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Leaving Like a Father | S. Harrington
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve x Hopper!Reader*
Timeframe: Seasons 2-3
Summary: [Based on Cardigan - Taylor Swift] Y/n’s resentment towards her father reaches an all-time high just before the battle against the Mind Flayer.
tw: daddy issues
masterlist - PART ONE
*note: this follows the same timeline as ‘CARDIGAN’ but is focused on the reader’s father-daughter relationship with Hopper.
November, 1983
Y/n was half-asleep on the worn-out couch when the sound of heavy footsteps on the front porch made her jolt. She inhaled deeply and sat up straight, before listening closely to the person outside her front door. When she heard keys fumbling and a quiet groan, she quickly realised it was the very person she had staying up for.
After letting out a sight, Y/n push herself up and off the sofa and rubbed her eyes as she approached the front door. She unlocked it and pulled it open before exhaling heavily when she saw her Chief Hopper lying down on top of the doormat, just about passed out.
"Dad," she groaned, kicking his legs just firmly enough to wake him up again. Before he could make a failed attempt at standing up on his own, Y/n bent down and swung one of his arms over her shoulder to help him.
"It's ok... 'm ok, bug," Hopper mumbled as he stepped inside. He pulled his arm away from Y/n and stumbled his way into their home. Even as a drunken mess, he was still as stubborn as he was sober.
"You were supposed to pick me up from work," Y/n reminded him, crossing her arms and frowning. She knew she shouldn't have taken his word for it, but considering what day it was, she allowed herself to do so once more.
It ended the same way it always did, her being disappointed and alone.
"I'm sorry, bug," Hopper huffed, placing his hand on the couch to stabilise his feet enough to turn around and face his daughter. "There was um... there was a holdup at the uh... at the station."
Y/n watched him closely. He didn't really think she would buy that? Even from across the room, she could smell the alcohol and tobacco remnants. She sighed and uncrossed her arms, too tired to react. Instead, she turned to the dining table and the empty plate she set specifically for him.
"There's some food leftover if you're hungry. I made enough for both of us... like I said I would," Y/n explained deflatedly, unable to hide the trace of disappointment in her tone.
He promised her this time would be different. That they would have dinner together like they did when there was four of them in that house. Y/n quickly regretted ever believing him.
"Not tonight, bug," Hopper sighed, not even stopping to acknowledge his sorrowful daughter and the table she had meticulously set hours ago.
Y/n took a few steps towards him as he approached his bedroom, but before she could even mutter a plea, her father slammed his door shut and twisted the lock immediately after.
Any other night, she would have burst into quiet tears, but not that night. She had no more tears left in her, much less any hope that things would be different. Instead, she turned back to the food she had laid out and began putting it away, with it, the plates and cutlery and any faith she once had of a conversation with her dad that didn't end in disappointment.
Once the table was clear and the kitchen was somewhat tidy, Y/n pulled out the box of cupcakes she kept in the refrigerator as well as the candle she left on the bench. She sat alone at the table and put the candle on one of the cupcakes before igniting it with one of the many lighters her dad left lying around the house.
After inhaling once, Y/n closed her eyes and spent her one birthday wish praying, by some miracle, her dad would still be home by the time she woke up and not passed out in front of a bar with an empty pill container and beer bottle in the cup holder of his battered truck.
Even after years of disappointment and having to figure out things for herself, Y/n could not yet bring herself to hate the shell of a man her father had become. Although it was clear to her that he was never going to be the caring and reliable father she desperately needed him to be for so long, in the midst of it all, Y/n was still his daughter.
"Happy birthday, bug," she whispered to herself, hoping it would give her a fraction of the comfort it would if he at least said it before slamming his door in her face, but to no avail. After putting the cupcakes back and dragging herself to bed, hoping to get at least a few hours of rest before school.
September, 1984
Y/n stifled a yawn as she waved goodbye to Steve before turning back to her door and letting herself in. Her closing shifts at the video store always left her feeling eager to collapse into her beloved bed. As she turned the doorknob and pushed, she was startled to see their kitchen a mess and living room sofa occupied by her dad and El, sound asleep.
She carefully stepped inside and gently closed the door behind her. There was an empty packet of chips on the coffee table and the remote seemed to have fallen out of Hopper hands and onto the carpeted floor assumably when he fell asleep.
It had become a sort of tradition for him and El to watch tv together on Friday nights in the months following her living with them. It was a tradition that left Y/n feeling agitated and conflicted.
She approached their messy dining table and tried her best not to read too much into it. Tried her best not to pay attention to the way her Dad managed to sober up and take on less hours at the station just to keep El company. Tried her best not to feel to envious and bitter every time she glanced back at the two of them; at the quiet smiles on both their faces despite their state of slumber.
Y/n tried not to wonder what that must have felt like, knowing that trail of thought would only leave her in tears.
After clearing the table, she packed away the food left on the bench back into the refrigerator and pantry, she heard her dad groan. Y/n turned to the couch and saw him stretch his arms out, letting loose a yawn before noticing the now clean dining table and his eldest standing in the kitchen.
"Oh hey, you're home," he chuckled softly, rising from the couch but not without ensuring his movement did not disturb El.
It was still unsettling for Y/n to see him act with such consideration. He had somewhat sobered up in just over a matter of months and transformed into a half-decent example of a father. He had become exactly what Y/n hoped he would be, but it wasn’t for her sake. It was for El’s.
"How was work?"
Hopper approached the his eldest in the kitchen, thought his eyes remained glued on his youngest right until his calloused hands felt the cool surface of the kitchen bench top.
"Fine," Y/n answered shortly, before dusting her hands off and reaching gratefully for the cardboard box left on the edge of the counter. She never had enough time to pick up dinner after a closing shift and hoped Hopper finally remembered. "You and El had pizza?"
As she began opening the box she looked up at her dad, only to witness him avert his eyes and attention once more. Even in her sleep, Y/n thought. She promptly shrugged it off as her growling stomach demanded her attention.
"Yeah, we did,” her father chuckled. “She came up with funniest name for pepperonis-"
Hopper’s words were cut short when he turned back to Y/n and watched her stare at the empty pizza box with stifled disappointment. He sighed, suddenly remembering the promise he made to save enough food for her to have for dinner when she got home.
"I'm sorry we completely forgot-"
"It's fine,” Y/n snapped, before inhaling sharply and deciding to once again bite her tongue. She softened her expression and met Hopper’s guilty eyes. “I was gonna go to bed anyways."
He knew she was lying but didn’t see the point in call her out on it. It’d likely end in another argument and it’d been a while since their last. Hopper didn’t want to go back there.
"Oh ok,” he nodded, watching her closely as she left the kitchen and headed for her bedroom. He contemplated not saying anything further but, just as she reached for the doorknob, he threw caution to the wind. “Goodnight, bug.”
Hopper couldn’t remember the last time he’d said that to her. Y/n couldn’t either. Perhaps that was why she froze for a moment and, against her better judgement, glanced over her shoulder.
“Night dad,” she replied quietly.
Before turning to the empty bed she’d spent the last five hours yearning for, Y/n pushed her bedroom door behind her, making sure to leave a small gap. It was a silly rule that she never previously cared enough for to follow diligently, but on nights like these she didn’t care enough to wilfully defy it.
As she shifted things around her room whilst getting ready to sleep, Y/n peeked a quick glance into the living room, curious as to whether or not her father was still there. She felt herself freeze again, but this time the feeling in her stomach was far from pleasant.
Y/n watched with an involuntary frown as Hopper placed a blanket over El while she continued to sleep soundly on the living room couch. He was so attentive and thoughtful with her. So loving and affectionate even when she was not awake to appreciate it.
Had he always been capable of being that way or did El bring out a fatherly side in him he never felt obliged to show when it was just her? Y/n’s stomach turned. She was unsure whether she wanted to scream or burst into tears.
Before she could make a conscious, her hand flew and slammed the door shut completely.
June, 1985
Y/n slammed the front door shut and sped across to the kitchen, too determined to get to the refrigerator to let the sting of her tears and her blurred vision hinder her. Thankfully, she had dipped into her hidden stash of ice cream enough times to do it by muscle memory alone.
Get the ice cream, get the spoon, take the lid off and indulge. Just like always, only this time Y/n hugged the ice cream tub to her chest and raced to her bedroom. She wanted to sink into the comfort of her beloved bed and not get up until absolutely necessary.
After kicking her shoes off her feet and tossing her bag and jacket aside, she sat on her bed. However, just before she fully lie down and being her wallowing process, her bedroom door was pushed open and El cautiously stepped in.
“Y/n? Are you ok?”
She held he hands behind her back and didn’t take a step further, not until she was sure she was wanted. Y/n sighed as she contemplated putting on a brave face so El wouldn’t worry, before ultimately realising she now knew her well enough to see through such lies. Maybe that wasn’t a bad thing.
“… No,” Y/n admitted, sniffling as she scooped another spoonful of ice cream. “Not really, El.”
She was a pitiful mess. It was clear as day. Even so, admitting she was hurting bruised the fragile ego and pride Y/n had worked so hard to maintain. Somehow she preferred it happened in front of El as opposed to just about anyone else.
“Can I stay? Or do you want to be alone?”
El knew from observation that Y/n often liked to be alone in her room when she was upset or angry. It was a detail easy to deduce after watching Hopper get ignored or turned away anytime he tried to apologise for to her something, which happened rather frequently. El was so sure this time was no different, so she stood in the doorway ready to back away.
Much to her surprise, Y/n offered a small and gracious smile before patting empty spot on her bed beside her. El grinned before assuming her spot, revealing the spoon she held behind her back just in case she got the chance to eat Y/n’s special ice cream with her.
“Did something happen?”
El was not oblivious to Y/n’s puffy eyes and wet cheeks. She had never seen Y/n cry before. She felt a strange urge to find out who was responsible and find a way to telepathically torment them.
“Steve and I broke up,” Y/n explained, her voice shaky. She tried to think a child-friendly way of explaining the reason to El. “He… kissed another girl. And it turns out he’s been lying to me about it for a while.”
El’s nostrils flared. She hated lying. However, it became clear to her that she hated seeing her big sister upset even more. Now she hated Steve for being the reason for it. Why did boyfriends lie?
“Boys are dumb,” El grumbled.
“They really are,” Y/n groaned.
“Max says when boyfriends lie, you give him the medicine and dump his ass.”
Y/n furrowed her brows and looked up at El who held her head high with a small smirk. They stared at each other silently before bursting into fits of laughter simultaneously.
As they recovered and began scooping out more ice cream, Y/n pondered as to why Max would give El that advice. Maybe they both needed her secret tub of chocolate ice cream fro similar reasons.
“Did something happen with you and Mike?”
The young girl nodded her head as she scooped a spoonful of ice cream. She was beginning to understand why Y/n always kept a tub hidden in their freezer.
“There was no nana,” El explained, knowing Y/n would understand what she meant. After establishing their ‘sisters dont tell secrets’ pact, El confided in her sister about almost everything. “Mike lied to me.”
“So did you dump his ass?” Y/n smirked.
Her younger sister nodded her head and laughed as she recounted the moment it happened. She felt so exhilarated.
“Good,” Y/n smiled as she scraped the sides of the now half empty ice cream tub. “We deserve boyfriends who tell us the truth.”
Y/n hoped saying it would convince her and provide her some ounce of comfort. That maybe then she’d start to believe the downfall of her relationship with Steve started and ended with him. But there was a small part of her that felt discontent with that. A small part that questioned if there was something she did or didn’t do that landed her in the position she was now in.
Luckily, before she could trail further into that rabbit hole, El continued to talk to her about how dumb boys could be. Y/n never thought she’d be so grateful her plans for a quiet night alone got disrupted. El was good company.
By the time Hopper got home from the station, he was puzzled by quiet. Instinctively, he went to check El’s room first and was surprised to see all but an empty bed. However, when he walked past his eldest’s room, he stopped in his tracks when he saw the two of them sleeping.
He couldn’t help but smile.
The following morning, Y/n woke up extra early just so she could make a phone call out to the Wheeler residence. She knew she needed to give herself at left a good twenty minutes to explain everything that had happened to Nancy.
After their conversation, she raced to the bathroom and got ready as quickly as she could. Hopper wasn’t working until the afternoon, so she hoped it meant she could leave without having to respond to his interrogation.
Just in case, she donned a pair of sunglasses in an attempt to hide her eyes that were still puffy from all the crying she did the night before and in the shower that very morning.
As she exited her room and headed for the kitchen, she saw her dad standing by the phone. Before she could reach the kitche table, where El sat quietly with a bowl of cereal, Hopper held the phone out to his eldest.
“Y/n, Steve’s on the phone,” he explained.
Y/n wore a sarcastic smile that only El saw for its true nature. Hopper was none the wiser. The younger girl took a spoonful of cereal and paid close attention to her older sister, curious to see what she would do next.
“Oh he is?”
The older girl approached their telephone just as her dad backed away and retreated to his seat at the table and his plate of eggs and bacon. Y/n held the phone to her chest and turned to her little sister.
“El, block your ears,” she ordered. The younger girl did so without a hesitation nor any follow up questions. Y/n finally brought the phone to her ear and confronted her ex. “Go fuck yourself!”
She slammed the phone down so aggressively, Hopper was surprised nothing broke. He watched with concern as Y/n approached the refrigerator silently, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
“Um… are you feeling ok, bug?”
Hopper studied his eldest daughter closely. He had a feeling her spontaneous decision to wear sunglasses was more calculated than it appeared. Y/n poured herself a glass of orange juice and bit into a piece of plain toast.
“I’m fine,” Y/n asserted as he chewed. She glanced at the clock and took a sip of her juice. “I just need to eat something fast. Nancy and Jonathan will be here soon.”
“Steve’s not picking you up?”
El widened her eyes in terror and tried her best to silently communicate to him that it was in his best interest he stop asking follow-up questions.
“Obviously not if Jonathan and Nancy are going to be here soon!” Y/n retorted, irritated by her dad’s questions just as El suspected. “Are you even listening to me?”
Hopper turned to El and narrowed his eyes as the young girl shook her head rapidly, clearly warning him to leave the older girl alone. Despite El’s best attempts, their father remained relentleess.
“You know, if there’s something going on, I’m here if you wanna-“
“Oh my god, dad, I’m fine!” Y/n yelled, putting her dishes in the sink just roughly enough to make a sound that punctuated her annoyance.
If it had been anyone else interrogating her about why she was acting differently, perhaps Y/n wouldn’t respond with such aggression. But this was her father. The man who once went weeks without speaking a word to her. The man who had the nerve to voice his disapproval of her dating Steve as if his judgement of character meant anything to her.
She wasn’t ready to let him know how she was feeling, nor was she ready to admit that Steve wasn’t the stand up guy she insisted he was.
“I’m perfectly fine,” Y/n repeated, her voice all the more irritated. “Do I not seem fine to you? El, do I not seem fine?”
“She’s fine,” El agreed immediately, not missing a beat.
“See, I’m fine!”
Hopper gulped, completely taken aback. There was clearly something his daughter knew that he didn't but before he could make another failed attempt at getting a straight answer out of Y/n, Nancy and Jonathan arrived to pick her up and take her to her morning shift.
He waited until she closed the door behind her before turning to his youngest. Hopper hoped El's distaste for liars would mean she would finally give him the truth. The young girl continued to eat her cereal, oblivious to Hopper's attentive eye.
“El," he began, narrowing his eyes. "Did something happen between Steve and Y/n?”
El chewed slowly before looking up at Hopper, who studied her closely. He was so sure she was about to cave and tell him everything. But instead, she shrugged.
“Sisters don’t tell secrets.”
July, 1985
Y/n sat at an empty table of the Starcourt mall's food court and sipped the water bottle Steve had gotten her. He was saying something about how there was no telling if the truth serum had completely worn off yet, until he realised Y/n's attention was elsewhere.
She watched from a distance as Hopper put a bandaid on the small cut long El's temple. She continued to study the two of them as he seemingly said something comforting to her before pulling her in for a hug. She hoped that after a year of sitting on sideline and watching her dad look after El it wouldn't affect her as much as it used to. But it still stung just harshly. It still hurt just as bad.
"Hey," Steve whispered, placing his hand on Y/n's wrist. Finally she looked away. "You ok?"
It was his attempt at testing to see if the truth serum had worn off yet. Before Y/n could lie through her teeth and cast her feelings aside, she involuntarily spoke as she rose from her seat.
“Obviously not," she muttered quietly before heading towards the portion of the foodcourt everyone else was gathered at. Steve followed her closely, concerned about what the truth serum would do to her.
As they listened in on what the goal was and the different groups everyone was splitting off into, Steve's attention remained with Y/n. There was something about her demeanour that made him anxious.
Even as she approached El and hugged her tightly, Steve's worries persisted. He was the only person Y/n confided in about her conflicted feelings towards her dad and towards El. For this reason, he was the only one who noticed the way she suppressed her resentment.
As Y/n pulled away from her little sister, she started to brace herself for the mission ahead. However, her train of though was quickly interrupted as Hopper approached her with knitted brows.
“You’re not staying with El?” He asked in disbelief, a hint of anger in his tone that took Y/n by surprise. He had a real knack for making her feel she was constantly doing something wrong.
“No, I’m gonna go with Steve."
Y/n hadn't realised she needed to justify her decision to Hopper. When he responded with a loud and incredulous scoff, she felt her blood begin to boil.
“Bug, c'mon... you can't be serious.”
“What are you trying to say?” Y/n questioned.
“You’d rather go into the woods with the guy who broke your heart than stay here and look out for your sister? Don’t you think she could use your support?”
Of course Y/n wanted to support El in every way she could, but she didn't have the stomach to watch El battle the mind flayer. She already had her fair share of traumatic experiences and witnessing her loved ones get hurt. Not to mention, Y/n knew nothing about defeating an inter-dimensional beast. However, she did know a thing or two about speeding through Hawkins with only half a tank of gas.
"She'll be ok, dad," Y/n stated sincerely, trying to level with him. He was not the only one worried about El, but he too knew he could be more helpful is he went instead of staying.
"She's 14," Hopper retorted.
"She has supernatural powers," she rebutted, growing annoyed with his insinuation that she was abandoning El. He, of all people, should know what actual abandonment looks like. "And Nancy and Jonathan will be with them."
"Y/n," Hopper warned as she turned around and attempted to leave.
She whipped back around and huffed. Perhaps it was the truth serum or finally being fed up, but she had no urge to stifle her feelings any longer. Steve and El watched with concern.
"What exactly do you expect me to do, dad?" She asked angrily. "Jump in front of the fucking mind Flayer for her?"
Y/n watched as her dad struggled to muster a straight answer. It was unsurprising but still all the more hurtful and enraging. El stepped forward, unable to stand idle and watch the two of the most important people in her life argue over her. Only it wasn't just about El. It was about so much more.
"Hopper I'll be ok,” the young girl assured. “It's ok.”
"It's not ok," Hopper shook his head, his angry and disapproving eyes never leaving Y/n. While he didn't want to fight with his eldest daughter, he couldn't just let it go. "C'mon bug, I thought I raised you to-"
"Raised me?" Y/n repeated, her eyes widened and fist clenched. There was not more tiptoeing around the elephant in the room. No more thinking carefully about her words. All she saw was red, as all her pent up resentment bubbled to the surface. "I'm sorry, since when did coming home drunk every night and disappearing in the morning qualify as raising someone?"
"Are you really gonna drudge up the past when we're in the middle of a crisis?"
Y/n scoffed. Of course he would dismiss what he did and he feelings about it. Of course he would try and convince her to put a cork in it so he could go on living in oblivion. Of course it was easy for him to forget how cruel he was. He wasn't the one who had to stay sober through it all.
“Look, I get that you care more about El than you do about me-“
"That's not true!" Hopper denied immediately.
"Oh, it’s not?” Y/n hissed, convinced he was either in denial or lying to save face in front of El and Joyce. “She gets a fatherly pep talk and a hug, and all I get is you yelling at me for not volunteering to become her human body shield.”
Hopper furrowed his brows, feeling blindsided by his daughter's outburst. He thought they were fine. He thought he was finally making progress with her.
“Where is this coming from?”
“Where is this coming from?" Y/n roared. "It's coming from you leaving me to fend for myself for years... a-and you adopting El and being a better dad to her in a year than you were to me. Ever.”
She thought of the way he justified taking El in to her. How he described her as being just a kid who was on her own. The frustration she felt leaving that conversation was soul crushing. If not for Steve talking her down afterwards and cheering her up with ice cream, she would likely torn her room to shreds.
"I didn't get eggos, o-or encouraging words or meals together. And I never ev-” Y/n's breath hitched as she felt tears begin to pool in her eyes. All while thinking of the one thing she wanted from him, after everything that happened. “I never even got an apology... Or a thank you for putting up with all your shit."
She was lucky to get even a conversation with him. Most days he passed through their house like a silent zombie, and not someone who had a responsibility to look after her.
"And now what?" Y/n cried. "You want me to get killed trying to save El? Is that it? Would that make it easier for you to continue on being father of the century?”
“You know that’s not true,” Hopper winced. She had to know that wasn't true. Losing another one of his daughters was the last thing he could ever want. Y/n shook her head and lowered her voice.
“What I know is that it’s really ironic when you make digs at Steve for hurting me, because that’s exactly what you’ve been doing for most of my life.”
She watched his expression as it twisted and morphed into something she hadn't seen in a long long time. Not since the day they got the phone call from the hospital.
Steve studied Y/n closely, dumbfounded by how quickly her argument with Hopper escalated. He wondered how much of it was due to the truth serum still evident in her system. He, along with everyone else standing in the foodcourt, hoped that it was finally over. That she wouldn't take thing any farther.
She considered ending the conversation and leaving. But there was one last thing weighing heavily on her chest. The one thought she spent years suppressing. Without another moment's deliberation, Y/n threw caution to the wind.
"You know I used to wish I had died with them," she confessed quietly. "-with mom and Sara."
Hopper's face went pale. That was the one topic they never discussed. The one line they both silently agreed to never cross. Y/n was sick of his stupid rules. In that moment, she didn't care how her words would affect him. She just knew how she felt and had no will left to bite her tongue and fake a smile.
"Now, I wish it had just been you instead."
The room fell silent as Y/n turned her back to her dad and sped towards the parking lot. She didn't care for any rebuttal he might have had. She didn't care for the horrified look on his and everyone else's face. She was certain it needed to be said.
"Steve," Hopper called out, prompting the young man to stop and face him, terrified and concerned about what he would say next. The older man sighed defeatedly. "Keep her safe... Please."
It was the only thing he could do and perhaps the only right thing left to say. He always struggled when it came to words, and clearly his actions were quite questionable as well. Maybe the best thing he could do for his eldest daughter was hope she would survive the night safely and pray that, come morning, he'll be able to start rectifying everything he did wrong.
However long it would take.
When Steve caught up to his ex girlfriend, he knew better than to ask her how she was coping. The determined look in her eyes and her stoic demeanour on the drive to the hills was enough for him to know it was in his best interest not to pry. He couldn't help but wonder if she had truly meant to say all that she did, or if she felt some semblance of remorse now she was looking back at it. But Y/n had no regret in that moment. Not one ounce. However, the regret would come later that night, when everyone returned to Starcourt.
Everyone but Hopper.
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Incorrect quotes I wrote
Raine *eye brow wiggling smugly*: Look at what the CATTS dragged in.
Injured Knight Reader who was rescued and brought to the CATTS base: Ya know what. One of these days you're gonna get punched in the face and you won't deserve it but it'll be funny to watch
Hunter after a tramatic meeting w/Belos knocking on Readers door: Please open up please, please, please
Knight Reader in the middle of their self care session: Oh hey Hunter what's up?
Hunter being so confused/disgusted he stops panicking: What...What's wrong with your face?
Knight Reader: We're doing face masks, it's self care Sunday.
Hunter: we?
Steve in the background putting cucumbers on his eyes: Self care day for Steve.
*Cue Hunter, Steve and Reader having a self care night where Hunter proceeds to  discreetly eat all the cut up eye cucumbers when no one's looking*
Gus: so got any human history to share?
Huamn Reader: Here watch this. *puts on "the history of the entire world I guess"*
Human Reader: did that help?
Gus: I have literally no idea what I just watched but also somehow yes?
Steve: Hey! How ya doing today?
Knight Reader: Ya know I actually feel like maybe things will be ok in this crazy fucked up world, ya know?
Steve: :D
*the following day Belos announces his plans for the day of Unity*
Knight Reader: So that lasted about a day guess were all fucked.
Steve: D:
Knight Reader: Planning is just organized subjugation!
Luz: you would think they'd be happier to see me
Human Reader: Yeah sorry dude I have no idea how I got here. Well that's not entirely true. I impressed some old lady in the forest with my sick guitar skills after telling her my tragic backstory and now I'm here. Anyways here's my sick van.
Knight Reader: Hunter I need to swear you in as my offical apprentice. Repeat after me. I swear.
Hunter: I swear.
Knight Reader: In front of little kids.
Hunter: Are you kidding me.
Knight Reader: Do you wanna be my apprentice or not?
Hunter:...In front of little kids.
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Steve Harrington x Reader
(Stranger Things)
"Yo, Steve! What the hell."
I called after my best friend and coworker.
"Yn! Please take care of my shift for meee... I beg of thy."
I rolled my eyes and waved my hand in a 'I'll brush it off this time' motion.
"Thanks! Love you!"
He yelled a farewell and followed after his child friend.
"Yeah. I love you too."
"I so heard that."
"Shut up, Robin."
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Why? || Steve harrington x f!reader
Warnings - angst, but there’s some fluff in there.
I wasn’t stupid I knew. I knew he was falling out of love with me, I just didn’t know why. Was I not pretty enough? Not smart enough? Did I not give him enough love? Was it because I didn’t have sex with him yet? That’s why I let him do whatever he wanted to me, in hopes he’d fall in love with me again. If he wanted to get all his frustrations out on me by fucking me it was fine. Well at least now, two months ago I had some self respect but that all went away when I found out Steve didn’t love me anymore. I found out through a friend of a friend who happened to be friends with Steve.
