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thatfanfictionchick · 9 hours ago
Anyway have a random picrew of Tanya because Seven is currently my comfort character after all this MLQC heartbreak which means I think of Them a lot.
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edgelord-saeran · 10 hours ago
Jumin takes Saeran to those places where you can break stuff. Like the ones where you can just chuck plates and take bats to old tvs and stuff.
Originally, it's just for Saeran to get those overwhelming feelings out in a controlled way, but he eventually convinces Jumin to join in.
Seeing Jumin, tie off and shirt sleeves rolled up, hitting a vase into a home run? It's almost embarrassing how fast Saeran gets hard 😳
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weaselandcherry · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
From Chasing for the Clouds: Ch. 27
Didn't bother to clean up the lines. Was really just visualization for me and readers. Jihyun in an undercut is nice, but I'm a stucker for long hair, heh.
Working on the next request after I finish an art collab tomorrow! I've lots of cute ideas for it!^^
(Click for better quality.)
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huneyseven · 11 hours ago
Jaehee: They see evil in death the way other people see God in a rose.
Zen: I saw Elvis in a potato chip once.
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edgelord-saeran · 12 hours ago
Pls i need more kitten unknown it was so cuteee
Unknown was not happy. He was no longer being mothered by a larger cat as she'd finally finished her visit with Jumin, but he was still a fucking cat.
"Don't be so grumpy, Strawberry." She said cheerfully, skritching him between the ears as she set him down on her bed. "You just got loved up on."
Unknown flicked his tail at her and turned away from her. She laughed and rolled over. He needed to focus to figure out how the fuck he was going to get out of this situation. The elixir should have worn off by now, but clearly, it whatever caused this must have been something else.
Then, out of the corner of his eye, something moved. He whipped his head over, ears alert. There was nothing. He untensed for a moment, but then it moved again. It was under the blanket. Without thinking, he pounced.
Unknown bit at the thing under the blanket, grasping it with both front paws and kicking at it with his hind legs. The thing began to flail and after one decisive bite, it stopped moving. He gave it one final bite to make sure it was dead and moved off of it, a sense of satisfaction filling his belly.
"Ooo nice double tap." Her voice shocked him to attention, and the thing under the blanket revealed itself. It was her hand.
That satisfaction was doused in cold water. It was getting worse. First he'd been able to understand Elizabeth the 3rd and now he hadn't been able to fight his instincts off long enough to realize that what he was fighting was her fucking hand.
He was losing himself, and no one would ever notice.
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aionyan · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Suity & Saeran - Commission for @suity ♥
♥Permitted to re-upload and use only to the commissioner♥
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quirky-and-kind · 13 hours ago
Hello! 👋 Do you have any thoughts on how a platonic relationship with Zen would be like? I know that in seven’s route (and Jumin if I’m not wrong) he acts protective of MC, do you think that he would act that way considering that him and mc are friends? Thank you💋
Hello 👋 lovely Anon ♥️ Thank you so much for the thought provoking question!! I’ve had protective, helpful, “big brother” Zen on my mind a lot lately!
Zen and platonic relationships
Tumblr media
I want to start by describing my thoughts in the two platonic relationships I’ve written Zen in and then transition to my thoughts on Zen in a platonic relationship with the MC:
-Zen has been friends with Jaehee for a few years now. Zen demonstrates obvious respect for Jaehee. He states several times in the game how much better then him she is. He’s impressed by her drive and intelligence. And Zen spends time during each route of the game protecting her. He will be the first one to stand up to Jumin whenever Jumin gets a little unrealistic with his work expectations on Jaehee. Zen also does state twice in the game that he doesn’t really see Jaehee as a woman (I take that as he’s never been attracted to her physically) so they have a truly platonic friendship. While Zen doesn’t always know what to do with that, as seen in Jaehee’s route and him requiring the MC’s advice when he wants to buy her a gift in return for her help. He values her friendship and her encouragement to help him stay motivated.
-i’ve been exploring another side of Zen’s platonic relationship’s recently as I’ve been bringing a friend’s ( @gureishi ) CMC Eunji into some of my pieces. ( here and here) Eunji is Saeyoung’s girlfriend and she is how I think Zen would act with a woman he is close to but without that wall he tends to put between himself and Jaehee. Eunji’s just the cool chick that’s dating the guy he kinda thinks of as his little brother. He flirts with her, calls her babe and winks playfully but he doesn’t mean anything by it. Past he’s fond of her. He thinks she’s great for his friend and an amazing woman and he respects her. He would go out of his way to help her same way he would Saeyoung. He definitely would also get protective over her same way he would Saeyoung but he tends to treat her a little more fragile. Doing things like insisting on carrying heavy things for her. Zen has a lot of respect for women and when he can feel comfortable with one like she is just his friend and not just after him for his looks he’s absolutely charming and a fantastic friend.
