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Interest - Billy Hargrove
part 1
Billy x reader
Steve Harrington x sister reader
Warnings: none
Word count: 746
Summary: Steve doesn’t like Billy. Billy doesn’t care for Steve either, but Billy likes Steve’s sister. Does she like Billy back?
Authors Note: this has 2 parts but I might make more might not
Stranger Things Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Why does he have to constantly look over here?” Steve groaned, turning his head back forward. Throwing his sandwich down onto the table in frustration.
“Who?” Y/n raised a brow in question while taking a bite of her own sandwich.
“You know who.” he rolled his head to look at her, annoyance clear in his eyes.
“No, I honestly don’t.” Y/n laughed, shaking her head with wide eyes, finding her brother's attitude hilarious. “Who are you talking about?”
Y/n had a pretty good idea of who Steve was talking about. The two haven’t gotten along since he arrived in town. An Y/n blamed that on Steve’s ex-friends.
“Hargrove.” Steve rolled his eyes and mumbled out his last name.
Y/n scoffed. “Why do you let him bother you so much?”
Steve looked at her like she was crazy for even asking that question to him. “He’s a dick.”
“I would say he’s a womanizer maybe, but dick? I think Tommy’s a bigger dick if we’re judging.” Y/n smiled at him but it was her smile of knowing she was right in what she had just said.
“Maybe. But I still say Billy’s more of a dick.” he shrugged looking down again. Y/n knew it was because he knows she’s right. Y/ns always said that Tommy and Carol were bad news and a couple of assholes. Steve never listened and look what happened.
Y/n chuckled at his sour behavior. “Is it because he dethroned you?”
“What? No!” Steve sat up and reacted quickly and it made Y/n laugh.
“Just asking.” She lifted her shoulders and tilted her head to the side. It was hard to hide her smirk. “Look I got to get to class or I’ll be late. Try not to kill him, please.”
“No promises.” he grumbled watching her as Y/n headed off to class and out of the cafeteria . Soon everyone would be going off to class as well. What didn’t sit well with Steve was that he noticed out of the corner of his eye, Billy Hargrove keeping his eyes locked on Y/n.
^      ^      ^
While Steve was leaning against his car waiting for Y/n to finish up talking to her sciene partner. He noticed a certain pair of eyes watching her. “Got a problem, Hargrove?”
Billy smirked, blowing out his cigarette. “Nope. Just enjoying the view.”
Now Steve was fuming. He knows Billy would say anything to get under his skin, but he just can't help it. “What did you just say?”
Billy smirked watching Steve strut over towards him face red with furry. “I’m not afraid of you, Harrington.”
“Then what did you just say?” Steve squared up to him. Standing right infront of Billy almost toe to toe. Billy was doing everything he could to control himself and not hit Harrington in the face.
“I said, I was enjoying the view. And the view was your sister.” Billy smiled an all teeth smile. He love’s getting a rise out of Steve, but he is trying to control his temper nowadays.
“Stay the hell away from my sister.” Steve growled ready to lay hands on the mullet wearing boy. There was no way in hell Steve was gonna let Billy Hargrove lay a hand on his sister.
“You don’t control me, Harrington. If I want to look at her I will. If I want to talk to her, I will.” Billy stated with a smile but with a condescending tone.
“Over my dead body.” Steve shoved him. Not hard enough for him to fall but it did move him back a bit.
“I’m fine with that.” Billy just laughed it off. Harrington was becoming the aggressor, my how the tables have turned, “I’ll be her shoulder to cry on.”
Y/n ran over noticing the two boys' interaction. Seeing her brother lay his hands on Billy, that was enough. Y/n jumped in between the two, placing her hands on her brother’s chest to keep them apart. “Steve. Steve, let’s go.”
Y/n could feel Billy’s hands rubbing her lightly across her lower back, and all she could think was ‘thank God her brother was holding eye contact so he wouldn't see the placement of Billy’s hands. “See you later, Harrington. And your sister.” Billy smirked watching as Y/n dragged her brother back over to his own car so they could head home. Oh boy was this gonna be interesting.
Part 2
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billy hargrove moodboard
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Tumblr media
14th "face-sitting"
Steve Harrington x reader
a/n: i don't have to say both reader and Steve are above 18 do i?
NSFW under the gif!
Tumblr media
Steve and you were dating for a while now; you two were happy together, he treated you seriously and so did you. You weren't the one to wait god knows how long for sex and it was great. Steve was a great lover, caring and listening, always putting your pleasure above his own.
He came to your house this afternoon, you promised you'll help him with his essay and also proposed making dinner which he happily agreed to. Your parents were out of town so you two had a little bit space for each other. They really liked him but it was always better to have him all to yourself.
After dinner you went to your room; the primary intention was to help him as you promised but as soon as the door closed, you two were all over each other. It didn't take you much time to make it to the bed and passionately make out. You murmured something about the essay but honestly you didn't care about it now. Steve's hand slid under your shirt and caressed your skin gently; his lips never leaving yours.
You reached to the bottom of his shirt, to pull it off of him, needing his body closer to yours, to get rid of the barrier of clothes. He let you do that ad quickly did the same. He stopped for a second to admire your bare chest, to gently run his fingers over your already hardened nipples. You sighed when his lips attacked them, sucking and nibbling on each; he could do this all the time. When you reached to the button of your pants, he rose up to look you in the eyes.
"Somethings wrong?" you asked at the sudden action, worrying you did something.
"Can you-" he gulped. "Can you sit on my face, please?"
You remained silent for a second. You've had sex with him multiple times already but he never asked for something like this. Not hearing any answer from you, he started to panic and you quickly reassured him with a kiss.
"Yes. I can do that" you whispered, smiling sweetly and him.
Happily he placed himself on the bed and looked at you in anticipation. After you undressed completely, you hovered over his mouth, carefully adjusting your position so you wouldn't hurt him. He didn't give you that much time; he immediately grabbed your thighs and pulled you down to his lips. You moaned, throwing your head back when he sucked on your clit. He was eating you out like a starving man, making your legs tremble around his head.
Steve absolutely loved that position, you could tell by his whimpers that were sending vibrations to your core. You needed to hold onto a wall for support; he made you absolutely melt.
"Steve, fuck" you cried out when he slid one finger inside you but never stopped sucking and licking at your clit.
And when you came, you came hard, thighs squeezing around him. He didn't mind that; he moaned with you, breathless but happy. After you calmed yourself even so slightly, you wanted to get off of him, but he stopped you, holding you close. A silent plea left his lips.
"Let me do this again."
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Tumblr media
Billy Hargrove x Plus size!reader
Word Count: 2200 words
Warnings: Billy Hargrove is a petty bitch (which we all already knew)
Summary: Steve flirts with you, the new girl, and Billy doesn’t bother to stop him.
Basketball had never really been your thing.
Billy didn’t play, at least, not enough to warrant joining any kind of team or event.
In California, he didn’t see the point. Everyone was pretty good, with their own hoop in their front yard, and it wasn’t nearly as fun as a good challenge would be.
Especially lately, you and Billy chose to skip out on things like that entirely to smoke but something had been different since you moved to Hawkins.
In this place, the man in question had found a real advantage to growing up in a city like he had.
Even the best among these guys didn’t play basketball as well as the team at your old school, and so far, Billy was creaming them.
It might not have been fair, given his clear advantage, but nobody really seemed to mind. The coaches were barely paying attention and the rest of the players were sort of playing second fiddle.
The ball was going back and forth between the current captain and Billy, but you barely even noticed. In reality, you were just happy to let the man you loved do his thing.
He was having fun.
Emasculating other men had always given him a rush, like nothing else could.
Though, as happy for him as you, and as glad as you were to watch him play with them, you did sort of wish you could do something else.
Sitting among the other girlfriends drinking in the testosterone wasn’t really your scene.
You had never been the kind to just spectate things like this, something Billy knew.
In all the time that you had known one another, he couldn’t think of a single time you had voluntarily sat through something like this but perhaps that was the reason he’d been so insistent.
He liked to know that you would sit and watch him run circles around the other players, just because he asked you to.
It just proved to him how much you cared about him, and making him happy.
Besides, it wasn’t like you would be doing anything else while he was in practice.
You two only ever did stuff together, and you couldn’t think of anything worse than actually socializing with the people around you.
So, you made yourself busy, content to just pick at your nails and chew your gum until he was done. Which, by the sound of that buzzer, would still be a half hour.
You knew the drill well by now.
The guys were going to take a water break and then get back at it until seven, then and only then, could you get out of here.
You smiled in spite of yourself as Billy approached, drenched in sweat with so much adrenaline pumping through him that he was practically vibrating.
It was the same way he got when he fought, and given the alternative, you supposed you should be glad he’d decided to do this tonight instead of that.
At least this way, you wouldn’t have to drive him to the hospital again.
You watched with mild interest as the man you loved made his way over to the locker room to fetch his water bottle, not bothering to look away from the muscles in his back as he moved.
You did love that man, even in spite of yourself sometimes.
Though, your admiration was interrupted prematurely by the entrance of a man you weren’t familiar with entering your line of sight.
The captain.
Billy talked about him sometimes, usually only in regards to taking his spot as the current team captain and King of this school, because he could.
Still, you hadn’t spoken to him yet.
For good reason.
The man you loved was notoriously jealous and was no stranger to beating someone bloody for overstepping the invisible boundaries he’d posted all over you in his head.
You usually ignored them, and him, for that matter, but that was only so you wouldn’t have to listen to him go on and on about some guy being all over you when you couldn’t have cared any less about him.
It was to save you the ear full, not to save their delicate facial structures.
“Hey, you’re new right? You like Basketball?” he started, straddling the side of the bleacher in front of you as he spoke, trying to get to know you a little better.
Steve hadn’t gotten the chance to introduce himself to you yet, but he figured now was as good a time as any.
He was free, at least, until the buzzer rang again and he had to go back out there.
“Not really” you shrugged, chewing your gum lightly. It was the truth, a truth that made Steve laugh without even meaning to.
It was brutally honest, in the strangest way, and he could respect that.
You wouldn’t have been the first girl to just show up to watch practice to try and get with one of the guys playing, but they usually did a better job of pretending to like the sport than you were.
“I’m Steve, I just thought I should introduce myself, so you know who to ask if you need anything” he tried again, offering a hand to you which you didn’t take at first, out of habit.
This was the kind of thing that would normally upset Billy, even if it was technically innocent.  
Not that you would have known from looking at him.
You glanced up to find that Billy had exited the locker room since Steve started this conversation but he didn’t seem to care. Or, at least, he made no motion to do anything about it if he did.
Instead, all he did was stand there, watching the two of you with this smirk on his face.
That should have been your first clue that something was off.
Back home, if someone so much as looked at you for too long, Billy would have had a holy conniption, and that was in a place where everyone already knew who you belonged to.
In this new town, he should have been all over this guy, but he had hardly blinked an eye this whole time.
It didn’t make any sense.
Not that you were in the mood to question it.
He was the one who dragged you out here to watch him dunk on all these guys, and now he was just going to stand there and watch you like some kind of creep instead of coming to see you himself.
If Billy wanted to be weird about this whole thing, that was his business. You weren’t in the mood to put out any of his emotional or physical fires tonight.  
At least, Steve would give you something to focus on while you waited for the practice to start back up, since your boyfriend was so busy with all that standing he was doing.  
“I appreciate that, thanks. I’m Y/N” you allowed, taking his hand lightly on your own and making a conscious effort not to glance over at Billy again over his shoulder.
Even if he had made it clear he didn’t care about this, you knew that you didn’t want to let him know you were waiting for him to do something.
You weren’t in the mood to calm his ego back down.
After all, he came to these practices to get that aggression out, not to find a new outlet for it outside of the game.
“No problem at all Y/N, you just let me know if you need anything” he grinned, sending a wink your way as he stood, his eyes never leaving you as he made his way back over to the court.
If you didn’t know any better, you would have said he was flirting with you.
Figures, the one time Billy couldn't possibly be bothered to get involved would als be the one time the guy on the other side of his third degree was actually doing the thing he accused them of.
That would have been his chance to be right, for once.
Though, you were sort of glad that he hadn’t taken it, because Steve seemed like a pretty nice guy. You probably should have let him know you were taken though, to save him the time and effort.
Getting him all mixed up in whatever game Billy was playing wouldn’t be good for either of you.
Not that you really had much time to worry about that before the buzzer went off again and started practice back up.
Once again, the overzealous way Billy chose to play the game and the squeaking of rubber soles overwhelmed your senses and all thoughts of your encounter with Steve faded away.
It wasn’t that big of a deal.
People talked to strangers all the time and made friends, but even though you’d moved on with your life, Billy certainly hadn’t.
