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Of course not! I love every single thing each one of you sends me, and I was having a super awful time, but the memes and everything always made me smile, so thank you for making my day brighter, it was really bad but I at least got some laughs 😊

That picture ^^^ is the embodiment of Yoosung’s crying emoji and I will NOT accept anyone else telling me otherwise lol, it’s literally Yoosung crying, that guy is real life Yoosung lmao

Ps: don’t be afraid to send me random stuff! I really really really love it, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a picture of a dog without context or a meme that has nothing to do with anything, I absolutely love talking to y’all so please send me more stuff, my day always gets better because of all of you 😊💕💕

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This is literally me and Yoosung in one ask LMAO

The first one is just depressed Yoosung

The second one is just Yoosung in general with all his freaking schoolwork

The third one is just Yoosung contemplating his existence and asking why is he here

The fourth one is just. Yoosung whenever Seven pulls a prank on him lmao, it’s just him in P A I N

And the last one is just our child being a dumbass LMAO

Either that or Seven convinced him he could use a shoe as a phone, I can 100% see that happening and Yoosung falling for it lol

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A group of [unedited] snippets this time! From a 707 one-shot I cooked up today :3


I’m near the end, just gotta figure out how exactly to finish it lol. Anyways, if all goes well, the final and full version should be up this weekend!!

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Adults can Trick or Treat Too! - Seven

Howdy if you were unaware every night until Halloween I’m writing for a different mysme character using a randomly generated prompt :)

Warnings: spoilers for Seven’s real name!

Prompts: trick or treating as adults, sharing candy

Summary: Saeran has never gone trick-or-treating. It’s up to you and Seven to show him what he’s missed out on and make this his best Halloween ever

It was something you knew without ever having to confirm it: Saeran had never gone trick-or-treating, and had never properly celebrated Halloween at that. When Seven had gone off to college he made a strong effort to go to Halloween parties and soak in the spirit of the holiday, but Saeran had never gotten that chance.

So OBVIOUSLY you had to make sure this year Saeran had the best Halloween ever. And that started with group costumes.

That’s why you were curling your hair, putting on dramatic false eyelashes and bright pink lipstick, and wearing a bright pink, poofy dress that ended slightly below the knee. Saeyoung had wanted you to get the “hooker Princess Peach costume” as he called it, that was way too short and paired with thigh highs. But this wasn’t his night: it was Saeran’s. And you certainly didn’t want to scar the boy for life. You worked on bobby-pinning the crown so that it wouldn’t fall off your head, then pulled on your long white gloves. You were all ready.

You left the bathroom and moseyed on over to the living room. Saeyoung had asked you to start living with you and Saeran once you had gotten engaged. Saeran was truly a part of the family and was treated like one; you really worked on convincing him that he was welcome to live with the two of you for as long as he wanted… as long as he didn’t mind any unholy sounds coming from you and Saeyoung’s room at night.

Saeyoung and Saeran were sitting on the couch waiting for you, Saeran’s eyes trained on his game and Saeyoung adjusting his hat. “You two look so cute!” You squealed. The two boys jumped from their seated position upon hearing your voice. They were in matching overalls, sweaters, and hats, Saeyoung in red and Saeran in green. Saeyoung had even put a fake mustache on. It seemed Saeran refused, and was justified in doing so.

“You look nice too!” Saeyoung complimented, walking up to you and resting his hands on your hips. “You went more conservative than I hoped, but you know what? The character integrity is much better than the other costumes’.”

You rolled your eyes, patting his mustache to feel the fabric. It felt kinda like felt and honestly not very appealing. “I hate it,” you confessed, giggling. “Saeran had the right idea.” Saeran’s eyes snapped up at you and you could swear you saw him smile.

Saeyoung pursed his lips at you, trying to kiss your lips. You absolutely refused. No way in hell, not with that weird mustache. You squirmed out of his grip and hid behind Saeran, who seemed very unphased.

“I’ll kiss you by the end of the night,” he threatened. “In fact, you’ll be begging for it.”

“Ew. Please don’t,” Saeran piped in. “Don’t we have to get going anyway?”

