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THE BRIAR BLIGHT ⁂ wip intro

genre―ya fantasy

pov―dual pov; third person limited

setting―the kingdom of kalyria — a newly established kingdom that’s struggling to get on its feet.

themes―lgbtq+ characters, found family, enemies to lovers, revolution, finding your purpose, self love, magic/dark magic

status―outlining/first draft


georgiana “georgie” caldera is the first princess of kalyria. with her coronation, and official royal duties, coming up, she wants to prove to her people that she’ll be a good leader. she plans to use the briar blight, an evil magical force that has been terrorizing villages for months.

eden swinton lives in one of those villages. she feels lost — unsure of what passion to follow, and struggling to choose one that she’ll love that will also support her family. but when the blight gets closer, she puts her dilemma aside and starts a revolution. or… tries to, anyway.

after it is discovered that the king and queen have been controlling the blight the whole time, georgie and eden’s lives become inextricably connected. but even the two of them have a hard time knowing if they’re on the same side.

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My fiction debut has arrived! I have just received the author copies of the Golden Goblin Press Tales of Cthulhu Invictus Britannia book that features my short story Wrath of the Kelpie. 

Wrath of the Kelpie by Francesca McMahon – Nightmares, madness, and mysterious deaths plague the city of Camulodunum. When a young boy begins being targeted, two women, a spoiled Roman settler and her native Trinovantes house slave, must put aside their differences to protect the ones they love.

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Session Log Six - A New Magic, the End of the Trials, and the True Culprit Behind the Scenes

We entered the room, careful to avoid the trap on the smooth stone floor, and saw two elemental figures of water and fire. They claimed that this trial would be a trial by combat, and all of us, including them, began to start attacking each other. I was simply hoping that I would be able to do something right this fight, trying to inspire people. And eventually, I started to do a little bit of damage to the elementals. The Fire elemental seemed to give us the most trouble, catching Lia and Dorn on fire quite a few times. But when Dorn started to take some more damage, Orel began to panic. He was nearly screaming bloody murder, telling us to get away from him. When I took a moment to think, I saw something new within Dorn; a new, uncontrollable power. Sorcerer’s magic. I knew what Orel meant, and we all had every right to be afraid of what would happen if Dorn took any more damage. But I wasn’t afraid of him, I was afraid for him. I could see the pure fear and confusion in his eyes as he continued to fight along with the rest of us, though we were simply at a distance. I was trying my best to give Dorn my assurance, urging him that he was going to be okay and to ignore Orel’s words, but he was still afraid. It hurt me seeing him that way.

When both of the elementals were dead and we got the key from them, Dorn walked over to me and wrapped me up in a tight embrace. He was nearly trembling, and I just held him there for a moment. `I knew that fear when I started quarrelling with magic myself; fae magic was a daunting concept to me, though I had a good teacher. All I could do for Dorn was whisper assurances to him to try and calm him down. I wanted to do so much more for him, but I couldn’t. It broke my heart. Once he was able to leave my arms, Orel was trying to explain what had happened to the Dragonborn, only confusing and overwhelming him more. I snapped at Orel, telling him to just stop it. Dorn was only going to become more afraid if he continued to explain the new magic within him the way he was doing so before. But after I did this, Dorn left the room, and the dungeon, so that he could take a moment to himself. Orel and the others told me to follow him. I refused at first, not wanting to intrude him if he needed a moment alone. But after thinking about it, they made me realize that I was the only one he seemed to truly trust, and deep down I wanted to make sure he was okay. I decided to follow him.

I didn’t bother hiding from him, but I didn’t make much noise. In my mind, I was telling myself that I should simply stay away from him, as much as it pained me to keep my distance. He probably needed to be alone more than anything else. I could feel his pain as he glanced back at me. He saw me, I know he did. I was in plain sight, though I was a good 30 feet away. He eventually stopped, climbing up into a tree. He removed his holy symbol of Beata from his neck, placing it in front of him as though he was going to pray. But what hurt me more than anything else, was the tears I saw pooling up and streaming down his cheeks. There was an internal battle burning and festering inside of him, and it was taking its toll. All I could do was sit on the forest floor near the tree, and start to pluck out a melody for him; a hymn for Beata I have been thinking about, as a thank you to him and his Goddess for saving me in battle.

