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#scarlet widow
sugarybitterness · 4 months ago
let’s build some bears - natasha romanoff x wanda maximoff x reader [blurb]
a/n; a short blurb~ going to build a bear with wandanat<3!!! hope you enjoy my first wandanat post:]] requests are open annnd feedback is always appreciated ~
the minute the three of you stepped to into the mall, you dragged your two girlfriends to the one single destination in mind: build a bear.
ever since the three of you started dating you had amassed quite a soft toy collection, from carnival prizes to arcade claw machine wins or the random plushie one of you picked up while shopping. but one type of plushie was glaringly missing from the collection- a build a bear one. when you found out neither natasha nor wanda knew what build a bear was, you decided to it was time to change that.
when you finally found a day where all three of you were free, all you had to do was turn on the pout and puppy eyes for your two soft badass girlfriends to bring you to the mall. hands entwined with each of them on one side, you looked at the huge build a bear sign with an large smile on your face.
“so we get to pick what kind of soft toy we want?” natasha asked curiously as she looked at the various types of animals for display, all in different colours. you nodded in affirmation and your head turned when you felt wanda’s hand slip from yours. the sokovian was looking at the clothes, but more specifically the avengers one.
“we can make our bears look like us?” wanda asked as she picked up the scarlet witch outfit, complete with the little headband. you nodded again in affirmation, a soft smile dancing on your lips when you saw how wanda’s eyes lit up as she grabbed all three of your superhero outfits to put in a nearby basket.
the three of you decided to get a classic teddy bear each, in varying shades of brown. knowing that you could probably convince your girlfriends to come back to build a bear more often, heart melting at the soft smiles the two had on their faces, you got one outfit for each bear. after going through the heart process and stuffing the bears, you also added in a voice recording for the bears too. taking turns to record a soft “i love you” for your own bear, you knew that the you would definitely be listening to the recording whenever they were away. you were then directed to the birth certificate station and after some convincing, each bear was named after each of your nicknames- tasha, wan and y/n/n. dressing the teddy bears in the matching hero outfit, the bears were gently placed in the boxes and the three of you left shop with contented hearts.
the next time you had to go on a mission, carol sent you a photo of wanda and natasha snuggled on the couch with your bear counterpart in between the two of them, each of them holding a paw. you laughed softly at the picture and set it as your lockscreen before opening up the group chat the three of you shared.
y/n: so.. should i be jealous of y/n/n? do i need to fight a teddy bear for stealing my girls?
natasha: i am going to kill carol
wanda: faster come home so we can cuddle the real y/n
y/n: yes ma’am
y/n: *voice recording* i love you natty~ i love you wanssss~~
wanda: *voice recording* we love you too ~
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scarletwidowaf · 7 months ago
Yelena Belova x reader “fake dating” to actual!!!!
Plssssss :) 🥲💛
Moral Of The Story
Yelena Belova x female reader, scarlewidow mentioned.
A/N: might be messy, might be cheesy, but I truly don't care because I live for this chaotic due.
warning: stupidity maybe
words: 2000ish- probably more. 
Tumblr media
You don't know how but somehow training with Yelena always ended up with you being pinned down on the training mat.
"Fuck" you cursed frustrated as she pinned you down for the 3d time in a row. Yelena laughed before she stood up and held out her hand for you to take.
"I let you win!" You said as she pulled you up.
"Sure you did" she joked.
"Seriously. I let you stomp on my dignity because I have a favor to ask!" you said back, a goofy grin playing on your lips as you passed her one of the water bottles.
"Now, that's gonna be interesting" she said as she sat on the floor, her back facing the wall. She gratefully took the bottle from your hand as she waited for you to talk.
"be my girlfriend" you said. The two of you were always comically stupid, so of course that you said that at the same moment she was taking a gulp from her bottle and of course she choked- and of course you laughed.
"I'm Sorry" the blonde glared at you.
"You're not" she responded in between coughing.
After a few moments, she finally stopped coughing and your laugh dyed out as well.
"You're right. I wasn't." You laughed again and she shoved you playfully.
"So, did you seriously just asked me to be your girlfriend?" She asked. Her lips forming her famous-troubled-maker cheeky grin.
"Well.. my fake girlfriend to be exact" you corrected yourself and she laughed again.
"You know you could've started with that, right?"
"And what's the fun in that?"
You smirked at her, knowing full well she found the random question amusing.
"So Why me, anyway..? - Wait, Let me guess.. kate and carol said no and you're scared of Wanda?"
"Okay first I'm not scared of Wanda, I'm scared of your sister.. there's a difference. And Second; my parents in town.. and I kinda told them I have a girlfriend.."
"Oh, now that's classic" Yelena, obviously, found the situation hilarious and you couldn't blame her since you found this dumb conversation amusing as well.
"Does it mean you'll do it?" You asked.
"Yeah why not" she responded you raised an eyebrow at her waiting for the catch. With Yelena, there's always a catch or at least a stupid comment.
"Yeah. I want to meet the poor souls who had to deal with your stupidity on a daily basis for the last 20 years..."
And here it is. You thought.
"I will punch you" you threaten her.
"Kinky" she smirked.
"Whatever stupid. I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8" you said as you got up from the spot next to her.
"Wear something nice"
The thing about Yelena is that you can never know what to expect. No matter how much time you spent with her, and it was a lot, she somehow still managed to surprise you.
This time was no different. but in her defense, this time the blame is definitely on you. You saw Yelena wear different kinds of outfits, from gear to fancy dresses, yet for some reason, you just didn't expect the other girl to wear a suit, and damn she looked good.
The gray suit fit her perfectly and her long blonde hair was down. She looked painfully beautiful and you couldn't help but stare- and she couldn't help but notice.
