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#zhongli x reader
thma · 2 days ago
headcanons where you try to dom the genshin boys but they end up turning the tables on you
Tumblr media
notes: hellooo! absolutely so, i rarely write for some of these characters but this just motivated me to write for more of them now so aaaa tysm for requesting this! as always, reblogs are HIGHLY appreciated! also anon your ask got eaten up while i was writing this so i rewrote it in the best way i could i hope you don’t mind >__<
tags: nsfw (minors dni or u will fall into mud and never get cleaned), genshin boys x gn!reader, degrading (kaeya, scaramouche), pet names (all gn), nipple play (kazuha, thoma, diluc), handjob (kaeya, xiao), fingering (kazuha, diluc)
Tumblr media
— childe!
i genuinely feel like childe would like to be dominated more
but being the cheeky guy he is, he definitely would want to have his fair share of fun too!
you’re all worn out from doing all the work on top, panting and exhausted
and suddenly, childe turns you over and hovers on top of you
‘already tired? i haven’t even had my fair share of fun yet, baby’
and before you know it, the merciless in childe’s infamous harbinger title is taken out on you and your weeping hole
weeping — all, and only, for him
— kaeya!
this man is such a WHORE!!!!
he would probably act all submissive and fool you into thinking you’ve got him under your wing
just when you’re about to tease him by swirling your hand over his hard cock, he would grab your wrist and smirk before turning you around
‘kaeya, what —’ and before you could say anything, your words are cut off by a sharp cry as he slides his cock painfully slow into you, with your walls’ only response is to clench around his length every so helplessly
tonight, you’re really dumb — his — dumb little slut.
— scaramouche!
this MAN god my mind is going crazy already
i can literally imagine you riding him on top, his sweet moans tricking you into thinking that you were doing good
when suddenly, he stops and your whine only makes him smirk
‘you can’t even do this right?’ and before you know it, he tsks and flips you around roughly
you can’t even protest as your face is stuffed against the pillow his head was once against
he thrusts his cock into you in a pace tenfold from what you were doing
you sob into your pillow
perhaps in some things, scaramouche was right — in some things, only he can do things right.
— kazuha!
i can imagine your breathy, open-mouthed kisses swallowing kazuha’s pretty moans as you lightly squeeze his pretty, pink nipples
and as you sit on his lap, you can feel his erect cock lightly brushing against your thigh
you lightly chuckle to yourself, ready to abuse the life out of his cock
but your thoughts are cut short when kazuha’s finger catches you by surprise when it teases your hole, earning a sharp gasp from you
having been away from you for so long, he just wants to hear your pretty moans for him to remember when he’s away from you again
he slips a finger into your pretty hole that clenches around his fingers by instinct, and soon, he’s on top of you
this wasn’t part of the plan, but you’d take it anyway, anyday
— xiao!
this man is a menace i know it i feel it, source: trust me
as the pace of your hand’s vertical motion on his cock quickens, you ask him if he’s going to cum
‘mm… soon, but —’ he takes the opportunity of seeing your glistening hole lined up perfectly above his cock to buck his hips up and shove it into your hole, pushing your away harshly in the process
you gasp as you feel xiao needily thrust against your hole
and soon, he releases into you, filling your hole fully with all his cum
xiao was never one to try surprises, but you’d definitely let him do this again
— thoma!
you’re teasing thoma as your mouth works its wonders against his neck, your fingers playing with his buds swollen with pleasure before you plan to move down into his cock
your fantasies of absolutely wrecking him like you always do are short-lived
as you press a kiss against thoma’s mouth before you fulfill your desires, thoma slides his tongue into your mouth before proceeding to kiss you sloppily and needily
knowing that he’s caught you off guard, he takes this chance to push you against the soft duvet, before his mouth detaches from your mouth and attaches against your neck
‘thoma… wha…’ you manage to say in between hitched breaths
‘let me do the work tonight, sweetheart,’ he murmurs against your flesh before biting it
and in between your thoughts that begin to haze as a result of thoma, you can hear him say —
‘i can’t assure you i’ll be gentle tonight, baby.’
