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A Defiled Uniform

Steve x reader x Bucky , Steve Rogers x reader , Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: the boys find a particular garment in your stuff, and set out to fulfill an old fantasy in the bedroom

Rating: 18+, don’t touch this if you are under age please, and sweet Jesus wrap it up folks,

Warnings: CW brief discussion of religion and old style school punishments, SMUT, 3 some, if it isn’t your style, don’t read (I’ll be less offended if you ignore it than if you read it and get cranky), blowjobs, spanking, man on man kissing, dirty talk, language, teacher kink … let me clarify the reader is 100% of age and consenting to the scene!!!

The boys are helping you pack up your apartment so you can move to the compound up North with them. Natasha is helping you wrap dishes in the kitchen while Steve and Bucky tuck your clothes into suitcases from your closet. Classic rock plays throughout, windows open letting fresh air flow, and you can hear Sam bickering with the spiderling about what order to pack your furniture into the moving truck. Nat hands you another champagne flute from the top rack when you hear Bucky call your name.

“Y/N! When did you get all these shirts?! You literally wear 3! And since when do you wear so many shoes???” He yells from the closet, tossing your stuff at Steve, who patiently chuckles and sets them down in his organized fashion.

“It’s called variety, Buck, you’re not a woman on undercover missions. I need options!” You chirp back at him and set the wrapped plate into the box.

Bucky continues to mutter over your items and sighs happily when he can finally see the other side wall of the closet. Only 2 hangers left to go, he thinks gratefully. He grads an aged, faded green hoodie with your university logo and puts it to his nose so he can soak up your scent on it. Your choice fabric softener and hints of your favorite perfume, Black Opium, waft through and he thinks fondly of how much he loves those scents. Tossing the top to his best man, Bucky grabs at the last hanger. Huh, never seen this skirt before, he thinks while holding it up to the light.

“Hey Stevie, have you ever seen her wear this? Looks awful small for mission gear.” Bucky aims the skirt at Steve, giving it a gentle shake for dramatic effect.

“No, Buck, can’t say I have. You know what it reminds me of though? Those uniforms they used to wear at the all girls school across the road from the park back in Brooklyn.” Steve looks from the clothing to his boyfriend suggestively.

“Oh yeah! Those nuns sure kept the girls in line, remember the stories Dot and Molly would tell us about the rulers and paddles? Shit today that’s corporal punishment!” Bucky pulls the skirt off the hanger and folds it, placing the garment in your overnight bag rather than the suitcase.

“You gonna do something with that?” Steve nods to the new addition to your bag.

“Just gonna ask a question later is all Stevie.” Bucky winks at his partner and smiles.

Later that evening, the apartment is signed away and no longer your monster to manage, and the three of you are celebrating the next step in your relationship and life with your men. Lounging on the couch between them, your back against Steve and your legs curled up on top of Bucky’s, sipping a whiskey coke. Steve reaches to your chin and tips it up to place a chaste kiss on your lips, while Bucky rubs up and down your calves softly. You return his peck by sliding your tongue across his teeth, asking for permission to deepen the kiss. As he obliges, he lets his hands drift around your waist to rub your breasts and knead at the full flesh.

In your lustful haze, you hear Bucky speak up. “So where in hell did a good Catholic student learn how to kiss like that? I’m pretty sure they didn’t teach you how to moan like that in school princess.” His eyes are dark with desire and he rests his hands on your knees, locking them in place. You turn your eyes away from one man to the other, bewildered and slightly warm.

“What do you mean Bucky?” You ask with genuine uncertainty. Regardless of the commentary, your arousal grows with the ministrations from both your lovers.

“Well see doll, we did a little research today while you were unpacking. Shield likes to keep full files, and boy was it satisfying to learn that our sweet girl was an innocent little catholic school student. Went to church twice a week and everything.”

Steve whispers in your ear while rubbing a nipple between his fingers.

“And what better detail to find than your old uniform hanging in the closet. Blue is really our favorite color princess.” Bucky adds while snaking his vibranium hand up the inside of your thigh. He ghosts a finger across the seam of your panties, and gives them a quick snapping tug.

You turn to hide your head in the couch cushions, an attempt to cover the blush spreading across your cheeks. They weren’t supposed to find it! How could you slip up with that , as a SHIELD agent??! That fantasy was to remain deeply hidden.

“Don’t hide princess, we want to see that face when Steve tells you what happens next.” Bucky continues working your mound with his metal arm while he previews the future of the evening.

“Now sweet girl, you are going to go upstairs and open your overnight bag. You are to strip out of these clothes, put on the items in there, NOTHING else. Understand me?” Steve’s voice drops an octave as his mind shifts toward his dominant state.

