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#otome game

I literally CRIED as I made these images into PNGs

okay and my back hurts from sitting against the wall, send help-

My editing site didn’t have Comic Sans, F

Tbh chose a white background bc that way my little mistakes would be less noticeable LOL 

Ik I didn’t include Yoh, Yuto, and Kanata but I never played their routes (sorry)

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So I was looking at photos from the inside of the Cathedral of Orléans, where you can see flags of coat of arms of Jeanne D'Arc’s comrades in arms.

Here are a few I wanted to show you :

  • Pierre & Jean d'Arc were Jeanne’s brothers and Pierre was captured and imprisoned with her.
  • Jean d'Alençon (Duke of Alençon) one of the most loyal and gentle comrade, it’s said that he was totally devasted at Jeanne’s death.
  • Jean Dunois (The Bastard of Orléans) certainly one of the most famous one (mostly because he had royal blood)
  • Gilles de Rais : I won’t say much about him 😅

Possible Spoiler or Just my crazy imagination :

Since Jeanne had one brother named Jean, how about to save his sister, he took her place at the stake ? 🤔🤔

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Wish Tree Wedding Event:

It’s finishing soon…

I spent all my Coupons, Gems and even spent wayy too much money than I should have.

The result:


Devastated… I really really wanted these cards, at least ONE, but as it’s the luck of the draw… Like gambling (sorta) when the fun stops… stop.

(The video is me just off the phone to my boyfriend and we were questioning why I was crying over Virtual Men…)

(First public appearance and I’m crying woww…)

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