What may have looked to you like maturity on his part was actually a very meticulous plot that he’d cooked up the second he saw Steve sitting with you, that, really, he couldn’t wait to get into.
All he had to do was wait for the right moment.
“Did you see that shit? That’s incredible” Billy grinned, having just landed another basket, right off the bat. He really was playing well, but even still, you barely reacted.
It wasn’t your fault, you just weren’t a basketball fan.
You gave it everything you had, even though you didn’t cheer him on like the rest of the girls sitting in your section of the bleachers. You made sure to keep an eye on him, out there so that when he did make a basket, you could clap.
He’d never cared too much about your reassurance on the court anyway, as long as you were waiting for him when he was done.
You both knew that.
Still, he was being extra vocal all of a sudden, which in retrospect, should have been your second clue that something was off.
He had always liked to be the center of attention, but not normally with you. Where you were concerned, he seemed to just know that you were watching and didn’t need to make a big deal.
Not tonight though.
Now that it was clear to him that he wasn’t the only guy on the court with his eye on you, he had to make sure that you were only looking at him. Which, coincidentally, was something he was really good at.
He liked to make a scene.
This was no different.
That was where the two of you couldn’t have been less alike.
The game ended with what you could only describe as a wolf howl on Billy’s part before the buzzer rang one final time, signalling the end of the practice. Of course, the man you loved delivered the final basket.
Of course he did.
Billy was, as he would tell you himself, the best.
Then, in a move you couldn’t have been expecting, he made his way over to you and pulled you in for a huge, sweaty kiss that had you not been so preoccupied with the all important picking of your cuticle, you may have seen coming.
You couldn't help the small squeak that left you as he held you close, making one huge production of his feelings for you in front of everyone, before he sat you back down on the bleachers.
...and with his point proven, he ran to the locker room so that he could get cleaned up before going home.
All without a single word.
Your skin was burning in embarrassment, which wasn’t something that happened to you a lot. 
Normally, you were hard to rattle, not easy to catch off guard, but Billy had always been the exception to the rule.
He always would be.
It wasn’t until you caught Steve’s eye on the court though that you realized what that whole, out-of-character display was for.
That asshole.
Billy did this on purpose.
You should have known that something like this was coming, it was just too weird for him not to make a point to Steve. He never passed up a chance to show off that he owned you, and he wasn’t about to change that now.
Typically, you wouldn’t have been surprised but you did sort of feel wrong about the whole thing.
He could have just explained to Steve that you two were an item, but he’d chosen to drag you through his petty display instead.
He could be so exhausting sometimes.
Still, just as you were starting to get upset about Billy using you as a pawn to reinforce his masculinity, you realized that every girl around you who had previously been fawning over the drool-worthy sight that was your boyfriend had stopped their chattering.
Because, evidently, while his methods were immature and ridiculous, they were also effective.
Now, everyone at this new school knew just what everyone else at the old one did. Billy Hargrove didn’t share where you were concerned, not your time, or your attention, or your love.
That was never going to change, no matter where you went.
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Under The Table - Billy Hargrove
Summary: The gang decided to get together for dinner since the little ones are starting high school soon, but Billy had some other things planned for dinner.
Word Count: 1.3k+
Warnings: fingering duh, teasing, slight voyeurism, degradation, semi-public sex, smut in general, dirty talk
Pairing/Characters: Billy Hargrove x Henderson!reader, Nancy, Eleven, Steve, Mike, WIll, Dustin, Max, Jonathan, Robin
Prompt: day 1 of kinktober: fingering
A/N: lets get kinktober starteedddddd
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Tumblr media
With school starting just around the corner Y/N Henderson wanted to do something special for her younger brother and his friends who were about to start high school. The last two years had been a handful with the Upsidedown and the Demogorgon wreaking havoc on their beloved town, she figured that a night filled with good food, friends, and fun would be a great way to end the summer vacation and start the upcoming school season. Y/N got her friend Nancy, her boyfriend Jonathan, and some other friends Steve and Robin to help out as well. They all thought it was a good idea so they were on board with it, the only person that was hard to convince was her boyfriend Billy. Everyone knew Billy didn’t really like getting together and doing stuff like this, but because it was so important to his girl, he decided to just go ahead and do it.
The older kids of the group were setting up the table, placing all the dishes, silverware and whatever else was needed, out nicely so that the night could begin. Most of the time Billy just stood in the corner and smoked until Y/N asked him to do something, but then he would go back to the corner. Billy was too distracted to do anything else besides watch his girlfriend prance around the kitchen in her little skirt she had decided to wear that night. He kept watching as she’d bend down to grab something and he’d get a peak at the curve of her ass, or even the bright blue lingerie she was hiding underneath, Every time he saw it he just wanted to bend her over the counter and ruin her till she couldn’t walk, but he knew he’d have to wait till later for that, 
“Hey, come on dinner’s ready!” Y/N shouted to the group of teens that were fighting over the video game in the other room. She knew it was going to be a minute before everyone came into the dining room, so she walked over to her boyfriend who was leaning against a wall watching her intently. 
“Is everything okay? You’ve been quiet tonight,” Y/N commented as she ran her fingertips down his arms softly. The feeling sent a shiver down his spine and an unwanted rush of blood down to his groin. 
Billy nodded as he placed his hands on her hips, “I’m fine babe, just watching you in this short little skirt.” His fingers messed with the waist band of the material, tugging on it slightly before he moved his hand under her skirt to grip her ass. He smirked as she let a small moan slip past her lips at the firm grab. “You’ve been teasing me all night with this number. You didn’t think I’d see your panties every time you bent over? Such a slut, just begging for my attention so you wear this to tease me instead.” Billy sent a harsh slap to her ass, sending her forward into his chest.
“N-no sir, I didn’t do it to tease you, I promise!” He smirked at how easy it was to get her to submit to him. 
Billy pulled away once he saw the group enter the dining room, that smirk still plastered on his face. “I’ll show you what bad girls get for teasing and being naughty.” He walked over to the table, leaving Y/N a blushing mess. She took in a deep breathe and sat next to him, her thighs clenching together as she watched him place one hand in his lap and the other on her knee.
“So, what all do we have here?” Nancy asked to try and start a conversation. Y/N explained the food she had made, consisting of lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and some steamed vegetables. 
Steve instantly dug into the lasagna, eyes rolling back at how good it was. “This is the best lasagna I’ve ever had in my life,” He looked over at Billy, “You have the best girlfriend in the world.” 
Billy looked over at Y/N with a smile, but she knew he had something planned to get back at her, “I do, don’t I?” 
As the dinner went on, Y/N became more paranoid about Billy’s hand placement and how every few minutes he would inch his hand further up her leg until it rested under the bottom of her skirt. Everyone was too engrossed in the food and conversation that they never noticed how quiet the couple had become.  When Billy started to move her panties aside she glared at him from the corner of her eye, but he just continued to act as if nothing was happening.
She slapped his had softly under the table but it did nothing as he gripped her inner thigh tightly, “Knock it off, bunny. I told you I’d show you what naughty girls get for being bad.” He whispered in her ear. They were so close together at the table that it just looked like he was being a loving a boyfriend. 
Billy slipped his fingers through her folds, watching how she’d squirm in her seat as he pinched he clit. The group was so oblivious to what was happening, but the thought of them finding out that Billy was touching her sopping cunt under the table just made her wetter by the second. Y/N began to stuff her face with food to try and hide any obscene noises that might threaten to slip past her lips. Once Billy slipped his first finger into her cunt she knew she was done for. He knew exactly how to make her fall apart in a matter of seconds, and he knew this as well.
“You’re such a greedy whore, getting fingered under the table in front of our friends? Such a little slut for me, you’ll take anything I give you. Bet you like this huh? You like being watched while they have no clue that you’re making a mess right now,” Billy chuckled into Y/N’s ear as he added another finger and curled his fingers just right so that he’d hit that spongey spot inside her that made her melt.
Y/N choked on a moan, but thankfully no one noticed. The teasing and pumping of his fingers lasted the rest of the dinner, his thumb occasionally brushing her clit when he’d pick up the pace and then randomly bring it to a stop right as she was about to cum. He loved seeing her like this, especially since it was happening in front of all their close friends.
“Are you two okay? You’ve been quiet almost all night,” Max said as she looked between her brother and his girlfriend. 
Y/N nodded, trying to speak but having it come out in a broken sentence, “Yep, I’m fine, just tired from cooking.” She tried to smile but failed miserably as Billy began is attack on her aching pussy. Everyone gave them a weird look, until it hit them what was happening. 
They all screeched as they hurried away from the table, pretending to fake vomit as they realized that Y/N and Billy were doing something... intimate under the table. 
“Seriously? With my sister? At dinner?” Dustin screamed as he ran to the other room. 
Billy smirked as he pulled his wet digits from her heat, bringing them up to his lips and licking them clean. “Dinner was great babe, but I think now we have to continue this in private.” He sent her a wink before he got up and walked to her bedroom.
It was going to be a very long night.
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𝐿𝒶𝓉𝑒 || 𝒮𝓉𝑒𝓋𝑒 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝓇𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓉𝑜𝓃
Tumblr media
comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated
a/n: thank you @hellounicorn for putting me back on my steve harrington brainrot bullshit. I love you. Also sorry it's taken a month but there were a lot of bumps along the road when it came to publishing
CW: fem! reader, smut, mirror kink (???), choking
Word Count: 1.3k
Your buzz from inside your boyfriend's bathroom was distressed seeing as you were unable to clasp your dress closed on your own.
Without hesitancy, Steve came into the washroom, stumbling over the array of clothes littering the floor.
“(y/n) I think-”
Whatever Steve had to say wasn't important enough for you to let him finish, not with the fear of being late to work hanging over your head.
“Steve, I don't care. Can you button this. Were going to be late.”
“Alright, alright. I'm on it.”
You mumbled a ‘thank god’, and turned your back to him, now facing the mirror.
Rather than fulfilling the task at hand, Steve was diverted his attention to the new bra that adorned your body.
You stared at his focused reflection. His gaze was blown out, and his mouth slightly agape at the sight. You knew what was coming.
“Where’d you get this little thing?” he asked as his fingertips brushed over the soft fabric.
“Got a discount from work and I thought it was pretty.” you tried to make this not a big deal, but he was intent on making it one.
“And you didn't think to tell dear ol’ Stevie about this? I'm absolutely broken here, princess.” Steve tried his hardest to blend his words with faux misery.
“Steve we can't do this right now. I can't be late again. And neither can you.” Steve preventing you from being on time for work was an often occurrence. Time after time, he would lure you into his control because God forbid Steve Harrington keeps it in his pants for once. Once in a Blue Moon that he doesn't make you late for your first shift, he has you spending your break in the backroom closet of Scoops, which leads to Robin threatening to fire him for being “unsanitary in such a high-class dining establishment.”
“Robin won't get rid of me. I promise. After all, I'm the one bringing in all the lady customers.” with that last comment of his, you turned to face him. “Now I've got your attention.”
“You think you're all that, Harrington, don't you?” You rolled your eyes while you talked back to him.
He took a step closer to you, closing what little space was between you.
“You know I’m ‘all that’, (y/l/n).”
You weren’t too sure how to respond to his statement, no matter what you said back he’d have you where he wants you. This was apparent to the boy, he knew he had you trapped, even if it ended up being more of a stroke of luck because everyone knows Steve Harrington isn’t the crispest cookie in the box. And he was planning on reminiscing at this moment.
“Cat your tongue?”
No, you knew. Two words you know would throw him for a loop. A simple phrase that would make you late, but in a way where you came out on top, kind of.
“Fuck me.”
His face become plastered with a dumbfounded look. He was now the one struggling to find words. Yes, he wanted to, more than anything at this moment, but this was far from how expected the conversation to go. Rarely you were the one to take such inattentive. Especially not in such an explicit way. Why not take it all a step further, confuse the poor boy just a little more.
“Cat got your tongue?”
Before you were able to jut out your bottom lip to continue your mocking, his hand wrapped around your throat, creating a breathy whimper to escape your lips. Steves demeanor did a 180. Rather than his eyes being wide, they darkened, his brows were no longer raised they furrowed, and his lips curved into a small smile. You were in for a hell of a ride.
Like a famished man, deprived of your touch, he swiftly pressed his lips to yours, taming all worry you had. This kiss was one filled with lust, taking over his body, leaving him without the little rational thinking. He pressed his body against your own and pulled his hand away from your neck to grab the backs of your thighs. Steve saw no need to separate himself from you to say he wanted you on the counter. His words were barely comprehensible, if it wasn't for him trying to push you up onto the vanity, you would have zero understanding of what he wanted.
