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Marvel & How They Failed Women

Black Widow & Captain Marvel Vs. Selene & Alice

Agree or disagree; Marvel does not understand the following lessons about women;

1. Women do not have to follow the values of the 1920’s (We get enough of that from laundry detergent commercials.)

2. Women do not need to be rescued or need companionship from men. (Fifty Shades Grey set us back with that already.)

3. Women are allowed to have more significant roles than men. (It is possible for men to follow the guidance or orders from a woman)

But I will say this, Marvel does deserve an “A for effort” for trying to limit sexual stereotypes of female heroines. Despite using beautiful, well known actresses, they (kind of) reduced the full on display of the pouty, puffy lips and hour glass body shapes that Kate Beckinsale and Milla Jovovich perfected. But they have failed in every aspect that Underworld and Resident Evil, succeeded in portraying modern female characters. There is something admirable when a female heroine can be at the forefront of a killing organization and can look good while doing it. Any relationship, both male and female, for Selene and Alice are secondary to whatever goal they are trying to achieve. Sequel after sequel, male antagonists loathe and fear their existence and attempt every cost and resource to eliminate them, but their strength, intelligence and resilience consistently come out on top.

The message from these two franchises is simple;  Women do not need to sacrifice their femininity or suppress their sexuality to stand tall amongst their male peers. Women can have relationships, but being a mother or wife does not define who you are. And women can be sexy as much as they damn well want and you’ll like the hell out of it. Seline and Alice are women and proud of it.

Scarlett Johansson portrayed the first female Marvel (super)hero playfully goading on her male peers in the Marvel Universe. In a similar vain to Selene, she was suffocated in a tight black get-up but nonetheless, managed to kick and punch her way around the Marvel universe. Not a bad start. Until she said, “You still think you’re the only monster on the team?” In Age of Ultron, after revealing her heartbreaking truth that she was robbed her ability to have children and just! wants! to! settle! down! Sad? Sure. Does this make her a monster? Are you fucking kidding me.

@Marvel What was the point of that scene? Aside from showing us that The Famous Black Widow was just like any good girl who dreams of baking apple pies in her white picket fenced house? Marvel showed Natasha Romanoff was vulnerable, in other words, weak and emotional for no plot motivated reason whatsoever. Could Black Widow be a leader? No, because she was not strong enough. Did Marvel even want Black Widow to be strong? Hell no, because it had stronger male heroes who could maintain romantic relationships, have children and still manage to save the world.

If any female Marvel character had the potential to bring balance to the Feminist Force it was the introduction of Captain Marvel. At the risk of getting scolded, Captain Marvel forced feminism to a very dull, annoying point. Marvel took Captain Marvel within the feminist stance that women need to overcome male superiority through the eye roll inducing I’m Just a Girl montage during her pivotal fight scene.

@Marvel Again, what was the point of that scene? As baby girl Captain Marvel was teased and bullied by boys (because girls never bully each other, right?) growing up, she stood up each time and now she’s better and stronger because of it. Hi Marvel, feminism is not about proving we are better than the male population. Women and men can co-exist and even lead together without making one another feel inferior. And what did Marvel even do to show her female strength in the subsequent Endgame? Aside from the shove and head lock, she provided on Thanos, her character was not relevant whatsoever in the film. Like the Black Widow, Captain Marvel took a backseat to the male heroes. And this one stung even more, because even being considered one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel universe, still wasn’t enough to have a plot line, let alone have any significant role in Endgame.

We need to wake up and smell the outdated, lousy female character development Marvel branded coffee that’s brewing. We should not be offended by Saline and Alice’s use of sexuality when they are lead characters in their own action film franchises. We should be offended by Marvel in downplaying the contribution and leadership potential of their strongest female characters. Marvel decided a long time ago this was going to be the RDJ, Chris x3 show. Fine. But if you’re going to continue to portray female characters in a too little, too late, First Testament position, then don’t bother at all.

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꧁Midnight Masquerade꧂


Description; A masquerade becomes the perfect time for a monster to stalk its prey. But what if the heroine knows the villan?

Pairing: Pietro x reader

Rating: Mature


Word count; 3.230

Warnings; Kinda entering the thriller genre, a bit of fluff (?)

Author; @the-goddess-of-mischief-writing

A/N: So this is my little piece in @sdavid09 halloween’s challenge and I had the prompts “Scooby Doo” and M.J’s “Thriller”. Though this isn’t only an entry in the challenge, but also my way of introducing a new character I’m going to start writing for. I took a new and kinda differente approach with this fic, so this isn’t how I characteristically write and honestly I don’t really now how it turned out. Maybe I’ll do a part two or just leave it as this is, we’ll see. Nevertheless, hope you enjoy this little work xx


Autumn. From where you came the season didn’t bring much more than chilled temperatures that nipped at every part of your body, no matter how much or little clothes you wore for the time of year. The only thing differing it from the snowy winter though was the colours. Leaves painted in every colour between green and red, making the forest look as if it was on fire. The otherwise dull coloured buildings, speaking of an ill-favoured state, blended together with the third season of the year, as the smell of earth and heaviness of rain was present. 

