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#steve x reader
kinanabinks · 17 hours ago
watch me cry • mob!bucky x reader
Tumblr media
request: can you write some with mob!bucky x best friend!reader where he makes her cry and they stop talking for awhile? please make it angsty!! [ anon ]
content warning: mob!bucky x best friend!reader, slightly insecure!reader, mob!steve x reader, slight coercion, smut (kissing, handjob), arguing, yelling, crying, heavy angst, violence, use of a gun, mention of blood and wound, eventual comfort and fluff.
Tumblr media
"Is he still talking to her?" You ask with a huff.
"Yup," Sam responds in a bored tone, scanning the magazine in his hands.
You bounce on your heels impatiently as you stare the black door down, desperately wanting to know what's happening on the other side of it.
"Won't make time go by any faster, standing here waiting," Sam mumbles. "I'll tell him to call you when he's done."
You're in half a mind to give in and leave, but your stubbornness takes over. "No. I'll wait." Admittedly, you're on edge. When you arrived, Sam informed you that Bucky was in a meeting with a woman he hadn't seen before. Too curious and nosy for your own good, you have to find out who she is as soon as possible.
Sam sighs and is about to speak again when the black door finally opens, making you grin. The woman walks out first, and when you see her face, your smile drops.
Carmen Vienne?
Throughout law school, you were mortal enemies. It sounds juvenile, but you still hate her to this day. She works for a law firm downtown, and any time your paths cross, hell becomes hotter.
When she sees you, she raises a thin brow before smirking. "Y/L/N. How are ya?"
With an eye-roll, you look away, unable to state at her for too long without feeling nauseous.
Bucky exits the room behind her, his face lighting up when he sees you. They share a goodbye and a quick hug, to your dismay, before Carmen leaves again, making you huff.
"Really, Buck?"
"Hi, fairy," He greets you, pulling you in for a tight hug. You don't hug him back, which he immediately picks up on. "What's wrong?"
Pulling away from him, you look him up and down suspiciously before realization hits you. "You slept with her?"
Bucky smooths down his messy hair, a coy smirk pulling at him lips. "That obvious?"
You hit his shoulder, pouting. "You know how much I hate her!"
"Relax, fairy," He says, pulling you into his office and shutting the door behind you. "We didn't fuck. She just... you know, went down on me."
"I hate you," You grumble, folding your arms across your chest. "You know what a bitch she is."
"I didn't mean for it to happen," He insists, taking your hands in his. "It was supposed to just be a professional meeting, and it got a little... out of hand."
Offended, you take your hands out of his. "You're hiring her?"
He nods, making your chest ache. "Just to take a look at things, make sure everything's clean."
"What the fuck?" You step backwards. "You needed a lawyer and you went to her? What the fuck is wrong with me?"
"It isn't about that," Bucky promises. "This has nothing to do with how good of a lawyer you are-"
"Bullshit!" You cut him off curtly. "You need legal help and you didn't come to me? What am I supposed to think, James?"
"I have always told you that I will never involve you in my work," He says gravely. "I'm not risking you losing your job and likely your license for me. Carmen is already a dirty lawyer - and I have no fucking problem putting her career and life at risk." His eyes soften and he steps forward, resting his hands on your shoulders. "I have never, and I will never put you at risk."
Letting out a deep breath, you frown. "She didn't have to suck your dick."
He snorts, rubbing his face. "Oh, God. I swear to you, fairy, I didn't plan on that happening. Love me?"
You still aren't completely happy with him, but you'll get your revenge. "Love you."
"And I love you more," Bucky replies, wrapping his arms around you and kissing the top of your head. "Lunch?"
"Yes, please," You mumble against his chest. "Somewhere expensive, because you're a dick."
He chuckles, stroking you back. "You got it, fairy."
While he leads you out the building, you pull out your phone, making sure he can't see your screen as you respond to Steve Rogers' text.
sorry for the late reply. dinner sounds good. pick me up at 8? x
Tumblr media
It feels surreal to be sitting next to the man Bucky has told you countless times to never go anywhere near, but here you are.
"I'm so glad you finally realized how magical the two of us could be together," Steve says softly, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. "You've been stringing me along for so long."
The dimly lit lounge is a little more intimate than you would've liked, but you're sure that more than one of Bucky's associates have seen you with Steve, which is exactly what you were banking on.
"Or maybe," You begin, playing with the straw in your drink. "I just ran out of ways to say no."
He chuckles, his eyes flickering down to your lips. "You know, it's funny. All this time, I've been begging for a chance to get you alone, and now that I finally have, I have no fuckin' idea what to say."
"So don't say anything," You tell him softly, moving a little closer. "Just kiss me."
Feeling like the cat that got the cream, Steve wastes no time and immediately places his lips on yours. The kiss is deep and slow, and his tongue pokes into your mouth as he cups your throat and pulls you closer. He takes your hand and places it on his boner, making you gasp.
Your heart races as he stuffs your hand down his pants and groans into your mouth, keeping his arm around your waist.
"That's it, baby," Steve mutters against your lips. "Make me feel good, that's a good girl."
You open your eyes and look over to the bar. There, you see one of Bucky's men, Peter, with his observant gaze on you. The booth you're in is dark, but it's evident that Peter can see your hand moving up and down in Steve's pants. It's a given fact that he'll immediately report this to Bucky - which is exactly what you want.
If he's gonna screw around with your worst enemy, you'll do the same with his.
"Keep going," Steve moans as you jerk him off, his cock twitching in your hand. "Fuck, baby, that's it."
Peter turns and leaves the lounge, making you smirk to yourself. You continue stroking Steve's dick until he sucks in a gasp and shudders, before his cum shoots into your palm.
"Oh, shit," He growls against your neck. "Cumming so fucking hard for you, baby."
You wipe the residue onto his boxers and pull out your hand. He gives you another kiss but you pull away before it can get intense.
"Let's get out of here," Steve mutters, zipping up his pants.
"Actually, I'm gonna head home," You tell him shortly as you stand up. "Thanks for dinner."
He looks baffled as you walk away, and a slight pit of regret builds up in your stomach as you realize what you just did.
Fuck. Bucky's gonna kill you.
Tumblr media
The next day, you leave work and go straight to Bucky's office. He sent you a text telling you to come see him and you know that shit is about to go down.
As you walk down the corridor, his men have their eyes on you, each of them staring at you with slight fear. They aren't scared of you, though- they're scared for you, because Peter Parker has a big mouth than runs on its own accord. Your heart races the closer you get to his office, but you know that you only brought this on yourself. Once you get to the door, you slowly push it open a few inches.
"Come in, Y/N," Bucky calls out, knowing that you're the only person in town who'd ever dare to walk into his office without knocking.
You push the door fully open and step in, keeping yourself calm with deep breaths. This will be fine. He'll be a little angry, but then you'll explain why you did it, causing him to apologize, and all will be well.
Bucky is sitting at his desk, wearing a black button-up shirt. His sleeves have been rolled up to his elbows and a concentrated look of anger dwells on his face. He says nothing as you walk over, standing behind the chair opposite him.
"Hi, Buck," You mumble, feeling your heart begin to race.
"All I need," He begins, his voice low and hard. "Is for you to tell me that he was lying."
You don't think he's ever been stoic towards you, and that makes you feel sick. "What are you talking about, Bu-"
He cuts you off by suddenly slamming his hands on the desk and standing up, a deathly glare in his eyes. "Don't you fucking play dumb with me now, fairy. Tell me that Peter was lying through his teeth about what he saw so I can rip his tongue out."
"Bucky," You breathe out, eyes wide. "You have to understand-"
"Tell me he was lying," He utters, his hands clenching into fists on his desk. "Tell me that you didn't have dinner with that bastard last night."
Deciding to hold your ground, and deciding that you have nothing to be afraid of, you straighten up and fold your arms across your chest. "Did Pete mention that I had my hand down Steve's pants, too? Or did he give you the PG version?"
You didn't think it was possible, but the anger on Bucky's face only intensifies. "That isn't funny," He mutters through gritted teeth.
"I'm not joking," You say with a shrug. "You can ask Peter if you want. I'm sure he enjoyed the show."
"What the fuck is your problem, Y/N?" Bucky asks you, seething.
"You are!" You exclaim. "How is it fair that it's one rule for you and another for me?"
"What are you talking about?" He yells.
"It's okay for you to fuck around with Carmen but I can't do the same with Steve?" You shout back, throwing up your hands. "Tell me how that's fair, James!"
"There's a big fucking difference between me getting involved with some bitch you don't like, and you getting involved with that vile motherfucker," Bucky claims gravely. "Do you realize how much danger you put yourself in?"
"Oh please, it was dinner and I'm a grown woman," You respond dryly with an eye roll.
"And he's a monster, Y/N," He tells you with fury in his tone. "How fucking dare you get involved with him after I've spent all these years protecting you from him?"
"How dare I? He didn't hurt me!" You exclaim. "I'm fine, aren't I?"
"He could have," Bucky insists furiously. "You have no idea what that prick is capable of. You think you're safe around men like me just because I've never hurt you? You are not fucking immune to becoming just another victim, Y/N."
"I can look after myself!" You insist sternly.
"No, you fucking can't!" He booms, hitting the desk again. "You're so stupid, you know that?"
Your heart clenches at his words and you take a step back. "Fuck you," You whisper, every inch of your skin feeling lit up with red-hot fear. Fear that Bucky's love for you is dying.
"I've told you time and time again not to go near him," He shouts. "Are you that fucking needy for attention that the second I give mine to someone else, you go looking for it from the first guy that offers you some?"
"Stop!" You cringe, looking down.
"Screwing around with him like a fucking slut," He rages, taking you aback. "You know how fucking embarrassing that is for me?"
You purse your lips together as your eyes well up with tears. This is it. He hates you. His love is dead.
"No, Y/N," Bucky mutters coldly. "You can't just cry your way out of this like you always do. Get a fucking grip and take some responsibility for once."
A weak whimpers leaves your mouth before you quickly turn and run out of the office, the tears hot as they stream down your face. On your way out, you pass Sam and Peter. Peter gives you a regretful look but you speed past him, too focused on your hurting heart to be angry at him right now.
Tumblr media
Two weeks. Two entire fucking weeks pass with no communication between you and Bucky.
You don't think you've ever spent 14 consecutive nights in your own bed without Bucky spooning you, and you absolutely hate it. It feels lonely to the point where it physically hurts.
None of your other friends can fill the gap he left. They don't know you like he does. They don't care about you like he does. They don't love you nearly as much as he does.
A part of you regrets the date with Steve, but another part of you knows that it truly was unfair for Bucky to have double standards. You couldn't let him get away it.
His words echo in your head every single day.
You're so stupid, you know that?
Fucking slut.
Take some responsibility for once.
What a fucking prick. God, you miss him.
A strange man has been standing across the street from your apartment. You aren't sure when he first arrived, but you noticed him just over a week ago. At first, you thought he was there to smoke - but now that he has spent seven nights in a row staring at your building, you realize there's something sinister at play.
When you look out the window and see him there again, you let out a groan. You know it's your apartment he's staking out - he's even followed you home from work, though you only noticed that earlier on today when you dropped your phone and had to turn around to pick it up. Who knows how long he's been tracking you?
You don't want to admit it, but you know it's your fault: you got involved with Steve Rogers, and now you're facing the consequences. He's probably keeping an eye on you to make sure you aren't with any other men - God knows how possessive men like him are. A small part of you fears that he's planning on killing you for blocking his phone number, which is why you decide to take a stance.
This is the mess you made. It's time for you to clean it up.
Grabbing the small gun Bucky insisted you keep in your bedside table, you put it into your purse and make your way outside. Once there, you see the man looking away as though to act casual and like he hasn't been stalking you.
You cross the road, keeping an eye out for any witnesses that may be around, before standing in front of him. He frowns, seemingly surprised by your presence.
"What do you want?" He asks you gruffly, raising a brow.
"Stay the fuck away from me," You utter lowly, keeping your hand wrapped around your gun in your bag. "And tell whichever coward sent you to come kill me himself."
It's also possible that one of Bucky's many other enemies are attempting to take you hostage as leverage, and you'd be damned if you prove Bucky right and aren't able to protect yourself.
When the man says nothing, you huff and push past him, planning to make your way to your friend's house a few blocks away just in case you really aren't able to protect yourself. Before you can get far, though, he grabs your arm and pulls you back. You immediately pull out the gun and shoot him in the foot, making him fall to the ground with a loud cry.
"You crazy bitch!" He yells, clinging to his foot. "Why the fuck would you do that?"
"I told you to stay away from me!" You shout, thankful for the silencer on the gun while praying nobody walks past. "Who sent you, huh?"
"Crazy fucking bitch," He whimpers, rocking back and forth.
You roll your eyes at him, shaking your head. "Don't fuck with me, alright? Do you know the name James Barnes? If I see you, or any of your friends, standing outside my home again, he will kill you - and that's only if I don't do it myself. Do you understand me?"
"Barnes is the one that fucking sent me," He reveals with a groan, his hands covered in blood. "He told me to keep an eye on you. I wasn't sent to hurt you."
His words take you aback. Oh.
"Shit," You whisper, quickly putting away your gun. "Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. I'm sorry. Come on; let's get you to the hospital. Shit."
Twenty minutes later, you're in the waiting area while Richard gets his foot fixed up.
"Come on," You grumble as the vending machine spits out your bill for the seventh time. "Just take my money and feed me, damn it."
"What have I told you about these shitty snacks?" A familiar voice rings out from behind you, making you jump. His ring-clad hand reaches out and he scans his phone on the card machine, paying for your shitty snack.
You lean down to pick up the candy bar before turning back to him. "Why buy it for me, then?"
Bucky lets out a sigh. "Because you always get what you want, anyway. And I like being the one who gets you what you want."
"Yeah, sure seems like it," You mutter bitterly, pushing past him. "Two fucking weeks, Buck."
"You blocked my number," He says, turning around to follow you over to the seats. "Do you realize how fucking insane that made me?"
"And you didn't attempt to contact me at all!" You exclaim stubbornly.
"Because I knew you were angry at me," Bucky claims as you sit down. "And frankly, I was fucking angry at you, too."
"So why send Richard to watch over me?" You ask with a raised brow.
He furrows his brows at you. "What? Just because I'm angry at you, I shouldn't care about your wellbeing?"
"Oh, please," You scoff. "You were just watching me to see if I went on any more dates with Steve."
Bucky rubs his face, exasperated. "I don't wanna argue with you about this any more, Y/N. Can you just admit that what you did was reckless?"
Letting out a long sigh, you can't help but nod. "I guess it was a little reckless. Can you admit that sleeping with that bitch Carmen was a bad friend move that hurt me deeply?"
He sits down next to you, resting his arm on the back of your seat. "I'm sorry, fairy. I should've been more aware of your feelings. I promise, I'm not seeing her again. And I hired a different lawyer."
"And?" You press expectantly.
"And... I love you?" He offers, before trying to wrap his arm around you.
You move a seat away from him, frowning. "You said some really horrible things to me, Buck."
He winces at the memory, a pained look growing on his face. "I am so, so sorry, fairy. I was angry, and I said things that I should never have said. Not to you. I didn't mean a single one of them- I was just pissed off, and I took it out on you, and I shouldn't have done that. The thought of you being in danger drove me crazy, baby. I can't handle the thought of you getting hurt."
You let out a shaky breath, looking down at the ground. "Seeing you with Carmen, I just... I realized that I'm gonna lose you one day, and that terrified me. I guess I just wanted to see if you were scared of losing me, too."
Bucky frowns, immediately moving to the seat next to you. "Woah, woah, woah, fairy, what's all this talk about losing each other, huh? You know you're never losing me, ever. And you know I'd chain you to a fucking radiator if you ever tried to leave me."
You laugh softly, shaking your head. "I just didn't like seeing you with her."
He pulls you into his arms, rocking you gently. "How about we stop seeing other people, hmm? Just for a little while?"
His words put you on edge. "What do you mean, Buck?" You ask him meekly.
"I mean, our last sexual escapades landed poor Richard in the emergency room," He says teasingly, before leaning closer to you. "So, how about we just stick with each other for a bit? I missed you like fuck this past fortnight. I never wanna do this life shit without you again."
Feeling warm in his embrace, you snuggle closer to him and smile. "That sounds good, Bucky."
"Yeah?" He asks, holding you tighter. "Just you and me?"
"Just you and me," You repeat with a whisper, wrapping your pinky around his.
He kisses your forehead, and then your nose, and then the corner of your mouth, lighting you up with the joy you've been missing out on for too long. "I love you, fairy," Bucky mumbles, stroking your cheek. "You're more important to me than anyone else in this world."
Opening up the candy bar, you offer him the first bite which he reluctantly takes. Taking a bite after him, you let the sweet chocolate relax you.
You rest your head on his chest, the two of you staying like that while you wait for Richard to be wheeled out of surgery. All is well.
Tumblr media
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steviebunny · 2 days ago
Under And Over
Tumblr media
Stucky x reader
Please don't steal my work, I don't give permission for this or any of my work to be translated or reposted in any other social media platform.
Tumblr media
"No, Steve you weave over not under, it's easier that way."
"It's easier for you, how can you be sure that this way isn't easier for me?"
"Well let's see, the fact that you keep starting over, or that anytime you get halfway done the hair falls from your hands."
"I'm doing just fine."
"You'll wake him."