She wasn't doing better, on your defense. The blonde checked you out shamelessly before she sent you a smirk "How lucky I am" she joked and you rolled your eyes.
"Very lucky.. and so am i" Yelena smiled at you and held her hand out for you to take.
The ride was short and 15 minutes later you were standing outside the restaurant.
You could feel Yelena's gaze on you as you bit your lip nervously. "It will be alright" she assured you as she interviewed your hands together. "Thank you" you looked at her gratefully "Don't sweat it" she replayed with a soft smile.
That was the thing about Yelena, people always misguided her for someone she wasn't and it always made you mad. God, Of course, she was strong and fierce and brave and absolutely terrifying at times- but She was so much more than that. She was sweet and loyal and caring, and kinda funny (don't tell her) and absolutely beautiful- inside and out. One of your favorite things about her was her shy and sincere smile, which seemed reserved only for you.
"You ready?" She squeezed your hand. you took a small shaky breath before smiling back at her. "As ready as ill ever be"
The restaurant wasn't busy and it didn't take you long to catch your parents in a corner in the far back of the room. Both smiling wide as you walked towards them. Your mother's smile was contagious and you couldn't help but smile back. God, you missed them.
"We've missed you so much" your father said as he hugged you, your mother doing the same.
"I've missed you too" you confessed before tugging Yelena forwards them.
"I'm assuming that's the girlfriend," Your father said and you nodded. God, You were nervous and Yelena could sense it as she reached for your father's hand.
"Yelena." She introduced herself As they shook hands. Her grip firm and her smile dazzling. "I'm Y/D/N and this is my wife Y/M/N" he introduced himself as well.
"Glad to finally meet you. I heard a lot of great things about you" She said with a confident smile.
Both of you could tell the older man was impressed by the blonde and you couldn't help but smile.
"Were happy to finally meet you as well- although we can't say the same since pumpkin over here hasn't said much about you"
Yelena smirked at you as you blushed deeply. You knew she wouldn't let you forget about the nickname. Like, never. "Yeah, it's actually pretty new. It wasn't really planned neither" she explained.
Your mother, God bless her, wasn't the one to shook hands. The moment Yelena was free from your father's grip she found herself in the woman's warm embrace.
"Okay... I think we should start ordering" you said when Yelena was free again. Her cheeks were a bit flushed. The Russian Assassin wasn't used to be hugged and you couldn't help but smile.
The conversation was light, the wine was good and most importantly, your parents loved Yelena. which was understandable considering the fact she was annoyingly charming.
The Yelena that sat next to you with her hand on your lap was the best version the blonde could pull and you felt stupid for being worried in the first place. Yelena led the conversation with politeness, charm, and grace that you never knew she had in her- and your mom seemed impressed. Impressing your dad was even easier- Yelena didn't even have to try, all she had to do was show her intelligence and add some light humor.
After an hour of light and mostly general conversation, amazing food, many embarrassing stories of you on both sides, and 2 glasses of wine, your mom decided to take the conversation into her hands.
"So Yelena. Tell us about yourself."
Oh boy. Now that might be a problem.
"Well... I joined the avengers a few months ago" she explained "Not long after I met your daughter actually," she said simply.
"That's nice, and before that?" The older woman asked.
"I was a freelance.." Yelena gulped. Her hand squeezes yours
"As?" Your mom asked. You knew she didn't try to push Yelena into this corner, she wasn't this kind of person, but she definitely put the blonde on the spot.
"Well... I was involved with the black market and different criminal organizations. Jobs like getting undercover to dig information or well.. getting rid of powerful men in the criminal world.."
Your parent's eyes went wide. Your dad stared at her with wide eyes and your mom cleared her throat.
"I don't do it anymore" she continued. The blonde seemed as nervous as you felt.
"How did you ended up in this line of work? If I may ask?"
"Mom I don't think-" you started and Yelena smiled at you.
"No, It's fine babe.." she said before moving her attention back to your parents "Sometimes life gets you to places where you have to do bad things to survive."
Your dad's expression was unreadable and your mom seemed worried as she glanced at you.
"Yelena and I met when her sister recruited and pulled her out of this life. Yelena is a good person, despite everything she's been through. That's what I love the most about her." You said.
Yelena smiled softly and your parents exchanged looks.
"I'm a different person now" Yelena promised
"We believe you... but I can't help but worry for my daughter, as you can surely understand. What if the people you've been involved with. Try to get to you through Y\N"
Your father asked calmly. Both were taking it better than you expected and you couldn't blame them for being worried.
"Dad. I know it might come as shocking.. but I'm a big girl and I'm well aware of the risk of being involved with Yelena. I need you to trust me when I say that risks, some worse than the mafia, were a part of my life long before we met."
Yelena bit her lip to hold a smile and you interviewed your hands again.
"You're a doctor" your mom argued "I'm a field doctor. Of the avengers." you corrected her. "which means I'm more of capable of taking care of myself."
Your dad nodded softly to your mom before he smiled at you. "You're are.. Don't you?" He laughed. "Mu little pumpkin.." he sIgh and your mother smiled as well
"I just want you to understand that all we want for you is to be safe and happy. And even a blind man can see Yelena gives you that." He sent Yelena a soft smile. Yelena smiled back at him.
"Take care of my daughter.. she's a keeper" your father said firmly.
"She is. And trust me, I will" she promised.
"Well, that went well" you laughed when you got into the passenger seat. Yelena volunteered to drive which was a relief since you were exhausted.
After the two of you got into your seats the blonde sent you a small smile and took something out of her pocket.
"Is that? A bullet..?" You asked confused as you took the copper cylinder from her hand.
Yelena laughed softly.
"It is. It's the same bullet you stopped me from shooting at Natasha"  she confessed.