After a little while, Dorn hopped down from the tree he had settled in, telling me that we should go back to the group before they worry. I immediately apologized for following him, telling him I only did it so that I could make sure he was alright. I would have explained more, but he cut me off with his own apology for snapping at me the way he did back in Cladehin. As we walked back, I broke the silence by playing the tune I had come up with before, just louder, humming and occasionally singing a few words, trying to come up with some good lyrics for the song of praise. I really hope he’ll like it when it’s done; I mention his glory and good deeds, after all. But all I can do is hope. Hope that he’ll like it, and hope that he will continue to trust me.

When we returned, all seemed well, and we took the time to rest once again. Some wounds needed to be healed and some of us just needed to take a break from our emotional highs, including myself. I continued to practice what I was planning on writing down when I got the chance, quietly singing so I wouldn’t disturb anyone else who was resting. But eventually, my complete exhaustion caught up to me, and I fell into a deep sleep. I only woke up when I was shaken awake by a much more happy looking, excited Dorn. I was delirious at first, but I completely woke up when I realized that he and Orel had taken the time to practice and learn about his newfound power. He even showed me a couple of his spells. I was flabbergasted. For a moment, all I could do was stand there. I was both proud of him and just in shock. He got a grasp of it so quickly, thanks to Orel. Perhaps he isn’t going to be that bad of an addition after all. I only responded to Dorn after he asked me what he thought, with pure joy and pride gleaming in his eyes like they did when he took his oath to Beata. I smiled, and told him that he was doing wonderfully. Such a precious thing.

As we continued through the puzzles laid out for us, we grew to realize that they were much more simple than they seemed. We solved them quickly, one by one. I even came up with a clever solution for one of the puzzles; that gave me a hint of my pride back. Things were starting to lighten up again, and that was all that we needed. The party had life and laughter again. And once we were all through with the puzzles, we had 8 keys before us. The eight keys to unlock the door, more likely than not leading to the source of the undead, the puzzles, and the gollums. Though Orel promised whoever we were going up against peace, I was still a bit nervous as we placed the keys in their respective locks. This was a very powerful spell caster, if they were able to make all of this and summon an army of the undead for their own defense. It was a scary thought, and I wanted to avoid violence to the best of my ability. I could only hope that the others felt the same. We weren’t ready for a fight against something as powerful as this.

When we entered, we saw a cloaked figure; not like the one that attacked us, much different as a matter of fact. We assured the caster that we came in peace, and we were simply trying to figure out what was going on. He turned around to face us; he was a tall Elven man, who was named Illifarin. We began to talk with him, and he began to explain everything that was happening within the walls of the city and why he did what he did.

    According to the mage, he raised the undead to combat his apprentice that left him. A Blood Mage, by the name of Daren. The Blood mage wanted to find an artifact. Illifarin claimed he had no clue about why Daren was looking for the artifact, and I could tell that so far, he was telling the truth. He explained to us that Daren was born a half-elven man with the cursed gift of Blood magic; he was always ridiculed for it, even after he was taken in by the former archmage of Crossholm. He let his anger brew inside of him for so long, no matter how hard anyone tried to help him, it was always growing until it burst. He lost the battle that I won so long ago.. I could understand why he lost, I really can.. But with what Illifarin told us next made Daren lose what little respect and sympathy I had for him. He lost a hard battle with himself, and he handled his loss in the worst way he possibly could.

Daren has started a Blood Cult within Crossholm, corrupting almost every large establishment or group within the city with promises of power, and mind controlling their underlings. The Fighter’s Guild, the Mages’ Guild, the Thieves’ Guild, the High Guard of the city’s Countess Taka of Crossholm, and the Church of Alhiem within the city were all corrupted by Daren. And every corrupted party seemed to play a part in the enforcement of Daren’s rule. With what Illifarin was describing, the fighters were the enforcers, roughing up those who were starting to figure out the Cult’s actions, and providing the Cult with fighters that are mutated with blood magic. The thieves gathered intelligence and ‘took care of’ the ones who knew too much. The mages were experimenting on dogs and assisting Daren in the search for the magical artifact.. They are the ones who sent that Beast to kill us in the woods that night. The Guards make sure no one can enter the castle where Daren stayed with the mind controlled Countess. And finally, the Church was taking and encouraging blood offerings to fuel the cult’s power and conspiracy. It was something we would have to take our time with; take Daren’s control of the city bit by bit, until he and his power collapse and release the city from his tyranny.