Steve, bucky and you had the ever seldom day off, and a lazy day is just what you all needed. Bucky had long since fallen asleep in Steve's lap- knowing he's never agree while awake you were trying to teach Steve how to braid his hair. Emphasis on trying.
"I'm just saying you wanted to learn and you won't even listen to advice."
"It would be easier to process if you didn't repeat it every three seconds."
"It would be easier if the two of you just shut up." The brunette man groaned out, voice drenched with exhaustion.
"How long have you been awake."
"I was a weapon of mass destruction I woke up the second you started pulling on my hair to show em'."
"Bucky. That was like an hour ago."
"Listening to you two struggle is fun."
"Fuck you."
Tumblr media
The three of you walk into the mission bay, Steve suited up in regular armour, you yourself in combat clothing that was enought to keep you safe without any worries but nothing as intense as the suits, none of the other avengers paid you any mind until Bucky came jogging into the hanger bay.
His hair adorned with braids stemming from the crown of his head, on one side they seemed to be more put together, experienced- yet the other had character of it's own, fly always and baby hair poking through the sectioned bits, yet still secure none the less, each side connects in the back to a small secure bun.
"Whoa! Barnes what happened to your head?"
"Whaddaya' mean?"
"All the' Clint motions to his own head franticly tapping his fingers mimicking the shapes "y'know. That."
"Thing 1, and thing 2 made a bet."
"A bet?"
"We wanted to see what would be better, going over then under, or under than over."
The team nods in a sort of understanding. Then Thor's voice breaks the silence.
"My preference is the left, it is reminiscint of the warriors of Asgard."
"HAH! I told you I knew what I was doing!" Steve bursts out at the gods words, you want to be upset but the look of pride on his face makes up for everything and you can't bring yourself to feel any malcontent twords the man.
"Oh yes, yes. Very brave soldiers the Valkyrie." Thors hand enclosed his own fist nodding at his own words. "Truly the strongest women of Asgard."
"Wait, what?".
Small rumbling laughs and chuckles surround the hanger, you rub at Steve's back to try and ease his fall from grace,
James watches the two of you, love in his eyes, you were both idiots. Definitely.
But you were his idiots.
Tumblr media
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tuiccim · 2 days ago
Where It Stays (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Nomad Steve x Enhanced Reader
Word Count: 1.8k
Warnings: Snark, little angst, innuendo (18+, MINORS DNI)
Series Summary: Being on the run after the Avengers’ Civil War isn’t easy and, having had one too many clashes with Captain America, now Nomad, you decide it’s time to strike out on your own. One last op needs your experience and expertise, forcing you to not only stay but team up with Steve. Together, you infiltrate a biker gang to track weapon shipments that are ending up in enemy hands. Can the two of you find common ground in order to accomplish the mission or will your constant headbutting lead to total ruin?
A/N: Not beta read. Divider by the talented @firefly-graphics .
Where It Stays Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
The drive back to the safe house was uneventful. Steve slept the entire time and as you pulled the truck behind the house, he didn't stir. You jump out, grab your pack, and head in to find out why Natasha had insisted you hurry back. 
“Nat? Sam?” you call as you come through the door. 
“Kitchen,” Sam looks up at you as you round the corner. He’s making a sandwich and Nat is chewing the bite she just took out of hers. “How’d it go?”
“Fine. Went a little sideways but mission accomplished,” you shrug and grab the sandwich that Sam had just completed. “Thanks, I’m starving. So, what’s going on that we needed to rush back?”
“Why can’t I ever keep my food?” Sam grouses as he pulls more bread out. 
“Because you make great sandwiches,” Natasha snickers. 
“I get a lot of practice since this is the third one I’ve made in the last five minutes!” Sam glares at the two of you. 
“You stole his first sandwich?” you giggle. 
“Yup,” Nat grins before taking a huge bite. 
"It's cause you're such a sweetie, Sam!" You tease. 
"Mmhm," he shakes his head while piling the new sandwich high. 
The back door slams and you all turn to watch as Steve stomps in. He stops to glare at you, “Really? You just left me asleep in the truck?”
You give a shrug and turn your attention back to your sandwich. Steve feels his ire rise as he watches the casual gesture. He turns to watch Sam put the finishing touches on his sandwich and then swoops in to grab it from him. 
“No! Hell no! Give it back! Make your own damn sandwich, Steve!” Sam yells as he tries to snatch the food out of Steve’s hand. 
“Come on, man! I haven’t had anything to eat today and I just got back from a mission,” Steve wards off Sam’s attempts. 
“I’m gonna start charging y’all,” Sam growls while grabbing more bread. “Anyone touches this one and there will be stabbing involved.”
“What’s the deal, Nat?” Steve asks.
“Got the details on another weapons shipment. Route, day, time, and it all looks legit. We can take the truck. Stop the weapons from getting out,” Natasha explains. 
“And we needed to rush back because…?” you raise an eyebrow at her. 
“It’s tonight,” she answers. 
“No rest for the wicked,” you sigh.
"You need some sleep after you eat. You won't be good to anyone dead on your feet," Steve says to you. The silence is deafening as you two stare at each other. You notice Natasha's head swiveling between the two of you out of your peripheral vision. 
"I'm fine," you turn back to your food. 
"You haven't slept more than a few hours in days," Steve continues.
"I got a few hours last night. I'm fine," you say in a quiet but firm voice. 
Steve scoffs as he walks away. Sam and Natasha turn to you and you shrug as you finish the last bite for your sandwich.
"Something happen?" Sam asks. 
"Like what?" 
"What's with the tension?" Natasha pipes in. 
"When is there not tension?" You head for a shower leaving the curious two on their own.
"Something's up. Think they had a fight?" Sam whispers.
"I don't know but her being here is tenuous at best. If they blow up at each other we might lose her," Natasha purses her lips.
"Fine. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Damnit!" Natasha narrows her eyes as Sam holds out scissors to her paper.
Sam grins smugly, "Have a nice talk with Steve. You'll do great. Now, I'm gonna go eat my damn sandwich in peace."
Natasha leans on the door jamb as she gently knocks. 
“Hey,” Steve says. 
“Hey. So, what happened?”
“Nothing happened. What do you mean?” Steve unzips his bag to clean it out. 
“Something's going on. You two don't interact much and the tension right now is palatable.”
“It’s nothing. Just... I don't get her, Nat. I don't understand why she won't open up to me. You seem to know a good bit about her. She's fine with Sam. But with me it's like she can't open up or talk to me. Everything is some snarky comment or a shrug. I can't stand it. She’s supposed to be our teammate. Shouldn’t I know something about her?”
“What do you want to know?” asks Natasha.
“Anything. Something. The only thing I know is what little bit you’ve told me.”
“She's a private person. Her past was different than ours. Guess all of our paths were different. I’ll tell you what would have been in her file. She was basically sold as a teenager to Hydra fracture group for experimentation. She was given her powers and became a super soldier similar to you and Bucky. She could never go back to her old life.”
“What did she do? Before SHIELD?” Steve narrows his eyes. 
“She was an experiment, Steve. And once she figured out what this group was doing with the teenagers they were changing, she got out, found SHIELD, and helped take that group down. She was 17 years old when she became a SHIELD agent. She flew under the radar. I knew very little about her until only 4 or 5 years ago. Our paths rarely crossed. You know I'm here because I have red in my ledger, but her, she's like you.”
“What does that mean? When you say she's like me?”
“She's a white knight. She's one of the good ones. I've never known her to do anything that wasn't what she thought would give the best outcome for everyone.”
“Really. But she doesn't open up easy or often. She had a team once. They went on a mission and it went bad. She was the only survivor. It was rough on her. She was so young when it happened and since then she hasn't gotten close to anyone. She refused to be a part of another team. I’m surprised she’s still here with us. So… please, don’t push her.”
Steve nods. 
“I understand, Nat.” Steve stares her down until she nods and retreats. 
Later that afternoon, you find Sam on the couch working on Redwing. You lean around him and hold up a plate for him. 
“What are these?” Sam grins. 
“Triple chocolate brownies. Your favorite.”
“Are all of these for me?”
“Yes. A ‘thank you’ for letting me steal your food. All of us steal your food,” you giggle. 
“Yum!” Sam grins as he takes a bite of one of the brownies. 
“You might let Steve have one. You know he loves brownies, too,” you elbow Sam. 
“I’ll think about it. Thanks. This was nice of you.”
“You’re welcome,” you surprise Sam with a kiss on the cheek. 
“And a kiss! Steal my sandwiches anytime!”
“Don’t worry. That’s the plan,” you laugh as you go to get ready for the mission. You don’t notice Steve watching from around the corner. 
“What are you wearing?” Steve stares as you emerge from the back of the van. 
“Plan A,” you raise your eyebrow. You had on a pair of jean shorts and a crop top. 
“I thought plan A was getting the truck to stop voluntarily.”
“Exactly. I’ll thumb for a hitch. He stops. We take over,” you shrug. 
Steve closes his eyes for a moment, jealousy and annoyance warring within him, “Fine.”
“Hide,” you say as you take off towards the road. You get to the side of the highway and start walking slowly. The darkness was going to make getting the driver to stop trickier but you were hoping you could get them to talk.The sound of 18 wheels approaches and you turn to face it while sticking out your thumb. You pout a little as you manage to make eye contact with the driver. You hear the brake engage and smile. When the rig managed to come to a stop, you jogged to the door and climbed up. “Hi,” you say breathlessly. 
“Hey, pretty lady. Where’re you headed?” The burly driver grins as he gives you a once over. 
“Wherever you’re willing to take me, handsome.”
“I like that answer. Hop in.”
“Thanks. I was scared I was going to have to walk all night. It’s awful lonesome on the road. What’s your name, baby?” you say in a sultry tone. 
“Mike. What’s yours?” the driver grins as he looks at you again. 
“Dolly.” You glance at the small bed in the back of the cab, “Looks comfy back there.”
“It works. For more than just sleeping, Dolly.”
“Really?” you trail a hand up your leg and watch as his eyes follow it.
“I gotta make a delivery but then I’ll show you. If you can be a good girl for me.”
“I don’t know that I can wait. Might have to go start the party myself,” you slip into the back and sit on the bed. “I’ve been alone so long.”
“Hot little piece, aren’t you?” 
“Wet, too,” you lick your lips. 
“Fuck. I can be a little late,” Mike moves towards you and you kick him squarely in the head. He falls unconscious at your feet. 
“Nice job, ‘Dolly’” Sam’s voice comes over your comm. 
“Men are so easy,” you sass and hear Nat snort. You cuff the driver and find the two guns he had stashed. Jumping down from the cab, you see the team approach and Natasha hands you a bag. “Driver’s restrained and his guns are secured.”
“Set charges in the back of the truck,” Natasha directs. Sam is keeping watch from the van with Redwing and Steve is climbing into the cab.
In the container of the rig, you set the charges quickly and then open a few crates to see if there are any useful items to take. 
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
You look up at Steve as you throw two grenade launchers into your bag with the other guns and ammo you had acquired, “Expanding our inventory.”
“Put it back. We don’t need illegal weapons.”
“You say that now, but when you need a grenade launcher later on, don’t ask to borrow one of mine,” you sass. 
“Damnit, put-”
“Hey guys! Check this out,” Natasha calls. 
“That’s a biker vest. What’s the crew?” you ask, jumping down. 
“Mad Mavericks,” Nat reads.
“Fucking hell,” you say under your breath. 
“Friends of yours?” Steve snarks.
“No, but I heard about them when I was undercover with another gang.”
“What do you know about them?” Nat asks. 
“Nothing good. Intimidation, murder, drug running, and now apparently, gun running. They’re dangerous and very secretive.”
Steve seems to be mulling over what you’re saying and then he turns to you seriously, “Can you get us an in?” 
“I could probably set something up. I know how they work. I was undercover with one for nearly a year.”
“Then I guess we know what our next move is,” Natasha looks at Steve.
“Yeah,” Steve looks at you, “Ready to go back under, ‘Dolly’?”
Tumblr media
Tuiccim’s Masterlist
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katorainwonderland · 2 days ago
Loving her
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Right after the snap Y/N, Sam’s wife, blames Steve but as time goes on she realizes maybe the blonde man out of time isn’t so bad.
Pairings: Steve x Reader, Sam x Reader
Word Count: 1,640
Warnings: 18+ because there some descriptions of sex but no super explicit scenes. Reader has powers where she can see individuals futures but only to an extent.
Author’s Note: Something I had in my drafts and decided to just go ahead and post it. Still working on my other fics just going through a bit of writer’s block.
If you would like to read something more explicit may I direct you to my other Sam Wilson Fic, or my Chris Evans fic, or my Loki Fic.
Happy Reading!❤️
“I’m sorry.” It was all Steve could say to you but you were fuming. Everyone that you called family, gone, the only ones left were the ones who were always fighting each other.
“This is why I didn’t want Sam to get involved with you, that day that you and Natasha wound up on our doorstep was the day I knew that it would be his demise, I saw his timeline change but Sam was such a good man, he saw someone in need, he went through so much shit for you!”
“No, I don’t want to hear shit from you unless it’s to say you can bring everyone back, until then don’t contact me, I’m not helping you with anything else, me and my power that you all love so much will be minding our fucking business away from you and your band of coworkers!” Because that’s what they were, the avengers claimed that they were family but family checked up on each other, they only bothered each other when they needed something.
You should have known that Steve wouldn’t listen to you when you told him not to contact you. A few months after you went off on him he found you, holed up in a cabin in the woods, as bad as that sounds it was actually quite peaceful. His car rolled up right as you were bringing wood in for the fire, you sighed as he silently walked up to you, taking the wood out of your arms.
“I told you to leave me alone.”
“You know I couldn’t do that.”
Then it became a routine for him to come check on you, every month you got a visit from him. You knew it was because he was lonely and if you were honest, you were too. Your husband had vanished and you were a widow according to the court papers, so you were officially alone. Steve was trying his best to not make it that way.
“Have you been to see Thor?” You asked, starting to make dinner for the two of you.
“No, but Valkyrie gives us updates on how things are, he’s not doing good.”
“I went to see him, it’s worse than anyone can explain.” Steve sighed heavily, you knew everything was taking a toll on him, mentally, physically, emotionally but that optimism he always had was still there.
“Have you seen Tony and Pepper’s baby?” He asked, trying to change the subject to something just a tad lighter and a new soul in this world was always something to be happy about.
“Yes, I just went to see them last week, she’s adorable!” You smiled, thinking of Morgan with her cute chubby cheeks.
2 years into Steve’s visits and something changed in the both of you, you were enjoying his company more and more, he was staying around longer and longer until one day things really shifted.
“That is not how you play!”
“Yes it is, old man, who taught you how to play checkers?!” You laughed
“I’m self taught, I’ve been playing checkers since before you were born!”
“Ok, sir, you don’t have to flaunt your old age.” You giggled “We can play something that’s more your speed.”
You got up to put the game away and his hand reached for yours, your eyes met his and you saw an emotion in his blue eyes that you hadn’t taken notice of before and it sent tingles over your body and before you could process it his lips were on yours and you were kissing back. He reached for you more and you gladly straddled him on the couch where he had taken purchase with you.
“Is this okay?” He breathed as you parted.
“Yes, this feels right, are you ok?” You asked, your fingers touching the smoothness of his face.
“Yeah, I’ve been wanting to kiss you for months now, I know it’s a little sudden to be saying this but I love you, Y/N.” He confessed
“Of course you do, I’m pretty amazing,” you joked, making him laugh “I love you too.”
All this time together had brought you both closer, you usually didn’t care much for Steve and his band of misfits, especially not since he recruited Sam but spending all this time with him, getting to know him and who he really was had you fall for him. You didn’t mean to, you were going to stay alone for the rest of your life, you didn’t want anyone else after your husband and then Steve decided he was going to be your friend.
“Is it wrong to want to be with you, I mean, you were one of my best friends wives? If he came back I wouldn’t even know what to say to him ‘Hey man, me and your wife are sort of in love with each other’ it sounds like I was just waiting to get with you.”
“Look, honestly, if he did come back, I feel like if it had to be anyone that I fell in love with he would rather it be you. As crazy as that sounds because then he would know that I’m getting treated how I should be.”
You had doubt that that day would ever come until it did.
“Honey, I need to talk to you,” You knew from Steve’s face that it was happening. The heartbreak in his eyes and nothing has even happened yet, the situation talked about years ago was soon to come.
“We have a chance to bring everyone back.”
You should have been ecstatic but your heart was breaking all over again, you had lost your husband, Steve had helped you heal and now you were going to lose Steve. You knew it, he would never want you to choose between him and Sam and you knew you wouldn’t be able to. Even though now you loved Steve with all your heart you still longed for the man you said your vows to.
“Steve…” you choked out but couldn’t get the words out in fear of breaking down.
“I know baby, it’s going to be ok, come here.” He took you into his arms, his soft lips meeting yours.
You needed him, one last time, you wanted to feel him. He understood, when you began to undress he didn’t question it, he wanted to be with you too. The many times you had done this would not compare to this last time, he wanted to experience this as slowly as he could. Remember each part of you, ingrain you into his memory.
“It’s ok, I got you.” He would say each time you reached your peak, the night filled with nothing but the sounds of both of your moans and heavy breathing.
“I love you.” He said, kissing your head as you laid together, basking in the little time you had together left before the chaos.