“Yes! You’re absolutely right.” You made your way to the front door and the boys followed. You pulled out three fabric bags and handed one to each brother. “Here are your candy bags.”

Saeran opened the bag and glanced inside. “I’m gonna get this much candy?”

“Depends on how dedicated you are and how many houses you wanna visit,” you shrugged.

The three of you made your way outside and were met with a lot of the neighborhood kids, dressed up in costumes and running around with their parents. “I didn’t realize there were so many families in the neighborhood,” you commented, taking it all in. Saeran seemed shocked as well.

“Me neither. Guess we all don’t get out enough,” Saeyoung laughed.

You were pretty friendly with your nextdoor neighbors. Saeyoung had never talked to them before you were around, but once you moved in you all started to talk a lot more, having campfires every once in a while. They were a few years older than you three, but very cool. You knew they’d be happy to see your costumes.

You knocked on the door. “Alright Saeran, when they open up we say ‘trick or treat’ and then you hold your bag open and then candy. Easy enough?” You explained, giving him a quick reminder. Of course he had already known this, but you wanted to make sure he wouldn’t get nervous in the heat of the moment.

The door opened. You all sang a chorus of “trick or treat,” Saeyoung being especially enthusiastic and loud.

“Aw you guys look so cute!” The girl exclaimed. She called her husband over and he awed over your costumes as well.

“Makes me miss trick-or-treating. We should go next year,” he said.

“You can come with us!” Saeyoung exclaimed, wrapping an arm around you and one around Saeran. They gave you your candy and you were on your way to the next house.

Most houses were pretty chill, but you did run into a few Karen’s who asked if you were too old to be out. The responses varied from person-to-person. Saeyoung usually just responded with a “nope!” and talked about how it was Saeran’s first time trick-or-treating. Saeran would just glare until the people gave him candy. He could definitely be scary when he wanted to. You would offer to stop trick-or-treating and egg their house instead. All the tactics worked equally as well.

You all didn’t make it very long. You hadn’t even made it around the block before you were all wiped out, turning around to go home. You wrapped an arm around Saeyoung’s shoulder so he was half-carrying you home. “I don’t remember this being so tiring,” you complained.

“I think it’s because we got too excited beforehand. So Saeran? Did you have fun?”

He shrugged. “It was fine.”

“Wait til you get to eat the candy. That’s the best part.” Saeyoung opened the door to the house and you all followed inside, plopping down on the carpet.

“I’m not big on candy actually,” Saeran confessed, looking away awkwardly.

“No way! We’ll find something you like.” You were determined all of a sudden, taking everyone’s bags and pouring them upside-down to reveal the candy. “You like fruity or chocolate?”

He shrugged again. “Never had much candy.”

“You did like mint chocolate chip ice cream though, remember?” Saeyoung asked gently, trying to jog his brother’s memory.

Saeran’s eyes lit up and he nodded. “Guess so.”

“Okay.” You slid a Milky Way over to him. “Try this.”

He tore open the wrapper, taking a bite and shrugging. “It’s okay.”

“Not good enough,” Saeyoung shook his head. “I’ll take these then.” He sorted through and put the Milky Ways in his pile.

“Okay. How about this?” You passed him a Resse cup. A classic. You looked to him expectantly.

“Just fine again.” He crumpled up the wrapper in his hand. “I just want plain chocolate. Is there no plain chocolate?”

Your eyes lit up. You were so excited by your epiphany that you didn’t even scold Saeyoung for taking all the Reese’s. “Hershey’s.” You gave Saeran the bar. “Just plain milk chocolate.”

He broke off a piece and took a bite. You saw a smile forming as his lips quirked upwards. “That’s the one,” he decided, unable to prevent the grin from forming on his face.

“You get all the Hershey’s then.” You pushed through the candy to hone in on the chocolate bars, putting them in a neat little line in front of him. “Sound good?” You asked as you finished.

“Sounds good. I’m gonna take these all to my room and go to bed. I’m wiped out.” He loaded the chocolate back into his bag and stood up. “…Thanks. I had a lot of fun actually.” He confessed to you and Saeyoung. Bursting with pride, you both wished him good night.

