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When I first started this game, I had my eyes on Jumin because he’s a typical cold CEO character I usually like (and he’s a cat lover too). Another reason because I wanted to play the game in correct order before I finally get to Seven’s route. I wasn’t that attracted to him like I was to Zen or Seven. I initially took Jumin’s route just so I could get it done and over with.

I have two days left now, and I don’t want to finish his route. His obsession creeps me out sometimes, but I’m sure I’m gonna feel so sad when I finally have to reset the game. Jumin has been lonely all his life, and he only needs someone who really cares about and loves him. I know I said the same thing during Zen’s route before, but can I just stay on his route forever? 😭😭


Gosh, it’s only a game, but why do I get so attached to it?! It’s so ridiculous.

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This is just me sharing/babbling

I remember vividly the first fime i played mysme and my first route, it was dec 2016 and i remember it so well because it was new year’s eve and i was in my room chATTING WITH YOOSUNG BECAUSE OF THE MIDNIGHT CHATROOM 😭😂 everyone was outside greeting one another and i was inside doing yoosung’s route lmaoo

I doubt someone would actually share but i’d love to hear your first time playing and your first routes! Your first impression of the game and of the characters!

I emphatized with yoosung the most during that time because i was also a uni student and he’s always gonna be my first boi 🥰

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Oh, yes! Can you even imagine this teen looking at all of the pastries and sweets that Saeran and Jaeehe can make? I really love the idea that they work together after the events of the Secret End, honestly. I would love to see Saeran making stuff and Jaehee brewing the best coffee and tea for the cafe.

So, imagine this runaway teen just staring at what they’ve made with their mouth watering the entire time, and they assume they can’t have any because they weren’t allowed to have that with their parents… but like, Saeran has one of those little chuckles and just slides them a piece.

“I don’t know if it’s really good. Why don’t you tell how it tastes?”

Jaehee would pop in with that lovely, “Well, you need something that pairs well with that to drink too!”

Just them being sweet to this little MC and not shaming them or making them feel like they have to ask because they deserve nice things! I love this found family trope.

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Yoosung feeling like he’s really smart when MC looks at him with wide eyes. He wasn’t dumb or anything. He got really good grades! He is a good resource when he isn’t slacking off on games and all. They could have study parties with all kinds of snacks.

Oh! That’s also cute! Don’t worry, the boys will gladly protect you from danger! It’s just so stinking wholesome to think about them being soft and compassionate like that. They all have a soft spot for this kid.

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No, no! Feel free to talk to me all you want about this AU because I sincerely love it too. I don’t see a lot of fics like this because most people write romance with the cast first and foremost, given it is an Otome. The RFA, in itself, is a found family where a group of misfits that got together. They are a family. By all intents and purposes. They are a real family.

There’s potential for a really wholesome story here if anyone wanted to do it. An MC with this family that consists of a student, an actor, a corporate heir, TWO HACKERS, an assistant, and a photographer? That’s a sitcom waiting to happen. I think they would really take a shine to the MC in their own roles.

Jumin and V providing bad dad joke energy and just generally ensuring you have what you need to get by. Jaehee making sure you study right and eat. Yoosung helping you take breaks and playing games. Seven making sure you got a quality amount of study into things you actually like! Imagine just hanging out with Saeran and chilling.

There’s a lot here and I do love it a lot.

Honestly, if my brain wasn’t mush right now I would keep babbling about it because there’s a lot of really wholesome scenarios for the teen MC and their new family. Just hanging out with your kooky family. Imagine bringing that prom date home to meet them.

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  • Yoosung was dragged in by his rowdy classmates 
  • is he even allowed inside??
  • yes he actually is of legal age
  • coming from a conservative family, he felt dirty just being inside a strip club
  • he was such a blushing mess as he sat there!
  • and when you came out, he couldn’t even look at you
  • but as soon as your song came, dancing and slowly strip teasing, he was mesmerized 
  • maybe it was the lighting that made everything so alluring, but he just couldn’t take his eyes of you
  • promised himself it was his first and last in a strip club
  • but he was so entraced by you the temptation to come back was there
  • and when he finally saw you in the party
  • and someday, he’s gonna be brave enough to ask you for his private little show


  • it was when they had a last full show, all of the guys wanted to unwind 
  • and what’s a little fun? Zen thought, so he came along
  • he was just there watching and having a drink, just enjoying really 
  • until it was your turn, the suave sway of your hips got his attention
  • it was how you move that really got him, as a dancer himself he loves seeing smooth movements 
  • the way you slowly raise your hands and remove your clothes, he couldn’t help himself but focus on you alone
  • he wanted to come back for more, but he didn’t want to self indulge more 
  • so when he saw you in person, he was shocked and happy 
  • at first he was hesitating to tell you, but will decide to tell you because he just adores how you move your body 
  • and he’s gonna ask for some lessons really 
  • and then he’s gonna have his own strip show for you


  • he wasn’t amused to be in a strip club, it was dark and it was noisy 
  • but his father asked him to deal with a client, which was an old geezer and refused to meet him anywhere else but in a strip club
  • and he couldn’t refuse his father so he went along with it, wanting it to be done already
  • and as soon as the deal was done, he was already on his way out when he saw you
  • dancing gracefully as you slowly remove your top
  • was it the music? was it the atmosphere? but he stopped in his tracks to watch for more
  • it was something about how you twirl around the pole that got him excited? amused? he wasn’t sure, but he just wanted so enchanted with you
  • he gave a generous amount of tip 👀
  • and when you finally met each other, he was pleased to know it was you
  • best believe he got a pole installed somewhere in the penthouse 👀


  • he was there for a mission
  • he was in disguised and is one of the strippers 
  • at first he was watching you to know a thing or two 
  • but the way your body moves got into him, the way you crawled so sexily, the move of your hips swaying to the side so smoothly, suddenly he forgot he was on a mission
  • he was watching you so intensely until one of his colleagues called out to him
  • he tried to look for you after he was done with the mission but you were already gone 
  • and when he did a background check on you????? oh boi was he excited 
  • he thought of a tactic to tell you 
  • he freaking showed you your own routine!!!! 
  • you were shocked??? 
  • he snickered when he saw your reaction, he tells you how much he loved it 
  • and he would like to see it again 👀
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Yesterday was the Campbell Sisters Birthday.

Seven wanted to make a surprise for Martha… and ended up destroying Saeran’s well prepared cake.

Martha’s favourite birthday party!

Next week… Choi Twins’ turn ;)

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