“Yeah Steve talks about it all the time” my face dropped. Why didn’t he love me anymore? Why?. “Oh” I said quietly “I’m sorry y/n” Jason said quietly. “No, no it’s fine, I’m fine” I said my voice cracking a bit before I turned around booking it towards the girls bathroom.
I locked myself in a stall and cried, ruining my makeup. Once I was satisfied with my little crying session I made my way towards fifth period. Sadly I had that class with Steve. I walked into the class about four minutes late.
“Sorry, sorry I’m late” i mumbled as I sat down in my seat. The teacher just nodded and continued on with their lesson. “Are you ok?” Steve asked reaching over and grabbing my hand “I’m fine” i muttered “y/n, baby you look like you were crying what happened?” She asked.
Anger bubbled up in me “I’m fine!” I pulled my arm away from him. “Y/n? Are you mad at me? What did I do?” What didn’t he do? Love me. I turned my body away from him and sighed angrily. After class Steve met me at my locker.
“Sweetheart what’s wrong?” He asked cradling my cheek in his hand. Honestly I wouldn’t believe just a random person if they told me Steve didn’t love me look at the way he treated me but it was one of his best friends telling he didn’t love me. After he told me, I realized, I picked up on the look of annoyance and resistance in his eyes. He didn’t want to comfort me, he had to. If he didn’t he’d be looked at like a horrible boyfriend and no girl would ever want to date him.
I didn’t really know how I was going to tell him, tell him that I knew. I decided I’d call him, tell him to come over, and tell him I knew. I picked up the phone and dialed Steve’s number. “Hello?” Steve asked as he picked up the phone. “Hey Steve, Uh can you come over I’ve got somthing to tell you” I mumbled as I twirled the cored around my finger. “Yeah yeah I’ll be there in a few love you” he said “yeah Um..I..love you too” i stammered before hanging up.
About ten minutes later steve arrived, banging on my window. I quickly opened it, he tried to hug me but I pushed him away. “What’s wrong darling?” He asked “Steve I know” I said quickly.
His eyes filled with panic before he furrowed his eyebrows trying to act confused. “Wh-what do you mean y/n?” He stuttered “cut the horse shit Steve I know you don’t love me” I said raising my voice. “Y/n? What do you me I love you, I love you more than anything” he lied, he was lying straight to my face. “Steve we’re over you don’t have to pretend anymore” I said pushing him away from me.
“No y/n- I love you what are you talking about? Who told you this?” He asked “I- Jason told me, he told me you don’t love me anymore” I said tears welling up in my eyes. “He’s a fucking liar y/n! Why are you listening to him?” He shouted I flinched a bit stepping back.
“Well what else would I believe when you’re basically eye fucking Nancy wheeler” I scoffed. “Y/n, I lov-“ I cut him off “don’t lie to me harrington. You don’t have to lie anymore” I said taking off the necklace he gave me just a few months ago for our anniversary. It was simple just a gold heart, but it meant everything to me. I placed it into his hand “you can give that to Nancy now” I said tears falling down my cheeks. “Y/n-” he said trying to hand the necklace back to me.
“Leave please leave” I cried. He simply nodded before crawling back out my window. I collapsed onto the floor broken sobs escaping my lips.
Why didn’t he love me anymore?
All of the little things I had from him when stored away in a little box in my closet, the stupid beaded bracelets we’d make together, the notes he’d write me, all the jewelry he’d given me over the two years we dated all were stored in that box. Most of the beaded bracelets were stupid one had his name on that he gave to me I made him with my name on it, I always kinda worried what he did with it. He probably threw it out relieved he didn’t have to pretend anymore. He always used his parents money to buy me expensive gifts like earring, bracelets, and necklace. Sometimes it wasn’t even lavish jewelry, he’d buy a bunch of stuffed animals for me and those fluffy blankets. He knew i loved them.
July 1985
Steve and I sat in a mall bathroom puking. Somehow I ended up landing a job at a small ice cream joint in the mall sadly a certain ex boyfriend of mine also worked there. “You think it’s all out of our system?” I asked Steve shrugged “I dunno” he muttered “ask me a question” he said. “Why did you fall out of love with me?” I asked “I never did, Jason lied he had a fat ass crush on you.” He replied.
“one kid might’ve joked about it once I might’ve said something I don’t really remember, but I never fell out of love with you y/n I never have never will” his eyes quickly widened.
“Yep not out of my system yet” he laughed “you..actually never-“ he cut me off “I never did y/n” he chuckled “I’m…sorry. God Steve I’m so stupid” I sighed burying my head in my hands “no y/n it’s fine. If I heard something like that I’d question everything too” he said laying his hand on my knee. “Y/n, here” he said I looked up he held out the necklace I had given back to him that night. “Come over here” he said. I scooted over beside him and he put the necklace back on me.
I didn’t notice until now he still had the beaded necklace with my name on it, it was on his key chain, they stuck out of the pockets in his dorky sailor costume. “You still have it?” I asked pointing at the bracelet “I never took it off until you started working at scoops” he chuckled. I leaned my head on his shoulder. “Do you wanna- um get back together?” He asked I nodded “I’d love to” I said pressing a kiss to his cheek.
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All Is Fair - Under The Gun
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: Under The Gun
Main Master List
Series Master List
Series Summary: Family is important, but so is the Family business. Everyone has secrets, some are deadly. Your the best in the business, but no one knows who you are. Tensions are high, will you raise the stakes or fold under pressure?
Series Warnings: 18+! Mentions of blood and violence, bad language words, smut, manipulation, gaslighting, death, trauma, please follow the warnings for each chapter.
Chapter warnings: Death, bad language words, violence.
Pairing: Mob!Steve x Assassin!Stark!reader
Word count: 2.8k
Tumblr media
How its going:
A hand fisted in your hair, scalp stinging as your head was ripped upwards, you winced, but a sound never left your mouth as you bit into your lip, a tangy copper taste flooded your tastebuds. Barton stood above you, sneering down at you. Blood dripped down his face from his broken nose. Your arms, and back muscles strained from the angles they had you strapped to the chair.
“Fucking talk! We’ll break you yet Ace, just you wait.” His hand released your hair as his fist collided with your face, a sickening crunch filling the room, your head snapping harshly to the side, your mind swimming. Vision blurring momentarily as tears tumbled down your cheeks, the last thing you saw before blackout was the slow drip of blood pooling on the floor.
You weren’t sure how long you had been down here, if it had been days or hours, but you let them torture you, beat you until there was nothing left, until you were a heap of flesh and bone.
When they finally left you alone, you allowed your muscles to relax. This wasn't how you expected things to go, it was quite the opposite actually, everything had gone so wrong in so many ways.
What felt like years passed in silence until it felt too loud, the soft pitter patter of your blood draining from you, the only sound filling the air apart from your ragged breathing.
The soft click of a door reached your ears, followed by soft, precise footsteps,
“They sent you to kill me… Must have really crossed a line for them to hire an Ace… It’s a shame you failed.”
Through heavy lids you looked up to the man you had come to care for, the man you loved. He stepped out of the shadows; his eyes tired, a 5 o’clock shadow crept across his strong once clean-shaven jaw. His chest swelling with the deep intake of breath, “Barton couldn’t break you…” there was the slightest lilt in his voice as he pulled up a chair across from you, the metallic scrape piercing your ears, your jaw clenching. He rested his elbows on his knees, his hands hanging with a pistol between his legs, blond hair disheveled.
“You…” he swallowed thickly, “I wish you would have succeeded.”
You lifted your chin defiantly, tears swelling in your eyes, throat becoming unbearably tight, but you remained silent.
The tears along his waterline slowly spilled down his cheeks. “Tell me you didn’t have a choice… please…” his voice cracked as the words tumbled from his lips. Ignoring his pleas you readjusted yourself in the chair. Growling he shoved the barrel under your chin, “Say something!”
It took every bit of restraint, every bit of training not to crumble, to tell him everything and beg for his forgiveness. Instead, you steeled yourself, willing your tears away, pulling your emotions back into check, steadying your breathing. On the outside you looked composed, the ruthless assassin you were trained to be, but internally you prayed he would do you the courtesy and pull the trigger. Despite everything, a single tear slipped down your cheek as you closed your eyes waiting for the inevitable. ~
How it began:
Rain pelted the abandoned warehouse building, thunder shook the Earth and bright white flashes overtook the sky. The man’s brown eyes wide as he stared down the barrel of your gun, pleading, offering sums of money, and cursing you “Verdammt, Frau des Todes!” with every breath he took until he took his last.
Thunder cracked through the sky, drowning out the single gunshot ringing in the building, then silence fell, the soft pitter patter of rain on the tin roof echoed through the building and down into your bones. Wiping the splattered blood from your face with your leather glove, you holster your pistol with the other, before reaching into your pocket and dropping a single black playing card onto the floor near his body. –
The rattling of thunder turned into the clattering of poker chips as a large hand waved in your face, “Hellooo? Ace.”
Blinking, you turned to your brother sitting next to you as he lowered his hand down to hold his cards, “Sorry, I was just thinking.” you shook your head, subconsciously letting your hair cover the left side of your face.
“Yeah well think later, do you think I should fold or raise the bid?” he gestured to his cards then to the dealer standing quietly across the table, you eyed your brother suspiciously. The rest of the players were down to their last chips, your brother was a lot of things, but a loser or an idiot weren’t one of them. You merely shrugged, “You're not a Stark unless you're all in.”
He chuckled, pushing all of his chips into the center of the table, everyone flipping their cards over until it was finally his turn. Giving you a cocky smirk he laid his cards face up onto the table, revealing a royal flush, the highest royal flush, from the ace of spades to the 10. The unbeatable hand, everyone at the table cursed, taking the last sips of their drinks before the next game began. 
Smiling you grasped his shoulder, mouthing ‘be back’, before he could protest, your father, Howard along with your mother Maria took your spot next to him, “How about you give me some of that luck of yours son?” your father’s voice floating over the chaos and noise from all the table tops and machines.
You made your way through the busy casino floor, flipping the sealed envelope in your hands, you blended in well with the upper class of New York's wealthiest families. The House of Cards had only been in New York for a few years, rumors said it was the base of operations for the underground assassin syndicate; The Aces. No one had ever had any evidence of this, but it didn’t help speculation and curiosity, which was good for business. No matter if the rumors were true, The Dealer kept everything under lock and key, anyone sniffing around, cop or civilian would come up with nothing anyway.
You spotted a few familiar faces on the way to the Red Room, to see The Dealer, Thor Odinson was sitting in a VIP booth with his brother and a black haired woman you haven't personally met yet, a few booths down sat a group of mix-matched fellows singing a tune a little off-key, one of them you had recognized, Dum Dum Dugan, a thug under the Howling Commandos shipping Co.
As you reached the door to the Red Room, the two security guards parted for you, allowing you to slip though the door. Before you stood a tall beautiful blonde, behind a very large mahogany desk, wearing a navy pantsuit, staring out the window over the city below.
“I’m assuming you finished it?”
“Yes ma’am.” you lifted the envelope in your hand, walking closer to the desk, she turned around, her manicured fingers pulling the envelope from your grasp. Her blue eyes alight as she opened it, 
“This is not just the flashdrive…” she gently pulled the flashdrive out, placing it on the desk, then pulled out the attached letter, soft eyes scanning over it quickly, then flicking back up to you, she folded the letter, placing it back into the envelope. “As much as I would like to refuse, it really is your own choice…”
You nodded, “Thank you Sharon. Is there anything else you need from me?”
She shook her head slowly, as you turned to leave, “Ace…”
You turned to face her once again, she swallowed,  “You are the best in the business…” you nodded slowly, “You know where to find me.”
Before another word was spoken, you opened the door and stepped back out into the hustle and bustle of the casino floor, making your way back to your family sitting at the high stakes poker table, deep laughter drifting through the air, meeting your ears. A familiar blond head stood clapping your brother on the back, both of the men turning as you approached, “Thor, this is my sister, Ace, this is Thor.” Tony gestured to you then to Thor, “Ah Ms. Carbonell, it is a pleasure to see you again, I didn’t know you were a Stark!” Thor boomed, offering you his hand, you took it, allowing him to place a kiss to your knuckles. You smiled, “Always a pleasure Mr. Odinson, I try to keep a low profile, I took my mother’s maiden name as my own.” he nodded, “I see, wanting to make a name for yourself, very noble.” you nodded lightly, “I do have to thank you for your generous donation to the museum, the Charity Gala you have planned for next month will be exquisite.”
Thor smiled brightly, his voice filling the room, he had quite a boisterous personality, if he wasn't the center of attention, he soon became it. His cheeks reddened at your praise, “Please, call me Thor…” he turned to your brother, “You have quite the sister Tony, should have her as your partner up at the tower. A good head on her shoulders, a pretty face, and yet she can be ruthless… I’ve seen her bargain for an artifact–” he winked at you, squeezing Tony’s shoulder, “Quite the cutthroat.”
Laughing nervously, you tucked your hair behind your left ear, fingers ghosting over your tattoo, you gave them both an award winning smile, “Oh I prefer the old books, ancient relics, and people who are long dead, compared to the living.”
Tony sighed, taking a sip of his drink, “Don’t think I haven’t tried… Father and I both have…” he gave Thor a wink as he set down his glass, “Greatness just runs in our family Thor.”
You rolled your eyes, reaching around Tony to embrace him, “I’ve got to go, I still have much to do to prepare for the Gala.” you kissed your brother’s cheek, eyeing him, “behave yourself.”
“I always do.” He winked then gave your hand a squeeze before turning back to his game, you turned bidding Thor goodbye, before hugging both of your parents and wishing them a goodnight.
You sighed, making your way towards the elevators, two men exited as you entered, one a tall muscular blond, the other a slightly smaller man, who turned his head as the name ‘Sam’ rang through the air.
The blond did a double take as you briskly walked past them onto the elevator, he took the moment of distraction to slip back into the elevator with you. His friend’s smile fading as he turned around to realize he was gone. The blond chuckled when he was spotted, but the doors closed before ‘Sam’ had the chance to interfere.
You side eyed him, he was a very large man, much taller than you, and a whole hell of a lot thicker, his ocean eyes locked on yours momentarily as the elevator began to move.
Without turning to him you spoke, “I bet you drive your security crazy.” 
A bright side grin broke across his face, he turned to face you, “What makes you think he is security?”
You shrugged, “You ditched him faster than a thug on parole. What else would he be?”
He nodded slowly, his grin growing, “Touché…Where are you off to?”
You scoffed lightly, “Home.”
He stepped closer to you, the smell of bourbon and aftershave filling your senses, “So soon? The night has only begun.”
Your heart stuttered in your chest, as your eyes raked over him, his black suit tailored to fit every curve of every muscle. As you stepped backward, his hand came to rest next to your head on the elevator wall, your eyes flicking to the hidden camera behind him.
“The name’s Steve by the way… and you are?”
“Not interested.” 
He scoffed lightly, shaking his head, “Ouch, Angel. I was hoping–” the doors to the elevator opened, a tall brunette stood with his arms crossed over his chest, his left hand catching your attention as it shimmered in the light. “Goddammit Steve!”
You cautiously looked between them, before ducking under ‘Steve’s’ arm, “Well… Goodnight Steve.” you made your way to the front doors, his voice following you, “Wait I didn’t catch your name.”
You ignored him, glancing back briefly, you exited the building, allowing the spring air to cool your heated skin, the smell of impending rain washing over you.
Freedom felt nice.
You sat in your office in the museum, gazing out at the bustling city below, an April shower had blown in, turning the blue sky a slate gray as the water pelted down. You yawned, crossing your legs, today had been creeping on, ever so slowly, until a knock sounded on your door, before hastily opening, you twirled your chair around lazily.
Steven hurried into the room, Steven was the director of the museum, and you, the curator, but you rarely saw each other, you especially hadn’t expected to see him on a day like today, “Hey boss, I uhh…” he hesitated, his english accent floating through the air,  you quirked a brow, Steven was never quite confident and sure of himself, but with you he had learned to overcome it, “Must be big news for you to be hesitating with me, Steven. Spit it out.” you gave him a small smirk.
He sighed, raking his hand through his dark curls and cleared his throat. “There’s been an accident…”
Quirking a brow you began to turn your chair back around, “Steven don’t waste my time on trivial–”
“It’s your parents… they didn’t make it home last night.”
Your hand shot out, stopping your chair mid turn, “Excuse me?!” your tone eerily calm as you stood from your chair. “How?”
“Car accident…I–” your eyes flicked to his hands, it wasn’t until now that you noticed the black envelope grasped in his hands,
 “What is that Steven?”
“Oh, this, it was delivered–”
He abruptly straightened himself, brushing back his curls, hand flicking behind him, soundproofing the room,  “Vacations over Muerte, The Dealer sends their regards, seems you have a new job.” His English accent was replaced with a deep Brooklyn accent.
“Already? I’ve been gone for less than 12 hours and the world has already gone to shit?”
A smirk lifted on his lips, “Lo siento Muerte, es lo que es.” (sorry death, it is what it is)
You walked around your desk, heels echoing on the marble floor, ripping the envelope from his hand, scowling, “Asshole.”
Jake swallowed thickly, “This is a big job…” the red wax seal gleaming in the light, the familiar penmanship of a Spade on the front had a shiver running down your spine, “He will be waiting for you.” Without another word he left you alone in your office.
Growling you slammed the letter onto your desk, fuck, you carded your hands through your hair, opening the letter, enclosed, just his name written at the bottom in black ink.
You stood over Yelena’s shoulder watching the casino cameras from a few weeks ago, “I just want to make sure I know who my target is.” Yelena nodded as she scrolled through the feed.
“There–” she pointed to the screen, a familiar blond was exiting the elevator, your jaw dropped, “and there you are?” she turned her chair as you came into the shot, “it seems you already know your target…”
You couldn't help the laugh as it escaped your mouth, “That?! That is my target, the feared mob boss Steve Rogers, cofounder of the Howling Commandos Shipping Co.?”
She scrunched up her brows, her Russian accent becoming thicker, “You haven't done your research Carbonell, he is scarier than he looks.” she turned back to the cameras as Steve entered the elevator with you, she watched as the interaction unfolded. 
“Wait, wait, wait… You were alone in the elevator with him, and he hasn't claimed you?”
You scowled at her, “Firstly, ew. Secondly, I didn’t even tell him my name.”
Her jaw dropped, “What?! Do you know how many women would die to be in your position?”
“He is my target, Yelena, this is business. Nothing more.”
She shrugged her shoulders, “Doesn't hurt to have a little fun…”
You rolled your eyes in disgust, ignoring her insinuation,
“He isn’t just going to let you get close to him… you're gonna have to work for it…”
“Keep your lady boner in your pants please–” you began to leave her office, “–and send me everything you have on him and the Howling Commandos.” 
Tumblr media
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twitter porn link pt.2༊*·˚
‣ hello my fellow humans, fancy seeing you here. I know I said I would be active on Tumblr but guess what? I got banned lol. Now, I'm back and thank you to everyone who sent me those kind messages while I was gone ♡
‣ this is a part 2 of my previous porn link (here) y'all lemme know if I accidentally repeated the old ones.
‣ if anyone want more here: [bonus.]
'*•.¸♡ avengers edition ♡¸.•*'
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛tony stark
doggy style with tony.
reverse cowgirl on tony.
rough morning ex with husband!tony.
ceo!tony teasing his little maid.
tony teasing your clit.
: ̗̀➛bucky barnes
morning sex with bucky.
fucking yourself on bucky's cock.
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bucky torturing you with a toy.
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steve teasing and fucking you until your squirming.
steve fingering you.
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riding dom!steve.
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: ̗̀➛ dr. strange
riding dr. strange.
petting dr. strange's cock with your bare cunt.
shower ex with enemy!strange.
stephen fingering you and making you cum in seconds.
stephen taking you out on the kitchen counter.
: ̗̀➛loki laufeyson
loki tongue fucking you.
sucking loki's cock.
loki playing with your pussy.
loki abusing your throat.
loki punishing you with his chains and collars.
: ̗̀➛peter parker
giving a handjob to boyfriend!peter.
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: ̗̀➛natasha romanoff
making out with natasha.
eating out dom!natasha.
first time with girlfriend!natasha.
natasha denying your orgam.
natasha eating you out.
: ̗̀➛pietro maximoff
pietro playing through your panties.
riding pietro's face.
pietro fucking you after a long day.
soft morning sex with pietro.
pietro playing with you.
: ̗̀➛wanda maximoff
wanda loves your tits.
you vibrating wanda's pussy.
wanda fingering you.
grinding with wanda.
wanda eating you out.
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angrythingstarlight · 6 months ago
Let Us Take Care of You
Summary: Your bosses have an unusual offer for you. Something better than working every day. They believe you should be spoiled and taken care of and they're willing to take their time convincing you that they mean everything they say.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mafia Stucky x Assistant Reader.
Word Count: 2K
Warnings: Smut, 18+, oral (fem receiving) fingering, minor Stucky action, brief choking kink, praise kink.
A/N: @xxshelbsxx I swear I tried to keep this as a drabble, my hand slipped.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“You don’t have to worry about working anymore,” Bucky states, leaning back across the leather couch, his arms extending along the back of it. His fingers curve around the back of Steve’s neck in an intimate gesture. “You’re not here for that.”
Your widening eyes bounce between the two men seated before you. Raw, potent masculinity rolls off of them in heady waves, making your stomach flutter and an all too familiar ache awaken in your pussy.
You’ve barely survived being their assistant for past two months leaving each day with your panties soaked and clinging to your pussy. They’re openly affectionate with each other and you caught yourself staring at them many times--you can’t help it because your office sits directly across from theirs--, the sight of the two most powerful mobsters in the city locked in an embrace is enough to send you sprinting to the bathroom, splashing cold water on your face.
And they know.
How can they not know how much they affect you?
You have to rush home each night to relieve the throbbing ache between your thighs, pretending it’s their mouths, large hands and cocks making you orgasm instead of your toys. Sometimes you’ll catch Bucky staring at you over a file, a hint of a smirk on his face as if he knows it was his name you were crying out last night.
At least in your office, you can hide behind your desk and laptop. But standing before them, you feel exposed. Vulnerable. Wanted. They’re staring at you like you’re a fine dessert and they’re starving.
You want to swallow but your mouth is bone dry. Heat pools between your thighs and you subtly shift on your heels, squeezing them together. Steve’s keen eyes drop to your pussy and you swear he can right through your skirt, past your lacy panties, to your pulsating clit.
“Then why-“ you clear your throat, still unable to swallow. You’re melting under their intense gazes. Your panties are drenched, you want to clench your thighs again, but you’re frozen before them. “Why did you hire me?”
They exchange glances, a silent conversation that ends with Bucky nodding his head. Steve turns his attention to you, icy blue eyes sliding down your body for one long breathtaking minute before climbing back up to your face.
Purely selfish reasons, mo chridhe.” Steve states simply, tapping his long tattooed fingers on his thigh. “We saw how hard you were working at your old job and we know you deserve better. We wanted you away from that place so it was either buy it or hire you."
He shrugs, like it was a simple choice. But the underlying desperation and need thickens his tone and it seeps into your chest making your heart race.
"We offered you this position more as a chance for you to get to know us without any pressure, we can be overwhelming at times.” That’s an understatement. “But we can’t wait anymore, we want you to be ours. Now.”
Bucky leans forward, elbows on his knees. His eager eyes capture yours. “When you become ours, you can do whatever you want. You have no idea how much we love having you around the office.” He smiles at you, his tongue sweeps across his lip, voice deepening. “But we would rather spoil you.”
“Sp-spoil me?” Your brows furrow, confusion flitting across your face. This is not how you thought your morning was going to go. Your mind races, trying to process what’s happening.
“Why me?”
“Yes, spoil you.” Steve tilts his head, mirroring your expression. “And why not you?” He reaches out his large hand, beckoning you to him. It’s like he’s pulling a string inside you, tugging you into their orbit. You’re helpless to resist, your feet moving on their own until you’re standing between his thighs.
“Why you?” He hums softly, his hands grazing the sides of your thighs, pushing your pinstriped skirt up your thighs. “Because mo chridhe you are special.”
You thought Bucky’s eyes were captivating, but nothing prepared you for the intensity of Steve’s darkened blues as he sits up, bringing you closer until you can see the specks of green in them.
“You’re beautiful and amazing, and we want you more than anything in this world. We want to give you everything we have and then if you need more, we’ll find a way to give you more.”
There’s a simple power behind his statement, letting you know he means every single word.
You startle slightly when warm, rough hands settle on your shoulders, turning your head you see Bucky standing behind you. Steve’s cologne, spiced orange with a hint of vanilla fills your nose, it’s enhanced by the bergamot and smoked cedar wafting off of Bucky.
It’s intoxicating being caught between the two of them, hands sweeping over your skin, touching you reverently like they can’t believe you’re really with them.
You can’t help but notice the differences between them, but it’s their similarities, dazzling blue eyes, broad shoulders, tattooed muscular forearms and hands and but it’s how they make you feel small and cherished that you keep thinking about.
“Let’s show our girl what’s she in for if she says yes,” Bucky murmurs, sliding his hands down to your waist. A grin forms on his chiseled face, the heat of his body permeates your skin and you want to lean into him and bask in it. He slowly bends down behind you and you shiver at the sight of him on his knees for you.
“I’m going to enjoy ruining you mo chridhe, by the time we’re done you won’t remember anything but how good we make you feel.” Steve grabs your chin, turning your face back to him.
You feel Buck’s fingers hook under the band of your panties and he drags them down your legs. Steve reaches for your calf with his free hand, helping you step out of them.
It’s erotic and powerful the way they’re stripping you bare while remaining fully clothed, you might have felt embarrassed but they keep murmuring soft praises about your body that make you want to preen.
Steve still has your chin in his hand, and he grabs your ass pushing you on his lap. You latch on to his shoulders, your legs on either side of his, his pants feel soft on your skin, but it can’t conceal how thick and powerful his thighs are. It’s as if he’s reading your mind because his next words make your stomach flutter. “Next time, you’re going to slide your pretty little pussy all over my thigh until I’m soaked, and then I’m going to spend all day with you dripping off of me.
Oh fuck.