The second your ass hit the cool marble of the counter, Steve reached behind you to strip you of your dress. Finally, he pulled away. Steve’s eyes roamed the expanse of your lace-covered chest, no matter how many times he had seen you sprawled out before him, nothing could compare to seeing you in any form of delicates. He was truly enamored with the sight.
“Fucking gorgeous,” he murmured under his breath before peppering your chest with hasty kisses.
You grew impatient with him as he seemed to take leisure time just adoring your chest. You wanted more. You wanted more of his touch. You wanted his family fingers buried in your cunt more than anything. To satisfy the need that he gave you.
You pathetically whined his name to signify that he was not meeting the standard.
He chuckled, understanding what exactly it was you desired.
“I got the message. Undress and turn around. Lay on your stomach.”
You complied with his instructions, moving much faster than him to discard your clothes. You bent over at the waist, propping yourself on your elbows so Steve would have an ample view of your tits. It wasn't hard to figure out what Steve was planning, your face was mere inches from the mirror.
As you heard his belt hit the floor, you pushed your ass back towards him albeit he wasn't directly there. He took not of said gesture.
“Eager much?”
You nodded feverishly at his question. He leaned down to whisper in your ear.
Your words were barely even spoken, they came out more of a breathy whimper as he teased your cunt with the tip of his cock.
“Yes sir. Please. I need you. So bad, it's not- oh fuck”
Before you were able to complete your sentence, Steve harshly thrust into your cunt, leaving you to moan out in satisfaction.
He pulled out for a split second just to push back in and set a rough pace. It was apparent neither of you would last too long.
The tip of his cock hit the spot deep inside that carried you to euphoria. With each thrust, the coil inside tightened, begging to shatter and spread through your body. This appetite presented in the form of loud, pornographic moans. Shameless curses fell from your lips mixed with broken versions of Steve’s name.
Steve snaked his fingers down to rub tight circles on your pulsing clit. You clenched around him in response, eliciting a groan from the bit behind you. He was so lost in a personal ecstasy that he didn't realize your head dipped down right away. Albeit as soon as he saw, his and gripped at your hair, pulling you up to his chest.
“Watch. You're such a fucking sight.”
With that, you made eye contact with your reflection. It was remarkably erotic. The way your tits bounced in sync with Steve’s tempo. The expressions Steve had as he felt your walls clench around his cock. And your own nature, one that was lewd. Much more than you thought could express.
Steve's orgasm was nearing, and your own was on the brink. You felt it in the way his cock twitched in your cunt and the sloppier his motions became.
Steve let out a quick line of curses as he came. With one final groan, he pushed his cum into you farther, before releasing himself from your cunt.
Confusion swept over you. But while you stood silent and unsatisfied, he began cleaning himself up.
“Well don't just stand there (y/n), you said it yourself. We can't be late.”
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randomoutsiders · 9 months ago
steve harrington car sex with a breeding kink!!!!!
warnings/content: steve harrington x reader, penetrative sex, a little bit of choking, snarky robin, car sex, a theme of exhibitionism 
Tumblr media
“Hey, sailor.”  You croon, rapping your knuckles against the linoleum of the counter, atop which the old register sits idly. “What does a gal around here gotta do to get a heapin’ cup of Steve Harrington? Preferably with a big scoop of chocolate jimmies?” 
“Oh, unfortunately, it looks like we just ran out. Some little turd-birds stole the last of it just 10 minutes ago.” Robin trills, wiping down the windows of the ice-cream display. “They’re eating the last of it in the back corner, and if you manage to steal it in time, there might be some left.” 
“Thank you!” Your tone lilts up as you spin on your heel, finding the looming male with his back turned to you, navy blue uniform snug against the curvature of his backside. 
“Hiya Popeye.” Your hand finds his upper back, your fingers curling around the muscle before you lean in, smearing your cheek against his shoulder blade.
“Hey!” The brunet all-but shouts, lips lilting upward in a show of content. “What are you doing here?” 
“Needy.” You whisper, abashed as he pulls away to pull an arm around your shoulders and tug you into the warmth of his chest. 
“What’s that?” Steve inquires, your words having not met his ears as the children prattle on about supposedly unnecessary public displays of affection.
“Was at work and I couldn’t stop thinkin’ about you.” You suck in a tentative breath between your parted lips, each one brushed with the crimson paint of ignominy. 
“Is that right?” Although his voice dips down into a hushed octave, the children are able to see the bashful coloring that churns in the apples of cheeks, the sudden flash of constellations across his honey-gold irises, and the delighted quirk upward of his lips in a sated smirk. 
“Please.” You whisper, the word catching on a nervous bubble in your throat and producing a breathy rasp. 
“Alright, Robin, looks like my shift is up!” He calls over your shoulder, despite the fact that his shift is not, in fact, over. 
“Try again, doofus. You still have like 2 hours left!” The strawberry blonde argues, settling her petite hands against her waist and cocking a hip out in a motherly, scolding fashion. 
“Please?” You plead, your bottom lip jutting out in a display of pleading. “I’ll let you take all the tips for the day. You don’t even need to split ‘em.” You counter, latching onto Steve’s twitching palm at your back. 
“Hey! Those aren’t yours to give out!” 
Pulling your head over your shoulder, you furrow your brows in a nonverbal display of telling your boyfriend to shut up. 
“Deal.” Robin throws her hands up in feigned surrender, returning to her post behind the register. “Have fun, Captain.” 
“Thanks, Robin!” You muse, giving Steve’s hand a might tug in the direction of the exit. “I owe you one!” 
“What’s got your panties in a bunch?” There’s suddenly his warm presence as he pushes himself closer, his chest against your back. 
“Y’didn’t let me cum last night? Remember that?” You seethe through clenched teeth as the two of you rush down the escalator, passing impertinent customers who find the need to remain stoic on their steps and merely create obstructions for your descent to the first floor. 
When you finally meander around them, your fingernails are digging crescent moons into the back of his veined hand, even as you pull him through the revolving doors and out into the parking lot. 
“We gonna have enough time to get all the way home?” 
“We’re not going home.” You grumble, rotating him in his spot to stick impatient fingers into the open end of his uniform pocket, waggling your fingers until you find the familiar metal of his carry keys. 
“You’re kidding.” Steve is forced to pick up his jaw from where he dropped it when you unlock the vehicle’s passenger door, sliding back and reclining the seat as far back as it will go. “You said you’d never do this!” 
“Well, obviously I changed my mind. Can you just go somewhere more... discreet?” You grumble as your boyfriend slides into the driver’s side, shoving the key into its respectful home and turning until the engine roars to life. 
“Alright, alright.” The male laughs, navigating the BMW with one hand while the other slides inconspicuously across the console, sliding in between your thighs and nudging them apart with a simple tap of his fingers. 
 “Let’s see what we’re working with, hm?” He’s smooth as he glides through the parking lot, looking for the back lot where there’s a weeping willow tree obstructing a majority of the spaces. 
If you get there during a reasonable time of day, the lots are not filled with horny teenagers looking for a simple way to get off. Steve’s fingers barely brush through your folds before he’s forced to retreat, his moist fingertips grappling onto the clutch and shifting the vehicle into park. 
“Please.” You’re hiking your skirt over your hips, the jean material rubbing angry abrasions into the flesh you reach down, carefully pulling the delicate material of your undergarments to the side.
“C’mon, we’re switching.” 
Once you have switched, and Steve has settled into the passenger seat of the BMW, you’ve managed to get the skirt over your hips in a comfortable manner, but your panties are off your legs and tucked idly away in Steve’s console. 
“Needy little thing, aren’t you? Couldn’t even wait until I was finished with my shift to get my cock, huh?” Steve tantalizes as you comb your fingers through his thick umber hair and tangling your fingers in the roots. 
“Want it. Want it so bad.” Your tone is mousy as you twitch atop his thick thighs, his uniform long since disregarded along with the thin material of his boxers. 
“You’re fucking soaked, Jesus Christ.” He cusses as you brace your palms against his shoulders, dragging your hips forward so that the thick girth of his member, the throbbing vein on the underside pulsing against your swollen button. 
“Stop teasing me!” You trill, desperation weighing down your every word like a sodden weight, your hips stuttering as you continue rutting back and forth. 
“But it feels so good.” Steve groans, settling his hands at your waist and forcing your ministrations until the shaft of his cock is wholeheartedly lubricated with your slick. 
“I don’t give a fuck!” You groan, pushing yourself up onto your knees and reaching down with trembling fingers to pull his cock up, lining it up with your weeping entrance. 
“Shhh... No swearing. No swearing. I think there are kids running around.” Steve quips as you lower yourself down, pressing your hips flush with his own. He gives you a second to compensate for his size, despite having fucked you with it a plethora of times, before a low whine rolls of his tongue. 
“Now who’s desperate?” You grumble, dragging your hips back and forth in slipshod semicircles, allowing the spongy head of his cock to reach uncharted depths inside you, voyaging through your soft walls and find places that have been specifically been mapped out for him and him only. 
“Ohhh fuck.” The brunet groans, throwing his head back with the way a wave of rapture seems to wash over him, stimulating his ears all the way down to his toes. 
“Needed you so fucking bad.” You mewl, setting a faster piece and even allowing yourself to pull up and off his member until only the head remains throbbing inside your walls and then seating yourself back down, filling you up again. 
“Yeah? Only I can make you feel this good, hm?” 
“Not last night when you left me high and dry you fucker.” You laugh, rapping a palm against his bare chest. 
“You were being punished, sweetheart. I couldn’t let you get away with touching me without permission, now could I?” He laughs, tucking a strand of hair behind your pierced ear.  
“Doesn’t mean I don’t get to cum!” You argue, clenching around the base of him as you roll your hips back and forth, desperate for more. 
“It does in my rulebook.” Steve shuffles backward, looping a gangly arm around the small of your back and tugging you tight against his chest so he has the ability to plant his feet into the ground of the car. “And right now my rule book says you’re gonna get off your rocks, sweetheart. Don’t you worry.”
The boy hooks his hands under your perspiring thighs, maintaining a steady position for you, and then, out of nowhere, starts pistoning his hips upward, filling up the cavern of your cunt in ways that only he can. 
There’s a knot pulsing in the pulsing in the pit of your belly, searing like a bubbling inferno as he fucks you senseless. “Y-Yeah you b-better.” You chatter through the fervor of it, eyes fluttering closed to compensate for the immense shocks of ecstasy that seem to flow like blood through your bloodstream. 
“Heyyyy.” Steve drawls in a disgruntled whine. “Be nice!” 
“Yeah, yeah.” You wave off in indignation, rolling your hips in tandem to his rough thrusts. “Make me cum why don’t you.” 
“Well, since you asked so nicely.” Your boyfriend snarks, continuing to pound into you from below, forehead sheening with perspiration from the sheer effort it’s taking for him to do so. 
“Fuck, you’re tight. Holy fuck, Jesus fucking Christ-” He groans as your walls flutter around him, tightening like a vice with no reserve to let him go. 
“Language.” You drawl with a teasing laugh tainting the comment, this seething fire burning along your every appendage as you keep yourself upright. 
“Shut the fuck up.” There’s that authority, that hidden dominance that only comes out to play when you muster up enough incompetence to draw it out of its hiding spot. 
“There he is.” You taunt, but your words are cut off with the way Steve drops you, forcing you to fall back down onto his muscled thighs. But he’s not done, for his hand is shooting out and winding around your windpipe, tugging you closer so his lips are but a ghostly whisper over your own. 
“Watch it.” Is his warning, but then a giddy grin is stretching over his lips as he continues rocking upward, still filling up the warm cavern of your cunt. 
“I love you.” He laughs, smearing a delicate kiss atop your nose. 
“I love you too Stevie.”  You rasp, though his thumb is cutting off your oxygen supply, your hips stuttering with the strenuous effort it keeps to keep this knot alight. 
The muscles that interconnect around your pelvic bone are aching, begging for respite with this uncomfortable position as you chase your highs. “We’re never doing this again.”
 “I doubt that.” Steve relinquishes your throat, allowing you to suck in lungfuls of air before his arms wind around your back, tugging you closer into his chest so he can rock into you slowly. 
“Y’gonna cum?” He slurs, reaching down with a calloused thumb to rub fast circles against your clit. “Y’gonna cum all over m’fucking cock and then I’m gonna fill you up, yeah? Hell fucking yeah, I’m gonna creampie this little pussy until it’s dripping all over your thighs and then, and then when I get home I’m gonna make you lick it off my seats because although you’re my baby, Silvia is to remain clean at all times.” 
“Can you be serious for one goddamn second, Steve?” You laugh, despite the raging fire that churns in your belly. 
