Nat tried to comfort her to no avail. The interrogator asked you another question. You played dumb. You screamed again.

“I hope Loki is enjoying himself.” Steve grumbled

“He’s not. How dare you say that?! This is hurting him too.” Wanda was pushing against Steve. Her eyes glowed red. He couldn’t think of anything else to do so he hugged her.

“Nat, call down to the booth. Tell them stop. Tell them now.” She grabbed the receiver to call the booth when the line went dead. “It’s dead. Somethings wrong. I’m going down there.”

Bucky was already out of the door running to where you were.

The whole place was plunged into darkness. Wanda smiled knowing that you were fighting back. A brilliant white light emitted from the room. You were floating above the chair with your hands out. You lifted the interrogator from the ground and flung him against the wall knocking him unconscious. Steve and Wanda ran down the ramp leading to the booth to stop you. Loki was already in the room.

“Y/N! Stop this! Listen to my voice. You are safe.” You lifted your hand again slamming the door behind him. The two way mirror shattered. All of the shards of glass were pointed at Loki.

“Y/N! Please. I’m not going to hurt you.” Wanda was behind him now and tried to use her magic to subdue you. You whipped your head in her direction and pointed a shard at her throat.

“We will not be trifled with any longer.” Your voice was calm and steady. Behind it echoed many more voices. “We are the daughters of the moon. Daughters of Diana. Daughters of Hekate. You seek our power. You will receive it in abundance.”

“Enough!” Loki shouted, “I know you can hear me, Y/N. Fight this.”

“Loki?” you whimpered.

“Yes, pet. I’m here. Please. You’re safe now.” The glass dropped to the floor and so did you.

He was at your side at once brushing your hair from your eyes whispering your name. Begging you to wake up. His eyes were wide. He looked at Wanda pleading, “What have I done? What have I done?”

“Bruce! Someone get Bruce! We need help.” Bruce rushed in and instructed Loki to put you on a gurney. They rushed you into a room and started examining you. He and Tony hooked you up to electrodes to measure your brain waves and monitor your heart.

“Tony I can’t find anything medically that would be causing her to be unconscious. But look at her brain waves.” There were several lines spiking indicating that there was more than one brain essentially.

“I’ll call Strange.” Tony went pale when he looked at the monitor.

Loki and Wanda refused to leave your bedside. Steve paced the hall outside of your room. Fury walked in looking actually worried for once. “How is she?” he asked Nat. Before she could answer Bucky was lunging for him. Fury regarded him unfazed. “You wanna take your hands off me, Sergeant?” Steve pulled him away.

“Come on, Buck.”

“She didn’t deserve this.” He walked away to get some air.

“Is this how you do it? You pit them against each other under the guise of ‘security’ so you can break them down? Are you so afraid of someone else having power…” Fury raised his voice to interrupt Steve.

“Yes, Captain Rogers, I am. I am especially afraid of the one in the bed who is basically a nuclear bomb. I’m afraid of her teaming up with the other one to become a formidable force. If a demigod joins them they become unstoppable. It is my job to squash that before Loki gets the bright idea to take over the world again. Those two can be more powerful than the entire Chitauri army of they wanted to be.”

“She’s just a kid, Nick.”

“A kid with a lot of power.”

“Yep. And we just pissed her off.”

Wanda was asleep on the couch in your room. Thor patted Loki on the shoulder, “Brother, why don’t you rest? I’ll stand watch for a while.” Loki didn’t take his attention away from you.

“I’m not leaving her. What if she wakes up and I’m not here?”

“Loki? What’s come over you? I’ve never seen you worry over someone like this.”

A smile ghosted over his face, “Only over you, Brother.”

“Is this love or guilt?”

“Perhaps a little of both. No matter. She has feelings for the soldier. And, when she wakes up and realizes what I’ve done, I’m sure she’ll hate me.”

Thor’s brow furrowed, “Tell her the truth. She’ll understand your position.”

“I should have crushed their skulls. That should have been my position. I’ve hurt her. Who can blame her if she never wants to see me again?”