“I love you, too.”
“You sure you don’t want to join in on the stone hunt Y/N?” Tony asked as they all walked onto the platform, looking every bit of a team and acting like it.
“No, she stays here.” Steve spoke sternly and Tony made a face which had you laugh.
“I’ll see you all in a few seconds!” You looked at each of your family members' faces as they passed by and yes even Nebula and Rocket, but stopped Nat before she passed.
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” She asked but in the seconds you stared at her she knew. You could see her timeline end, you couldn’t see her future anymore.
“It’s ok.”
“It’s not, I’m going to miss you.” You whispered, embracing her as tightly as you could.
“It’s going to be ok, we’re doing what we have to to bring our families back, make sure you take care of these idiots while I’m gone.” You nodded
“I’ll make sure to let your family know.”
“Thank you.” She squeezed your hand and hurried next to Clint on the platform, your exchange went unnoticed by the rest of them. “See you in a minute.” She smiled
Then at the push of a few buttons they were gone from your sight only to return seconds later without Nat.
You could feel the change after Bruce snapped, the sun shined brighter, more animals began appearing. It was peaceful for only a second before chaos ensued once again.
Another fight.
But this time you wouldn’t lose.
The aftermath was rough, each and every one of you having to try to pick up where you left off, the ones who vanished trying to catch up on the lost 5 years. The ones who were left here trying to help the others.
Sam could tell something had gone on with you and Steve just from the way you both acted around each other. You wanted nothing to do with the blonde soldier 5 years ago and now you both looked at each other with love in your eyes. Sam wasn’t upset, how could he be? His best friend and his best girl had found comfort and love with each other while he wasn’t there. He was happy they had each other.
“Thanks, man.”
“For what?”
“For loving her.”
“She’s pretty easy to fall for.”
“Yeah, I know.” They both chuckled as Steve got ready to take the stones back to their places in time.
He looked at you and Sam as you whispered to each other, smiling happily. His eyes went to Bucky, who he knew would have a rough time but would be ok.
You all would be ok.
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mca-attack21 · 2 days ago
Steve Harrington x Reader. Season 3 finale spoilers.
Tumblr media
The floor was cold, the atmosphere chaotic. The screams of your friends were drowned out by the fireworks and snarls of the mindflayer. Despite the noise, you clearly heard Billy, or the Mindflayer rather, whisper, “Stay still, it will all be over soon," his words sent ice through your veins. You struggled against his grasp, but it was no use. Realizing the imminence of your demise, you felt an overwhelming sadness, not even for yourself, but for Steve Harrington, the first and apparently last love of your life. As the “flaying” began, he was the only thing on your mind. You hoped that he would survive this, that he would get out of Hawkins, that he would be happy. You hoped-
“Y/N!” Steve screamed as he blew his cover to run to your side.
This caught the attention of Eleven, who managed to use her powers to throw Billy away from you. She fell back against Mike. The rest of the kids were still blasting the mind flayer with fireworks. Steve used the opportunity to pick you up and carry you away from the action.
“Y/n? Can you hear me? You gotta wake up okay? I did not survive being tortured by Russians only to have you be flayed before I could even-” his voice broke, and before he could continue, he was rounding the corner to where Dustin was.
“Shit. Is she okay?”
“I don’t know. Billy - the mind flayer- how do we know if she? What if she was?” Steve tried, but his heart couldn’t even handle the idea of you being lost to him.
“She wasn’t flayed.”
“How do you know?” Steve asked reluctant to be relieved.
“The hive mind is activated, she would be awake and trying to kill us if she was,” Dustin explained.
“Then why isn’t she waking up?”
“I don’t know Steve, but we have bigger problems right now,” he said gesturing to the fact that they were almost out of Fireworks.
Steve hesitantly left your side to help the others and watched in absolute shock as Billy sacrificed himself. It was only moments later that the mind flayer collapsed. It was over. Jonathan hugged Nancy, Mike went to Eleven, Lucas held Max as she cried, and both Steve and Dustin turned towards you.
“Y/n wake up!” Steve tried shaking your shoulders. He lowered his head to your chest to hear your heart beating and feel your breathing, “Y/n, c’mon, I need you to wake up,” he tried again, sounding more desperate.
Before he could continue, the FBI came running in and they were all escorted out. Steve barely managed to convince the EMT to let him ride with you. He was stuck in the waiting room for what seemed like forever, shrugging off the nurses who offered to check out his injuries. Dustin, Mike, Nancy, and Jonathon came in, gathering in silence waiting for any news. The worst part for Steve was when your mother showed up, he had never felt more guilty than when he lied to her about what happened.
Eventually, the doctor came out with a flustered look on his face. He asked for your mom, and Steve quickly stood to join them. The doctor protested, but your mom assured him that Steve should come with her.
“So, I don’t know how to tell you this, but as far as we can tell there is nothing physically wrong with your daughter. She is seemingly in a coma with no cause. As such, there is nothing medically we can do other than sustain her condition if you choose to do so,” he then turned to Steve, “Can you run me through what happened again?” Steve managed to recount his story, trying to ignore your mother's sobs. As soon as he finished, he exited the room in shock, he sunk down to the floor, struggling to breathe, replaying the doctor's words over and over again in his head. His chest was filled with immense pain at the thought of losing you.
He sat there a while trying to calm himself down before forcing himself off the wall and back to the waiting room, where Will, Mrs. Byers, and Eleven had joined the others. All eyes went to him expectantly, but with one look at him Dustin said what they were all thinking, “Shit..."
Steve repeated what the doctor had said, Nancy pulled him into a comforting hug. While the others started brainstorming. There was an hour of outrageous theories until finally, Will realized something, “She wasn’t completely flayed, but the process was definitely initiated.”
“Obviously,” Dustin chimed in.
“But what is flaying? It’s like your identity being ripped away from you and replaced with the host mentality,” Will continued.
“So maybe Y/n’s soul or whatever was separated. Nothing medically wrong with her, because that’s not a physical connection” Mike added.
“So in other words, we have to jumpstart the connection again,” Lucas agreed, and then all eyes shifted to El.
“Do you think you could try to find her? Like you did Billy or Heather?” Mike asked.
“I can try,” El nodded.
Dustin walked over to where Steve was laying with his head in Mrs. Byers' lap. She ran her fingers through his hair like she had for her sons so many times, mind wandering to Hopper. Steve looked so broke, like he had given up any hope.
“We need to get into Y/n’s room, we think we know how to fix her,” Dustin announced.
It was like that swiped a switch in Steve, and he popped up at once, “What do you mean?”
Dustin explained everything to Steve and Mrs. Byers, and then again in layman's terms. From there the whole group formed a plan. Mrs. Byers and Nancy would go distract your mom. Dustin, Mike, and Will would distract the nurses. Steve and El would sneak into your room, while Jonathon kept watch. For once, everything went smoothly.
El was searching the cabinets for something to cover her eyes with, and Steve handed her the red ascot from his Scoops uniform. She went to your side and took your hand, instantly being transported into your consciousness.
It was dark, unlike anything she had ever experienced before. Every step she took was echoing, the entire reality was glitching in and out, but there was no sign of you.
“Y/n?” she called out.
The blackness would flash to a scene of you and then back to the nothingness, “Y/n, can you hear me?” El tried again, “I need you to focus on my voice, and I can bring you back. I’ll bring you back home, back to Steve.”
At the mention of Steve, the glitching stopped and El could see you know for the first time, you laid on the ground folded into yourself. You were pale and shaking, looking only a moment away from death. As she got closer she could hear you softly repeating, “Please don't, I'm sorry.” There was no indication that you knew she was there. She touched you lightly on the shoulder, but it didn’t phase you.
“Y/n? We need to get out of here, I need your help,” she tried, again receiving no response. The glitching started again, each time putting more and more distance between the two of you. El knew that you wouldn’t survive it much longer.
In the hospital room, Steve watched as blood trickled down Eleven’s face. He didn’t know why it was taking so long. He tried to get an idea of what was happening through the one-sided conversation that he was hearing, but even that was being drowned out by his fear of losing you, What if this didn’t work? The lights started flickering, the machines in the room going nuts, and then suddenly Eleven called his name, “I need you to talk to her, to bring her back.”
“What does that even mean?”
“Steve, we don't have time, just talk to her!”
“Okay….Uhm...Y/n? It’s Steve. Your boyfriend,” he started, feeling extremely uncomfortable, before his emotions took over. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to protect you. I’m here now though, and I need you to come back to me. I need you to wake up, cause you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I don’t want to lose you. Not now, not ever. Please Y/n. I love you so much, please wake up." As he finished, everything went black, the entire hospital lost power.
In your head, every nightmare you had ever had was playing through your mind. You were cold and afraid, feeling lost beyond anything you have ever felt. Whatever was happening to you it was killing you, you could feel it draining you. A strange numbness started to overtake you. You weren’t giving up, you were running out of fight. Just as you were trying to prepare yourself for whatever would come next, you heard a familiar voice, “Okay….Uhm...Y/n? It’s Steve. Your boyfriend.” Hearing his voice made everything stop. A warmth filled you, and you forced your eyes open, seeing Eleven.
"El?" you asked weakly.
“You’re going to be fine, I’m here,” she reassured, moving towards you and taking your hand.
The next thing you remember was hearing Steve’s voice, “Are you okay?” he asked, you forced your eyes open to see who he was talking to.
“I’ll be fine,” Eleven reassured him, wiping her nose.
“Everything was going crazy in here and then the power went out...Is she okay now?"
Suddenly Eleven’s face lit up, “Why don’t you ask her yourself?”
You had never seen Steve turn around so quickly in his life, a wide smile on his face as he practically dove onto your bed holding you like his life depended on it. “Nice to see you too,” you laughed. God did he love that laugh, and that smile, and you.
“I am so glad that you are okay,” he sighed, allowing himself to relax a little for the first time since he had found out about the Russian code from Dustin.
“Are you okay?” you asked running your finger lightly across his cheek. His eye was swollen and undoubtedly painful. His lip was busted and his nose was also bruised and swollen. In other words, he looked like he got into a fight with his hands tied behind his back.
He put his hand over yours and pulled it down to his chest over his heart as he had done so many times before, “It’s worse than it looks, I promise. I’m just glad you're okay.”
You were going to ask him what happened but were interrupted by the kids coming in excitedly. They were vividly telling you everything that happened after you were “Semi-flayed” as Will had coined it. You listened to every word, happy to know that it was all over. Their commotion gained the attention of the nurse, who proceeded to kick everyone out. Well, everyone but Steve who was practically glued to your side.
She went back to find the doctor and notify your mother, promising to bring back the ice that you requested for Steve’s eye. There were more happy reunions, followed by another round of tests, and finally, you were discharged. Joyce took Will, Jonathan, Dustin, and Lucas home. Nancy took Mike and Eleven back to her house. Your mom went back to your house and you went with Steve to his.
You both were exhausted but found it hard to sleep.
“What happens now?” you asked innocently.
“What do you mean?”
“How do we move forward from this? I mean nothing can ever really be the same can it?”
Steve thought for a moment, “I think we grieve and heal, then we start looking for the little victories again until this is nothing more than a memory.”
You nodded, “I love you, Steve Harrington,” you spoke softly.
You missed the grin that spread across his face before he kissed your forehead, “I love you too.”
You laid like that for a while, it didn’t take Steve long to fall asleep. You thought about what he said. Tomorrow would be hard, and the day after that too, but eventually your life would become some type of normal again. You shifted to look at his face, careful not to wake him. You felt a sense of relief, knowing that as long as the two of you had each other, you could work through the rest.
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just-iimagine · 17 hours ago
Vegas - 7
CEO!Steve Rogers x reader
Summary: A trip to Vegas changes your life forever. You didn't win big, you just got a husband.
Note: lemme know your thoughts. Reblogs and comments are always loved!!
Taglist: @strawb3rrydr3ss @anacrcarvalho @zaraomarrogers @smithmallory13 @thesecretlifeofdaydreamss @lalaname @iiddaaa @rebloggingeverything @stumbleonmywords @vicmc624 @40sbvcky @makhaia​
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
Tumblr media
"This should be all in New York by the time we are back" Steve promised as he finished taping up the last box. It was weird, seeing this little apartment all packed up inboxes. While you hadn't been there long, it was still a little home.
You hummed as you sipped on a cup of tea. Steve coming over to you, arm wrapping around your waist as he took the cup from you. Drinking some himself as he watched you. "Feels weird" you whispered, confessing the thought.
"New life in New York awaits" he reminded you, "with your husband" he leaned in. Placing a teasing kiss on your lips. "And after our holiday" you smiled, taking your cup back from him. "Honeymoon" Steve corrected you, his phone ringing then. Breaking the conversation apart as he stepped outside your apartment to answer it.
You finished up packing, placing the instructions for the movers on top of the boxes. Afterwards, you rolled your case and Steve's out the door. Packed with your clothes and his for the trip to Italy.
As you came out to the hall, you saw Steve pacing back and forth on the phone. "I don't care what you have to do, get it done!" he snapped down the phone. Clearly impatient. "Just get it done before we get back to New York" he sighed and hung up the phone.
"Who was that?" you asked, locking the apartment door. Steve took the suitcases from you, sighing to calm down. "Just legal stuff" he muttered as you headed to the elevator. "Not a divorce one, I hope" you joked, hoping to lighten the mood.
It seemed to work, a small smile breaking out on his face. "Not just yet" he whispered, kissing your forehead and hugging your body.
"Steve, this is too much" you gasped, a private jet in front of you for your 12-hour flight. "Only the best for us" he smiled, helping you up the steps. One seated and in the air, you said, "I feel bad you pay for everything."
Steve looked over from the window he shrugged. "I don't mind. I have more than enough for my lifestyle. Which is now our lifestyle" he picked up his glass of whiskey. Nursing it slowly. "But I do. I have money too. Not as much, obviously. But you have to let me help. Cover something, even if it's just buying dinner" you argued. "I'm not a CEO but my books make enough for me to live and if this" you gestured between yourself and him. "Is going to work, you need to loosen the reins on being a macho man with money."
Steve found your speech cute, most women were happy to be wined and dined. "We can look over the bills and such when we can home. Sort out an even way. And you can buy dinner tonight" he winked. Causing you to laugh, placing your feet in his lap as you both relaxed in the air. Steve placed his hand on your leg, rubbing softly as you both watched the clouds fly by.
This was your life. Your crazy life like it was picked from a movie. The villa was gorgeous in the little Italian town you were staying in. It had a pool for you both, a gorgeous balcony to watch the sunset with some wine. There was a market not to fair away and a horse stable near. With horses, you could ride whenever you both wanted.
Safe to say, you were happy. Waking up next to this crazy beautiful man. His arms wrapped around you as he slept soundly beside you. "Might shave the beard" he mumbled, his morning voice deep and sexy.
"Too hot here to keep it" he scratched his face, eyes opening to meet yours. "Well, I don't mind. Would be interesting to see you without one" you whispered, kissing his lips softly. Running your fingers through his beard. Savouring the last few moments of it.
"I can't believe we have are here for a whole month" you smiled, the view from the window overlooking the balcony was breathtaking. "Longer if you want" Steve offered, drawing circles around your back. "Ah no, I want to go back and set up the apartment with my stuff. Make it more homely."
Steve peppered kissing along your body as he sat up. Making you giggle a bit from the beard. "I'll go shave and shower. Then we can go out for breakfast" he pecked your cheek and walked to the bathroom.
And walking naked to the bathroom at that. Damn, he had a good ass.
"And your paying!" he called out, making you laugh. Yes, life was a dream.
For now...
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idyllicmei · 2 days ago
Steve, flailing around in the water:
Y/n, watching from afar: I'd save him, but who am I to play God?
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When you tell them your a little/they offer to be your caregiver
Tumblr media
You have been dating Steve and bucky for nearly 6 months now and you guys have been so open with each other
But you had one secret you didn't have the guts to tell them, your a little.
You have been hiding it from them and when you feel little space creeping up on you when your with them you will pretend to get a work call and go into your old room in the compound.
You Steve and bucky now share a room in the compound so they wouldn't find any of your little space stuff.
Everything was going well untill they went looking for you in your lab to find you not there so they checked your old room and found you regressing.
You froze and immediately went back into your big headspace and ran away past them in a panic.
"uh Steve did you see what I just saw?"
Bucky asked frozen in place confused
"yeah we should go find her"
Steve said slowly walking out of the room bucky following close behind
You didn't know where you were going but you ended up at Wanda's room
You and Wanda are besties, you have told her about your regression and is so supportive and helps you regress. She knows everything about you so she knew something was up when you showed up at her door in your hello kitty onesie
"little one what are you doing here."
Wanda asked opening her door for you to come inside
"I'm big right now Wanda and I have a major problem."
You said pacing in her room.
"what is it?"
Wanda asked nervously
"Steve and bucky found me regressing and now I'm panicking- I didn't tell them and now they just found out and-"
You said rambling to her.
"hey, hey slow down-"
Wanda said putting her hands on your shoulders.
"okay, Steve and bucky-"
You started
"Is y/n in her- oh she is- FOUND HER BUCK!"
Steve yelled to bucky and you immediately went behind Wanda and she put her arms around you protectively
"so uhm y/n sweet pea can you tell us what- uhm what were you doing?"
Steve said cautiously
"she was age regressing- I'll explain-"
Wanda said as you let out a sigh of relief
Wanda did as she said she would and explained age regression to them.