If you weren’t drenched before, you’re practically dripping now, your cunt clenches down and a low whimper builds in your throat. You don’t have time to respond to that because Bucky is tilting your hips up, the cool conditioned air hits your heated folds but before the shiver is halfway up your spine, his warm wet tongue is on you.
Bucky is ravenous, the way he’s licking and sucking you is filthy and vulgar and loud. And god does it feel good. His mouth is doing things to your clit, you didn’t know where possible. Steve rubs your lower back, greedily watching him devour you.
“Good girl. C’mon Bucky, I know you can do better than that, you’ve been talking about her pussy for weeks now and that’s all you’re going to give our girl.” He goads with a dark chuckle.
He’s sucking your soul out of your body and Steve is saying he can do better. You can’t handle more.
“Waitwaitwait! I can’t take-oh shit.” The words are ripped from your throat and you keen.
Bucky’s tongue becomes frenzied, a flurry of motions that send pulse after pulse of sensations through you. Tears burn your eyes, noises you don’t even recognize fall from your lips.
It only encourages Bucky, and he keeps going like you're his last meal and he needs to savor every drop you give him.
You fall forward on Steve’s firm chest, muffling your sobs into his shoulder. You inadvertently expose yourself more to Bucky and oh does he take advantage, his lips wrap around your swollen clit and he sucks you into his mouth so hard your back arches.
“Fuuuuk,” your thin wail resonates across the office, you don’t know how many times they discussed ways they were going to make you scream. And now that they’ve heard you, they’re addicted to the breathy sounds you make.
You dig your fingers into Steve’s shoulders and try to lift away from Bucky’s mouth, needing a break from the endless sensations forming inside you.
“Ah ah, let him eat mo chridhe.” Steve chides, pulling your hips back down. “Bucky’s been waiting so long to have a taste of you, you gotta let him finish. Is she everything you dreamed of?”
“So good, fuck Steve, she tastes so good.” Bucky moans into your pussy, the vibrations of his deep voice ripple across your pulsating clit and you wail. They always work in tandem, and tearing you apart is no different.
“You hear how much he loves eating your pussy,” Steve groans, slipping his hand between your bodies, pushing Buckys tongue away so he can roll your clit between his calloused fingers, “Fuck you’re so wet for us, bet Buck’s face is drenched, that’s our good girl, make a mess on his face.”
Bucky huffs his annoyance, then he sees your entrance clenching, begging to be filled. And he gives your pussy what she wants, placing his hands on your cheeks, he thrusts his tongue inside you, sweeping it across your velvety walls.
“Oh god, Buc-ky” Your voice breaks as another pulse of sultry hot pleasure spirals throughout you, unable to keep your head up, you let it drop on his shoulder, the sensations steadily climbing over each other, pushing you closer to the edge. Your thighs tremble and they both feel it. Steve grabs your throat and tilts your head back.
“No, I wanna see you cum,” he demands, his fingers tracing an intricate pattern on your clit, his hand squeezing your throat just enough to make you lightheaded. “We need to know what you like mo chridhe so we can give to you again and again.” Steve brings your face down until your nose is touching his, increasing the pressure from fingers. You feel them everywhere. “Now tell me do you like this?”
“God yes, I like it. I like it. I-,” you cry out, the coil inside you snapping into a million little shards. And your orgasm barrels into you so hard your vision blurs into an array of shimmery white lights. “Ohmyfuckinggod.”
“That’s my girl.” Steve praises, slapping your ass.
As the orgasm winds down, your body becomes limp and pliant. More praise rains down on you, gentle words telling you how good you did, how you’re so perfect, such a good girl for us, we knew you’d be so good. Soft lips brush your skin, hands hold you, maneuvering you until you’re flat on the couch, your feet in Steve’s lap. Your chest rises and falls rapidly, your breaths shaky.
Your dazed eyes watch as Bucky stands up and grabs Steve by the collar. “Taste her,” he murmurs, crashing his lips into Steve’s. A deep, satisfied groan rumbles between them, and your spasming pussy throbs. They’re getting off on your taste and it makes you want them even more.
Breaking the kiss, they turn to you with matching grins. “So what do you say, Princesa?”
“Huh?” You don’t remember the question, hell you don’t remember your last name right now.
Steve shrugs. “Guess you need a little more convincing.”
“I do?” You stare at them for a second, your eyes drifting down to their massive bulges, a smirk forms on your face. “I do.”
“You heard her, Steve.” Bucky bends down, planting his hands above your head. “How many orgasms do you want today, sweetheart? How many until you agree to be our girl?”
Their unwavering lust and adoration give you an unexpected burst of confidence.
“How many can you give me?” you tease and instantly they're impressed
Bucky pulls your bottom lip down with the pad of his thumb, his darkening eyes drinking you. “A lifetime if you let us. But we’ll start with as many as your tight little pussy can take in one day.”
You see Steve, reach around his waist and unbuckle Bucky’s belt, the faint clank ringing in your ears, his slacks fall to his feet, your eyes widen as his cock springs free.
Oh, that's more than you expected.
Steve grins at you over Bucky's shoulder. "Don't worry, we'll make it fit."
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kinanabinks · 6 months ago
Incur His Wrath • Mob!Steve x Reader
Tumblr media
based on 2 requests:
mob!steve literally destroying anyone who hurt his little bubble [anon]
they both get into a fight and reader storms off after that she gets kidnapped and our stevie gets feral to find her (bonus: desperate reunion fking) [anon]
Content Warning: Mob!Steve x Reader, daddy!steve, angst, arguing, yelling, jealous!reader, asshole!steve, kidnapping, threat of violence, distressing themes, brief mention of torture, physical violence, minor character death, mention of blood, smut (make-up penetrative sex, possessive!steve, daddy kink, creampie), fluff.
Tumblr media
His lips are on yours in a deep kiss, his hands roaming your half-naked body like it's the very first time. It's been so long since you felt him that it may as well be the first time. He gropes and rubs and strokes you, taking his time in exploring your skin.
"Daddy," You mumble into his mouth, grinding against his boner.
"What is it, my little bubble?" Steve asks you softly, squeezing your ass.
"Want you," You reply desperately, running your fingers through his beard.
"You've got me, bubby," He promises you, kissing your lips shortly. "Always."
Just as his hand slips down your ass and to your panties, his phone rings out. You think nothing of it, assuming he'll hang it up and throw it to the side like he usually does - but then he fucking answers it.
You sit up, straddling his waist and frowning down at him as he holds the phone to his ear. "Hello?" His voice is firmer, a slight frown in his brows as he exits daddy mode and enters boss mode. Seeing him so serious is turning you on even more, and you run your hands down his abs. Before you can get to his boxers, though, he grabs your wrists in his and gives you a warning look.
You're a little disheartened, but you hold back anyway. And then you hear the voice on the other side of the call. It's unmistakably that of a woman's.
"I told him to have them dropped off by last week," Steve replies to her muffled question. "Are they not there?"
You glare down at him when you realize it's his personal phone. Why is he talking to another woman on his personal phone?
With a huff, you get off him and get up to your feet. You clothe yourself with the dress he threw on the ground ten minutes ago, listening with a clenched jaw as he chuckles over the phone.
"Alright. I'll call you later to check in," He says before hanging up and looking over at you. "What are you doing, huh? Get back over here, bubble."
"I'm going home," You reply stubbornly, putting your shoes on.
Your words make him stand up with a deep frown on his face. "Home? You are home."
"I mean my apartment," You mutter.
"What?" The shock is clear in his voice. "I thought you were gonna rent that out?"
"Well, I couldn't find anyone who wanted it," You tell him casually.
"And so you just kept it?" Steve asks you incredulously. "As some sort of fucking backup home? You know how insulting that is?"
"No, Steven, you do not get to be angry right now," You say with a glare. "You're not the one who's just been treated like shit."
"What the fuck are you talking about?" He asks you wildly, throwing up his hands.
"We were about to have sex for the first time in two weeks and you picked up the phone!" You exclaim, hating that you have to spell it out to him.
"It was an urgent work call-"
"Oh, fuck you and your work calls," You cut him off bitterly.
His face falls and he raises a brow. "You wanna try that again, Y/N?"
"That isn't gonna work this time, Steven," You say, emphasizing his full name because you know how much he hates it when you call him that. "We haven't been intimate in a long fucking time, and just as we finally get somewhere, you pick up the phone to some other woman."
He lets out a scoff. "So, that's what this is about. You know, you've never been one for jealousy, bubble."
"Because you've never given me a reason to be jealous!" You retort, feeling your rage grow. "And I didn't miss the fact that it was your personal phone, Steven. What the fuck is that bitch doing with your personal phone number, huh?"
"Pepper would never call me unless it was urgent, so I gave her my personal number," He explains with narrow eyes. "You think I'd pick it up if it was my work phone?"
"So whatever Pepper has to say is more important than me?" You ask childishly, hating that be used her name as though they're best fucking buddies.
"That is not what I said-"
"All I'm hearing is that I'm not your priority," You tell him, folding your arms across your chest. "You promised that nothing would ever come before me - or was that a lie, Steven?"
"Don't be like this," He mutters, rubbing his forehead. "You know how much you mean to me."
A part of you feels bad, and you want to cuddle him and apologize- before you realize that you have absolutely fucking nothing to apologize for.
"We haven't been the same lately," You say regretfully. "You're always out late. You never call me when you're at work anymore. You take me for granted."
"That's not true," He insists. "Work has been crazy lately, you know that. I appreciate you more than anything."
"They're just words, Steven!" You exclaim, taking a step back. "They're just words you've gotten so good at saying that even you believe them. How many others did you practice them on before me?"
"The fuck is that supposed to mean?" Steve asks you harshly. "When I told you that you were the first woman I've ever loved, I fucking meant it."
"It doesn't feel like it!" You admit, going to pull off the ring on your left hand that he gave you in an attempt to throw it back in his face. The second Steve realizes what you're doing, he grabs your hands, glaring down at you.
"Don't you ever, ever fucking dare take that off," He warns you gravely, pure rage in his eyes.
"Why not?" You shoot, attempting to pull out of his grip but failing. "You've broken every promise it was meant to symbolize, anyway!"
"Stop being so fucking dramatic," Steve seethes. "You're still mine. You always will be."
Narrowing your eyes in an attempt to keep your tears at bay as you prepare to say the words you never thought you'd say. "I think we need a break."
The silence that grows is cold and merciless.
"How the fuck could you say that, Y/N?" He asks you bitterly. "How the fuck could you walk away from this?"
"It's not forever," You promise. "Just until we find ourselves again. This doesn't feel right anymore, Steve. You don't treat me the way you used to, and maybe we need to miss each other so we can appreciate each other again."
He stares at you blankly, and you know he's angrier than ever. Dropping your hands, his face falls. "Fine. Fuck off."
Your heart breaks at his harsh words. "Steve, I'm not breaking up with you. We just need some space-"
"I said fuck off," He repeats, unable to look you in the eyes. "Go on. Get out."
A whimper leaves your mouth before you race out of his room and out of the large home, fear filling you at the thought of losing him forever. What have you done?
In his bedroom, Steve lets out a hissed curse before picking up his phone and calling someone. "Hey, Barton. Y/N's about to leave; follow her home. And make sure there's two men stationed outside her apartment at all times."
Tumblr media
Clint Barton is stressed out.
The immense weight of Steve's new deal with the Potts family combined with the new responsibility of keeping two men on you at all times is killing him. He's never been the best project manager, let alone multi-tasker, and it's this that allows him to facilitate two mistakes in one night.
"I don't mind delivering the samples," Bruce says.
"I've got the new guy on deliveries already," Clint tells him with a frown.
"But I wanna deliver them," Bruce insists with a frown. They both know the truth - the delivery is due on Western Street, which is located near to where a certain Natasha Romanoff lives.
Clint runs a hand through his hair, groaning. "Who's the other guy on Y/N watch?"
"Uh, Barnes, I believe," Bruce tells him.
"That's fine; let him know you're swapping with the new guy," Clint says with a shrug. "Just get your shit done ASAP, you hear me? You have one hour."
Bruce grins. "More than enough, boss."
"Yeah, yeah," Clint rolls his eyes. "Now fuck off, you horny idiot."
That's the first mistake that's made.
The second is made by Bucky Barnes himself.
"Listen, I gotta get my car from the garage," Bucky tells the new guy. "You alright with watching Y/N alone?"
Christian nods adamantly as Bucky pats his shoulder appreciatively before rushing away.
Well, Christian thinks to himself. That was easier than I thought.
You feel cooped up in your building, knowing that no matter where you go, Steve's men will follow you. You're in half a mind to call him and demand he make them leave you alone, but you can't give him the satisfaction and be the first one to give in.
Instead, you decide to do some late grocery shopping. Walking up and down the aisles will be a nice change from staring at your walls all day, anyway. You put on some cycling shorts and one of Steve's sweatshirts, because he is still yours and you'd be damned if he dared to think otherwise. Yes, he's a prick, but he's your prick.
Once you get outside, the man watching your building approaches you, making you frown. Does he not understand the concept of following from a distance?
"Hi, there," He greets you politely, offering you a smile. "Do you need a ride anywhere?"
You fold your arms across your chest and glare up at him. "If Steve knew you were talking to me, he'd cut your fucking tongue out, so do your job and stay 10 paces behind," You state curtly, before turning around and making your way down the street.
When you hear him following way too closely behind, you roll your eyes and turn back to him, ready to yell. But the second you see him, he raises his fist and thumps you on the head, knocking you out.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes is contemplating taking all of his money out of the bank and running away to Australia where he can start a new, peaceful life, because when Steve Rogers finds out that Y/N and the guy who was supposed to be watching her building are both missing, it'll be Bucky's head on the chopping block.
"Buck?" Steve frowns when he sees the brunette waiting outside his office. "What are you doing here?"
"I, uh, I was on Y/N duty," He says blankly, wondering if this is the last conversation he'll ever have before dying.
"Okay," Steve says slowly. "You expecting a raise, or something?"
"No, of course not, boss. Looking after Y/N is my honor," Bucky replies obediently, before looking down. "Last night, me and the new guy, Christian, were watching her."
"The new guy?" Steve's hand clenches into a fist. "I told Clint I only want guys I trust watching her. The new guy was supposed to be on fucking deliveries."
"Yeah, I know," Bucky mumbles.
"Speak the fuck up and speak clearly," Steve booms. "What the fuck is going on?"
"Boss!" Sam Wilson shoots into the hall, his eyes wide. "Shit. We have an issue."
Steve rolls his eyes, not in the mood to fix yet another problem today. "What is it?" He asks flatly.
Sam's eyes are filled with fear, and he stays a few steps away from Steve so as to not incur his wrath. "Y/N's missing."
A bitter laugh leaves Steve's mouth. "Well, that's impossible," He says matter-of-factly. "There have been two men watching her at all times."
Swallowing, Sam glances at Bucky. "Last night, Christian Mado was left alone with her. We believe it was him that took her, boss."
Steve's blood runs cold. He can't help the images that immediately run through his mind- images of you lying in your own blood, beaten and bruised. Gory, heartbreaking flashes of you crying out in pain, calling out for Steve, begging for mercy.
"Boss," Sam says lowly, preparing for Steve's reaction. "What do you need us to do?"
With a deep inhale, Steve turns to Bucky with a cold look. "If you don't find her location within thirty minutes, I will rip your fucking heart out. Do you understand me?"
He really should have bought that ticket to Australia. "Yes, boss," Bucky replies weakly, his heart thumping in his chest.
Tumblr media
"This was a stupid idea," The male voice mutters bitterly.
"You're a stupid idea," The female voice retorts childishly.
You've been subjected to this immature back-and-forth between what you really hope isn't a couple since last night when you were taken. The black fabric wrapped tightly around your eyes prevents you from seeing anything, but you can feel your arms and legs are tied to the wooden chair you're sitting on.
"Fuck this. I'm taking the blindfold off," The woman says before the noise of her heels clacking towards you sounds out.
"Are you insane?" The man asks her incredulously.
"We're gonna get rid of her once we're done, anyway," She replies casually, just as you feel her hands removing the fabric from your head.
When your eyes open, you're faced with a pretty redhead with a curious look on her face. The man behind her has dark hair and looks incredibly nervous. Looking around, you notice you're in a lavish living room, which takes you by surprise. If they're planning on killing you, why do it on their expensive white carpet? Amateurs.
"You're not scared," She mumbles, tilting her head. "Why aren't you scared?"
You roll your eyes at her. "The fact that you think you'll get away with this for much longer is laughable."
"Oh, really? It's laughable?" She asks passive aggressively, and you can tell she's pissed off. Raising her hand, she strikes your face and her rings cut your cheek. "How's that for laughable?"
"Pepper, don't!" The man yells, making you eyes widen.
"You're Pepper?" You ask her with a raised brow. You knew there was no sense in trusting a girl named after a seasoning.
She looks utterly frustrated as she turns back to him. "Don't use my fucking name, Tony!"
He gasps. "Now you've used mine!"
Pepper lets out a angry squeal and pulls on her hair before glaring down at you. "Little word of advice: never get married."
Now that you know that this is the infamous Pepper that Steve seems to have cosied up to, you can't help but laugh. "Oh, you've absolutely fucked up, Pep. You do realize Steve will be here any minute to take you down?"
"And do you realize that he doesn't care about you anymore?" She asks with a snort. "It's a well known fact that you guys have broken up."
"And you think that means he stopped caring about me?" You question her. "You have a warped outlook on love and relationships."
She says nothing, wordlessly walking over to the coffee table upon which lay a variety of torture tools. It makes you a little uneasy, but you have full faith in the fact that Steve will be here before she gets the chance to use any of them. He has to be.
"Why are you doing this, anyway?" You ask her with narrow eyes.
"Because I'm about to go into business with your dear Steve," Pepper answers, running her finger down the blade of a dagger. "And it would be mighty helpful for me to get a little inside information beforehand."
You laugh at that, shaking your head. "You really think I'm gonna give you anything? You might as well just kill me now."
Her face morphs with anger as she steps forward. "Listen here, you whiny little cun-"
She's cut off prematurely by her phone's obnoxiously loud ringtone. With a huff, she takes it out of her pocket, and her face lights up with delight when she sees the caller ID. "What a coincidence!" She sings, sending you a wry grin while waving her screen in your face like a child. "It's your man- oh wait, ex-man."
Excitement hits you. He knows. He knows she took you. He's probably on his way right now.
"Maybe he wants to fuck me, again," She wonders out loud.
You narrow your eyes. She's bluffing. There's no way Steve fucked her. There's no way.
"Cover her mouth," Pepper orders Tony, waiting until his hands are firmly on your face before answering the phone. "To what do I owe the pleasure, Rogers?"
You can just about make out his muffled voice from the other side, and he doesn't sound nearly as angry as you would have hoped. Instead, they seem to be having pleasant fucking small talk. Has Steve not realized that you're missing yet? Prick. You scream as loud as you can, but Tony's hands mute your voice. Your attempts to bite at his flesh fail as he stays strong, not affected at all by your teeth sinking into his fingers.
"Of course," Pepper says with a sultry voice, making you roll your eyes as she smirks. "In fact, you should come over right now and we can search for her together."
That throws you. He asked her for help? She's inviting him over?
"See you soon, honey," She says sweetly. "And Stevie, you know I'm always here for you. Just like the night at the docks last Tuesday."
You can hear your blood rushing around your head. Last Tuesday, Steve didnt get home until 4am. He told you he was taking care of something at work, and you didn't think anything of it. And why would you have? It's Steve. You trust Steve.
The second she hangs up, Tony pulls his hands away from your mouth with a grimace, and you glare up at Pepper. "Night at the docks?" You can't help but ask.
She laughs maliciously, throwing her phone on the couch behind her. "Ah, what a magical night that was. Steve just has the most magnificent tongue, don't you think?"
Don't react. She's lying. There's no way.
With a deep breath, you somehow remain calm. "You cheated on Tony?" You ask, looking over to him with a raised brow. "What are your feelings on this, T?"
"We have an open marriage," Pepper answers on his behalf. "It's not cheating."
Tony half-heartedly nods, but you can tell there's anguish behind his eyes. Poor little bastard.
"Steve's gonna be here in less than 10 minutes," Pepper announces, clapping her hands together. "So before we hide you away, I wanna have some fun."
She's good with those tools, you have to admit. At first, you assumed she laid them out to intimidate you, but it seems that Pepper Potts is a connoisseur of pain.
Sure, you've caught brief glimpses of Steve carrying out dirty work before, but that always seemed so far away. Sure, you've watched Sam shoot multiple people dead before, but those people weren't real to you. And yeah, Bucky literally cut the eyes of an overly-flirtatious waiter out right in front of you with a blunt bread knife, but all of those instances were just shows to you. You were but a spectator.
And now, you're the main fucking attraction.
Pepper burns, cuts and bruises you, leaving you weak and achy by the time the unmistakable sound of Steve's Porsche is heard from the driveway.
"Take her upstairs," Pepper orders Tony sternly. "If she makes a single sound, you shoot her dead. Understand?"
With a burst of motivation as you hear Steve's car door shut, you scream out his name in the hopes that he'll hear you. Tony rapidly unties you before holding a gun to your temple, silencing you.
"Keep your mouth shut," He says gruffly, holding your wrists tightly and dragging you out of the room and up the long, winding stairs.
Pepper opens the door for Steve with a sympathetic smile. "I'm so sorry this is happening, Stevie," She says, allowing him to come in.
"I just need to find her, and soon," Steve replies gravely, walking further into the house.
She leads him into the living room where any signs of her torture tools and the ropes they used to tie you up have disappeared. "Do you have any idea where Y/N might have gone?"
"She was abducted," Steve tells her, his hands clenching into fists at the thought of you being taken from him. "Someone is holding her against her will. One of my men betrayed me."
"Are you sure?" She asks him with a frown, stroking his bicep. "I know this may be difficult to hear, but she might have... ran away with him?"
His eyes narrow at her suggestion. "She was taken, Pepper. I know it." Why is she so against that idea? And why is she touching him so much? Is she just trying to comfort him? All he needs is you; not a fucking hug.
He came over because he knows Pepper has a lot of connections in this city, and if anyone can help him find you, it's her. God, he feels so guilty. If anything happens to you, he thinks he may die himself. He should've protected you. You should have been safe under his wing. Why did he ever let you leave that day?
"I'm just saying, Steve," Pepper begins, slowly wrapping her arms around his waist from behind him and resting her chin on his shoulder. "It's very possible that she chose to leave. You did just break up, didn't you?"
This is beyond a comforting hug. Steve may have been stupid in letting you go, but he isn't dense. He knows when a woman wants him. It disgusts him that, in the wake of your disappearance, Pepper thinks that her body could be what he needs to feel better.
Just as he's about to throw her arms off of him, he spots it.
There, on the ground. On the soft white carpet. It's unmistakable.
That ring is a one-of-a-kind. He had it specially made for you. There's no way anyone else could own one that even slightly resembled it, let alone look like an exact clone.
That's your fucking ring.
And next to it, making his stomach clench, are a few droplets of blood staining the carpet.
With a deep breath, Steve gently removes Pepper's arms from his chest and turns around to face. "Come here, Pepper," He mumbles, nodding once.
Smiling wryly, Pepper moves closer to him, resting her hands on his chest. Finally, she's got him. "Yes, Steve?" She asks softly, widening her eyes.
His hand moves up to wrap around her throat, making her legs squeeze together instinctively. He lowers his lips to her ear, making her shiver. "Tell me, Pepper," He whispers, wrapping his other hand around her wrist. "Tell me where she is."
What? Pepper's face drops. "I don't- I don't know what you're talking about," She claims with a mumble.
He tightens his grip on her neck, making her eyes bulge. "Tell me where Y/N is right now, or so help me God, I will cut you into pieces and feed you to my dogs."
Pepper lets out a squeak, fear rushing through her. "Steve, please."
"She was here at some point," He says lowly. "The ring and the blood tell me that much. Where is she now, Pepper?"
"Upstairs," She manages to whisper, her voice raspy. "With Tony. She's alive, I swear."
Steve's eye twitches as a tinge of relief hits him. But he's much too angry to let that calm him down.
Meanwhile, you're on your knees on the bed in the guest room, praying to God that Steve will notice the ring. Tony's gun has been glued to the side of your head since the second you entered the room, a blank look on his face.
With a sniffle, you glance over to him. "You know, you don't seem like you're cut out for this life."
He meets your eyes. "You don't know me."
"I know that you're a cuck," You spit.
"There's nothing wrong with having an open marriage," He defends. "Unless you're too small-minded to accept it."
"I couldn't give a fuck about your marriage," You tell him with a glare. "But I'd bet good money that you haven't fucked nearly as many other people as her. Have you?"
He says nothing, his eyes flickering to the ground.
"Have you slept with anyone else?" You ask curiously.
When he still doesn't respond, you raise a brow.
"I know she was bluffing about her night with Steve, but does Pepper fuck other guys?" You question, and his further silence confirms your theory. "Babe, that ain't an open marriage if only one of you is getting some."
"You don't know us," Tony huffs, pushing the gun against your head. "Now, shut your mouth, unless you want a brain full of lead."
You do as he says, bored of his sob story. Just then, a text notification sounds out from his phone. He looks down at it to see it's from Pepper.
The Wife 💀
Bring her downstairs.
Tony raises a brow. Huh. He doesn't remember hearing Steve's car leave. Oh, well.
You're surprised when he pulls you up to your feet and leads you back out of the room. You don't remember hearing Steve's car leave.
The two of you make your way downstairs, and you wonder just how much more torture Pepper will subject you to before she finally realizes you'd sooner die then give up sensitive information about Steve and his work.
Tony opens the door to the living room and pushes you in - and both of you freeze at the sight you're presented with.
Steve's casually sitting back on the couch and taking a bite out of a green apple.
Pepper is sitting in the chair you were previously tied to, with a thin wire wrapped around her neck and some blood seeping from the wound. She's very clearly dead, making your heart skip a beat.
"Pep!" Tony yells, with his gun still aimed at you. Steve immediately takes out his own gun, furious at the bruises on your face, and shoots Tony dead. He falls to the floor beside you, but you barely even register what happened.
Your eyes are glued to Steve, who stands up and drops the apple to the ground. "Hi, bubble," He greets you gently, blood staining his white shirt.
