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dulcetgames · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Join Alistair in wishing a happy birthday to Sweet Elite's most hardworking virgo, Tadashi! 🥳
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littlewitty · a day ago
Luke, driving Rio and Mc: So how was your day?
Rio: I almost got surprise adopted!
Luke: What?
Mc: We almost got kidnapped.
Sariel: oh, what a shame. *organised the whole thing*
Luke: *slams on the breaks* WAIT WHAT?!
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herotome · 2 days ago
From Dust!
I teased a new track a while back, and it's finally here courtesy of our very talented composer @brightbone ! :D It's the MC's theme!!~
I cannot gush enough. ❤❤❤ This will be in the next installment, replacing one of my early placeholder tracks.
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benichi · 12 hours ago
Olympia Soirée -  Spoiler Free Review
Tumblr media
Her entire clan wiped out years ago, Olympia has been isolated for much of her life. Now she must travel to Tenguu Island – the only person who can perform a ritual that will restore the sun to a land enveloped in darkness. The heads of each district there (Red, Blue, Yellow) lead a society governed by rigid class structures.
If she can find a mate who will help her continue her lineage and save the world before it is destroyed, she will reveal to that special someone her heart and her true name.
[Content warning]
This game deals with a lot of unwanted s*xual advances/assaults and also has (implied) s*x scenes (which are not explicit though). Plus topics such as misogyny and the opression of women.
+ Visually and aesthetically one of the most beautiful localized Otome Games. The game flawlessly transitions between scenes and, especially compared to Bustafellows which often felt very clunky, there’s just something so smooth about the experience. Some CG’s have little bits of some awkward anatomy going on but overall I really love Satoi’s style. The Character/World design and vibrant colors are pleasant to look at. And the music matches the game’s fantasy setting well and really helped to set the mood.
+ Interesting set of Main Love Interests. I quite enjoyed everyone and their interactions, both among themselves and with the Heroine, though I have no distinct favorite among the LI’s. There are a lot of sensual scenes which, if you’re into them, might be one of the game’s biggest selling points.
+ The Heroine is smart, proactive and relatable but since the game really pushes these unwanted and often unavoidable assault scenes she ended up in a lot of unfortunate situations. But despite actually having the power to repel these unwanted advances she never uses it. There are people who enjoy this kind of content and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I feel like they should have at least given those who do dislike these scenes the option to actually make use of the Heroine’s power. I’d say Olympia was a likeable Character overall and fell victim to poor writing in some scenes.
∙ An elaborate fantasy setting with some impressive world building... this game is long. Sometimes parts of the story did feel a little too drawn out (a lot of repetitive flashbacks and explanations) but overall Olympia Soirée did a good job at keeping my interest up. There are routes that do a better job at developing the relationship between Olympia and her LI than others, with Himuka getting the shortest end of the stick because his route covered a lot of story, leaving not as much room for romance to develop organically.
- ... but sometimes not elaborate enough. I can’t get into too much detail without spoilers but there’s this weird blend between the use of modern and “old” technology. Basically the overall setting never gets much of an explanation and feels a little thrown together.
- A lot of nasty Side Characters. They’re responsible for most of the unwanted assault scenes which just made them not very likeable (which is a shame because design-wise they actually look pretty cool.)
- Some parts didn’t include a translation. Hello Darkness my old friend - same as with Bustafellows there are parts of the ending that do not offer a translation. Which certainly leaves a dissatisfying feeling, especially because it’s very apparent due to the fact that the untranslated parts come up every time you get an ending and/or enter the main menu screen.
If you can lean back and not think too hard about the overall setting/some of the details and aren’t turned off by the above mentioned content warning then Olympia Soirée is a very aesthetically pleasing visual novel with a likeable Cast of Love Interests, a (most of the time) smart and proactive MC that offers a lot of sensual scenes.
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youcantremember · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
this is so cute but I really think Mammon deserves better :( I wanna hug tf outta that guy
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thecartoonfan · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I never felt a certain way to Jumin until I played the game again.  😳 😳 😳
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lanlan-der · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Shuuen no Virche -ErroR:salvation-
B's-LOG November 2021 Issue
Illustrator: Yomi (読)
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ana-thedaydreamer · 2 days ago
A sneakpeek of my Ocs information from Ikemen Vampire, Annalisa and Madeline in my upcoming 17+ doujinshi as a reward for Leonardo and Le Comte‘s ranking in the last election.
Since it‘s for 2 couples so it will take a while to finish 🙇
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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littlewitty · a day ago
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murusagi · a day ago
[Shuuen no Virche -Error:Salvation-] Ceres' Short Story Translation
Tumblr media
the original can be found here
This is a story that took place a year ago, when I met "him" for the first time at the field of Lycoris noige.
In a corner of Kuhne, at an orphanage managed by Sister Salome, there lived a girl who was known as "the God of Death" and feared by a lot of people. That girl is me, Ceres.