— diluc!
just the way this man kisses you is enough to make you wet, fingers twisting and squeezing them exactly the way you want it
but today — you want to ruin him so badly, and you spread his legs to fulfill your desire
but diluc has other plans
he notices the way your hole yearns for him to fill you, and you try to cover it up with your dominant demeanour
but diluc is stronger, bigger than you — and suddenly, you’re a rabbit against a wolf
‘not so fast, sugar,’ he smirks, as he presses his fingers into your mouth before shoving them into your needy hole
today — you will be ruined by him every so badly
— zhongli!
sorry, but this man is simply not going to cum under your order
your try your best to ride him out, eyes furrowed in concentration
‘are you in need of some help?’ he offers kindly, to which you refuse sharply
he chuckles lightly before holding you by the shoulders and turning you around, your much smaller build trapped in between his
‘i think you do’ he tells you before lowering down and thrusting his cock deep enough to reach the spot that sends you into stars
and he does it again, and again, and again
alas, you both will be both cumming — under his order
— albedo!
you can hear albedo’s pants as he cums, and you realise that your fun isn’t over
‘shall we do round two?’ you coo, your tongue swirling around his earlobe
‘mm, perhaps,’ you hear albedo say, eyes still blown out completely by your first rough round
as he cups your face with his hand to pull you in for a kiss, he guides your body to the side, and before you know it, he’s turned you over
you pull away, confused — ‘albedo?’ you query with a raised eyebrow
‘this round, it’s my turn to ruin you, baby,’ his teal eyes darken and before you know it, his mouth is against your neck, and you realise all you can do is surrender
next time, you tell yourself, i won’t let those golden eyes get me.
Tumblr media
if you notice a certain someone’s hc being longer than the rest… myob… :p i hope you liked this, tysm for reading! reblogs are super duper appreciated~ mwa
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bluexiao · 15 hours ago
#thank you for coming back to me
—where you woke up after being unconscious for a long time
CHARACTERS. Albedo, Childe, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Zhongli
THEMES. hurt with comfort, more fluff than angst
WARNINGS. huge implication of being in comatose
NOTES. hello! this is a little late because it got longer than i anticipated i hope you will like this one! this is just an idea that i came up with before and listed it in my checklist so i hope that i was able to do it with justice! i’m officially out of my break now so i’ll try to post one daily (if not every other day~) so yep hello again!
Tumblr media
ALBEDO had rarely gone home before. But now, he was always in Mondstadt and the Church, where you were being taken care of by the Sisters while he momentarily leaves and comes back soon anyway. Word got around soon that his lover, you, had unfortunately fell ill and couldn’t wake up. So that’s why the genius Alchemist had gone down from the cold paths to his laboratory on the freezing mountain, everybody thought. They rarely see his face in the streets and now, they would frequently see him on a daily, carrying a bunch of flowers neatly wrapped in a bouquet on one hand while the other holds a sketch book.
When you woke up, he was beside you. There was a distant look on his eyes as his gaze was focused on one of the windows, looking afar outside. The light of the sun draped over his beautiful face, hair messily styled as usual. Everything was silent until he turned back to your form and his eyes met you. You could see the way they widened ever so slightly before it softened when he smiled, prompting himself to stand and walk by your side. He traces his hand on the side of your face and you could barely let out a few words, breath taken away by his appearance. What you didn’t know, he was feeling the same way.
“You had your beauty sleep for far too long, darling, but I know you’d come back to me.”
CHILDE is a mess. Ah, how did this come to be? He already went and gave revenge for you, but why are you still not awake? The wait is slowly eating him up from the inside; bags under his tired eyes, hair even messier than usual, shoulders slumped over, his confidence completely dropped down to a notch. He had gone sloppier, his subordinates would whisper around—always making the job quicker, taking care of it by himself as to be able to go home with you faster. Poor lord harbinger, they’d say, and he'd usually hear them. It didn’t help.
When you woke up, he wasn’t there, but one of his subordinates was. Nadia panicked when she saw your state and immediately called the others, hearing her shout that they should call Dr. Baizhu and their boss, Childe. He was the only one you saw despite the doctors and nurses that entered the room, appearance looking more disheveled than usual.
“What… happened…?” you tried to ask him but he only smiled and reached for the hand that you raised to attempt touching his cheeks, kissing it and holding it tight with both his hands.
“Don’t worry about me, baby, I’m just glad you’re awake now.”
DILUC rarely goes out on his night rounds anymore. He made sure that he hired the best doctors for you and he let the maids take care of you whilst he was momentarily away. Even they will sense the new schedule that their young master circled on the past few months. It was then that they truly witnessed how much he loves you.