I only grew more terrified as Illifarin described to us what we must do to handle the Blood Cult and their control of the city. Everything about this seemed so daunting to me, but I suppose all of us would be working together. And once Illifarin was done speaking, I decided to speak to him myself, with the accompaniment of Dorn and Orel. The two of them were the only two people I felt like I could trust the most going into this city. And I needed to ask them for help. When the four of us were alone, I asked Illifarin about the College in the city. He said he wasn’t completely sure about their position in all of this, and they most likely were not corrupted by the Blood Cult. A wave of relief swept over me when I heard this news. That meant we had a place to go to if things went completely and utterly wrong. And that also meant that I could draw information about Torin as well.. Which is what I talked to Dorn and Orel about once Illifarin left us alone in privacy. I told them my thoughts, though they weren’t the most specific. I only told them that I needed help going into this city, and that I could potentially find a lead to finding something I lost. They both accepted without any hesitation. Now I had allies. Friends.

Some of the others wanted to talk to Illifarin alone before we would leave to Crossholm to begin our true mission there. But before we left, he wanted to give us some extra loot to help us in the city, and a way to frame his death to the Captain we now knew was corrupted by Daren and his cult. I was waiting to leave, simply thankful that I could get the help I needed in the city, both handling my personal ordeals, and infiltrating the city. I knew I could trust Dorn and Orel with this matter. Dorn has saved my life, and I have shown Orel parts of me that few have seen.. Physically, anyway. He’s kept his mouth shut about the whole matter between us, and he’s earned bits and pieces of my trust over time. I knew I could trust him more than some of the others, simply because I didn’t know them quite well enough yet. We all may work well together, but we still need to take the time to learn about each other and our motives. Hopefully I will learn more about everyone, and even more about what was to come in that Bard’s College.

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hey hey hey!

welcome to my writing blog!

fandoms i’ll take requests for: haikyuu, hunter x hunter, mob psycho 100

i write headcanons and longform fics! hcs are usually gender neutral unless otherwise stated, while fics tend to be for a femme reader unless requested

only character x reader, please!

mostly sfw, but please only follow if you’re over 18

characters i like to write for

do not request anything nsfw with underage characters. i will not do dubcon, kinks involving bodily fluids or excrement, stalking, physically/emotionally abusive relationships, b*astiality, large age gap ships, p*dophilia, breeding/pregnancy fics, incest, any fics with suggestions of r*pe, heavy drug use, or polyamorous couples/smut

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Hey everyone, welcome to my blog. I am a new writer here, so read my fic with a little bit of patience haha.

I am a huge fan of both ELU & SOBBE, and that’s why decided to write this starting starting with SOBBE.

I am trying to steer away the typical wtFOCK S3 storyline. My fic is set in an elite university where two lost souls find each other, overcoming their hurdles together. Robbe has a dark and troubled past which he wants to hide from everyone, especially from a white haired boy who he cant seem to ignore any longer.

Sander wants to help Robbe with his struggle, but how can he when he his battling his own inner monsters? He is treading on thin ice, barely away from drowning.

With love, comes acceptance. Will they be able to accept each other’s past? 

I think that covers things, but if you have any more questions, please let me know, happy to answer :))

Chapter  1

Chapter  2

Chapter 3

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ROLL: protagonist. 


BIRTHDAY: June 30th

HAIR: Long, dark brown. 

EYES: dark brown. 


  • Richard Reed.- brown hair and brown eyes. 52 years old.
  • Emily Reed: black hair and hazel eyes. 
  • Marlot Reed: Brown hair and hazel eyes. 11 years old. 
  • Harold Reed: Brown hair and hazel eyes. 11 years old.  (Yes, they are twins)

Hobby: journalist photography. 

Personality: Lacey is a timid girl who cares about others and can be very curious. 

Backstory: When she suddenly became the old of three kids, her parents were soon consumed by the time the twins demanded, and she was given the duty to help with her siblings and forcing a sense of responsibility in her since a very young age. 

This sense of responsibility together with the pretentious tendencies of her mother, made her grow up into a submissive human being easy to guilt-trip and easy to manipulate, believing she will only be loved if she does what’s expected of her. 

This lack of self-confidence made her act against a close friend when said close friend found herself in the middle of a big scandal provoked by a local gossip blog. Lacey still feels shame about herself and how easy it was to kick someone when they were already down. Especially when they were supposed to be best friends. 