Rushing over to him, you let him engulf you in a tight hug, wrapping his arms around you and kissing you deeply. All your emotions are poured into the kiss, from love to pain to relief to anger.
"I knew you'd come for me," You tell him, smiling against his chest. "I knew it."
"I'm sorry, baby, I should never have trusted that bastard," He grumbles, stroking your hair. "Your safety is something I'll never again put in the hands of someone else. You're mine, bubble. Always."
"I'm sorry about the apartment," You cry, clutching onto his shirt. "I don't know why I kept it, I-"
"You have nothing to apologize for you. I'm the one who gave you a reason to use it," He says lowly. "You were right, bub. I was taking you for granted. I got comfortable, and assumed that you'd always be there, no matter what. That was wrong of me."
Lifting up your head, you meet his eyes. "It's okay, Steve. I know you were busy, and-"
"That's no excuse," He cuts you off with a frown, stroking your cheek. "I love you, and I wasn't showing it the way I should have been. I will never treat you that way again, baby bubble. I appreciate you, so much."
"I love you, Steve," You whisper, clinging onto him.
Without wasting another second, he kisses you again, this time picking you up and wrapping your legs around his waist.
"Oh, bubble," He groans, placing you on the couch and getting on top of you. "Daddy missed you so fucking bad."
Your hips buck up at his words as you whine, "Please, daddy, need you."
"You have me, baby bubble," He promises, grinding his boner against you. "Always, always, always."
He holds your wrists above your head, teasing you with his hard cock as it rubs against your clothed pussy.
"Please," You cry, throwing your head back. "Need daddy so bad."
"Fuck," He groans, releasing one of your wrists and peeling down your shorts. His hand cups your cunt, making it throb as your entire body tingles. "So wet for me, baby. Daddy missed his pussy so fucking bad."
He doesn't even need to play with your clit for long before you're soaking and aching for him to be inside you. Steve unbuckles his belt and hurriedly takes out his swollen cock, bringing it to your quivering entrance. You lift your hips up, feening for him, desperate for your bodies to perfectly connect.
With a soft thrust, Steve plunges his cock into you. Both of you take in a simultaneous gasp as he fills you up, his hands tightly gripping your hips. Brutishly, he begins fucking you, giving you the pleasure you've sorely missed for so long.
"Oh, baby," He groans, gliding in and out of you. "Feel so good around daddy's cock."
"Missed you so much," You cry out in response, digging your nails into his shoulders.
"Promise me, little bubble," Steve grunts, resting his face in your neck as he fucks you harder. "Promise me you'll never leave me again."
"I promise, Steve," You vow, tugging on his hair. "I'll never leave you. You have me forever."
"You'll always be mine, no matter what," He growls possessively, wrapping one of his hands around your throat. "Nobody is ever taking you from me again. I'm never letting you go."
"Daddy," You squeal when he hits your g-spot, making your toes curl. "There, there, there."
"Yeah? You like when I fuck you deep, don't you?" He teases you, an animalistic hunger in his eyes. "My little bubble loves being fucked deep, doesn't she?"
"I love it, daddy," You sing out, tears gathering in your eyes when his cock brushes against your cervix. "I love you, Steve."
"Oh, baby, Y/N, my good girl," He chants weakly, placing one of his feet on the ground to give himself more balance as he slams into you over and over again. "I love you more than anything, bubble."
Your eyes roll back as you feel the ecstasy build up within your core. When he feels your legs shaking around his waist, he knows you're close.
"That's it, baby," Steve growls, chuckling deeply. "Cum for me, like the good little girl you are. Cum for daddy."
He tightens his grip on your throat and it's enough to pull your orgasm forth, causing utter delight to ripple through your body. Your cunt convulses around his shaft, making it hard for him to hold back any longer before he's shooting his seed deep inside you.
"Oh, fuck," Steve groans, thrusting a few more times as you each fly through your highs, in a chorus of moans and gasps.
Once you've recovered, you blink a few times to see Steve crouching down beside the couch, stroking your hair with a soft smile on his lips.
"You always look so beautiful after your brains have been fucked out," He mumbles, scanning your flushed face.
Slowly, you sit up. Steve takes your hand and gently guides you up to your feet, keeping an arm around your waist to stop your weakened legs from giving out.
"Here," He begins, fiddling with your finger.
When you look down, you see him replacing the ring back where it belongs. The sight of it makes you grin and you pull him in for a tight hug.
"You'll always be my girl," Steve promises, swaying you in his hold. "Anyone who ever tries to hurt you, or take you from me, will be given the same fate as those two."
You glance behind him where you see Tony's body on the ground, and then to the right where Pepper sits lifelessly. Once again, you're the spectator. Steve, as he vowed on the day he realized he loved you all those years ago, will never stop protecting you. Never.
"I love you 'til the end of the earth, and then some," He mumbles, pulling back your head to kiss your forehead. "Always, my little bubble."
Tumblr media
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darkdarkstucky · 28 days ago
Pretty, S. Rogers and B. Barnes.
Summary; You were anything but expectant after spending a night between the ellusive lawyers, James Buchanan Barnes and Steve Grant Rogers; it was a supposed fling. Something to spice up their marriage. So you weren't exactly prepared with their advances nor the possessiveness that came with their attention.
Pairing; Soft!Dark Stucky x Reader, Soft!Dark Bucky Barnes x Reader, Soft!Dark Steve Rogers x Reader.
Warnings; Sexual themes, Adult content, Manipulation, Possessiveness, Soft!Dark Stucky, Married Stucky, Gaslighting Stucky, Age Gap (Steve is 40, Bucky is 39, Reader is 19) Please do not interact if it makes you uncomfortable!
A/N; This is my first time writing something of this nature; but this is more self indulgent than anything, because who wouldn't want to be a hole for daddy stucky's schlongs. This is a fun little something to repeat; if the man does not exist, so does my morals.
Tumblr media
The first time you laid eyes upon the infamous pair of lawyers, you couldn't fight off the awe and astonishment at their perfectly sculpted faces and chiseled bodies; they were the picture perfect male specimen, coupled with their confident visage and such charming upturn of their lips and straight posture telling of their self assurance. And while they winked at you simultaneously as they caught you staring- you still weren't certain it was you they had graced the wink with, but nevertheless, it made your cheeks flush in embarassment.
You chastised yourself, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were not only business associates in their ridiculously elite law firm, they were also very much married which entails they were thoroughly committed to one another. In the business sense, and in the literal sense of the word aswell.
Which is why you were quite... speechless to say the least when they approached you and introduced themselves. Steve extended his hand for a formal handshake, your soft palm touching upon his much rougher one, and he couldn't help but brush his fingers upon your delicate knuckles before he presses a lingering kiss on the back of your hand. His blue eyes held you in that position, as if encapturing you in a trance which was enough to make you squirm.
Bucky chuckles as his hand finds its way to the small of your bare waist emerging from the sideline. "Forgive him, doll, he forgot to take his medicine." You shuddered at the proximity of his lips to your ear; their presence made you uneasy, if only slightly, because you were unsure why they were paying attention to you.
"What did you say, punk?" Steve jerks his gaze away from your stunning face, jokingly narrowing his eyes at Bucky's smug grin.
"I said you forgot your rabies injections, and you're drooling on her pretty fingers," the brunette says sarcastically, taking your other hand and kissing your fingers as well. You laugh at their impasse.
"I don't believe I've ever had the honor," You almost whisper, fluttering your eyelashes as you cast a provocative glance at the men. You were naturally flirtatious, if not a people-pleaser, knowing when to smile and politely take compliments to keep the banter going, and given the nature of your current employment, it wasn't far from the addendums in contracts you were asked to sign.
Growing up attractive meant you get the pretty priviledge often. You'd flirted out of pretty expensive tickets, drinks and the likes, easily having every man you meet wrapped around your dainty fingers. Neither Steve nor Bucky were exceptions; yet you weren't aware.
“Bucky Barnes.” He introduces himself with darkened blue eyes, you missed the bob of his adams apple as his eyes rack your scantily clad body. You were worth salavating for, the tightest of ass, the smallest of waist and hips- his jaw flexes as an image of himself driving deep into you and gripping your love handles. He would fill your pretty pussy with cum, your toned stomach with even more of his essence until your belly was bulging from what he had given you.
“Steve Rogers.” The blond replies with a smile, not making the effort to conceal his wandering gaze; in appreciation and parts possessiveness, both men making a quick work of scanning the room and throwing dirty looks that could make grown men shiver and look away in fear, just with the offense of staring at you.
The moment you had descended the stairs, after Stark's dramatic monologue; “.. While all of my friends, hammer industries, in particular, have their own philosophical pursuits, a tedious tax break, yada yada, I've pooled some of my resources into an establishment that is both... pleasing to the eyes, and satiating to the loins. Hefner had his bunnies, allow me to present you to my kittens." he says, his grin widening as a seductive music reverberates throughout the mansion.
And there you were, among the army of attractive women walking down the stairs, their gazes drawn to you and only you; breath taken from their lungs by your bearing and beauty, innocent doe eyes and exquisite features but pretty fuckable body that they had felt the immediate stiffening of their cocks. It stood in attention as you flash your prettiest smile that they almost ached with raw and primal need to bend you over and fuck you senseless.
Probably infront of the large audience too, to ward off the hungry gazes directed to you. A feeling of possessiveness surging in their chest, and they looked at eachother wordlessly. In understading. In want. You were the missing piece in their life; all you, perfect and theirs. You wouldn't need to prance around in only a nightwear in such a setting, and it took all they had to be able to hold conversations with other business associates before running to you.
Despite the fanfare, watching you from the corner of their eyes as you were pulled into conversations after conversations, Steve and Bucky barely containing their temper once they overhear the other man's lewd proposal- almost storming the distance until you shut off his proposition with a smart reply that had him excusing himself.
They felt a surge of pride; but not really. They wanted to be the one to protect you, wanted to depend on them, wanted you to run to their arms with even the slightest bit of inconvenience. It was not fair that their little girl has already been roughed around the edges by the cruelty of human nature, but no longer. You were going to be kept and safe under their unwavering love and care.
As the night drones on, you didn't even realize the gravity your smiles and slightly flirty remarks had done to the men. You had assumed they were only being polite, their touches merely platonic. Their interest at you were quite overwhelming but you credited it to their naturally inquisitive nature; out of propriety, politeness. A way to get to know the helpless kitten. One of Stark's playthings to be able to keep their clientelle away from a potential lawsuit.
Yet the drinks were poured, one of their jackets on your shoulders as you were pulled into the back of their limo. Heartpounding, nails digging in their formal shirts, Bucky's chest to your back, Steve feasting on your lips as if he were a starved man and you were the oasis.
Lips swollen from their attacks, the coat discarded elsewhere when things got more intense; pushed to the bed, wrapped and tossed from muscular arms to another, you cried out profanities as both men took sweet turns thrusting their fingers to the knuckles and lapping at you until you were mewling and trembling, tongues sucking at your juices with an even more darkened gaze than usual.
You didn't know what it meant for their relationship, or whatever you were doing- letting men twice your age, in a committed relationship lap at you like you were their dessert. There was a twisted burn of heat once more as they kissed infront of you, your essence coating their lips and beards.
“Fuck princess, you're so sweet.” Steve pants, licking his lips.
“So good and sweet doll.” Bucky murmurs in a praise, both men looking at you hungrily as you braced yourself when Bucky mounts you.
You didn't tell them, you had no reason to because you were so deep into that cloudy haze of desire, you would have allowed them to wreck you and you would walk out the door with a grin, and a thanks.
“Ready, doll?” Bucky pants, basically hearing his heartbeat thrum in his ears. You were such a sight, sprawled in the bed your hair on their sheets, looking more than appetizing that his mouth was dry. His cock was slapping his navel, so hard it was pulsating. He lines up the head of his cock, coating the head with the heat from your folds, before thrusting himself to the hilt. Then freezing- your pained jolt, and the way you crawled at his arm clearly in pain.
Steve and Bucky coos at you softly, wiping the tears from your watery eyes and whispering sweet nothings.
“You're okay, princess.” Steve whispers in your ear, kissing you heatedly to shush the whimpers escaping your lips. “You're being such a good girl.” He hums, hands crawling to soothe at your nub making your hips buck.
Bucky hisses, the sensation of your warmth wrapping around him like a vice grip almost made his orgasm materialize, but he couldn't have done that to you. So instead, he kisses your skin gentle and assuring at first until your sobs subside from their ministrations. They made your body rock and tremble with shattering sensations that the pain was forgotten and the only words you can mumble were lewd encouragements.
Soft whimpers, heated kisses- your legs wrapped so deliciously around their waist when they each drove into your slick and warm heat with frantic and passionate thrusts. Their seed coats your walls, dripping from your tight hole to your legs and overflowing, you felt the fingers dip from your inner thighs gathering essence before carefully shoving it back.
“So fucking full, princess.” Steve pants, pupils blown with barely contained possessivenes as he looks over your spent and tired body, chest heaving up and down from tiredness, skin flushed with heat and abso-fucking-lutely fucked with cum leaking out of all possible holes and stomach.
You were a sight to behold, “So pretty dollface.” Bucky pants to your ear, a smile present on his plump lips as he looks at your body on the bed.
Bucky and Steve shared an all knowing look, a conversation of understanding without needing too much words to be said.
You didn't know you had been marked to be theirs. A possession to be perpetually owned. Because there was no way they were going to let you out of their sights, because as they both flank your sides, your pretty face nuzzling to their warmth, body seeking their protection, they wrap their arms around you securely it wasn't just their bodies that were satiated, there was a warmth flowing through their chests and consuming their rationality above all.
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hellsenthero · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Written by: hellsenthero
Stucky X Reader
Themes/Warnings: Smut, 18+, language, safeword, safeword use, angst, fluff. (2K Words.)
a/n: Dear readers and anon, sorry this took so long to write! I’ve been very busy but alas, here it is! Additionally I’d like to let all of you know that I will be making an Updated 2022 Masterlist, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Lastily, enjoy!
“I missed you boys.” You smiled as Steve and Bucky came into the bedroom, both freshly showered after their two-week-long mission. 
“You said that already, doll.” Bucky said as he gave you a quick peck on the lips before moving over to his dresser. 
“Yeah, but I reallyyyyyyyy missed you two.” 
Steve and Bucky shared a knowing look before turning back to face you. 
“We missed you too, baby.” Steve answered. Despite the fact that both Bucky and Steve had been on much longer missions before, it didn’t mean they missed you any less when it was a two-week one. You were their best girl, they could never go long without missing you. 
“We’re back now though. We’re not going anywhere darlin’.” Bucky said as he slipped on a pair of briefs. You eyed him, taking care to really look at all his defined areas before Bucky caught you and gave a playful smirk and a quick pinch to your thigh. Heat blossomed on both your thigh and cheeks as you let out a startled squeak and scurried back on the bed. 
Steve gave his partner a warning look before he came and kissed you. It only lasted a second before he went back to the doorway and already you were craving more. “I’m gonna get some water. Are you two hungry?” Bucky gave you a wicked look that Steve didn’t catch. 
“I’m good.” Bucky answered.
Heat rushed up to your cheeks and you attempted to hide your blush by looking away. “I’m good, Stevie.”
“Right,” Steve said as he threw on a pair of sweatpants and headed for the kitchen. “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.”
Neither you nor Bucky could last the few minutes Steve took in the kitchen. 
“Fuck doll, you taste so good,” Bucky said as he lapped at your cunt. 
“Bucky,” you whined. A chuckle sounded by the door and your headshot up from the bed you were sprawled out on. 
Steve stood in the open doorway, arms crossed and utterly naked. A smirk played on his pink lips. You hadn’t heard him return from the kitchen, or take off his sweatpants, but you were more than happy with the view you had. 
“You too started without me,” Steve said as he walked up towards the bed, stopping just behind Bucky. His eyes lit up as he gazed down at the mess between your legs. 
“I couldn’t help myself,” Bucky said, not bothering to turn around. 
Steve’s hand came down on his shoulder and Bucky paused. Turning around he looked up at the blond. “Let me have a turn with our girl.” Steve said. Bucky nodded and nothing else was said before they were switching places. 
“Stevie.” You gasped before he’d even touched you. 
“That’s right, baby. I’m here and Buck and I are gonna make you feel real good.” 
You couldn’t hold back the long moan as Steve finally brought his lips down to your center. 
Bucky crawled his way up towards you. Leaving a trail of light, teasing kisses along your body. 
Shivers crawled up your spine as more moans escaped past your lips. Not that your boyfriend’s minded. You knew they loved hearing every little sound of pleasure you had in you.
“Bucky, Stevie.”
Bucky smiled before kissing you on the lips. “How ya feeling, doll?” 
“So good.”
“Good.” Bucky purred. “Wanna have a change of position? Suck my cock while Stevie keeps playing with you?”
You nod and Bucky’s quick to help you onto your hands and knees. “There’s our good girl.” Bucky purrs as he eases his cock into your open mouth. Bucky lets you start out with the control. Staying still, the soldier stares down at you as you move your mouth over him. He has to fight the urge to thrust into your mouth but even still, he gives little twitches. 
“I don’t want you commin’ around my cock until I tell you to. Okay, baby?” Steve says as he brings his mouth away from your center and instead angle’s his cock right at your entrance. With a mouth full of Bucky all you can do is nod. “Good girl,” Steve says, just before he slides into you. 
As muffled as it is, you can’t hold back the deep moan that Steve’s dick sliding into you gets. Bucky moans even louder as the vibrations of your mouth sends signals of pleasure through his cock. 
“You remember your safeword, right doll?” Bucky asks. You look up into Bucky’s stormy blue eyes as you nod your head, not taking your mouth off of him to say the actual word. But Bucky seems okay with that because he nods back down at you before thrusting his hips forward once more. “Good.” He breathes out as his eyes flutter shut for a moment. 
“Shit, baby,” Steve groans as he starts to thrust faster and deeper into you. “You’re always so fuckin’ tight. You feel so good.” 
“Shit, I’m gonna-” Bucky’s warning of his oncoming orgasm is cut off by a long moan. “Fuck. I’m gonna cum, Y/N. Take it.” He orders, and you do. As Bucky reaches his high you swallow everything he has to give you. 
You nearly meet your end when Bucky does, but you hold it off. Steve lets out a dark chuckle as you squeeze around him, he can tell you’re close to the end. “I’m almost there, Y/N.” He says as he continues to give sharp, deep thrusts. It’s nearly too much and yet still not enough. 
“Steve-” you cry out.
“Now, Y/N. Come now.” Your legs shake as your body lets go, pleasure rolling through you. Steve moans from behind you as he meets his end right along with you. 
As Steve pulls out of you, the breather you’re usually given is taken away. Immediately Bucky is flipping you over onto your back and leaning over you, his legs prop yours further open. 
“Now it’s my turn, doll.” He purrs, but he doesn’t push into you until you give him a subtle nod. You moan as he thrusts into you, ignoring the twitch of soreness that you feel at your center. As Bucky leans down and scrapes his teeth along your neck, you expect him to start out slow, but he does just the opposite of that. In a matter of seconds, he’s thrusting into you hard and fast and your soreness only grows into pain. 
“Wait, Bucky.” You breathe out. But he doesn’t. “Bucky!” You cry out at his next thrust, trying to get his attention. 
“Shit, you’re so good doll. So good.” 
You try to wait it out, try to find pleasure and ignore the pain, but it’s nearly impossible to do so. A particularly rough thrust from Bucky has you crying out and shaking your head, just wishing for it to end. “No,” you whimper, trying to remember the safeword you had told Bucky you remembered. It was a place, but you couldn’t remember what place. 
A place. You tell yourself. A place, what place? A place, a place, a place…
“Bucky, home.” You tried. Tears slipped down your cheeks as the pain only grew. “Steve, Stevie.” You called. The blond was hovering over you in a matter of seconds. 
“Yeah, baby?” He said after he kissed your shoulder. “You feel good?” 
Desperately and with tears in your eyes, you shake your head no. No, you don’t feel good anymore. You’re stressed and in pain. You need help. 
Bucky sees this and instantly stops his movement. Both his and Steves breath gets caught in their throats as they realize somethings wrong, that they’ve gone too far. 
“Doll-” Bucky starts, but you cut him off with a whine. 
“Home,” you cry, thinking of any place that might be your safeword. “New York, Brookly-”
“Shit!” Steve and Bucky curse as they realize you’re trying to remember your safeword and call it out. “Siberia, baby, the safewords Siberia,” Steve says. 
“Si-Siberia.” You whine out. 
“I know, doll, I know.” Bucky coos softly. “I’m gonna pull out of you, okay? Then Stevie’s gonna clean you up with a warm cloth.” 
You give a small nod to Bucky. It hurts when he slides out and you can’t hold back your whimper. 
“Oh, I know, I know, doll, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Bucky coos to you. He’s trying to be strong, trying to be comforting to you, but inside the guilt is eating away at him. It’s his job to protect you, his and Steve’s. Yet he was so caught up in his pleasure that he hadn’t realized what you were trying to communicate to him, that he was hurting you.
Steve comes back from the bathroom with a warm washcloth, the softest one they had. “Here baby, I’m gonna clean you up.” Steves wipes you down, cleaning you off and you can’t hold back the whine it pulls from you. The soft fabric feels harsh and rough against your over-sensitive skin. 
Instantly, Bucky’s at your side, soothing you. “We’re sorry, doll. We’re sorry. I know you don’t feel well. Do you want Stevie to run you a warm bath?” 
You look up at Bucky with glassy eyes and he can feel his heart breaking in two. “Please.” You whisper. Your voice is as quiet as a mouse, but Steve can still hear you. As soon as he’s done cleaning you up he’s back in the bathroom and running warm water in the tub. He adds your favourite bubble bath into the water, swishing it around to get the bubbles to form. 
Bucky carries you in, your face is pushed into the crook of his neck, breathing in his comforting scent. He doesn’t understand how you’re still comfortable being in his arms, but he doesn’t say anything. Whatever you need, he’ll give you. “There you go, doll. Bath time.” He goes to set you in the warm water but you shake your head, your grip on him growing tighter. “What is it? What’s the matter?” Bucky questions, worried that he’s done something wrong once more, that he’s crossed another line. 
“Get in with me.” You say to him, before looking over at Steve. “Both of you.” 
“Doll, this bath is for you to relax.” Bucky says. 
Slowly, you nod your head. “I know, I wanna relax you with the two of you. Please.” The wide-eyed look you give is too sweet and innocent for your men to turn down. Carefully, they climb into the oversized tub. Steve getting in behind you while Bucky gets in front of you. You sighed in relief as you lay your head back against Steve’s chest. 
“Better?” Steve asks. 
“Yeah,” you answer quietly, “better.” Your body is still sore, but slowly the pain eases and your anxious mind relaxes. “I’m sorry.”
Both Bucky and Steve look at you with concern in their eyes. “Baby,” Steve says, “don’t ever apologize for safewording.” The blonde shares a look with Bucky, silently communicating with him before turning back to face you. “We’re the ones that need to apologize. We didn’t properly check that you remembered the safeword, if we had then you wouldn’t have been put in such a difficult position later on. We’re sorry, baby. We didn’t mean to hurt you, we would never want that. You know that…right?” 
The uncertainty in Steve’s voice has you turning in his arms to face him. The warm water of the tub sloshes over the edge, spilling onto the floor, but none of you pay any mind to it. “Of course I know that. Tonight might have turned into a mess but it wasn’t just on you two.” You turn back around and face Bucky, his eyes are glassy and you move closer to him. “We all should have checked in with ourselves and each other. We failed to go about our regular system and it bit us in the ass, but I’m not mad. There’s no one else that I trust to be so open and intimate with. To make these kinds of mistakes with.” 
Your men smile wide before their arms are wrapped around your bare body. “Oh doll,” Bucky whispers into the crook of your neck. His warm breath on your delicate skin sends a shiver up your spine. “You’re so perfect. How’d I get so lucky, huh? So fucking perfect.”
“Thank you for trusting us and loving us baby. You make us the two luckiest men alive.” Steve says, his warm lips press a gentle kiss to your shoulder. “We’re gonna take care of you, Y/N.”
You can’t hold back your smile as you’re showered in gentle love by your men.
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wintersldr1 · 4 months ago
summary: it’s a fitful night of sleep in the tower. when your boys find you needy for them, even in sleep, they just can’t help themselves.
18+, minors do not interact
warnings: slight somnophilia (consent is given beforehand!!), LOTSSSS of dirty talking, humping, penetration, fingering, oral (f+m receiving), aftercare
Tumblr media
It was a restless evening in Stark Tower.
Everyone was in their separate rooms - except for you, Bucky, and Steve of course, who shared a king sized bed on the fifteenth floor. The boys were having a tough time falling asleep because of the raging thunderstorm outside, but you had different reasons for your fitful rest.
You let out a small whimper, your legs shoving in between Steve’s. He turned to gather you into his arms and comfort you, but he stopped dead in his tracks when he looked down at you.
“Bucky,” Steve whispered, holding his breath. When the brunette didn’t answer, Steve shoved an elbow into his side. “BUCKY!”
Bucky shot up, rubbing his side and glaring at his boyfriend. “Can I fucking help you, Steven?” he asked, but he too stopped when he saw the sight before him.
You were writhing under the sheets, your legs straddling Steve’s thick thighs as you rubbed yourself on him. Breathy moans left your swollen lips.
“Holy…” Bucky whispered.
“Aren’t you glad I woke you up?” Steve asked, mischief glinting in his eyes.
“Fuck yea.”
“What do we do?”
“I have a pretty good idea, Stevie.”
Steve bit his lip. “We sure she’s okay with it?”
Bucky chuckled, slowly moving so he was sitting in front of you. “She’s rubbin’ on your thigh for God’s sake, Rogers. I’m sure she’d be more than okay with it,” he said, but when he caught the hesitant look in Steve’s eyes, he continued. “We’ve talked about this before, remember? She said she loved the idea of waking up with one of our head between her thighs. Her words, not mine,” he added as Steve shot him a look.
“What if she changes her mind?” Steve asked.
“We have safewords in place for a reason.”