Steve and bucky completely understood and really didn't mind they accepted you and while you were working one day did their own research and learned what a caregiver is
Later that day they sat you down and asked if you would want them to be your caregiver
You obviously said yes and they have been trying their best ever since
A/n sorry this took so long I have been busy with school and family shit- feel free to request. Likes and reblogs are appreciated. Drink, eat and stay safe <3
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buckysbabygorl · 14 hours ago
Notice Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve Rogers has to do what’s best for his team. With Y/N becoming a risk on the battlefield, he’s forced to bench her. Tensions rise and feelings are revealing themselves; will they be able to make things work?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader
Warnings: mental health, injury, angst
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Status: WIP, last updated Sept. 25, 2021
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Cherry [8]
Pairing: Billy Hargrove x reader Summary: You have dinner at Will's house. Word Count: 2784 Song Suggestion: Coming Home - Scorpions Warnings: none [Teaser] - [1] - [2] - [3] - [4] - [5] - [6] - [7]
Tumblr media
Chapter 7:
"Alright, princess, I’ll make nice with Harrington."
You smiled widely, a little too soon as it turned out.
"On one condition. Go out with me?”
And now...
You knew you were probably staring at him like he'd suggested you jump off a cliff, which honestly sounded like a more enjoyable option.
You didn't date. How many times did you have to talk him through this no commitment thing? But then you noticed Billy was laughing, shaking his head at you.
"Jesus, princess, chill the fuck out. I'm not asking for your fucking hand in marriage, alright? Just like spending time with you, wanna hang out some time."
"Oh..." Thank god!
You were starting to get that Billy really was just in desperate need of a friend, and you really did enjoy spending time with him too.
"Yeah! Sure, I'd like that. You know we can hang out whenever you want, right?" You could see the hint of surprise flashing through his face before he smiled at you, clearly happy to know you liked to be around him too.
Billy had reluctantly agreed to drop you off at Steve's, he was still a little on the fence about you sleeping there but he knew he couldn't change your mind even if he tried.
"See you tomorrow, pretty boy," you winked as you got out of the car and bounded for Steve's front door, giving a little wave as the Camaro sped off into the night. Steve opened the door before you could even ring the bell, looks like he'd been waiting up for you.
"You know you can just come in next time, door's open anyway."
He sounded kinda pissed off, which was fair, you supposed. The bruise on his eye socket had started to swell, it looked rather painful. You wordlessly went into his kitchen, emerging with an ice pack wrapped in a towel. Steve had thrown himself onto the couch, his head leant back on the armrest.
Softly, you pressed the ice pack down onto the swelling. Steve flinched at the sudden cold. "So, how's Hargrove doing?"
You were surprised at his tone of voice, which had a bitter bite to it, but wasn't sharp enough to mask some actual concern. Maybe Steve had noticed the shift in Billy's demeanor too, noticed that something had been seriously wrong.
"Honestly? Pretty awful," you sighed, "He's sorry."
Steve furrowed his eyebrows slightly, as much as he could without it hurting his eye even more. "Really?" You nodded.
"Yeah. I know you've only ever seen one side of him, but Billy's more than just an asshole. He doesn't mean to be such a prick all the time, even if he is. It's not an excuse or anything, the guy is definitely still an asshole, but he's also just in desperate need of some help..."
"Yeah, professional help."
You let out a chuckle, "Probably couldn't hurt." Steve laughed. "I still don't get it though."
"Get what?"
"You're saying that under all that hellfire there's a person with like thoughts and opinions that you actually want to hang out with?"
You were kind of fond of sarcastic Steve. "Yeah, surprised me too at first, but turns out Billy is in fact capable of rational thought when he's not trying to bash someone's head in."
"Could you introduce me to that guy sometime? I'm getting kinda tired of the one that keeps trying to bash my head in."
You didn't get it. How was he laughing right now? How was he joking around with you about Billy when his lip was split and his eye was swollen?
"Why aren't you mad?"
"Oh I am," he said simply, "I'm fucking pissed off about this. But it's not like I don't get it. I know sometimes you can just get so angry it's all-consuming, it just takes over your brain and all you can hear is buzzing and all you can see is hazy, dark red and you don't even know what you're doing until it's too late. S' like you said, s' not an excuse, but, doesn't mean I don't get it."
And somehow that guy still didn't think he was a good person.
Maybe it was because he knew that rage, had that darkness somewhere inside of him too. But you knew that deep down Steve was nothing but light, understanding and nice and forgiving and unequivocally good.
You didn't know what to say to him, so you just smiled and held his hand.
When you and Steve pulled up to school the next morning the tension was palpable. By now word about the fight had probably spread, and everyone seemed to be watching if there was going to be another commotion when Billy saw you arriving with Steve, again.
You hoped they would be sorely disappointed, but you knew well enough that you could never be entirely sure when it came to Billy.
"Morning, pretty boy." You pulled out a cigarette, and before you could light it Billy had flipped open his zippo, holding up a light for you. "Morning, princess."
He looked over to the other side of your car, where Steve had just gotten out. "Harrington" He nodded his head so subtly you could barely tell whether he'd moved at all, but at least it was something.
You held out your pack of cigarettes, "Want one, Steve?"
"Yeah, thanks."
You held the cigarette out towards Billy, who lit it, before handing it to Steve.
It must have been an odd sight, the three of you standing almost shoulder to shoulder, smoking silently. There was still an awkward tension in the air between you, but it wasn't the usual electric between Harrington and Hargrove, the one where you could practically feel the punches raining down before they even landed.
"Harrington?" Billy said in between two extremely long drags of his cigarette.
"Shouldn’t have hit you yesterday."
"Yeah, no shit."
"Don't push it, doll face."
You bit back a laugh at Billy's nickname. You smoked in silence some more before Billy let out a quiet "M' sorry"
You knew he'd told you he was going to apologize, but hearing the actual words coming out of Billy's mouth still sounded wrong, somehow. Steve clearly felt the same way. "Shit," he sounded amazed "I don't think I've ever heard that word come out of your mouth."
Billy sighed loudly, clearly regretting ever having said anything as he snapped "And you never will again."
Steve chuckled, "Noted."
"So, we good?" Billy still sounded kind off nervous, he really was sorry and he didn't want Harrington hating him.
Steve smiled. "Yeah, we're good."
That afternoon, the party had invited you and Steve to the Beyer's house. Apparently Will's mom loved having people over for dinner, and Will had a new game for his Atari they all just had to try out.
So, after school you met the kids over at Will's house. The house was tiny, but really cosy. It felt like a home more than a house. It was hella cramped though, with all those kids heaped in front of the tv. You were wondering how they were going to manage dinner later that evening, no way were they all going to fit at the table.
"Oh, hi, Y/N." You heard a soft voice from behind you.
"Jonathan, hey!"
You noticed the slight tension as Jonathan and Steve exchanged awkward greetings.
There was no more room on the couch so the three of you sat down at the kitchen table as Jonathan got you some drinks.
"Hey, um, I wanted to say thanks, you know, for Monday," Jonathan smiled shyly. He was clearly not the most talkative.
"Please, I'd gladly kick Hagan's ass any day" you smirked, both Jonathan and Steve chuckled. "How's Nancy doing?" You felt Steve stiffen next to you. "A lot better, thanks."
"Hey um, I'm sorry," Steve said suddenly, his cheeks getting pink, "You know, about what happened last year. I shouldn't have said all those things, I was being a real asshole and I'm really, really sorry."
"Thanks," Jonathan said, "It's okay, Steve. I'm sorry too"
"You're sorry? What for?"
"Y'know, the black eye. And, um," he paused awkwardly, like he wasn't really sure if he should keep talking, "about what happened with Nancy."
Steve swallowed harshly, Nancy was still a really sore spot for him. "S' not your fault," he said wryly, "She looks happier now... Besides, I definitely had that black eye coming."
They were both smiling softly now. The air felt lighter, you could tell that they had both been wanting to say those things for a long time, but never had the chance.
"So, I'm sorry, let me get this straight," you broke the silence, "You beat him up?" You pointed from Jonathan to Steve.
"Does that surprise you that much?" Jonathan raised his eyebrows
"Just didn't have you pegged for a fighter, that's all."
You knew you and Jonathan could get along easily, he had this feeling about him that made you think he was a charitable person.
When his mom got home it didn't take long to see where he got it from, you'd hardly ever met as pleasant a woman as her. She pulled both you and Steve into a warm hug when she came in, fussing over Steve's eye and telling you at least three times how nice it was to finally meet you.
Steve offered to help her out with dinner, you did as well but the kitchen was cramped enough with the two of them working in it, and with your penchant for cooking you wouldn't have been much help anyway, so instead you helped Jonathan set the table.
He had to bring in a fold away table from outside so you could fit all twelve plates on there. Yeah, that's right, twelve. Apparently Joyce's boyfriend was coming too, Nancy as well.
"Should we maybe tell Steve that before she gets here, give him a bit of a heads-up?" Jonathan looked a mix of concerned and embarrassed, you figured he was one of those people who hated conflict.
"Yeah, that might be good. You know he doesn't blame either of you, right, he's just a little hurt still." Jonathan nodded, he seemed reassured by your words.
Steve didn't say much when you'd told him, he'd just shrugged and said thanks for the warning. He seemed a little nervous though.
It wasn't long before Nancy and Hopper arrived and you were all at the dinner table. Hopper, Joyce's boyfriend, turned out to be the chief of police. He was less than pleased to see Steve's beat up face and the bruises on your arms. "Do I need to worry about whatever you two got yourselves into?" You both shook your heads and he sighed loudly. "Just, would you tell me if I gotta be worried?" He sounded so tired you felt kinda sorry for him.
"Sure, Hop" Steve made it sound like he'd said that at least a hundred times before.
After dinner you helped Joyce clean up. It hadn't been as awkward as you'd thought, there hadn't really been time what with the kids yapping on the entire time.
Joyce was washing dishes that you were drying, and Steve was putting everything away. Jonathan offered but Steve hadn't wanted to be left with just Nancy and Hopper.
"So, sweetie, how do you like Hawkins?"
"I miss Cali, but I've met some really nice people here that make it a lot easier."
She smiled warmly at you as you looked fondly around the room. "I've heard you ran into some of our not-so-nice people too." You didn't miss the way her eyes flicked over your wrist. "Jonathan told me what happened at school."
"Yeah, well then he probably also told you those not-so-nice people found out I'm not always all that nice either."
She nodded, a hint of a smile playing on her lips. "You can handle yourself can't you, sweetie?" It was a rhetorical question, Joyce had a knack for knowing who she was dealing with. "You know, Will practically thinks you're a superhero." You both laughed.
"He's a really great kid." Joyce nodded, looking over at Will with a big, proud smile on her face, "I know." She paused for a second, and you knew that she was considering swallowing her thoughts, she looked just like Jonathan had done earlier. "You know sweetie, if you ever need someone to talk to or something you can always come here."
You managed to hold back a sigh. "I'm fine Joyce, really."
"Yeah, I know, I know, you can take care of yourself. I'm just saying, just because you can doesn't mean you have to. You ever wanna come here, for whatever reason, door's open." She smiled so warmly it was infectious, so you gave her a small, grateful smile.
"Hey, Joyce, where do these go?" Steve was holding up two almost identical salad bowels, except for the crack in one of them that had obviously been glued together again.
"I'll take them" Will's soft voice came from behind Steve, taking the bowls from him and slipping past Joyce and you to the back of the kitchen. He always moved so quietly you could barely even hear him.
You noticed him looking at Steve pensively, throwing back a glance at the dining room table, where Jonathan and Nancy were still sitting, laughing quietly with each other. You thought he looked too wise for his years.
He continued helping Steve with putting away the dishes, talking in hushed tones that you couldn't make out entirely, but you could tell by the way Steve's face lit up that Will had really cheered him up.
Joyce had noticed them too. "Could you keep an eye on him? I don't think he's been doing too well lately. Must get lonely in that big house with his parents gone so often" You nodded.
"Yeah, I've sorta moved in there, so I'm on that," you chuckled.
The shriek was so loud it made you jump. Did those little fucktards always have to sneak up on you like that?
"You've moved in with Steve?" Dustin practically screeched in your ear.
"Are you two dating?" Lucas sounded like he wouldn't be surprised if you said yes, in fact the hint of hopefulness in his voice and the quick glance he shot at Max made you suspect that maybe they had some sort of bet in place. It wouldn't be the first time.
"Wait what about Billy?" Max asked fiercely.
You raised your hands up above your head, signalling for them all to be quiet instead of raise even more questions like they usually did.
"Guys, chill the fuck out, Steve and I aren't dating," you had to raise your voice to make yourself heard over their incessant chatter. "And neither are me and Billy, by the way."
"Wait you're not dating Billy?" Nancy piped in. You shook your head.
"But he said he's taking you out on Friday?" Max looked completely lost and she wasn't alone, pretty much everybody was looking at you in confusion by now. Except for Hop, who just looked like he was getting a massive headache and would literally rather shoot himself in the foot than stay and listen to this.
"Yeah, okay, so technically we're going on a date, but it's just as friends."
"I didn't know he had any friends," Mike commented snarkily.
"Which is exactly what I'm trying to change."
Will looked genuinely confused. "By going on dates with him?"
Max still didn't look convinced, "You and Steve are friends and you guys don't go on dates."
"Well that's because we're constantly babysitting you shitbirds," you joked, trying to lighten the mood.
"So if Steve asked you out, as a friend, you'd say yes?"
Yeah, Lucas definitely had money riding on this.
"Sure," you shrugged.
"Really?" It was Steve's turn to look confused now, but you just smiled and nodded. "Yeah, of course."
"Um, hello-o? Was I the only one who heard that they're living together?"
You loved how Dustin's curls shook every time he got overexcited, you'd never met a kid as passionate as him.
"Yeah, so?"
"What do you mean so, Steve? Why are you living together? Don't you both have your own houses and families and stuff?"
You and Steve shared a look and you shrugged. "Not really"
Dustin's face sank immediately. "Oh... Sorry..."
You felt sorry for how obviously bad he felt, so you ruffled his curls. "Hey, it's okay, we're alright, right Steve?"
"Yeah." Steve smiled at you warmly.
"We're alright."
P.S. I think I put everyone who asked on the taglist, but if I forgot you or you want to be on it, let me know  😊
Taglist: @parkjimochissi​ @alongcamedolly​ @yourmagestyqueen​ @oopsiedoopsie23 @red-2-0 @salemlysi​ @hstylesphoto @asheseiler @tn22220-blog @ roxytheimmortal @purrculiar​ @ that-tiny-dumb-artist  @originalwhore @angelofslytherin @https://the-purple-world-and-i @artsymaddie @secretly-a-weeb
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
oh i wanna give him a ride so bad 🤤
Tumblr media
But can we talk about how Steve loves to see you ride him
Word count: drabble
Warnings:  kinda NSFW thots below. Soooo mild. Also smut, begging kink, crying kink, overstimulation kink, marking kink and creampie kink. Hint o’ cockwarming. Mild ya’ll. No minors. 18+only. 
A/N: Super early sinday drabble. Written on my phone, unbeta’d. As always don't copy, translate or repost my work. I love comments, likes and reblogs!!!
The feel of your snug pussy wrapped around him so damn tight makes his eyes wanna roll back in his head. That thought has distracted him all damn day because he can only think about how warm and slick and tight you are for him, always so fucking tight, and all he wants to do is bury his cock deep inside you and stay there.
Feel you clench and throb around him until you cum. Hear those breathy little moans in his ear, his name strangled on your tongue when you shatter.
You’re fucking distracting him, and you’re not even home yet. So when you finally stroll in the house looking so pretty and sweet, he strips you naked before your bag hits the floor. Steve knows he won’t make it to the bedroom, he barely makes it to the dining room, blindly grabbing a chair as he kisses you. Your sweet taste exploding on his tongue as he deepens the kiss. He pushes down his sweatpants as his lips slot over yours. 
You straddle his thick hair covered thighs, grab his shoulders. An air of needy desperation passes between you. He has one large hand on your waist and the other gripping his cock and he’s saying a silent prayer that he doesn’t bust the second he slides into your warm wet pussy.
He glances down and fuck sweetheart, you’re dripping all over him, your slick coating the inside of your soft thighs, yeah he makes another silent prayer that you cum quick because he’s not going to last long.
He’ll tease you, tapping his cock on your clit until you’re crying, needing real friction on your bundle of nerves, but it’s only to hide how fucking desperate he is for you.
Hoping you don’t hear the tremble in his voice when he asks if you’re earned it, if you’ve been good enough because only good girls get his cock.
And the way you nod has his heart racing and his cock throbbing against his palms as he watches the tears streak down your pretty face, your glossy eyes focused on his lips as you beg him.
Cries of please Steve, please, you’ve been so good for him, please Sir is enough to set him off, unleashing his possessive nature. Because fuck you are his good girl, his-all his. You belong to him. It may be possessive and only fashioned, but he doesn’t care, he’ll mark every inch of your body because you belong to him and everyone needs to know it.
He takes his cock and pushes it through your silky folds until he finds your slit and fuck he can feel the way you’re pulsating and clenching down, your pussy needs to be stretched and filled by him.
His fingers dig into your waist, a bruising grip that’ll leave marks tomorrow, and he thrusts up, up, up into your tight wet heat. You both gasp as he pushes into your cunt, that first stretch always makes your stomach tighten, your walls fluttering around his swollen tip.