Thor returned to the common room where the rest of the team was sitting.

“Any change?” Sam asked

“No. I’ve never seen Loki like this.”

“Like what? Remorseful?” added Tony

“This is on all of us, Tony. We should have put a stop to it. We watched it happen. Given Loki’s criminal status with SHIELD he wasn’t really left with a choice. He did what he thought was right.” Steve scolded

They all looked up when they heard faint footsteps. “Were you defending me, Captain?” he didn’t give Steve a chance answer, “The wizard’s here.”

They all went into your room where Doctor Stephen Strange was ruminating over your chart. Dr. Cho was already there talking to him. “Dr. Banner join us won’t you?” Strange adjusted hung your films from your MRI. “What were the results of her CT?”

“Her brain was functioning at an extreme rate mostly around the hippocampus.”

“That’s her memory center” Bruce explained to Wanda who was still sitting vigil by your bedside.

“Well team medically, with the exception of the heightened brain activity, she’s healthy. Magically speaking, it looks like the spell she cast had a built in safety feature.”

“Can you fix her?”

“I can. I need everyone out. Not you.” He pointed at Wanda, “You stay.”

“I’m not leaving.” Loki said sternly

“You’ve done enough. Bye.” He waved his hand and Loki went flying through a portal into the next room. Strange waved his hand, “Let’s have some privacy. This should keep out the riff raff.”

“Can you fix her?” Wanda was hopeful

“Oh yeah” he waved a hand over you “She’s good.”

“That easy?”

“Yes. You know you could have done this?”

“I wouldn’t know how or where to even begin.”

“Yes, you do. I know you know that you are more powerful even than me. You are so afraid of disappointing those fools out there. You shouldn’t be.”

“They are my family.”

“Your family fears you so you think you have to muzzle yourself. You don’t.”

You opened your eyes and sucked in your breath, “Where am I?!”

“There she is. Y/N it’s very nice to meet you. I’m Dr. Stephen Strange. You gave them quite the scare.”

“Loki! Is he ok?”

“He’s fine. He’s the one who put you here.”

“I need to see him.” You started pulling out wires and ripping off electrodes.

“Honey let me go find him. You need to stay in bed.” Wanda was trying to stop you.

“The newest Avenger. How does that feel?”

“I’m not an Avenger. I’m helping out. I work for SHIELD.”

“Either way you’re backing the wrong team. I know what the Kale’s did to your coven. If you ever want real answers here’s where you find me.” He handed you a card with an address on it embossed in gold. He winked at you and excused himself when Loki appeared in the doorway.

“Wizard” “Sabrina” Loki cocked an eyebrow but Strange kept walking.

“Darling. Are you ok? I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” You knew of only one other time that Loki looked this wrecked and that’s when his mother was killed. Poor guy.

“You didn’t. I mean not really. The spell has a fail safe. Only meant to scare my attacker.” He sighed with relief.

“Are you very angry with me?”

“No. I couldn’t hear your thoughts but I could feel you. I knew you were there.”

“So you knew I was hurting you.”

You put your hands on the sides of his face, “I thought you were trying to protect me.” You stared at each other for a moment. His heart was racing. He placed his hands over yours. You brushed an errant hair out of his eyes. “Darling I…”

Steve burst in the room wrapping you in a hug, “I’m so sorry I left you. Are you ok? Are you hurt?” Loki stood watching what was unfolding. You looked back at him. He raised his eyebrows and shrugged. He left the room to give you and Steve a minute.

“Steve. Shhh. I’m ok. I swear.” For reasons neither of you could explain he grabbed your face and crashed his lips into yours. Your eyes went wide then you acquiesced. Your tongue massaged his. He leaned his weight into you. When he broke the kiss he said quietly, “I’m staying with you tonight.”

“You really don’t need to. Loki will be there. I’m ok. I promise. I’m much stronger than I look.”

“I would feel better:”


Loki sat alone on the big fluffy couch in the common room. He toyed with the frayed edge of a throw pillow. It was silent but he could hear your heartbeat quicken. Your breath catching in your chest. Your racing thoughts. He felt your butterflies when Steve came into the room. You liked Steve. He supposed the captain was a decent enough guy. That didn’t mean he had to like him.