“You made him really happy. Thank you.” Saeyoung grinned, laying down to rest his head in your lap.

“I couldn’t have done it without you.” You took his hat off his head, running your fingers through his hair. “We make a good team, the three of us.”

“You don’t know how happy it makes me feel to hear that. I’d kiss you, but… I’ve still got this mustache on my face.” He sighed dramatically.

“Oh well. That sucks,” you shrugged. You were not going to give in.

“Please?” He begged, a dark look in his eyes. He bit his lip very slowly, trying to seduce you?

“I’m not going to be seduced by Mario, Saeyoung,” you giggled, leaning back against the couch while you laughed.

“Awwww… rude. I knew I should’ve dressed up as hooker Mario,” he pouted. He sat up in your lap, lips agonizingly close to your own.

You caught your breath quickly, eager to focus on anything but his close proximity to you and his touch, oh the way he was holding onto your hips. “That’s a thing?” You asked, your voice breathy. He quirked an eyebrow as he noticed the inflection in your voice.

“Just give in. It’ll be so much easier… and way more fun for the both of us.” He was biting his lip again. Despite it being pretty hot, it made you laugh at how hard he was trying.

Without hesitation, you reached forward and ripped the mustache off him, dropping it on the ground. He yelped in pain and pouted. You kissed his pouty lips.

“You’re no fun,” he whined. He let go of you and stood up from his spot. “I’m going to bed.”

You jumped up to follow him. “Noooo, please don’t!” You wrapped your arms around him from behind, locking him in place.

“Told you I’d have you begging.”

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That’s what you’re acting like

I really don’t buy

That you’re that kind of guy

And if you were

Why would you want to hang out with me!

You’ve made your point. What a lovely point it is, because this is about the way that he acts during his route in the apartment as MC tries to get him to admit that he’s not a bad guy and that he can open himself up to love and what makes him a happier person.

He doesn’t have to accept loneliness if that isn’t what he wants. And, it clearly isn’t what he wants at all.

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Sometimes, I think about the same thing. But, I remember at that moment that I don’t answer unknown numbers. So, it would be a moot point unless Unknown really went in for the Catfish. I think if he got me with that, then it wouldn’t be all that hard for me to take MC’s place. I give myself too much to others emotionally so that would help them. Free therapy. Free real estate.

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why is it always the innocent looking one to end up as a yandere. look at yoosung

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“You… you can’t be here—”

His voice is panicked, drawn back only by the ticking counter behind him that warns him that there’s not much time left. There was no one else left here in the building, he had made sure of that, but he never thought that Lila would be able to make her way to him. He hadn’t thought she would. She had been up and taken away from him.

Ray still wasn’t sure if she had done it because she wanted to get away from him or if they had taken her away from him.

It was the fear and notion that she had left him because she secretly couldn’t stand him and she actually had pitied him this entire time that made him…

Well, it made him listen to his Savior’s orders and hit the switch.

It what also made him stay.

Her chest rose and fell with a quickened haste, and her digits clutched the doorframe. She was here, this wasn’t a dream, nor was it a memory, that was her and she was standing here with him in the middle of Magenta. In the direct center of a bomb.

With him.

Not with V.

Not with the Liar.

She was here. She was here with him, and that wasn’t good. This wasn’t good, as happy as his heart was to see her face in front of him, he realized far too fast that this was dangerous.

There wasn’t enough time to get out of the room much less the building, and he wasn’t sure that he could stop it once it started.

“Ray, you can’t say goodbye,” she pleaded, doe brown eyes fraught with heavy tears. “You can’t just tell me you love me and hang up. You can’t do that! I love you too!”



He was so happy to hear her say those words, but it was dangerously too late for him to set things right. His own heart had started to race, forcing his body to work as he spun around, fingers pressing so hard against the keys in a force so desperate. “You can't—” He said, once again, mind not making sense to him anymore.

His words are nonsensical, broken, but he needs to focus. He can’t let her die with him. This wasn’t how it was meant to be. She was supposed to live on and be happy without him. She wasn’t supposed to come back for him cause he had accepted she was gone.