"I was in such a bad place back then and I blamed Natasha for it. If it weren't for you things would've been very different now" Yelena whispered
"Yeah, both of you were dead since you would've shot her, and Wanda would've probably hunted you down and kill you" you laughed and Yelena's shoulders relaxed.
"Probably" she said. "But with all seriousness... I was aiming a gun at my own sister and instead of pulling your own gun at me, you decided to shield her with your own body and dare me to shoot you as well. Who does that!?."
"You thought I was insane" you laughed.
"I thought you were stupid, putting your life at risk to save someone fucked up like us! someone like me.." She confessed and it downed on you.
No matter what happened or how many good things Yelena had done in her life, she couldn't let go of who she was trained to be. She still blamed herself for all the terrible things she did back at the red room and she constantly tried to get closure by doing the exact opposite- which was probably the reason she killed all these bad men in the first place. But then Natasha came back for her, and Yelena blamed her for leaving her behind to live with the things they did. She felt betrayed and broken, and Natasha's return only made it worse. Like she was just pitting her broken sister.
"All I know is that the Yelena I stood up to and the Natasha I saved that day were not the villains the red room tried to create." You whispered.
"You truly believed that? Even then?" Yelena was crying softly and you cupped her cheek.
"Especially then! I know you don't see it, but I'm here to remind you, you're a good person. Truly. You have a good heart- and I've seen it"
Yelena's cheeks were stained with tears, her eyes red and puffy and her famous crooked smile was plastered on her lips.
"And that's why you love me?"
She was a mess just like back then- when she was aiming a gun at her own sister as who she thought she was and who she truly is were fighting for dominance.
She was tragically beautiful and scared both then and now, yet somehow at the same time, she was more sure and confident than ever before. And I guess that what life is all about. Sometimes, things start to make sense only when everything else doesn't.
"Wasn't it obvious, stupid?" You said and stroked her cheek carefully as she melted into your touch.
Yelena smiled before kissing your hand softly, without breaking eye contact with you.
"You're the stupid one and you know it. Taking an assassin as your dinner date." She joked and you nodded and looked briefly at her lips.
"Well, stupid or not, I still manage to get a kiss at the end of it." Yelena laughed and got closer to you.
"Yeah you did" she whispered and kissed you.
And that was the thing about Yelena. She was good and kind and loyal. And a damn good kisser.
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checkingoutforheroes · 5 months ago
Happy Accident.
Wandanat x kid!reader
Tumblr media
(Pictures not mine)
Wanda: Hi baby, how's school today?
Y/n sigh: Just like usual.
Natasha: What's wrong buddy? Did someone mess with you at school?
Y/n: No...
Natasha: ...but?
Wanda: It's okay baby. You can tell us.
Y/n: I know I'm not your daughter-
Natasha: Who said that?!
Wanda: Nat, let her finish first. Then we can go 'banana'.
Natasha drink juice: I'm sorry. Go on.
Y/n: I mean, I know I'm adopted. But my friends said that I might be came from a happy accident.
Natasha: ...
Wanda: ...
Y/n: I've been thinking since then. What is happy accident? Accident is painful. Why people be happy about accident? How human can came from happy accident, mama?
Wanda: You can answer that. She asked you, mama. It's time for birds and the bees talk.
Natasha whisper: She's 9! I didn't prepare for this kind of question. Maybe not for the next 3,4 years!
Wanda whisper: You think I did? We don't even know her parents. How can I know if she's a happy accident or sad accident?
Natasha: Actually, I kinda know who's her parents.
Wanda: What?! You knew and you didn't tell me?
Natasha: I'm a spy, love! I can't help it.
Wanda: Okay, why don't you use your spy skills to make a plan on answering OUR daughter questi-
Y/n: It's okay mom, mama. I can just google what it mean.
Natasha & Wanda: No!
Y/n, shock: Are you mad at me?
Natasha & Wanda: No..
Y/n: Am I being punish?
Natasha & Wanda: No..
Natasha: Sweetie, how about we tell you in some other time? It's a long story and there are 90% chances that you will be bored.
Wanda: Yes. Mama is right. It is such a boring topic to talk about. Now, why don't you go to your room and finish your homework? I'll call you when dinner is ready. Okay baby?
Y/n go upstairs: Okay mom.
Natasha take vodka out of upper cupboard: We need to get ready for the next time she'll ask.
Wanda, wrapping arm around Natasha's neck: She's just curious. I think she got it from you, darling.
Natasha, holding her torso: Me?
Wanda: You're a spy. Spies are curious. All about questions, answers, information. She's a curious little spy. You, as a mama spy, I suggest you to block or restrict some websites or keywords for her browser.
Natasha: Can I do that later?
Wanda: Now, or you didn't get 'any' tonight.
Natasha: Fine.
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lipstickwriter · 3 months ago
My new head canon is that Wanda didn't dye her hair red. Nat did.
They were on the run, so they had to change look, which is why nat cut her hair and went blonde (the shock that gave me in the IW trailer)
Wanda had spent... we have no idea how much time they spent in the Raft but after seeing black widow I'm going to go for about 2 months (we need a precise answer to that btw) (my estimation is just based on how much Nat's hair grew between Civil War and the Black Widow end scene)
She was not really okay when she came back, and who could blame her right
But she was kinda the kid of the team, so everyone was trying to help her out, make her smile, cheer her up.
Sam was making her watch silly movies and disney movies and even found these old sitcoms she seemed to like so much for some reason
And steve cooked (don't ask me why), tried to remind her of home, and tried to make her eat a little bit everyday
But she was still so quiet, she was trying, they could see it, but her eyes were still empty
And nat decided that they needed to help her but also, they were still on the run
So she showed up one day, with her arm filled with hair products and dragged Wanda to the bathroom to work her magic
She had to bleach the brunette hair and wait and bleach and wait and yeah okay the process actually took several days, weeks cause the point was not to ruin her hair.