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Happy FFWF! My first multi-chapter fic broke 2,000 hits today, which is a big deal for this baby FFW. In celebration, here are the two scenes that I wrote the whole fic for:

Scene One:

Steve hauled himself upward, ignoring a new string of profanities from Tony, who moved quickly to brace Steve’s shoulder and hold him upright. Steve ran his eyes quickly around the room. Luckily, HYDRA’s hideout was not up to code, because the overhead lighting was connected to a circuit breaker through cables of exposed wiring. Steve gestured toward the wall.

“How fast could you rig those up to electrocute me?”

“You did not just ask me that, Rogers, I swear to God –”

“Tony! How fast?”

“30 seconds.”

“Do it. Tony! Listen to me.” He clenched his jaw around a fresh wave of agony. “We just need enough of a current to fry the explosive without cooking my brain. The device could blow any second, and then I won’t be able to get you out.”

“Get me out?! Get yourself out, you bastard –” Tony tried to interject, but Steve kept talking over him determinedly.

“We’re both going to get out. You’re going to shock me, you’ll short out the chip, and then you’ll bring me back.”

Keep reading

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Session Log Five - Our Own Ambush, Invisibility, and the Beginning of the Trials

We decided to go into the cavern and take on the Bone Golem with a decent strategy. We allowed Lia to go in with Pimbul as a bat in her pocket so that she could sneak up on the creature and get a powerful blow before we could go into the fight and overwhelm it with our numbers and magic power. Everyone else was doing so well, hitting every attack with no effort, but I struggled. No matter what instrument I used, no matter how hard I focused, I never seemed to hit the damn thing. Perhaps I was just disoriented because I knew what awaited in the city? I could only assume that was the case. Because there was a mix of emotions beginning to brew inside of my heart as we fought. There was happiness, fear, anger, and something I wasn’t quite familiar with and couldn’t quite describe.. It was difficult focusing on the task at hand. 

    Soon enough, the others laid the final blow, and to make myself useful, I decided to scout ahead using one of the spells Da taught me for when I was in a bit of trouble and needed to disappear into safety. I knew if I used my time wisely, I could give them information, which I did my best to do so. Once the spell was cast, the party wished me off so that I could go ahead and find out what exactly we were going up against.

As I entered, I immediately noticed more of the Bone Golems we had fought at the mouth of the cave just moments before now. Though I was invisible to the naked eye, I still snuck past them into a hallway with three arches. Above each, there was a glowing symbol. There were some I could not figure out, but from the ones I saw and recognized, these were the symbols of the schools of magic. In another one of the corridors, there were more of these arches and a door that seemed to have 8 keyholes on it, bearing the same 8 symbols I saw. This all seemed to be one giant puzzle to me. I snuck past the Bone Golems once again just before the spell ended, meeting back up with them to explain exactly what I saw.

    The magic users seemed to have a basic understanding of what was in that dungeon of sorts. Though my explanation wasn’t perfect, since I couldn’t recognize all of the symbols I saw. We were originally going to go in and destroy one Bone Golem at a time, but Orel noticed something; there was a glowing orb at a decent height above us. He tried to speak to it, only to receive no response. But we knew someone was listening and watching us. It probably saw me cast my spell and enter the halls further inside the cavern. Now I was more on edge than I was before. After a little while of them trying to communicate, Orel stepped forward to face the next Bone Golem that stood in our way, now beginning to talk to it. He told the creature that we were going to play along with its master’s game, solve its master’s puzzles, and handle this in a peaceful manner. I almost didn’t believe it when the Golem lowered its defenses, along with all of the other ones that I saw within the other corridors. How Orel had managed to do that, I’ve no idea, but it would be a lot easier to get through this without the Golems ready to attack and kill us all.

When we went into one of the corridors, and entered one of the rooms. I stayed a bit towards the back of the group. I was still slightly upset at how I had fought earlier, and I was afraid that Dorn was angry with me because of what happened in the Tavern a few days ago.. Was he angry with me? We haven’t talked at all since- What is going on with me? I need to pull it together. Especially since someone seemed to have stepped onto a trap and summoned a hostile Bone Golem into the room. Well, this was just lovely, wasn’t it? Once again, the fight went horribly wrong for me, and I was almost petrified when Orel was trapped in a cage of bone and knocked unconscious. If he were hit any harder, I was afraid he would have died on the spot. We couldn’t risk taking any more damage after that. Once the final blow against the Golem was struck, he was seemingly evaporated by Esteem’s powerful magic. Though it was impressive, we had to help Orel and take the time to rest and regain our strength. I couldn’t possibly sleep, as much as I tried. There were too many thoughts and memories of Da running through my mind. All I could do was strum the strings of my lute quietly, waiting for the others to get the sleep they needed.