Your lips part as if to say more but the words are replaced with a broken cry, for that knot snaps, unwinding and spiraling out to every available limb until all you can feel is fire. Every inch of your skin is ablaze with heat, with perspiration as Steve grapples at your backside, melding the flesh of your ass in his large hands and forcing you down, forcing you to take the seed that’s spilling into you. 
There’s an incessant warmth that shrouds you and your very being, hazing over your vision and fogging up every intelligible thought. 
Steve wasn’t kidding when he told you he would be dripping down your thighs, for when he pulls out, they’re covered in the sticky white substance, dripping all over the pristine black leather seats. 
“Y’should have cracked a window or something, Jesus.” You pant, Steve slipping out from under you, contorting his body into the driver’s seat. The windows are covered in a thick fog as he rolls them down. 
Your legs are fucking trembling as you fix your skirt, smoothing it down until it sits comfortably around your legs and you’re able to buckle up. 
When you go to clean up the mess of semen on the seat between your legs, Steve slaps at your hand, dark brows furrowed. “I told you you’re licking it up when we get home.” 
“But I could just-” 
“No.” Steve’s eyebrows then shoot up, as if asking for you to retaliate. “You’re gonna be full with my cum all fucking day and then you’re licking it up. No questions asked. And also.” He starts the car once again. “We’re taking each of the kids home.”  
i’ve never written for steve before i hope i did him justice-
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scoopsahoy · 2 months ago
halloween night — steve harrington x reader
ぺ  word count ⋰ 1.2k
✰  tw ⋰ none :)
❍  cw ⋰ drug use, swearing, dirty talk, oral (female receiving), sex + fingering, multiple orgasms
៚  a/n ⋰ i know i’ve said this a bunch, but from the bottom of my heart i want to thank y’all for being so patient. i’ve had loads of requests, and i see each an every one of them! i’ve been so busy the last few months with personal stuff and have just been in a funk when it came to writing. but i’m gonna ease back into it! thanks for sticking with me :)
✐  masterlist
Halloween. Your favorite night of the entire year. Costumes, decorations, scary movies, haunted houses. So much could happen in one night, the possibilities were endless.
And every year, you took the opportunity to make your boyfriend, Steve, match his costume with you. The only condition was that you had to accompany him to the biggest party in Hawkins.
You didn’t love parties, but you figured it was a fair deal.
And this year, as cliché as it was, you were Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing. You were half expecting every other couple to have the same idea, but when Steve pulled onto a route you didn’t recognize and drove you two deep into the woods, you looked at him.
“You’re not planning on killing me, are you? I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen in the movie.”
He chuckled before he turned his body toward you.
“I know you don’t like parties. So I figured I’d spare you tonight and just take us somewhere we can be alone.”
He pulled a bag of joints out of his pocket, raising his eyebrows. He leaned toward you and connected your lips, and you kissed back.
“You really do know me,” you said when he parted to stick a joint between his lips.
“You still have your lighter?”
You nodded and rummaged through your purse, finding a pink lighter. He took it and took the first hit, blowing the smoke into your face, which you inhaled.
“Goddamn,” he said, choking a bit. “That’s strong.”
“Good.” You took it from him and the smoke filled your lungs, and as you exhaled you began to feel warm and fuzzy. “Who’d you get it from this time?”
“Is that the kid that buys from his dad?”
The next few seconds were a blur, but the joint wound up in an ashtray in the passenger seat, his back seats were laid forward, and he was on top of you.
Your head hung off the edge of the back of the seat, which gave him an opportunity to kiss your neck.
The one thing you still hadn’t gotten used to about weed was how intense it made everything for you. Every little touch, every sound, every sensation was heightened. Not too bad, but enough for you to notice a difference.
But when it came to having sex, you never minded the intensity.
He pulled your shirt and bra over your head, freeing your breasts. Immediately, your nipple was in his mouth, his tongue circling it. Normally, you couldn’t really feel anything he did with your nipples, but when you were high you could feel everything and then some.
It didn’t take long for his fingers to slip under your shorts, the pads of his fingers landing on your clit. You gasped to yourself and his lips attached themselves to your neck, doing their damndest to leave hickeys.
Only a few seconds went by before you began feeling an orgasm approaching.
Your right hand gripped his shoulder, your left hand reaching down and wrapping around his wrist. It was almost an attempt to stop him, but you didn’t want him to stop. Maybe it was just anticipation, you trying to brace yourself.
And, not even five seconds later, you felt yourself explode in pleasure. Your knees pressed into his ribs, your jaw dropped, and you threw your head back. No noise came out of your mouth until a few seconds in, and then you practically screamed.
“F-fuck Steve, god.”
He stopped suddenly a few seconds later, leaving your hips writhing and grinding the air. You giggled and pulled him in for a kiss before pulling his hand up to your mouth and sucking your juices off of his fingers.
He let out a deep groan at the sight before taking his shirt off, giving you time to wiggle out of your shorts and underwear, leaving you exposed. He shimmied his jeans off and pulled a condom out of his wallet, quickly tearing open the packaging and rolling it onto his length.
He ground into you, and you moaned, desperately wanting him inside of you.
“Steve,” you whined. “Please.”
“Please what?” You loved his teasing, but right now you were so horny that it only frustrated you.
“Please fuck me, Steve. I want you so bad.”
“Sweetheart, you’re so desperate.”
“I’m high and horny, I just need you.”
Without hesitation, he slid himself into you, a relieved sigh and ‘shit’ exiting your mouth. He didn’t bother starting slow, instead he immediately picked up his pace, latching his lips back onto your neck.
Moans, gasps, and smoke filled the car, which was rocking side to side.
One of his hands reached down and gripped the underneath of your thigh before sliding to your ass, squeezing roughly.
You cried out as he stretched you, hitting your cervix with every thrust. You were yelling pleas, most of them just from your state of mind.
The hand gripping your ass cheek moved so his thumb could circle your clit, and you almost leapt out of your body. You immediately felt another orgasm approaching, and your fingers dug into his shoulders.
“Steve, god, I’m-I’m gonna cum.”
“What’s the magic word?”
Another thing he loved to do was make you beg for things. And again, right now was not a good time for it.
“Steve, I can’t hold it back, please, I’m... so close.”
“Cum whenever,” he said, realizing you weren’t in any state to hold it back. And you didn’t.
If someone walked past his car, they’d assume he was murdering you. You screamed loud enough that he put his hand over your mouth in attempt to muffle your voice.
But he didn’t slow down. He knew if he did, it would only kill the orgasm and it wouldn’t be as good as if he kept going.
Gibberish was the only way to describe the sounds that came out of you. Your high plus the pleasure that consumed you prevented you from forming coherent sentences.
Once you were coming down to a normal state, he stopped. He placed his hand on your jaw, tilting your face back down to look at him. You were panting, your eyes closed.
“Open your eyes,” he gently commanded.
You did, and the sight that greeted you was enough to make you smile.
His hair was all kinds of fucked up, his cheeks red and sweaty. The look in his eyes was of pure love, the fingers stroking your cheek as gentle as could be.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, leaning in to kiss you. “You’re the most beautiful girl in the entire world.”
“Shut up,” you giggled.
“You think I’m lying?” You hesitated before shaking your head. “Good. ‘Cause I’m not.”
“I know.”
And with that, he was thrusting again. It only took a few seconds for him to start grunting and trying his best to get himself to his breaking point.
“Oh, god, Y/N, I’m gonna cum.”
You couldn’t help but moan, which was what tipped him over the edge. He slammed into you, releasing into the condom.
“Fuck,” he whispered, resting his forehead on your chest. You ran your fingers through his hair as he caught his breath.
You both laid still for what seemed like forever, but all he wanted to do was look into your dilated eyes.
“This was way better than a party, huh?” you asked with a smirk on your face.
“A hundred percent.”
“What?” you asked when he began smiling after a moment of silence.
“I love you so much.”
“I love you, too.”
“Wanna smoke some more?”
You laughed and pushed his hair out of his face. “I’d love to.”
So you both sat in your underwear, passing joints back and forth for the rest of the night.
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imaginemalereader · a month ago
Christmas Party - Steve Harrington
Tumblr media
Prompts: 21 - “By the way, I might’ve told everyone that you’re my date because I didn’t want to go to this Christmas party alone.”, 77 - “I suck at giving gifts, but… I hope you still like it.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Come on please?” Steve begged, clasping his hands and looking oh so desperate.
“Why are you so keen on getting me to this stupid party?” You replied, crossing your arms. 
“It’ll be fun. And I already told Nancy we would be coming.”
“Steve...” You sighed. He knew you didn’t like it when you made promises without you but you knew Nancy was important to him, especially after well everything.
“I’m sorry. But, please?”
“Yeah, okay, fine.” You agreed, pinching your nose. This would be fine.
“Thank you so much. You’re the best. I’ll pick you up at your place at 7?”
“See you then.” You nodded.
“I owe you, I mean it.”
You smiled as he headed off to work. Were you thrilled about the party? No, obviously not. But you did like spending time with Steve.
True to his word, Steve showed up at your place at 7 and the two of you arrived at the party that was already in full swing. When you walked in, a number of people turned to look at you and then began whispering.
“Steve?” You asked.
“Yeah, by the way, I might’ve told everyone that you’re my date because I didn’t want to go to this Christmas party alone.” He admitted.
“And you’re just now telling me this?” You whisper-yelled at him.
“No shit Steve.”
“Sorry, again.”
“I thought, I didn’t think you wanted to tell anyone.” You and Steve had talked about your feelings, ever since Robin confessed her sexuality to him. You started slow and definitely didn’t tell people. But apparently Steve was ready and you had always said you were.
“Well you know don we now our gay apparel and all that.”
You had to laugh at his explanation. It was something you would talk more about later but for now, you accepted that as enough.
You both ended up enjoying the party and really no one actually looked at you too strangely. After all, much weirder things had happened in Hawkins. 
After the party, Steve drove you back home. You were about to get out of the car when he stopped you.
“Hey um wait.”
You sat back, giving him a questioning look. Steve reached behind the seat and pulled out a poorly wrapped package.
“I suck at giving gifts, but… I hope you still like it.” He said as he handed it to you.
You unwrapped the lumpy package and pulled out his gray jacket.
“What’s this?” You asked, confused.
“Well if I want everyone to know you’re my boyfriend, I figured you should maybe have one of my jackets. I know it’s kinda dumb and if you don’t want it-”
“I love it.” You cut him off, immediately trying to put it on in the tight space of the car. Steve smiled as you did, glad to see you so eager to put it on.
“How do I look?” You asked.
“Great.” He said, meaning a lot more than that.
“Like I’m your boyfriend.” 
“Like you’re my boyfriend.”
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buckysjuicyplums · 13 days ago
Did you guys see Dacre’s latest Instagram post? This:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The injuries on him we can see look near exact like how Billy did after he was turned into a shish kebab by the mindflayer! His caption was also “coming soon”. It seems so connected that these injuries line up with Billy’s where he was impaled, and purposely having the photo hard to detect the full details while teasing at something more.
Plus we never did exactly see a funeral for him. Which you would think would at least happen given he sacrificed himself in the end to save the kids. His prick of a dad may not have cared, but Max would’ve. Plus, if Hopper can survive being absolutely obliterated, maybe Billy, infected with the mindflayer could have somehow just managed to save him too?
If so, I truly truly hope he gets a proper redemption ark he deserves. I want to see him become a team with the party. To squash the difference between him and Steve and being a power duo of protecting everyone (yet still having their iconic little spats towards each other). I want to see him bonding with Max, fixing up his car and getting the life he deserved to get.
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ongaku-ato-kakikomi · 28 days ago
Billy Hargrove request where him and the reader are good friends who secretly like each other. The battle of star court is taking place and the reader frees Billy from his possession of the mind flayer by telling him that she’s always been in love with him. Then the reader and Billy can get the happy ending they deserve 🥺🥰
Tumblr media
“Come on, guys!” You scream out those words as you, Mike, and Max rapidly walk out of the The Gap’s exit of the mall, El’s arms wrapped around your neck as you hold her on your back. “We’re almost there! Just push that button over there...!”
Max rapidly runs towards the panel next to the metal fence, the ginger-haired girl pushing the red button. Mike gives out a sigh of relief as soon as the fence automatically opens, the four of you soon taking your first steps towards the mall parking lot.
“Wait, no!” Max’s hand reach out for you, stopping you in your tracks as she stares at a car in flames in the corner of your eyes. “Shit!”
You turn your gaze towards the flames just in time to see a familiar silhouette standing up, his expression unreadable from the distance between you. Your throat shrinks up nonetheless, El’s arms tightening their grip on you out of fear.
“Go!” Mike speaks up before you can even manage to think of a word, the black-haired boy already pushing you back towards where you came from. “Go, go, go, go!”
