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kosmiknova · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Nina and Matthias are next!
I saw a few people wanted to see them so here they are ☺️
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karen8darklina · an hour ago
The Darkling looking at a portrait of The Black Heretic
Tumblr media
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ravenhuff123 · an hour ago
I've just finished an AMAZING darklina fiction, its called,
To Play at Playing Gods by vials
and its just fantastic, it plays with the idea of living saints and cults and OH GOD amazing
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grishaverse-wraith · an hour ago
Thank you all so much for the 300 followers!!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
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plusultraketterdam · an hour ago
oh my god oh my god oh my god 4 more days left until the show comes out. I’m literally scrambling to finish all of my school work before Friday😭😭
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dablackdahlia · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I think Kevin Eldom will play a wonderful Apparat. This is the dude I pictured except I imagined him being a wizard witb a long white beard for some reason.
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alicia4peace · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Currently reading Shadow and Bone! I'm excited for Shadow and Bone out on Netflix on April 23rd!!!!
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dablackdahlia · 2 hours ago
Yo at the end of the world three things will live, cockroaches, the Queen of England, and The Apparat because that bitch lives forever
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dorianslantsov · 2 hours ago
Hello! If you’re still taking requests, can you do another Nikolai x reader smut? The last one was really good; and there isn’t nearly enough on any platform for this charming privateer.
pairing: nikolai lantsov x reader
warnings: smut ig; oral sex (female receiving); swearing.
a/n: thanks for requesting! i hope you like it <3
nikolai presses his lips to yours as soon as he closes the door of your room. you squeal in surprise as he guides one of his hands to the back of your head, pressing you harder to him, while the other pulls you by your waist, bringing you as close as possible.
your chest is pressed against his and soon you're pushed against the nearest wall, his tongue dancing against your own while you throw your head back, silently asking him to kiss you even harder.
you pull away to breathe, and nikolai scans your whole face with his eyes, and then your body. you shiver at the intensity of his stare.
you let out a content sigh when he starts trailing kisses up your neck. when he reaches the spot just below your ear to plant a kiss there, you feel his breath in your ear as he closes his fists in the mattress of your dress and then leans even closer to whisper to you:
"i have been waiting all night to take this dress off, did you know that?"
just the way his voice sounds raspy in your ear is enough to make you moan. nikolai chuckles at the sound that left your mouth.
"you're that desperate already?" he says while his hands lowers slowly from your waist to your thighs.
"nikolai..." you breath out. "please."
he trails his kisses down to your breasts, kissing on every single spot where your skin is exposed. you want him to fucking rip this dress off.
"please what, love?" he says between kisses. "what do you want from me?"
you sink your fingers in his hair, pulling to make him look up at you so you can send him an annoyed look. he laughs.
"i want..." you try to get the words out. "i want your mouth."
nikolai's smile grews bigger and bigger.
"where do you want my mouth, gorgeous?" he asks.
you don't get the chance to reply this time. his fingers go up your thighs, pulling the skirt of your dress up so it's now resting on your waist.
your underwear is gone in mere seconds.
he puts one of his legs between yours, spreading them. you whine when the soft fabric of his pants rubs against you.
you squirm in his arms, trying to get more friction. nikolai chuckles while his thumb reaches your clit, making you throw your head back.
"you want my mouth here?" he whispers.
"yes! fuck, yes."
"yes what?" he says. nothing is ever easy with him, is it?
"yes, please. please, nikolai." you manage to get out.
"saints," he groans. "i love it when you beg."
and you think he's gonna make you beg some more, but he lowers to his knees in front of you, never looking away from your eyes.
you watch, impatient, as he places one of your legs on top of his shoulder, trailing torturous kisses up your inner thigh. and then his tongue reaches your clit.
you let out a loud moan, and you're sure you can feel him smile against you when his tongue begins to move. fuck, the things that tongue could do.
his thumb is rubbing your clit again now while his mouth works on you, his tongue inside you. you grab his hair, trying to steady yourself and bring him closer to you at the same time.
his grip on your thigh becomes tighter and tighter with every single sound that scapes your lips.
you can feel your climax building up inside you already and you place your free hand on the wall behind you to keep you standing.
nikolai knows you're close, he knows and his pace fastens, his tongue making you roll your eyes back and you're seeing stars.
and then you came hard, letting out a loud moan. nikolai groans against you.
he puts your leg back into place and rises to his feet, licking his lips. his green eyes are glimmering with lust.
"let's take this fucking dress off now, shall we?" he says, pulling the straps off your shoulders. you arch your back when your chest is exposed to the cool air.
when nikolai passes his arms around your waist and signs you to jump, you place your legs around his hips as he carries you to the bed, laying you down on the mattress.
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violetfolgi · 2 hours ago
Character Sketches!
The Umbrellas Academy, the Grishaverse, Euphoria.
Tumblr media
Sketches to practice anatomy that turned out very well!! I had sososo much fun doing these. Following the numbers: Alina Starkov, Kaz Brekker, (sad) Inej Ghafa, Alina again from the S&B trailer, 5th & 6th are Klaus Hargreeves, (happy) Inej Ghafa, and Rue & Jules from Euphoria. This is the order I drew them in, trying to get used to using a graphic tablet and Photoshop, and I'm proud to see the improvement with each sketch :') more grishaverse fanart coming soon!
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barrowmare · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
freddy carter for boysbygirls
photographed by phoebe fox
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