For a moment when you were touching his face he felt something. He wasn’t sure if the feelings were yours or his. It felt deeper than just a crush. The way you looked at him. Almost like you were committing his face to memory. Your eyes studied him. For a moment he felt seen.

Thor sat next to him and pulled him in for a very firm embrace. “Get off of me you oaf”

“You’re staying with me tonight. It’ll be fun. We’ll bunk together just like when we were children.”

“Do you still snore?”

“That depends. Do you still talk in your sleep.”

“I wasn’t talking in my sleep. I was whispering spells to silence you.”

Thor smiled, “I hope you remember them.”

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Small Time Witch (Ch 4)


Originally posted by xesoteric-extraterrestrialx

Your alarm chirped to life at 3:00 am. You hit snooze. Nine minutes later the infernal thing sounded again. You turned it off willing yourself to wake up. Your eyes slipped closed and you fell back to sleep. You were sleeping so hard that you didn’t hear your phone buzzing with a message from Steve letting you know they were downstairs. You didn’t hear the insistent ringing of the impatient man on the other end. You definitely didn’t hear the knocking then the pounding.

Loki tried to ignore the racket. When it didn’t stop he yanked his pants on and answered the door. “Do you have any idea what time it is?” he grumbled.

“What are you doing here?” Steve was already annoyed. Seeing a shirtless Loki set him off.

“I stayed the night. She’s asleep.”

“We’re supposed to be at the gym.”

“Oh yes. Training. Good luck waking her. She’s a stubborn thing.”

Steve’s jaw clenched and he headed to your room. “First door on the left” Loki called after him. He set course for the kitchen to find coffee. Sam stared at him smiling. “Did you two…make some magic together?”

Loki looked at him with only minor annoyance “Of course not. Don’t be so crude. She’s my student.”

“Do you know how much porn I’ve seen start out that way?”

“It’s much too early for this level of stupidity. This is not a locker room. I don’t think of her that way.”

Sam’s jaw dropped, “Why not? She’s fine. Don’t you think so?”

“She is quite attractive. Just not my type.”

“Then you won’t mind if I ask her out?”

“Suit yourself. She doesn’t belong to me.”

Loki was lying. He did in fact think you were beautiful. He also thought you were dangerous and headstrong. Any advances he made right now would derail your training. He didn’t want to distract you for any reason. He chose to take his time to get to know you. Loki was a great many things but prudent was not one of them. When he wanted something he usually just took it. You, however, were not a prize to be won. He had to earn your trust and you his. This new lease on life was nauseating this early in the morning.

Steve cracked your door open and called your name. You didn’t stir. He opened it a little more letting enough light filter in to illuminate your face. You looked so peaceful. He almost hated to wake you. He called your name a bit louder and you whined from under the covers. The sound made the breath catch in his chest. He wasn’t making any progress so he walked over to your bed to shake your shoulder. When he did you rolled over allowing the blanket to slip down a little. You slept naked. Your entire left breast was exposed . The cool air caused your nipple to harden. He panicked and scrambled to cover you back up trying not to accidentally touch you. He tried to get out of there and stumbled over something in dark tripped and banged his knee on your desk. His cursing woke you finally.

“What the fuck?! Captain!?” You pulled the covers up to your neck and gathered it behind you so he couldn’t see anything. He squeezed his eyes closed and flipped on your light.

“I didn’t I mean I can’t see anything. We were supposed to meet downstairs fifteen minutes ago. Get dressed. We leave in five.” He practically ran out of your room. You rubbed your face getting rid of the last remnants of your slumber. You shuffled around looking for your leggings and shoes.

Steve made his way back into the kitchen. He mumbled to himself while he poured a cup of coffee. “A little heads up that she sleeps naked might have been nice.”

he said to no one in particular. Sam and Loki snorted into their cups.

“Why would I know that?” asked Loki still smiling.