“When you’re ready, I want you to sit at the desk, ready for the bell to ring.” Bucky adds his request as you nodded toward the blonde.

You swing your legs off the couch, palms sweaty with the anticipation of fulfilling the fantasy of defilling such a symbol of purity and innocence. As you turn away from your boyfriends and head to complete your task, each man takes a palm to your ass and smiles. You yelp, and scurry to the bedroom to find your drag bag placed at the foot of the bed. With shaking hands you peel the zipper apart to pull out your wardrobe. A white button down blouse, white ankle socks, the soon to be defamed plaid skirt, and the most ridiculously padded fire engine red bra you’d ever seen. With a chuckle, you peel off one layer of clothes and begin re dressing with the second. Not knowing how much time you have until the “class” begins, you hastily throw your hair into a ponytail and slap a little lip stain on before sliding into the large desk chair and crossing your ankles.

Moments later, you hear heavy boots scuff the floor and the stairs creak under the weight of two super soldiers. Your thoughts drift to dirty places and you imagine seeing bucky’s vibranium hand slide under the skirt while Steve massages your flushed and heavy tits through the top half of your given uniform. A shrill school bell pierces your thoughts and a heavy thud from the door forces your eyes up.

“Now who do we have here? Looks like Miss Y/L/N was sent in for a dress code violation. Mr. Rogers, would you please identify the specifics on why you have sent this young lady to my office?” Bucky looks you up and down as if he were stalking his prey.

Steve looks over his reading glasses and gives you a once over. “Well Mr. Barnes, this young lady clearly has no respect for the rules. I guarantee that skirt is far too short, bet you can see her backside if she stands up.” He begins to circle you as well, and pulls at your blouse. “This shirt is practically transparent, I’d say that’s a bra redder than a sunburn on the Fourth of July.” He grabs a strap and allows it to snap sharply back against your shoulder.

Bucky reaches out to you, asking for your hand. “Now young lady, I am a pretty lenient man, but disrespecting the code of conduct is an inexcusable offense. Mr.Rogers didn’t even mention that lipstick you have on. I happen to know for a fact your lips are not that shade of plum.” He swipes a thumb across your lips to smear the stain. “I think we should allow him to assist in your punishment since he had to leave his duties to discuss this with us.”

“I haven’t used a ruler on this one yet, will that suffice Mr.. Barnes ? She looks a bit delicate for much else.” Steve comes up behind you and begins to caress your thighs, not yet going past the skirt.

“I think a palm should get the point across rather eloquently, perhaps 10?.” Bucky keeps hold of your hand and reaches for your other to pull you close to him.

Steve releases your legs and allows Bucky to take you away. With his vibranium hand, Bucky pulls you to the opposite side of the desk, and leans you across it bringing your chest flush against the mahogany. As he releases your hands he whispers in your ear. “Now princess, I want you to count them and just maybe this will be your punishment for not telling us about your dreams sooner.”

Your thighs clench as a wave of wetness rushes through you, and your breath comes in pants as you hear the pair of them come to face each other over you. Bucky grabs your hands again, and brings them together in front of you so he can hold you down, while Steve runs a hand up your legs and slots one of his between your knees.

“I knew this tight ass couldn’t hide under that skirt, such a bad girl princess,” Steve says as he pushes the skirt over the globes and gives each one a squeeze. “Damn Bucky, can you tell how turned on she is? Dripping all over the place, ready to cum still all dressed up.” He continues kneading your backside while ignoring your moans and wiggling frame.

“Wait til you’ve finished her punishment, bet she’ll be ripe and sweet like a peach for us to taste Stevie.” Bucky growls as he pushes you back down onto the table.

Distracted by Bucky’s words and touch, you nearly miss the sound of air moving as Steve’s palm cuts through it toward your ass. You Yelp again, and whimper at the prospect of not sitting for a week. Bucky taps on your shoulder, reminding you of your duty. “What did I ask you to do princess? Are you going to be a good girl and count for us?”

“Yes, One Sergeant.” You groan out the count.

Another smack comes down to the same spot, right above the crest of your cheek. You gasp into the desk and suck in a breath from the sting. “Two Sergeant.”

Steve continues doling out your punishment to your backside, by the time he hits nine tears are welling in your eyes from the sting and pleasure building in you. Your legs are shaking with effort from standing and your voice is wrecked from garbled use.

“Ten, Sergeant. Thank you Sir.” You whisper after Steve finishes his smacks and begins to rub the marks in soothing circles.

“Good job princess, you did that so well, now it’s time for your reward.” Bucky releases your arms and Steve pulls you up from the desk, the pair of them sandwiching you between them as you all move toward the bed. Your blouse is pulled over your head between frantic kisses with Steve, while Bucky strips his clothes. As they switch positions, you go to unzip the skirt and wrap your legs around Bucky, but he catches your hand and yanks it behind your back.

