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Please welcome Outfit #7: the Quarter Quell

What do we know about this outfit: “When we reach the Launch Room at the arena, I shower. Cinna braids my hair down my back and helps me dress over simple undergarments. This year’s tribute outfit is a fitted blue jumpsuit, made of very sheer material, that zippers up the front. A six-inch-wide padded belt covered in shiny purple plastic. A pair of nylon shoes with rubber soles. “What do you think?” I ask, holding the fabric out for Cinna to examine. He frowns as he rubs the thin stuff between his fingers. “I don’t know. It will offer little in the way of protection from cold or water.” “Sun?” I ask, picturing a burning sun over a barren desert. “Possibly. If it’s been treated,” he says. “Oh, I almost forgot this.” He takes my gold mockingjay pin from his pocket and fixes it to the jumpsuit. <…> I notice a gleam of gold on Peeta’s chest. I reach out and retrieve the disk that hangs from a chain around his neck. My mockingjay has been engraved on it. “Is this your token?” I ask. “Yes. Do you mind that I used your mockingjay? I wanted us to match,” he says. <…> I unbuckle my belt and strip off my jumpsuit, which is little more than a perforated rag. My shoes and undergarments are inexplicably unaffected. <…> I rescue my mockingjay pin from my ruined jumpsuit and pin it to the strap of my undershirt. The flotation belt must be acid resistant, since it looks as good as new. I can swim, so the flotation belt’s not really necessary, but Brutus blocked my arrow with his, so I buckle it back on, thinking it might offer some protection. I undo my hair and comb it with my fingers, thinning it out considerably since the fog droplets damaged it. Then I braid back what’s left of it. <…> I plunk down on the sand next to Finnick and screw the lid off the tube. Inside is a thick, dark ointment with a pungent smell, a combination of tar and pine needles. I wrinkle my nose as I squeeze a glob of the medicine onto my palm and begin to massage it into my leg. A sound of pleasure slips out of my mouth as the stuff eradicates my itching. It also stains my scabby skin a ghastly gray-green. As I start on the second leg I toss the tube to Finnick, who eyes me doubtfully. “It’s like you’re decomposing,” says Finnick. But I guess the itching wins out, because after a minute Finnick begins to treat his own skin, too. Really, the combination of the scabs and the ointment looks hideous. <…> We slather ourselves down, even taking turns rubbing the ointment into each other’s backs where the undershirts don’t protect our skin. <…> I check my weapons. Tie up the spile and the tube of medicine in the parachute and fix it to my belt with vine. + from THG: “When Caesar asks Peeta how his “new leg” is working out. “New leg?” I say, and I can’t help reaching out and pulling up the bottom of Peeta’s pants. “Oh, no,” I whisper, taking in the metal-and-plastic device that has replaced his flesh.


It’s rather funny how they practically spent all the Games wearing underwear 😅. Katniss didn’t seem very embarrassed so I think it’s cover enough (but still 😂). So it’s something very basic - strapped undershirt and shorts.

Hope you like it ❤️

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Modern AU.  Every year, Peeta and Katniss fall in love all over again on Halloween.  Snippets of their journey throughout the years, with some other canon characters thrown in.  Largely from Peeta’s POV (in 3rd person).  

Author’s Note:  Happy Birthday, @do-you-wanna-sugarcube!  You wanted Everlark at Halloween, so here it is.  I also threw in some other characters (I think) you like for your entertainment.  I don’t know how in the world this got so long, but I hope you enjoy it and that you had a wonderful day!   

There’s some canon quotes and verbatim dialogue. You all should be able to pick them out.  Credit goes to Suzanne Collins on those. 

Rated:  T (to be safe, for a couple of brief mentions of alcohol/underage drinking (a sip), a cuss word or two, and suggestive dialogue and teenage developmental issues).  