“You see anything good?” Sam asked dodging the oven mitt Steve hurled at him. They all turned when they heard you walk in. “I’m ready.”

Steve tossed you a banana which hit you and tumbled to the floor. “Nice catch. We’ll add hand eye coordination to the list of skills you need to work on.” You held out your hand and the banana rose from the floor and landed in your open palm. “I’m good. Let’s get this over with.” You winked at Loki who smiled back.

You ate your banana on the way down to the gym in your building. You could feel that Steve was absolutely seething. At what though? Because Loki was in your apartment? Because you used magic? Whatever it was you decided not to make it worse. You would be a team player and do as he said. For all intents and purposes he was your boss.

Sam directed you to a row of treadmills. He set you at an easy pace while he and Steve jogged. “Do you work out a lot?” He knew the answer.

“Not really. My exercise is biking to work on occasion.”

“Ok. Let’s start out slow and, by the end of the week, we’ll get you up to a light jog.” You stumbled a little when the machine started, “Maybe a brisk walk instead?”

Steve shook his head. What the hell was Fury thinking? There was no way you could be anywhere near the line of fire. You seemed to be completely uninterested. To him you weren’t even fit for agent status. Most of those kids were ex military or CIA. They would kill to be in your position. He didn’t know why Fury liked you so much. He kept telling himself to give you a chance. At this point though you were only a liability.

“How you doing over there, Y/N?” Steve asked. Your face was flushed and you were sweating. He and Sam were just getting warmed up.

Out of breath you could barely answer, “I’m seriously out of shape.”

“Why don’t we move on to weights? I’ll give you a chance to catch your breath. Meet us by the leg press machine.” You nodded and jumped off the treadmill. You thought this was for sure how you were going to die.

Steve and Sam pushed you hard for another hour. You practically crawled back to your place. They walked you back up just in case you really did pass out.

Loki was sitting on the couch still studying the book. When you came in you collapsed next to him. “They’re going to kill me.” He chuckled at the sight of you and patted your head.

“You should eat something” offered Sam, “You have Nat next. You two are coming back with us.”

“Can I shower?”

“Quickly” Steve huffed. He mixed you a protein shake and sat at your kitchen table.

“You should tell her she’s doing a good job, Cap. Don’t be so hard on her.” Sam was trying to get Steve to settle down a little.

“No way she’s ready to do this with us in five days.”

“Give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s not a recruit. She hasn’t been training for this her whole life…”

“Sure she has. Just not physically. You have no idea how powerful she is”, Loki interrupted.

“If she’s so powerful why does she need all of this training?”

“Well, Captain, Fury wanted you all to get along so you all can keep an eye on her. I suggested the training. You are all concerned that you can’t protect her. Well you can’t. She does need to know how to fight back the traditional way. Just in case. Also, I want to wear her out to see how she performs out of sheer exhaustion. She has to know what to do if she is captured and tortured. Her powers are controlled by her emotions. What better way than to find out now before the stakes are much higher?”

Steve and Sam regarded each other. “That ought to take her down a peg.” Steve said dryly. You re-emerged from your bedroom feeling a little more like yourself. “Everyone ready to go?” Sam asked.

“Can we stop for breakfast?” you asked with your fingers crossed.

Steve gave you a smug smile and handed you your shake. “Drink up, Princess.”

You chose not to let him get to you. You looked at him directly in his eyes when you took the straw in your mouth and smiled as you took a sip. Something passed between the two of you. He couldn’t put his finger on it but he knew you would be a tough nut to crack. And, more than anything, he wanted to try.


Nat met you at the door. She shook your hand and gave a sweet smile. “Let’s get the hell out of here,” she said under her breath.

You practiced on the heavy bag. She adjusted your stance. You chatted a little. It was easy being with her. You were fast friends. You sat and tried to catch your breath for second. She tossed you a bottle of water and gestured behind you, “We’ve got company. Come on in, boys. We’re done.” Clint and Bucky made their way in carrying a chest.

“Hey, Y/N. Ready for us?”Clint grunted as he hoisted the heavy thing onto a table.

“What is all of this?”