“Who said you were allowed to take that off? Class is in session, and you must be ready to learn.” His eyes glow with desire as he leans in to kiss you.

Once Steve has rid himself of his clothes, he returns to the bed and comes to lay behind you as Bucky sits you up. “Today’s lesson princess, is the art of how to keep sucking while you cum.” Steve is stroking his member while watching your eyes roll shut with want as he explains the plan to you. Bucky houses you forward into Steve’s chest and pulls your backside to him.

“Damn Stevie, those handprints won’t be gone for a week. She’ll have to find a softer surface to sit on.” He admires his boyfriend’s handiwork while getting his girl set. With your head down and ass up, Bucky slides his flesh hand between your thighs and begins to run two fingers along the outside of your slit. Using your arousal to coat his fingers, Bucky pushes two inside you and begins to work them slowly. He picks up speed as you begin moaning and looks up at his partners nodding to Steve to fill you from the other end.

As Bucky’s fingers move against your walls with vigor, you moan and writhe seeking out more friction on your clit. Steve takes the opportunity to place his hard cock against your open lips, and waits for you to begin sucking. No motivation needed, you lean into his groin and take him in one swallow. Moving your head back and forth, you swirl your tongue against the shaft, and as Bucky adds a third finger to your pussy, you let a moan vibrate through your body, sending a secondary shiver through Steve as well. You relax your jaw and allow Steve to begin fucking into your mouth as his own release builds, the sounds of skin slapping and your muffled moans driving him wild with want. Bucky withdraws his fingers and reaches under you to lift you higher onto your knees. With this motion, Steve lifts into a kneel of his own and makes eye contact with his boyfriend. You pay them no mind as greedily sucking down your boyfriend’s dick takes precedence and the prospect of getting fucked by the other makes you giddy with anticipation.

Bucky grabs a fistful of your skirt and slams your ass into his hips, setting your pussy ablaze with the slide of his thick curved cock against your walls. You groan against Steve’s painfully hard member, and before you can take him all he grabs your ponytail and pulls you off. Bucky’s brutally fast and deep pace has you close to the crest and Steve wants you to remember the rule of the scene.

“What did we say about today princess, you need to be able to keep sucking my cock while Bucky makes you come. Don’t stop, go it?” He wraps his hand in the ponytail and as you nod he allows you to take him in your mouth again.

Bucky’s thrusts are getting frantic as he chases everyone’s peaks, and he reaches his vibranium hand to your clit while grabbing Steve with his opposite hand to pull him in for a hard kiss. Both men are panting as they pound into you from both sides, a hand touching each body as your body grows tight with the desire to orgasm. Bucky pinches your pearl and he tells you to come, giving a final hard thrust as he feels your walls clench around him. Like a rubber band, you snap into oblivion, no longer aware of what occurs beyond the throbbing in your pussy and the perfect fullness that surrounds you. You feel the waves of pleasure crash through you, and still both men continue their chase. Hypersensitive and fuzzy, you relax your jaw again and take Steve all the way to the hilt, and you bob your head quickly, sealing your lips around his large base trying to finish him off. Bucky’s thrusts have gone shallow as your walls have him locked like a vice, but you feel him begin to shatter as well. With a final thrust from both men, they spill into you with heavy grunts.

Bucky pulls out of you and Steve lifts you off his softened member, laying you onto the pillows.

“Did we properly defile the uniform, princess?” Steve kisses your forehead as Bucky pulls the garment off you with a smile.

“Yes Sergeant. Thank you Sir.” You nod sleepily, thank each man, and curl into their frames as Bucky climbs under the sheets. “If I had had either of you for teachers, it would have been a shameful garment way sooner,” you chuckle as they share a kiss above you.

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His Goddess


Originally posted by foxfabledwrites

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Brown/WOC Reader

Summary: Steve’s favourite things about you

Warnings: fluff, the tiniest bit of smut, if you could even call it smut lol

Author’s Note: this is a short headcannon showing love for brown women/woc. I hope y’all enjoy it!