Age 24

It was their first Halloween party as a full-fledged married couple, and Katniss and Peeta couldn’t be more excited.  Peeta’d made special Halloween treats:  cookies shaped like black cats, ghosts, pumpkins, and mummies; spooky cake pops; sugar candies, and even caramel apples.  Katniss had decorated their place, with a little help from Peeta on hanging some things.  She’d gone for a mix of traditional, vintage, and creepy decor, and Peeta had painted a giant, elaborate sign with spooky, blood-dripping letters welcoming their guests.  They had creepy music playing in the background while they awaited everyone’s arrival. 

Once everything was in order, Peeta turned to Katniss, taking stock of her in her costume.  “You look beautiful, Mrs. Mellark,” he said, giving her a kiss.  She thought it funny he’d used the word ‘beautiful,’ considering she was dressed as a skeleton, but that was just Peeta.  Sweet to a fault, loving, and always thinking (and saying) she was beautiful no matter what.  Of course, he also naughtily bandied the words ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ around.

Smirking, Katniss complimented him, too.  “You look very handsome,” she told him, pecking his lips again.  He was dressed as a varsity football player.  It was nostalgic for Katniss, took her back to their college days.  

Slowly, the Mellarks’ friends trickled in in an array of unique costumes.  Johanna Mason came as a hatchet murderess; Finnick was dressed in an elaborate Poseidon costume, complete with crown, strategically-placed fishing net (thank goodness he had pants on under it) and the most realistic-looking trident, and as for Annie, his wife, she was dressed to match as an Atlantis queen.  There were a handful of others who came, totaling about twelve guests, which was a reasonable amount for the Mellarks’ average-sized home to accommodate.  

The night began, and everyone was having a blast.  

Especially Peeta and Katniss.  

Halloween was their favorite holiday, one chock-full of bittersweet memories over the years.  It was a long journey to being together and so blissfully happy, but aren’t the best stories usually that way?  For them, all they’d gone through had been completely worth it.  

Why Halloween?  Well, they owed the day a lot‒it was the day they first met…  

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Summary: The whole of the hunger games is from Katniss eeverdeen’s point of view. But after being to almost hell and back, what are his thoughts? Watch him as he grapples with sudden flashes of his time in the capitol, as well as his feelings.


.The memories are hazy against the breeze. Sometimes, after my time in the capitol, I still forget things. Sometimes they are little things, like forgetting to set the table when Katniss gets home from hunting. Sometimes, they are bigger things, like names and places. Like the time I forgot Haymitch’s name and face. He came around, and my eyes went blank, eyebrows creasing. At other times, I remember too much. I remember the man in the white suit with the big syringe of shiny orange liquid. Anything can send me spiralling into this… this flashback. Like orange jam for instance. The bottle shattered against the floor.  I gripped the dough that I was kneading tightly. I got it in my nails, my hands smeared with oil. But hey, at least I remembered that I was at home. I am walking in the primrose field that we planted. When the memories began coming back. President snow’s garden. It had white roses, and katnips. Dead catnips, with the symbolism lost on nobody. I shook my head hard, and took a deep breath. My name is peeta mellark. I am in d. 12. I was hijacked by snow. But I recovered. Katniss has gone hunting, she is coming back at 4. I heard feet shuffling behind me. Katniss was home, and she was carrying a turkey. Still muttering reassurances to myself, I turned around. I saw that she was doing the same. Turkey in her hands, quiver across her shoulder, bow in the other hand, and small, imperceptible lip movements and incomprehensible words floating on the wind. I dropped the sleeve of my sweater that I was fiddling with, and then went up to the house. We were sitting on the steps of the house, when I absently started asking her, real or not real? She gripped my hand in hers and answered every question patiently. I blinked fast, she would have gotten angry if this were any other time. But she didn’t, so there was only one thing left to be said. “You love me, real or not real?”
She smiled the smile I had seen many times, the smile that showed that she was just a little girl underneath that hard exterior. “Real” she said, and we stared off into the distance, watching the sunset and the trees, the soft orange and dark green blending on the horizon.  