But Wanda slowly started to open up again. Because Nat had no expections. She wasn't looking at her like she was fragile,like she was going to collapse any second
No, she looked at her like she knew she was strong and resilient. She trusted her. This was bad, and hard but the red head... the blonde, trusted her to get out of this stronger. She needed to feel this, needed to feel this pain, and get through it, but she would emerge.
Nat trusted her and all she was doing, was silently tell her "it's okay, I get it, and I will be here when you need me"
And Wanda started smiling again, smiling more as her hair grew paler. And she talked to Nat more, opening up, and she started choosing her own movie and pestering Sam again, and helped Steve cook a good paprikash
And when her hair was pale enough and Nat told her to pick a color, she smiled at she looked at the pretty blonde
And she picked Red.
Red had always been a pretty color.
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wandaswifeyforlifey · 29 days ago
We're Here, Always
A/n: Damnit! I'm so sorry to the anon who requested this idek what happened but I've found the fic itself. Anyway, before all this faff I had said that this was really fun to write and I'm quite proud of myself for it! Thank you anon too because this whole situation has been chaotic, I'm sorry. also, I managed to sneak some Stucky into this because when the option arises you need to take it
Warnings: Mentions of anxiety
Ship: Wanda x Reader x Natasha
Summary: During the fall of the Avengers, life hadn't been going too smoothly for you. Then the Sokovia Accords were handed to you and things just seemed to be going constantly downhill. Luckily, you had Wanda and Nat there for you when you needed them most.
Navigation // Masterlist // Taglist // Sunday Drabbles
Tumblr media
➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳
Wanda and Natasha both knew how stressed you had been getting lately. Missions worried you more now that you had both of your girlfriends to watch over and the paperwork had been stacking up lately. With the government retaliating against the Avengers anything and everything you did was under a microscope. Any sort of slip up and the world could turn against you in seconds.
Life at home wasn’t much easier either to be fair. You weren’t living with Nat and Wanda yet but any day now one of you would ask the others to move in. Financially, you had been struggling too. Some friends lent money to you, you slept at the compound most days, electricity wasn’t something easily accessible to you and all of this together was really taking its toll.
Then, the Sokovia Accords were given to you all. Steve was sitting with everyone’s eyes on him. Despite it being unspoken, we all knew why they were sent now. It was Wanda and Bucky. You and Steve seemed to be in a similar situation for the first time in forever. Both of you had someone you loved in danger.
It was obvious to your girlfriends, who were sitting either side of you, that this brought you closer and closer to a full meltdown. Natasha placed her hand on your bouncing knee, hoping to give you some feeling of relaxation. Sadly, that was only temporary. Wanda then took your hand and rested her head on your shoulder. She felt it shaking sporadically and knew that the only thing that could help would be removing you from that situation. The tense silence, the glares from other members of the team and the common knowledge that this could be the end of the Avengers.
Wanda pulled you up from the couch and walked into the hall with Natasha following closely behind. Once you got far enough down the hallway that the people in the room couldn’t hear you, you sank to your feet and placed your hands on your face. Your girlfriends sat on the floor almost surrounding you.
“It’ll be ok, Y/n,” Nat started, “The bond we’ve made on this team can never fully die out. We’ll all come back together someday. I’m sure of it. And we aren’t going to go anytime soon if ever, are we?”
“No, of course not. How about we take you to your room and you rest, ok?” added Wanda. You could only nod in response as you knew the only sounds you could make were whimpers and cries.
Layng on the bed, you finally felt calmer and safe. You tried to keep all of those thoughts out of your mind which didn’t work but you didn’t quite expect it to. Now was good though. Now was happy. That was the only thing that mattered.
Taglist: @catasha @alotofpockets @avery-romanoff @marie45019
ily guys <3 <3
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kai-queen · a month ago
My Marvel ships:
Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes
Clint Barton x Bucky Barnes
Loki Laufeyson x Bucky Barnes
Howard Stark x Bucky Barnes
Howard Stark x Peggy Carter
Peggy Carter x Natasha Romanoff
Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff
Natasha Romanoff x Pepper Potts
Pepper Potts x May Parker
Tony Stark x Stephen Strange
Loki Laufeyson x Mobius
Thor Odinson x Bruce Banner
Gamora x Mantis
Matthew Murdock x Clint Barton
Anna Jarvis x Edwin Jarvis
Darcy Lewis x Monica Rambeau
Carol Danvers x Rhodey
Peter Parker x Michelle Jones
Peter Parker x Harry Osborn
Peter Parker x Gwen Stacy
Peggy Carter x Angie Martinelli
Wanda Maximoff x Daisy Johnson
Valkyrie x Jane Foster
Matthew Murdock x Foggy Nelson
John Walker x Lemar Hoskins
Nico Minoru x Karolina Dean
Carol Danvers x Maria Rambeau
Phil Coulson x Glenn Talbot
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effymaybe · 3 months ago
In case you were wondering, Wanda and Natasha are cuddling right now. Wanda has her head pressed against her girlfriend’s chest, enjoying the sounds of her heartbeat. Natasha has her fingers tangled in the witch’s -recently dyed- redish locks. It’s raining softly, stray drops hitting against the window out of rhythm. Wanda takes a deep breath and tilts her head up, dragging her lips through Natasha’s neck. The shortest girl shivers. She leans downwards to catch Wanda’s mouth in a deep kiss. They stay like that for a few minutes, breaths melting into each other until Wanda can’t stop herself from similing. She’s happy. Her chest is filled with joy. Her stomach sommersaults with how charmed Natasha has her. When she feels her girlfriend grinning, the spy pulls back delicately, longing to see her smile. A few moments pass with them just staring at each other, their open expressions dripping with the adoration they feel for each other.
