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#wylan van eck
Kaz Brekker really went out there and said in the Dregs, we practice inclusive hiring. LGBTQ+ folks, people with disabilities, immigrants, convicts, addicts, veterans, women, racial minorities, all qualified may apply. A true model of a what a CEO should be like, tbh. 
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hummushummingbird · 2 days ago
Nina, about Wylan: Apparently we’re getting someone new in the group.
Jesper: Are we stealing him?
Inej: New or used?
Nina: Wonderful responses, both of you.
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The Crows usually criticize Kaz’ “cruelty”, brutality and vengefulness but here are the moments Inej and Wylan understood.
"Well, how about this? Kaz is going to tear your father's damn life apart."
Wylan was about to say that didn't help either, but he hesitated. Kaz Brekker was the most brutal, vengeful creature Wylan had ever encountered--and he'd sworn he was going to destroy Jan Van Eck. The thought felt like cool water cascading over the hot, shameful feeling of helplessness he'd been carrying with him for so long. Nothing could make this right, ever. But Kaz could make his father's life very wrong.
Inej was moving before she thought of it. She couldn’t just watch him die. Her knives were in her hands. She’d kill them all. She’d pile the bodies to the rafters for the Stadtwatch to find.
Did you wonder what made Kaz like that? Helpnessless.
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my-beautiful-wylan · 2 days ago
Whoever is cast as Wylan better be ready for the amount of unconditional love he is going to receive from this fandom.
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shaensss · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
✨Another Six of Crows meets The Umbrella Academy quote✨
Just because this is literally what happened when Matthias freshly got out of Hellgate 👀
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emmaxkillianjones · a day ago
the mere thought of the fact that they will probably announce who was cast for Wylan van Eck in the next 4-6 weeks has me SWEATING through my shirt
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wylan-van-moonlight · a day ago
the spotify 2021 wrapped: grishaverse edition
top songs of the year
Nikolai: It's alright - Mother Mothet
Alina: Everybody wants to rule the world - Lorde
Zoya: I wanna be yours - Arctic Monkeys
Mal: Face off - Dwayne Johnson
Aleksander: Your new boyfriend - Wilbur Soot
Baghra: All eyes on me - Bo Burnham
Tolya: Soldier, Poet, King - Jacob Cook
Tamar: Death Bed - Powfu
Genya: Up and Down - Doja Cat
Nina: Whip a tesla - Yung Gravy
Wylan: This is Home - Cavetown
Jesper: Without me - Eminem
Matthias: Face off - Dwayne Johnson
Kaz: All I want for Christmas is you - Moriah Carey
Inej: Paper Rings - Taylor Swift
Kuwei: Burning Pile - Mother Mother
David: Sunkissed - khai dreams
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decafetherealki · 21 hours ago
Idk I just like talking about potential Crows weddings.
On this edition: Wesper elopes and Kaz is PISSED
Kaz: you made…SUCH an ordeal….about going to our wedding….
Jesper: ya, we wanted to attend and show our support ❤️
Wylan: it just kind of happened
Kaz: You’re getting remarried.
Jesper: what? Why?
Kaz: so you can have a stupid, ridiculously lavish wedding. I can’t believe this. You make Inej and I have this outlandishly excessive party-
Wylan: you got married covered in blood and we had to steal the food from a random bakery
Kaz: -and you get away with eloping?!
Jesper: I don’t understand. Did you want to go to our wedding?
Kaz: no
Jesper: then why are you upset?
Kaz: it’s the principle of the matter
Inej: I mean, I thought it was nice.
Kaz: how nice could it have- wait. You were there?
Wylan: we needed a witness.
Kaz, to Inej: you let this happen? After we were forced to look like Ravkan Grisha greeting royalty?
Jesper: your wedding literally took twenty minutes and you were wearing the same suit you are now
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Jesper: Wylan and I are so in sync we finish each other's…
Wylan: *Staring into space*
Jesper: Ssssss…
Wylan: *snapping back to reality* SomeBODY ONCE TOLD ME-
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wylan-van-eckk · 2 days ago
the cafeteria
modern crows au?
TW: mild bullying, use of an anti-lgbtq slur
Matthias is going to get better I swear
this is my first time writing something like this, I'm still trying to get the hand on it so be patient pls vshdvdh
The air was cold and it felt as if it was cutting into Inej’s skin like sharp razor blades. She should’ve worn a jacket, but she didn't expect it to get so cold in early October. Instead she wore a simple purple top and some black leggings and froze in misery.