You turn your back on him just as he takes a step towards your group, your body aching as it tries to run back into the mall while dragging El’s weight on your back. You barely notice Max pushing the fence’s button to close it behind you four, Mike holding the mall’s door open so you can enter. It doesn’t take long before Max joins the three of you into the building; though, you can’t help but think the mall’s fence isn’t going to stop Billy from following you inside.
“In here!” Mike leads you towards the elevator area you were at merely minutes ago, the black-haired boy pressing you all to join. “In here!”
“What do we do?” Max almost screams out that question as she follows you in, the thought of her possessed brother coming after you all making her own fear increase. “If Billy knows we’re here, then the Mind Flayer does! It’s gonna come back!”
“We have to hide.” You huff out those words, gently putting Eleven on the ground as soon as you reach the elevator. “There’s... there’s an electronic store on the third floor; maybe we can find a radio or something to communicate with the others.”
Mike rapidly grabs onto Eleven to help her stand while Max presses the button of the elevator, the three teenagers turning to silence after you spoke out your plan. Hiding and wait for help wasn’t the best idea to survive this night, but it was all you four got.
“Come on...” Mike whispers out those words when he notices the elevator moving slowly, his fingers pressing the button Max just pushed three or four more times. “Come on...!”
“Hey...” You put a hand on Eleven’s shoulders and look into her eyes. “Are you okay?”
She slowly nods, her eyes searching for some sort of comfort in yours. “Yes-”
The sound of a door violently opening cuts her off, the tension in the atmosphere rising in less than a few seconds soon after this. You barely have time to react that Max is already walking back into the hallway, her eyes widening with fear once she reconigzes who’s coming after you.
“... Billy...”
You snap your head towards the ginger-haired girl as soon as she pronounces that name, already taking a step towards her while unconsciously pushing El and Mike behind you in a protective manner.
“Billy, you don’t have to do this.” Max’s eyes water up, her head already shaking as she continues to stare at her brother walking towards her in a threatening manner. “Billy... your name is Billy! Billy Hargrove...! You... You live on 4819 Cherry Lane.” Her bottom lip starts to quiver, desperate to get her brother out of the Mind Flayer’s grip. “Billy, please, I’m... I’m Max! I’m your sis-”
You give out a yelp when Billy hits her in the face, your eyes widening as you see her body drop on the floor. “Max, no!”
“You monster!”
Mike runs past you towards Billy, his mind making him believe for a split second that he can win this fight, only for him to be thrown against the wall like a mere insect. Eleven hides her mouth behind her hands when she sees her boyfriend hit his head against some pipes, the black-haired boy soon mimicking Max and falling on the floor completely unconscious.
Eleven’s hand reaches for your wrist, her fingers trembling. “(Y/N)...”
“Stay behind me...” You gently push her back towards the elevator as you stare into Billy’s eyes, the sight of him in this state making your stomach twist with guilt and sadness. “When the doors open, just go.”
Billy tilts his head at you, as if he were hearing something whisper in his head. You can see the emptiness in his eyes as he approaches, an unreadable look on his face. It’s as if he didn’t recognize you, or rather didn’t know you at all... and that broke your heart more than anything.
“Billy...” You take one step towards him, hoping you’ll be able to distract him long enough for Eleven to flee. “Billy, listen to me... You don’t have to-”
You give out a scream when he roughly grabs your shoulders and pushes you out of the way, his mind settled on grabbing Eleven and bringing her to the Mind Flayer, but your hands manage to grab onto his shirt and you drag him a little further away from her direction. Your hands let go just as you trip and fall on the ground, Billy almost following suit, only for time to seem to stop when the elevator doors open.
“El, go!”
Billy turns his head towards gifted girl just in time to see her disappearing behind the doors, her watered eyes sending you an apologetic look before they fully close. Billy gives out a groan as he throws himself at them, having the intention to open them by force, but it’s too late; Eleven has already fled from his grip.
He screams, hitting the metallic doors with his fists, only for him to turn into a threatening silent a few seconds later. It doesn’t take him long before he slowly turns his head towards you, a deadly look on his face as he imagines ripping your head off your neck.
“... Billy...” You whisper out his name as you stand up, desperation grasping onto your heart when you see him approach you. “Billy, please, I know you can hear me-”
Hands find their way to your neck, squeezing your throat just enough to keep your words stuck inside your mouth as he pushes your back against the wall. Your eyes widen, both from the fear and the pain as you stare into his souless eyes, and you unconsciously grab onto his hands to try and make him let go of you. Second after second, you feel the remaining air in your lungs vanish, your throat barely able to let some more come in. 
Tears fall out of your eyes and drop down your cheeks as you realize that this is it; this is the moment where you’re gonna die, killed by your friend’s very own hands. You never it would end like this, nor did you think you would lose the one person you loved the most to an alien-like monster from another dimension... but if you were gonna be killed by him, at least you were glad you got to spend those last moments with him.
Through the pain and the blurrier vision, your lips stretch into a small smile filled with sadness, one of your hands reaching for his face. The hint of a light flickers in his pupils as soon as your fingers touch his skin, his hands slightly letting go of your neck just enough for you to be able to speak.
“I’m... sorry...” Your words make him close his eyes shut for a moment, your thumb slowly carressing his cheek in a last affectionnate manner. “... I... I love you...”
He abruptly lets go of your neck and steps back; though, you don’t have time to register what’s happening as you feel the air rushing through your throat, the mere feeling making your insides burn in pure hell. Coughs come out of your mouth as you struggle to control your breathing, your vision clearing with each second that passes.
“... I...” Billy’s voice makes you look up at him with both fear and hope, only to see him look down at his hands with pure horror. “Was I...?”
“... Billy...?” Your voice sounds croaked, your feet taking a step towards him in wonder. “Billy, is that really you?”
He looks back at you in a second, confusion and horror in his eyes as he realizes what the Mind Flayer was making him do, that everything he did and witnessed wasn’t just some sort of nightmare...
“(Y/N), I’m so sorry-”
You don’t let him finish his sentence as you throw your arms around his neck, already bringing him into the tightest hug you’ve ever given. A cry of relief manages to pour itself out from your lips, tears continuing to fall on your cheeks as you hide your face in his neck. It worsens when you feel his own arms hug you back just as tight, if not more, almost as if he were afraid you’d just disappear and he’d go back to live this hell of a nightmare. 
“I’m so glad you came back to me.”
“Me too.” He manages to give out a smile despite all of the guilt and pain swirling inside his chest. “And I love you too.”
You smile sadly as well, not once wanting to let go of him... but if you and the others are going to get rid of the Mind Flayer, you’re gonna need to get moving.
“Let’s talk when this is over. Okay?” You reluctantly free him from your arms, your eyes looking back into his. “Wanna help get rid of that thing?”
Despite the fear in his pupils, Billy manages to give out a determined look. “I’ll burn it to the ground if I need to.”
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tryingtoremembermyname · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i hope this is accurate enough ;)
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michelle-is-writing · 6 months ago
Sneaking in, Steve Harrington
Tumblr media
Word count: 1.5k~
Sneaking into his girlfriend's room was nothing new for Steve. However, since they hit the one year mark in their relationship, Steve gained the key to (Y/n)'s shared house with her parents along with a cute anniversary card and kiss on the cheek. Still, there were some nights that he wanted to head over to her place without alerting (Y/n)'s parents to his presence by accidentally waking them up. So, instead of using the front door, he stacked chairs and tables against the wall beneath his girlfriend's bedroom window and climbed up.
Finding the window to be unlocked, Steve opened the panel of glass as quietly as he could before stepping in and lightly stumbling on a pair of stray shoes (Y/n) had lazily tossed across the room earlier. Instantly, Steve jerked his head toward her bed and sighed in relief upon seeing his girlfriend still asleep, her head nuzzled deep into her pillow as she lied on her side toward the window. Steve smiled at the sight, his heart beating for her and only her in that moment.
Walking toward her bed, Steve got onto his knees once he reached the side of her bed and leaned over to face her. "Hey, (Y/n)," He whispered, reaching up to brush a stray hair out of her face. His pajama pants rubbed against the harsh carpet floors of her bedroom as he rested his upper body against the top of her bed, leaning his head on his other hand as he gazed at his sleeping beauty. "Wake up, sleepyhead."
Waking up from her sleep, (Y/n) immediately became startled at the dark silhouette in front of her, causing her to do the first thing that came to her mind: throw her fist forward at the dark shadow. Of course, Steve was lucky enough to throw himself back in response, but he wasn't fortunate enough to miss (Y/n)'s fist entirely. Instead of punching him in the cheek, her punch landed on his nose, earning a small crack as soon as her hand came into contact with Steve's face.
"Oh!" Steve groaned out in a mix of pain and surprise, covering the middle of his face with both of his hands as he landed on his bottom with a thud. Within a short second, (Y/n) recognized that pained groan and quickly reached over to turn her lamp on, the light from it brightening up her room through the vast darkness that took over it. Once her eyes landed on her boyfriend who was holding his nose in pain, (Y/n) gasped.
"Steve!" She shrieked, clambering out of her bed as her sheets tangled around her feet. Crawling toward him, (Y/n) fought him to remove his hands from his face before assessing the damage on his nose. To her horror, blood began seeping from his nostrils as the skin turned red and inflamed, no doubt about his nose and cheek area turning purple within the next hour.
"Why did you sneak in, honey?" (Y/n) asked him, her voice now filled with concern and worry rather than panic. Pushing his hair back, (Y/n) rested her hands on the sides of his face to make him stare at her. "Why didn't you just come through the front door? I gave you a key!"
At her flustered face, Steve smiled again. "You're so cute," He told her, causing her to roll her eyes, but blush nonetheless. "I didn't want to wake your parents up," He added on. "It's almost two in the morning, and I doubt they want me opening your loud front door with the old and noisy hinges."
"Which you still have to help my dad fix, by the way," (Y/n) reminded him, standing up with him following her.
"I know," Steve assured her, walking alongside her as they headed to her bathroom across the hall. "And don't worry - I will be the best son-in-law to your dad ever."
His words made (Y/n) shake her head and smile, the term 'son-in-law' making her heart beat ten times faster than usual. Steve alone already caused her heart to do that just by being near her, but with the idea of being married to Steve one day clouding her mind, (Y/n) could barely think about anything else at all.
"My parents aren't even home tonight, Steve," She reminded him, as she pulled the toilet seat lid down for him to sit on. "I told you that when you called about going on a date tomorrow morning for breakfast," (Y/n) added, pointing toward the toilet lid for him to sit down on. "So, again, why did you come through my window?"
With him seated and low enough for (Y/n) to clean off the blood around his nose and mouth, Steve realized what she was saying was the truth. He completely forgot what she was saying to him over the payphone speaker because he was too engrossed in his thoughts about giving her the gift he had gotten for her at the mall earlier. "Because coming through the window is much more... romantic?" He proposed, arching an eyebrow at her.
Pulling back from touching his now clean nose to feel if it's broken, (Y/n) stared down at him with pursed lips and a hand on her hip. "Is that your final answer?" She asked, unable to resist the smirk that rose to her lips in response to her boyfriend's goofiness.
Thankful his comment made her smile, Steve wrapped his arms around her hips and pulled her closer between his parted legs, his arms remaining firm in his hold around her. "I do have to say I'm a bit proud knowing my girl can take care of herself," He confessed, forgetting about his broken nose until (Y/n) touched it again, feeling the curve of the bone. He had broken his nose yet again, but thankfully, this time it wasn't because he was defending a group of twelve-year-olds.
"But, for the people who really need to get beat up," Steve tugs his girlfriend closer to him, effectively pushing his chest against her stomach and his chin on her chest. "That's my job," He adds, making her giggle and lightly slap his shoulder.
"Oh hush!" She said to him right before pushing his nose back in place, causing Steve to shut his eyes and go stiff in his movements as the numbing pain rushed through him. Holding her breath, (Y/n) didn't move either until Steve did a few seconds later, letting her release a thankful sigh.
"Thank you, baby," Steve told her, rising up from the toilet lid to once again stand a few inches taller than (Y/n). Still holding her tightly against him, the red-and-blue-faced boy smiled down at her as his eyes scanned over her gorgeous face. For having just woken up, she was utterly beautiful without anything covering her perfect face, and not to mention she was sexy as hell dressed in only his t-shirt and her panties.
Watching his eyes never leave her face, (Y/n) returned his bliss-filled stare with a giggle soon falling from her lips. "What?" She couldn't help but ask as he continued to gaze down upon her, his facial expression never changing in the slightest. Without answering her questions, Steve jerked (Y/n) up into his arms and carried her back into her room, her legs stuck around his waist the entire time.