Due to the townspeople's stares, I barely left the orphanage and spent my days helping out at the facility. It was as if I was in hiding. However, working as a temporary staff means that I have to finish any given task thrown at me. Therefore, for the first time ever, I decided to go out shopping by myself.
The moment I arrived at the town plaza, a stir ran through the people.
"'The God of Death' is here." "Get lost right at this instant."
Having all those people look at me while saying such things… It made me scared. It made my heart ache. It made me sad.
The only thing I could do to get along with them was…
"Good afternoon…"
I put an ambiguous, fake smile on my face. After doing so, people who looked at me with such hatred simply turned their faces away. I passed by the church in a hurry.
"Oh, my. Is the girl who passed by just now… Ceres? How rare of her to go out alone… But looking at her… Hmm."
"Sighs. I'm ashamed that I can't be of any help. I hope a day will come where you can walk around outside without looking down… I wish there's something that an adult like me, whose days are numbered, can do to help you."
Sister Salome… Mom asked me to prepare for the ingredients in Marche and deliver a letter to the state research institute, where relivers are created. In order to go to the institute, which is located in the centre of the country, I walked down the street in the district of the rich, Syude.
Even in a district full of people who can live leisurely like this, when I passed by the biggest mansion there… From an open window, something as thin as a cloth slowly fell to my hand. I grabbed it in a hurry.
"A novel… manuscript?"
I wonder if it belonged to the owner of this mansion. I took a quick look at the manuscript. Despite that, I could tell the words written there were filled with excitement.
(No. I shouldn't read it without their permission. It's rude. Still, I can't help but be curious about what kind of person who lives here to be able to write such a beautiful story.)
No matter how curious I was, it would be too suspicious of me to suddenly visit a big mansion like this--especially because we didn't know each other. I gave the manuscript to a male guard who happened to walk near the gate and continued to head to the research district, Cerunevor.
(T-Thank goodness. Someone picked up the manuscript. I'll have Jean go get it after this.)
(However, I couldn't express my gratitude to the person who picked it up. She has such beautiful golden hair. I could tell even from afar.)
I finally arrived at the state research institute, giving the letter Mom wrote to a male guard there.
Thinking I would only be a bother if I stayed there too long, I quickly left as soon as I said my thanks.
At that time…
I felt like someone was staring at me. However, when I looked back, the guard had already looked out in another direction.
(Maybe it's only my imagination.)
Mom must be worried about me. Thinking that, I started walking back home.
"Hmm. Just when I thought I saw someone with a striking hair color… I see. So she's the so-called 'the God of Death.' Even from this distance, I can tell she's such a gloomy little girl. I don't want her near me under any circumstances."
"Did the handymen Krewn do something again?"
"I heard they found a child drowning and rescued them!"
"But the water was quite rough due to the heavy storm last night, you know? Man… They sure have the guts to risk their lives to save others even though they haven't made any preparation to be relivers."
Handyman. If I remember correctly, they run a service that is willing to take any kinds of requests in Kuhne, especially from those who are particularly in trouble. I heard people trust them more than the guards who protect the country.
(Must be nice…)
Me too.
(If only I had the power to save other people like them, and not the power to kill people…)
I couldn't let my presence ruin such a happy atmosphere, so I decided to take a detour to go back to the orphanage.
"What's wrong, Yves? Why are you suddenly looking back?"
"Hugo. Ah. No. I just felt like someone was staring at me."
(I'm not sure why, but I'm feeling really down because I don't know who it is. Do I know them? Or not…)
(I know it's strange to even say, 'See you again,' but I hope I get the chance to talk to them next time. I'm curious to know what kind of person who was looking at me.)
My little journey, which was filled with longing for other people, finally came to an end.
Even though there were a lot of instances where I felt "scared" and "sad," I managed to get back "home."
"Do you really think it's okay to let her go out by herself? I'm going to go after her…"
From behind the door, I could hear my precious "brother" talking to Mom.
(Adolphe is such a worrywart. He never changes.)
The frustration in his voice turned the "fear" I had been feeling since a little while ago into "relief."
I put a little bit of strength to open the door.
Instead of the fake smile I put on before, I gave my family a heartfelt smile. There was only one thing I had to say to my family who had been waiting for my return.
"I'm home…!"
Going outside made me realize once again how this place gives me a small happiness in my despair-filled life.
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I will upload the last part (hopefully) tomorrow. Please use my askbox for prompts or any ideas you might have, or just to chat haha, I really enjoy it.
IG : @mothercatsarcanaheadcanons
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Hello my loves, I am positively aware how shit I am at handling social media, it drains me and I completely forgot about uploading my last headcanon here.
I am trying a new format and I'm having so much fun doing it, and here is the first part of the headcanon.
Hope y'all like it!
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