“Knives!” Bucky with all the vigor of an eight year old. They taught you how to hold on to your weapon. You learned the best place to stab and incapacitate to escape quickly. They were both warm and fun. They made a lot of jokes. Sam joined you after a while and made you laugh the whole time. The feel of the room noticeably shifted when Steve came in. He was all business all the time. “Uh oh. Daddy’s here.” Clint murmured. You tried to stifle your laugh but failed miserably.

“Well, come on. Show me what you’ve learned. You all look so relaxed like you’re having fun. She must know everything.”

“Oh come on, Steve. Lighten up. You’re acting like we’re sending her in to diffuse a bomb.” Bucky was the only one foolish enough to stand up to him. He knew Steve wasn’t mad. He was worried. He’s very bossy when he’s worried. After what Nat saw in your apartment this was all formality to them. If Fury’s goal was to make you feel like part of the team it was working.

“Lighten up? Is this a game to you all? Come on, Princess. Show me.” He readied himself in a fighting stance. Bucky patted your back and whispered in your ear, “Go for the legs.”

“Go easy on me, Captain.”

“I’ll try. I make no promises.” You launched your attack which he countered every step of the way. He had you hitting the mat so much the backs of your arms were red and stinging. The rest of the team watched cringing the whole way. After a few rounds you were panting and sore. You hadn’t noticed that Wanda and Tony had wandered in as well.

Steve gave you a minute to collect yourself and the crew descended on you to give you a pep talk. Clint rubbed your shoulders, “Come on, champ. You can do this. You’re just nervous. All you need to do is land one good shot.” You rolled your eyes pressing down on the mat to stand.

“What are the rules here? Did Capsicle call no magick?” Tony asked. They shook their heads no and Tony clapped his hands.

“Well then show us the real you. Don’t hold back. He’s not,” he said loud enough for Steve to hear.

“Tony, if I wasn’t holding back she’d be on the floor bloody and bruised.” The sound of the door opening caught everyone’s attention. Thor and Loki strolled in and sat with everyone else.

“What’s happening? Why isn’t he on the ground begging for mercy?” Loki asked Wanda

“She hasn’t used her magick.”

“Why not?!”

“She didn’t know she could.”

“Unleash hell, pet!”

You stood up wiping your face with your shirt. You smiled back at Loki and Wanda. You tethered to them so they could pass on their enthusiasm. Nat backed away taking Clint with her. “Open the chest.”


“Just do it.” He did as she said and she took him with her to duck behind something. “What is about to happen here?” She grinned, “A massacre.”

Just as she finished speaking all the lights went out. Everyone was silent. A breeze fluttered in so light no one noticed. The sharp zing of knives being pulled from their cases filled the air. You smiled and brought your hand forward letting them fly through the dimness of the room. Steve saw them coming and ducked and smacked them out of the way. A few ripped through his shirt nicking him. You had no intention of seriously injuring him. You thought of them as warning shots. When you heard the last knife hit the floor you flipped the lights back on. Now it was Steve who was out of breath and bleeding a little.

Bucky winked at you and went to check on his friend. Everyone else gawked at you. All except for Loki who was beaming. You brushed passed everyone and went to Steve. “Are you ok, Captain?”

“Fine. I guess you’ve proven me wrong.”

“I guess I did. Sorry if I hurt you.”

“Nothing that won’t heal in a couple of hours. We need to work on your aim though.”

You felt a pang of annoyance, “My aim is fine. If I wanted to hit you you’d be bleeding and bruised on the floor.”

You pressed a clean towel to the cut on his arm. He winced at the pressure.

“How about instead of you criticizing me you say well done? That’s generally what someone says in this situation.”

He smiled his most handsome devastating smile and said, “Well done, Princess. I suppose you want lunch now.”

“Oh my lord. Yes! I’m starving.” He chuckled, “Ok. I know a really good pizza place not far from here. Let me get cleaned up and I’ll take you for a slice.”

“It’s a date.”

You started picking up the knives and Loki and Wanda helped you.