Steve nodded, and Bucky shot him a blinding smile before slowly sliding the covers off of you, careful not to disturb your sleeping form. He placed his large hands on either side of your hips, fingering the lace panties you wore. His eyes darkened in lust as he saw the damp patch right below your core. “Fuck,” he mumbled, his tongue shooting out to lick his lips. “Fuck, Steve. She’s so wet.”
Steve groaned at the words, savoring the feeling of your movements over his bare thighs. Bucky gently pulled down your panties, exposing you.
“How’s she look?” Steve asked.
Bucky peered up at him, strands of long hair falling in his eyes. “Fucking beautiful, as always,” he replied. His breath hit your core, and you tightened around nothing, still in a deep sleep.
Bucky finally decided he couldn’t wait any longer, pressing his lips against you and shoving his tongue inside. You groaned, burying your face into the sheets. Bucky continued to lick and suck, reveling in the way you were so responsive, even asleep.
You tensed when he added a metal finger, spearing you open and satiating your need to be filled.
“Think she’s wakin’ up, Buck,” Steve commented, his arms around you as you wiggled in his grip. “You with us, sweetie?”
You groaned, opening your eyes and peering up at Steve. You involuntarily moaned at the feeling of Bucky’s moving fingers, quickly catching on to the situation. You bit back a whimper, finding everything about this so hot.
“Buck, stop,” Steve said, placing a hand on your chin. You looked up at him. “You good with this, baby?” he asked, concern evident in his soft gaze.
You nodded vehemently, your fingers finding Bucky’s long hair. “Please keep going, baby,” you said. Bucky smirked and dove back in.
It wasn’t long before you were coming, due to the pent-up teasing and thanks to Bucky’s talented mouth and thick fingers. You let a high-pitched moan, the noise sending shivers down both men’s spine.
“So good for him, honey,” Steve said, stroking your face. “You’re perfect.”
You gave him a sloppy kiss. He groaned into your mouth, lifting you off of his lap. “Wanna make you feel good,” you slurred, drunk on pleasure. “Lemme make you feel good, Stevie.”
“Fuck, doll,” he replied. “You want my cock? Yeah, you do. You love that shit, don’t ya?”
Steve’s dirty words sent a wave of arousal rippling across your body, landing straight between your legs.
Bucky stood up, coming to kneel beside your face as he and Steve switched positions. Steve took his clothes off in seconds, his cock standing at attention against his muscled stomach. He was painfully hard, precum dripping down to the base. “Gonna fuck you real nice, dollface. You ready, Buck?”
Bucky had his boxers pulled down, his cock begging for attention in front of your face. You felt yourself physically begin to drool at the sight.
“Depends,” Bucky responded, leaning down to press a kiss to your lips. “You ready, darlin’?”
You nodded frantically, grasping his cock in your hand and sticking your tongue out to collect the precum forming at the head. Bucky cursed loudly and thrust his hips forward.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” said Steve. He pushed into you, groaning at your overwhelming tightness. “Fuuuck,” he let out.
“God, doll, you take dick like you were made for it,” Bucky managed to get out through gasps. “Two super soldier cocks in you, and you don’t even break a sweat. Whatta fuckin’ champ.”
Steve rocked into you harder, hitting that spot that brought galaxies before your eyes. “How are you always this goddamn tight?” He questioned.
“We fuck ya every day, and yet this little pussy stays small for us, isn’t that right?” Bucky said. “Son of a bitch,” he cursed when you hollowed your cheeks and sucked his entire dick down your throat. “Isn’t she a fucking sin, Stevie?”
Steve didn’t have to respond. You moaned around Bucky as Steve pistoned into you, dragging along your walls as he turned nearly feral. “Fuck her mouth, Bucky,” he commanded, and Bucky did just that. You barely managed to suck in air through your nose before he was forcing his dick as far in as it would go.
“You look pretty all the time,” Bucky said, “but I think you look prettiest when my fat cock is stuffed in your face.”
Bucky’s filthy words nearly had you come on the spot, but Steve had other plans. “Don’t you dare come yet,” he growled. “Fucking yourself on my thigh wasn’t enough? Now you need two cocks in you? You’re insatiable.”
“Take it,” Bucky snarled as he shoved himself as far in your mouth as he would go. He could see the bulge of his tip in the middle of your throat. Your nose was pressed against his pubic bone, effectively cutting you off from all air. You loved it. You knew your boys were aware of your limits, and you didn’t have to think twice before trusting them with your life - they were Avengers, after all.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Bucky chanted. You sucked as hard as you could, flicking your tongue across the head of his engorged cock. “Fuck, doll, I-I’m gonna… fuck, I’m coming,” he practically snarled, thrusting as hard and deep as he could into you. You took every inch, focused on the feeling of Steve moving inside of you.
“Swallow it,” Bucky said sternly, pulling out of your mouth and squeezing your chin firmly with his hand. You did as he asked, and he kissed your forehead. “Atta girl.”
“Steve, please, I need to come,” you pleaded, gripping Bucky’s arms as Steve continued to fuck you brutally.
“Whaddya say, Buck?” Steve asked through grunts. “Think she deserves it?”
“Hell yes,” Bucky replied, looking down at you with a glint of pride in those blue eyes. “Been good for us all night.”
You shot him an appreciative smile.
“You heard him. Come for me, pretty girl,” Steve said. He obviously wasn’t far off either; he twitched inside of you and his hips began to stutter. “I’m right there with ya.”
You let yourself fall of the edge with Steve’s words. You clenched as hard as you could around him, your vision whitening at the edges and your teeth clenching. Your muscles spasmed as Steve held you down, pumping you full of his release. Pleasure overwhelmed your senses.
You finally came down from your climax a moment later. Bucky had lifted you into his enormous arms, kissing you up and down your neck. “So, so good, baby,” he whispered. “All mine.”
“Ours, punk,” Steve said, returning from the bathroom with a towel. “Here ya go, sweetheart.” He cleaned you up, and the three of you collapsed back into bed.
“Now we can all sleep soundly,” you said. Your boys laughed, smushing you in between them. “I’m exhausted.”
Steve rubbed your back. “I know, baby. You should be.”
“You’re fucking incredible,” Bucky added as he pushed your head into the curve of his neck. “You can sleep for as long as you want to.”
You sighed contently, snuggling in closer to your super-soldiers. Sleep came easily in the comfort of their arms.
Tumblr media
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stevesprncss · a month ago
Heat(ed) Argument - [s.r]
Tumblr media
summary: after a fight with his mate, alpha!steve feels the urge to leave before he says - or does - something he won’t be able to take back. he’d never forgive himself if he made his Omega upset. when he gets a text, two days later, things immediately change. his Omega not only is distressed, but also in heat and in pain - and it’s his duty to right his wrongs (and satisfy his girl).
pairing: alpha!steve x omega!reader (she/her)
warnings: cursing, possessive!steve, jealous!steve, protectiveness, post tws & pre civil war, alpa!steve, omega!reader, fluff, angst, asshole!steve, explicit smut.
smut contains: daddy kink, knotting, abo dynamics, dirty talking, name calling (whore/slut, etc), pet names, light chocking, light spanking, breeding kink, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it even if it’s steve rogers fucking the life out of you), mating, penetration/vaginal sex, reader has a vagina, rough sex, oral sex (f!receiving), fingering. read at your own discretion.
minors advised to not interact. this is an adult content with very detailed descriptions of foreplay, sexual intercourse, kinks and mature settings. R rated : 18+.
word count: 5.8k
a/n: so... hi. this is yet another repost from my old blog (stevenssrogers) and it wasn’t supposed to happen bc i had already reposted another steve rogers fic [which you can read on the “previous work” link down below] & also i wanted to post a new writing piece. however, because college sucks and genetics + biochem are kicking my damn ass, i couldn’t finish the new bucky fic i wanted to post (you can read a short preview here, by the way). i like how it’s coming along, though, and i’m upset i couldn’t finish it. at the same time, i didn’t want to leave this blog pretty much inactive when it comes to writing (also i’m afraid tumblr will shadowban me again). i did some major editing on this one because i found a lot of spelling and cohesion mistakes, but as per usual, the plot roughly remains the same. it was the first explicit smut i posted on my old blog and it’s also the first on this one! i’m a little rusty when it comes to writing in general (for years my only writing was for academic settings) and even more when it comes to smut, but hope you enjoy it nevertheless. let me know what you think! xx
english is not my first language so mistakes are to be expected.
☾ previous work ☽ ☾masterlist☽
Steve growled in annoyance, his protective instincts kicking in. He had been watching his Omega dance with Thor for what felt like hours. She was smiling, clearly happy, without a care in the world. And Thor, well, the God of Thunder had too much Asgardian liquor and that was self-explanatory. To say he was jealous was an understatement – the man, though mostly calm, collected and polite, was her Alpha and a very possessive, territorial one for that matter.
“Nat and I have been betting on how many glasses you’ll break until the end of the party. I said 10, but she was more realistic and unbelieving and said 15, so help a friend out and make me win those fifty bucks, punk.” James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes Jr, also known as his best pal – and occasionally The Winter Soldier – casually said, leaning his body on the Tower’s bar counter.
“Believe me, jerk, if I’m breaking anything tonight, it won’t be a glass or 10.” He said through gritted teeth, looking straight to Thor.
“Well, that ought’a be fun.” Bucky replied, a smirk adorning his face. “The super soldier and the God fighting against each other instead of on the same team?” Steve let out a warning low rumble.
“Listen carefully to what I’m about to tell you, Barnes – if anything or anyone comes between me and my Omega, that said so thing or person will be out of my way before anybody can blink. Do you understand?” He looked at the sergeant for the first time, his eyes hard and cold.
The latter held his hand out in mock surrender, though he fully knew how truthful his friend’s words were. Steve wasn’t the leader of the team only because he was Captain America – it was because he was wild, fierce, an unstoppable force of nature when provoked. Adding that to his protectiveness of his Omega and we had a very dangerous and unstable mix. If Thor crossed a line, it wouldn’t matter if they were at a party filled with people from all over the country, it wouldn’t matter the fact that he’s a public persona and has an image to care, it wouldn’t matter the fact that his opponent would be a literal God – nothing would matter until he made sure Thor knew who Y/N belonged to. And if he needed to become a feral animal and take out anyone on his path – well, then he would do it.
Though Bucky was an Alpha himself and could take Steve out on normal conditions due to his time under HYDRA control, he knew he would be no match once the Captain was out of his mind, instincts kicking in. It seemed like the super serum got even stronger once Steve was in full possessive mode. Calm and controlled façade be damned – he was a bull in a china shop. Barnes himself didn’t have a mate, an Omega of his own. He wouldn’t know what it feels like seeing the person you’re bonded with having the time of their lives with another unmated Alpha and he had never been on the receiving end of Steve’s (quite literal) madness – he had, however, seen it firsthand. And the results were never pretty.
When Y/N and Thor hugged, Steve let out a primal snarl, the glass in his hand breaking as he got up and went on their direction.
“And that was one.” Bucky muttered under his breath, watching as Steve’s tense body made its way to crash the private party both people were having.
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers always found himself to be a focused, calm and patient man. No matter the circumstances, he took pride in how he always managed a way out without losing his shit. He took pride in how strong he felt about his morals, work ethic and personality. He took pride in how he always helped the new recruits out, even when they put his patience to a very rough test. He always took pride in how he was not a conventional Alpha – rude, self-entitled, possessive of any Omega he came in contact with, territorial and, well, a complete jackass. However, some of that completely changed when he met his mate.
Y/N was… she was something else entirely. From the moment she stepped inside the Tower as Tony’s new lab assistant, he knew she was the one and he knew he was fucking damned. It was instant – he became addicted. He needed to be beside her almost all the time, needed to touch her, to know how she was doing. With one touch, one word, she was able to bring him to his knees, bring him back from whatever dark hole his mind had immersed itself in when he zooned out. Her sweet scent got him begging for more, more, more. It just wasn’t enough. It would never be enough; he’d never get enough of her.
With all the new feelings, came also the Alpha instincts. Having been somewhat asleep for years – he was never the ladies-man, always having other priorities, other focuses, missions to go to and a hectic life that left no time to “date” – they came to the surface kicking with full force. He felt it was his duty to protect her above everyone – and everything – else, calm her down, comfort her, to be with her anywhere she wanted, whenever she wanted and, if that wasn’t possible, he’d always suggest other activities and options just to see her smile light up his entire fucking life. She was his best girl and he’d be damned if he didn’t spoil her rotten.
He made sure the interns and new agents wouldn’t cross his limits, he made damn sure his message was sent and a hundred percent received. He became protective, always with a hand on the small of her back, throwing warning glances to other Alphas – and any other man, to be honest. Alpha, Beta, Omega, didn’t matter; the message was clear: she is off limits. She is mine and mine alone.
You see, the team never feared Steve. Not when he was mad, not when he was fully suited and going Captain America on people’s asses, not when he was fighting with his life on the field, that fierce look on his eyes, his bruised body still going despite the pain and aches. They had never feared him up until that one day when she got hurt. It was like he was possessed.
The moment he stepped in the Tower after a particularly hard and dangerous mission, he knew something was up. People were looking at him differently – with uncertainty in their eyes, maybe? –, the scents had something bitter in them, something he sensed as hesitation tinged with fear. He didn’t know what was up – until he was informed of the… situation and everyone swore the Heavens fell.
Some agent finally had the balls to come up to him and mutter that Y/N – who was not yet his mate – had taken a pretty ugly fall and hit her head, which made her go unconscious immediately. With fire in his eyes and a completely terrified agent grabbed by the collar, his mutter was simple, cold and demanding: tell me where she is.
Once the agent’s shaky hands pointed to the medical wing of the building, nobody was able to stop the man. Not Natalia Romanova, not Anthony Stark, not James Barnes or even the doctors responsible for her care. He was a man on a mission and Hell would freeze over a thousand times before he let anybody come between him and his Omega. Steve Rogers was so determined to find her that when Banner refused to let him see her, he simply let out an animalistic, wild growl and kicked the door down, scaring at least half of the med staff, who all scurried away. Bruce, very bravely still, tried to convince him to give Y/N some rest, to which the Captain simply replied “I’d like to see you or your green companion try”, in his enraged, manic tone. When Doctor Banner left, sighing and shaking his head, it was like a switch had been pressed. That hunk of a man with over 6 foot had gone from his own version of The Hulk to a soft, worried puppy.
Quietly and carefully sitting down beside his love, he grabbed her hands in his, checking for any other injuries that the highly trained and very capable team of doctors might have missed, murmuring sweet nothings into her ears, begging for her to wake up. He stayed by her side, loyally and protectively, until she did – it took mere hours.
Ever since then, the team finally realized what she really meant to Steve. He survived Bucky’s supposed death, he survived leaving Peggy behind, he survived The Winter Soldier, he moved on from his past, but he wouldn’t survive her. Not if she left, not if she died. She was his mate – the one made for him as much as he was made for her. They knew if anything happened, Steve would go down and take everyone with him. Well, almost all of them knew it. Except, apparently, a certain God of Thunder.
Thor Odinson wasn’t around when the Omega arrived on the team, nor was he around when she and Steve mated and bonded. In fact, he wasn’t even aware those were actual things. In Asgard, much like in every other realm, things such as being an Alpha, Beta or Omega did not exist – he didn’t know other perceived him as an “unmated Alpha” in Midgard. The Gods in his realm did, however, have their soulmates, their own unique way of bonding and finding the one – if those people were Asgardians or part of other realms, it didn’t matter. So, in his defense, though he knew Steve and the girl were an item, he couldn’t smell the scent, didn’t know the dynamics and most definitely didn’t know the can of worms he was opening when he so graciously hugged Y/N, his only intention being a hug on dear lady friend.
Thor, though King-to-be, was still naïve and relatively pure, especially when it came to Midgardian costumes. That’s why he didn’t understand Steve’s hostility towards him, his tension, why his eyes, usually gentle and compassionate, were now cold and void of emotion, he didn’t understand the way he gently, yet firmly, guided Y/N away from the dance floor. He didn’t understand when she refused and he called her, on a stern tone, “Omega”, making her immediately comply.  What was an Omega, anyway? Maybe he heard wrong, due to the amount of Asgardian liquor he had consumed? Or maybe that was some sort of inside joke between Steve and Y/N? A little confused, the God shrugged – after all, Midgardians were a different, special kind and that much he knew.
Tumblr media
Steve tried so hard to be polite, to not grab Thor by the throat and demand an explanation as to why he was hugging Y/N so lovingly. He tried so hard to not be a complete asshole, to not grab her right then and drag her to the elevators. He tried, not succeeded.  Before he could get a grip of himself, he was already bossing her around, using her title. Rogers knew how much she was not the typical stereotyped submissive Omega normally – she was far from that, actually. He knew how much she hated being given orders if it’s not on the job, she hated when he manhandles her like that – like… like a fucking caveman. So he knew she’d put up a fight and he had to take action, which, in his language, means resorting to hierarchy.
When he called her by her title, her social position amongst an invisible pack, her immediate reaction wasn’t submissive, per se. It was aroused, which he didn’t find completely weird, but definitely not normal for her. He heard the small, almost imperceptible, whimper. He saw her legs briefly shake.  She wasn’t entirely mad – which relieved him to no extent – but she wasn’t fully happy either – which fueled his own feelings.
Once they stepped into the common room of The Avengers tower, Steve turned to face her, trying to keep his territorial thoughts at bay.
“What was that?” He growled.
She blinked in confusion.
“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about or what is happening.”
“Oh? So what was that little show you and Thor just freely gave us? I’m very much interested in knowing.”
“Little show…? God, Steve, we were just dancing. You really do have a flair for the dramatics.”
“Would you like to sit on a bar stool all night watching me dance with another Omega?” His voice was now cold.
“Thor is not an Alpha, Steve. He’s a friend. And, last time I checked, I was allowed to have friends.”
“You did not answer my question, Omega.” He knew he was being irrational – Thor was a friend, they were on the same team, but the Alpha in him couldn’t care less. He wasn’t seeing – or thinking – straight. Between him and his Omega there was a certain God of Thunder and that was all that mattered in that moment.
“No, Steve, I would not have liked to see you dance with another Omega.” She sighed, her head starting to pound, her muscles tense.
“So why, instead of spending your night with me, were you grinding on Thor all night?” He barked and she lost her temper.
“You watch that fucking tone of yours. Alpha or not, I won’t stand any kind of screaming and accusations towards me. I am allowed to have friends, Steven. I had them way before we met, way before we mated, way before we bonded. I don’t have to spend the night with you, I don’t have to do shit, I don’t owe you shit and neither do you to me. I won’t tolerate you trying to subjugate me.” He growled, his body colliding with hers as his hands gripped her waist.
“You’re mine, Omega. And I will be clear: if I see any other man laying hands on your body, the body that’s mine to mark, mine to fuck, mine to make love with, mine to please, mine to make cum until it’s giving out, if I see it, the person is as good as dead. Mine.” He repeated, taking two steps back and rubbing his hand on his face.
“I’m out of my mind right now, I need some fresh air, I need to think before I say anything that’ll be hurtful to you, make you more upset. I’m not myself when I’m like that. All I can see is you and Thor, Thor and you, dancing, grinding, laughing and that’s driving me insane, do you hear me? I’m seeing red. I’m using every ounce of self-control I have to not go back there and teach him some Midgardian manners and then coming back here and fuck you until you remember who’s your Alpha.” Steve snarled.
In any other normal day, Steve wouldn’t have missed it, missed the signals that her heat was coming. The slight change of her scent, her whimpering and shaking, how her muscles tensed, the sweating, how her legs almost gave out when he was talking about taking claim on her body, how her eyes closed and she panted when he spoke about fucking her senseless. But it was no normal day and as Steve walked out of the door to God-knows-where, she fell to the ground, taking deep breaths as she tried to calm her now-burning body.
She, too, had missed the signals. The pounding headache she had had earlier and now again? The sudden need to have sex when she was getting ready for the party? The whimpering when Steve had called her by her title? All of those, heat. What a fucking time for her body to decide on fertility and never-ending need for sex.
Slowly getting up, she made her way to her room, preparing to what she thought would be one of her strongest heats after she got mated.
Tumblr media
Steve hadn’t come back that night, nor the day after and so far, not as of now. She was in pain. It wasn’t the kind of pain you feel when you take a fall or, in their line of work, gets stabbed or shot. It was different – it was the horny kind of pain.  She wanted, needed a knot, his knot, so bad that it was physically taking a toll on her. Her toys were basically useless and her body was burning with a high fever. She kept mumbling Steve’s name, going in and out of consciousness. She was coated with slick and, as the heat grew stronger, her clothes grew scarcer – they were making her itch. The covers were kicked away, her shirt was on the ground and she had nothing covering her shivering body.  She had desperately tried to contact Steve the day prior, when it wasn’t as bad, but he not once did he pick up. Or the team’s calls.
“What’s going on?” An anxious voice asked.
“Her heat is progressing dangerously quick.” A voice she recognized as Bruce’s answered. “She told me they fought before Steve left, so I’m assuming her subconscious took him leaving and not being present in her heat as her mate rejecting their bond, rejecting her and now her body is trying to do some sort of call by amping up her heat to lure her mate back.”
“What does that mean?” It was all rushed whispers now.
“That means that if Steve doesn’t answer our calls soon, his mate is going to die.” The voices were getting more and more jumbled in her head, the only resounding thought being the call for her mate.
A quick intake of breath was heard and then silence.
“Fear not, my friend Natalia and great Doctor Banner, I texted Popsicle and by his lack of answer and my tracking device, the man is coming full force.”
“Tony, what exactly did you text him?”
Tumblr media
Your mate is in danger. Five words that made hell break loose for Steve. He had left for two days, ignored his Omega’s calls, his team’s calls and now his mate was in danger. Rogers had been through a lot on his long life time yet nothing that could set him off like those five words could. A sentence with the word “danger” on it was never good news, but a sentence with the words “danger’”, “your” and “mate”? All the bets were fucking off.
He was seeing red. His rage at himself, at his stupidity had put him near insanity. His lack of responsibility and clear head at the night of the party had now put the love of his life in what he presumed to be a life-death situation. All he could see was her as he madly drove through the city to the compound, speed limits and traffic comradery long forgotten. He had been blinded by his jealousy and look where that had gotten him. If anything happened to her, Steven Grant Rogers was a dead man.
Once he made it to the Tower, he didn’t bother parking right, he just left his motorcycle there, not even remembering if he had turned it off as he made his way to wherever she was. If he was going down, so was everybody else – which, in other words, meant: they better be useful and tell me exactly where she is before I burn this whole fucking Tower down.
The first collar his hand came in contact with was Tony’s, the one and only who had sent him the text in the first place.
“Where is she?” He growled slowly, Tony’s back hitting a wall as his feet were no longer touching the ground.
“Her room.” He breathed out with difficulty, trying to gasp for air.
Stark didn’t need to say anything else as he was hastily dropped to the ground, Steve taking long steps until he reached her room. Not bothering to knock, he simply did as he already had done once before – kicked the door down.
If the man hadn’t noticed before, now it was impossible to ignore as the smell hit him like a train wreck. She was on her heat and, by the looks of it, a strong one.
“Out.” He barked, hearing Natasha and Bruce quickly getting up to their feet and running away.
He sniffed, absorbing as much of her scent as he could. His eyes turned darker as a jolt of pure lust and love went through his whole body. Gently, he scooped his Omega in his arms, walking to his own room.
“Steve…” She mumbled, incoherent sentences leaving her mouth.
“Shh, it’s okay, baby. I’m sorry I wasn’t here before. I’m here now, princess. And Daddy’s gonna take good care of you.” He whispered in her ear, gaining a moan back.
Closing and locking the door to his room, he slowly laid her on his bed. She blinked, feeling a little more in control than she did before.
“I’m here, baby girl.” He muttered, taking his shirt and pants off and laying on top of her, arms on the side of her head, sustaining most of his weight. “I’m here now.”
He lowered his head, his lips fanning over hers for a second before they crashed down. He positioned one of his legs in between hers, deepening the kiss as he grabbed her hair with both hands. She whimpered on his mouth, needing more, her nails scratching his naked back.
His tongue didn’t need to fight for dominance as it already had it. He sucked on her tongue, subsequently biting on her bottom lip.
“More.” She begged, her hips grinding on his leg as he kept fiercely kissing her.
His mouth roamed through her body, going to her neck, licking on her skin, giving it gentle bites, nipping her ear lobe, making her legs shake. Soon, his lips were down her breasts, engulfing one of her nipples on a passionate suck as she arched her back. He let it go, slowly grazing his teeth through her breasts as she moaned his name like a mantra, her hands gripping his hair. He gave her other nipple the same attention, hands grabbing at her waist.
Steve descended on his exploration, his mouth now kissing her belly and stopping on her pubic bone.
“Fuck.” He grunted, breathing in her arousal. “You smell delicious, baby girl.” He kissed her clothed clit as she let out a prolonged moan, her grip still firm on his hair. “Soaking wet, princess. Is that for your daddy? Do you want daddy to eat you out like you’re his dessert?”
She eagerly nodded, looking down through hazed eyes.
“Please, please.” She panted, hips moving.
“Please what, angel? Use your words.” He smirked, his strong arms controlling her hips, making them go still as she whined.
“Please, daddy. Eat me out.” Steve groaned in approval, his own arousal fucking with his self-control.
Slowly and provokingly, he licked her thighs, giving a bite on each one as his tongue made its way to her pussy. Locking eyes with his lover, he dove in, a long lick that made her see stars. He was addicted to her taste – no matter how much he devoured her, it never seemed to be enough to quench his thirst. As her hips once again started moving on their own accord, he took matters in his own hands, grasping her waist as he sucked on her clit, effectively stilling her movements. He very lightly rasped his teeth on her button, feeling her legs shake around his head.
“Holy fuc-yes! Yes, Steve, Alpha, please.” She screamed in pure ecstasy, eyes rolling back.
He was a starved man as he slurped on her juices, face smashed against her pussy drinking all she had to offer – just the way he loved it. Her pussy never failed to produce more and more slick, luring him in, challenging him to take more – and so he did. Grabbing her boobs, the Captain worked his tongue on her clit in circular motions, applying pressure to it as he finally let her grind on his face as much as she desired.