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you & I (just meant to be)


Author: @rosegardeninwinter

Prompt: This silly, silly ditty was inspired by two (count ‘em! two!) lovely prompts which are as follows “Peeta can’t stop staring at Katniss in her costume :0” and “Everlark meeting at a fancy dress party dressed as a ‘matching’ pair, although they don’t each other - maybe a famous couple but who don’t need the other … Joker and Harley Quinn, Batman and Robin or my favorite: Anna and Elsa from Frozen … Peeta would make a wonderful Anna” - I thought these two went well together, and took a couple of creative liberties to make them jive. Hope you lovelies like! [submitted by @deardiaryithinkiamaghost​ and @wendywobbles​]

Rating: T, for implied Everlark shenanigans 

Author’s Note: Thank you to my dear @archersandsunsets​ for her second pair of eyes on this one and to all the lovely moderators and coordinators of @seasonsofeverlark​, the true MVPs. It’s been a busy month, so I apologize for any incoherence. Sometimes, the heart just wants goofy modern AU fluff. Alrighty, Chatty Cathy is done … enjoy! 


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Hi! I think Court is crazy busy because even though her school is doing distance learning they’re making her go in and teach from her empty classroom via zoom? lol - I know she wants and hopes to get an update out at some point, just not sure on a realistic timeframe unfortunately 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Going Down With The Ship

Author’s Note:  Happy Belated Birthday, @alliswell21!  A day late, but nothing wrong with celebrating a birthday month as some do.  :)  In honor of Alliswell21’s Birthday/Appreciation Month, here is, as requested, Everlark Friends-with-Benefits ending up married after a drunken night out!  

Now, I must warn that I’m not much of a smut writer; not that I’m against it, but it’s just not my forte, but for you, I gave it a whirl.  It’s probably pretty tame and more humor and fluff than anything, but here you have it.  Wow, even this little thing was enough to make me blush while writing it, haha.   

P.S. I don’t know much about cruise ships or marriage laws, etc, but I did my best with the info I found.  I apologize for any inaccuracies

Rating:  M (just in case, for non-descriptive mentions of s*x and s*xual activity) 

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Reactions to Everlark Disney verson with Gales Reactions


They do something cute


They Kiss


When they are “acting”


When Everyone brings it up


When they got engaged


When Peeta told everyone Katniss is pregnant


That beach scene


Gale thinking he has a chance


And Yeet


@alliswell21 @mega-aulover @mandelion82

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Reactions to… Everlark Disney style


This will be an everyones reaction maybe not gales ( that can be its own)


The Capitol


Haymitch Effie Cinna Portia










Peeta to Katniss ( please for this post ignore the fact its huns)


Mrs Everdeen and Prim


@alliswell21 @mega-aulover @mandelion82

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i finished reading mockingjay yesterday (i cried a river for about an hour) and WHAT WAS IT ALL FOR?? if katniss volunteered for prim, and prim FUCKIN DIES, then what was the reason? she died, katniss is traumatized, LIKE???? and i know, its the plot and all, but bruh. maybe i just care about the characters too much.

yeah i think thats it.

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oh i love this

i honestly don’t read everlark that much anymore but it holds a special place in my heart bc that’s the first fandom i ever read fics for and honestly it was my sex ed bc ✨religious parents✨. also katniss and peeta will forever rule my heart.

but my favorite authors:

atetheredmind on ao3 and @muttpeeta on here. my first full length fic was the education of peeta mellark by her (which was taken down to be made into an original) and i deadass read that when i was 12 which if you know what that is you know i was far too young😭😭 but any fic by her will never disappoint. also her blog is hilarious.

misshoneywell on ao3 and @badnovels on here. dark!peeta will always be my absolute favorite and jessa’s is absolute top tier i can’t even say enough.

and also:

@everlarkficquestions is amazing if you’re looking for tropes or can’t remember the name of a fic. it’s the ultimate database so i suggest looking there if you want more ☺️

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