When you came to be, it was one of the maids who stopped by that you saw first. You were already sitting on the bed, gazing out at the window and letting the sunlight bathe you gently. Moments later, doctors came and it took awhile for him to come home. He was out at that time but it was a good thing he was on his way home when Elzer came running and told him the news.
He was already reaching out to you as the others gave the two of you a moment to spend some time together. An overwhelming surge of joy came to him that he couldn’t stop himself from kissing the crown of your head and pulling them to his chest, cradling you ever so gently.
“Thank you, thank you for coming back, love.”
GOROU saw you as his peace. Whenever he seeks to take a rest and have a moment of silence, he visits you on Watatsumi Island, where the Divine Priestess herself promised to have you greatly taken care of.
By the time he entered the room, he was surprised to see you already speaking to Kokomi, who briefly smiled at him and stood up to walk out of the room and leave the two of you behind. When she was gone, he was frozen in place for the meantime until you held out your arms, “Are you not going to hug me, cutie?”
There were tears in the corner of his eyes but with a call of your name, he was already buried in your chest for you to see them, arms clenched tightly on your waist, carried away by emotions.
He said no more words as you played with his ears and he leaned his head more into your touch, clearly missing the way it was before. And now, you had came back and his sense of peace only increased.
From afar, KAEYA looks really fine. He acts and works as he would before and will always say that he’s alright. The pitiful stares, however, it’s getting to him. He didn’t like them, but he could do nothing else but pretend that everything is okay—he is okay. He drifts off into Angel’s Share often, stays overtime more, volunteers in more missions, just to get his mind off of things.
And when you woke up, he was racing back to the Church as fast as he could. It had been awhile since he visited you, and he felt embarrassed by it.
“I’m sorry,” were his first words, letting you embrace him as he hid his face on your side, but nonetheless wrapping his arms on your waist. And as you whispered to him affirmations that everything was going to be okay, the tension in his muscles relaxed and there, what he appeared to be these past few months all came true because of you.
KAZUHA never left your side ever since. Beidou lets him nurse you and also visits you frequently when she can. He receives pay from her even if he wasn’t in the Crew for awhile and he’s grateful for her. He dedicates himself in another undemanding side job and in taking care of you daily. He makes sure he makes haiku and poems for you and he’s in the room with you while he’s in the process of making them, reading and thinking aloud for you to hear his voice.
When you woke up, it wasn’t a surprise for him, but it surely made his heart swell in joy. Leaning on to you to press a kiss on your cheek, he says, “The gods might have heard my prayers, and I knew you’d hear me as well, dove.”
SCARAMOUCHE is snappier than usual, his subordinates would complain. Yet, there is only one time and place when and where he’d be silent and be in peace—your house.
He actually brought a home for you when you fell into a coma, for you to rest on and for him to visit. He of course did not tell this to anyone not because he was ashamed of his actions, but because it was for your safety. If any of his enemies come and inflict any sort of harm to you, he would never forgive them.
He only has his few, selected and trusted lackeys there so he has no need to worry. When he received the news that you woke up, he was immediately up and about, going straight to where the house was.
To say that you were surprised was an understatement for not only did you get to know that he brought the house himself for the both of you but when he came bursting in the door to your room, he immediately went straight to you and embraced you; both arms wrapped protectively around you, the side of your head on his chest, where you could hear his heart pounding in probably the rush of going here.
“Who told you you could do that?” he begins to rant, but despite his words, his tone was of the opposite, “You’re so selfish when you want to be. Why…” he sighs, pulling you away gently and leaning down with his fingers on your chin, landing a soft kiss on your lips, his gaze far different than his usual ones, “Don’t ever make me worry like that again, understood?”
THOMA hopes for a miracle. Everyday, each and every second that passes is a moment without your smile; your laugh; your voice, he misses them. He does everything in a breeze, silently waiting for your return. And even if it turned days to weeks, weeks turned to months, and even after a year, he waited.
Until that day came.
He was doing his daily duties as usual, running around Ritou only for Ayaka herself came and told the news, which he immediately left what he was doing and went back to where you were in the Kamisato Estate, where the Kamisato’s themselves promised to take care of you whilst you were in your unconscious state.
He took one long breath before sliding the door to your room open, making eye contact with you as soon as he did so.