They are in love. It’s all that matters. 
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snowonebutyou · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
we’re stardust tonight
Summary: Summers meant different things for Wanda as she grew up.
Notes: hi there again :) thought i’d deliver you some very soft scarlet widow feelings this fine thursday. hope you guys enjoy it!
this is set right before the next installment, which means natasha, wanda and pietro are 18 and yelena is around 14.
title’s from new politics’ stardust
Words: 3,144
Rating: teen and up audiences
Summers meant different things for Wanda as she grew up.
Up until she was seven years old, summers meant going to her grandparents’ house in a secluded village by the edge of the mountains where she and Pietro would run around amidst the chamomile flowers that grew in the open field, lie down on their porch to watch as the night sky lit up in a seemingly endless starry canvas, the smell of their dedushka ’s cooking lingering in the air, mixing with the sounds of their babushka softly strumming her battered old guitar.
After they died — at the hospital, a little after Wanda and Pietro’s eighth birthday — summers meant going to work with their parents at the local farmer’s market; but it didn’t feel like work to Wanda at all. They spent the long, sunny days together as a family, and afterward, she and Pietro would sneak up to the roof of their apartment building to watch the stars. They weren’t as clear and bright as they were in the mountains but they still had the same breathtaking effect above the city’s dimming lights.
After a mortar shell took away their parents alongside their building and half the city, Wanda didn’t think she would get to have any more summers; not after spending two days under the wreckage hoping against hope that they got to survive (even if she didn’t think there was anything else left to survive for).
Yet, somehow, she did. Both her and Pietro got their chance at having summers again, far away from the place they once called home, somewhere that became just what they needed.
Summers in America were different. They were far louder, time moving faster, yet the days dragged on, long, warm, and humid. Summers in America became a synonym for gas station slurpees staining your tongue blue, going on endless bike rides around their neighborhood, watching forest (and actual) stars, and staying up until her eyes couldn’t stand to be open any longer.
It was freedom and safety all wrapped in one.
It was home.
READ MORE ON AO3 //  ko-fi
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scarletwidowfamilystan · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Don’t Touch Them
Ship: Wanda x Natasha
Summary: While on a mission with Steve and Tony, Natasha helps them take down who they think is the leader of a new HYDRA uprising. However, upon realizing that he is just a lackey with some information, Natasha must race home to her family before it is too late.
“Tell us what you know!” Steve yelled as Tony, clad in his Ironman suit, held the HYDRA agent up by his neck. The anger was evident. They thought they had beat HYDRA. Bucky thought he was safe. The twins thought they were safe.
Turns out that no one was safe.
The HYDRA agent remained silent. Natasha refused to take his bullshit any longer. “Come on, we know you’re the leader. Give it up, you lost. Tell us your plan!”
The agent slowly turned his head to face Natasha. “I’m not the boss.”
The three avengers looked at each other. They had intel that the boss would be here, not one of his lackeys.
“And as for what I know. Two words.” He was staring at Natasha. “Sunset Drive.”
Her heart dropped to her stomach. Her thoughts immediately turned to the small house on Sunset Drive in New York. Ten minutes from the compound. The house where the love of her life resided. Where her one month old boys were.
Before even realizing it, she was taking off. She could care less about Tony and Steve, she had to find her family.
Her motorcycle was in the quinjet, ready for her. She revved it up and drove off towards her home. She could vaguely hear the voices of Tony and Steve, but she refused to listen and instead sped up.
“Pietro!” She decided to call her wife’s twin. The man was probably at the compound, but he would get there faster than she ever could. “Pietro come in!”
“Nat! How’s my favorite sister-in-law!” The Sokovian’s cheerful voice came through the comms.
Natasha shook her head, clearing the tears that she didn’t know were falling. “Pietro! Get to my house immediately! Wanda...Tommy...Billy.” She swallowed. “They’re in trouble.”
All she heard was a whoosh and the line clicking. She could breathe a little easier knowing that he was there, but she was still terrified.
She arrived to the house in record time. (They were lucky the base was in New York). The door was blown off. She dismounted the motorcycle and let it drop as she sprinted into the door. Pietro was being held by his throat and Wanda had the twins in the corner of the living room.
“Let him go!” Nat screamed, pulling one of her guns and holding. It to the HYDRA agent’s head.
The agent chuckled and dropped Pietro. “Black Widow. Glad you could join us.”
The agent disarmed her. She countered with a kick to his groin. When he doubled over, she took the chance to bring his head down to her knee. He stumbled back, but quickly regained his composure and lunged at her. The two engaged in combat before he ultimately gained the upper hand, pinning her to the wall and choking her.
“I’m going to kill you. Then I’m going to kill your family.” The agent spat, tightening his grip.
Suddenly, in a flash of blue and silver, he was gone. Pietro came back seconds later, holding the agents identification.
“He didn’t see that coming.” The cocky man remarked.
In a sigh of relief, Natasha ran to her family. She collapsed in front of them, holding on to them as if she would never again get the chance. Now she understands what Clint meant about having a family. She would do anything for them, without hesitation.
“Nat, baby, we’re okay.” Wanda managed to tell her through sobs. Both of them were overwhelmed with emotion. Wanda passed baby Tommy to her wife. “You saved us, моя любовь”
Looking down at the baby in her arms, looking up at her wife with her other baby in her arms, Natasha felt something she never thought possible. Finally, she had something to lose. Something to fight for.
“Romanoff!” The voice of Steve came from behind her.
“They’re okay. Pietro and I...they’re safe.” Natasha stuttered out. “They’re safe.”
Pietro crouched down next to his sister, sister-in-law, and nephews. “So...crashing at my place?”