"Oh, I don't know if we'll make it to breakfast tomorrow," Steve told her, gently tossing her down onto her messy bed before hovering over her and pressing his lips to hers in a passionate and heavy kiss. The meaning behind his seemingly innocent words made her let out a laugh without the worry of waking her parents. However, once her lips parted from his, she remembered something.
"Wait, wait, Steve, your nose!" (Y/n) reminded him, quickly trying to sit up to go and get a bag of frozen peas for him. "We need to put ice on it so it doesn't swell!"
Just as (Y/n) began to slide out from beneath Steve, he wrapped his arms around her once again and pulled her close, her back pressed up against his chest. "I need you more though," He simply muttered before attaching his lips to her neck and sucking on the skin, leaving purple spots there that would definitely match the area around his nose in the morning. Although (Y/n) wanted to try and reduce the swelling of his nose as much as she could, she couldn't help but lose that thought as other thoughts began arising to her minds while a warm hand began roaming underneath her shirt and over her soft skin.
The next morning, they did end up going to breakfast with (Y/n) wearing a turtleneck in the middle of summer and Steve smirking the entire time, trying his hardest to ignore the pain it caused his nose.
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aliasimagines · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
warnings: mentions of Neil's abuse towards billy
You pulled the covers over your head trying to block out the violent sound of the raindrops crashing against your window. 
You heard a series of knocking causing you to sit up. You saw nothing so you tried to calm yourself by saying it was just the wind but when you heard it again you stood up to look outside. You saw a figure standing right outside your window. A scream almost left your lips but then you saw that it was Billy. Quickly opening the window you helped him climb in. 
"Hey" he breathes out. You look him up and down. 
"Strip." you say as a greeting. 
"So eager for me baby" he chuckles, moving to kiss you but you stop him. 
"No Billy! You have to get out of your clothes, you are soaked. You're gonna catch a cold. Come on." you help him shrug off his denim jacket. While he gets rid of his jeans and shirt you walk over to your wardrobe to grab one of his shirts you sneaked into your possession when he wasn't looking. Don't judge. It's comfy to sleep in. 
"Hey, I was looking for that one!" you heard him exclaim. You shush him, not wanting to wake up your family. You throw the shirt at him and climb back to bed. He quickly follows you and wraps his arms around you. You place your hand on his cheek gently. 
"Did something happen?" 
"What, can't I just randomly see my baby in the middle of the night?" he asks coyly but sighs when you give him a glare."He didn't beat me, so don't worry. He just pulled my hair and shouted at me." 
You brush your fingers over his jaw line with a pained expression. 
"God, Billy...I-" 
"Y/n, it's okay." 
"You know that it's not. I just- You could move here, you know. It would take a bit of perusing to get my parents to agree but you basically always sleep in my bed already." you whisper. He closes his eyes, takes your hand and places a small kiss on it. 
"I can't." 
"I'm afraid he'll move on to Max if I'm not there." 
You gasp. 
"He.. He wouldn't…would he?" 
"I don't know but I don't want to find out either." he cups your face in his hands and looks at you, although he can't see much in the poorly lit room. "But hey, I survived so far, didn't I?" 
"Can we drop it, baby? Please." 
You nod, kissing his forehead . 
"I love you Billy, okay. Please know that." 
He pulls you close. 
"I know, babe, I know." 
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plus-size-reader · 6 months ago
Mystery Girl
Tumblr media
Steve Harrington x Plus size!reader
Word Count: 3705 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Steve’s ex chaperones the snowball, and dances with Dustin when none of the other girls will, which Steve finds out about later.
(Takes place during season 2, partially in a mall that precedes the starcourt mall)
You felt bad for the kid.
He had been sitting there on the bleachers for twenty minutes, after getting shot down by just about every girl out on the dance floor. They didn’t  seem interested in him in the least, which was something you could relate to.
A lot of your middle school experiences were similar.
The boys in your class were never interested in you. They thought you were awkward, and even you had to admit that puberty had been a bitch.
Not that being a little weird was a good excuse, because you were the same weirdo you always were back then, it was just that you were hot. Those guys, the same ones who had openly rejected you in middle school, were some of the same ones you’d dated recently.
There was no doubt in your mind that it would be the same for him too, eventually.
Though, until then, there was no reason he should have to be all by himself tonight. After all, the kid was only going to get one middle school snowball.
“I never was really good at this kind of thing” you hummed, sitting down beside him on the bleachers without much else in his direction. You had never had occasion to speak to Dustin Henderson before, but you saw him and his little group of friends around some times.
He seemed perfectly nice, which meant that you were right. Those girls had rejected him solely because of the way he looked, and because they thought he was a geek.
Dustin perked up a little when he realized you were talking to him, his sniffling gone quiet but he wasn’t quite sure what to say. After the night he’d had so far, all of his energy and charisma was basically gone.
He just wanted to go home, but you weren’t going to let him give up so easily.
“I’m too awkward for school dances, y’know? I get weird” you shrugged, doing your best to break the ice while also showing him that you meant well.
No one came to your rescue when you went through this, even when you hoped they would.
You knew exactly how he felt, and unlike your snowball, you were going to rescue him. It was the least you could do.
“Yeah right, I bet you danced with everyone there” he allowed, his voice little more than a mutter under his breath, one that you may have missed under the loud music if you hadn’t been paying attention.
It was enough to make you laugh.
You barely danced all night long but given all the work you’d put into your physical appearance and confidence since then, it didn’t shock you that he believed differently. You had come a long way from your baby weight and frizzy hair phase.
“No, I don’t have any moves. What about you though-” you asked, prompting him to remind you of his name, even though you were pretty sure you had it right.
Your dad handled his parents divorce a while ago, and you knew his mom pretty well. After the divorce, Claudia brought you cookies sometime when she made them from scratch and stepped in when she was in the area.
“Dustin” he hummed, offering a hand to you in a nearly comical way, further confirming to you that you had made the right choice in coming over here.
If his big hair and goofy personality was all that put these girls off, they didn’t deserve him in the first place. In time, they would realize that and even if they didn’t, he was bound to realize it himself at some point.
“Y/N” you returned, shaking his hand and then getting up from the bleachers entirely, still keeping hold of him.
He looked at you with a confused sort of look on his face which you brushed off immediately with a smile, your true intentions finally shining through.
“My snowball sucked when I was your age, but if you’d dance with me, I think we can make this one pretty cool” you offered, swaying to the music lightly as you waited for him to make up his mind.
If these girls weren’t going to dance with him, you certainly would.
“You want to dance? With me?” Dustin stumbled, looking between you and the waiting dancefloor, which still held every single one of the girls in his grade that didn't want anything to do with him.
It was a strange request, but still quite the offer.
“Yeah, I’ve been trying to dance all night but no one else here is a good enough dance partner” you explained, waiting until he nodded to lead the younger male out onto the dancefloor.
It wasn’t that big of a deal, of course, but for Dustin, it was everything.
To get to dance at his first school dance at all was a huge treat after the way this whole night had started but when Steve heard that he got to dance with a gorgeous, funny, older girl, he would be even prouder.
It was a total Harrington move if ever Dustin had seen one.
It was awesome.
“That’s her”
Steve’s attention snapped up in the direction that Dustin was pointing only for his jaw to practically drop to the floor. Thankfully, he was able to keep his cool long enough to figure out what in the world his younger friend was talking about.
“That’s who?” he asked, his eyes dropping to the table in front of him. Steve didn’t really want you to see him, or Dustin, as it would turn out.
After all this time, he had no idea what he would even say to you.
“Y/N, that’s the girl I danced with at the snowball” he gushed, Dustin’s eyes practically sparkling as he looked at you head on, a direct contrast to the great lengths the older of the two was going to to avoid looking you in the face.
Dustin didn't know.
Not that he really should have known. He and Steve hadn’t been friends back then, and it wasn’t exactly like he wanted to tell him all about the beautiful girl he dumped sophomore year. He wanted Dustin to think he was this super cool guy but he hadn’t been super cool to you.
“Isn’t she gorgeous? I told you she was. You should go talk to her” Dustin tried, still completely blind to how uncomfortable his buddy was. You were too old for him, of course, but you had to be the perfect age for Steve.
The two of you would probably hit it off just fine.
You already had something in common, because you both thought he was great. That should have been more than enough to at least start a conversation.
“Come on, you’ll love her” he continued, his prodding into Steve’s side with his finger getting more and more persistent when he didn’t move.
It didn’t make any sense.
Everywhere they went, Steve hit on every pretty girl they could find but for some reason, he didn’t even seem like he wanted to look away from his slushy, let alone try to get your number.
“I don’t think so, you go say hi though” Steve tried, after it became clear that Dustin wasn’t going to let him leave this mall without saying hello. All he could hope now was that he would do so without dragging him along.
That wouldn’t end well for him.
Dustin muttered something about him being weird before getting up and heading over to where you were sitting by the mall fountain, a huge smile on his face. What were the odds he would drag Steve to the mall to see Teen Wolf on the same day you’d be here?
It had to be fate.
The last thing you had been expecting today was to run into someone but when you glanced up from your magazine to see Dustin Henderson standing there, you weren’t upset about it. Of all the people to interrupt, you were glad it was him.
“Hey, what are you doing here?” you wondered, setting the magazine down on the marble of the fountain, careful to keep it from falling into the blue water at your back. You were sure that if his mom had seen you, she would have come over by now.
“Teen wolf came out today, so I had my buddy Steve bring me out to see it” he shrugged, doing his best to be casual. The crush he had on you was hardly a secret, and it was funny to watch him try to look older and more mature.
This kid was adorable.
He had that same energy about him today that had initially intrigued you about him in the first place.
“Your buddy Steve huh? He must be a good friend to bring you out on an opening day” you grinned, fully aware of how busy this place got when new movies came out. It was going to be packed, and you weren’t sure you would have jumped to do the same.
Even for someone as adorable as Dustin.
“I tried to get him to come over but I think he’s shy” he smiled, gesturing over to where they had been sitting at the food court across the way, where Steve was watching the pair of you not-so-subtly.
Now you naturally assumed that Dustin’s ‘buddy Steve’ was like him, a goofy kid excited to see a cheesy werewolf movie but sitting there in the booth he had pointed out was Steve Harrington.
That couldn’t be right.
Steve Harrington was one of the first guys to reject you when you were his age, and you highly doubted he would be chauffeuring a kid like Dustin around town, even with as cool as he was.
He only dated you after you starved yourself the entire summer before freshman year, only to dump you when you gained it all back. You knew perfectly well that King Steve wasn’t the kind of man to go to campy movies with kids.
He wouldn’t even be seen with you after school.
Though, if Dustin was telling you that he’d come all this way with him, you couldn’t exactly argue. Even if it didn’t make any sense to you, there was exactly anyone else he could be talking about.
“Yeah, he looks like he might be,” you hummed, looking away from him quickly, hoping that Dustin didn’t notice that complete shift in your mood. You had gotten over all that with Steve, besides, you were here to visit with Dustin.
You didn’t even have to worry about Steve.
“Will you come meet him? Please? He’s a really great guy” he prompted, that huge grin returning to his face as he tried on this side to get the two of you together. If only he knew what he didn’t know.
It was a terrible idea.
However, unlike Steve Harrington, you didn’t have anything to hide from your shared young friend. In all honesty, you were sort of curious as to how he would react to you, knowing what you both knew.
“You really think so, don’t you?” you hummed, trying to decide just how much you trusted Dustin’s judgement. The Steve you knew, back then, would have never even spoken to him, let alone taken the younger male to a movie.
Maybe he was different, but you definitely wouldn’t believe it until you saw it with you own two eyes.
When he nodded, you found yourself agreeing, with the two of you standing in front of Steve at that booth before you could even stop yourself. You were sure that you’d never had a worse idea in your life but you didn’t really care now.
He had broken your heart, not the other way around.
“Dustin…” he started, his eyes flicking over your face before landing on the other male, his jaw tight. 
You knew exactly what he was thinking, and you were sure that if you were to look under the table, his leg was bouncing up and down like it always did when he was nervous.
That was the funny thing about you and Steve.
You had cared about him for a long time before he gave you a chance, and you took note of the little things like how he fidgeted when he was nervous. 
He didn’t even see you until he, and the rest of the high school class, deemed you hot enough to care about.
“Hi, I’m Y/N”
You heard your voice before you even thought about what you were doing, offering a hand to him which went ignored because Steve was doing his best to figure out what you were doing, his brow knit together. 
He knew who you were, of course he did.
It wasn’t until you gave him that look, gesturing with subtle head nods between him and Dustin that he understood.
The kid was excited.
He had two much older, much cooler friends and you didn’t have it in you to burst his bubble with your sappy breakup crap. It would be much better to just pretend that everything you’d gone through didn’t happen.
That was what you’d been doing most of the time anyway.