He felt her nails on his scalp, her grip getting impossibly stronger. He put one of her legs on his back, giving her the control she needed. Steve looked up in time to watch her grip her boobs over his hands as she gasped, his mouth driving her crazy the way only he knew how, the texture of his lips on her swollen clit taking her to paradise.
He smirked as he heard the sounds his girl made. Pure pleasure – that’s what he was feeling as he dived his tongue in her hole. She screamed, her legs shaking violently as she almost came undone right then and there.
“Oh my fucking God, Steve, don’t stop, please don’t you fucking stop.” She yelped, eyes closing as she felt the quick movement of his tongue going in and out of her. “Just like that, just like tha-ah, ah. I’m gonna-”. It was difficult for her to speak, her breath rigged as she gripped the sheets.
So close, she was so fucking close until he stopped, making her let out a strangled cry.
“Tell me, Omega, who do you belong to?” She looked at him, her juices coated all over his glistening face.
Her mind was so foggy and overdriven with pleasure that she couldn’t form any other words, all she could think of was the powerful orgasm he had just robbed her from having. She only shook her head, not really knowing what to do or how to formulate words.
He tsked.
“Wrong answer, baby girl.”
Diving his head down again, he restarted it all on an agonizingly slow pattern, making her hiss out in frustration, the unfiltered noises coming all at once out of her mouth. He took his time, exploring her labia, gently kissing her thighs, biting them on the sweet spot only he knew she had. Each gasp, each pant fueled him, making him go further and further on his unhurried exploring.
“P-please.” She choked, her body burning, her heat consuming all she had.
He captured her bundle of nerves with his lips, carefully nipping at it, getting a squeak from her.
“So fucking wet. I could spend days eating you out, Omega. Could spend days seeing you beg for my tongue, begging for me to take you out of your misery. That’s what you want, isn’t it, baby? My greedy little whore wants to cum all over daddy’s face, ain’t that right?”
She nodded, eager to get something, anything. He smirked.
“Use my mouth, kitten. Fuck yourself on my lips.”
“Alpha.” She breathed out his title, hands back on his hair, her body moving quickly. She felt her orgasm building up once again, not taking too long until she was putty and shaky all over again, calling her Alpha, her mate, over and over, cursing, looking for more friction, moving his head to her pleasure, as his hands gripped her body for support.
“AH! AH! YES! RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THERE, ALPHA, PLEASE, PLEASE!” She screamed and begged, her walls contracting around nothing, eyes rolling to the back of her head and mouth agape. “I’m gonna cum, oh God, oh my God, yes!”
“No, you’re not, Omega.” He was sure the frustrated howl she let out once he stopped one more time could be heard on the entire Tower. “Now, now, I think there’s one question you didn’t answer. Tell me, Omega, who do you belong to?”
“YOU!” She yelled with all the force she had. “I’m yours, I’m all yours, your Omega, yours, please make me cum.” Tears prickled her eyes, she was desperate, shamelessly begging, mind foggy, hips mindlessly grinding – she just needed that one release to fucking breathe again.
“Damn right you’re mine, baby. And now my stubborn slut gets her reward.” Steve gripped her waist so hard she was sure there would be bruises in the morning. She couldn’t move as he assaulted her clit, nipping, sucking, biting, moaning into her only so she could feel the vibrations.
Her legs firmly closed not letting him move from her pussy.
“Tastes so good, such a good pussy.” He mumbled, his mouth still attached to her clit.
“Fuck, DON’T STOP! STEVE, STEVE!” She repeated his name like a prayer until her throat was sore. “I’m cumming, baby, I’m gonna-.” Gripping the sheets with one hand, her whole body shook as she finally – finally – found her sweet release after a particularly strong suckle on her clit.
Her orgasm hit her so hard she was sure she had passed out for a brief moment, her legs violently shaking as she gasped and gasped, body writhing, riding wave after wave, grinding her soaked pussy in his face, coating him on her smell, on her arousal. He wasn’t, however, done yet. Getting on his knees, he put a hand on her throat, lightly choking her as he, in one swift motion, stuck two fingers inside of her warm canal. She thrashed on the bed, still sensitive from her earth-shattering orgasm. He showed no mercy, though, quickly finger fucking his girl, making her moan, grunt and growl, long fingers firmly moving.
He added a little bit more pressure on the hand holding her neck and with an expert curve of his fingers, he found her g-spot, hitting it rapidly and repeatedly until he felt her walls clamp down on his fingers, her long, loud shriek letting him know she had reached her peak once again.
“Yes, Omega.” He whispered. “Ride it out, baby girl, just like that.” He encouraged, seeing her legs floppily moving around, pussy still grinding on his wet fingers.
Once she was done and panting, her hair a mess and eyes closed, he slowly and gently removed his fingers from her.
“Open your mouth.” He ordered, tone rough. She complied and almost immediately felt her own taste in her mouth.
She sucked his fingers clean and he leaned in for a kiss.
“Now, my love, it’s time for me to knot you so good that every time you walk, sit or lay down, you’ll remember who did you that good. Do you understand?” She nodded, her eyes shining with hope.
“I wanna taste you, Alpha.” She looked at him with puppy eyes. “Please.”
He growled, grabbing her hair and yanking her to him, ravishing her mouth on a breathtakingly rough kiss.
“As much as I want to see your pretty little mouth wrapped around my cock, I wouldn’t last long in the state that I’m in, Y/N. And that would be a shame, wouldn’t it? I have so much planned for that delicious pussy of yours.” He gave her a light slap, making her yelp and close her eyes, already feeling the slick pouring out of her once again, her heat not done just yet.
Steve took off his boxers, his painfully hard cock springing free.
“Present yourself to me, Omega.” He rasped and Y/N quickly complied, turning around, her ass up.
He lined himself on her entrance, letting a low growl when her wet core fully welcomed his whole length. He loved being inside her, feeling her pussy strongly grip his cock. Steve waited until she was completely open to him and slowly started moving. She gripped the sheets, eyes rolling as much as her hips.
“More.” She begged, body burning up.
He grabbed her hips, his pace quickening. His hips were smashing against her ass, skin slapping against skin as both of them moaned each other’s name. With one hand, he spanked her ass-cheek.
“FUCK, ALPHA! YES!” She screamed again, throwing herself harder against his hard and thick dick.  
“My dirty little Omega was such a bad girl to her Alpha.” He slapped her butt once more, punctuating his words with firm, staccato thrusts. “Deserves to be punished, doesn’t she?” Y/N frantically nodded, feeling a delicious burn on her core, wanting, needing more than what he was giving her.
Steve wickedly smiled, picking up his pace, slamming against her over and over, hands grabbing her boobs, mouth on her neck, lightly biting as he heard the loud noises she was making. His girl was lost in her own pleasure. The pleasure he was giving her. His cock was so perfectly in sync with her g-spot, hitting it with each thrust, that soon enough her legs were shaking, mouth open in a silent moan.
“Al-Alpha… Steve, I’m gonna…” She rasped, voice raw as her nails dug into his arm.
“You cum when I say you can.” He stopped, turning her around like his personal doll.
She let out a frustrated sob.
“Look at my pretty princess, all cockdrunk on daddy’s cock.” He sucked on her nipples, leaving a hickey on her skin. “Now, baby girl, I’m gonna fuck you senseless until your pretty pussy milks all of my cock, do you understand me?” Steve asked as he entered her in one motion, her legs on his shoulder.
“Y-yes, yes, please, please.” She cried, eyes closed as he started moving his hips.
It was not a great effort for him to pick up his pace, fucking her into oblivion as he himself chased his own orgasm. The headboard was slamming angst the wall, the symphony of sex completed by their out-of-breath noises. With one hand holding her waist and another circling her clit, Steve conducted her body like his own personal orchestra.
It didn’t take her long to start screaming again, his hand picking up pace on her clit, adding just the amount of pressure she loved as her body shook from the forceful pounding. She felt his knot inflating as her own orgasm started coming at her at a devastating pace.
“You want my knot, Omega? Want my seed inside of you, making you grow round with my pups? Is that what my fucking cockslut wants?”
She wailed in agreement, incoherently begging for him to be “stronger”, to go “faster” to which he complied. As both of them called for each other, he lowered his mouth on her neck, licking the skin where the scar from his bite laid.
“Cum for your Alpha, Omega.” He mumbled against her skin, voice coarse with pleasure.
When Steve felt her nails forcefully scratching his back and her legs tensing, he bit down on that same spot, hearing Y/N roar, shake and writhe, her orgasm hitting her like a merciless tsunami. His own knot inflated to its max as he locked her into place, his seed fully filling her up as he grunted her name over and over.
On her post orgasmic bliss, she closed her eyes, body still lightly shaking.
“Maybe I should make you jealous more often.”
Steve growled lowly.
“Don’t try the odds, kitten. Next time they might not be so gentle.”
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whitewinter-wolf · 4 months ago
To the person who anonymously requested this, this one is for you. Thank you for the request and I’m so sorry cause I accidentally deleted your request, I did write it so I hope you see this and I hope you enjoy this. This one is for you, love <3
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: Bucky Barnes x Healer Avenger!Reader
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: Bucky does everything and anything just to be with you.
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: Mentions of injury, slight angst, fluff, Bucky being a lovesick idiot
Tumblr media
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Bucky didn’t know he would be capable of doing something this stupid.
James Buchanan Barnes, a hundred year old super soldier, a war veteran, an ex assassin, and now an official Avenger was asking his best friend to do him a favor.
“I am not doing that, Buck.” Steve says as he places his hands on his hip, trying his best to not judge his best friend.
“Steve, you're my best friend and you promise me you’ll do anything for me.” Bucky answered back with all seriousness.
“I am not throwing my shield at you just so you can hang out with Y/N.” the blonde stated as a matter of fact.
Y/N— Bucky was enamored by you the moment he first met you. He was just new in the compound, mentally and physically bruised by his demons.
Once Bucky’s gaze met your small form he could swear he saw a halo surround you.
You were as bright as the sun and as delicate as the moon.
“Come on, Steve. Just this once, I can’t keep showing up to her with pathetic paper cuts and knife wounds.” Hearing himself say that sentence made him grimace— he sounded pathetic but he didn’t mind because he was—
“Whipped.” Steve muttered under his breath, still amazed by how determined his friend was.
His first conversation with you happened a couple days after he moved into the compound.
Bucky was escorted to your room by Steve who assured him that no one was going to hurt him anymore and that you were going to help him.
Upon knocking on your door, the door immediately opened revealing your welcoming smile.
You were breathtaking.
Wearing a hoodie that engulfed your entire body, your little sweater paws making Bucky fight a smile that was about to pop up on his face.
“Hey Stevie, and you must be Bucky— right? Steve told me a lot about you.”
Your voice was like a lullaby— sweet and soft, slowly making its way to his palpitating heart.
“Y/N can we come in? Bucky is here for your help with some problems.” your tall blonde friend simply explained as he gestured towards Bucky’s new vibranium arm.
“Of course, come in.” you said opening the door for them to enter.
You gestured for them to take a seat on the couch, placing yourself in front of Bucky.
You gave the brunette a reassuring smile, Bucky however was confused not understanding how you could help.
“So what can I help you with?” you whispered softly to the super soldier who continued to stare at you in confusion.
“I– I actually don’t know why Steve brought me here.” he answers in all honesty and mentally slapping himself in the face for sounding too harsh, not wanting you to think of him wrongly.
You simply smiled at him and nodded your head, understanding him and his hesitation. You knew about him through Steve, you knew about the cruel things that happened to him.
Y/N promised herself that she would make sure that Bucky’s stay here would be the best. Making sure he had a friend and making sure that he was comfortable with everyone and especially comfortable with his own skin.
“Bucky had expressed his desire for his scars to be healed but of course I knew that you would be perfect to help,” said Steve. “You see, Bucky is not comfortable with doctors yet and I know you're very much capable of helping him.”
Bucky had never been more confused his entire life. Were you a doctor?
“Of course I can help. If you’re willing for me to help you, Bucky— I’d be happy to.”
With hesitancy and fear crawling up his veins, Bucky turned towards Steve who simply nodded his head encouragingly.
Bucky now turned towards you and nodded, still confused as to how you're gonna help him without medical equipment— you were just sitting there.
“Ok. Can you remove your shirt for me? You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.” you said, still giving him that gorgeous warm smile of yours.
Calming down by just looking at your face he did what he was told, lifting his shirt off of him.
Once he was bare— he started to feel insecure of all the bruises and scars he had on his body. Not meeting your eyes, he tried to cover himself up.
Before he could do so, you placed your soft warm hands on his vibranium arm. Bucky looked down on your small hand and released a sigh that he was unknowingly holding.
“Can I touch them?” you asked softly as you gestured to his scars.
Bucky nodded and watched you silently along with Steve who was leaning against your vanity.
Your small hands placed themselves on the biggest scar that he had— the scar that made Bucky feel like a monster, the scar that reminded him of his past, the scar that he desperately wants to remove from his body— his scar that encircled his now vibranium arm.
Bucky watches as gold lights sparked out of your hands— he watched with amazement once he saw the scar completely disappear out of his body, his skin was good as new, as if nothing had happened, as if nothing had touched it— it was healed, you healed him.
Ever since you healed him for the first time, he would always come to you after missions— from gunshot wounds, to knife wounds, to simple paper cuts that he may or may not have done himself— you would happily help him. Bucky is always craving for the feeling of your soft warm hands as you both laugh and talk about random things.
That was the beginning of your friendship.
The beginning of Bucky’s desire to be completely healed by you— to completely be loved by you
…the way he did.
“Just tell her you like her, Buck. Ask her out for dinner, asking me to knock you out is not the way to do this.”
Bucky sighs and nods his head in defeat, understanding that he should just man up and tell her.
Steve pats his friend’s back and smiles at his nervous face.
“You can do it, punk.”
Bucky gathered his remaining courage and let his feet take him to his destination— your room.
Once he reached your door he hesitantly raised his hand to knock on the door, only to bring it back down in fear.
The brunette was now pacing back and forth your door, listing down the possibilities that this could go wrong.
Releasing a breath that he was holding, he faced your door once again and raised his fist to knock before—
And there he was knocked down on the ground. This is probably what he gets for asking Steve to knock him out— the universe is mocking him.
“OH MY GOD! BUCK, I'M SO SORRY!” you accidentally opened the door on him, completely knocking him off his feet.
“Are you okay, Jamie? I’m sorry— I– FRIDAY told me you were pacing in front of my door so I decided to go out but I didn’t know—” you started to ramble as you helped the brunette off the floor and guided him in your room.
“I keep falling for you, doll.” Bucky chuckled, now sitting on your bed facing your now frantic face.
“It’s not funny, James. I’m so so sorry— I can’t believe I hurt you.” you muttered. You cupped Bucky’s face and scanned him for injuries.
“I’m ok, Y/N. It was an accident.” Bucky whispers, calming you down as he plays with your hair.
“You have a busted lip, Buck.”
Bucky decided that he had embarrassed himself enough— so what does he have to lose.
Fuck it.
“Heal it then, doll.” his nose was almost touching yours. Your hands are still caressing his face, loving the feeling of his stubble on your hands.
“O–okay.” you stuttered as you silently placed your fingers on his lip, only for Bucky to grab your wrist to stop you.
Bucky slams his lips on your soft ones, you froze by the sudden action, only to later on melt by the feeling of Bucky’s lips. You grabbed his neck to deepen the kiss making the super soldier wrap his arms around your waist.
Tingling feeling engulfed the both of you— both from the butterflies that erupted from both of your stomachs but also from your magic that was not only healing Bucky’s lip but also healing Bucky’s broken mind and soul.
You healed him.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
𝐓𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭: @wishing-a-dandelion @eliza5616 @lostyx @barne-twin @sergntbarnes @thelastpyle
Requests are always open 🤍
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jin0 · 2 months ago
since you asked for the filthy version of my steve thingy with the only one bed trope, here you go :
Tumblr media
(gif is not mine, all credits go to the author)
"fucking gorgeous... taking this fat cock so well, feels good don't it pretty ? feelin' me all the way up in your guts." he groaned, guiding your hips roughly to ride him exactly like he wanted.
steve had ordered you not to move. you were still healing and he refused to have you moving too much. he gave you one task : to stay put and take what he gave you. clearly you were really good at obeying the captain because you looked absolutely divine, taking his cock so deeply inside your pretty pussy.
you looked onto your stomach, biting your lip and holding your tits to rub your nipples desperately.
if you could see how good you looked above him, his pretty girl. he probably should've waited a little more to fuck you this roughly. he probably should've, but he couldn't, not when you looked so beautiful in that dress you'd chosen for your date. he kept his promises, steve was an honest man after all.
"stevie, god... can't keep going like that stevie please... i can't do this stevie, please... pussy feels so full... we're so new... baby... can't do this..." you cried, feeling his girth expand into you, splitting you in two.
aww, look at you. so adorable, worrying about him stuffing you full of cum after only dating officially for a few days. you should keep worrying, because his entire body needed to keep working into you. he needed to keep plowing into your soft channel, letting your walls swallow him to perfection as his palms kneaded your ass like dough.
he moved you like an inanimate doll, treating you like a toy on over him. he couldn't be nice on you, his body needed to fuck you silly and he was doing a damn good job. you couldn't keep your head straight, your breasts swaying right in front of his nose. his mouth watered, the urge to suck in your delicious tits into his mouth.
"pretty little dove, worried i might fuck a baby into you so soon ?" the tone of his voice, despite being playful and teasing, did bring the idea out, reminding yourself of the way he raved about the future with you that night.
wrapped in his arms, you felt his need to protect you surge and envelope you in this safety bubble he'd made for you. seeing you bloody and on the verge of collapsing had turned him into a thoughtless being, feeding on your happiness and confort. all he wanted was for you to have everything you wanted and he would be the one to give it to you on a fancy platter.
"steve ?" you called out softly, keeping your face in the crook of his neck.
he hummed, turning slightly towards you and pressed your lower back to signal for you to speak.
"are you ever going to leave the shield ? you know, to live your life, start a family and other stuffs like that ?"
"why ? you wanna start a family with me bunny ? get a nice house with a yard, a dog and a few babies to run around ?" he teased, whispering these words into your ear directly.
you started squirming in his grasp, probably not noticing how bad of an idea this was. you were very much wounded and rubbing your backside on him wouldn't do any good.
to keep you in place, he grabbed the flesh of your thighs and pulled on your legs to keep you close to his chest and as still as you could be.
"i... i didn't necessarily mean with me... i mean if you want to get with som-"
"if not with you, there's no one else i'm having a family with. it's you or nobody, dollface."
these words sounded so dreamy at the time that you did not fully grasp the honestly in his voice. honestly probably wasn't the right word either, he wasn't just being honest, he was saying the truth, a truth that hadn't happened yet but that he would make sure to get. he was speaking factual because he knew that there was no one else he'd be with after you. before dating you or even after a few days only, he was certain that you would be his forever.
hammering into your pussy from underneath, his eyes stayed fixated on your sweet face, grasping his chest and trying to keep steady. you had never felt so small under the man but his large hands and shoulders had often reminded you of how easily he could break you. bouncing on top of his massive cock, you felt him push into your cervix and rip you apart from the inside.
"fucking beautiful... so, so fucking pretty doll... can't get enough of you, your pretty pussy's swallowing me good. greedy cunt she ? need all of me just for her, all of it for you baby..." he groaned, his gaze focused on your folds, spreading open around his thick girth.
he couldn't focus on one single part, his eyes juggling from parts to part of you. his obsession with your beauty as you took his cock, only grew when he saw your eyes rolled to the back of your head.
"stevie ! stevie, god ! c-can't... can't take it ! can't do this anymore... cock feels too good !" you wailed, leaning backwards and moving your own hips up and down his shaft.
sounding so pathetic and desperate for him to fuck you deeper, he could ony deliver, grasping your ass tighter and slamming into you. the messy sounds of your fluttering walls dripping all around his cock made his head spin, his balls so full of cum from the divine vision you were.
"god, you're gripping me so tight pretty, you needed this more than i did, huh doll ? needed to get your pussy broken by this fat cock ? needed to milk me dry and take it all from me ?" he grunted, reaching for you.
when you violently nodded your head, biting your lip and drawing blood at the amount of pleasure you felt. you came already, multiple times even, but once could never be enough. you needed him to make you cum until your legs gave out and stayed trembling for hours.
he watched the way your pussy wrapped around him and smiled when seeing your tummy move, a small bump showing through your skin. your pretty belly was being invaded by his bulging cock and that was what broke him. laying a hand on your stomach, he pressed into it, making you cry out louder.
"f-fuck... good baby, take me good, look at your belly, all pretty getting fucked all the way up there. you like having me so deep in you ? rearranging your guts ? feels good don't it baby ?" you loudly moaned his name, laying your own hands atop of his and grabbing his fingers to press his hands into your stomach.
he sat up, grabbing the back of your neck and pulled your face to his for a kiss that would force air in your lungs. you'd been feeling so good, fucked out of your mind, that you'd forgotten to breath.
groaning nasty praises in your mouth, he pumped his cock into your sweet walls, drawing out your orgasm and his own.
"need you to cum baby... need you to give me all that sweet juice you've got in there... wanna give it to me princess ?"
"yes, yes ! please, fuck ! please stevie, make me cum, needa cum, please !" you rode him raw, his throbbing member and your slick pouring out of you and finally exploding inside of your stomach.
your orgasm ripped through you, a loud moan echoing in the room and shaking your entire being. you lost vision, white light blinding you and felt your legs go numb when his hot white seed exploded into your channel and leaking messily out of your moor cunt.
laying you on the bed, he smiled at your pussy dripping out his cum and twitching open at the lose of his width inside your hole. he stayed above you, placed between your legs, and attempt to gather his cum with your fingers to bring it up to your lips. his own cock, still rock hard, started pulsating on his stomach at the vision of you hungrily feasting on his cum.
leaning down, he kissed your forehead, groaning when you whimpered under him. god, you truly were a treat.
"how 'bout we compromise babydoll..." he pushed your thighs apart, nudging your entrance with his cock and kissing your cheek, forehead eyelids and lips. "let's skip the dating part and directly get to the baby, okay ? let me put a baby in your tummy and a ring ln your finger. can't wait any longer doll... you'll let me ? you letting me fuck a baby in your pretty pussy ?"
let's just say that after more than a year turning around each other, 6 months of sleeping with him casually and only about three days of dating truly, the baby did not seem so weird in your weird relationship timeline.
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crazyunsexycool · 17 days ago
Is this where it ends?
Pairing Stucky x Reader
Warnings: Angst mostly, Idiots Steve and Bucky.
A/N: I was going to do this as a one shot but I liked where this ended. Will for sure have a second part up soon. Not beta’d.
Master list
Part 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The impact of Steve’s words were lost on you initially. Walking into a shouting match was not what you expected to do at the end of the work day. But there you were standing in the doorway and stunned as your boyfriends yelled at each other. It was unlike anything you had seen in the year-long relationship between the three of you or in the year before they asked you out and it was just them. Of course there were arguments amongst the three of you. Three different personalities clashed from time to time. It was normal to have differences of opinion. So when Steve said he couldn’t do this anymore you thought he meant he didn’t want to argue anymore.
You couldn’t have been more wrong.
“Bucky, baby what happened?” You took a tentative step and then another until you reached your boyfriend. He sat at the edge of the bed leaning forward with his arms resting on his thighs. He looked completely defeated. Kneeling in front of him you see that he’s trying to hold back tears. The dam breaks as you cup his cheeks, your thumbs catching the first few tears. The sobs coming from Bucky are heartbreaking and all you can do is try to comfort him before he gets up, wipes his eyes and says he needs some fresh air.
Neither of them came back to the apartment that night. The only thing replaying in your mind were the last words they spoke to each other.
“I can’t be your crutch for the rest of our lives. You have to learn how to deal with your issues yourself.” Steve shouted.
“I am learning how to deal with them. You always talk about how I never tell you anything and the moment I do this is how you react. Fuck you Steve.”
“Boys, what is going on?” Your question is left unanswered as they glare at each other.
“Fuck this, I can’t do this anymore.”
Steve walks out and you hear the door slamming shut. He didn’t even bother to look at you as he passed you.
It didn’t make sense, the previous day had been peaceful. The three of you had gone about your daily routine and out the door for work, training and mission briefings and now you lay in your king sized bed alone. Unable to sleep, you only caught the end of the fight and Steve’s words were hurtful. It was so out of character for him to lash out in that way to either of you. The only thing that came to mind that could have caused a fight was the recovery mission they had been on overnight. The way they spoke to each other was concerning but you were determined to fix it.
Tumblr media
You went a week without seeing either of them. It turned out they both went on separate missions and neither bothered to tell you. Messages went unread and calls were left unanswered. Still you waited for at least one of them to come home but Nat was the one to tell you they each took one of the single rooms on different floors. Sending a sympathetic smile your way as she leaves your apartment within the Avengers towers. It was going on two weeks of silence so you went to look for answers, starting with Steve.
“Hi Steve.” He looks over his shoulder at you and turns back to the punching bag landing a hit. “Are you ok?”
“Honey, please talk to me. I miss you. I just want to know what happened. How can I help fix it?”
“Y/N” he hasn’t used your name unless he is introducing you to someone. He catches the swinging bag and turns to look at you. Some of his hair sticks to his forehead, it takes a lot to make him sweat which meant he had been in the gym for a while. “I just need to be alone for a while, please understand.”
“That’s all I want is to understand. What you said to Bu-“
“It’s not your job to fix this.” He interrupts.
You nod. “Ok. If it’s what you want.”
“I’m sorry.” He says and turns back towards the punching bag. Hitting it with such force that it rips. He doesn’t see the tears that spill. Thinking back to the argument between them, the full weight of his words hit you. Your heart starts to break the same way the punching bag had.
“I can’t do this anymore.”
He can’t mean that. Steve just needs some time and then you will fix this together. You think to yourself.
Finding Bucky was just as easy. When he needed time to think, or better yet not think, the library would become his hiding place. He claimed a corner next to a ceiling to floor window as his. He was sitting on the floor with his back to the wall with a book in his hand. Bucky’s eyes flick up for just a moment when he hears footsteps before returning to the book at hand.
