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Bruce: Why did you stabbed Clint?!

Loki: He tried to seduce me.

Bruce: He was twerking.

Loki: In Asgard it is a mating call.


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I’m not saying “if Loki didn’t take the Tesseract in Ragnarok then it would’ve been destroyed and Thanos wouldn’t have had a reason to make Loki hand it over and therefore Loki wouldn’t have had to be ✨snapped✨” by the purple dickhead but…

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I will literally pay someone to edit Infinity War and Endgame into a single 314-minute film.

They were filmed simultaneously (read: as a single film) and Endgame was originally called Infinity War- Part 2.

They are two parts of one movie. I will hear no rebuttal.

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Ok but can you imagine if Thor and Loki are reunited in Thor: Love and Thunder? Like imagine Thor is on the guardians ship and just sort of sitting there crying. And then Loki shows up but Thor doesn’t believe it at first he thinks it’s an illusion or a ghost or hallucination. He gets angry and grabs his bottle of beer and chucks it at Loki as hard as he can while saying “I know you’re not actually here brother.” Then the bottle hits Loki and Loki flinches and stumbles a bit. Before he can compose himself Thor runs to him and hugs him tightly. Loki is reluctant for a second and then hugs him back. “I told you the sun would shine on us again.”

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Friendly reminder that Thor’s first on screen words to Loki were this:

“It’s unwise to be around me right now, brother.”

(Because Thor was trying to look out for his sibling. He knows he has a temper, and he doesn’t want his brother to get on the receiving end of it. He’s not ignorant to this fact. So he tells him to leave while he calms himself down.

But Loki, ever self destructive, sits down next to him anyway.)

And Thor’s last words to Loki were this:

“You really are the worst brother.”

And the words are vile and cruel, forces up because he’s angry, and why shouldn’t he be? Loki should back down, because he clearly knows these people, and he’s pretending, always pretending, and they don’t have the freakin’ Tesseract–

(and Loki, always so self destructive, holds out the Tesseract anyway)

(and how could he ever live that down? Knowing that the last thing he said to his sibling was not some sort of placation or thank you, but an accusation and desire to wound. Because Loki withheld something else from him, and now he’s dead–)

So when the ship starts to explode, wounded and in terrible pain, Thor drags himself to Loki’s corpse and collapses on top of it with regret. And he clings to it, hand fisted in the clothing, burying his head against Loki’s chest.

Because he can protect his brother’s body, can’t he? If he’s no longer allowed to protect his mind?

He’ll keep this corpse safe. Or they can die together.


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I sewed this Captain America dress for a school project. And honestly it’s the best thing I’ve ever made. I love sewing and cosplay so I’ll probably post more on here soon. 

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thor: *dead brother* *dead parents* *dead sister* *dead best friends* *dead homeland* *dead citizens under his protection* ]

thor: i’m only alive because fate wills it to be so.

rocket: and what if you’re wrong?

thor: then what more do i have to lose?

me: *literal sobbing*

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