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lipstickwriter · 3 months ago
There's a huge conversation to have about how MxM ships gets so much energy because straight girls sexualise them but lesbian ships are seen as weird and problematic because only wlw ships them and it's very clear and easy to see in the mcu fandom and in this essay I will
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scarletwidowaf · 7 months ago
Imagine that no power AU where Natasha falls for this cute artsy girl and slowly finds out (to her horror) that Wanda's not just some random artsy crafts girl who plays guitar, but the (adopted) Granddaughter of the owner of the company Natasha works for. As in oh, oh no, that's Carter's grandbaby, Carter's gonna kill me.
baby carter
Wanda Maximoff x Natasha Romanoff (scarlet widow \ wandanat)
warnings: cursing? Terrible grammar and writing maybe because my brain's having hard time.
A\N: soft scarlet widow- Natasha being awkward and charming and Wanda being absolutely adorable. also, I honestly don't know what I feel bout it - I think it's kinda messy especially compared to my latest work.
words: idk... a lot? 
Tumblr media
Natasha's been working in carter's Law Firm for almost 3 years now, slowly climbing up the company's hierarchical food chain, yet not enough to get the well-deserved promotion she was aching to get.
Not that she was ungrateful, hell no. not long after she graduated she got the job in carter's, which was one of the best and strongest law firms in the market. This means that not only that she found herself working alongside some of the best lawyers in the world, she truly couldn't complain about the paycheck she was getting every month.
Natasha wasn't ungrateful, but she was driven and she knew she was great at her job, hell, she was the best young lawyer in her class, yet, after 3 years in the firm, she was still working under Coulson. Which naturally means, she did a lot of dirty work instead of representing her own cases. Working with Coulson was great, really, the man was nice, sweet, a bit nerdy at times, and of course, such a great lawyer. Looking back, Natasha should give him credit for many things she achieved in the last 3 years, and one of them was meeting the love of her life- the one and only Wanda Maximoff.
One Thursday evening, as she was just finishing up some paperwork at the firm's office in New York, she got a call from Coulson, who let her know they were cutting the day short following personal constraints.
Instead of going straight home to rest after the brutal week, as she probably should've done, she decided to text Steve and Tony to see if they were free. luckily for her, her two best friends were willing to sacrifice any plans they had for this fine Thursday night, to celebrate the rare occasion of Natasha getting out of the firm before 8 pm.
The bar steve chose was nice, rather quiet and chill. Naturally, tony didn't seem to be a fan of the blonde's choice, but since it was Steve's turn to choose a place there wasn't much he could've done about it.
"We should sit near the stage" Steve said as he spotted an empty table at the other side of the bar, near the stage.
"What's wrong with you rogers? Do you want us to sit near the stage where random people will try to squick their hearts out to a Celine Dion song?" Tony sneered out, his eyes shooting daggers at the blonde as they sat.
"It's not a karaoke bar, tony" Natasha defended steve's choice.
"Yeah, this bar hosts young talented artists, I think it's awesome and refreshing" the blonde explained.
"I still hate it" tony said.
"We don't care" Natasha said as a waitress came to the table.
Over an hour and a half later, 3 performances were over and two bawls of fries as well, the next artist got onto the stage.
The woman was young, probably younger than Natasha, and beautiful.
She was dressed rather simply compared to the other artists, just a plain white T and an old pair of skinny jeans.
Natasha noticed that some strands of her dark brown hair got stuck under her red guitar's strap.
The woman was smiling nervously as she introduced herself to the crowd and Natasha couldn't help but send her an encouraging small smile.
Surprisingly for her, the woman smiled back.
Tony and steve noticed it as well and they exchanged knowing looks.
The singer's voice was almost as beautiful as her.
Her fingers softly strumming on the frets- as almost as it was second nature, while her soft angelic voice filled the room, sending chills through Natasha's body.
Natasha smiled when she noticed how quiet the bar became, everyone seemed to be enchanted by the young singer.
When the singer finished her preference she smiled brightly to the audience, who cheered for her loudly- as she deserved, and got off the stage.
Natasha noticed the poor singer who was supposed to try and top her incredible performance. He seemed miserable.
"Earth to nat!?" Tony waved his hand in front of Natasha. The redhead blinked twice before tearing her attention from the singer and to her friends.
Steve was smiling at her, his eyes glittering in enthusiasm, while tony smirked at her with raised eyebrows.
"I'm sorry, what?" She asked.
Steve laughed and tony sigh.
"We said that she was really good" the blonde explained
"Not that you haven't noticed it, you've been practically drooling," Tony said.
"I was not" she defended herself
"You were," he said. "But we don't judge you Romanoff, its natural, she was pretty and you didn't get laid in a while. Plus- You always had a thing for the innocent looking ones" he explained and Natasha sent him her dirtiest glare.
If a look could kill tony stark would've been dead by now.
"Okay first, I wasn't drooling. Second, fuck you"
"Nice comeback" tony taunted her with a smirk, knowing full well he wasn't completely wrong.
"You should ask her out. You seem to like her"
Steve smiled at her and Natasha knew he meant it- he was was always the sweetest one of the three.
"Fancy her" tony corrected steve.
"She Like her" steve raised his eyebrow at his friend.
"Fancy" tony taunted
"Li-" steve was about to argue again until Natasha cut the stupid argument off.
"Fuck off you too," she said and waved to the waiter, hoping that another beer might make the two less annoying.
When the waiter didn't come, Natasha got frustrated, her two friends started to argue over another idiotic thing: steve's lack of love life and tony's girlfriend's lack of taste In men.
"I'm gonna get a refill," she said as she got up. The two sent her quick okays before getting back to their bickering.
When Natasha approached the bar she noticed a familiar face.
The singer was sitting in front of the bar's counter with a glass of mojito. She seemed to be having a polite conversation with the bartender.
"Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt but can I have a refill?" Natasha asked the bartender. The man smiled at her and nodded before he replaced her empty cup with a new one.
The singer smiled at her softly again- Natasha smiled nervously at her.
"I'm Natasha" Natasha said awkwardly to the girl, her cheeks flushed.
Wanda smiled back at her "hey Natasha, I'm Wanda" Wanda, the singer said as she held out her hand for a handshake.
Natasha took her hand, praying to whatever god exist that her hand wasn't sweaty.
'What's wrong with me?' She thought as she mentally faces palmed herself.
"I liked your performance," Natasha said and Wanda smiled at her.
Natasha smiled back, happy she had the privilege to be the reason the singer smiled.
"Thank you" wanda thanked her.
"I saw you at the front line," Wanda said and Natasha nodded.
"Yeah, my friend likes this place. He chose the table" she admitted.
"That's nice, I'm guessing it's your first time in here"
"Yeah, it is actually. Was I that obvious?" Natasha joked and Wanda laughed.
"Just a little bit," Wanda said with a smile "what do you think about it so far?"
"It's really nice, honestly" Natasha admitted.
"Yeah, I think that as well. I come here often with my cousin and brother but its the first time I was on stage"
"Well, you were great. Seriously. You were" she started before gazing at the stage briefly, catching the sight of the young singer who went up after Wanda. "sorry, are- the best singer" she continued and Wanda blushed.
"Thank you it means a lot"
"Anytime," Natasha said back
"I should really go... It was lovely meeting you Natasha." Wanda said as she checked the time, a small frown on her lips.
"You too," Natasha said.
Wanda nodded at her before getting up and turning around from Natasha to pull her guitar.
when Natasha took a small sip from her beer she catches the bartender's eye.
The guy was giving her the 'are you kidding me?!' look- who was a well-known look she was familiar with from years of friendship with tony.
"Hey Wanda-" Natasha said to Wanda, who was about to walk away. The singer turned back around with a small confused smile.
"Yeah?" She asked
"Would you like to, maybe, I don't know.. go out sometime?" Natasha stuttered.
'Did I just fucking stuttered!?' She mentally kicked herself.
"Yeah.. id like that" Wanda said with a smile. The brunette took a pen out of her jeans pocket and scribble something on Natasha's arm.
"Call me," Wanda said with a smile before she smiled at the bartender, who tried to look busy with anything but them.
"Bye bucky" she laughed at his antics and left.
Natasha looked up from the scrabble on her hand, who was- of course Wanda's number with a small heart at the bottom, and exchange looks with bucky the bartender.
"That went well, right?" She asked him dumbfounded and he laughed before handing her a shot glass with vodka.
"Yeah it did.. friendly advice, don't fuck it up" he said as passed her a slice of lemon.
Natasha downed the shot, nodded at him as she took her beer, and left the lemon on the counter. Her legs taking her back to her table. both of her friends were staring at her with wide eyes.
"Hell yeah Romanoff!" Tony said excitedly.
Natasha smiled at tony before looking at steve with a chuckle "the bartender is your type" she said as she set.
Steve gave her a 'are you kidding me look before his eyes traveled from her to the bartender at the bar.
Not long after Natasha and Wanda met again, a few times actually. 10 minutes into their first date, Natasha knew she was in trouble.
Wanda was completing Natasha on almost every level she thought about.
Wanda was carefree and dorky as Natasha was a stressed workaholic.
Wanda liked homemade meals and cooking while Natasha was practically living on boxed mac and cheese or takeout.
Natasha loved to binge movies and random tv shows into the night while Wanda liked getting up early to watch the sunrise.
Wanda loved fruity alcoholic drinks while Natasha preferred it clean.
Wanda was a splash of color in Natasha's black and white life.
Not long after, Natasha asked wanda to be her girlfriend- it happened in a month and a half after their first meeting as the two women laid in Wanda's bed, naked and sweaty with their limbs intertwined.
She could've done it more romantic, but both girls truly couldn't give a damn about it.
Wanda's apartment was incredible.
The studio apartment was big and bright.
The apartment's walls color was cream and the tall window frames were covered with white curtains.
In the beginning, Natasha didn't really understand why wanda even bother to use these curtains since the sun would light the room either way, (she found out about this terrible trait when she first stayed over and found herself awake and cursing under her breath at 7 am) But, luckily for her, Natasha learned rather fast why the younger girl's windows where ALWAYS covered. It was simple, really.
Wanda had this habit to walk around the apartment half-naked, or completely naked on better days, and as much as Natasha was grateful for that (and she was), she truly wasn't the one to share, especially not the image of her naked girlfriend as she walked around the apartment or squirmed under her touch on the bed- or anywhere they chose, really.
"Nat?" Wanda whispered softly as she was playing with her sleepy girlfriend's hair and spread soft kisses on her back.
"Hm?" Natasha hummed, half asleep.
"There's something I need to tell you" Wanda said softly. Her voice barely a whisper.
"Is everything okay, baby?" Natasha asked as she turned around to face the taller woman.
Natasha's eyebrows were tightened together in worry and Wanda couldn't help but kiss her on the nose.
"Yeah" she whispered and Natasha waited patiently for her to continue "it's just that.. there's something I need to tell you... about my family"
"Okay.." Natasha encouraged her to continue.
"My family-" she started, but got cut off by Natasha's phone buzzing on the nightstand.
"Fuck" Natasha cursed before turning around to check who it was- and if she can ignore it.
The name on the screen was definitely a sight she could not ignore.
"Just a second baby, it's my boss" she said as she pulled herself up to answer the phone. by doing so, Natasha missed wanda's guilty lip bite.
That's how things went for another month. In this month Natasha got the promotion she wanted which meant she was enthusiastic for days later- and Wanda couldn't bear the thought of ruining it for her.