“Hi Bucky.” You say quietly. He had dark circles, his hair was greasy and his eyes were bloodshot. He most likely was not sleeping and the thought of him not taking care of himself worried you.
“Can we talk?”
He shakes his head not even looking up at you.
“I just want to help fix this, what can I do baby?”
“There is nothing to fix.” He looked at you and he averted his eyes quickly as if he were ashamed of what had happened.
“You can’t mean that. Baby please. I miss you both so much.”
“I do, I’m sorry.” Is all he says as he stares out the window.
You left the library and made your way through the hallways feeling defeated. It seemed like the only one to want to work through this issue was you. They had given up and you had no idea why. They gave up their year and a half relationship and they gave up their one year relationship with you. It felt like everything you had been through meant nothing to them. You had given yourself to both of them and the relationship. You loved them so fiercely that no relationship before could come close, they were it for you. When thinking of the future it was them who you wanted to share it with. Yet it seems like it wasn’t enough. Your biggest fear once you started dating the super soldiers was that one day one of them wouldn’t come back from a mission. The thought of losing them was always painful and as difficult as it was you tried not to let that fear consume you when they were off on missions. It turns out that this was much worse, you’d still lost them but they were still within reach.
Mindlessly walking through the halls you bump into someone but instead of scolding you for not paying attention they pull you in and wipe away the tears. Tilting your head up you see Clint give you a small smile.
“Come on kid, let's get you upstairs.” He says as he ushers you into the elevator.
He keeps an arm around your shoulder and guides you to your apartment. Clint sits with you on the couch in silence only moving around to grab his phone and send a message. A few minutes later Nat comes in and sits beside you. Letting you cry against her shoulder as Clint held your hand. Nat and Clint were the first of the Avengers you had met. Nat was your best friend and Clint quickly became the older brother you never had. They looked out for you from the start so it was no surprise that they would help you through this.
Tumblr media
It had been a month since you had tried to talk to them. You were constantly worrying about their well-being and that was enough for you to barely sleep or eat and when you did eat you barely managed to keep it down. The stress of the break up and all the planning for the mission you were needed on was taking its toll.
You had dabbled a little bit of extra concealer to hide the dark circles you had before the start of the mission briefing. If they hadn’t checked up on you in the last few weeks you wouldn’t let them see you like this. They would have to think you were moving on. But their indifference when you walked into the meeting room was chipping away at the sadness and it was making way for anger. They didn’t spare one glance your way, and they made sure to sit as far as possible from each other.
The meeting had lasted longer than necessary. Half of what was talked about had already been discussed. It didn’t make sense that half of the team was here since they weren’t going on the mission. Everyone stood quickly to make their way out of the conference room blocking the path for Steve, Bucky and yourself. You caught on to their plan faster than they thought you would and you caught Sam, who was in front of you, by the arm and forced him to face you. Guilt written all over his face.
“Don’t you dare think you’re going to lock us in here.” You seethed.
“It wasn’t even my idea.” He says quickly, putting his hands up in surrender.
Looking around the room you noticed the team had stayed in place. You weren’t one to be so angry so your tone caught their attention. Steve and Bucky kept their heads down standing close to the other door so that they could leave. Looking at their posture alone you knew they were tense. Shoulders squared away and jaws clenched. They are not who you want to be stuck in a room with at the moment.
“Why don’t you all mind your business and focus on preparing for the mission.” You snap before turning on your heel and leaving the room before they try anything else.
Tears threatened to spill but you were tired of crying over them. Up in your apartment you packed your bag for the mission. Trying to calm down and focus on what’s important before going down to the lab and double checking the equipment you would have to take along. With the checklist done and equipment packed there was nothing left to do but head to the jet along with Tony, Sam, Clint and Nat.
Everything that could have gone wrong with the mission did. The building should have been cleared before you walked in. Your job was to catalog and work with weapons that were left behind. There were rumors that alien technology was being used to create weapons but no one was sure until now. It was quick work with Tony helping but through comms Tony was called to help with an ambush. The last thing you hear through comms is everyone yelling for you to get out of the building.
You blink quickly and sit up as you try to focus on your surroundings. It’s quiet and clean, the smell of disinfectant burning your nose. The beeping of the machines around you confirmed what you knew, you were in a hospital room, hearing F.R.I.D.A.Y you relaxed when you realized you were at the tower. Laying back down, close your eyes and take a deep breath, as you hear the door open a small part hope it’s them you’ll see coming in to make sure you were ok. You can’t say you were disappointed again, not even coming close to death would they put their pride aside and make sure you were ok.
The doctor went over everything with you.This would be the turning point for you. A shift in focus, not more holding out of hope that they would return to you. They would not be your priority anymore.
That night when Clint came in to check on you, you told him you wanted to be done with the job. Explaining that you wanted a small home somewhere quiet and secluded to recover and you wanted as little people to know as possible. Clint agreed and left to help make arrangements. When you were discharged Nat helped you up to your apartment and got you changed.
“Do you want me to stay here with you?” She asked.
“No, I'd rather be alone. I'll probably take a nap.” You say as you shift in bed to try and get comfortable.
“Ok, I’ll be close by so just ask F.R.I.D.A.Y. To get me.” Nat places a kiss on your forehead and heads out.
It took Clint about a week to get everything set up for you. In that time you had hacked F.R.I.D.A.Y. and any other system your information was on and set up your own program so that it would delete all information about it when the time came to leave. You finished out the week packing everything you would need and setting up burner phones for emergencies.
“You’re sure about this kid?” Clint asks as he grabs your luggage and places it in the trunk of the car while you get settled in the passenger’s seat. He quickly gets into the driver’s seat. It’s an old car with no GPS system to be tracked, it’s safer this way less of a chance of someone on the team finding you and trying to bring you back.
“Yeah I’m sure. I need some peace and I won’t be able to get it if I know they’re just a couple of floors away. Being in the hospital alone just showed me it’s really over.”
“There is always a chance that it isn’t. They have a right to-“
“No they don’t, they gave up the right to know anything about me weeks ago. I was the idiot hanging on to this non-existent relationship.” You take a deep breath.“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to snap at you, I'm just so exhausted.”
“It’s ok, I get it.” Clint grabs your hand and gives it a squeeze. “Just know that Nat and I decided that anytime we have to spar with them we’re gonna kick their asses.”
You giggle and look over at your friend. “Thank you for all of this Clint. I don’t know what I would do with you and Nat.”
“Don’t worry about it kid.”
“Does Nat know the location?”
“Yup, her and Laura are the only ones just in case there is an emergency and I can’t make it to you. Now go on and get some sleep. It's a long drive.”
The rest of the trip went by quickly, switching with Clint so that he could sleep. Getting to your destination you were pleasantly surprised at the home Clint had been able to find for you in such short notice. It was a rancher style home with a wrap around porch. It was perfect and you would never be able to thank Clint enough for his help. He grabs the suitcases and starts towards the house.
“It’s amazing.”
“It’s also fully furnished. All you have to worry about is getting groceries but I had some brought in for you.” He says as he opens the door with you following right behind. He gives you a quick tour, showing you the master bedroom with an en-suite and three guest rooms as well as another bathroom. Both the kitchen and the living room are spacious. The windows were big which let in a lot of natural light. The living room had a fireplace that was ready to use if you’d like. Clint led you to the sliding doors that would allow you access to the back yard.
“Listen I got one, well two more things for you. Since you’re going to be here alone I thought it would be good to have extra protection aside from the alarm system you set up.” He says before opening the door.
There in the middle of the yard were two German Shepherds. Their ears perked up at the sound of the door sliding open and they immediately rushed to greet you both.
“This is Bow and Arrow. They’re highly trained guard dogs. A buddy of mine did the training himself. He gave me a list of commands and we can go over them tomorrow as well. Seems like you won’t have a problem with them liking you though.”
While he talked both dogs began to sniff you. Brushing their heads against your hands so that you would pet them and jumping up and putting their paws on you to lick your face.
“You’re sure these are guard dogs? They are way too friendly.”
“Well when you told me you wanted to move I contacted my friend and I sent him some shirts with your scent on it so the dogs would be familiar with it since we didn’t have the normal introduction period he likes.”
The rest of the night was spent getting used to the new house and updating the alarm system with your own program. Bow and Arrow keeping you company constantly. Clint and you shared dinner and you each went to bed exhausted by the trip. As expected the dogs followed you into your room and you had brought their dog beds in with you so they would at least be comfortable.
Early next morning you shared breakfast with Clint and he was gone with the promise that Laura would be by to check in on you. This was it, just you alone with Bow and Arrow.
Tumblr media
Steve regretted the words as soon as he said them. They left a bad taste in his mouth and would rather face a thousand armies than to see the hurt in Bucky’s eyes. He didn’t mean any of them and he was already trying to think of what to say when Bucky spoke and he would have preferred to be punched by the Hulk. than to hear him have to defend himself when it wasn’t necessary. But when he heard you ask what was going on he couldn’t bring himself to face you. Steve knew what you would say, but this was his problem to fix and he wouldn’t drag you into the middle of it. He only meant to be gone for a night or two and then come back to fix what he had broken with Bucky. The only thing that kept him at peace was that at least Bucky has you.
The next morning he jumped at the chance to go on a week-long mission. Thinking that maybe during the down time he could come up with a plan on how to fix it. He had no idea that Bucky also left on his own mission. The guilt was eating away at him by the time he got back. Missed calls and messages from you checking in and asking if the three of you could talk. He went into one of the single rooms usually reserved for overnight guests and he tried to hold back the tears but when a new message from you popped up on his screen he couldn’t stop himself. He knew he fucked up and he thought he wasn’t worth forgiveness. He kept tabs on the loves of his life through F.R.I.D.A.Y and after hearing that neither of you were really taking care of yourselves and that Bucky had also left the apartment the guilt kept him away which only made things worse.
He was slightly startled when he heard your voice for the first time in two weeks. God how he wanted to have you in his arms, but he didn’t deserve it. He had ruined the relationship and after being away for two weeks he thought it would be better to let you and Bucky have a life together once Bucky decided to go back to the apartment. He pushed you away thinking it was the best thing to do. He heard you cry and as soon as the doors to the gym were closed he fell to his knees as his own tears fell.
Tumblr media
He wasn’t sure how the fight started but the way it ended left Bucky reeling. He had ruined the relationship with his problems. He didn’t deserve the chance to be out free and he definitely didn’t deserve the love of two people. His worst fears were confirmed when Steve said what he said. In all honesty Bucky was trying to be better. To not allow the things hydra did to him hold him back anymore. He had a real shot at happiness with you and Steve but in the back of his mind there was always that little voice saying he was undeserving of all the good things in this life. So it was all too much for him to handle when Steve walked out and you appeared in front of him ready to comfort him and fix whatever the problem was. You had been their saving grace so seeing you kneeling in front of him wiping away tears and cleaning up Steve’s mess had pushed him into the abyss of self doubt. He didn’t deserve you and he didn’t deserve Steve so he thought he would back away from the relationship and let you and Steve have a normal relationship, one that wouldn’t include dealing with his issues.
He left the apartment that night and disappeared into the library. The next morning brought the opportunity to go on a mission and he took it. Some time away would give him the chance to think of how to tell you it was over. However seeing the missed calls and texts you had sent him telling him you were worried and that you missed him gave him pause. If he showed up at the apartment you would find the way to convince him he was good enough, which he knew he wasn’t. Not for your love and if there was one thing Bucky knew was that you deserved better. So he took one of the empty rooms and stayed there instead, giving Steve the chance to go back to the apartment and to the only good he knew now, you.
You knew him so well and it didn’t surprise him when you showed up at the library looking for him. What broke his heart more, if that were even possible, was your bloodshot eyes and the way you were playing with the hem of your shirt. You only did that when you were nervous. Bucky tried to keep his eyes on anything but you especially when he heard your voice, you already sounded defeated and it was at that moment he realized Steve had left you too. But he wouldn’t subject you to having to deal with him. Bucky believed Steve was the better choice for you so he pushed you away. Once you had left he couldn’t control the tears.
Tumblr media
It had been a month since you spoke to either of them. The guilt was eating away at them as they discreetly checked on you. They passed by the lab you normally worked in to see if you were there. It wasn’t hard to listen to the conversations Nat and Clint had about you. Steve and Bucky could feel nothing but shame and regret for pushing you away, especially after they had come back from their separate missions and found some of their favorite things in the rooms they were using. They knew it was your doing, it was always you taking care of them. They had fought with each other but somehow the only causality of this fight was you.
The team already knew something was wrong when none of you showed up to dinner together that night or the next. After a few days they knew there was something really wrong so they took it upon themselves to make it right. Nat, Clint and Sam were the only ones to say it was a bad idea to try to lock you in the conference room so that you could talk it out but the rest of the team didn’t want to listen. So when you snapped at the team everyone was left speechless. Steve and Bucky wanted to run after you and beg you to forgive them for having pushed you to the side but they didn't.
Steve was in his room drawing, while Bucky was in the gym when they heard about their worst fear had come true, you had been hurt. They rushed to the hospital floor of the tower to wait and hear any news. Although they had managed to steer clear of each other for the last month, they had no choice but to face each other for your sake. Neither of them spoke for hours as they waited by your hospital room for news on your condition but all the bottled up emotions were starting to rise to the top.
“She’ll be ok, you know our girl is a fighter.” Bucky was the first to speak, having moved to sit next to Steve. He grabbed Steve’s hand and gave it a squeeze.
“Yeah, I know Buck. I just can’t help thinking about the possibility of losing her. She would have doubted that I loved her.”
“We both pushed her away. Y/N must be doubting both of our love for her.”
“I should have never said those things, I didn’t mean them. I love you so much and I am so sorry. You and Y/N are everything to me, I was so stupid I ruined it.” Steve says in a rush thinking this might be his only chance to apologize.
“You’re right though, I need to get a better handle on my problems. I shouldn’t have been in a relationship at all.’
Steve takes Bucky’s face between his hands and looks him in the eye. “Listen to me, you deserve all of the good in the world. I was wrong for what I said. You don’t have to or need to do this alone. You have me and you always will. I got scared and I know it’s a stupid excuse and I don’t even deserve your forgiveness but if you chose to have me back in your life I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you.”
Bucky pulls away from Steve’s touch. “I um- I have to think about it. But maybe if we start talking again? I miss you both so much.”
“Yeah, I‘ll do whatever you want. I miss you too.”
There was at least some peace between the men after they found a starting point to mend their relationship. Now their only worry was whether you would forgive and accept them back into your life. The weeks of little to no sleep seemed to have caught up with them as they found a dreamless sleep in the waiting area. They woke up to any sound coming from your room before one of the nurses told them they could go in but that you were asleep.
“How is she doing? She isn’t going to need surgery or something like that right?” Bucky asks.
The nurse looks at the tablet in her hand before looking up at the men before her. “I’m sorry Sergeant, Captain, but you aren’t allowed to receive patient information.” She informs them.
“We are her emergency contacts, we have access to her medical records.” Steve says getting irritated.
“Again I’m sorry but as of this morning you have been removed from having access to any of Ms. Y/L/N’s medical information. You can go in if you want but I can’t give you anything beyond the fact that she is stable at the moment.” She turns and leaves the men standing at the door to your room.
“It’s the least we deserve and at least she’s stable.” Steve says to Bucky before walking into your room. They stood on either side of your bed, Steve grabbing your hand while Bucky pressed a kiss to your forehead. They took in the cuts and bruises that painted your skin. Anger building in both of them, mostly at themselves they were both asked to be part of the mission but said no. If they would have gone you would be safe in your bed and not down on the medical floor.
Bucky and Steve stayed with you for some time during the night before they were called away to finish the mission and find the people that had hurt you. If it weren’t for the fact that others on the team were already on missions or hurt one of them would have stayed behind but they didn’t have the luxury. They wouldn’t have thought that you would awake just a few minutes after they left your room in pain but not the physical kind. You thought this would have made them come find you and at least have them close one more time but you were under the assumption that they wanted nothing to do with you any more so you left.
Once they came back from hunting down the bastards that hurt their girl, they went up to the apartment. Their hearts broke again when they saw that all of your things were gone but panic set in when they asked F.R.I.D.A.Y where you were and the AI returned an answer they didn’t like ‘no information found for Y/N’.
“What the fuck does that even mean no information found?”
“I don’t know but we should ask Stark. It's his system.” Bucky replied.
Both men rushed out of the apartment and down to Tony’s lab. He’s sitting at one of his tables tinkering away at another suit.
“Tony, something is wrong with F.R.I.D.A.Y.”
“Just because you don’t know how to use the A.I. doesn’t mean there is something wrong with her.” He rolls his eyes.
“Fine, ask her yourself where Y/N is.” Bucky says.
“Did you try checking her apartment? She’s supposed to be resting.”
“Yes We did. None of her things are there. She didn’t leave a note or anything.” Steve says as he crosses his arms.
“Fine, F.R.I.D.A.Y where is Y/N?”
“No information found for Y/N.” The A.I states.
“F.R.I.D.A.Y pull the personnel file for Y/N Y/L/N.”
“No information found for Y/N Y/L/N.” Tony pushes himself in his chair and stops in front of a screen and starts typing away.
“You see, either F.R.I.D.A.Y isn’t working or something else is going on.”
“F.R.I.D.A.Y is working just fine, Rogers. Something else must have happened so that Y/N information doesn’t show up. I’ll work on it and when I find out I’ll let you both know. Now get out.”
“When?” Bucky glares at the genius.
“When I figure it out, robocop. Now get out so that I can work without distractions.”
Steve has to drag Bucky out after he decided he would sit in a corner of the lab until Tony had answers. Tony spent three days looking into the A.I’s programming and coming up empty. The news wasn’t as shocking as they expected and soon Steve suggested that maybe you had written a program of your own to overwrite any of your own information.
“No way capsicle. I would have found that in the coding.”
“She’s smarter than you. She could have hidden it from you.”
“She’s not that smart Barnes, she dated the two biggest idiots in the tower.”
“Stark don’t” Steve warns.
“What? It’s true, you two idiots don’t even deserve her forgiveness. I can understand you two having a falling out but you turned your backs on her. She gave you a chance and I bet you didn’t even know that at the beginning some of the other technicians started spreading rumors about her. Calling Y/N the tower’s slut or the Avenger’s whore.”
Both Steve and Bucky’s head snap up as they stare at Tony. You never told them that and if they knew they would have put an end to it.
“She was on the verge of quitting when I found out. She begged me not to tell you so I respected her wishes. She ignored them because she loved you and you couldn’t even put aside your differences with each other to make sure she was ok.”
“We had no idea.” Bucky’s voice is small as he thinks back to the beginning of your relationship and those bad days you said you’d had.
“You know what, maybe she did reprogram F.R.I.D.A.Y so that I couldn’t find anything about her and if that’s true then you won’t get anything from me. She left for a reason.” Tony says and quickly exits the living room.
They spent days doing nothing but going over everything in the apartment. Looking through notebooks you left behind and your drawers trying to find any sort of hint but there was nothing. The only other people they could ask weren’t there. Nat was on a two week long mission the minute she was allowed to go back to work and Clint was off with his family. When they finally came back they denied knowing what had happened. Steve and Bucky however knew they were keeping something from them. You being missing should have had them just as worried but they were way too calm. So they decided to keep tabs on them hoping they would let something slip about your location.
Bucky and Steve began to fix their relationship until they decided to move back into their apartment together while continuing their search for you. That’s how they spent the next 4 months. Until Tony took pity on the super soldiers and agreed to run a facial recognition program on all cameras available to try and find something.
After a month they got a hit.
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Tumblr media
Fanfic writers quaking rn
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twitter porn link ༊*·˚
‣ these links are twitter ones because boy, do I spent a lot of time on twitter and I saw few creators making these porn link and decided to make my own.
‣ this doesn't have everyone so I apologize if your favorite character isn't here. [part 2] also, [bonus.]
'*•.¸♡ avengers edition ♡¸.•*'
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛tony stark
tony thigh fucking you in your dress.
throat fucking dom!tony.
enemy!tony punishing you.
husband!tony taking you out on the dinner table.
tony breeding you.
: ̗̀➛ steve rogers
steve taking your innocence.
thigh riding steve.
getting off sub!steve.
steve eating you out.
boyfriend!steve fingering you.
: ̗̀➛loki laufeyson
loki torturing and teasing you.
loki teasing through your panties.
sucking loki off as he come.
loki railing you on the couch.
rouch sex with enemy!loki.
: ̗̀➛bucky barnes
bucky eating you out.
69 position with bucky.
bucky fingering you while kissing.
doggy style with bucky.
riding dom!bucky.
: ̗̀➛peter parker
peter fucking you after school.
peter teasing and fingering you.
first time with boyfriend!peter.
peter eating you out.
sub!peter sucking on your tits.
: ̗̀➛wanda maximoff
wanda eating you out as you ride her face.
dom!wanda edging and torturing you.
scissoring with wanda.
dom!wanda fingering you.
wanda sucking on your tits.
: ̗̀➛pietro maximoff
giving handjob to sub!pietro.
riding pietro.
pietro eating you out on the couch.
doggy style with boyriend!pietro.
fucking pietro in the car.
: ̗̀➛thor odinson
riding thor.
dom!thor playing with your cunt.
thor fucking you from behind.
thor teasing you with his cock.
dom!thor punishing you until your a mess.
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watch me cry • mob!bucky x reader
Tumblr media
request: can you write some with mob!bucky x best friend!reader where he makes her cry and they stop talking for awhile? please make it angsty!! [ anon ]
content warning: mob!bucky x best friend!reader, slightly insecure!reader, mob!steve x reader, slight coercion, smut (kissing, handjob), arguing, yelling, crying, heavy angst, violence, use of a gun, mention of blood and wound, eventual comfort and fluff.
series masterlist
Tumblr media
"Is he still talking to her?" You ask with a huff.
"Yup," Sam responds in a bored tone, scanning the magazine in his hands.
You bounce on your heels impatiently as you stare the black door down, desperately wanting to know what's happening on the other side of it.
"Won't make time go by any faster, standing here waiting," Sam mumbles. "I'll tell him to call you when he's done."
You're in half a mind to give in and leave, but your stubbornness takes over. "No. I'll wait." Admittedly, you're on edge. When you arrived, Sam informed you that Bucky was in a meeting with a woman he hadn't seen before. Too curious and nosy for your own good, you have to find out who she is as soon as possible.
Sam sighs and is about to speak again when the black door finally opens, making you grin. The woman walks out first, and when you see her face, your smile drops.
Carmen Vienne?
Throughout law school, you were mortal enemies. It sounds juvenile, but you still hate her to this day. She works for a law firm downtown, and any time your paths cross, hell becomes hotter.
When she sees you, she raises a thin brow before smirking. "Y/L/N. How are ya?"
With an eye-roll, you look away, unable to state at her for too long without feeling nauseous.
Bucky exits the room behind her, his face lighting up when he sees you. They share a goodbye and a quick hug, to your dismay, before Carmen leaves again, making you huff.
"Really, Buck?"
"Hi, fairy," He greets you, pulling you in for a tight hug. You don't hug him back, which he immediately picks up on. "What's wrong?"
Pulling away from him, you look him up and down suspiciously before realization hits you. "You slept with her?"
Bucky smooths down his messy hair, a coy smirk pulling at him lips. "That obvious?"
You hit his shoulder, pouting. "You know how much I hate her!"
"Relax, fairy," He says, pulling you into his office and shutting the door behind you. "We didn't fuck. She just... you know, went down on me."
"I hate you," You grumble, folding your arms across your chest. "You know what a bitch she is."
"I didn't mean for it to happen," He insists, taking your hands in his. "It was supposed to just be a professional meeting, and it got a little... out of hand."
Offended, you take your hands out of his. "You're hiring her?"
He nods, making your chest ache. "Just to take a look at things, make sure everything's clean."
"What the fuck?" You step backwards. "You needed a lawyer and you went to her? What the fuck is wrong with me?"
"It isn't about that," Bucky promises. "This has nothing to do with how good of a lawyer you are-"
"Bullshit!" You cut him off curtly. "You need legal help and you didn't come to me? What am I supposed to think, James?"
"I have always told you that I will never involve you in my work," He says gravely. "I'm not risking you losing your job and likely your license for me. Carmen is already a dirty lawyer - and I have no fucking problem putting her career and life at risk." His eyes soften and he steps forward, resting his hands on your shoulders. "I have never, and I will never put you at risk."
Letting out a deep breath, you frown. "She didn't have to suck your dick."
He snorts, rubbing his face. "Oh, God. I swear to you, fairy, I didn't plan on that happening. Love me?"
You still aren't completely happy with him, but you'll get your revenge. "Love you."
"And I love you more," Bucky replies, wrapping his arms around you and kissing the top of your head. "Lunch?"
"Yes, please," You mumble against his chest. "Somewhere expensive, because you're a dick."
He chuckles, stroking you back. "You got it, fairy."
While he leads you out the building, you pull out your phone, making sure he can't see your screen as you respond to Steve Rogers' text.
sorry for the late reply. dinner sounds good. pick me up at 8? x
Tumblr media
It feels surreal to be sitting next to the man Bucky has told you countless times to never go anywhere near, but here you are.
"I'm so glad you finally realized how magical the two of us could be together," Steve says softly, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. "You've been stringing me along for so long."
The dimly lit lounge is a little more intimate than you would've liked, but you're sure that more than one of Bucky's associates have seen you with Steve, which is exactly what you were banking on.
"Or maybe," You begin, playing with the straw in your drink. "I just ran out of ways to say no."
He chuckles, his eyes flickering down to your lips. "You know, it's funny. All this time, I've been begging for a chance to get you alone, and now that I finally have, I have no fuckin' idea what to say."
"So don't say anything," You tell him softly, moving a little closer. "Just kiss me."
Feeling like the cat that got the cream, Steve wastes no time and immediately places his lips on yours. The kiss is deep and slow, and his tongue pokes into your mouth as he cups your throat and pulls you closer. He takes your hand and places it on his boner, making you gasp.
Your heart races as he stuffs your hand down his pants and groans into your mouth, keeping his arm around your waist.
"That's it, baby," Steve mutters against your lips. "Make me feel good, that's a good girl."