Any other time he would ease into you inch by inch, letting you adjust but Steve has to be inside you now, right fucking now he growls subconsciously as he pulls you down over his thick, long cock, he twitches in you, precum spilling out over your velvety walls as another gasp, so breathy, gravelly, and loud it’s almost a moan, rushes past his lips and you keen at the sound of him moaning because of you. 
And damn, this is just what he needed. 
He grabs your waist, his thumbs pressing into your belly and he cants his back, his hooded eyes drinking in you. “Show me how bad you want it, sweetheart.” 
He sucks his bottom lip into his mouth, fighting the urge to rail you senseless when you circle your hips, your tight walls sliding over his cock as you find your rhythm. Fuck, fuck, sweetheart mumbled under his breath, that’s my girl.
You clutch his broad shoulders and you snap your hips down, taking him deep in you, pleasure bursting in you, intense sultry heat building as you grind down, taking each veiny thick ridge inside you. It feels so incredible your mouth falls open in a wordless scream, you can’t take it but you can’t stop, you can’t, not with you getting closer to the edge of bliss, just a little more, you need a little more. Your hands slip over his sweat-slicked shoulder as you bounce on him, your nails rake down his muscular back. 
Steve keeps his grip on your waist, telling you the filthiest things he’s going to do to your body if you come before he says you can. You don’t know how badly he wants you to disobey because he just needs a reason to ruin your tight little holes. Go on sweetheart, I dare you.
Before you can open your mouth to beg him to let you cum, his thumb is rolling over your clit, back and forth, over and over and you clench down so hard he can't pull out, your Please can I ends on a choked wail as you jerk in his hold, your orgasm slamming into you, powerful and abrupt, your toes curl and a searing white heat floods your body as you cum. 
Steve grits his teeth, holding back his climax, he thought he wanted you to shatter quickly so he could fill you with his cum but with your pussy milking his cock and you chanting his name, he’s changed his mind.
He wants you to cum again.
He needs to feel your walls spasm around his cock as he splits you in two. He needs more than he needs his own release. And you're such a good girl that you're going to give him what he needs.
Before you can take a breath, he’s holding you in place and fucking up into your sensitive cunt. Oh god, oh god, you can’t but Steve assures you can and you will, his breathless laughter in your ear as he shifts his hips back. “You will, sweetheart.” 
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you sob into his shoulder as he hits something in you that has your back arching and you snap, a dull roar ringing in your ears as pleasure curls through your veins until you bite down on his salt-tinged skin with a broken cry. 
Steve doesn’t stop even when you go limp, your hoarse grunts in response to his “just one more, there you go sweetheart, give me one more” as he fucks your swollen cunt driving him on until you can only whimper, your head lolling on his chest with each deep thrust. 
Now, this, you cockdrunk and fucked senseless, this is what he needed. He grabs your ass grinding so deep his pelvis brushes over your clit and his ego implodes when he feels you spasm again."Thatta girl," kissed on your swollen lip.
The chair bowing and creaking under the force of his thrusts, his balls tightening as he finally lets himself go, ropes of hot cum filling your sore cunt, warmth spreading in your belly.
 “Good girl,” groaned in your ears as frantic his pace slows to languid thrusts. “Did so good for me, ‘m so proud of you, sweetheart.” 
He chuckles at your incoherent response, your eyes fluttering shut. Steve kisses your forehead, standing up, carrying you as if you weigh nothing, and walks into the living room, settling on the couch, adjusting your body over his, a possessive hand tapping your ass lightly as you sleep. 
Steve smiles up at the ceiling, his mind finally at ease now that he has you where you belong. 
 And he contemplates your ‘punishment’ for coming without his permission. 
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kinanabinks · 2 hours ago
Widower!Steve x Divorced!Reader AU
Series Status: Ongoing
Series Summary: Two hearts in pain, recklessly finding comfort in each other with no care for the pain they themselves are the authors of.
Series Warnings: Widower!Steve x Divorced!Reader, Ex Husband!Bucky, Dead!Peggy, mature themes, mention of death and grief, angst, forbidden love, fluff, smut (specific warnings in each part).
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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sagechanoafterdark · a month ago
How Do You Want Me?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: language, sex, lots of sex, mouthy angry Steve, slight slut-shaming, breeding kink if you squint, cream pies
Word Count: 1,319
Synopsis: Steve hates you, right?
A/N: This is a rewrite of this drunk drabble I wrote for @shotsbyshae forever ago. This was fun to do it’s not edited or beta read so all mistakes are mine. Is it better than the original? Maybe. I think it is that's what counts
Tumblr media
Steve’s hand clamped over your mouth, silencing the high-pitched moan that pierced the night air. Thick digits sliding slowly from your lips, dragging roughly down before wrapping around your throat. Restricting the air you so desperately needed.
Hips pumping. Skin slapping. Steves cock driving into you at a punishing pace, grunting against your ear in time with each thrust. “You’re so god damn loud,” he scolded with a growl. “So fucking hungry for my cock right?”
You nodded, tears leaking from your eyes as he squeezed a little too hard. A groan of pleasure slipped from him as you let out a choked moan. Fucking Steve Rogers was nothing like people imagined it was.
Steve was the golden child.
America’s brightest beacon.
A dancing monkey for the amusement of others.
And Steve hated it all.
He’d begun to despise the spotlight long before he’d showed up in this century and your very arrival to the team, someone who didn’t shy away from the spotlight, grated on his last nerve. You’d become a thorn in his side and it wasn’t just because you were clearly Tony’s favorite, from the first moment he meets you with your fake smile and friendly tone of voice Steve despised everything you were.
It didn’t matter what you did it was always met with bile from Steve. On missions he was short with you, snapping out orders and sneering with a condescending, “Think you can do that?” Pushing you out of the way, yanking you back into a dark corner his grip bruising your arm, Steve was being purposefully harsh for reasons that the rest of the team had no idea about. But you did.
Freedom incarnate had a dark side and you were the one who always managed to bring it out. Seething, writhing darkness he suppressed on a daily basis, let loose whenever he got you alone. Steve wouldn’t hold back. He didn’t have to because he absolutely hated you so there was no reason to be gentile.
Even after the first time, he’d pinned you in the stairwell, fucking you against the concrete wall like a man possessed his fingers left familiar bruises. He’d left you spent, cum dripping from your still spasming pussy on the cement stairs. Knees scuffed and hands raw he sneered down at you before buttoning his fly and returning to the press conference downstairs.
Steves loathing of you didn’t cease after that day.
But the darkness inside of you was awoken by his own. So now when he’d corner you, you’d always look up at him with pouty eyes. His thumb briefly tracing your bottom lip parting them and running the pad against your tongue before you’d ask, “How do you want me?” And he’d knowingly smirk.
To you and the rest of the world, Steve was perfection incarnate. A pouty bottom lip that just begged for your teeth, his eyes shining bright with so much intensity and emotion it was almost blinding. Muscles that stretched and moved like tensile steel beneath flesh hot to the touch and a cock that made you forget your name.
There was violence in his grip. Barely restrained and itching to be let loose as he held you with demanding and desperate touches. Fingers digging into the flesh of your thighs, pulling and twisting your hair around his fist bending and twisting your body into position. His perfect pearl white teeth dragging against the curve of your neck before perfect pouty lips both saccharine sweet and bitter like poison slotted over your own with a growl.
“I fucking hate you,” he’d snarl against your lips.
“Fuck me,” you demanded, a whine escaping as his fingers probed past the pink cotton panties before thrusting into your soaking wet core.
When you were together you were his and his alone.
Steve owned you when that door closed and you gladly gave yourself over. You wanted to feel him. You wanted to take everything he had to offer. You wanted it all and more.
Every fear.
Every worry.
Every desire.
Every evil.
“You’re so fucking soft,” he hummed a touch of admiration in his voice. Pulling away leaving you trembling on the verge of orgasm, his hand fisting his cock covered with your slick and giving a few quick pumps before turning you over and pushing you face down against the bed. The head of his cock pressing against you again and he groaned, “Pussy so wet and hungry for my cock.”
Rocking his hips the head just parting your lips and making the breath shudder from your lungs, desperation coloring your voice in a whine at his teasing. Steve’s hips surged forward, filling you again as his hand tangled in your hair, craning your neck back to look at him with lust-heavy eyes, “Such a hungry slut.”
“Steve,” you whimpered, your own fingers reaching down and circling your clit. He pushed your head down, releasing your hair to grip your hips and start a punishing pace, the slap of skin sharp in the quiet room. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” you chanted as each thrust pushed the air from your lungs.
He pulled you against him then, hands tight against your arms before his knees settled into the soft mattress. Cock fucking up into you with the same rough strokes, bending your back against him your hands reaching back and yanking at the short strands of hair. Steve’s hand slipped around your neck again, teeth grazing the shell of your ear as he panted softly, “I could fucking kill you right now you know. I could do it and you’d never even fight back.”
You cried out, low and needy as your fingers rubbed against your clit harder and faster a choked sob slipping past your lips and you felt Steves smile. Steve could kill you. He could and you’d fucking let him.
“You fucking love it don’t you,” he purred, wet fingers circling your clit a little faster making your eyes roll into the back of your head and your pussy begin to flutter as your orgasm drew closer. “Fuck, squeezing me so tight. Cock drunk slut want’s me to fill her up? Yeah?”
“Please, Steve.”
He hummed against you, voice taking on that familiar desperate edge and hips rolling a little harder and more sloppy than before, “Fucking beg for it. Cum on my cock and beg.”
The last ounce of your dignity left with that moment, in a babble of words you begged for it, “Please Steve. Please. I need it. Need your cum so bad. Fill me up, please, fuck please Steve.”
Steve moaned loud, the sound vibrating through your whole body as a shudder ran through you. You shook as every muscle in your body tightened down, awash in pleasure that had your mouth opening in a soundless cry at the same moment Steve grunted into your hair, “Oh fuck.”
Tumblr media
Early morning light filtered into the windows pulling Steve awake before you. Running a hand through his hair and scrubbing his face he sighed heavily before sitting up and looking down at you. Reaching out and touching your softly, fingertips lightly tracing against your face, the curve of your neck littered with love bites and bruises before leaning down. Impossibly long lashes giving you butterfly kisses against your flesh as he trailed his lips over your cheek, fingers brushing the hair from your eyes.
Steve hated you.
A smile tugged at your lips as he left the bed and you rolled into his vacated warm spot, fingers trailing after him as he picked up his clothes and prepared for his morning run.
Fuck if you didn’t hate him too.
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sj-ficrecs · 8 months ago
FIC REC: oldies but goodies
Decided to go back and re-discover some of my older favorite fics that aren’t as recent and re-read them. Maybe older fics you haven’t read yet. So here we go, In no particular order. This one includes Bucky x reader, Steve x reader, Sebastian x reader, etc. Enjoy!
This is purely a fic rec blog, always reblogging fics I enjoy. So check out more I’ve reblogged on this page. :) See my past fic recs below:
2020 fave fics // recs: one // two // three // four // five
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x reader:
Howlin’ For You by @invisibleanonymousmonsters Biker!Bucky x reader
“When Y/N gets an unreal deal on her first home, she wonders why her neighbor scared away all the other buyers. Despite being cautious, she wonders why the town has given Bucky Barnes a bad name.“
Safe With Me by @bitsandbobsandstuff Bodyguard!Bucky x reader
“When an unknown threat enters your life, protection is offered at the highest level. As Bucky Barnes comes into your life, the game changes, and you realise falling for the man tasked with keeping you safe is the last thing you expected. “
Leave This Town by @avengerofyourheart​ Mechanic!Bucky x reader AU
“Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.“
Spilled Wine by @sunmoonandbucky​ King!Bucky x servant!reader
“You’re nothing more than a servant who happens to warm the bed of the king.  At least, that’s what you thought you were.“
Emergency Room by @jaamesbbarnes​ Doctor!Bucky x reader
“Who would have thought that going to the ER could made a bad night turn pretty nicely?”
Just One Kiss by @sarahwroteathing​ 40s!Bucky x reader (happy ending)
“Bucky Barnes has been chasing after you since he was ten years old, but you’re determined not to give in. How long can you hold out when all he’s asking for is just one kiss?“
All That’s Best of Dark and Bright by @ursulaismymiddlename​ Bucky x reader
Sam asks his old friend if Bucky can live with her while he’s recovering. 
“Wilson had come to you as Sam, your old friend, Sam, the man you trusted, Sam, who thought more of you than you did yourself sometimes.  And he was with people he trusted that could use your help.  Damn that man for knowing you all too well, for knowing that you were a sucker for a tragic tale.“James Buchanan Barnes,” Natasha informed when the scruffy-haired man with the metal arm was ushered quickly into your living room to sit on your couch.“Bucky,” Steve corrected solemnly and you suddenly saw a war going on in the broody blue eyes of your new acquaintance.  One war or a hundred or a thousand, all because of a word that was said more like a quiet plea than a nickname.They’d barely finished telling you all they knew before you gave them your answer.“Okay.”“
A Touch of Ink & sequel Of Love and Ink by @deamstellarus​ Tattoo Artist!Single dad!Bucky x reader
“After a breakup with your ex, you decided to move to the small town where your long-time friend Sam lives, hoping for a change of pace and starting a new chapter in your life. You were prepared for a slower paced lifestyle, quaint diners, and a change of scenery. However, you didn’t expect to be swept off your feet by two stunning pairs of blue-grey eyes.“
Heart to Love by @mywritingsblog (can’t tag for some reason) Modern!Bucky x reader, fake dating AU
“You hate Bucky Barnes. He’s arrogant, full of himself, shallow and a total womanizer. But when you take him as your fake date to your family’s Christmas vacation you learn there’s a lot more to Bucky Barnes than meets the eye, a whole lot more.”
Time After Time by @justsomebucky​ Modern!Bucky x reader au
“When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.”
Cafe Crema by @wonderlandmind4​ Bucky x reader
“The first time was an accident. The second time was coincidence. The third time is just unlucky. The fourth time is getting out of hand and the fifth may or may not be with intent. Otherwise known as The One Where He Spills Her Coffee.“
Bulletproof by @amandaoftherosemire​ College!Bucky x reader
“You, Steve Rogers, and Bucky Barnes have been the best of friends since middle school. On top of that, you’ve been in love with Bucky pretty much the whole time. Everything changed after the three of you got to college, however. Over the past couple of years you and Steve have become even closer but things between you and Bucky have been strained since the night he broke your heart. Can anything bring you back together?“
Espresso by @shurisneakers​ Modern!Bucky x reader
“In which your best friend’s brother begins to set you up on dates when you mention that you haven’t been in a relationship in years, but things don’t go as expected.“
Sleeping Beauty by @221bshrlocked Bucky x shapeshifter!reader
Just the adventures of Bucky and reader who turns into different animals and they very much prefer being around Bucky.
Feelings Are Fatal by @sunmoonandbucky​
Bucky x reader, past Steve x reader
“After the events of Endgame, you struggle to come to terms with what you’ve lost, though you’re learning that you still have something to gain.“
Paper Walls by @writingcroissant​ Bucky x reader
“Your apartment happens to be right next to Bucky’s, heads only separated by a paper-thin wall, leading to you witnessing every second of his nightmares. Although, bonding over your late night conversations, you seem to forget that you never even saw him before.“
Seven Thirty by @nacho-bucky-fics @nacho-bucky (for some reason it won’t let me tag the main account.) Bucky x reader 
“You were planning on a productive — if lonely — weekend, but the little girl across the hall has different ideas about how you and Bucky Barnes should be spending your time.“
Tender Surprises by @empyreanwritings​ Biker!Bucky x reader
“On Bucky’s birthday, your son has a very important question to ask him. And it may just be the greatest gift anyone has ever given him.“
Words on My Skin by @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked Bucky x reader soulmates
"Words that have significant meaning in their soulmate’s life appear on the skin at birth & emotional bond.
Y/n had always felt a little leery about the tattoo on her wrist. She could feel her soulmate’s aversion to the 10 russian words, and was too chicken shit to translate them… When she finally does? All hell breaks loose. Life will never be the same.”
My Neighbor’s a Jerk by @jurassicbarnes​ Modern!Bucky x reader
“there’s this mutual feeling between you and your neighbor, called hate. and since your first meet you both commence that feeling with a burning passion. you don’t know the reason behind his hate but you know for damn sure that he will never tell you. but what happens on the first day of your job, when you find out that you even work together? maybe you will learn to co-operate?
“𝒘𝒉𝒚 𝒅𝒐 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒉𝒂𝒕𝒆 𝒎𝒆?” “𝒊 𝒏𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 𝒔𝒂𝒊𝒅 𝒊 𝒉𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒚𝒐𝒖.”“
Flour Girl by @avengerofyourheart​ Modern!Bucky x reader, Baker AU
“Discovering the cute guy you just flirted with is the heir of a rival bakery, you suddenly find yourself running into him all over the city. Can your small boutique bakery compete? And how do you deal with the guy who seems determined to make your life a living hell? Luckily you’re distracted by a secret admirer…But who is he? (Inspired by “You’ve Got Mail”, Enemies to Lovers)“
The Witness by @wkemeup​ Detective!Bucky x reader
“Owner of a bar full of criminals, maybe you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re the sole witness to a hydra hit. In comes Detective Barnes, the quick-witted, flirtatious cop who somehow became a regular at your misfit bar. When he takes it upon himself to ensure your safety off the books, you learn to rely on someone else for a change and find you don’t mind it at all. Not when it’s him.“
Sparks by @sunriserose1023​ Bucky x doctor!reader, Enemies to Lovers AU
Sparks fly between the Avenger’s team doctor and Bucky, except they seemingly don’t get along.