Your smile welcomed him, and he couldn’t stop himself as he went and embraced you. Even with his surge of emotions, he was careful in his touch, still unbelieving that you were back and okay.
“Thank you for never letting go, I knew you wouldn’t. I… Thank you, just-” you pull him away only enough for you to peck him on his lips, effectively shutting him up and for you two to embrace each other even more.
VENTI visits you frequently with a smile on his face. He’d be carrying his lyre, a bunch of apples, and maybe even Cecilias that he carefully picked—a present for you, he’d say. He spends most of his day with you and only goes out when he would want to take something home for you. He had gotten used to it, even if it sounds absurd even in his mind.
“Windblume~ I’m here!” he’d chirp, used to hearing silence afterwards, only for you to call back like you would usually back then at your home.
He sprints off to your bed and you could see the tears on the corner of his eyes, throwing himself to your waist and sobbing, which prompted you to also do the same.
“You came back! I knew you would! I… I was second guessing earlier and I…”
“Shhh…” you held him up with his cheeks and kissed his forehead, smiling assuringly at him, “I’m back now, I won’t leave you ever again.”
XIAO had lost all hope. Even if he consented having to wait for you to wake up after that night of being attacked, he knew in himself that he shouldn’t believe in the false hope that you would.
He took his mind off of ‘unnecessary worries’ and was usually out to slay demons on his own. His fellow Adepti and Verr Goldet herself was worried about him for how he was acting so detached with you, but when you finally woke up, Verr tells you to call for his name and he was there in an instant.
He stood frozen afar from you for a long time, fingers gripping tightly on the pole of his spear until it vanishes into thin air, his whole body easing up at the same time.
He looked at the ground as he walked slowly towards you, only to sit on the side of the bed and facing away from you, looking shameful.
“Xiao? Wha-” however before you could continue what to say, he was reaching for your hand, both of his gloved hands cradling your own. You were silent as he places soft kisses on each of your knuckles before he bows and presses them on his forehead, still holding onto them as gently as possible.
“I… I thought I lost you,” he says, slightly muffled with the way he was positioned, “Thank you… Thank you for coming back to me.”
ZHONGLI lived like you were still there with him. He willed himself to talk to you even as you were asleep—‘asleep,’ he’d think, pushing all negative thoughts behind. It’s much easier this way, he believes.
And as he was in the middle of telling a story to you, just as he usually would, your eyes were fluttering open. Of course, he immediately stops and sits upright, only leaning a bit to place a hand on yours, letting his warmth somehow get to you.
He was known to be a calm man, and he was the whole time that you were coming to be—keeping as calm as possible.
“Welcome back, darling,” he sits beside your form and carefully reaches out to the side of your face, “do you want me to brew you your favorite tea?”
When you shook your head, he only smiled and nodded, leaning in to press a gentle but long kiss on your forehead. “I’m grateful that you came back. I missed you dearly.”
Tumblr media
TAGLIST. (please send an ask to be added~)
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zalyyy · a day ago
genshin boys as your prom knight
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: your prom just ended - everyone’s sweeping up the last bits of confetti scattered across the sprawling floors of the massive gym, as you remain seated in regret on the vacant benches, wishing you took more risky gambles. fortunately for you, there’s an attractive stranger donned in a crisp suit who finds himself in an oddly similar trifle, wondering if you’d be willing to take those chances with him.
+ includes matching atticus quotes at the end of every route !!
characters: albedo, childe, zhongli, xiao, diluc, kaedehara kazuha
note: cheers to 300 followers and my rough ass day ;-;
Tumblr media
it was a rather dull occasion.
or perhaps you only reasoned it to be so, considering majority of the night was spent huddled and shadowed by a corner to prevent attracting unwanted attention with your brand new dress - an article of skimpy yet ravishing clothing that you have exhausted months worth of savings, only to find that you couldn’t muster the confidence to flaunt it as you stepped into the unconventionally bedecked gym.
and that singular root of insecurity rapidly began to proliferate through your crumbling self-esteem, as the boisterous night teeming with laughter and vibrance elapsed by.