You open your eyes and look over to the bar. There, you see one of Bucky's men, Peter, with his observant gaze on you. The booth you're in is dark, but it's evident that Peter can see your hand moving up and down in Steve's pants. It's a given fact that he'll immediately report this to Bucky - which is exactly what you want.
If he's gonna screw around with your worst enemy, you'll do the same with his.
"Keep going," Steve moans as you jerk him off, his cock twitching in your hand. "Fuck, baby, that's it."
Peter turns and leaves the lounge, making you smirk to yourself. You continue stroking Steve's dick until he sucks in a gasp and shudders, before his cum shoots into your palm.
"Oh, shit," He growls against your neck. "Cumming so fucking hard for you, baby."
You wipe the residue onto his boxers and pull out your hand. He gives you another kiss but you pull away before it can get intense.
"Let's get out of here," Steve mutters, zipping up his pants.
"Actually, I'm gonna head home," You tell him shortly as you stand up. "Thanks for dinner."
He looks baffled as you walk away, and a slight pit of regret builds up in your stomach as you realize what you just did.
Fuck. Bucky's gonna kill you.
Tumblr media
The next day, you leave work and go straight to Bucky's office. He sent you a text telling you to come see him and you know that shit is about to go down.
As you walk down the corridor, his men have their eyes on you, each of them staring at you with slight fear. They aren't scared of you, though- they're scared for you, because Peter Parker has a big mouth than runs on its own accord. Your heart races the closer you get to his office, but you know that you only brought this on yourself. Once you get to the door, you slowly push it open a few inches.
"Come in, Y/N," Bucky calls out, knowing that you're the only person in town who'd ever dare to walk into his office without knocking.
You push the door fully open and step in, keeping yourself calm with deep breaths. This will be fine. He'll be a little angry, but then you'll explain why you did it, causing him to apologize, and all will be well.
Bucky is sitting at his desk, wearing a black button-up shirt. His sleeves have been rolled up to his elbows and a concentrated look of anger dwells on his face. He says nothing as you walk over, standing behind the chair opposite him.
"Hi, Buck," You mumble, feeling your heart begin to race.
"All I need," He begins, his voice low and hard. "Is for you to tell me that he was lying."
You don't think he's ever been stoic towards you, and that makes you feel sick. "What are you talking about, Bu-"
He cuts you off by suddenly slamming his hands on the desk and standing up, a deathly glare in his eyes. "Don't you fucking play dumb with me now, fairy. Tell me that Peter was lying through his teeth about what he saw so I can rip his tongue out."
"Bucky," You breathe out, eyes wide. "You have to understand-"
"Tell me he was lying," He utters, his hands clenching into fists on his desk. "Tell me that you didn't have dinner with that bastard last night."
Deciding to hold your ground, and deciding that you have nothing to be afraid of, you straighten up and fold your arms across your chest. "Did Pete mention that I had my hand down Steve's pants, too? Or did he give you the PG version?"
You didn't think it was possible, but the anger on Bucky's face only intensifies. "That isn't funny," He mutters through gritted teeth.
"I'm not joking," You say with a shrug. "You can ask Peter if you want. I'm sure he enjoyed the show."
"What the fuck is your problem, Y/N?" Bucky asks you, seething.
"You are!" You exclaim. "How is it fair that it's one rule for you and another for me?"
"What are you talking about?" He yells.
"It's okay for you to fuck around with Carmen but I can't do the same with Steve?" You shout back, throwing up your hands. "Tell me how that's fair, James!"
"There's a big fucking difference between me getting involved with some bitch you don't like, and you getting involved with that vile motherfucker," Bucky claims gravely. "Do you realize how much danger you put yourself in?"
"Oh please, it was dinner and I'm a grown woman," You respond dryly with an eye roll.
"And he's a monster, Y/N," He tells you with fury in his tone. "How fucking dare you get involved with him after I've spent all these years protecting you from him?"
"How dare I? He didn't hurt me!" You exclaim. "I'm fine, aren't I?"
"He could have," Bucky insists furiously. "You have no idea what that prick is capable of. You think you're safe around men like me just because I've never hurt you? You are not fucking immune to becoming just another victim, Y/N."
"I can look after myself!" You insist sternly.
"No, you fucking can't!" He booms, hitting the desk again. "You're so stupid, you know that?"
Your heart clenches at his words and you take a step back. "Fuck you," You whisper, every inch of your skin feeling lit up with red-hot fear. Fear that Bucky's love for you is dying.
"I've told you time and time again not to go near him," He shouts. "Are you that fucking needy for attention that the second I give mine to someone else, you go looking for it from the first guy that offers you some?"
"Stop!" You cringe, looking down.
"Screwing around with him like a fucking slut," He rages, taking you aback. "You know how fucking embarrassing that is for me?"
You purse your lips together as your eyes well up with tears. This is it. He hates you. His love is dead.
"No, Y/N," Bucky mutters coldly. "You can't just cry your way out of this like you always do. Get a fucking grip and take some responsibility for once."
A weak whimpers leaves your mouth before you quickly turn and run out of the office, the tears hot as they stream down your face. On your way out, you pass Sam and Peter. Peter gives you a regretful look but you speed past him, too focused on your hurting heart to be angry at him right now.
Tumblr media
Two weeks. Two entire fucking weeks pass with no communication between you and Bucky.
You don't think you've ever spent 14 consecutive nights in your own bed without Bucky spooning you, and you absolutely hate it. It feels lonely to the point where it physically hurts.
None of your other friends can fill the gap he left. They don't know you like he does. They don't care about you like he does. They don't love you nearly as much as he does.
A part of you regrets the date with Steve, but another part of you knows that it truly was unfair for Bucky to have double standards. You couldn't let him get away it.
His words echo in your head every single day.
You're so stupid, you know that?
Fucking slut.
Take some responsibility for once.
What a fucking prick. God, you miss him.
A strange man has been standing across the street from your apartment. You aren't sure when he first arrived, but you noticed him just over a week ago. At first, you thought he was there to smoke - but now that he has spent seven nights in a row staring at your building, you realize there's something sinister at play.
When you look out the window and see him there again, you let out a groan. You know it's your apartment he's staking out - he's even followed you home from work, though you only noticed that earlier on today when you dropped your phone and had to turn around to pick it up. Who knows how long he's been tracking you?
You don't want to admit it, but you know it's your fault: you got involved with Steve Rogers, and now you're facing the consequences. He's probably keeping an eye on you to make sure you aren't with any other men - God knows how possessive men like him are. A small part of you fears that he's planning on killing you for blocking his phone number, which is why you decide to take a stance.
This is the mess you made. It's time for you to clean it up.
Grabbing the small gun Bucky insisted you keep in your bedside table, you put it into your purse and make your way outside. Once there, you see the man looking away as though to act casual and like he hasn't been stalking you.
You cross the road, keeping an eye out for any witnesses that may be around, before standing in front of him. He frowns, seemingly surprised by your presence.
"What do you want?" He asks you gruffly, raising a brow.
"Stay the fuck away from me," You utter lowly, keeping your hand wrapped around your gun in your bag. "And tell whichever coward sent you to come kill me himself."
It's also possible that one of Bucky's many other enemies are attempting to take you hostage as leverage, and you'd be damned if you prove Bucky right and aren't able to protect yourself.
When the man says nothing, you huff and push past him, planning to make your way to your friend's house a few blocks away just in case you really aren't able to protect yourself. Before you can get far, though, he grabs your arm and pulls you back. You immediately pull out the gun and shoot him in the foot, making him fall to the ground with a loud cry.
"You crazy bitch!" He yells, clinging to his foot. "Why the fuck would you do that?"
"I told you to stay away from me!" You shout, thankful for the silencer on the gun while praying nobody walks past. "Who sent you, huh?"
"Crazy fucking bitch," He whimpers, rocking back and forth.
You roll your eyes at him, shaking your head. "Don't fuck with me, alright? Do you know the name James Barnes? If I see you, or any of your friends, standing outside my home again, he will kill you - and that's only if I don't do it myself. Do you understand me?"
"Barnes is the one that fucking sent me," He reveals with a groan, his hands covered in blood. "He told me to keep an eye on you. I wasn't sent to hurt you."
His words take you aback. Oh.
"Shit," You whisper, quickly putting away your gun. "Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. I'm sorry. Come on; let's get you to the hospital. Shit."
Twenty minutes later, you're in the waiting area while Richard gets his foot fixed up.
"Come on," You grumble as the vending machine spits out your bill for the seventh time. "Just take my money and feed me, damn it."
"What have I told you about these shitty snacks?" A familiar voice rings out from behind you, making you jump. His ring-clad hand reaches out and he scans his phone on the card machine, paying for your shitty snack.
You lean down to pick up the candy bar before turning back to him. "Why buy it for me, then?"
Bucky lets out a sigh. "Because you always get what you want, anyway. And I like being the one who gets you what you want."
"Yeah, sure seems like it," You mutter bitterly, pushing past him. "Two fucking weeks, Buck."
"You blocked my number," He says, turning around to follow you over to the seats. "Do you realize how fucking insane that made me?"
"And you didn't attempt to contact me at all!" You exclaim stubbornly.
"Because I knew you were angry at me," Bucky claims as you sit down. "And frankly, I was fucking angry at you, too."
"So why send Richard to watch over me?" You ask with a raised brow.
He furrows his brows at you. "What? Just because I'm angry at you, I shouldn't care about your wellbeing?"
"Oh, please," You scoff. "You were just watching me to see if I went on any more dates with Steve."
Bucky rubs his face, exasperated. "I don't wanna argue with you about this any more, Y/N. Can you just admit that what you did was reckless?"
Letting out a long sigh, you can't help but nod. "I guess it was a little reckless. Can you admit that sleeping with that bitch Carmen was a bad friend move that hurt me deeply?"
He sits down next to you, resting his arm on the back of your seat. "I'm sorry, fairy. I should've been more aware of your feelings. I promise, I'm not seeing her again. And I hired a different lawyer."
"And?" You press expectantly.
"And... I love you?" He offers, before trying to wrap his arm around you.
You move a seat away from him, frowning. "You said some really horrible things to me, Buck."
He winces at the memory, a pained look growing on his face. "I am so, so sorry, fairy. I was angry, and I said things that I should never have said. Not to you. I didn't mean a single one of them- I was just pissed off, and I took it out on you, and I shouldn't have done that. The thought of you being in danger drove me crazy, baby. I can't handle the thought of you getting hurt."
You let out a shaky breath, looking down at the ground. "Seeing you with Carmen, I just... I realized that I'm gonna lose you one day, and that terrified me. I guess I just wanted to see if you were scared of losing me, too."
Bucky frowns, immediately moving to the seat next to you. "Woah, woah, woah, fairy, what's all this talk about losing each other, huh? You know you're never losing me, ever. And you know I'd chain you to a fucking radiator if you ever tried to leave me."
You laugh softly, shaking your head. "I just didn't like seeing you with her."
He pulls you into his arms, rocking you gently. "How about we stop seeing other people, hmm? Just for a little while?"
His words put you on edge. "What do you mean, Buck?" You ask him meekly.
"I mean, our last sexual escapades landed poor Richard in the emergency room," He says teasingly, before leaning closer to you. "So, how about we just stick with each other for a bit? I missed you like fuck this past fortnight. I never wanna do this life shit without you again."
Feeling warm in his embrace, you snuggle closer to him and smile. "That sounds good, Bucky."
"Yeah?" He asks, holding you tighter. "Just you and me?"
"Just you and me," You repeat with a whisper, wrapping your pinky around his.
He kisses your forehead, and then your nose, and then the corner of your mouth, lighting you up with the joy you've been missing out on for too long. "I love you, fairy," Bucky mumbles, stroking your cheek. "You're more important to me than anyone else in this world."
Opening up the candy bar, you offer him the first bite which he reluctantly takes. Taking a bite after him, you let the sweet chocolate relax you.
You rest your head on his chest, the two of you staying like that while you wait for Richard to be wheeled out of surgery. All is well.
Tumblr media
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andydrysdalerogers · 19 days ago
Attitude – Steve Rogers
Pairings: Steve Rogers x F! Reader
Word Count: 2.2K
Song: Birthday Sex - Jermih
Summary: Its your birthday and Steve... well Steve forgot....
A/N: This one I wrote just for me.  A little smutty action for my readers on my birthday (5/3)  You’re welcome. 😉 😏
Tumblr media
It would be that he would forget today.  His mind is on the mission, concentrated on defeating the enemy and making sure his team is safe.  Its not like he would do it on purpose. You make it possible for him to do his job but sometimes a little acknowledgement would go a long way.  He pursued you, after all.  You were just an analysis at the compound.  Tony brought you in from your position at a Fortune 500 company because you were brilliant.  And a party for the employees one night brought you to the forefront of Steve Rogers’ world.
It was like a fairytale.  He courted you, (yes, his words, courted), asked your father for permission to ask you to marry him.  Tony had been so thrilled that Capsicle had found someone to thaw him out that he paid for a fairytale wedding as well.  It was everything you ever dreamed of. Steve cried when he saw you walking down the aisle on your father’s arm, causing you to cry.  It was perfect.
But now, two years into it, you were just upset. Steve had acclimated to the 21st century.  He had a phone to remind him of everything but this, this is the one day he forgot.  So, you just took it in stride.  What else could you do?  The keys hitting the lock brought you out of your thoughts, going back to working on dinner.  Dinner that was supposed to be special, not made by you.  You shook your head as your husband walked through the door.  “Hey sweetheart.”
“Hi.” You saw him drop his bag by the door.  You tried not to get irritated.  He supposed to put the bag in the laundry room and empty it.  Be helpful, like you had asked.  But you were so hurt from his forgetfulness already that you had no fight in you.
Steve comes and kisses your head.  “Whatcha making?”
“Pasta.” You drop the noodles in the pot to cook.  “Ready in 10.”
“Sounds good.  I’m just going to change.”  He leaves the kitchen, and you mutter under your breath. “Sure, just leave your clothes everywhere.”  You finish up dinner and serve.
It’s a quiet meal with Steve unable to talk about the mission just letting you know that it was successful, and no one was seriously injured.  You hummed in approval and got up to clear your plate.  “Something wrong sweetheart?”
“YN, you’ve said maybe five words since I’ve been home.”
“Just tired Steve. Tony assigned me a project and it just took the life out of me.  I thought… never mind.” You turned back to the living room where Steve’s bag was still in the entry way. Goddammit.  You grabbed the bag and hauled it to the laundry room. “Guess I’m just the maid now,” you mumbled.
“What was that?”
“Nothing. Nothing at all.”
Steve was perplexed. You had never had attitude like this. You were sweet, loving, his princess.  He went to reach for his phone to call Nat to see if she had any insight when he realized his phone had been dead.  He remembered he hadn’t been able to charge it yesterday. He plugged it in and gave it a few minutes.  After it had enough charge, all of his messages and notifications came through.  And a bright red one was right on top.
Oh fuck.
Fuck, fuck.
He was completely and utterly fucked.  He forgot his wife’s birthday.  And then he remembered the bag he left at the door.  And the dinner you had made for him.  On your birthday.  
Ok, he is a dead man. 
Steve shot off a few texts, pleading with Nat to help him.  As soon as he had a plan, he went to get you. He got up and went to the laundry room.  He saw you there, swearing at him under your breath as you sorted his clothes for washing. He knew you were angry, but he had never seen you like this. One particular swear got his attention.
“He thinks I’m his fucking maid well he has another thing coming.”
“Want to run that by me again?”
You stopped and closed your eyes.  He had heard you. You turned around and glared at him. “I didn’t say anything.”
Steve’s eyes darkened.  “You might want to adjust the attitude princess.”
That set you off.  “And what the fuck are you going to do to make me?”
He stalked forward and you step back, fear now entering your eyes as you see the look on Steve’s face. “Say that again princess.  I dare you.” He wraps his thick fingers around your neck, applying just enough pressure to control you.
But it isn’t enough to stop the words from tumbling out of your mouth. “I said what the fuck are you going to do about it.”  A single tear falls from your eyes.  It was supposed to be your day.  Your birthday. And yet, here you were, fighting with your husband.
Steve doesn’t like to see you cry but at the same time he’s aroused with your attitude. He pulls you close. “I’ll fuck this attitude right outta ya, princess.” His Brooklyn accent comes out think and you feel yourself clench around nothing.  You move to close your legs but Steve blocks with his knee.  “Oh no, princess.” He spins you and bends you over the top of the washer machine. “Ya want ta be a brat, I’ll treat ya like one.”  He holds your back down as he unbuttons your jeans.
“Steve,” your voice trembles.  “What are you doing?”  He’s never been aggressive with you, never wanted to hurt you.  He was always gentle, and this new Steve was scaring you a bit.
“I want my princess back, so I think I’ll punish the brat out of you.” He gets your jeans and panties down, and he stares at your bare ass. He sinks down to his knees to lick your pussy from behind, listening to you mewl from the sensation.  “At least this part of my princess tastes the same,” he smirks.
“Steve, Steve, please,” you beg.  This is new, it’s all new and you love it.  Steve keeps going, swirling his tongue on your clit, your entrance, even your ass.  He stops only to lift you onto the machine so he can watch your face as he continues his assault.  He slowly adds a finger, and then another, stretching you open. “Oh fuck baby.”  He can feel you starting to tighten, and he stops. “S-Steve?”
“Bratty girls don’t get to finish.  Only my good little princess gets to finish.”  He smirks as he starts up again.  Its faster this time to build and he knows it.  He wants to tease you to the brink and give you the best orgasm for your birthday.  Then she can enjoy while he makes love to her.  That’s his plan.  At least for now.  He feels you tighten again, and he stops.
You let out a frustrated growl.  It’s your birthday and he’s edging you.  What kind of husband does that?  But of course, he doesn’t remember it’s your birthday.  He starts for a third time, and you think you might die if you don’t release.  “Please Stevie, please, I don’t – I don’t know if I can handle this?” The tears are real, the fear of this new Steve coming through. 
Steve stops and starts to pull away. “Shit, baby, I’m sorry.”
“No! Please don’t stop! Please!”
Steve dives back in and thrusts his tongue back into you.  You grab at his hair, pulling him closer. “Fuck! I’m so close.”
“Cum for me my princess. Let me drink you in.” Steve darts his tongue in and out and you are lost, blinded by the power of the most intense orgasm of your life.  You don’t feel Steve riding out your high or picking you up and putting you in bed.  But you do feel when he climbs on top of you and slowly enters. “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to take it that far.” He kisses you softly as he thrusts gently.  He makes love to you slow, letting you enjoy every sensation.
He flips you so you are on top of him but doesn’t let you do the work.  He grasps your hips and slowly moves you up and down.  “You are so beautiful.”
One particular thrust has you seeing stars. “Oh Stevie,’ you moan, your head tossed back.
He rolls you back over so he can look into your eyes.  “I love you YN.  You are my whole world.” He reached down to pull your leg up and reached over to your clit.  “I want you to know how much I love you.”
“I do Steve I do,” you cried. You built up again closing your eyes.
“Open them princess. Please open them,” he begged. When they opened, he could see the desire for him, the love you had.  “Let go,” he whispered. With a long moan of his name, he watched as you cummed around his dick.  “That’s it, princess.  Squeeze me, use me. Oh fuck!” He released into you, riding it out until he could hear the squelching sounds slowed.
He kissed your forehead as he pulled out and went to grab a towel.  He cleaned you up as you were in your dazed state. He crawled back into bed with you and held you as you fell asleep. He kept his movements on your body soft as you slept.  A buzz from the nightstand made you stir but not wake.  Steve reached for his phone.  He smiled at the messages and decided it was time to wake you. He kissed you lightly on your lips. “Sweetheart?  Princess, it’s time to get up.”
“C’mon princess. I wanna take you somewhere.”
“No.” You rolled onto your stomach and buried your head.
“No, its my day and I want to stay here.” Your muffled reply came with a quiet sob.
“Oh princess. I’m sorry.  I know I forgot.  Please let me make it up to you.”
You lifted your head. “Who reminded you?”
“My phone.  It died and when I charged it, I saw the reminder and…” he could see the tears forming, “I forgot. I shouldn’t forget but I did.” You rolled to your side, not wanting to look at him. “Baby, I’m so sorry.” He held you close as you cried. “You’re my princess and I want to treat you like one. Please, my love?” You turned to him, and he kisses your nose. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” you mumble, burying your head into his chest.
“C’mon sweet girl, let’s get ready.”  He lifted you up and took you to the shower with him.  He washed you all over, taking his time but not letting you wash him. “I’m worshiping you today so out so I can wash up.” You pouted but went to your closet.  You pulled on your favorite red dress, the one that makes Steve drool.
Hair and makeup done, you walked out of the bathroom to see Steve’s mouth hang open.  “See something you like, soldier?”
“I, umm, Jesus, you are fucking beautiful,” he said, his eyes raking over you.  Now he just wanted to peel that dress off of you and keep you in bed.  But no, this was your birthday and he needed to make everything right. He placed his hands on your hips. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”  You reach up for a kiss.
“Hmm, I want to keep kissing you but we have to go.”
“Where are we going?”
“It’s a surprise princess.”
Steve guided you to the other side of the compound.  Everything was dark.  “Steve?”
“Hold on, let me find the switch.”  The lights came on.
The team was there, streamers hanging, champagne glasses raised in your honor.  You gasp, holding your hands to your face. You look at Steve who is smiling big.  He pulls you close. “I’m sorry I forgot and I’m sorry I forgot about the bag.”
“Hang on.”  Bucky brought him two glasses and gave you one.  He cleared his throat.  “Everyone, thank you for coming together on such short notice to celebrate this woman right here.  She is the most patient, forgiving, loving, extraordinary woman I have ever known.  And tonight, I just want to celebrate her.” He raised his glass.  “To YN. Happy birthday!”
“To YN! Happy birthday!” Everyone clinked their glass as you had to turn your head to wipe away the tears. Everyone comes up to give you their wishes and hugs.  Tony has a cake brought out for you to make a wish.  Some music is played, and Steve takes you in his arms and starts slow dancing with you.
You start to feel guilty about all the effort made. “Stevie, I…”
“Don’t princess.  You deserve this and more. I love you.  And I promise, I’ll be better at being a good husband.”
“I guess I can be better at talking to you. I’m sorry for swearing at you.”
Steve pulled you in closer and whispers, “It’s ok princess but if I hear ya swear again, I have no problem fucking that attitude right outta ya. Birthday or not.”
You look up at his eyes and see that they are blazing. You smirk.
“I’d like to see you fucking try.”
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captain-fantasy · 17 days ago
I missed you - Chris Evans x reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: oral, smut, unprotected sex
Author’s note: I’m sorry for disappearing for a bit. I’ve been swamped with final projects and I just got a job so
Word count: 812
The air was comfortably warm and felt pleasant on your skin. You were leaning against Chris as you lay on the couch watching a movie together. He’d finally come back after being away for a couple of months filming a new movie, and you were eager to see him again. Of course, you knew that being with him meant that he would need to leave for extended periods of time every so often, and you never held it against him, but you loved nothing more than having these quiet moments alone with each other. 
He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you impossibly closer to him, almost placing you in his lap. His head rested in the crook of your neck, deeply inhaling your warm scent that he missed while he was gone. You sighed happily, relaxing your muscles into his body while you closed your eyes, allowing yourself to indulge in the fact that he was all yours for a moment. 
Chris’ grip on you tightened, his mouth leaving open-mouthed kisses in the valley of your neck. A small, muffled groan left his mouth as he nipped the soft skin, soothing the bites with his tongue. You whined and squirmed in his hold, trying to turn around to face him. He allowed a small amount of movement, just enough that you were able to straddle him, your legs on either side resting on the couch, your arms stabilizing yourself on his shoulders. 
“I missed you,” he said, his hands resting on your waist. 
“Yeah?” you smiled, “How much did you miss me?”
“So much that I touched myself thinking of you every night,” he smirked, running his hands up the back of your shirt, leaving a trail of goosebumps wherever his hands went, making your body feel as though it were on fire. 
“Did you touch yourself?” he asked.
Your face felt hot, your throat incapable of saying anything at that moment, so you nodded. 
“Did you?” he teased, “What did you think about when you were touching yourself?”
“I thought about the night before you left,” you breathed, “When I was on top of you, and you fucked me so hard you left bruises,” you finished, smiling. 
He chuckled into your skin, moving his hands to bring your shirt over your head, staring at your bare chest in front of him. His hands moved to cup your breasts, running his thumbs over the now stiff nipples. He leaned forward and took one of your tits in his mouth, continuing to play with the other one in his hand before he switched off. 
“What did you think about?” you asked, running your fingers through his hair. 
He smiled as he removed his mouth from you, looking up into your needy gaze, “I thought about having you on top of me, too. You feel so tight, and wet, and hot. You always make me feel so good,” he drew out the last two words, wrapping his arms around you to position you on your back against the couch. You quickly shuffled out of your sweatpants, watching him kneel in front of you as he pulled your thighs apart. He kissed the skin on your inner thigh, leaving another trail of hickies as he inched closer to the one place you wanted him. 
“Please, Chris,” you begged. The amount of control he had for being away for so long astounded you. 
You whined and arched yourself closer to him, using one of your hands to pull his mouth closer to you. He smiled against your skin, inching closer to your dripping pussy. Your head fell back on the couch as he licked a stripe on your cunt, curling two of his large fingers inside you while his tongue played with your clit. 
Your breathing was short and left your mouth in quick bursts, struggling to keep the air in your lungs as he took what he was missing for so long. Because you had spent so much time without him, it wasn’t long until you felt the familiar bundle of nerves traveling through your body, joining at the pit of your stomach. 
“Fuck,” you whined, “Please, I’m so close.”
Chris opened his eyes, the blue turning darker in color as his movement got more insistent, more needy, like he was trying to devour you. 
Your eyes squeezed shut, your thighs squeezing Chris’ head as you came. As your breathing got calmer, Chris carefully pried your legs open and took them off of his shoulders, straightening his back to face you. He gently pulled your face closer to him, meeting your lips with his. You could taste some of yourself still on him, stuck on his beard. It tasted too bitter to you, but the way Chris lapped on you like a man starved, he had to love it. 
“My turn,” he whispered. 
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