  • Steve loved everything about you
  • He loved the way your nose had a slight bump, how it curved downward slightly when you smiled or laughed
  • He loved your cooking, how the fragrant aroma of the spices you used filled the house every time you turned the stove on
  • He loved the brown tone of your skin, how you always seemed to have a glow about you, but especially in the sunlight
  • He loved your dark brown eyes, how they held so much love and how comforted he felt each and every time he looked into them
  • He loved the brownish hue of your lips, and how every word that came out of those lips sounded like a symphony
  • He loved your legs, how your thighs filled out every dress you wore
  • He loved the little dips in your hips, how his large hands fitted there perfectly every time he held you
  • He loved your tummy, how it was soft and slightly round
  • He loved your breasts, how he felt the warmth of them every time you hugged him when he came home from a mission, and how your brown nipples peaked at his slightest touch
  • He loved your stretch marks, how the faint white scars were decorated all over your bum, tummy, thighs, and arms
  • Steve loved everything about you, and he made sure to always let you know, whether it be through sweet nothings whispered in your ear at the end of a long day, through delicate touches when you showered together, through rough kisses placed all over your body after a drunken night at the compound, or through comforting hugs on the days you didn’t see anything beautiful about yourself. He loved everything about yourself that you once deemed unlovable, and was working hard to show you the way he saw you; his Goddess

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warnings: violence (mostly guns) some shitty description of blood, some light swearing

word count: 1208

a/n: this is going to be a series, however!!!! i do need help deciding if it’s going to be a fan fiction!! i’m thinking a bucky fic? let me know what y’all think :) thanks babes. (also the things in italics are the readers thoughts) 

p.s.: this is also posted on my wattpad if y’all want to read it not as a fan fic. ;)


What the hell went wrong? It wasn’t going well, I could tell. The earpiece in my ear was only emitting static. Crouching behind a bullet ridden sofa, I tried to catch my breath. This doesn’t make sense, this was just supposed to be simple recon. Bringing my wrist up to my chin, I desperately try to reach anyone. “This is Libra, can anyone hear me over?” All that replied to me was the ever present snoring of the dead radio on the other end. My wrist dropped to rest beside my bent knee. This movement allowed me to notice that my hands were sweaty. No, not sweaty, my palms were clammy. What is this? We had gotten in tighter spots than this before and they’ve done that. I could tell something wasn’t right. “This is Libra. Base, can you hear me, over?” Distantly, I heard a gun clatter to the ground. Closing my eyes, I began to prepare myself for a fight. Slowly rising from my knees, I peered over the top of the couch I was behind.

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Originally posted by sparklesbucky

Pairing: Steve x Reader x Bucky

Summary: Dancing in the living room with your soldiers. 

Word count : 500

Warnings: Fluff

Snow falls from the night sky, catching bits of light from the streetlights on its way down to the sidewalk.The muted sounds of the city outside, a symphony of conversations, cars and the wind rattling the closed window. 

The living room is dimly lit by the candles on the mantle above the fireplace, the flickering lights casting shadows across the carpeted floor. Hints of white tea and lavender float across the air. The couch and table pushed to the side, an melody of songs from the 40’s playing on the vintage record player. A slip of smile graces your face when you remember how touched they were when you brought it home after letting Tony tinker with it. 

Recently you’ve spent too much time away from your soldiers, life has a funny way of sidetracking the best laid plans. Dinner ruined by a sudden call from Bruce, movie night cut short by your boss, Peter ruining your massage by flying in your open window to ask you for relationship advice that couldn’t wait another second. Poor boy never knew how close Bucky was to hurting him. 

But tonight is special. 

It’s not an anniversary or birthday, but you decided it was special. That you were declaring it so and they-oh they always do what you want. Phones off, windows secured shut, curtains closed. 

In this living room, you feel safe, loved, beautiful. The outside no longer exists, all that matters is here, in this moment with them. 

Your head on Bucky’s chest, he sings softly, “have I told you lately that I love you, could I tell you once again somehow,”.

Steve hums along, his head on your shoulder, his bare chest warm on your back. You sway in unison between them, around the living room. Song after song plays, sometimes they’ll sing to you, whispers of notes in your ear, other times a hint of nostalgia will seep into their eyes, and they’ll share a memory from before. 

The needle on the player lifts, a new record settling down. The brief silence filled with your soft breaths. As the new song plays, another slow ballad, the mood shifts.Steve brushes his soft lips on your shoulder, Bucky kissing the side of your neck. 

You close your eyes, you can always tell them apart. Steve is the softer kisser, a tease, light swipes of his mouth on yours until you beg for more, Bucky can’t keep his lips off you, his lips more insistent, he loves placing sloppy, hot open mouthed kisses over your body, his teeth nipping, marking you. You don’t know how many times you’ve woken to him kissing you in his sleep, mumbling against your mouth. 

Tonight they’ll make love to you, reminding you how much they need and want you. You’ll let them know how much you love them, the real them, not the super soldiers or Avengers, but the men from Brooklyn who listened to music on Bucky’s stoop. 

Tomorrow they’ll be gone halfway around the world. But right now, they’re all yours.

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I’m trying

Summary: Being the new recruit was hard when the captain didn’t like you.  

Avengers x reader  

Word count: 724 (angst?)


