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While I appreciate the attempt to deflect post-punk music into something more modern and unpredictable, most of Hate Music Last Time Delete is simply ugly. Even bits of pop maestro Clarence Clarity on production can’t help the rapid agedness of this EP, compounded by “Henry Spychalski”’s irritatingly over-dramatic vocals, the simple datedness of EDM and electroclash (even though it’s less than two years old), and HMLTD’s unapologetic posh boy pseudo-philosophy and appropriation of queer culture.

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The rebels attack WCKD at its heart with the hope of stopping their unethical experimentation and saving their friend.

This film had a lot to get done in order to wrap up the trilogy and most of the characters felt like they developed reasonably well considering they began with no memories. The effects look good which is important because the finale has an obligation to increase the scale of the story as well as increase the risks for the main characters.

The movie is composed mostly of action; there seemed to be fewer scenes where the characters get to talk and express things which would have made it more personal and contrasted with the many shooting scenes. There was no logical explanation given for many things like why building a giant maze created antibodies, why it had to be lethal rather than just dangerous, or who exactly was responsible for the virus and how.

There was some attempt to change the structure of the plot from the previous two which is good for variety; the character no longer have to work out what’s happening, they only have to act. Although it’s good that the same plot isn’t repeated, it still means that they’re going to be compared and since this narrative is the most simple it rather leaves it at the bottom for anyone but action lovers.

There were a few things that didn’t feel true about the plot and its structure, for a start one character comes back from the dead which isn’t a great surprise in science fiction except this particular one got a spear through the heart and apparently just recovered with no further explanation. The other main thing was that the romance just felt wrong, the love interest didn’t really redeem herself until her own self interests were brought into question; the bond between Thomas and Newt was far stronger but it was always treated as a secondary or purely comrade-like friendship despite both constantly offering to die for each other.

4/10 -It’s below average, but only just!-

-The author of the book series cameos in the scene when Teresa gives a presentation to the WCKD board members.

-Filming had to be suspended for a year after a stunt went wrong and the lead actor was injured.

-Some of the names of cast and crew appear on the memorial wall.

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