South Hills by @beccaanne814​ Southern/Cowboy!Bucky x reader
“You have been in love with Bucky your entire life, but he still sees you as the kid his friend used to babysit.  When you finally get him to notice you, will you be able to convince him that you’re the only woman for him?“
Catch Me by @buckyywiththegoodhair​ Bucky x reader
“In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.”
Keeping Score by @all1e23​ Bucky x reader, fake dating au
“After hearing you begging Steve to pretend to be your fake boyfriend to keep your family off your back, Bucky quickly jumps at the chance to play your boyfriend even though you’re a hundred percent sure he hates you. What could possibly go wrong?”
365 Days by @abovethesmokestacks​ Bucky x reader, soulmate AU
“you all know how it is, the one constant in this hellish life: you have a soulmate. no idea who it is, no clues whatsoever, only 25 years to find them. in 364 days, my time’s up. it sounds like a lot, but so does 25 years, and look where that got me. so, for better or for worse, i’ll try. i’ve got twelve months to find whoever my soul is knit together with.”
Love or Hate by @justsomebucky​ Modern!Bucky x reader, enemies to lovers au
“When the reader’s shot at a better life is stolen from her, she continues to see the person responsible all over town. Will she learn that there’s a fine line between love and hate?”
Wrong Number by @jaamesbbarnes​ Bucky x reader
“When calling people for a living turns out being your favorite thing in the world.”
Mark Yes or No by @teamcap4bucky​ Bucky x reader
“Sometimes you find the most comfort in the people you barely know, because it’s there where you’ll find the least judgment.“
Bloody Roses by @the--sad--hatter​ Bucky x reader
“What you thought was a trapped squirrel turned out to be a super soldier in need. It’s not every day an Avenger turns up in your garden; in serious need of help, but you deal with it as best as you can.“
Not Happening by @notimetoblog​ Modern!Bucky x reader, enemies to lovers au
“An online dating site clearly makes a mistake when it matches you with the one person you cannot stand.”
I Hate Everybody by @morsmordre-writes​ College!Bucky x reader, social media au
“After spending the summer getting over your high school sweetheart, it’s time for new beginnings. What else is college for?“
On, Off, Repeat by @avasparks​ Bucky x reader
“It’s been 247 days since Bucky came back home. It’s been a good 300 days since he last felt remotely human. He came back from his last tour not only battered and bruised, but down one arm, and a nice big hole in his head causing brain damage.It’s been 247 days since Bucky left his apartment.“
Say It by @sgtjbuccky​ Bucky x reader
“In where you loved Bucky unconditionally, enough to sacrifice your life for his happiness, now Bucky tries to save yours.“
Steve Rogers x reader:
Slow Like Honey by @heli0s-writes​ Single Dad!Steve x teacher!reader AU “The gossip that buzzes around in the teacher’s lounge is that sweet, sensitive, divorcé Steve Rogers is hot-for-teacher. His daughter’s first-grade teacher, to be exact.”
Missed Connections by @i-am-a-closet-fanfic-fiend​ College!Steve x reader
“The reader sees the same guy almost everywhere on campus. Despite her friends encouraging, she is too shy to talk to him, but will that all change when there’s a post on the school’s missed connections page?“
Twenty-Twenty by @brooklyns-boys​ (story on Google Drive link) Steve x blind!reader
Post Endgame Steve is retired, filling his time walking the streets of NYC reacquainting himself with Brooklyn. He stumbles upon an old bookstore and takes a liking to the woman behind the counter. 
Sebastian Stan x reader:
Great Chemistry by @thedevilwearsvibranium​ Sebastian x actress!reader
“After years of auditions and small acting jobs, you finally get picked to play the female lead in a major spy movie: Rogue Agency. Suddenly you find out that the actor playing the male lead and love interest is none other than Sebastian Stan himself. Throughout the story you go through the motions of filming a movie and come to find out that you and Seb have great chemistry. Do you take the leap and let yourself fall in love with your costar?“
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lmao-liz · a month ago
⇢ ˗ˏˋ  most of these fics are 18+ minors dni ࿐ྂ
୨⎯  please read all warnings, I am not responsible for your media consumption  ⎯୧
✪ - Must read’s  | ❥ - Feel good reads
Tumblr media
⤳ dilf practice ━ @bucksfucks​
⤳ fuck you (derogatory)  ━ @bucksfucks​ ​
⤳ pretty boy ━ @bucksfucks​ ❥​
⤳ The Graduation Party ━ @becca-e-barnes​
⤳ A Tender Heart (series) ━ @river-soul-library​
⤳ Your Filthy Heart  (series)  ━ @sweeterthanthis​
⤳ peaches (series)  ━ @buckycuddlebuddy​
⤳ invisible smoke ━ @holdontorogers​ 
⤳ little dove (au)  ━ @belovasbrat​ ✪​
⤳ hungry eyes  ━ @imagineaworld​ 
⤳ Partition ━ @angrythingstarlight​ 
​⤳ The Match (series) ━ @babyboibucky​
⤳ of course you do  ━ @purple-babygirl​ ✪
Tumblr media
⤳ Just Be a Good Sport ━ @qyllenhaal​ 
⤳ just friends ━ @bucksfucks​ 
⤳ Birth Control  ━ @just-iimagine​ 
⤳ having my way ━ @balenciagabucky​ 
⤳ Set Up (series) ━ @time-for-a-lullaby​ 
⤳ a little sensitive ━ @buckyhoney​ 
⤳ I Spy ━ @honeyloverogers​  ❥
⤳ dirty little secret ━ @agentofbarnes​ 
⤳ Ignition ━ @fuckandfluff​  
⤳ Put You In Your Place  ━ @cockslut-padalecki​
⤳ Burning  ━ @agentofbarnes​  ✪
⤳ little fucking brat  ━ @belovasbrat​ 
⤳ Suburban Pleasure (series) ━ @kinanabinks​  ✪
⤳ Shiny Happy Fits of Rage  ━ @the-iceni-bitch​ 
Tumblr media
⤳ daddy’s pretty ━ @purple-babygirl​ 《BUCKY BARNES》
​⤳ for your sake ━ @purple-babygirl​  《BUCKY BARNES》 ✪
⤳ we’re up all night to get lucky ━ @nsfwsebbie​ 《BUCKY BARNES》
⤳ little girl  ━  @bucksfucks​ 《ANDY BARBER》
⤳ I Am Iron Man (series) ━ @alittlegiraffe​ 《TONY STARK》
⤳ To Tire ━ @lavendercitizen​ 《LEE BODECKER》 ❥
⤳ stevie and his dovey  ━  @belovasbrat​ 《BUCKY + STEVE》
⤳ Daddy!Bucky + Mommy!Nat  ━ @rainy-babie​ 
⤳ Marvel x Little (Masterlist) ━ @mianorth​
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just-iimagine · 3 months ago
Birth control
Chris Evans x reader
Word count: 1k
Tumblr media
"So what's the plan for this week?" Chris asked as he tidied up the breakfast dishes. Being home for a week off was a lovely surprise for the both of you. A co-star had an injury on set, meaning production had to stop. Everyone was ok, thankfully but it was still lovely to have him home for the week.
"I have stuff written on the calendar, check that and we can work around it" you replied as you fed Dodger. Chris picked up his coffee cup. Drinking it as he read through the week, everything was normal enough. Groomers for Dodger, food shop. He stopped his scanning as he read 'doctor'.
"Doctor, babe?" he wondered, looking over at you. Mild concern in his voice. "Yeah, need to refill my script for the pill" you replied as you washed your hands. Chuckling as you saw his face.
"Unless you'd like to start using condoms instead" you teased a bit, coming over and hugging his waist. Knowing your husband hated using them and avoided them if he could.
The clogs in his brain were working overtime. You could see that clearly, as you rested your chin against his chest. "What's going on in that head of yours?" you asked softly after a few minutes of him staring off distantly.
"Nothing" he mumbled after a moment. Flashing a smile before suggesting bringing Dodger to the dog park. You agreed with the idea and took his coffee cup from him so he could go and get the lead. Humming a bit to yourself as you sipped on the remaining coffee in the cup.
Something was definitely going on in that head of his. But if he was unwilling to share, you'd have to wait until he was ready.
You left him to stew for a few days. He didn't say anything else on the subject and life continued as normal. Though at times, you kept catching him staring at the calendar. Whether he was cooking in the kitchen and caught a glimpse at it. Or was just leaning against the counter and thinking.
Each time you brought it up, he shrugged and walked away. Not until three days later, was the subject brought up again. When you were out shopping in the mall did the subject come up again.
You had both decided to browse through the clothes. Not that you needed anything, in particular, just a look as the Boston weather had turned nasty outside and looking at clothes in the mall seemed like a good option.
You had found a nice top and was searching for the right size when your husband appeared beside you.
"So I've been thinking" Chris's voice rang out, breaking your attention from the clothes. "A dangerous concept, my dear" you teased a bit. Feeling his eyes rolling, you chuckled and asked, "what is it?"
He sighed, taking a deep breath before saying, "cancel the doctor's appointment." This caught your attention. Forgetting the top in front of you, you looked up. "Why?" you asked
Slowly, he held up a white baby grow. A tiny little thing, you felt like joking that he won't fit in that but felt it wasn't appropriate. Eyes moving from the grow to his eyes, you saw them wide and pleading. Puppy dog eyes.
"A baby?" you asked, laughing a bit. "is that why you have been moody?" you wondered, earning a shrug from him. He didn't consider himself moody. Just thoughtful. Slowly putting the baby clothes back, he turned back to you.
"Think how good you'd look, how sexy" he mumbled, coming close to you and hugging your body. Whispering in your ear, "what a good mom you'd be."
You sighed, kids had always been a part of the plan. You had married 6 months ago, and the plan was the wait for a while. Apparently, Chris wanted the plan sped up.
You agreed with a nod, "you'd be a fantastic father" you whispered. Thinking to all the times he had proven that exact point. When kids were on set with him or working with him.
"I'll take a career break too, finish up on this movie and then when you're 6 months, stop working. Not go back till your ok with it" he promised, smiling down at you. "So you and I can both do the first few months together. Or year. Years, however long."
You hummed. Thinking, as you looked at the baby grow he had placed down back in the clothes rack. You sighed and pulled back from the hug. Taking out your phone you scrolled through the contacts until you found the doctor and hit 'call'.
Chris watched you closely, keeping eye contact with you as you spoke to the doctor. "Yes, can I cancel the script for my pill" you confirmed with her. "But if you can order me some prenatal vitamins to start taking" you hummed. "Yes, everything I need to make sure a baby can be as healthy as possible. Yes, I'll see you Friday" you agreed happily and hung up the phone.
Throughout the phone call, Chris's breathing became a little deeper. Listening to you ordering the medicine to care for your child before they are even born.
"I think we should get home" Chris suggested in a hushed voice. Eyes darkening as he licked his lips. "I like that idea" you whispered, as he took your hand. Holding you close as you left the store to drive back home.
He wasn't leaving for another three days. Plenty of time to get started on making a baby.
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gotnofucks · 4 months ago
Will you make me a drabble where I ask Steve to be my daddy or just make him my daddy🥺🥺👉👈 love you bestie!!
Tumblr media
Title: The Journey to Daddy
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Summary: Five times you call Steve ‘daddy’, and the one times he asks you to.
Words: 1.6k
Warning: slight smut, daddy kink, some jealousy and possessiveness, 18+ Only
A/N: There is only one person who can ever make me go soft. Berry, this is for you. Love you more my queen @donutloverxo
Sometimes, you felt like an onion. You had a lot of layers around you: secrets, insecurities, dreams you were scared of living, things that were never said. And every time, it felt like Steve would peel a layer to expose the truest form of you. You'd never felt as naked as you did when his eyes were fixed on you, with no judgement or question, only love.
You'd been going out for months now, learning about each other, exploring your boundaries. Steve was the most attentive boyfriend. He was caring and respectful, always there for you before you even asked for him. He'd lift you up when you needed something from the top shelf. He'd cook for you because he knew you liked the domestic look on him. He'd tickle you to tears when you were down, trailing kisses down your forehead to your nose to your chin before blowing a raspberry on the hollow of your neck that would have you giggling.
Steve was so perfect, and it was very unconscious the first time you called him Daddy. You were in the kitchen and had broken a plate when Steve came rushing out, carrying you away from the wreckage to make sure you were okay. he wouldn't let you clean it, afraid you'd hurt yourself.
"You're okay baby?" He had asked.
"Yes daddy" you had softly replied into his neck, soothed by his smell. And though he didn't say anything, the thought kept running in his head. Daddy?
Your cries got higher with each thrust, nails digging into Steve’s shoulder as he pumped into you. He loved it when you got like this, all dumbed down and messy, garbling words that felt like poetry to him. You came around him again, squeezing his length between the velvety walls of your sex and he released into you with a growl.
Sweaty and spent, you looked a beauty to him as you laid under his naked body covered in his essence. His large body framed yours and as he leaned in to kiss your glistening and bruised lips, you tiredly said, "I love you, daddy".
He stilled, whispering a love you back before collapsing next to you. Looking at you drifting away, he got up to clean you and cover you up, holding you close as his thoughts ran wild. There it was again. Daddy. Why did you call him that?
Your birthdays were more important to Steve than they were to you. Every time, even when you’d not been dating, Steve would pull all stops for your birthday. He’d arrange a party that would consist only of your closest friends and family, cook all your favorite food, and would make sure everyone got you a present you liked.
There was that time Steve had made a list and gave it out. “Just get her something from this. I know what she likes.” Idiot. He should have put only his name on the list, since there was nothing you wanted more than him. Today, as you celebrated this day as a couple, he decided to make it intimate and private.
He decorated the balcony in your favorite fairy lights, lightening soft candles and putting your favorite flowers everywhere so that it smelled divine. You both sat under the stars, holding each other as you snuggled in the blanket, talking in hushed tone.
“What did you wish for when you blew the candles?” He asked, pressing his lips on the crown of your head. You looked at him, eyes reflecting the candles that danced in the wind.
“I have everything I want. Here.” You said, touching his chest. “You’re all I want. Thank you for today, daddy.”
You kissed him, not noticing the slight hitch in his breath as you said that. Daddy, he liked how that sounded.
The sounds of typing were a normal in your house, but it bothered Steve when it went past midnight for the third night in a row. He saw you stifle another yawn, rubbing at your eyes as you tried to finish this project on time. You worked way too hard if you asked him.
“Baby, come to bed. It’s late.”
“I can’t, really need to get this done.”
Steve sighed, washing your now empty coffee mug before sitting beside you. He counted three more yawns along with four curses whispered under your breath and he knew he needed to step in. Gently stopping your hand, he turned you to face him and cupped your face.
“You still have four days before you need to turn this in. Come to bed honey, you’re tired and I don’t wanna sleep without you.”
You pouted, tired and internally glad that he finally stopped you. Nodding, you allowed him to more or less carry you into the bedroom and put you into pajamas, tucking you into the warmth of his body as he turned out the lights.
“Sleep, sweetheart. I’ll make you your favorite breakfast tomorrow so you’re all charged up for another day of working. I love you.”
His arms came around you, your back to his chest. Tangling your fingers with his, you pressed a sleepy kiss on his knuckles before whispering into the dark, “good night daddy. Love you too.”
The fifth time you did it, you scared him.
The Avengers Gala was something Steve hated and loved. He loved he could have you on his arm, his girl to proclaim before the world. His friends got together and had a nice time, and people he hadn’t seen for a while surfaced too.
What Steve couldn’t handle was the audacity of men to ogle you. Despite you being on his arm, they would follow you with their creepy eyes, trying to sneak in a word whenever someone pulled him away from you. He knew he mustn’t be jealous; if there was anything Steve was ever secure about, it was your love for him. But he couldn’t stand still watching some good for nothing bastard try to win you over with a pick up line that was older than he was.
“Excuse me gentlemen” He almost growled, taking your arm possessively before whisking you away into a dark corner, intent on having you all to himself. You rolled your eyes, used to this act by now. You’d never told him, but it was almost endearing watching a man like him get so antsy over you.
“You can’t always hide me away!” You chided him but didn’t push him away. You preferred his company over any other, and if were to take you home right now, you wouldn’t mind. Steve bit his lips before cutting a glance to the men who were flirting with you earlier, a snarl lodged in his chest.
“No, but I can do this!” His lips crashed on yours, pulling you into a deep kiss that tasted of his power and love. You melted into his touch, arms hooking around his neck to bring him down to your height, tongues tangling together in a sloppy kiss. Steve didn’t let up until you had to finally break to breath, both panting hard.
“What was that for?” You asked, softly touching your lips that tingled.
“To remind everyone that you belong to me!” He said, pulling you closer. You smiled, pressing another kiss on his lips before tucking your head under his neck.
“Of course I belong to you daddy.”
He spent the rest of the party distracted. You’d called him that a lot recently. But why? Did you want him to be a daddy? You'd both decided to never to have children in the early days of getting together. Why then did you call him daddy? And why did it send a thrill down his back? God, he hoped you weren't pregnant.
