kolarpem · a day ago
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Morning Doodle: “A cold mist had crept over the grounds in the night, covering the trees and stone paths in a veil of cloud. She passed through the woods, beneath a canopy of twisting branches.” (Leigh Bardugo's King of Scars CH 7)
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wordsinheavyblue · a day ago
Gentle reminder that the boy from the barrel who had become something worse also mourns Matthias' death :(
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cowboylikesaturn · a day ago
kaz: you don’t want to look at what’s in my head, nina, dear.
kaz’s head: inej, inej, inej
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kaz-demjin-brekker · 2 days ago
Jesper: What are you writing?
Kaz: Pekka and Van Eck want to know what kind of weapons we have. I’m telling them it’s private information.
Inej, peering over Kaz’s shoulder: This just says “fuck around and find out” in calligraphy.
Kaz: Mhm.
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six-of-crows-brainrot · 2 days ago
Kaz: Do you ever get pre-annoyed? Like you already know someone is going to piss you off?
Inej: What? No, I—
Jesper: *enters room*
Kaz: *jaw clenches*
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just-existin-and-vibin · 2 days ago
so we all agree that jurda is just a fantasy version of paan masala?
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ladatomlinson · 2 days ago
Kaz: * sneezes*
Wylan: ,,bless you”
Kaz: ,,would you shut up”
Kaz: *sneezes again*
Inej: ,,bless you”
Kaz: *whispering* ,,…thank you”
Wylan: ,,…are you kidding me”
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bastard-of-the-barrel · 2 days ago
Nikolai: I need you to steal one thing.
Kaz: Okay. A million kruge. Cash in advance.
Nikolai: A million kruge? Do you remember who I am???
Kaz: I'm sorry, your highness. Ten million kruge.
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somethinglikethatyeah83 · 2 days ago
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yes. absolutely.
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kolarpem · 16 hours ago
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They would bloom white, then pink, then red as blood when spring came, but for now they were only gray wood and throns. (Leigh Bardugo's King of Scars CH 7)
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ladzbrekker · a day ago
okay but do you realise that when kaz and inej would overcome their traumas ( or at least being better at handling them) they love to cuddle?? that kaz loves to be big spoon,his hand on inej's chest to feel her heartbeat?? to know that she's alive and safe with him.
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marvinthecrow · a day ago
Tumblr media
Wesper x Heartstopper
The ink scene (with a swap, because I wanted to draw a messy Wylan with a goggles mark for too long!!)
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kazs-new-hat · a day ago
nina: kaz is hiding something.i can feel it.
jesper: *dramatic gasp* what could that shifty bastard be hiding? drugs?
nina: no- emotions.
jesper; *gasp intensifies*
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kaz-demjin-brekker · 2 days ago
Jesper: So, what time does the judgemental express arrive?
Inej: Kaz gets here at noon.
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monakanej · 2 days ago
Jesper: So you like cats?
Wylan: Yeah.
Jesper: *tries to impress him by slowly pushing a glass of water of a table*
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wordsinheavyblue · a day ago
Do you ever meet a person and you admire them and have a deeply rooted respect for them? You're mutuals but you don't talk as much as compared to your other friends. You'll nod at them, might even strike a conversation with them everyday but you never get around to being good friends for one reason or another. You both know you can become great friends if given time because you both need time to get familiar and form a special bond unlike the superficial one. Doesn't this fit Matthias and Inej?
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ladatomlinson · 2 days ago
okay but how tf did inej stayed calm when kaz looked at her like that
Tumblr media
she definitely felt butterflies in her stomach you can’t prove me otherwise
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embercutiepup-blog · 2 days ago
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jessie mei li for szerkó budapest 🌈
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thegrishaverserat · 2 days ago
Inej forced herself to look at the Menagerie as she passed.
It's just a place, she told herself. Just another house. How would Kaz see it? Where are the entrances and exits? How do the locks work? Which windows are unbarred? How many guards are posted, and which ones look alert? Just a house full of locks to pick, safes to crack, pigeons to dupe. And she was the predator now, not Heleen in her peacock feathers, not any man who walked these streets.
Six of Crows (Leigh Bardugo) pg. 138
a reminder that inej is still deeply affected by her time spent at the Menagerie, so much so that she can barely stand to walk past it! this part made me cry because its such a genuine and unfortunately common experience
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corporal-relativity · 2 days ago
Six of Crows characters as things my friends have said PART 6
Kaz: See? All you needed was a little self-doubt.
Wylan: I have news! My father just disowned me!
Inej (about all the other crows): Never argue with someone who's insane.
Jesper: So, we just regained consciousness and now you throw weapons at us. Great idea.
Nina: For one thing, cults. For another thing, we should all be in jail.
Mattias: Lets not commit a crime that we could go to prison for. That sounds like an illinformed idea.
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