You were the newest recruit, Fury had recruited you, your powers had intrigued him. A week had passed already, everyone making you feel at home, all except Steve Rogers.

He didn’t talk to you; didn’t train you like he was supposed to. Nat took over his role and trained you instead. Your spar partner was Peter most of the time, both of you new to the whole fighting thing.  

You had made a lot of progress already, Nat was very proud of you, coming up like a mother figure and a best friend. The two of you made your way to the training room, laughing and talking while doing so.

Entering said room you were surprised to see Steve, Sam and Bucky there. Nat, just as surprised, made her way to Steve. “Hey Steve, what’s up?” he looked at her before sighing. “Fury wants me to train her today” he told her before looking at you.  

“Alright…” Natasha said, unsure of it but trusting him. “Alright let’s start sparing.” he said as you walked closer to him, a group forming around him.

“y/n you go with Bucky” Steve said making his way back to the matt. “Wow Steve are you sure about that? They barely have had any training.” Sam’s voice concerned as you were paired with the super soldier.  

“If they can’t handle it then they’re not as good as we thought.” he said firmly, crossing his arms. You gulped at his words before making your way to the matt.

Bucky soon followed, “you alright doll?” you nodded, smile forced. “Alright, start.” Bucky and you began to spar, you holding yourself the best you could. You knew you had no chance against the trained super soldier, but you would not fail without trying your best.

A few minutes later Bucky had you pinned on the floor, unable to get out, defeated. Steve sighed at this, “Again.” “Steve maybe they should take a break-” Natasha’s voice interrupted as you stood up announcing you were fine.  

“y/n It’s okay we can take a break” Bucky’s eyes soft on yours. “I’m fine!” you repeated, standing in your fighting stance. Bucky copied you, still suspicious. You started again, fighting better than the last time. You lasted a few minutes longer before Bucky had you pinned down again.

“Do better” Steve’s voice echoed through the room once again. “Steve-” Sam began before Steve interrupted “do you have a problem? If so, feel free to leave.” At this everyone frowned, what the hell had gotten into him.

You got up again, taking a big gulp of water before wiping the sweat of your face. “I’m okay, let’s go” you said going back into position. “Doll-” “I’m fine.” your voice strong as your body shook slightly.

Bucky shook his head before going back into position, eyes still concerned at your trembling body. You had no chance this time but you wouldn’t give up. You wanted to proof Steve wrong, you had to prove him wrong.

So, you fought again, using all your strength trying to get Bucky down. Sweat was dripping down your face while Bucky wasn’t even sweating a little. His breathing steady while you had to gasp for air every now and then.

And again, a few minutes later he had you pinned on the floor, arms against your back as you laid on your stomach. Pain obvious in your eyes and body shaking terribly.

“It’s not good enough!” Steve shouted, frustrated at your skills. Your eyes started to water at his words. “Steve come on man-” Bucky tried as Steve turned to face him. “They’re not good enough! They’re only here because Fury pitied her.”

You took a deep breath before you shouted back at him. “I’m sorry that I’m not good enough! I’m trying, okay?!” Silence filled the room, Steve staring at you with shock at the fact that you had talked back.  

A tear rolled down your face, only to be wiped away just as fast. “I’m trying!” you shouted before standing up, knees buckling as Bucky quickly caught you. “Come on doll, let’s get you to your room.” he said before helping you walk out.

“God Steve what happened to you.” Sam spoke, shaking his head as he and Natasha left to room after you. Both disappointed with the way their best friend acted.  

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Steve Rogers x Rival! Male! Reader

Requested: Yes or No

Part 1

Warning: Cursing, and Sexual acts implied 

Words: 720

Tag: @evansphnx12

Side notes: Yes, I can hear you guys already screaming at me for cutting right before sex scene and for that all I have to say is I need to be in a mood to write anything NSFW. Sorry for any grammar mistakes or spelling errors. 


You choked on your water and used the napkin to keep you from spraying everywhere while you cough. Steve smirked as continued his rather distasteful talk. 

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Best kiss since 1945


Originally posted by dumassgay

Warnings! Fluffy short drabble.

Word count! 584

It was yours and Steve’s usual movie night at your apartment, showing him the various pop culture movies he’s missed over the years. Tonight’s movie was Back to the Future. Hearing all of Steve’s comments on the inaccuracies of the 50s made you laugh more than the movie did. 

“ Y’know Steve I think you should personally send the director a telegram about how upset you are.” You laughed while propping your legs up on the coffee table in front of you. Steve gave a frustrated sigh before shaking his head at you. 