“Inej!” she heard a raspy voice call behind her. She didn’t turn, she didn’t have to, because soon Kaz reached her side. Kaz Brekker. All the girls and boys in school were in love with him and he didn’t even spare them a glance. Seemed not to care about school and yet still somehow got top grades. Was definitely involved in some kind of criminal activity. Listened to Taylor Swift in secret. He stopped by her side and looked her up and down quickly, arching a brow.
“You’re cold,” he said.
“I am not.” Inej replied, trying to keep her body from shivering.
“Here,” he said, taking off the black hoodie he had thrown over a simple white shirt and handing it to her.
“I’m not taking your hoodie.” Inej said.
“Why not?”
“I can’t just go around stealing your clothes.”
“It’s not stealing if I give it to you willingly. Trust me, I know the difference.” Inej rolled her eyes but took the hoodie, pulling it over her head. The fabric felt soft and the warmth comforting.
“Thanks.” she said with a small smile. Kaz nodded.
“Of course,” he added. They walked on, in silence. Then Kaz spoke again:
“Me and Jesper-”
“Nope.” Inej said, fishing her phone out of her pocket to check the time. “Oh no, I have to run. I have math first period and I’m going to be late.”
“You don’t even know what I was going to ask!” Kaz shouted behind her as she already ran off towards the school. She didn’t reply. Getting into Kaz’s schemes was never a good idea.
The day passed in long, boring hours and Inej spent most of it staring out the window. When time for lunch finally came, it felt like a blessing. Inej smiled wide when she saw Nina waving at her from their table in the cafeteria, Jesper already seated next to her.
“Inej. Ghafa. What are you wearing?” Nina asked, staring at Inej’s hoodie, which had proven to be quite comfortable. She had pulled its sleeves over her fingers because her hands had felt cold and it was way too big for her. Kaz was too tall. But she didn't mind.
“Is that Kaz’s hoodie?” Jesper asked, narrowing his eyes.
“Yes.” Inej answered. Jesper and Nina gasped and Inej rolled her eyes.
“And he gave it to you willingly?” Nina asked.
“Yep.” They stared at her. “What? I was cold so-”
“Hi.” Kaz said from behind her.
“Hello.” Nina said with a grin and Jesper laughed. Kaz raised his brows.
“Nothing at all. Jesper’s just being an idiot.” Nina said, but started laughing too. Kaz glanced over to Inej, looking puzzled.
“They’re freaking out because you gave me your hoodie.” Inej explained. Kaz rolled his eyes.
“Inej was just cold. Stop making a big deal out of it.” he complained, sitting down next to Inej.
“Mhm.” Nina said, that grin still plastered on her face. Inej took in her outfit; her strawberry dress and a black jeans jacket thrown over it, her big, dangly earrings she had made herself, her always perfect eyeliner. Jesper wore an orange jacket over a dark green sweater which was a horrible combination, but he still somehow made it work. All of the sudden Nina shot to her feet, waving manically to someone.
“Wylan! Here!” the others turned around slowly, noticing the confused boy with red and golden curls. He noticed Nina and smiled awkwardly, changing his hold on the backpack strap and walking over to them.
“Who’s that?” Inej asked. Jesper shrugged.
“Wylan!” Nina shouted again as Wylan slowly made his way across the room.
“Shut up, woman!” a guy from a nearby table shouted back. The other guys all laughed. Inej only knew one of them, Matthias. He was in her English literature class. He seemed nice enough at first, but now he was laughing along with the rest, taking part in the daily Nina Zenik bullying. They’d chosen the wrong target though; Nina arched a brow, looked them all in the eye and then shouted at the top of her lungs:
“Wylan!” the whole room went quiet for a second, gazes flying between Nina and Wylan, who’s cheeks were flushed from the sudden attention, but returned back to their chatter almost immediately.
“Hello.” Wylan mumbled when he reached the table.
“Here, sit down next to me!” Nina said, pulling him down on the bench on which she and Jesper sat. Wylan looked awkward and uncomfortable, but he sat down anyway. He wore a beige sweater over a white shirt, the outfit going well with his curls.
“Hi.” he said again. The poor boy must’ve been terrified with how Jesper judgmentally glared at him, or how Kaz studied him like he wanted to know all his secrets that he could use against him. Kaz probably had that exact thing on his mind.
“Hi!” Inej said, smiling widely. “Wylan, right? I’m Inej.” she reached over and they shook hands. It felt foolish so Inej laughed and Wylan smiled.
“Wylan is new here. I showed him around the school this morning and told him he could sit with us. That’s fine, right?” Nina asked with that Nina look that told you to better say yes.