Her hands clutched against his sleeve, and he tried to force himself “I’m not leaving you, Ray,” her voice lingered. “Please, you can be happy, you can live a life where you’re free, with me, if you want, but you can’t, you can’t just say you’re going to leave like this—”

Ray shook his head, over and over, but the ticking only grew louder. “You have to go! Lila, there’s a bomb, that's— that’s why I was trying to— to tell you to remember me— there’s not much time left, I—I can't—”

Her hand momentarily faltered against his, and the sound of her gentle gasp told him all that he needed to know.

It was futile. He couldn’t stop it. There wasn’t at all enough time to run. He had made it so that it couldn’t be stopped once it started, he hadn’t had the time to implement a system where there was a fail safe.

He hadn’t had the time.

He thought there would be more time.

His breath ragged, those hot tears of guilt starting to build up. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, forgive me, I can’t, I can’t stop—”

“Ray,” her voice, shakey as it was, seemed resolute and firm. He turned his head to look at her, at the way her tender eyes always looked at him with such a fondness that it felt like bliss could be within his reach if he wanted it to be in his grasp. “It’s okay.”

It wasn’t okay. He knew it wasn’t okay. But, she seemed okay with that. She took hold of his hand, and squeezed it tight.

“It’s okay, Ray,” she repeated, the numbers in the background dangerously plummeting lower and lower to zero. “We’re together. You’re not alone, and you don’t have to be. I’m with you. I want to be with you. It’s okay.”

He squeezed her hand back.

He had abandoned in the safety that existed with the people that he detest at the most and come back to him even though it was likely a death wish. Even now, he didn’t entirely understand why she seemed okay with this. He thought that she would be gone forever yet here she was with him.

His fingers stopped.

He couldn’t do it. He turned his head to look away from the monitor.

Ray didn’t have the right to do so now after all that he had done, but he still wrapped his arms tightly around her small frame. If he could allow himself to be selfish at A Moment Like This well, it was his final act, wasn’t it?

She was allowing him this. She had chosen to come to him. Was it okay for him to think that even in the end, her heart touched his in ways that he would never entirely know?

If this was all that he could have in the end, he was okay with that. He just wished that he could have given her the happiness she deserved, and maybe, just maybe… what he deserved to have like she said.

There were so many things that he could say, but it was likely that none of them would be enough… nor would it add more to their situation.

Simply so, he just couldn’t bring himself to let her go. Even if it was the end, even if this was the very last time that they would be together in this life, at the very least…

“Yeah,” he managed to bring himself to say in spite of the bile. His eyes felt as though he were drowning. “We’re… together, just like I always wanted.”

“I won’t leave you behind.” She whispered to him in a low voice, as it was only meant for his ears and no one else’s. “I made a promise. I’m happy that I’m with you. I don’t blame you.”

He choked back a sob but it was futile. His face was breaking away but it was okay. It was okay because it wasn’t okay and the fact that she had chosen to stay with him in the end.

“You’re my only love,” he whimpered. “My first, and my last.”

“In this life, and the next,” her grip on him tightened impossibly so, just as the ticking of the counter behind them reached a resounding note of zero.

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Summary: After calling the police on a persistent stalker, you thought that would be the last you heard of Unknown. But it only takes one more phone call for you to cross paths again // Based on one the ‘bad’ endings in Another Story in which Mc calls the police and unintentionally brings down Mint Eye.

Relationship: Saeran Choi/ Reader

Find CHAPTER 2 on AO3

“(Y/N),” Saeran stated, his voice like the calm before a storm. You felt the hairs on your arms raise in anticipation and took a step back.


“You betrayed me…” he whispered, his eyes suddenly wide and full of tears. You took another step back. “Why? I was going to take you to paradise and yet…you didn’t take my hand.”

Your heart was pounding loudly in your ears. You suddenly pictured a rabbit trapped by a tiger. Saeran’s wide eyes narrowed, his eyes shiny with malice that grew as he sensed your apprehension.

“What’s that look for? Don’t tell me you regret it now…” he grinned and gave an experimental shrug, as if testing the strength of the leather straps. “All you had to do was accept his offer…and yet…”

The smile slid off his face. “You betrayed me…” Saeran finished, his voice low and dangerous.

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