“ You know what Y/n-” 

“ Ooo or maybe they know morse code.” You teased again. He gave you a dirty look before laughing once again. Yours and Steve’s relationship was definitely more of a playful one but nothing more than friends. You had always thought he was quite handsome, especially when he was laughing. Your thoughts had turned more promiscuous after you had seen him training with a punching bag. Just seeing the way his white t-shirt clung to his muscular build made you want to get him right there. You had speculated about your relationship since Bucky made not so subtle jokes about Steve’s feelings. You smiled at the thought of you and Steve before looking back at the movie. You felt a rather large arm wrap around your shoulder then heard Steve fake a yawn as he did so. You rolled your eyes. 

“ Oh now, what was that for? ” Steve smiled while he looked down at you.

“ You just pulled the oldest trick in the book Rodgers.” Not that you minded it, it was just insanely cheesy. His awkward cheesiness made you like him more though, there surely wasn’t any guy like him.

“ Buck said it always worked, and he’s the best when it comes to women.” Steve bit his lip in embarrassment, you could see a slight brush across his cheeks. It wasn’t often that the Captain himself was flustered. 

“ Natasha told me you were too busy to start dating…or was it too scared?” You raised an eyebrow before leaning closer to his face. It was even more perfect up close. 

“ Now why would you be asking Nat something like that doll?” His voice was calmer and more husky. You felt your stomach go crazy from it. He was drawing closer now too.

“ Why were you asking Barnes about tricks on me? " 

” Guess we’ll never know will we?“ He smiled before pressing his full pouting lips onto yours. They were soft and light moving like butter across yours. Your hand raised to hold his cheek stroking it lightly with your thumb. You could feel him smile against your lips before pulling away slowly. Your hand still on his cheek, now you could look at him in a new light. How his long eyelashes framed his beautiful blue eyes perfectly, seeing his soft and symmetrical lips glisten in the light ever so slightly. You could have melted into a puddle right there if he wanted you to. The way he looked at you was different as well, it was as though something in him switched. You laughed to yourself, he looked at you curiously before you spoke.

” Was that your first kiss since 1945?“ He groaned before covering his face with his hands. You laughed a little more from his embarrassment before patting him on the back.

” And to answer your question, no that was not my first kiss since 1945. However, it was my best one since then.“ 

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Synopsis- You get a unwanted visit from someone while going on a long drive and Steve, your boyfriend/partner/SO decides to drive you himself.

Note- I know it’s a bad synopsis but hopefully it will make sense if you read it. Also this is my first time writing in a proper story structure so please don’t mind if there are any mistakes. Feedback and criticism are welcomed?!

It was just one of those weeks when your period came just as you went to visit your parents for the weekend. The whole family was going to be there and it was a great excuse to get together and catch up. You had amazing luck and got your period just as you sat in the car and something felt off. You just knew it was going to happen and the fact that this would set you back on your schedule made you pissed. 

Steve had seen you storm off into your room and not even 10 minutes later heard a frustrated yell/cry come from your room. Not knowing what he was about to walk into, he proceeded to open the door and the look on his face was enough to make you cry. Not only were you in crippling pain but he dared to laugh at you clutching a heat pack to your stomach while the inside of your room looked like it was put through a blender and then tossed back into it. But one teary-eyed look from you was enough to shut him up and pull you into his arms. 

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Yeah… I’m just gonna leave this right here…

It’s just a man on a bike. Just a man on a bike. Damn.

Fighting to finish the new chapter of ‘Blood must have blood’ and post it today, but I’m not making any promises…

Until I do; please enjoy Steve ‘fine af’ Rogers on a bike ;)

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Steve Harrington x Reader


Originally posted by vivienvalentino

Word Count: 5,784

Warnings: Theater, theater kids, fighting

Author’s Note: This is a sort of sequel to my previous fic, A Fool for Love, which if you haven’t read, you should! I think its neat :) You don’t completely need to have read the story to get this one, but it does have some references to the other story :)

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“Okay, please just stay still,” you muttered through gritted teeth, holding sewing pins between your teeth. Your fidgeting model, little miss Tammy Thompson, was shifting her weight from foot to foot, with her lower lip pulled tightly between her teeth.

“I can’t help it! I’m just so excited!” she squealed, her thin boney hands clapping wildly. You dropped your hands away from the hem of the empire waist dress you were fixing for the fall production of a new, highly abridged version of Pride and Prejudice, written by the immaculately underwhelming Mrs. Blackburn. She’d done a much better job than her last attempt with Twelfth Night, actually cutting out unnecessary details, albeit cutting poor Kitty and Mary Bennet from the production wholecloth, as well as making Lady Catherine DeBurg a sort of narrator. The woman loved a narrator. The cast was very much set: with Heather Holloway as Lydia Bennet, Tammy Thompson as Jane Bennet, and the always game Nicole Chandler playing Elizabeth Bennet, in her very first leading role. You wished that you were dressing Nicole or Heather instead, they at the very least knew not to move. Fortunately, the dress was near complete. You spent weeks drafting patterns for these dresses, combining maxi skirts with cap sleeve blouse pieces to build an assortment of dresses. Each girl needed two dresses minimum, and since this show had a significant cast-with the addition of Charlotte, Lady Catherine DeBurg, and Caroline Bingley to dress. Needless to say, you’d been working your fucking ass off.