“Steve” he allowed, though he was a much worse actor than you. Had Dustin not been so enthralled in the potential setting the two of you up could have, he would have noticed the way Steve was looking at you.
It was a cross between thanking you for not bringing Dustin into this and an apology but you had already decided that you were going to ignore it. You didn’t want to hear whatever it was he thought he needed to tell you.
It wouldn’t make a difference.
“Great, you two sit here, and I’ll go get the tickets for the movie. You’re gonna watch it with us right, Y/N?” he suggested, that goofy grin of his only growing more and more as he waited for your answer.
It was a trap.
You knew that.
If you were smart, you would have said no and gone back to what you’d been doing but you didn’t want to tell him no either. It wouldn‘t kill you to sit through some dopey movie if it would make him happy.
“Yeah, fine” you sighed, plastering a smile on your face even though as he walked away, you were earnestly considering pulling all of your hair out.
Once the movie started, you would be fine. All you had to do was sit next to Dustin and watch it, but unfortunately, watching the movie wasn’t the only thing you would have to get through now.
Dustin leaving left you all alone with Steve, which you would have gladly avoided like the plague.
“He’s a good kid” 
Steve was the first to break the silence, the tension between the two of you practically palpable in the worst way. “Yeah, he’s a cool little guy” you shrugged, fiddling with your fingers to keep from looking at him.
This was potentially the worst thing you’d ever been a part of in your life.
“I should have assumed his mystery girl was you, he talks about it all the time”  he recalled, thinking about the way he’d been when Steve came to pick him up after that dance, the kid was all smiles that whole time, gushing about the most amazing girl he’d ever seen in his life.
You were the kind of person to do something like that for a kid.
He never had been.
“Well, I never could have imagined Buddy Steve was you” you countered, finally allowing yourself to look him in the face as you sat down across from him in the booth. He wasn’t the kind of guy to do anything for anyone else, not until recently anyway.
“Yeah, I know. Surprised me too” 
There that awkward silence was again.
Neither of you really knew how to get into the topic you both wanted to address, and frankly, it didn’t matter. You understood why Steve did what he did back then, even if it was shallow and stupid.
It was all about his image, for him and everyone else. You were just the part of that narrative that didn’t fit, even when you tried desperately to make yourself exactly what he wanted. It just wasn’t going to happen.
“I appreciate you not telling him” he tried, trying to imagine how bad something like that would go. Dustin would freak out, not to mention the fact that he wasn’t exactly desperate to re-live everything he’d done to you.
Those days really were a low point for him.
Not that he could explain that to you without sounding like a pretentious asshole.
“It’s not that big of a deal, we only dated for like a year” you allowed, ignoring the way his expression changed under your suggestion. To say that it was only a year made it sound like it wasn’t anything.
...and it was.
He might not have acted like it at the time but you were important to him. Even now, he caught himself regretting everything he’d done where you were concerned, and he often missed being with you.
He just didn’t do anything about it because he knew that you would never forgive him, and frankly, you had no reason to.
Steve was the first one to admit that he sucked back then, but he was trying to be better. In fact, he knew that if you ever did give him a shot to prove it, you would actually enjoy the man he’d grown into.
“You haven’t changed a bit, you know that?” he hummed, bumping your leg with his own under the table, a natural reflex for him to try and get you to look at him. It was something he used to do all the time, but he shouldn’t have done it now.
You two had come too far for him to do something like that.
“Sorry, I shouldn’t have-” he started but you stopped him before he could even try to do something that would make this even more unbearable. 
“It’s okay, I get it. You had an image to worry about” it was a copout of course, a blatant lie, but you didn’t want him to know the truth. You didn’t want him to know that you had been devastated when he broke it off, Carol and Tommy egging him on the whole time.
By all accounts, it was one of the cruelest things anyone had ever done to you and while you cried for a month afterward, you got it in retrospect. 
You and Steve weren’t meant to be together, and there was nothing he could have done to change that.
It would have been easy to leave it at that, to just move on and be friends for Dustin’s sake but that wasn't good enough for Steve. He felt like he was getting a second chance, like he could finally make it right and he didn’t want to waste it.
You deserved far better than he had ever been for you, but maybe he could be better now.
“That’s what I mean, that’s what I’m trying to tell you. That guy isn’t who I am, I’m not sure I ever was” he huffed, doing his best to get the words out in a way that would make you understand how serious about this he was.
He was a better man now.
You sighed, getting ready to shut down whatever it was he was building up to but Steve wasn’t going to let you do that. He had been trying to imagine what this conversation would be like all this time and he had something he had to say.
It was important.
“Just let me get this out, please” he pleaded, his tone so desperate that it was almost pathetic. It was unlike anything you had ever heard from him before but much to his surprise, that was the thing that really got your attention.
Whatever Steve was going through right now, it was the most human, real thing he’d ever said to you.
“I was absolutely awful to you, and you never deserved that but I did love you. Honestly, I think I still might, I just got too caught up in everything else to realize. I was an idiot, I am an idiot” he breathed, looking you dead in the face.
He was serious.
You wanted to just shrug it off and ignore everything he said, desperately, but you couldn’t. Steve Harrington, or whoever this real life person in front of you was, was being completely and totally genuine.
It was quiet between you again, with you trying your hardest to process everything that you were feeling and Steve just attempting to keep his breath even as he waited for you to say something.
The trouble was that you weren’t quite sure what to say.
What could you say to the man you had loved desperately before, who treated you terribly and potentially didn’t even exist anymore? It wasn’t exactly something you did on a regular basis.
Though, you couldn't exactly lie to yourself either. You knew that you still cared about him, and that was the version of him that wasn’t exactly nice to you. If he was an even more genuine version of himself, that was even better.
“You are”
Steve looked at you weird, in that way he had been for most of this time, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t figure out what you meant. It didn’t make any sense, and you weren’t exactly giving him any clues.
“An idiot, you’re an idiot” you allowed, bumping him with your leg as he’d done to you before. You had no idea how this was going to go or if you were going to regret it or not, but for now, it didn’t matter.
It was nice to have a conversation with him without any sort of outside pressure. If he had been this way all along, you may not have had all the issues you always did.
“Yeah, I really am”
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collecting-stories · 5 months ago
Hey Stephen - Steve Harrington
Request: Hi, can I please have a ride based on Hey Stephen by Taylor Swift with Steve Harrington where the reader is Dustin's sister and Dustin's watching his sister crush on his best friend like "this is disgusting, but adorable"? @thecaptaingingersnap 
A/N: Sorry this took so long...I was kinda sick last week and struggled to get on. 
Stranger Things Masterlist
✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰
Your infatuation started long before your little brother somehow managed to become friends with one of Hawkin’s High school’s most popular students. It was probably around the time you sprained your ankle during gym class and Steve Harrington volunteered to take you to the nurse’s office so you could get iced up and call your mom.  
There in the nurse’s office, as he held a pack of ice to your ankle, you were positive, was exactly when the crush began. It lasted through girlfriends that he had, the few times that Carol and Tommy had set their sights on you during a class and Steve had rushed an apology as the bell rung and he followed them out, and now, his friendship with your brother. You weren’t even really sure how Steve had become friends with Dustin, or why for that matter, but you couldn’t help being a little thankful. Sure, most of the time when you knew he would be stopping by you were doing your best not to embarrass yourself but at least you got to see him right? Got to really actually talk to him.  
“You’re such a creep, you know that?” Dustin teased, standing in the kitchen doorway as he ate the pizza lunchable he had just constructed and watched you try to look natural as you glanced out the window for any sign of Steve’s car.
“I’m not a creep Dustin.” You insisted, “I’m waiting for our ride, like people do.”  
“Yeah, except normal people don’t stand at the window like they’re an axe murderer waiting for a victim.” He replied. He was all dressed up for the winter dance that you had somehow been roped into chaperoning. You knew Nancy would be there and, while you weren’t always the best of friends, she was nice and you could at least talk to her. Steve would be there, apparently, and he’d offered to drive you and Dustin there too.  
A dance for middle schoolers shouldn’t make you this anxious but you couldn’t help it. You felt like you were going to burst from excitement and nerves all at the same time.  
“I don’t wanna be late!” You snapped, turning to glare at him. You’d been ready for the last two hours, picking at your hair and dress, trying on three different pairs of shoes, reapplying mascara and lipstick, practically shaking. You wanted to look good, but for what? So Steve might, maybe, notice you? And not just as Dustin’s sister or that girl who couldn’t manage to run the mile in seventh grade but as an actual person who he maybe could like.
“Okay, okay, take a chill pill, god. You’re negative attitude is gonna deflate my hair.”
“I’ll deflate your hair if you don’t stop bothering me Dustin!”  
With your back turned to the window, headlights turned into your driveway and a horn echoed in the car port. Dustin smiled, mouthing a “showtime” as he tossed his trash in the bin and headed for the front door. You followed, grabbing your purse and trying to catch one last glimpse of your appearance in the mirror.  
“You look fine.” Dustin promised, grabbing your arm and dragging you out the front door. He didn’t wanna be late, especially not because of you and your weird Steve Harrington hang up. Will told him it was the same as him liking Max or Stacey but Dustin was unwilling to believe that explanation. It was just weird, his sister having a crush on his friend.  
“Hey Hendersons, ready to party?” Steve joked, leaning over the middle console to pop the passenger side door for you. Dustin climbed in the back seat and smiled, his reflection catching in the rearview mirror.
“I was born ready.” He replied, enthusiastically. “She was born with one leg up in the air.”
“It was the Olympics that year,” you shrugged, smacking your brother when he leaned between the seats, “I was getting a head start on gymnastics.”
Steve laughed as if that was the funniest thing anyone had ever told him, “that’s great.”
“So, are you excited about going to your sixth grade winter formal all over again?” You asked, twisting a little in your seat to focus on Steve as he drove.  
In the backseat, Dustin rolled his eyes.  
“I was gonna wear the same tux but, ya know, I got taller.” He joked.  
“I thought your hair just got higher.” Dustin teased and you couldn’t help laughing.  
“Ha ha you’re so funny.” Steve replied, “hey, smack your brother for me?”
You obliged, leaning over the seat to hit him. As you leaned passed the center console, you held the edge of Steve’s seat for stability, your arm brushing against his and your hair falling into his line of vision for a moment, curly strands tickling his cheek. He turned his head when the car stopped for a red light, watching you as you laughed at Dustin and pulled yourself away from him, falling back into your seat.  
Tommy and Carol always said you had a hopeless crush on Steve but he was always a little too preoccupied by the girls who were more vocal about their feelings. He remembered when Nancy first started flirting with him at a party. He’d felt a little “on top of the world” every time someone paid attention to him. Steve honestly couldn’t remember a time when you were throwing yourself at him though. You were always friendly, and he’d seen more of you this year as he found himself hanging out with Dustin in an unironic way, but he’d never really thought of you liking him. Even when Tommy and Carol first said it, he just brushed it off.  
“So, Henderson, you excited?” He asked, trying to get back some of that junior year cool he’d had.  
You raised an eyebrow at him and pointed to yourself, clarifying that it was you that he was talking to. When he nodded, you shrugged, “I guess.” You smiled at him as the light turned green, “I got a hot date after all.”
“She promised Will she’d dance with him at least once.” Dustin replied. Out of all his friends, Will was your favorite. Much nicer than Lucas and Mike, not so self-centered.  
“Oh man, I can’t compete with that.” Steve laughed, “save me a dance though, will you?”
“I’ll try to pencil you in.” You replied, even as you felt your face get hot, flushed with the suggestion that the two of you might actually share a dance. You definitely shouldn’t be this excited about a dance for sixth graders.  
Dustin made an exaggerated gagging noise from the backseat, “disgusting, you guys are disgusting.” He stated, trying to keep the smile at bay. Disgusting maybe, but kind of adorable, though he definitely wouldn’t tell you that.  
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Tumblr media
friends from college
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imagine-you · a month ago
"We go to the same college and are trying to get home for the holiday break, but our flights got cancelled so we’re road tripping it together; when we finally get there, we realize that the friend you’re visiting is actually my sibling who was plotting to set us up, but their work is already done now" + steve harrington for your winter fic fest please :) and congrats!! <3
Tumblr media
"My flight got canceled," you told your brother once he finally picked up the phone. You assumed your mom was out of the house, or she would have been the one to greet you on the other line. "I'm going to have to figure something else out."
"But I have someone I want you to meet," your brother groaned. "How is he going to meet you when you're not even here? He's even staying with us and everything!"
You rolled your eyes, assuming your brother just wanted you to meet another one of his gaming buddies. "I'll be home for Christmas," you assured your brother. Your flight had been canceled because of weather, sure, but you still had a couple of days to figure something out. It wasn’t like you were trying to get to Hawkins from Alaska or anything. You were sure you could get from New York to Indiana by the time the holidays rolled around.
