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hc that bucky and nat have different accents when the speak russian because of where they learned it and constantly make fun of each other for it:

“sorry romanoff, were you speaking or did someone electrocute the toaster?”

“hey barnes, didn’t realize you were talking to me, i thought you were gargling water”

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*Not accurate lines*

Peter Q: Is Footloose still a good song and movie?

Peter P: They were never good.

Peter M, pointing at Parker while walking through a portal: Don’t you even start, you little shit-

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The date|t.h.(the party pt 3)


A/N : I forgot what I wanted to say but yes enjoy this and thank you for the support. Here’s 2 photos of Tom to bless your existence and soul

Warning : -

Italics are her thoughts or messages.I always forget to mention it.


“Are you kidding me y/n? You are going on a date with him?"Jess sounded really happy through the phone for your date tonight. As you were too.

"I am scared Jess. What if he thinks that this is actually a stupid idea? It’s fast"you said biting your lip.

"I can’t recognize you girl. Don’t worry!I’m actually surprised with him. He tried to kiss you and he asked first for a date? He is not like that at all. He gets bored really fast”

“Oh great! Thanks for telling me that"you said to her with a fake enthusiasm. So he might be bored after this. Amazing.

"No that’s what I am saying bitch. He isn’t. This is the second date you guys go. And don’t tell me that what happened yesterday is not like a date cause it is!”

“I honestly don’t know. I’m scared. And I have no clue what I’m gonna wear. The only thing that was on my mind was our almost kiss-”

“And you are an idiot for not kissing him"she stopped you"He is not like the other guys you meet out there trust me. And in 20 minutes I’ll come there with Olivia so stay there. Bye"you couldn’t even say goodbye to her as he hang up fast. At least they would help you.

You closed your eyes for a second.The only thing on your mind was the date. Where he was taking you? What you should do for makeup? What if he actually gets bored? And if he plays with you? No he is not like the other boys. And if you kiss?

You got goosebumps with the memory of you and him the day before. The way he touched your waist,how close you were,his breath against yours,his lips. You wanted to kiss them,have a taste of his lips,his tongue.Maybe Jess was right,you shouldn’t pulled away.

No it wasn’t the right timing. And after all it was quick for the two of you to share a kiss after a day. Right?

You opened your eyes and got up from your couch making your way to your bathtub. You had twenty minutes to calm your nerves and relax. The water was warm just like you needed at that moment.


"What time is he going to be here?"Olivia asked you as you realized that you had no idea.

"I don’t know.He said night but I forgot to ask specifically shit"you picked your phone and searched for his number. Once you found it you texted waiting for his reply.

"I found some really nice outfits for you darling that he is going to die believe me"Jess came back from your room after investigating your closet. Before even got the time to asked her your ringtone stopped you.

"Oh God he’s calling me. What do I do?"you panicked and grabbed your phone looking at his name in your screen.

"Answer you dumbass"Olivia said and you placed your phone next to your ear.

"Um hello?"you said.

"Hey y/n. How are you?"his voiced sounded deeper through the phone.

"I’m fine.How about you? I just wanted to know about today”

“I’m good and yes I was wondering the same. Um how about 10?"he asked and it couldn’t be better.

"That works for me"you said giggling.

"Great! I’m excited"he said and you looked at your friends with open wide eyes.

"Really?Me too”

“I’m happy to heat that"and a awkward silent came for a minute without none of you talking. What you were supposed to say?

"I h-have to go. You know get ready"you said finally and facepalmed yourself with how stupid you sounded.

"Yes yes I’ll leave you. See you later”

“See ya"you hang up on him and let out a deep breath. Your friends were looking at you and then started laughing.

"Guys stop making fun of me okay? I know I sounded stupid to him but stop"you got up and walked to your kitchen. You filled a glass of water and swallowed it fast.

"Who is she?"Olivia followed you continuing laughing.

"What did he say?"Jess asked still sitting in the other room chilling on the couch.

"He will be here around ten. He is excited"you said now passing your friend Olivia and standing behind Jess.

"He told you he was excited? Damn I think someone changed too Liv"she yelled to your other best friend pretending you are not present. But why she said that? He is not like that usually?

"What do you mean he changed? He is pretty cool. I didn’t see any difference from the party Jessica"you sat next to her. You wanted to know more about him from her. She might tell you things he won’t.

"I’m just saying he is not like that with other girls. He never confesses this kind of feelings or going on second dates. He saw something in you that made him turn upside down. Yes he is cool but I’ve never seen him acting like this. So I think we should get our asses to your bedroom cause we don’t have much time to make you look like the queen you are. We need him to look at you like something unreal."she pulled you up by grabbing your hands"He has already lost it and he is about to get crazy. Can you believe my two best friends are falling in love?"Jess was now asking Olivia as the picked their make up tools ready to transform you.