You missed your boyfriend, Steve, more than anything else. Luckily for you, he was playing Mr. Bingley, so you got to see him at the very least from afar. Unluckily for you, Tammy Thompson had her boney fingers dug into him.

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Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: foul language, no editing, I’m drinking, aggressive Steve, Bratty reader, sexual innuendos,


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There had been just a moment between the two of you. Hell if you call it that. It was really just a shared glance that you completely fucked up. The Captain America, Steve Fucking Rogers had blocked a car from crushing you in New York when all you could do was give him a devilish grin. 

It obviously worked, but not like you’d thought. He only came around when it was convenient and was very verbal about that fact. You grew into a brat really early on and despite the rage that grew in both your hearts he couldn’t help but see that annoyance grow in your eyes as he arousal grew. 

“Could you stop trying to plan these elaborate date weekends? I don’t ever have a weekend let alone a full twenty four hours to do the basics of living in this century.” he crossed his leg over his knee as he brought his beer to his lips.

You clenched your jaw and crossed your arms as the rage in your heart grew. You weren’t asking for much, just for him to see if he had the time available and was already shutting it down without a second thought.

“All I did was ask you to check! Fuck! If all you’re going to do is sit around and drink beer today then leave.” 
“No you asked me to come over. I’m here. I had these plans even if you didn’t ask. Be glad I’m here and didn’t think it would be an issue.” 
“Steve. Don’t test me right now.” 
“Or what? You going to yell at me some more? I thought you were upset.” 
“WELL NOW I’M PISSED!” as you screamed he got to his feet and was in front of you glaring down at you.

You gulped and avoided his eyes knowing you had crossed that final line for the night. You could feel his anger radiating and as you built up the courage to look into his eyes his hand was pulling your chin up squeezing a little too tight for comfort. You gulped again and searched for a kind expression in his eyes that wasn’t going to show itself for a few hours. 

“Steve.” it was inaudible and after taking a deep breath his lips were on yours and your back was being forced into the wall.

“Fuck. Steve. Ow.” you whimpered into his mouth while accepting this aggressive arousal he was giving. 

He pulled his lips off yours and rested his forehead on yours as his hands caressed every inch of your upper body. You let moans escape and moved to give him the tender kiss he was needing to calm down. He didn’t kiss back he simply pulled his weight off you and allowed you to move from the wall and have a moment of control. When you moved to hug him with your face in his chest he let out that breath that you were waiting for. 

“I’ll see about staying tonight into tomorrow before my next mission. How does that sound?” you nodded and squeezed him as he chuckled and kissed your hair. 

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Some headcannons for EFDD Reader with Chris (this is probs going to be a series of headcannons for all the boys.)

DISCLAIMER: this is based on my experience with “ADD/ADHD” (I like Executive Function Deficit Disorder better but for the sake of clearing things up) so if you don’t experience somethings like this we maybe just struggle with different symptoms. But I’ll try and make sure I have like the range because I’ve done a little bit of research but I’ll do morez

  • He leaves cute little notes on your white board wall.
  • Buys you your favorite color sticky notes and pens so you’ll actually use them.
  • When you move in together insists on plexiglass/glass cabinets and storage
  • For a surprise one day he turns the closet into a tiny office space with minimal distractions and buys really nice clothes hangers and decorates them with fairy lights.
  • Always asks about your projects so you one remember them, and two still feel like they’re important, and three so you have a place to excitedly rant on about it.
  • If he’s explaining something or if someone else is he’s always patient enough to explain it until your brain decides that it’s going to be actually pay attention not just nope out of focusing.
  • If he sees you staring off into space and doing your repetitive motions (popping fingers, tapping on something etc) he helps you find soemthing to do with your hands so you don’t get overwhelmed with your body wanting to go a hundred in a twenty.
  • Has his own reminders to remind you of things you don’t want to do. Like make doctors appointments and talk to your psychologist about med updates
  • Always has a hand for you if you want to play with his fingers.
  • Eventually his mind can run as fast as yours and keep up with the changes in conversation. He’s adaptable that way.
  • Always celebrates the small things that make you happy, especially if it’s you bouncing into the house praising yourself for not impulse buying at the store.
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Gif Requests.