"Ask me if I believe you," your brother drawled, clearly not confident in your ability to figure out another way home that didn't involve getting on a plane.
"Just trust me," you sighed. "Tell mom to expect me there by the 25th, alright?"
"Yeah, yeah," he dismissed. "Just be careful, alright? It's not going to be much of a Christmas if you end up dead."
You rolled your eyes before you hung up, glaring at the payphone for a moment, before someone cleared their throat from behind you.
You turned to see a guy you recognized from school. "Hey,” you said, fighting the urge to fidget. “Steve, right?" You had to fight the urge to wince at your own stupidity. You had met Steve more than once through mutual friends. Of course you knew his name and you were even mostly sure he knew yours.
"Yeah," he answered with a nervous smile. "You done with that?"
It took you a moment to realize he was talking about the payphone. "Oh, yeah! Go for it," you told him, stepping away from the booth. You only took a few steps away, considering the crowded airport. It looked like a lot of flights had been canceled or delayed and you wondered how many people weren't going to make it home for Christmas.
"I know," you heard Steve saying, his tone resigned and frustrated. "It's not my fault. I can't control the weather," he continued. You glanced over your shoulder to see Steve rolling his eyes. "Look, I'll make it to Hawkins by Christmas, okay? It's not a big deal."
You weren't proud of yourself for eavesdropping, but by the time Steve was hanging up, you had an idea.
"So, Hawkins," you started, waiting for Steve to notice you. "As in Indiana?"
Steve shot you a wary look before bending down to pick up his duffel bag where he had dropped it just outside the payphone booth. "Yeah? Why?"
"I'm trying to get to Hawkins to spend the holiday break with my family," you told him, hoping he wasn't assuming you were trying to stalk him. "I just figured..." you trailed off, shrugging your shoulders.
"You figured?" Steve prompted, a confused look on his face.
"We're both going to the same town, and we're both trying to get there by Christmas, so why don't we try to get there together? If anything, it'll save us money," you pointed out.
Steve narrowed his eyes in thought, glancing around the crowded airport lobby, before he finally nodded his head. "Yeah, alright," he conceded with a sigh. "What's the plan?"
The plan was to rent a car and make the trip out to Hawkins. What would have taken a little less than two hours for a flight would take nearly eleven hours in a car. Alone. With Steve Harrington.
You didn't really know Steve all that well. You only knew who he was because he was your roommate's boyfriend's roommate. You saw him from time to time at parties or when your roommate's boyfriend would have him tag along, but you didn't really know him.
The first hour of the trip was spent in a nearly unbearable awkward silence. Steve had volunteered to drive, which left you sitting in the passenger seat, looking out the window at the passing scenery, and trying desperately to come up with something to say.
While you had seemed to use up all of your courage to suggest the plan to drive home together, it appeared to have fled you the moment you crawled into the passenger seat.
Only three people in the world knew about your crush on Steve, and that was you, your roommate, and your little brother. Although, considering all the times Steve ended up hanging out with you, your roommate, and her boyfriend, you were starting to think your roommate might have blabbed to her boyfriend about your crush.
It wasn't hard to fall for Steve. Sure, you didn't know anything like his favorite color or why he sometimes zoned out, his expression haunted by some phantom from his past, but you knew that he was lively and fun. He liked a good party, but he was just as content to spend a night watching movies and talking with friends. You loved it when Steve was unreserved and unworried about looking cool. He had a truly adorable laugh and the way his eyes lit up when he was amused by something always put you in a better mood.
So, sure you didn't really know Steve Harrington, but you knew enough to know that you wanted to get to know him.
You knew that this trip home would be the perfect opportunity to get to know Steve, but you were attacked by a sudden case of self-doubt. What if Steve didn't want to know you? He had the last semester to get to know you better, but he hadn't taken the time to ask you anything personal about yourself. What if you made a complete idiot out of yourself by asking him personal questions and just ended up annoying him?
It wasn't until a song by The Bangles came on the radio that the ice between the two of you finally broke.
You were already silently mouthing along to the opening words when Steve reached for the radio dial to change the station.
"Hey," you protested, reaching out to stop him, your fingers brushing his in a bid to keep the song on. You felt your cheeks flush as you pulled your hand back, trying to ignore the flutter in your stomach. "I like that song," you continued.
"This? Oh, come on, it's so overplayed," Steve argued with a shake of his head.
"Because it's good," you pointed out, gesturing helplessly at the radio, as if it would make your point. "So, what? You only like music that doesn't make it on the radio?"
"That's not what I said," Steve refuted with a quick glare in your direction. “I’m just tired of hearing this every time I turn on the radio.”
The conversation quickly went from favorite bands to favorite movies. Steve told you about the time he accidentally saw Back to the Future while he was high with his friend Robin and you told him about the time you got dumped right before you were supposed to go see The Breakfast Club. You told him how you still couldn't hear anything about Molly Ringwald without getting sad and Steve told you that he still couldn't hear Shout at the Devil by Motley Crue without thinking about his first serious girlfriend dumping him at a Halloween party his senior year of high school.
You learned that Steve loved fast food and hated brussel sprouts. You told him that you could probably eat pizza for every meal and couldn't stand green peas. You bonded over a love for basketball and talked about your experiences growing up.
You were getting closer and closer to the Indiana state line and you found yourself dreading having to part with Steve. It was just the two of you in your own little world for now, but once you got to Hawkins, Steve would go his way and you would go yours. He mentioned that he was mostly going back to Hawkins to visit friends and to attend a party or two since his parents had moved to Seattle earlier that year. You would have hoped that meant you would see Steve around town, but you were sure your friend circles wouldn't overlap. Not that you had much of a friend circle in Hawkins, you couldn't help but think to yourself.
"You've got family in Hawkins, but I don't think we ever ran into each other," Steve pointed out with a frown. “How is that possible? We’re the same age.”
"My parents split before they even got to Hawkins," you admitted with a sigh. "My little brother went with my mom, and even though I'd rather chew glass than spend time with my dad, I got into Saint Gerard's on a scholarship, so I couldn't turn that down. The school was only a town over from where my dad moved, so it worked out. But I haven't really been to Hawkins since my mom and brother moved there, so I haven't seen them as often as I'd like. It's why I wanted to make sure I made it home for Christmas this year."
"Saint Gerard's," Steve mused with a thoughtful hum. "What's that?"
"It's a school in Vermont," you admitted. "Private and fancy and so out of my league, but I wanted to go," you admitted with a shrug of your shoulders. "And for some reason, they wanted me there."
"Saint Gerard's," Steve repeated, a mischievous look on his face when he chanced a glance at you. "Sounds like one of those private Catholic schools," he started, the smirk on his face giving away where he was going with his words. "So, did you have to wear one of those uniforms? You know, with the skirts?"
You rolled your eyes and swatted at Steve's shoulder. "You're unbelievable," you muttered, trying to hide your amused smile as you glanced out the passenger side window. "There might have been a skirt," you finally confessed, shaking your head at Steve's laugh in response.
You knew you had a crush on Steve before you even got in the car with him. But as you crossed the state line into Indiana, you couldn't help but admit to yourself that you had started to fall for him. He was funny and sweet and so breathtakingly handsome that you couldn't believe you actually knew him. He looked like he belonged on a billboard or in movies, but he was right there with you in that car, bopping his head along to a Duran Duran song.
"Why New York?" You found yourself asking, trying to ignore the fact that you were less than an hour away from Hawkins by now. You wished you could have stayed on that trip with Steve for just a bit longer. Between sharing gas station snacks and fighting over the radio, you couldn’t deny that you enjoyed Steve’s company. You wanted to take advantage of your remaining time together and try to get to know him just a little bit better.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, why did you decide to leave Indiana?"
Steve didn't say anything for a moment and you started to worry that you had overstepped a boundary. You were about to apologize and try to change the subject, but Steve started to talk, halting your words.
"There's a lot I can't talk about," Steve started, his fingers drumming nervously on the steering wheel. "A lot you wouldn't even believe," he admitted with a strained laugh. "But I wanted to start over. Everyone knew me in Hawkins and I knew if I didn't leave, I'd spend the rest of my life in that town. So, I did what I had to do, and I applied to schools. New York was as far as I could get away and still make it back if I was needed," he finished with a sigh. "It's been good for me. New York," he clarified with a quick smile at you before focusing back on the road.
You watched Steve for a moment, thinking over the trip you had just shared with him. You couldn't deny that you had enjoyed getting to know Steve. There was a person behind the looks and surface personality you had known before traveling with him to Hawkins.
"When are you planning on going back?" You found yourself asking, feeling bold for a moment.
Steve hummed in thought for a moment before shrugging his shoulders. "Probably right after New Years," he answered. "Why?"
You weren't sure if you were imagining the hopeful note in his voice or if it was wishful thinking, but you knew you would have to go for broke if you wanted to make your trip back to New York just as memorable.
"I was just thinking that maybe we could do this on the way back. Road trip together, I mean. I've had fun," you said, hoping you weren't completely reading the situation wrong.
Steve was silent for a moment before he nodded his head. "Yeah," he agreed, his voice soft and surprised. "Yeah," he repeated, a smile tugging at his lips. "I think that's a great idea."
You felt something soft and warm take root in your chest at the sight of Steve's pleased smile directed at you. You weren't sure if you should ask if he would want to exchange numbers or try to hang out over the holiday break, but you realized you had something else you needed to say. "Oh, this street! Sorry, wasn't paying attention," you said, directing Steve to turn on the street that would take you to your mom's house.
You noticed Steve's expression change from pleased to confused as he followed your directions.
You wondered if he knew someone who lived on this street, but you figured that would make it even better for you. If Steve had a friend nearby, then it became more likely that you would see him before New Years.
As you drew closer to your house, Steve seemed even more confused. "What's your brother's name? I don't think you told me,” he pointed out.
"Oh, it's...this house," you said, pointing at your mom's house. Her car wasn't in the driveway, but you were sure your brother would still be home.
"This house? You're sure?" Steve sounded unsure as he slowly pulled into the driveway. "No, seriously, what's your brother's name?"
"It's---" you were cut off by the front door opening and your brother walking out of the house. "Dustin!" You called as you moved to get out of the passenger seat.
"Holy shit, you made it!" Dustin's face lit up as he rushed towards you, ignoring Steve as he rounded the hood of the car. "I was starting to think you were full of shit," he said, his tone betraying how happy he was to see you.
"I couldn't let you and mom down," you told him, a grin on your face as you pulled your brother in for a hug.
"Henderson, what the fuck?" Steve's voice was shocked as he considered you and your brother. "You've never once mentioned a sister before."
"You never asked," Dustin responded with a shrug of his shoulders.
"Is there a problem here?" You were suddenly worried that Dustin and Steve hated each other, but Steve's incredulous laugh put you at ease.
"I've been friends with this little shit for years and he has never once mentioned he has a sister."
"She was in another state," Dustin argued. "Besides, you know each other now, right? You're both at the same school and everything!"
You frowned at Dustin. "How did you know that? You've never once told me about Steve," you accused, starting to understand Steve's indignation. It was then you remembered telling your brother about the guy named Steve who you had a bit of a crush on, and you couldn't believe that you had been so stupid as to confide in your brother. He really was a little shit.
"You two are hopeless," Dustin sighed with a roll of his eyes. "Did you two really road trip it out here together?" Dustin made a thoughtful noise as he considered you and Steve. "Well, I guess you did all my work for me."
"What?" Steve asked, his confusion only growing as your brother talked. "What the hell are you talking about?"
"I invited you both back to Hawkins for the holidays since you're both lonely and I thought you’d get along," he answered with a pleased grin. "But now you know each other and it's not even Christmas. I'd call that a success."
You had a sneaking suspicion that the person you had assumed would be another D&D player in your brother's party was actually Steve. Steve Harrington. The guy who was somehow friends with your brother. The guy who, you suddenly remembered, was spending the holiday break at your house.
"Oh, shit," you whispered, suddenly realizing that Dustin had been trying to set you up. "You little shit," you breathed, feeling equally embarrassed that Dustin was such a meddlesome little brother, but secretly pleased with his matchmaking.
Dustin shot you a pleased grin before he gestured back towards the house. "Come on, you two, I was just about to make some cookies. You wouldn't want to miss out on that, would you?"
You shared a helpless look with Steve, feeling just the slightest bit better when you realized Steve looked like he didn't mind this turn of events at all.
"No, we wouldn't," Steve agreed, before reaching out and pressing his hand to the small of your back, ushering you towards the house.
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celebrityyimaginees · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Request: Can you do one where Finn Wolfhard is our bf, and he talks about y/n and him adopting a pup.
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