“You did well, mortal. I’m famished. Should we grab some lunch before we break off for our training?”

“Thanks, Lok. Actually Steve is buying me lunch. I guess as sort of an apology.”

You weren’t looking at Loki so you couldn’t see the flash of disappointment on his face. Wanda did and thought it might be best if you hurried along so they could talk.

“Hey, hon. Why don’t you go get changed? We’ll finish up.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Have fun. We’ll see you back in a bit.” You kissed them both on the cheek and bounced out of the room.

“Want to talk about it?”

“About what?”

“You like her.”

Loki rolled his eyes, “No. I just like spending time with her.”

She smiled, “Because you like her.”

“Because we share similar interests and she is a good student. That’s all.”

“You can’t lie to me. I can feel what you’re feeling. So can she.”

He was quiet for a moment. Kept his eyes on the floor, “If she can feel it, why did she leave out of here like nothing? Is she so daft that she can’t see it?”

“She’s not paying attention is all.”

“Well, no matter. It’s just a lunch. I’ll get her for the rest of the evening.”

Wanda rolled her eyes, “Are you so daft that you didn’t feel what passed between the two of them? Because I did. You should tell her before it’s too late.”

“It’s not like I’m in love with the girl, Wanda. It’ll pass.” They finished packing up and met the rest of the team in the kitchen. Loki thought about you the whole time. Thought about what he was going to do to you later. He guessed you would hate him after today.

Steve met you downstairs looking like he was actually dressed for a date. You immediately felt under dressed in your ripped jeans and a tshirt. You had on no make up and your hair was in a messy bun.

“Wow. You look nice. I feel woefully underdressed.”

“No. You look great. It’s just pizza.”

“You should tell yourself that.” Steve had on a blue button up and a pair of jeans that look like they were sewn onto his body they fit so well. He held the door for you and let you pick the music in the car. Even though this place was an absolute dive he pulled out your chair like you were eating at a five star restaurant. He told you to order whatever you wanted but you deferred to him instead since it was his favorite place.

Joe’s Pizza smelled like grease. The red lacquered vinyl cracked under your weight revealing some stuffing poking out of the seat. They still served sodas in too large styrofoam cups and used paper plates. The slices were big and thin just like New Yorkers liked it. He said the place was near by but it happened to be in Brooklyn. You guessed this was his comfort zone.

“So. Where are you from originally?”

“Up around the Catskills. We had a big house with lots of acreage. We were a twelve member coven. More like a big family.”

“Where they now?”

“Dead.” You said it without missing a beat. “This is amazing pizza by the way.”


“Yep. A demon wiped everyone out. I’m the only survivor.”

His eyes widened, “A demon?”

“Yeah. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you sometime. Right now though I have to get back. Lunch break is over. Loki hates to be kept waiting.”

He paid the check and you refilled your drinks. He was pretty quiet while you walked back to the car.

“I’m not sure I like this little team up with Loki.”

“Still don’t trust him?”

He scoffed, “He took out most of mid town. Hard to trust a guy like that.”

“Do you think that’s the worst thing he’s done in thirteen hundred years? Please. I’m sure he’s crushed whole planets.”

“That doesn’t make me like him. Speaking of like, what’s going on with you two?”

You blushed so hard your ears felt hot. “It’s not like that. I mean yeah he is super charming and handsome as hell. I’m not sure that would work out between us.”

“Do you want it to?” he said searchingly.

“Honestly all of this is happening so fast

I haven’t even thought about it.”

“But he spends the night?”

“In my spare bedroom and only because all of you are mean to him. Plus, with that demon still under control of the family who sent it, it’s not a bad idea for me to have some back up. Why are you asking me about Loki, Steve?”

“Just asking. All of that is good to know. Good back pocket information.” You narrowed your eyes at him and stayed quiet for the rest of the trip. If you were talking too much you couldn’t get a sense of his emotions. Now that you were focused you could feel that he kind of liked you. You kind of liked him too.