you take anxious and hasty glimpses down at your watch, the intimidating tick of its little hands as it savors its sweet time by slowly progressing through the minute marks, seemingly taunting you with its gradual advances. it takes everything in you not to rip the accessory off your wrist and hurl it to the ground in a fit of impatience - so you keep your wandering hands pre-occupied with your freshly-styled bed of hair instead, twirling the soft locks through your fingers and gazing in spite at the pretty girls who thoughtlessly paraded around their elfin grins and bewitching appeals, knowing that the trifle stunt was definitely working in their favor.
it’s a shame really - as you absentmindedly chewed on your lips while staring down at your fairly charming ensemble with regret. you were truly looking forward to this particular night, yet all your grandiose and meticulously thought-out preparations were for nothing.
as prom finally draws to a close - everyone remains to help gather the motley shades of confetti strewn across the gym, the last bit of evidence from the marvelous and psychedelic aftermath of the evening. you stay seated on the vacated benches, heaving deep sighs of regret as you blankly watched the students begin to leave one by one, in hopes of retiring for the rest of the night.
but this is just the beginning - the choices you make beyond this point will determine how the rest of your prom night unfolds !!
route one: “kreideprinz” albedo !!
the enigmatic stranger you meet after deciding to linger around the less crowded gym for a bit longer. while yawning and deliberately wondering how you were planning to earn back the amount of cash spent on your dress, his silhouette traipses through the colossal space as he glances around in puzzlement. he’s evidently lost - and none of the remaining students bother to acknowledge the fact that a mere stranger has literally trespassed through private property, so you reluctantly take the responsibility and walk over to him.
he introduces himself as albedo, and explains that he was a student from a neighboring school - who coincidentally held their prom on the same day as yours. and after too much prolonged concentration on a particular research project, he found himself forgetting about the occasion and therefore, was running very late towards the designated venue.
“i think you’re mistaken, this address pertains to the one around the corner.” came your response as you read the scribbled words on the invitation, while you two sauntered past the gym and were presently standing near the gates of your school. you pull out a map on your phone and show him the right direction he needs to take - though you’re oblivious that he’s not even listening to your words anymore, as he absentmindedly admires your exotic beauty and the dress that complimented your bright features.
albedo has always regarded himself as a being capable of rational judgment, even amidst the troubling amount of crises life thrusted upon him to face. so it’s unusual of him to think the way your slightly reddened nose scrunches up in thought is quite endearing, or the little crinkles in your eyes that shape when you smile…because he is brilliant, pretty much aware that you’re beautiful, and somehow unperturbed enough to say it out loud - though this time he’d never admit how satisfied he became with the suffusing shade of crimson on your cheeks.
you are an anomaly, one who seems terribly unfazed when the audible pitter patter of rain drops start tumbling from the sky, one who doesn’t shy from the weather and instead raises her hands out to touch the absconding liquid, one who shakes her head and admits that this was perhaps the most interesting event that transpired all throughout the long night - you are the aberration that urges him to hold out his hand, and invite you to the most absurd timing and environment for a waltz in his entire life.
and being ludicrous was funny like that, seeing your lips twist into a thrilling smile, while the mere brush of your fingers against his almost feels electric. the sensation of his hands across the waistline of your soaked dress, and yours over his drenched blazer, as you drown the reverberations of the rainy evening away with rudimentary dance steps, goofy laughters and bashful smiles.
no matter how reasonable albedo prides himself on being, he still finds himself falling too fast for the rash and sloppily crude kiss you willingly share, under the frigid downpour of a transient and lonely night.
+ forgive me if i stumble and fall, for i know not how to love too well. i am clumsy and my words do not form as i wish - so let me kiss you instead, and let my lips paint for you all the pictures that my clumsy heart cannot.
route two: “childe” tartaglia !!
instead of moping around the benches with regrets - you begrudgingly gathered the rest of your belongings into your reticule before eventually proceeding to leave the gym. you slide on your jacket over your shivering frame and succumb to your pensive thoughts, as you trek your way over to the nearest 24/7 convenience store situated around the area, in hopes of purchasing something to fill your empty stomach with and to somewhat delay your sheepish ride home.
the light jingle of the bell signals your entrance despite the late hour, and you’re only greeted by a visibly uninterested salesclerk waiting near the counter. your eyes carefully peruse the store’s numerous racks of food and supplies, occasionally choosing a bag of chips or two, before then proceeding to the very back of the store. though your heart almost bursts when you reach it, stumbling across the sight of another customer in a suit residing behind the rear shelves of goods. but he seems less surprised than you though - just tosses you a winsome grin to acknowledge your presence.
and at first you don’t find the circumstances strange, as you were simply preoccupied with what to eat and how you were planning to get home, after the uneventful prom evening. though as minutes tick by, something begins to feel off…the orange-haired stranger still remains rooted in the same spot, with the constant shuffle and rustle of products reverberating in the cramped area. it’s only when your eyes flicker over him and notice the sudden protrusion in his once crisp and flat blazer, when you unintentionally burst out laughing at his foolish moves.