+ 1
The morning after the party, he woke you up with kisses trailing down your neck, soothing the sting of the bites he had placed there last night. As you whimpered, wanting to sleep some more, he pushed a hand under your top to tickle your ribs, smiling as you giggled and squirmed.
“Steve!” You squealed as he reached under your breast. He chuckled before kissing up your exposed tummy, loving the sounds of your laughter as he reached your mouth and pressed deep and slow kisses there.
“Good morning.” He said, nuzzling his nose into you. You sighed in happiness, snuggling into him and breathing in his scent.
“Good morning.”
You stayed that way for a while, him gently rocking you back and forth as you hummed, enjoying the quiet morning together. It was after a few minutes that Steve spoke.
“Why do you call me daddy?”
A sudden shyness came over you and you buried your face deeper into his chest, not speaking. Steve tutted, gently pulling you back and titling your face up to meet his eyes.
"Do you want us to have a kid?" Steve asked and you shook your head.
"No." You said, embarrassed.
"Then why do you call me daddy?"
You looked at him with glittering eyes, cupping his cheek softly that was threatening to develop a scruff if not shaved.
"Because I trust you." You said. "I never have to hide from you, never have to worry. You look after me, you love me unconditionally. You care about me in a way no one has ever before. When you take charge, it makes me feel good. I love it when you guide me in bed. I love it when you step up and look after me. Calling you daddy puts those feelings into words."
Steve couldn't look away from you and your eyes. The love and trust you put in him made him a better person, it made him feel worthy. All he ever wanted in life was to have someone to call his own, to hold them and love them and never let any harm come to them. Looking into your eyes, he knew he had all he wanted. He held you closer and tighter, brushing your lips with his.
"Say it again then, baby."
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the-iceni-bitch · 3 months ago
For ur wheelie thing (lol I forgot the name)
Kinks: accidental stimulation & exhibitionism
Character: Steve Rogers
Prompt: “I need it”/so ask nicely”
Luv all ur writing!
Oh my god nonnie!! Lemme tell you I squealed a little bit when I got this one. This is gonna be good boy Avengers Steve because I love the idea of domming that virgin.
Again, this is smut, so no minors!!!
Tumblr media
Steve thought he was going to die.
The two of you had been seeing each other for a few months. It had been nice to have something to distract him, and he really had missed being able to spoil a girl.
But you were a whole lot different from the dames he used to take out in the forties.
You never wanted to let him pay for anything, you'd actually rolled your eyes at him on your last date when he'd snatched the check out of your hand. Also, he couldn't remember any woman shoving him against the wall and devouring his mouth until he was a panting, whining mess. And every time you finished a date you were practically pouncing on him, he'd even heard you growl a few times through your apartment door when he'd insisted on cutting things short before they went too far.
All he wanted was to take it further though. And he felt like a damn pervert each time he got home after one of your dates and had to desperately jerk himself off. What was he supposed to do though? Sure, he knew that gals nowadays were freer with their affections, but he wanted to make sure you knew how much he respected you.
That was why he had invited you to the game night Tony was throwing, hoping that introducing you to the team would provide some sort of distraction from how much he wanted to bury himself in between your legs.
It may have been a mistake, though.
"Oh, fuck you, Stark!" You were flipping Tony off from across the table after he bought another one of your properties out from under you in Monopoly.
"I am so sorry that I understand how capitalism works and can use it to my advantage." Tony made a mock wounded gesture and grinned at you before waving his fake money in your face. "Cap, I cannot believe you are dating a girl who swears like a sailor. Has she taught all the bad words?"
Poor Steve was starting to blush. For some reason, hearing you cuss out Tony was just making it even harder for him to not imagine your lips wrapped around his cock. Which was the absolute opposite of the respectful attitude he was trying to take with you.
“Don’t tease him, Tony!” You frowned at the man as you leaned against Steve’s knee. “I don’t care that you’re Iron Man, I’ll slap that smirk right off your face. Do you want another drink, baby?”
“No I’m good.” He swallowed thickly when you stood up and stretched, sighing when you ran your fingers through his hair before moving to the bar.
“Aww, look at you, Cap!” Maria was giving him a knowing grin when he turned back to face the group. “Someone’s got it bad!”
“Guy’s, c’mon.” He usually didn’t mind some good natured ribbing, but with how frustrated he already was it was just making him crankier.
“Yeah, guys, let’s be nice.” Tony looked a little too full of himself for Steve to trust he wasn’t going to be an ass. “She pop your cherry yet, Rogers?”
“What the fuck, Tony?” Steve choked on his beer while the rest of the team cracked up.
“Oh, she did teach you all the bad words!” Tony dodged the pillow Steve lobbed at him with a guffaw.
“What is this cherry popping?” Thor looked slightly confused at the turn the conversation, Earth idioms always seemed to have that effect on him.
“Tony’s asking if Y/N took Steve’s virginity.” Clint explained, laughing lightly when realization dawned on the giant blonde’s face.
“Aha, you’re a virgin Steven?” Thor seemed to be genuinely interested, rather than endlessly amused like everyone else.
“I’m not having this discussion with you assholes.” Steve sank back into the couch and pouted. He wasn’t a virgin, it had just been a while. 
“What were you all talking about while I was gone?” You grinned when the conversation suddenly stopped once you came back into the room, Clint clapping a hand over Thor’s mouth when the god tried to explain what they had been discussing. “Fine, keep your secrets. What’re we playing next?”
“What do we think about Twister?” Everyone cheered at that, and you sank onto Steve’s lap while you waited for Tony to come back.
Well, shit. All the care he had been taking the whole night to not turn into a horny idiot went right out the window when your ass settled into the dip in his lap. And your head leaning against his shoulder meant the scent of your shampoo was filling his nostrils and making it impossible for him to think about anything except burying his face in it while he fucked you from behind.
“You ok, Stevie?” You wriggled a little when you turned to face him and he sucked in a harsh breath. “You seem kind of tense.”
“Yeah, I’m, god, I’m fine.” He was lying, the way you were moving as you chatted with the team was making him hard.
“Honey, are you su... oh.” Your voice dropped to a low purr once you felt his bulge growing underneath you, tilting your head back so you could murmur directly in his ear. “Did you want some help with that, Stevie?”
“Baby, fuck.” He didn’t care any more, he was hard up, and you smelled so good. “I need it.”
“So ask nicely.” You’d been waiting so long for this boy to break, you felt like torturing him a little, rolling your hips against him and grinning at the desperate whine he let out.
“Honey, please.” It was fucking painful, he was cursing himself in his head for holding out for so long.
“I’m gonna go help Steve with something in the kitchen.” You announced, keeping your body in front of his when the two of you stood up to start making your way out of the game room.
“Really prefer if you could help him in almost any other room.” Tony called after you, shaking his head as the two of you scurried away. “Ok, who had ‘Cap breaks at game night’ in the pool?”
As soon as you were out of sight of everyone else you were yanking Steve’s face to yours, winding your fingers through his hair and dragging him down the hall as you tugged at his lips with your teeth. He was moaning and whining desperately against your mouth, opening up and letting you curl his tongue against his while his fingers dug into your waist.
God he was stupid. Why couldn’t he think of any good reason for why he’d been putting this off? You were so soft and warm and he just wanted to get you back to his room and...
“Shit, baby, what are you doing?!” He hadn’t even noticed when you shoved him against the wall, but when you disconnected to kneel in front of him he came back a little bit.
“Can’t make it back to the room.” You mumbled, mouthing at the bulge in the front of his jeans and whipping off his belt. “Already waited too fucking long.”
“Honey, the team could walk through any minute.” Although it was a little hard for him to actually care when you ripped his fly open and nipped at the outline of his cock through his boxer briefs. “Ah, fuck.”
“That’s what makes it so exciting.” You winked at him before drawing his weeping cock out and immediately wrapping your hand around him. “Oh, fuck sweetie.”
“Y/N, oh god.” All of his concentration was going to not coming immediately like a teenager when you squeezed along his length. 
“Just look at this poor thing.” You pouted as you started pressing soft kisses all over his shaft, trying not to act too pleased when he jumped in your hand. “So pretty and needy. Have you not been taking care of him, Stevie?”
“Baby, unngh.” His knees almost buckled when you suckled gently at his swollen head, he had to brace himself against the wall to keep from collapsing. “That feels so good.”
“I know, I’m gonna take such good care of him.” You grinned at the thin keen he let out when you flicked your tongue over his slit to lap up his precum. “Keep him wet and warm all the time like he deserves.”
The column buckled when he thumped his fist into it once you took him fully into your mouth, swallowing him down your throat until your nose was nuzzled against the well trimmed hair at his base. A steady stream of obscenities started falling from his lips when you drew back before shoving your face forward again and massaging the thick vein that ran over the underside of him with your tongue. 
One of your hands trailed under his shirt so you could drag your nails over his chest, your painfully stretched lips quirking at the corners when he wrapped his hand in your hair and let out a low groan. You could tell he was still holding back though, even when you brought your free hand up to fondle his balls he wasn’t fucking your face like you really wanted.
So, you slapped his nipple and trailed your hand up to wrap around his throat, and that did what you wanted.
“Ah, baby, fuck!” His hips bucked into your face and you hummed with satisfaction. “Shit, I’m gonna come.”
Look, you prided yourself on your swallow game. You were firmly planted in the “spitters are quitters” camp. But you were not prepared for the sheer volume of cum that was suddenly shooting down your throat. There was no way you could swallow fast enough, having to pull him out while you coughed and spluttered around the ridiculous amount of cum that was overflowing your mouth, but somehow still coming out of him.
“Honey, are you ok?” Oh god, it had finally stopped. “I’m so sorry, I probably should have mentioned a couple side effects there are from the serum.”
“Stevie, I’m fucking great.” You beamed up at him once you had finally caught your breath, tears leaking down your cheeks and your lips and chin coated in thick ropes of his spend. “I probably should have mentioned that I’m a little bit of a cumslut, so this is gonna work out great for both of us. What other side effects are there?”
“Uh, well...” He was having trouble talking as he watched you scoop the excess cum with your fingers and suck them clean, his gaze flicking down to his cock when he couldn’t form a complete sentence.
“Hmm? Fuck, you’re still hard.” You were fucking giddy, fully expecting that there was no way you were going to be able to walk for a couple days after tonight. “This is very important information, Stevie. We’re gonna take full advantage of this. Let’s go.”
He barely had a chance to tuck himself back into his pants before you were dragging him down the hall. A very small part of him was worried that he may have bitten off more than he could chew with you, but mostly he was just excited for whatever you were going to do to him.
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buckysbabygorl · 12 hours ago
Notice (Part 3) [Steve Rogers Series]
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N and Steve prepare for their “not date”, when things go horribly wrong.
Word Count: 4.3k
Series Masterlist
Part 2
Y/N stood in front of her closet, wrapped in her simple robe as droplets from her hair dripped on the fabric.
Her eyes raked over her shelves and hanging garments. On the other side of her room, the drawers Steve had rustled through many nights ago lie open, clothes pulled out hastily in search. Her room had exploded with fabric and had been this way for a few hours now.
She tilted her head back and groaned in frustration. “Why is this so hard?”
She had thought her shower would’ve cleared her thoughts, calming her for the night ahead of her. But now as she thought of what to wear, her fears were coming back.
She closed her eyes as she tried to reassure herself, “It’s fine, you’re fine. It’s not a date, it’s not a date…”
“What’s not a date?”
Y/N yelped, making Wanda jump.
“Oh my god,” Wanda teased as she sat on Y/N’s bed, “For an assassin you’re not very spatially aware.”
“Shut up, I’m an agent,” She corrected, “And my non-date… is with Steve. He’s taking me into the city.” Wanda laughed, “That is a date, he’s asking you out.”
“No he didn’t ask me out, he’s taking me out.”
Wanda blinked in confusion. “...I don’t think there’s a difference.”
“Well there is. At least, I think there is.”
“You seem pretty nervous for not a date.”
“Steve and I,” she started, “we’ve never been like this, chummy-I mean. He’s my captain, I’m his teammate, it’s… professional.”
“You think it’s inappropriate?”
“No I wouldn’t say that..”
She sat down on her bed, thumbing over a shirt she was definitely not going to wear. Maybe she was stalling, Y/N didn’t want to admit she was nervous. But she was.
After their night in the gym; they were more comfortable with each other. Evident in how easily they lied in bed with each other the following morning...
Y/N couldn’t seem to get that image out of her head. His hold had been so gentle, his smiles came so easy...
They were spending more time together too, they did paperwork, training, coffee runs.
But nothing like this. Those had all been casual, last minute or coincidental. Now they were actually making plans to be together. Alone.
Whatever this was with Steve, it wasn’t nothing. But in the same turn, she felt she was making this out to be bigger than it was.
“This is nice. Being closer, I mean. I just, I don’t know. Professionalism is easy; there’s a plan. Battle is predictable, we have a strategy. There’s no strategy for this.”
“Says the one that always goes rogue.” She chuckled.
Y/N laughed with her, “Ironic eh?”
She tossed her shirt to the ground, before leaning back to lay on the bed.
“Chaos I can control,” she admitted, “Steve, I can’t.”
Wanda pursed her lips, lying down beside her.
“You’ve been on dates before haven’t you?” She asked.
“Yeah of course.”
Wanda shrugged, “Just do what you normally do.”
Y/N rolled her eyes. “Easier said than done, you know Steve’s not just some normal guy.”
Wanda stretched out her arms as she thought. Steve was nothing special to her; he was a good man, a good friend, a hero. But to her, he was nothing more than a teammate. But as Wanda watched her panic over what to wear for dinner, she realized Steve may be normal to her, but not to Y/N.
Wanda smiled slightly, “No, I guess he’s not.”
She then very un-gracefully rolled off the bed, making Y/N chuckle. She fixed her hair before resting her arms on the bed, sitting on her knees.
“What are you thinking of wearing?” she asked, blowing a stray strand of hair from her face.
Sitting up, Y/N pointed to the door. “This?”
Wanda glared at the hanging garment.
“Y/N that’s a pantsuit.”
Wanda stood, still glaring at the formal business attire. “You’re going on a date, not a lunch meeting.”
“Not a date...”
“Fine, not a date, but you still can’t wear that.”
Wanda pushed past her friend and into her closet, shuffling through the hanging clothes before landing on something she liked.
“What about this?”
Y/N smiled, “Oh my god. I haven’t worn this in forever.”
Bucky watched as Steve frantically paced the room; he was in full panic now.
“All I asked was what are you doing tonight, you need to relax kid.”
Steve shot him a glare as he fixed his cuff for the millionth time.
“I should’ve asked Sam for help.” He said under his breath.
Bucky chucked a tie in his direction, which was easily caught.
Steve sighed as he unbuttoned the cuff and rolled them up to his elbow. Was that too casual? Was the whole get up too much to begin with? Goddamn, why was this so hard?
“What if this is a bad idea?”
Bucky rolled his eyes as he flopped back onto Steve’s mattress, it wasn’t a bad idea. There was no way in hell this was a bad idea. Things were developing between Steve and Y/N clearly; something new needed to happen between or Steve would be stuck in this pining position for the rest of their lives.
“Come on, what’s the worst that could happen? Besides, she’s said yes! That’s a good sign Stevie.”
Frustrated, Steve unbuttoned his shirt and grabbed the other that draped over the back of his chair. Fuck it, he was going with the blue one.
“Okay, actually answer me this time. Where are you taking her?”
He avoided Bucky’s eyes as he fiddled with the buttons on his new shirt.
“I’m—I’m not sure…”
“Are you kidding me Rogers?”
“Shut up!” He groaned, turning back and sitting with Bucky on the bed. “I mean I have an idea—I’m just… not sure on one part of it.”
“Well that’s not cryptic at all.” Bucky teased, further agitating his friend. “You tryna get on active duty there, Captain?”
Steve shoved him at the dirty implication, “No punk, that’s not what I meant.”
“Then what are you so worried about?” Bucky huffed as he sat up. 80 years and nothing had changed; Rogers was still predicting a bad date. Now he was the golden boy of the US, 6 foot whatever of pure American grade beef, and he was thinking it would blow.
“Look, it’s not gonna be like before.” Bucky said, “You're not that scrawny kid in back alleys anymore; and even if you were, you’re a good man Steve.”
Steve stopped fidgeting, his hands dropped to his lap as he looked to the floor.
“I just—I don’t wanna mess this up. And I don’t know where she’s at Buck… what if—”
“What if nothing Steve, look, hey—” Bucky snapped his fingers to get Steve’s attention, and the man looked irritatedly back at his friend.
“If you don’t know where she’s at; this is the best way to find out. You’re friends; she likes you Steve. You don’t need to impress her, you just have to treat her right. And I know you can do that, ‘cuz you have been already. Plus, she’s gotta be thinking the same thing. Otherwise she would’ve asked me instead…”
“Watch it.” Steve warned, but the lightness in his tone reassured Bucky that his words were somewhat comforting to him.
“It’s gonna be fine, if it’s not, you know you two will work it out.”
Steve puffed out his cheeks as he exhaled, “Alright.”
“Yeah? Good.” He clapped Steve on the shoulder, riling him up for good measure. “It’s gonna go great, and whatever part you're not sure of, just base it off how the night goes. Alright?”