Who said we are falling in love? He is definitely not in love. That can’t happen. He was attractive yes and handsome and all that jazz but falling in love?

"We are not in love Jess. Shut up is early for this"you said looking at her with one eyebrow raised.

"Maybe but who knows what the future holds babe? Now close your eyes and trust us"Olivia kissed your cheek and smiled through the mirror looking at your eyes.


"Is it too short?"you asked for the 100th time,still worried about your outfit. Your hair straight now and down to your waist,your stilettos,your flawless make up that you couldn’t thank your besties enough,your black dress. Everything was amazing on you but was it enough? Or was it too much?

Your eyes were searching for something to point out,but they couldn’t. You started panicking again. You weren’t like this at all.

"Look at me y/n. You look amazing and you shouldn’t doubt that. Gosh why are you loosing your courage? Come here"she invited you into a hug that Olivia joined too. She was right. You shouldn’t be loosing your courage especially now. This was a nightmare.

"What time is it?"you asked still closed to their warmth.

"Oh oh oh quarter past ten. Hurry hurry"the three of you were panicking now. You grabbed your bag with all the necessary things you might need. A new perfume was now all over you. It smelled like flowers that for a moment calmed you until the knock at the door woke you up.

"Go and have fun girl and don’t second guess anything"they pushed out of your room. You started walking towards the door with fear.

You were the one who wanted to spent time with him.

You opened the door and the view in front of your eyes was breathtaking. He looked even more handsome. If time could have stopped and give you the permission to admire him even more,every inch of him.

"Hi"he said with a smile looking at you. His eyes were now scanning your exposed legs.

"Hi"you said to him. His smell was amazing. You wanted more and more.

"You look amazing"he complimented you and his eyes met yours again.

He thought he saw Heaven. That’s how he felt. Your legs,hands,skin,eyes,lips. He wanted to taste you and your magic. Everything about you was

That feeling on your stomach kicked for the first time making it hard for you to breath.

"Thank you. You look really handsome too"you said and smiled at him.

"Shall we?"he asked. You nodded at him and closed the door behind you,hoping deep inside that the girls inside will clean the mess back there. He showed you the way to his car,opening the door for you. The smell was even stronger inside.

"So where are we going?"you asked him when he entered the car.

"I thought that an Italian restaurant would be great idea. You said that you loved Italian food so I hope you like it”

“You already made this a great night"you said to him. He remembered. When you talked about this back at the coffee shop you thought that he might not be interested in this but he proved you wrong.

The ride was wonderful. Music was on covering the tension that the two of you had.


Tom’s hand on your waist now leading you inside of a fancy restaurant. You got goosebumps from how fancy the inside looked and expensive. His touch like something hot burned that area. Your heart beated faster and you the only thing you wished was to find a table so that he doesn’t find out. Find out that he had this power over you.

"There we go. You like the view?"he asked sitting next to you and pointing outside. The city lights were magical from where you were sitting. Giving that view couples have on an romantic dinner.

"I love it"you turned to him with a big smile on your face. He smiled back at you. His eyes smaller making him look cuter than ever.

A man came to your table asking for your orders. Pasta was the first that came to your mind. Classic but one of the favourite. Soon wine was filling your glasses and giving you courage.

"So how was your day?"you asked him placing your glass next to you.

"Good actually. I did some work, I looked for the best Italian restaurant just for you,we talked,then again some work."he said and looked outside at the dark sky. He cared for you and having the best experience. No one had done this in the past for you.

"Thank you"maybe a little risky but you touched his hand and squeezed it a little. That was really sweet move of him and that made him even more attractive to you.

You were about to leave his hand but he stopped you by squeezing it back. His hand warm sending messages all over your body. You were about to explode and didn’t even know why. The pleasure his touch gave you was indescribable.Was he feeling the same?

The food was being served and just by looking at it you were already tasting what was on the plate. He laughed at how bad you wanted to eat. Your whole turned red and immediately slowed down your moves.

"I’m sorry"you covered your mouth with your hand. Your hair covered your the rest of your face and you couldn’t be more thankful for that. But that was for a moment before he placed on side behind your right shoulder and ear. "Better like that"he whispered with his deep voice by you heard him clearly. You tried to focus on your food but that made your heart happy.

"Your food tastes better"he drank from his glass and you looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"Don’t try to be nice now. This is way better Tom and we both know that"the red liquor left an sweet taste to your mouth after sipping a huge amount of wine.