When we all were awake, we realized we still had to solve this puzzle that the mage called a trial. It took us a lot longer than we expected, but it was surprisingly simple in the end; it was Conjuration. We simply had to will the key we needed for the door to exist. I almost laughed when the key appeared after Orel said something completely ridiculous out of frustration, but my emotions and thoughts were still on high. They would be for a long time after the realization I had, I knew that much. But when we entered the next trial, we were quick to realize it was the trial of Necromancy. The group dug up an undead body who seemed to be passive, but he held a key in his hand, and none of us were quite sure what to do. Especially me. So I cast out a new spell I had caught onto during our traveling, conjuring a magical hand that tried to take the key from the undead’s hand. But I knew immediately that I had made the wrong choice, since he seemed to be threatening us. We had no other choice but to slaughter him in cold blood. I felt horrible; he cried out in pain, told us that he meant no harm, before sinking back into another unwilling death. I left the room while the others decided to bury him and make him a proper grave. I had to take a moment to myself so that I could sob silently in peace. The only thing that could see me was a passive Golem that really only did anything when one of us spoke to ask it a question. But I quickly regained my composure, making it look like I hadn’t cried at all, before we approached the next trial; Evocation.

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Session Log Four - A Knighting, a Duel, and the Travels Ahead

The morning after that ale was a delirious one for me when I first entered the mess hall. A few members of our party were already there enjoying some breakfast foods provided by the Countess. It smelled delicious, and I was about to sit down and eat until Dorn approached me and asked me to talk to him alone. Curious about what was going on, I accepted. We went off to the side so that we could remain in privacy. He told me that Countess Gedala had offered to knight him, though he would have to swear fealty to her and come back to Cladehin if she ever had a need for his service. I was very surprised that he even made the approach to talk to me alone. We may have helped each other in previous quarrels, but I was surprised he trusted me so quickly. Though I was beginning to trust him more than I trusted much of anyone else; I could tell he was a genuinely good person. When he told me this news and asked me for my advice, I couldn’t help but smile up at him. I told him that he was more than deserving of this knightly title, and that if he were to be called back to Cladehin, I would follow him. If he watches my back, I’ll always be there to watch his, I said. He seemed a bit more confident about asking the party about the knighting. I was just glad I could help him.

After talking with the party about it, we decided that the ceremony should take place as soon as possible so that we could leave the city quickly. And once again, Dorn surprised me. Gedala asked him if he wanted to choose a witness for the ceremony, and he chose me without hesitation and a bright smile. I was beyond flattered, to be quite honest. I know how important becoming a knight can be, I’ve heard many stories and met many knights from different towns over my travels. It is an honorable title, and he wanted me to be there with him when he earned it. Perhaps I’m overthinking it slightly. I am making quite a big deal out of nothing, aren’t I? Oh well, needless to say, I was proud to be a chosen witness for an important event like this one. And afterwards, I offered to take the party to the tavern in order to celebrate. Everyone seemed quite eager, perhaps because I was buying. I had the coin to spare, and I had to express my gratitude for my acceptance among them somehow. And so we went to the Tavern to propose a toast to the new knight, Sir Dorn, Knight of Cladehin, and Vengeance Paladin of Beata.

When we arrived at the Tavern, everyone ordered their beverage of choice, mine being my usual sweet Mead. Pimbul seemed to enjoy the same drink as me, and I really should have noticed the normal portion he received before he got himself drunk. Though it was quite amusing at first, he seemed especially keen in the fighting ring and a certain man lingering about it. He was very obviously full of himself, seemingly ready to prove his worth in the ring in a heartbeat. I didn’t notice what was happening, simply enjoying my drink that I bought, before I heard the painfully average looking human man cry out at Pimbul. I glanced over, and he seemed to be climbing him. At first, I couldn’t help but snicker. But then the man grabbed Pimbul by the hair and attempted to throw him across the room. By now, I saw red. Though I may not know the young halfling well, I knew I needed to stand up for him. So I challenged him to a fight in the ring.