Steve nodded, “Yeah, alright.”
Bucky smirked as a thought popped into his head, “You know, Sam’s probably got rubbers if you need ‘em.”
“I’m gonna kill you.”
Steve rested against his motorcycle, hands in his pockets as he kept watch on the stairs.
He huffed at the chill of the air, though the summer was still at its peak and the day had been hot, Steve had forgotten in his excitement how cool the city could get at night.
Perhaps dinner had been a bad idea.
Maybe breakfast would’ve been nice; a tour of the park, feeding some ducks, getting ice cream on the way back…
But no, Steve had opted for dinner, dancing and a midnight tour of the pier. He really wanted to take her star-gazing. It was an idea he couldn’t shake off, and he’d based the whole night around.
Now he was gonna freeze his ass off.
And that’s saying something for a guy stuck in ice over half a century.
He regretted not waiting inside for her, but his nerves took over and he thought best if he went outside for a bit to cool off.
He was starting to think she wasn’t going to show, when the doors of the compound entrance opened.
Pulling tightly on her jacket collar, she exited the building.
Scanning the landscape, she saw Steve.
His look was casual, but polished.
And somehow he made that look sexy as hell.
His classic leather jacket adorned his figure, the blue of his shirt bringing out the light color in his eyes, and damn did those khakis look good on him.
She didn’t look too bad herself.
Steve tried not to ogle her legs in the short dress, the navy piece fitting formly to her torso and flaring out at the bottom.
She didn’t have her hair pulled back for once, and Steve hoped he’d see that more often.
As they stood in front of each other, they were at a loss for words.
This was happening. Actually happening.
He’d taken his shot, it actually worked for once. But now she was right here in front of him, looking as beautiful as she ever had…
And Steve had no idea what to do.
This was all so new with her, they had never been more than friendly to each other.
But things were different, he wasn’t sure how or when it happened, and he couldn’t help but look at her legs in that damn dress.
He thought of the night the slept together, how his hands slid up her thighs as he dressed her...
“You look good.”
The words came out before he could stop them, starling him with how blatantly he said them.
Y/N smiled, looking down at the dress Wanda had picked out just hours before.
“Thanks, you too.”
An awkward silence came between them. Talking about one’s appearance could only go so far.
Though Y/N could’ve raved about his thighs endlessly in her mind, she figured it wasn’t the best conversation topic.
“Taking the Rogers’ mobile tonight?”
She gestured to the bike, mentally kicking herself for the stupidity of her words.
Steve looked back at his motorcycle. He hadn’t thought ahead with the weather, maybe it would be too cold for the bike.
“Oh I, sorry--is that um, is that okay?”
“Yeah! Yeah, yeah, of course.”
She kicked a small stone at her foot, silence coming between them again.
She had been honest when she’d said it’d been awhile. Between the academy, SHIELD, and the Avengers’ recruitment, she had no spare time to date.
She was rusty.
And the more she thought about it, it made her anxious that her first date was going to be the Steve Rogers: America’s Golden Boy.
“Look, I’ll be honest…” She started, “I’m a little nervous.”
Steve breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank god, me too.”
Y/N laughed as she watched him relax, “Really?”
“Yes, I haven’t done this in years either, you know.”
She nodded, she’d heard that little tidbit from Nat not too long ago. It reassured her some, but still left her with a feeling of butterflies in her stomach.
“Let’s just… cut the tension out, you know? We know each other, let’s just have fun with it.”
He smiles, “I think I can do that.”
He reached out, grabbing her hand and gently pulling her to the bike. Sitting in his seat, he patted the extra leather behind him.
“Hop on, kid.”
Sitting behind him, arms sliding around his torso.
Her touch with the added chill of the air, sent a shiver down his back. It felt like they were climbing into bed all over again, the bumps on her skin rising against his hand...
She leaned forward to whisper in his ear, “This okay?”
The shiver came again, and Steve smirked.
“You might have to hold tighter than that, doll.”
She giggled as Steve revved the engine.
Just as Steve set his foot on the starter, both their pagers blared.
They shared a look.
“At this hour?” Y/N scoffed.
Steve shook his head, reaching into his pocket to pull out his device.
“It’s Fury, man never sleeps.”
Though he never pegged Fury to be a cock block.
Y/N checked hers too, scowling at the small screen.
“Says it’s urgent… so much for dinner, eh?”
She tried not to let disappointment lace her words.
Steve tried to hide his own disappointment, looking down at the pavement.
Oppourtunity shot down... who knows when he’d get this chance again?
“Yeah, I guess so.” ~ He should’ve driven off anyways.
As Steve wiped the blood off his hands, he ran the mission over and over in his head. 
Should’ve just got to dinner, should’ve just turned the damn phone off...
Stupid, stupid.
He watched as the water swirled down the drain, red staining the white ceramic.
At this point in the night, they would’ve been at the pier. Watching boats enter the marina, admiring how the stars reflected off the dark water…
But things hadn’t gone to plan.
He was angry with Fury. He was angry with himself. And worst of all, he was angry with her.
All that they’d talked about, all they’d went through that night...
He thought she was better. He thought things had changed.
“I can’t believe you.”
It was the first thing he’d said to her in hours.
Bruce hastily stitched up the cut on her forehead as she held the ice pack to her chin.
Even sighing hurt, but she managed one for Steve.
“I had ‘em,” she mumbled, wincing at the ache in her jaw.
Steve gripped the edge of the sink, “Have you looked in the mirror yet? Clearly not.”
She yelped as Bruce pulled on the stitching, his face apologetic as he continued to work.
She didn’t need to look in the mirror to know it was bad. The swelling of her left cheek had made her vision blurry, and the pain was evidence enough.
Not to mention the blood on Steve’s hands…
“I said I was sorry.”
Steve’s knuckles turned white at the tense grip, “You’re sorry? You’re sorry?”
“Rogers, not now…” Bruce reprimanded the Captain in vain. From the audio logs of the mission, he knew there was no calming Steve down.
“Stay out of this Bruce, you weren’t there.”
“I know I wasn’t there: but she’s injured. She needs to rest. You can pick this up in the morning.”
Y/N appreciated Bruce’s attempts at diffusing the situation, but she could fight her own battles.
“What’s done is done. I can’t go back and fix it. Like I said, I’m sorry.”
Steve tried to control his breathing, he didn’t want to yell. But every time his eyes ran over her face, the swollen lip and the blackened eyes...
He had to look away. And fuck, did he want to yell.
“You’re not sorry. You’re angry that I’m angry. And I damn well should be. You’re out of your mind, and sorry doesn’t cut it this time.” 
She glared at Steve from across the room as Bruce tied off the suture, snipping its remnants away.
He could at least look at her.
They got what Fury wanted, she’d been more efficient this time--god damnit, couldn’t he at least look at her?
“I’m still waiting for my thank you.” She muttered.
Bruce inhaled sharply, looking over his shoulder to see Steve’s reaction.
Even though he faced away from them, Bruce sensed the rage in his face.
It tensed his shoulder and showed in his forearms as he cracked the ceramic, before he spun around to face her.
“You expect me to thank you for that?”
She stood up and marched to him, “I expect you to say something. You’ve been silent for hours and all I get is “I can’t believe you”? You got the intel you needed, I gave you extra time. So yeah, I feel like a damn thank you is in order.”
Bruce sighed, tossing bloody gauze and used medical supplies in the trash. He sat down at the table, bracing himself for the hell fire that was coming.
“You’re ridiculous. You gave away our location and that nearly cost us the mission, and our lives.”
She scoffed, “No, I gave away my location to get them off your ass. I held them off on my own until you came back, now we’re home. Safe and sound.”
She gestured to the room around them, false enthusiasm coating her defense.
“Is that what you think these missions are? Sacrificing yourself for no reason to our detriment?”
“What detriment? It was a success, let it go.”
She turned to walk away from him, before his hand curled around her bicep and he pulled her back.
She winced at the bruising grip, facing him with a snarl.
His jaw was tense, his eyes had turned dark at his anger. Ice laced his tone as he spat in her face; “No.”
She tore from his grasp and stared him down.
They stood in a standoff, breathing heavily as adrenaline coursed through them both.
They refused to look away, neither willing to back down.
“No,” he said, “I’m not letting it go. You just got back on the field, and clearly you’ve learned nothing.”
Her eyes went wide, “How dare you--”
He interrupted her, poking a finger into her chest.
“How dare you, every goddamn time you put on that suit you become a child. You don’t think ahead, you make stupid decisions, and you try to get yourself killed from no goddamn reason. You throw away everything--”
His hands reached out to grab her shoulders, forcing her to stay in front of him.
“You’re not a super soldier, you have no fucking powers, you have nothing to defend you from things like that.”
With both hands on his chest, she pushed him back. “I’m a fucking Avenger. I know what I’m doing.”
“From what I saw out there? No you don’t. Next time, you’re gonna get yourself killed.”
The silence in the room was deafening.
Y/N shook her head.
How could he say that?
Why couldn’t he see that she was doing this for a reason?
Of course she’d put her life on the line for her team… for him.
He put his hand up to stop her.
“Don’t. I thought we’d been through this, I thought that…”
His open sentence hung in the air, and somehow his lack of words hurt her more.
Steve bit the inside of his cheek, thinking of the battlefield.
Her body on the ground, all that blood.
Steve thought things were different, but they weren’t.
“I can’t put you out there again.”
She blinked rapidly at his words, stunned at the implication.
“What are you saying?” She asked.
Steve steeled himself for what he was about to do.
He hated this feeling. He didn’t want to do this.
But he couldn’t lose her.
“I’m saying you’re off the team.” ~ She should’ve screamed.
She should’ve told him to go to hell.
Y/N stared at the ceiling, trying to ignore the tears that came.
She should’ve told him there was no way that was happening, that she would never leave this team under any circumstances.
She rolled on her side, wincing at the pressure of the mattress against her cheek.
She should’ve fought him on it… but all she did was leave.
It had been a week since Fury had called her into his office, the team had put it to a vote.
“It gives me no pleasure to do this L/’re not off the team, but we’re putting you on leave. You’re under psychological evaluation for six months, and if the shrink deems you fit to return, you’ll have your position.”
Y/N knew what that meant: it meant she wasn’t coming back.
They’d demote her to a SHIELD desk job, or put her on field duty with Woo where they found her.
But she’d never see the battlefield again, she wasn’t an Avenger anymore.
She felt betrayed.
A team vote… that means nearly everyone signed off on it. It wasn’t a civil war this time, it was a unanimous decision.
The team felt she was unfit to be here.
She shook her head, sitting up in bed as the sobs wracked her frame.
What about Nat? What about Tony? Didn’t they understand?
No, she didn’t have a suit of armor, a vibranium arm, soldier serum running through her veins or lethal assassin training, but god dammit she was a good soldier.
She was a good agent. She was smart, she was strong…
Did none of that matter?
Did none of that matter to him?
He saw what she’d been doing, how hard she was trying to make herself better, be a better fighter.
Wasn’t it all about fighting the good fight?
So what if she got bumps and bruises?  She wasn’t immortal, but she had fought alongside the rest of them and kept up pace.
It wasn’t fair.
She rose from her bed, making her way to the bathroom to grab water.
Filling her cup in the sink, she looked up to the mirror.
The black eye was fading to green, but the cut on her forehead was as nasty as when she got it.
Bruce said her nose was broken, she told him not to bother with resetting it.
Tears coated her waterline, which she hastily wiped away.
She was angry.
She hated herself for how she felt.
Not because of what she’d done... but because now, all she could think about was Steve.
She hated herself for wanting to see him, for wanting to talk to him, for wishing they hadn’t taken that damn page.
But he’d betrayed her. He’d gotten her kicked off the team, and she could never forgive him for that.
And never, would she ever apologize.
A knock came at her door.
Turning off the tap, she listened for a voice. Nothing came.
“Get lost.” She called out.
When there was no response, she went back to her bed.
Wanda sat at the foot of it.
“I said get lost, do I need to say it in romanian?”
Y/N trudged to her door, opening it and pointing out into the hallway. “Leave.”
Wanda sighed angrily, crossing her arms but making no moves to stand.
“65 armed HYDRA agents, that’s what the mission report said.”
Y/N rolled her eyes before shutting the door. Clearly Wanda had no intention of listening.
“We cleared through 40 before we even got inside.”
Wanda stood up, standing in front of Y/N with her arms still crossed.
“Which means 25 armed agents were still active, and you turned off your incognito before Steve was in the information tower.”
Y/N’s smile was condescending, brushing past Wanda as she moved to her dresser.
“I’ve handled 25 assailants before, I told him I had it.”
“12 stitches, a broken nose and 3 cracked ribs Y/N.”
“Don’t forget the dislocated shoulder.” Y/N added as she bent to the floor.
Wanda watched as Y/N rustled through her drawers.
“What are you doing?” She asked.
Y/N pulled out her training set, turning with a pair of sneakers in hand.
“Dressing for the gym, if I’m gonna be kept up I’d rather spend it doing something worth my time.”
As she pushed past Wanda, the witch grabbed her wrist.
“Are you insane? You’re in no shape for that right now.”
“What do you care?” She spun around, jabbing Wanda with her shoes. “I’m guessing you voted a yes to my dismissal, why do you give a damn how I spend my time?”
Wanda ran her hands through her head, she was in disbelief.
The team had battled for hours on this. None of them wanted her to go. But going through everything… they knew she wasn’t well.
Wanda had seen it before, but it never really sunk in. Missions with Y/N always ended in chaos, whether it was lying about her location or winding up with a broken bone, she always blew off the plan. They had been successful, but at what cost?
At some point Y/N’s luck was going to run out.
Looking at her swollen black eye, Wanda feared that was coming sooner rather than later.
“You don’t get it, do you?”
Y/N leaned against her wall, waiting. Wanda sat on the edge of Y/N’s bed, resting her elbows on her knees.
“Y/N we didn’t vote you off the team. Steve even revoked his statement.”
Y/N shook her head. There was no way Steve would’ve done that, not with how mad he was.
“I bet. Makes sense why I’m on leave for 6 months, then.”
She couldn’t help but be petty, the entire team had gone against her. She couldn’t talk back to Steve, but she could at least hold her stance with Wanda.
“Temporary leave based on psychological evaluation. Y/N--”
Wanda’s head was ducked, staring at the floor. She didn’t want to fight anymore, why couldn’t Y/N just see...
“--Y/N we’re worried about you.”
Wanda tried to wipe away her tears before Y/N saw. She didn’t think Y/N was in the position for sympathy.
“Oh come on, I’m a soldier, I don’t need this.”
“Will you just listen to me? God Y/N, you’ve been in the infirmary 16 times in the last year alone. And not for anything that wasn’t of your own accord.”
Y/N scoffed before stepping towards the bed, shoes and suit still in hand.
“You think I want to get beat up every time I go on a mission?”
Wanda didn’t hesitate as she looked her dead in the eye.
“Yes. I do.”
Y/N finally noticed the wetness of Wanda’s cheeks. The weight of Wanda’s words were heavy. That was what she thought, it was what they all thought.
She shuffled in her spot,unsure of what to say.
“Wanda, I--”
Wanda couldn’t listen to her excuses. She had to make her point.
“You go in without a vest, you go in unarmed, you throw yourself in the line of gunfire, and last time--”
Grabbing her wrists, she forced Y/N to look at her.
“--Last time they beat you to the point where you could’ve stopped breathing.”
Y/N tried to slip from her hands, dropping her things and pulling away.
“That’s not--it’s not like that, it’s for the mission--”
“And what about the training?” Wanda asked, “Leaving at midnight for hours in the gym? Not eating? Not sleeping?”
Y/N’s inhale was sharp, a hollow feeling welled in her chest at the realization that Wanda knew.
“Steve told you?”
Wanda nodded.
Y/N tried to turn away, she needed to escape. She didn’t want to deal with this again. She hadn’t been able to control things that night with Steve, and now she was struggling to get a grasp on things again.
No one was supposed to know. 
He’d seen an ugly side of her, desperate to improve, scrambling to make something of herself.
“That… that was private.”
Wanda stood, reaching out to place her hand on her shoulder. Y/N winced, the swelling still hadn’t gone down. Wanda raised her hand slightly, before gently sliding down to her upper arm.
“Y/N, you’re tearing yourself apart every chance you get. You put your life on the line every time you think someone else is in danger.”
The other hand came to rest on Y/N’s other arm, holding her in place. 
“What are you trying to prove?”
There was no escaping, not this time. She couldn’t run it off like every other time, Wanda was making her face it.
“That I deserve to be here.”
Y/N’s voice was a whisper, a lame attempt at holding back her emotions. Wanda always pulled things out of her that she never expected to reveal to anyone else.
“You do.”
Wanda’s words pulled down Y/N’s walls, a sob escaping Y/N before she could stop it.
She turned, resting her head against Wanda’s chest as she held her tightly. In the dark, quiet room, the sound of her crying was devastating.
Wanda gently rested her cheek against Y/N’s hair, her own tears dripping down.
“Y/N, you’re sick. Your head’s not in the right place… we love you. But we need you to be safe. We need you to take care of yourself.”
Wanda hugged Y/N as she cried, her sobs echoing in the emptiness room.
Y/N couldn’t admit it now, but Wanda was right.
She needed time, she needed to fix things.
Perhaps leaving was the right thing to do
Part 4 coming soon... I hope
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