“Of course.” Inej said, smiling at Wylan again.
“What’s your last name?” Kaz asked all of the sudden and Wylan startled. Inej didn’t blame him, Kaz could be quite horrifying when you first met him.
“Why?” Wylan asked.
“I remember you from somewhere.” Kaz said, narrowing his eyes, but before he could figure out where he’d seen Wylan before they got interrupted.
“Oh, Nina Zenik, will you go to school dance with me?” one of the guys from the table from before asked, on one knee, opening his hands as if holding a ring box. Matthias and another guy stood behind him, snickering. Nina just arched a brow. The guy laughed, standing up.
“I’m kidding. Who’d wanna go to the dance with you?” Inej was full on ready to kick the guy, Jesper seemed the same way, but before they did anything Kaz simply looked up at the boys with a cold gaze. It shut them up. Before they could leave, Nina said:
“If none of the guys goes to prom with me I’ll take your girlfriends instead.”
The guys grimaced and Matthias said:
“With your girlfriend’s number.” Nina simply smiled and winked. Someone cleared the throat behind the guys’ backs.
“Do move on, will you? There are more important things at hand than petty bullying, I need to talk to these people.” The boys turned around and one of them growled: “Lantsov.”
“In all my glory.” Nikolai said with a smile, spreading his hands. “Move,” he added. Finally they left, returning to their table. Nikolai clapped his hands, sitting down next to Inej.
“My dearest friends,” he started.
“I’ve talked to you once in my life and I did not enjoy it.” Kaz replied, but Nikolai didn’t let it bother him.
“It is that time of the year when students have to choose their student councillor. I think we can all agree the answer is obvious.” he continued.
“Zoya?” Nina asked and Jesper snorted.
“She’s in my party, so a vote for me is a vote for her.” Nikolai said, grinning. He turned to Wylan.
“What’s your name? I haven’t seen you before.” he asked.
“I’m Wylan.” Wylan murmured.
“Hello, Wylan. I’m Nikolai. Are you new here?" Wylan nodded.
"Well, you're going to love it." Nikolai said pleasantly.
“Everyone is going to vote for you anyways, why do you have to ask us for help?” Inej asked.
“Because,” Nikolai replied, “He is going to ruin it all for me.” he pointed at the boy who came around bothering Nina earlier. Nina’s jaw dropped.
“No way. He’s candidating?”
“Oh god. You have my full support, Nik.” Nina said, still looking a bit surprised.
“Thanks, love. And the others, please think about the two choices you have.” Nikolai said as he stood up.
“How about the choice not to vote?” Kaz asked. But if Nikolai heard him he did not reply.
"We should really get going." Inej said, glancing at her phone again. Nina nodded and they started getting up, picking up their things.
"Uhm, are any of you in Mr. Hoede's math class? I don't know where the classroom is." Wylan asked. Jesper sighed.
"Me and Kaz are in it it, come on." he said.
As they all left and Nina and Inej turned the corner to get to their French class, Nina smiled.
"Why are you smiling?" Inej asked, confused.
"You're still wearing Kaz's hoodie." she said with a smirk.
"Oh, come on, it doesn't mean anything!" Inej said. But oh, how she wished it would. How she wished it would mean something.
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“My child is completely fine!”
“Your child is obsessed with books about traumatized kids who became thieves and murderers because she can relate to them more than every other real person she’s ever met and she strongly needs a sense of belonging!”
Just kidding! There are no two people in the world who would worry about me. 🤷‍♀️
Where are my traumatize and neglected kids? 🙋‍♀️
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blaze5681 · a day ago
Things Six Of Crows Characters Absolutely Have Said
Nina: I regret nothing!!!
Matthias: I regret everything!!!
Jesper: How are you today?
Wylan: Please don’t make me think about my life.
Inej: I scare people a lot because I walk very softly and they don't hear me enter rooms. So when they turn around, I'm just kind of there and their fear fuels me.
Kaz: I got an idea.
Inej: Does it involve breaking the law?
Kaz: By now don’t you think that’s a given?
Inej: I was just trying to be optimistic.
Kaz: Don’t bother.
Matthias: Is something burning?
Nina, leaning seductively on the counter: Just my desire for you.
Matthias: Nina, the toaster is literally on fire.
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shaensss · a day ago
Tumblr media
Jesper set his hands on his revolvers. “These cliffs are supposed to be haunted.” “You don’t actually believe that,” said Wylan. “I believe in all kinds of things. Ghosts. Gnomes. True love.”
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