And that's how it went overtime.
Every time Wanda manage to muster enough courage to tell Natasha whatever she wanted to say, something happened and ruined it.
But jean Racine was indeed right: 'there are no secrets that time does not reveal', and unfortunately for both women, wanda's secret got revealed in a rather unpleasant and awkward situation.
It was a pretty normal day for Natasha.
Or at least it started as one. she spent the night at Wanda's again, which means she had a hard time leaving bed in the morning but she managed it so now, a few hours later, she was having lunch at a deserted meeting room with a few friends from the office
"hey, nat.. is that your girlfriend??" Sam asked, his eyes following a girl who passes near the glass door.
"Wanda?" Natasha asked him confused.
They weren't supposed to meet today for lunch, didn't they?
"Do you have another girlfriend I'm not aware of?" He asked
"Shut up Wilson, why would Wanda be here!?"
"I don't know Romanoff, she's your girlfriend. All I can say is that she seemed to be in a deep conversation with Sharon"
"the one and only" Carol whispered and Gamora rolled her eyes at the girl.
"Will you stop being weird?" Gamora asked and Carol shook her head.
"Why would she have a conversation with Sharon fucking Carter" Natasha asked confused
"Maybe you should ask her...?” the man asked
"Oh shit I think they're coming over here, pretend to be busy," Carol said as she dived back into her salad.
The others do the same as well.
A few moments later the glass door was pulled open by Sharon.
Her smile wide.
"Hey guys" Sharon said as she opened the door and git into the room, wanda following behind-
Probably unaware of her girlfriend's presence until moments later when their eyes met.
Wanda looked like she was about to die.
"Wanda?" Natasha asked. Her eyebrows knitted together.
"Wait, You know each other?" Sharon asked as she turned to the brunette
"Yeah-" she started
"How do you guys know each other" Natasha cut her girlfriend off. Her eyes were still wide with confusion.
"We're cousins" the blonde explained and Wanda bit her lip.
Natasha stared at her girlfriend, hoping to get an explanation from her.
"Wait how do you to know each other"
"She's my girlfriend," Wanda said softly as Natasha got up from her chair.
Sharon's eyes were wide "didn't see that coming" she muttered
"Tell me about that" Natasha said, more to her girlfriend than to her boss.
"I'm going out for a smoke," she said simply before leaving the room.
"Nat-" Wanda started as she followed her, leaving the other remaining members of the room confused.
"Really?" Sharon asked again.
"Well, that was something," sam said and gamora nodded.
"That's classic," Carol said as she quietly laughed to herself
Meanwhile, at the elevator, things were going less smoothly for the couple.
"You're my boss's niece and you didn't think about telling me this?" Natasha shot at Wanda as the elevator door opened and the two went outside.
"I was trying to tell you, nat. I swear. That was the thing I tried to tell you about this whole month But every time I tried to something happened" Wanda explained as Natasha lit her cigarette.
"Why didn't you say anything when we started dating and got to know each other?" Natasha asked.
The lawyer wasn't sure if she was more hurt by the fact Wanda kept this secret from her or terrified by the fact she was dating her boss's niece
"Because I didn't want you to look at me the way you look at me right now" Wanda defended herself.
"How do I look at you wanda?" Natasha asked hurt.
"Like I'm no longer the same artsy girl you met at the bar" Wanda whispered
Natasha laughed bitterly
"Come on Wanda you know I don't give a shit about it. I love you and the fact you're a carter won't change it. You are the same artsy girl from the bar, who happened to be my boss's nephew. You should've said something."
"You're right, I shouldn't have kept this away from you. It was destined to get out eventually and the last thing I ever wanted was to hurt you" Wanda took the cigarette out of Natasha's lips.
"I made a mistake and I can't change it."
Wanda continued and Natasha sigh
"I wanted you to know me, and I was scared you'll judge me or see me as a carter like most people do."
Wanda put her hand on Natasha's cheek and Natasha kissed her palm, encouraging her to continue her speech.
"Fuck, nat, I'm not even in this business- yeah they're my family but that's it. the only other connection I have to this firm is the fact I'm in love with one of its lawyers" Natasha's eyes lit up and Wanda blushed furiously.
"You're in love with me?" Natasha asked as she played pulled her girlfriend closer, A small cocky smile on her lips as Wanda rolled her eyes
"For someone so fucking smart you can be so dense sometimes," Wanda said and Natasha laughed "Of course I do moron."
"I love you too," Natasha said before kissing Wanda softly on the lips.
"Can you forgive me, then?"
"It depends," Natasha said with the best poker straight face she could muster.
"On?" Wanda asked with her eyebrow raised.
"Is there any other relative- who can fire my ass, I need to know about?"
Wanda smiled kissed Natasha's lips deeply.
"No!" She said when they broke away and the two laughed.
Natasha wiped away the younger woman's tears before kissing her lips again. This time softly.
"Good, now if you don't mind maximoff. My break's over and I should really get back before your cousin will fire my ass"
"Well technically.. she's my cousin in law, I'm peggy's grandchild, adopted one, and she's her nephew" Wanda explained
"Can she fire my ass?" Natasha asked with a raised eyebrow.
"Well.. yeah..?"
"Then my point still stands.
"Shut up Romanoff! you and I both know Sharon won't' fire your ass' because you're the best lawyer in this damn place" wanda argued
"Who fucks her cousin..-"
"You're right.. she might fire you" wanda joked and took her girlfriend's hand in hers.
"Or murder me" Natasha continued as her girlfriend pulled her back into the building and to the elevator.
"Yeah" Wanda laughed when they got into the elevator and the doors closed.
Wanda kissed Natasha's lips softly before pressing the button of their destined floor. "Or murder you"
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