-So Zen in a platonic relationship with the MC? I feel like first thing I need to state within the context to the game I don’t know if any of the characters in any of the routes could have a purely platonic relationship with the MC because they are all in love with her in every route which could make it a little awkward. So I look at Zen more as in the Mystic Messenger universe then in a GAME. Like I believe that once you fall for one of his friends he would absolutely respect that because he states a few times within the game he does NOT mess around with a taken woman that is NOT the type of guy he is. I think he would still play flirt with you. Unless you explicitly tell him it makes you uncomfortable and he would of course respect you and stop because that’s just his personality.
-I think Zen will always be protective of you. I headcanon being on his own since he was 15/16 being in both a biker gang and the entertainment industry he’s seen some nasty stuff go down. I firmly believe he’s probably stopped some of it. It would make Zen hyper aware of the dangers woman face on daily basis then maybe most men have. So yes that does make him a little over protective. He would definitely try to have conversations with you about knowing what you want and taking care of yourself in your physical relationship with your guy. Zen is the type of guy if you had a pregnancy scare and were too nervous to tell your boyfriend he’d go to the doctors with you and hold your hand until you know what’s going on. Zen just finds it his duty to care for his family which is everyone in the RFA which would include you. He’d totally punch a guy harassing you in the face for you. Zen is just the best and more protective big brother you could ask for.
I hope that covers everything you were wondering?? All of these opinions are of course mine ♥️
@cafedanslanuit tagging you because you liked my Zen discourse
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huneyseven · 13 hours ago
Yoosung: If I run and leap at Saeran, he will most certainly catch me in his arms.
Yoosung, running towards Saeran: Coming in!
Saeran: No! I’m holding coffee!
Saeran: [Drops his coffee and catches Yoosung]
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sternbilder · 14 hours ago
ok having to be mean to jaehee to get her bad ends is the WORST I hate this
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marshmallowprotection · 14 hours ago
[activate cuteness protocol] Saeran, my love...I have a bunch of work to do but I feel so unmotivated 😞 can I sit in your lap while I work, please? Just for a little while? 🥺👉👈
"Is that all you want, my love?"
"Pretty please?"
"How ever could I say no to a pretty face?"
Saeran let you settle in his lap after a bit of shifting to making sure that he was steady and that you would be comfortable. He seemed mighty proud of himself in that spot in the living room and you just wanted to join him!
He leaned forward only to kiss your cheek as you plopped down against his lap with a smile. You should've seen that one coming, frankly.
Though your cheeks began to burn hotly, you didn't say a word as he rested his chin against your shoulder and wrapped his arms around your center. If you were going to work with him around, then he was just going to enjoy the show as long as he could.
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marshmallowprotection · 14 hours ago
I feel so horrible about what I said to GE in that call still and now I'm just thinking of comforting him with hugs and a forehead kiss if he ever breaks down
The weight of the world was on top of his shoulders. Saeran took it without a single word. It was what he always did. He took the pain as it struck him and he never stopped to think that it was going to hit him later.
He did that in Mint Eye because he had no other choice but to do that but now that he was free, it wasn't like that. It truly changed his life and everything; This just wasn't something that he knew how to coordinate properly.
That's why he thought that when he left all of that behind him, he wanted to believe that this overwhelming feeling of the dread inside of his heart was never going to bother him again. That just wasn't how any of that worked, and it was a realization that struck him deeply.
Saeran stared blankly ahead of himself that night. You had left him alone for just a moment to try and see how the RFA was doing back at the hospital and when you left, the guard that he had been keeping up for so long started to fracture.
He was alone with his thoughts and that was suddenly dangerous to deal with again. It felt like he was going to suffocate. His brother was likely going to be killed if he didn't manage to do things right. That'd be on his shoulders and conscious forever.
It kept hitting him over and over again. This feeling of anxiety washed over him like a tsunami and left him gasping for air. By the time that you came back, he couldn't keep the lie up anymore. He just couldn't lie to your face and say he was okay.
"[Y/N]...!" His voice cracked, and just like that, the floodgates opened. He broke down and sobbed.
It was too much.
Too much—Too much—Too much—Too much—Too much—Too much—Too much—Too much—Too much! It was too much for him and he wasn't strong enough to do this on his own.
He was miserably wrong if he thought that he had finally escaped his chains, he thought. Those chains were going to yank him away from and drown him under the surface of all this guilt.
Everything felt discolored and wrong. The world was wrong and he was wrong and—
Your arms were suddenly wrapped around him tightly. His eyes were wide as he realized that you were holding him. He didn't have the power to say anything to you, but he clung tighter to you as you let him cry into your body and weep with the shame he felt.
"It's okay," your voice spoke to him through the storm.. guiding him like a lighthouse at the port during a hurricane. "You can cry. This is not fair, Saeran. It's not fair and it's not right. You can cry. But you're not alone, you're not alone. We're here together and we're going to do this together. I promise. I'm here. I'm not leaving you."
His thundering heart dared to drown your voice out but he made sense of some of it... knowing that you were right deep down, but those fears wanted to hiss that he was putting you into danger as well.