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Here’s chapter one of “Corruption” for you guys! If you chose Team Onyx then you can skip over this if you want. If you chose Team Ivory you can read on :)

Chapter one and two are already posted on WattPad! (@graveyardghoul-)

Warnings: Adult language, meantions of a weapon.

Word count: 531 words


“What the hell” you sat up, grabbing your phone off the nightstand that was placed beside your bed. The bright light blinded you, making you drop the buzzing object. After a minute or so of regaining your sense of sight back, you got out of bed, picking up your phone. You looked down to see a message from Mark, saying the mayor needs you. You let out a groan. It was five am and you were exhausted. You didn’t get back from patrol with Wanda until late, you had only gotten three hours of sleep and you were exhausted. You rubbed your eyes and set your phone down, walking over to the bathroom to shower.


“I just don’t get why WE have to do this” Séan said agitatedly as the two of you walked through a narrow marbled hallway.

“It’s a bomb,” You exclaimed “of course their going to send us out there for that. It’s a major threat. Plus, people have died” a heavy sigh fell from Jacks lips. His hand rested on the back of his neck.

“Who do you think is setting off these bombs anyways?” You asked the taller male as you both walked towards the mayors office.

“Dunno” Jack said, keeping his sleepy eyes on the pathway ahead of them. The mayor had requested for her best troops to go out and find who’s been setting off all these bombs.

“What the hell are we supposed to do if we happen to find out who set them off?” You asked. You felt bad, it was early in the morning and you knew Séan was tired, but you had so many questions about this mission, you just couldn’t help yourself.

“Eliminate them” a rough voice sounded from behind you. You jumped, grabbing your gun from it’s holster. You turned and pointed your gun in the direction the voice came from. However nobody was there. Your face contorted in confusion, the voice rang out again, but this time from in front of you.

“I’m here” you jumped again, turning to look Pietro straight in the face. Your gun pressed up against his chest.

“Fucking christ, don’t do that Pete” you said shakily, sliding your gun back into the holster on your belt.

“Sorry. You guys were running late, Aaron sent me to find you two” he shrugged. Séan looked between you and Pietro before rolling his eyes

“Well. We should get going then, huh?” He said before walking off towards the exit of the building.

“I’m guessing Aaron isn’t too happy that we’re…” you looked down at your watch “four minutes late” you chuckled.

“He’s never happy with anybody” Pietro responded as you two got to the exit. He pulled the door handle and opened it, allowing you out first. You looked down the marbled steps to see your teammates already on their horses and ready to go. You turned your head to see Pietro but he wasn’t there. Instead he was already down and on his horse, looking up at you. You groaned again and practically ran down the long staircase. You boosted yourself up onto your horse and waited for instructions from your team leader, Mark.

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22. Popular character you hate?

Hmm, hate is a strong word but I really don’t care much about Vision. I’d never be compelled to read a story with him as the focus and have actively written him out of my next fic (have a nice holiday Vis and Wanda!). I just find him generally uninteresting as a character. I guess because he hasn’t really fully developed his own. I will still watch WandaVision though and, who knows, that might change my perspective. (Though that said, is he even considered a popular character?!)

23. Unpopular character you love?

I don’t know that he is all that unpopular but he is certainly not written about as much as the other core Avengers and that is Clint Barton. I like his humour in the MCU and I think he has a lot to offer when writing. The mind control by Loki, his past with Nat, his trouble childhood, his juggling of a family whilst being a superhero and his descent into revenge after they were dusted. All of these things make him pretty interesting to me.

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Avengers Rule #61

Tony is allowed to drink normal coffee until he’s awake 30 hours maximum, after that it is to be replaced carefully with decaffeinated coffee, also, when exchanging coffee make sure to have a pillow nearby to throw under him if he falls asleep standing again, he’s very annoying with concussions

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Heroes | All the King’s Men

I live in Italy and I’m in quarantine again so… I was sad and I made this video. I don’t know if this is nice or not but anyway here it is… 

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YES OKAY!! @ the other people who requested things, I am working on those!! Sorta waiting until I get inspired/think of something for it.