Send a gif of any of these characters and I will write something based on it.

Pairings: Steve x Reader

Warnings: 18+, groping, implied smut.

A/N: Thank you for sending this gif my love ♥️

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You told me pt.2

Summary: The break-up effected the team so much you decided you had to talk to Steve again.

Steve Rogers x reader

Word count: 469

Masterlist Part 1

Around a week had passed since you found out Steve was cheating on you. It was rough, very rough. You had cried many times, sometimes you felt like a complete and utter fool while other times you felt like a god. Your friends had been there for you every single day, distracting you when you needed it and listening to you when you needed to rant.

The whole event had also put a strain on the team, no one could believe what Steve had done, they all thought better of him. Even the friendships between him, Sam and Bucky were falling apart.  

Missions still happened and were mostly successful but they felt different, the team bond was breaking. You knew it couldn’t stay like this, so you had decided to talk to Steve.

There you were, the two of you standing in your room. Natasha and Sam were in the room next to yours just in case something happened or they needed to interrupt the two of you.

“So-” “I’m so sorry.” “Steve-” “please just let me explain.” you sighed, thinking it over before nodding “fine.” He took a deep breath before starting his explanation. “It was a mistake-” you rolled your eyes at this, “I don’t love her, I never did. I do love you; I have for a long time.”

“Then why did you do it Steve? Was I not enough for you?” “No! God no you were- you are.” “Then why?” “I-” you shook your head before sighing. “I accept your apology, but I don’t forgive you.” “Doll-” “no.”

“Please- can we just try again!” “Just stop. Not only did you cheat on me you also called me a bitch when I confronted you about it. I still have a bruise from where you grabbed my arm-” “Please, I’m so sorry” “it’s not worth the pain Steve… you’re not worth the pain.”  

He just stared at you, the same eyes you fell in love with looking at you with pain and regret. You looked down at your hands before speaking once again. “This is for the best, not just for us but for the team as well. It won’t be the same, it never will be. But it can’t stay like it is now.”  

He nodded before agreeing “I know.” Tears started forming in your eyes again, you coughed before saying “I’ll leave you alone now.” “y/n-” you walked out the door, walking the room next to the one you were just in.

Opening the door, they both looked at you. “How did it go-” Nat started but you interrupted her by running into her arms. “Did he hurt you?” Sam asked looking at you with soft eyes. You shook your head, holding Natasha closer to you as a sob escaped your lips.

“It’s done now.”






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Okay, okay, the hair, the glasses, the goatee ain’t a good look for our dear Steve, but damn that body in that tight white t-shirt… 

Just look at the wide chest and the lats, that flat yet bumpy stomach, the broad shoulders, the biceps with the veins… Dear god, sir, you are a specimen!

Working on the latest chapter of ‘Blood must have blood’, should be up this weekend :)

See you there my lovely Harpies! <3 (yes, we officially have a fandom name!!!)

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Summary: Looking into his eyes you can’t resist your urge to kiss him.

Steve Rogers x reader

Word count: 369


a/n I hope this is what you wanted! DM me if it’s not. :)

A groan left your mouth at the light invading your eyes. Rolling on your other side you try to hide from the sunlight breaking into your room. After a moment of trying you sigh, a chuckle makes you finally open your eyes. Rolling onto your back you look at the person next to you.

“Funny is it?” you ask, your voice rough after a long night not talking. “Very” he responds laughing slightly at your annoyed expression. Groaning once more you grab your cover, dragging it over your face to try and hide from the man. “Hey now, don’t be rude” he said before yanking the cove back down.

Giggling as he hovers over you, you shake your head trying to get it back. “Get off of me” you tell him dragging out your last word. “Not until you get up” “well how am I supposed to get up if you won’t let me!” chuckling he looks down at you before saying “you know what I mean.”

“I don’t want to” “you have to” “why? It’s our day off!” shaking his head he said “I already let you sleep two hours longer, come on, you need to eat.” Glaring at him you try to come up with a plan to get him off of you. Looking up at him you smile innocently before attacking him with tickles.

Loud laughing erupts from his throat, filling the room with the sound of his happiness. After another moment he grabs your hands, holding them to his chest. “That was very mean.” he said smiling at you as you laugh at him.  

Looking into his eyes you get lost in them. You’ve always loved his eyes, telling him they’re the prettiest blue you’ve ever seen. You love everything about this mean if you’re being honest. And as you stare into each other eyes you can feel the love and adoration exploding inside of you.

Taking his face in your hands you pull him closer and kiss him. Both of you smile into the kiss as he sits up, pulling you with him. Breaking your kiss, you breath in deeply before sighing. “I love you.” “I love you more” he answered.  

“Now get up.”

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