"Well you are wrong y/n. This is trash compared to what I ate yesterday trust me"he said and you started laughing.

"Okay then I’ll cook for you every day"you said that and after seconds you turned red again. He might think I’m a psycho..shit.You lowered your face looking at your half empty plate.

"I’m looking forward to that"Toms deep voice hit you differently. His hand touched your chin and forced to look at him in the eyes. His head was closer to yours that you felt his breath hitting your mouth so smoothly. You couldn’t resist but look at his lips as they were slightly opened. You licked yours without thinking and his touch got stronger.

"Keep doing that and you’re definitely going to see an another version of me"he said but the fireworks outside made you look the other way.You let out a breath and drank from your glass again.

What was he talking about? He wouldn’t hurt you that was for sure. But why did he said that? The thing that scared you was that you wanted to see this another version. You were curious to face it. To realize what he actually meant by that. Did he wanted to kiss you? Was he feeling the same little things as you? The tone in his voice wasn’t scary at all. But the meaning of the phrase.

You couldn’t calm yourself and it showed. But the way you were grabbing things,by how much sweat you produced,by the feelings you got whenever he touched you accidentally. So the only way to solve this at that moment was only wine.


"So you’re telling me that you are a dancer but you don’t dance at parties?"you asked turning your attention to him and not the lights next to the car that they would have got you blind. He nodded and you laughed loudly.

"If I knew how to dance, I swear I wouldn’t shut up about it"you leaned against the door car still laughing and looked at Tom and how angelic he seemed from that angle and with that lightning. How can someone look like this?

"I’d rather keep this a secret"he said and opened again the door for you only to place your hands on the top of it searching for his eyes.

"At least can you show me one day? I bet you are like a professional dancer”

“I wish I was. You don’t want to see this"he said and he leaned to your side.

"I’m sure you are perfect and yes I want to see you dance"you said with a loud voice,making faces from other people to stare at the two of you. You laughed even louder by the outcome.

"I think you’re drunk"Tom laughed still looking at you.

"No I’m just having fun. Okay maybe a little but still"you giggled and turned again to him. You wanted to kiss him badly now. The position his face was,his one hand blocking your way. Everything was making you begging for a kiss. Now this was the perfect time for you.

Don’t second guess anything.

"You look really beautiful tonight y/n"he said and placed his other hand to your cheek. Your stomach was turning upside down and your breath started getting harder. You placed your both hands on his and closed your eyes enjoying his touch.

"I think now is a good time to kiss you"his voice deep. You opened your eyes to look at him surprised and exciting at the same. He wanted to kiss you?

His lips met yours after seconds. Smooth and slowly he leaned more into you. Your hand moved to his curls pulling them a little. You could taste the wine. The feeling of him so closed to you was something new,you needed to explore it. You felt like the time had stopped for you to just stand there and kiss him.

No it didn’t felt like you were rushing anything. It was unique and magical. If kissing him was making you feeling this way,you wanted and needed more.

"I’ve waited all day for this"his forehead was touching yours. His eyes were looking deep to yours and all of the sudden you felt exposed. Your face went red again and you turned your eyes down to the ground for the embarrassment. Your smile couldn’t get any bigger and brighter and that made his heart beat faster. You couldn’t look more cuter to his eyes.

"I have to say that I’ve waited from yesterday"your voice was so quiet that even you struggled to understand what you just said.

"Let me drive you back home"you nodded and got inside the car looking like a stupid teenage girl with that smile. But you felt happy.

On your way back home Tom’s hand was holding yours making your inside dancing to a really loud beat and your stomach literally hurt from all of this. That’s what they called butterflies?

He stopped in front of your building and you signed not wanting to leave. You smiled at him.

"I have to go I guess"you joked and let go of his hand."Thank you for tonight. I really enjoyed it"you continued.

"I enjoyed it too and I hope,if-if you want to, we can do this again"he said and one of his hands moved to the back of his neck,flexing his arms without realizing. Your eyes couldn’t resist to this view but it would have been to obvious.

"I-I would love that"you nodded your head."Goodnight Tom"you kissed his cheek and left the car running.

Stupid!Why did you kiss him on the cheek?

Once you closed the door behind,you fell on the ground pressing your head with your hands. Wine was playing with you and your feelings by giving you the audacity to do these things.

What if he thinks you’re an idiot now? You wouldn’t blame him. A message forced you to stop thinking.

Goodnight y/n<3

You let out a scream and laughed loudly not giving a damn if others could hear you. The kissing scene never left from your mind. His lips so warm. His kiss passionate and sweet. You were now melting for a guy you met almost a week ago. Tom.

Girls I hope you’re awake cause I have to talk


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