Saeran struggled... he always struggled with letting others help him because he had to do it alone.
But you were here with him now.
He wasn't alone.
"I love you... I love you... I love you..." you hummed. He gripped tightly at the back of your shirt. "Just breathe with me, okay? We'll be okay."
Saeran desperately wanted to believe that.
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anon-drabble · 15 hours ago
May I challenge you to write for any of my Sad AU babes? There’s missing traits, terminal, and the demons, so take your pick if you think that’s up your alley —JMH
aaaaaaaaah always 😭 i love them all, beautiful angst babies. everyone go check out all the au's of @just-mysme-headshots
this um.... is inspired by your missing traits au but might not be completely accurate, obviously. i just thought of the faceless entity and who he'd once been and was not anymore and who stole the face but didn't keep it. and then i just started writing. 😂
At night, when the lights go out, with the children snuggled in their beds, kisses given by loving parents to ward off the nocturnal monsters. Dim nightlights served as the first line of defense. Monsters and demons existed in shadow and darkness only, they would never be found in the light. But the childish lamps weren't the only protection. Every child knew to keep their arms and legs covered up in blankets when asleep. Otherwise what lurked under the bed might take any stray limbs.
Most nights, these methods protected countless children. But he couldn't help noticing that the kids in beds clutched tight their blankets, holding them beneath their chins. Protecting arms and legs and feet and hands. Leaving nothing out that a demon could grab. Except their heads. But perhaps those were protected by the warding spell placed upon the foreheads each night. A gentle kiss from a mother or father, a wish for sweet dreams. Was a parent's love that strong? To protect those heads, those faces, at night while dangers lurked?
Is that why he had ultimately lost his? He couldn't remember most nights. Especially not from childhood. But he watched the parents and the children and knew he never had that. No whispered prayers for a good sleep. No nightlights to chase the shadows. No loving kiss to stop what had happened. Now he stared out of blackness, out of nothing but a void, dripping with the complete absence of all things light and good. Absent of love.
And when he watched them, taking advantage of all that he lacked, he felt that his heart might too be as gone as his face. A hollow, empty ache for what might have been. A pain, though he wondered if there was anything in there to cause such anguish. Or perhaps it hurt more simply because it no longer existed. Had it been stolen like his face? Or simply atrophied like any muscle that was never used? A phantom reminder of what he might have once had.
The mother kissed her child, wished her a good night, and turned the light off. Instantly, the nightlight banished the deepest and darkest shadows. The child's eyes closed, content and safe at home. He watched and wondered what that nightlight might do to his own shadows, his blackness where once his face was. He bitterly remembered never being kissed like that. Never being loved like that.
The memories of being ignored, being beaten, facing hardships those kids in their beds would probably never know. No memories of kisses. Of blankets tucked around to ward off monsters. No memories of nightlights. Or any lights at all...
Instead of light, he saw blackness. And he thought, without his face… Were those even his memories? Or had those vanished too, when the face was taken?
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kaorunuigurumi · 18 hours ago
My version of the new illustration 💙
I love drawing Saeran💙💙💙
Tumblr media
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saeran-imagines · 18 hours ago
Oh hey I’ve got a question for you all while I’m building up my writing energy again!
When you play mysme, or any dating sim really, do you imagine yourself in the world with them or do you have more of an OC that you use in place of yourself? Feel free to either reply to this post or send me asks, I’m always so curious about these things !!
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marshmallowprotection · 19 hours ago
If saeran feels bad for worms, What about MC who is afraid of/ in any way really don;t like bugs especially caterpilars and when one day one "sits" in their bacs they stiffen and a little in panic says Saeran something like "fhsjhfksjs please take it from me take it from me of I might kill it instinctively T_T"
GE Saeran is the kind of person that will remove a bug from the room by catching it and removing it. He’s not the kind of person that kills a bug just for the sake of killing them. He is the kind of person that thinks that everyone and every little thing has feelings. 
He comments that flowers have feelings, so really, it’s no surprise that he would think bugs have hearts and souls in the same way. It may seem silly to a lot of people but he doesn’t care. He just thinks of the feelings of others a lot more at this point in his life.
He’s not going to scold you if you are really scared of bugs. 
He understands that it is a common fear and people kill things out of their fear of the unknown, but it’s just a simple question you need to ask him, “Saeran, can you please take this lil’ bug outside because I’m going to panic if you don’t.”
If they crawl on you or nudge your arms and legs, he’ll remove it once he sees it and smiles at you. This is common when you come to visit him in the garden to work in the late afternoons. Bugs are just what happen when you go out of your front door and step outside. 
That’s not scary to him. 
But, he understands it’s upsetting to you. So, don’t worry, he’ll help you take the precautions to avoid them as much as he can. 
He will always talk to you in a soft and gentle voice when you get antsy. “Don’t worry, my love, they don’t intend to bother you. They’re just going about their own lives... though, I can’t blame them for being attracted to you. Your presence is like the sky, bright and expansive.” 
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