I did my best to fool him at first, testing his boundaries to see just how egotistical he was; but I hesitated for a moment too long and he quickly gained the advantage of the fight. I tried my hardest, but hand to hand isn’t exactly my expertise. He quickly won, and I was knocked out just as easily as I was in the forest. When I woke again, I saw that Dorn was the one that brought me back into consciousness. Again. My face flushed with embarrassment. I lost that fight miserably, only fueling the human man’s ego further, and Dorn was the one to help me. That only worsened my debt. But did the man who beat me have no respect? He even thought to challenge anyone who dared to fight, not even acknowledging my efforts to fight for my young friend. And much to my dismay, after Dorn and Nalla discussed for a moment who should avenge Pimbul and I, the Dragonborn stepped forward, eager to fight the man who had knocked me unconscious. From where I was against the wall, I could only watch and hope for my companion’s victory.

He fought well, spitting out threats and snarky remarks as he punched, kicked, sparred, and pinned the human man down. Though things began to get a little too close to call for my liking, and I did my best to help my friend in any way I possibly could without using magic; inspiration. Though that did something, it simply wasn’t enough, as Dorn was knocked unconcious. It was time for me to get even once more, dragging him away from the ring, touching his arm and singing my song of healing quietly, bringing him back into consciousness. Now the Dragonborn seemed upset. I asked him if he was alright, before muttering under my breath that he didn’t have to fight in that ring for me or my honor. He snapped at me, saying “Who says I did it for you?” This caught me off guard. It almost hurt my feelings, so I dismissed myself to get him some water to drink.

While I did so, the man only seemed to drag more of us into trouble. I’m not exactly sure what went down, but I heard yet another cry of outrage and then a racist slur towards Nalla, and then an accusation of.. Witchcraft.. Hearing that word only further soured my mood. It brought back so many memories that I did not want to relive. I was too tuned out in my own mental prison to realize that Nalla and the human proposed a duel to take place tomorrow evening at dusk. I was trying to calm myself down from the memories flooding into my mind, finishing up my mead before going back to the Keep, since we would apparently be here for another day or two. When I found a chance, I took the opportunity to talk to Nalla personally. I told him that I understood the situation and accusations he had received, and that I would be there to support him if he should wish it. After that, I needed to rest, though I knew I would have trouble sleeping.

For the next day, I wouldn’t do much of anything; all I could really do was wait for this dueling incident to pass on. I stayed in the keep until the night that the duel was supposed to take place, wanting to keep my promise to Nalla that if he should need me, I would be there. Luckily, with Dorn as Nalla’s second, there was a peace negotiated between the two parties, and we would be able to leave at first light tomorrow. This time, I would let someone else take the horse’s reins and I would be riding in the carriage. I got the feeling that I would not want to ride a horse for a very long time after the incident in the forest. Hopefully they would understand..

    The first night staying in the forest seemed peaceful once we made some more progress travelling along the road. Things seemed peaceful now, and I could only pray to whoever would listen that we would remain safe. Perhaps Beata, since Dorn is a devout follower? She should probably be the focus of my prayers after all, I suppose. Maybe a hymn or little tune may bless our long journeys ahead of us. I’ll have to think of some lyrics soon, perhaps when I’m doing my watch for the next few nights. I know I will not be able to sleep as well, so I may as well make some use of myself. I watched for an hour this night, before preparing to leave for the main road to Crossholm, where we were summoned by the former Count. As we travelled closer to the famous trading city, we ran into a few unusual things that sent shivers down my spine. We saw and helped a human man who claimed to have been attacked by humans, sending him to Cladehin where he could go to find food and rest. We also saw the man who delivered the Count’s letter, dead. He seemed to have the life quite literally sucked out of him, by some magical means. I was startled by it, to say the least..

That night, I would be the last to take watch, after Lia and Dyn. I slept as best as I could, until I heard Dyn shriek in fear and pain, waking me up from my slumber. I quickly unsheathed my weapon, leaving my tent to see a dog- no, a beast, entering Orel’s tent that was next to the right of mine. I saw Dyn unconscious next to the campfire, and everyone beginning to stir awake from their own tents. I heard some shuffling next to me, and I looked to see what looked like a cloaked figure, but only for a split second before hiding in the shadows. I figured it would be a safe idea to hide in the shadows as well, going to the side of my tent. Many immediately moved to attack the beast hurting Orel, though some were trying to find the figure lurking around us. I tried to handle both, using spells on the beast and looking around to find the figure before deciding it best to focus on one area where I could be the most helpful. 