Little Sis

Trigger Warning: Explosion (not huge/detailed)

Summary: Y/N is an Avenger and is close to Wanda. Wanda has always considered Y/N like the younger sister she never had. That’s revealed when the two go on a mission and things don’t go as planned.


Originally posted by stayblondebaby

It was only fate that Y/N and Wanda would become close. Not only was Wanda the only female friend that Y/N had who was semi-close to her age (Natasha was more maternal), but the two could relate to each other. They had both been lied to, manipulated, and experimented on - and both of those experiments led to their powers (in Y/N’s case, activating her inhuman powers).

However, as close as they were, Wanda was hesitent - even a bit frightened - to admit how close she truly felt to Y/N. To admit that with Y/N, it reminded her of what she once had with her twin brother, Pietro.

Who would have known that one Avengers mission would lead to Wanda coming to terms with those feelings?


Y/N and Wanda, the only two with magical powers on the team (Thor was in Asgard), had been assigned a mission by Fury and Steve to go check out an abandoned warehouse which was suspected to house S.H.I.E.L.D. plans once left there by one of the old directors. 

It was a simple one, and there was no real need for either of the Avengers’ powers, but it was important enough that the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents weren’t assigned to it. Besides, with Y/N and Wanda’s skills, It would take the two of them and their magic rather than a team of Agents to scour and watch the building.  

There wasn’t even an extraction plan set up in case of danger, because no danger was expected. Except for any sort of traps, where their magic would come into play.

The women were entering the building now after their yet had landed not far away. They quickly swept through the floors until they narrowed it down to two hallways - the one in the basement and the one at the top. What they hadn’t noticed, though, was that there were guards that had spotted the Avengers and were now all in the very room the files were in, ready to pounce at a moments notice. The element of surprise was unfortunately on the enemy’s side. 

“I’ll take the top floor, you take the basement?” Y/N asked in her comms, already climbing the staircase. 

“Leave me to the stinky basement, eh?” Was Wanda’s reply. 

Y/N giggled. “Have fun.”

Their conversation died after that, both concentrating on searching. Y/N came to the last room in her section and took a breath before turning the door handle and opening the door. 

The poor girl couldn’t have seen it coming. 

In the two seconds of surprise Y/N was hit with, one of the five guards - who was one of the two of them that had magic - caused an explosion which blasted Y/N back through the door and into the hallway. 

“Why do you want this? Who are you with?” The guard demanded, although his words were all mushed together due to the loud ringing in Y/N’s ears. 

Y/N just coughed and groaned, rolling on her side. She reached her hand out to blast her own magic at them, mind going miles and miles a second - however the other guard with powers was quicker. That guard used their magic to drain Y/N temporarily of all her own powers, strength, and energy. Y/N collapsed, only the will of herself keeping her conscious, struggling to even reach comms to let Wanda know what was happening. 

“TELL US!” The man roared, however it seemed that Wanda did come to her aid, As soon as the word’s left his mouth he, along with the other guards, were all unconscious and Wanda was running towards Y/N. 

“Y/N! Oh my god,” Wanda said, dropping to her knees. She quickly turned Y/N over so she was laying on her back and cupped Y/N’s face in her hands. “I’m going to get you out, okay? I promise.”

Y/N cracked a small smile despite the pain she was in, nodded ever so slightly. “M’tired,” she murmured, and almost adjusted herself as if she were preparing for a night’s sleep, resting in Wanda’s arms. 

“Y/N, no!” Wanda said, shaking Y/N who was beginning to nod off. “You need to keep your eyes open for me, alright? Can you do that, sister?” 

The world rolled right off of the redhead’s tongue so naturally that at first Wanda didn’t take notice. Thankfully, the slight shock was enough to get Y/N to snap open her eyes. 

“You called me ‘sis’,” Y/N observed, smiling bigger. 

Wanda blinked, reflecting for a moment, and then smiled. “Yeah, yeah … I guess I did. You’re like a sister to me, you know? I always wanted one, and you’ve sorted filled that role … If that’s okay with you.” 

Y/N gripped Wanda’s hand. “I always wanted a big sister when I was young,” she replied softly. 

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