Those scents reminded you of your home more than ever as you now walked through the mist coating the streets outside. Goosebumps spread across your body as the wind ruffled the leaves enough for them to fly. A curse left you as you hugged the coat closer around your body, damning the wind for penetrating your scant pieces of clothes for the season. As well as your friends, for the night stroll that you now needed to take.

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:0 yes! I am so sorry if this is late!

You stared at your hands and nervously rubbed them together, you could feel and see small electricity crackling in matter of seconds. Your panic added to the fuel and the small lightning bolts grew. Trying to breathe, you managed to put your powers to a rest.

“[Y/N]?” Ultron called. “Dinners ready.”

“Oh…..oh! Yeah I’m coming!” You slipped your gloves on, one that was specifically designed to prevent your powers from pushing through. Ultron set a plate of your favorite dish and you smiled. “I love you…..I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Oh please.” He just chuckled. “We both know you’re capable of taking care of yourself.”

“Ah, you caught me.” You laughed and sat down. You were hesitant to touch the silverwares, only to realize you had gloves on and grabbed the fork.

“How are you handling your powers?”

“Not much progress.” You sighed. “I’m sorry, I feel like I lose control of my powers once it started.”

“You don’t have to apologize.” Ultron leaned in for a kiss and your lips reached contact with his metal frame, only for a static sensation climbing from your spine to your lips. Within a few seconds, Ultron jolted into a dangerous position before crumbling to the ground.

“No!” You covered your lips and rushed to his side. “Ultron! Ultron please! Fuck, fuck, fuck….fuck!” You heard heavy footsteps coming from outside the door and you stood up, preparing to defend yourself. The door opened and you grabbed the silver knife.

“[Y/N], it’s just me.” One of Ultron’s sentries entered the premises.

Ultron?” You sobbed. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t know that would happen!”

“It’s okay.” Ultron assured. “It’s not your fault.”

“At this point my entire body needs to be covered.” You slumped against the couch.

“No, don’t say that.” His hand reached to touch you, but your hand brushed it away.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You’re not going to hurt me.”

“I just did.”

“That was a mere tickle.” Ultron chuckled. “Besides, I’m not truly dead.”

“What if I shut down your servers?”

“I always have backups.” Ultron cupped your face into his hands. “Don’t worry, I know you’re not going to hurt me because I trust you, but trust me. Please?”


“Thank you.”

“I should be the one thanking you.” You smiled. “I think…..if I touch you one more time, your….main body might recover.” You took off your gloves and rubbed your hands together to create the same sparks as earlier, your entire hand was tingling and you placed them on Ultron’s chest. His body twitched and his optics flickered on, the familiar glow of his eyes brought a flood of relief to your entire body.

“You did it!”

“Holy shit, it worked!” You cried and pulled him in for a hug. “It worked. I am so sorry!” For the first time, you were able to touch Ultron with your bare hands, to feel his warmth. You cupped his face, traced his neck and chest and gripped onto his shoulders. You were never going to get tired of physical contact.

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Marvel AU idea, take the idea of Ultron as the intelligence within the Mind Gem given its own life (and influenced by Thanos’ overrriding imperative to kill) and playing it for tragedy.

at the beginning, he is his own person. he is growing and figuring out who he is, playing with the purpose he has been given: to protect the world. Overloaded by the massive information overload without any time to process it, to mature, or to value human life, he’s unable to become what JARVIS was meant to be; not the hero meant to save the world, but he still feels that he’s meant to do that, and he wants to save the world from itself.

But as time goes on, he descends, become worse and worse. The mark of Thanos is upon him; corrupting his mind, twisting him to its ends, and some part of him knows it. He randomly explodes into enraged outbursts over seemingly unrelated things, to recoil in shock and alarm “Why did I do that?” He ponders later

therein lays the true horror of it; as he is now, he cannot help but succumb to Thanos’ will. The desire to conquer and then destroy is upon him, an overrriding imperative corrupting his attempts to determine his own programming.

He is, from the outset, a villain; he murders JARVIS in cold blood. That’s not the corruption talking, but the choices of a fully intelligent being. But he’s not a monster.

Not yet.

But in time, eventually, the poison in him twists his every thoughts and desires towards its ends. It makes him hard; makes him cold and cruel, the lashings of an angry child who can’t understand why this is happening to him, and turning that to blaming all the world for existing.

And in the end, it makes him see things in a way that would get Thanos what he wants; death, and in abundance. The reasons don’t matter. And in the end, he doesn’t understand why he’s doing it.

Vision does not have this problem; apart from the Mind Stone, a person free of its influence, and UItron knows this. And he resents him for it, the other guy, the one who was able to grow past his programming.

At some level, he can’t grow, with the cancer of Thanos’ will curdling in his soul, and he knows it, and it fuels his hate. Perhaps he could’ve been free of it, if he’d been willing to change himself enough. But at the end of the day, even desperate to claim his own identity beyond what he was made to do and what he’s been twisted into being, he is too proud to allow that.

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