    Dorn was the one to slay the beast, and I heard a few slashes of a blade coming from Lia’s direction, but when the battle was over, the figure had escaped. The beast was like nothing I had ever seen; it was enhanced with a magic I had only heard of rarely in Da’s stories; blood magic, a dark form of necromancy that most never talk or hear about. There was something wrong coming our way; I knew it. Once I made sure to help the injured, I decided to take my watch as I had initially planned. I knew the cloaked figure probably wouldn’t come back, and we would be safe, at least until the dawn comes.

The next day as we travelled, we were finally able to see Crossholm off of the horizon; and the hordes upon hordes of undead that the Count spoke of in the letter. There was very powerful magic being performed here, that I could easily tell. After a long, long while of discussion and debate, we decided to send Pimbul with a sending stone the party received before I arrived to talk to the guards at the gate so that we could find a way to enter the city. Dorn had the other so that he could be the one to talk to the guards once Pimbul arrived safely, which he did. Dorn began talking with a guard, who sent the stone to be replicated by a mage and given to the guard’s captain, Captain Suder. For a moment, Dorn began talking about bringing in help from Cladehin, but I was quite quick to make him shut his trap. I knew the Count would likely still be in the city, and I don’t think any of us were prepared to deal with the Countess finding out that her father’s death was a fake. When I gave him the dirtiest glare I could muster, he quickly caught onto my point and perished the thought of bringing Cladehin’s help.

We learned that there was an archmage that was the source of this undead, and they would send us on our way to kill him once our druid returned to us, which he promptly did once the guards released him. When we were all reunited, we headed in the direction of the archmage, following the path given to us by Suder. We went into the forest where we could see the undead clearly becoming more prominent. That must have meant we were growing closer to wherever the source was. We snuck past them to the best of our abilities, seeing more and more zombies, ghouls, and more things of that nature. We even heard the sickening laughs of some, and the marching of others. It was spine-chilling as we continued on. But eventually, we could continue on no longer, seeing the cave the Captain spoke of. Though it was blocked by a giant Bone Golem with a large bladed weapon. The entrance was blocked, leaving us to come up with a plan to get past it. Now that we all had some time to think, however, a memory of mine struck me. There was a place in that city.. A bard’s college. The Bard’s College that Torin spoke of to me when he told his stories. Perhaps there could be something waiting for me there..?

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New Fanfic! Ravana is human and wakes up in Mor Dhona

Before I begin, this will have spoilers! If you want to read it go ahead and finish what is out right now and then come back! Also, Lily is my character’s name, I also know that Ravana isn’t relevant but this was fun to write!

Ravana: Where am I? What am I? Why am I human!?

Lily: Alphinaud, get your sister!

Ravana: The warrior of light?

Alphinaud: Alisae!

Yshtola: *chuckles*

Ravana: *runs behind Lily to stab her*

Yshtola: *uses fire on Ravana*

Ravana: Ugh, losers-

Yshtola: Who are you?

Lily: You don’t look like an Ascian, but not a primal either? What are you?

Ravana: I am a primal!

Yshtola: I have never seen you before! Are you a new primal?

Ravana: No! I’m Ravana!

Alphinaud: Ravana isn’t a short little girl-

Ravana: Would a short little girl do this? *summons Moon Gana*

Alisae: Ravana??? Butterflies??? Never heard of it.

Lily: Wait- Which one was Ravana again?

Ravana: Not even you remember me!?

Alphinaud: I do!


Alphinaud: Oh-

Alisae: HEY! My brother may be annoying but you aren’t allowed to be mean to him! Only I am!

Thancred: Wait, Ravana was the big bug that Ardbert killed, right?

Lily: I do not remember any bug- Just Ardbert fighting something-

G'raha: Who is Ravana?

Ravana: ME!

Thancred: She’s delusional, Ravana is just some giant bug.

Part 2 later :D

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(reader x hongjoong)

his honeysuckle eyes peer into yours as you both lay with the sun’s morning rays beaming down on you. it’s been years of waking up to him, yet it always feels new.

his hands, sweeping away strands of hair from your face. his lips, soft as an angels wings, touch yours when you wake up. it’s pure bliss.

hongjoong is all you’ve wanted, everything you thought you didn’t deserve. somehow along the line, he appeared and turned your life around.

sometimes you think it’s a dream, but he’s there every time. his eyes dreamily looking into yours.

“babe?” you look up at hongjoong curiously looking at you. “whatcha thinking about?”

“finding you.”

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Heya! I’m writing a story that’s on Ao3 and I would really appreciate it if my followers (or anyone who stumbles on this) reads it! This is the link

It IS related to Norse myth - the second protagonist is a Norse witch who has obtained immortality. Through him and the protagonist, Captain Rhodes, they discover who and what is terrorising the local village and the surrounding woods. Along the way they meet other mythical creatures who cause trouble and try to disrupt them from finding out what happened.

I’ll be exploring themes of guilt, memory, and love!

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When I was five years old, my mom took me to a doctor for severe back pain. My spine seemed to curl in on itself, recoiling from its own pain. At that point in my life, I could hardly stand for the burning ache in my back, so I had to use my grandfather’s old cane just to move around. It was huge, and probably heavier than I was.  

They found lumps on my shoulder blades, two big masses that only got bigger with time. A surgery was planned in haste for the following day, to save this poor five-year-old’s life, but by then, it was too late. The mounds sharpened, cut through skin. Wiping away the blood revealed rough white bone. The bone grew, stretched, bent. It became the humerus, radius, ulna, metacarpus, phalanges of a bird’s wing. It suddenly made sense that I had osteoporosis my whole life. Birds are meant to have hollow bones. 

“Pequeñas Alas”, a nickname my father once gave me became my superhero ego. When people heard it, they pictured a meteor shooting through the sky, faster than the speed of sound, stronger than a bullet. 

I wear the thickest kind of padding I can now, as I fly high above the city. People are no longer shocked when I pass by their windows, but I still see their smiles, and the flash of their cameras. I used to hate the attention, but now I see why it’s important to be known. 

A man being cornered in an alleyway by three other men knows to feel hopeful when he sees me. The men cornering him know to fear me, and fortunately, they run away fast to avoid a fight.

I’m careful to touch down lightly (my feet are so fragile), and ask the last man if he’s okay. He thanks me, asks me for a selfie, and I give it to him. It’s all I can do, to show them I am strong, even when walking makes my back ache, but I guess it’s all in a day’s work.

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Dear anxiety, I’m so tired. Stop playing my fears on a loop and come to bed - you’re not going to win any awards for all the DJing you do. You’re repetitive and honestly? Really basic. Sorry. 

Dear sadness, what exactly do you want? If you stopped screaming in my ears long enough you’d find out that I am paying attention to you. More than I should and in ways that none of us expect. 

Dear apathy, you’re horribly inconvenient. While the world is full of feelings that I could try on for size, you step in to remind me that I have always preferred to live outside of the box: in my mind, in those songs, in her clothes.

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Sometimes I feel like a paper plane

Not the kind with a hidden message or a purpose, like a cute distraction 

Just a random piece of paper, forced into the shape of a weightless object

I fly but just for a little while

I was always meant to come down anyway

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What is it about…

It is the story of Lacey Reed. She has spent her seventeen years of life under the scrutinizing eye of her mother, a woman who has dictated how Lacey should live, the friendships she should have, and how she should behave in order to walk down the right path.

Without much option but obeying, Lacey has never questioned anyone with the growing fear of ruining things if she doesn’t do as told, no matter how unhappy or left out she feels.

Oliver Evans, one of Lacey’s father dearest friends, decides to move his family out of their glamorous life in Los Angeles, back into the little city of Wrenstown. Her first encounter with Oliver’s oldest son, Dylan, is a complete disaster. They should get along, but the timing is less than perfect. Tied down by their parents friendship, as always Lacey has not much option but to put up with him, realizing Dylan is not bad after all: actually, he’s rather cool. He has a laid-back attitude, laughs about everything, and she can’t deny the bubbling in her stomach whenever he’s mentioned.

However, when Madison, one of Lacey’s most territorial and entitled friends, puts an eye on Dylan, Lacey is faced with one of her greatest challenges: stand up for herself.

It’s time for Lacey to discover how little she actually knows the people she holds the dearest. She will find about their fears, their regrets and the hidden truths no one is willing to accept… because no one is perfect and Lacey is not the exception.

More than a love story, this the story of Lacey Reed’s bubble, finally popping.

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I’ve been finding it difficult to write (or do much of anything productive) the last few days because of some family drama that is takibg up a lot of my time and energy. I’ve got about 1000 words of the first chapter/prologue but I’m really stuggling to keep to strict writing times and actually have the energy to write when I do have some time spare. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon! 

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