“oh my god, are you seriously planning to leave after robbing the store like that?”
he clearly grows flustered at your obvious point, clearing his throat before meekly reasoning out that he accidentally left his wallet jammed with stacks of cash in the possession of a close friend, back in his school prom - and was currently resorting to the careless attempt of thieving and making a run for it. and it’s terribly amusing, all you can do is laugh at the absurdity of it and wipe the tears forming in the corners of your eyes. the stranger glances down at the merchandise in your grasp and suddenly smiles naughtily in thought to himself, before leaning down to close the proximity between the both of your faces.
“well, are you also interested in shoplifting with me tonight?”
you snort at the imprudent tone behind the charming man’s bold words. in your right mind, you would now be claiming that you’d rather leave the store as an innocent bystander rather than a mindless burglar…but you’ve had a few drinks too many, and the enthralling gleam in his drowning blue irises seems to convince your levelheaded judgment to think otherwise, putting you under some sort of odd trance to absentmindedly accept his offer. “sure. only if we don’t get caught.”
“now gorgeous, where’s the fun in that?” he snickers, taking the few goods in your arms to lessen your load. he interlocks your chilly hand with his warm ones, leading the way towards the exit while exuding a somewhat confident aura. all you can do is try not to acknowledge the irritating thump in your chest, as you gawk at the sight of your fingers intertwined with someone else’s, and his half-hearted compliment of a nickname.
the salesclerk sees you two approaching the counter, but what she doesn’t expect is the tall stranger to wink before sharply turning a corner and making a run for the exit with you following suit behind him. you hear confounding yells from far behind ordering you both to stop, but neither of you seem to care - you’re just laughing as you scamper through the tranquil area hand-in-hand, feeling the wind rush through your flushed faces and the soft drizzle of rain collapsing down the darkened sky.
“god, you idiot!” you exclaim through the adrenaline rush, unable to refrain the toothy grin from leaving your face. “you are such a child for running like that!”
“close enough, but my name’s actually childe.” the stranger shouts in response, and looks back at your face with a riveting smirk. your cheeks turn a shade darker at the oddly pleasant sight of it, and all you can do is grasp his warm fingers tighter for comfort, as you both ran sharing childish smiles through the brumal and nonsensical evening.
“well childe, you have my reluctant thanks for making the night better. though you could have just let me pay for the both of us, instead of scampering off with the label of criminals above our heads.”
“oh hush woman - considering at what rate we’ve gone, we shouldn’t even have the audacity to run back there anymore.”
+ it seems to me, that love could be labeled poison, and we’d drink it anyways.
route three: “morax” zhongli !!
you brought your own car as transport to the prom venue, so it was only natural to find yourself standing in the almost deserted parking lot, in search of your personal ride home. it’s considerably easier to locate your car amidst the vacant spaces - and as your vehicle keys jingle in your hands when you slide them into the slot, your ears pick up a soft rustle and hushed murmurs coming from the other side of the car.
your hands stiffen in fear, as you cautiously bend to your knees and peer from the gap below your transport, seeing someone’s figure crouched on the other end of it. “um, excuse me?” you hesitantly call out, and the frame immediately jolts up in response. you stand back straight to check the person hidden across your car - seeing a man situated beside it, most likely the culprit you were looking for.
“hello..did you need anything?” you awkwardly question, trying to sound polite, rather than aggressive and demanding, with the stranger. he’s fiddling with a seemingly chunky wallet in his grasp, and it makes you wonder if he always has that much cash on his hands, or you had unintentionally caught a pickpocket.
though your assumptions are immediately proven wrong - his name is zhongli, and apparently his friend left their school’s prom venue for a while to purchase something from the nearest convenience store, however he must have forgotten to retrieve his wallet back from zhongli…and now the man standing in front of you had consequently gotten himself dumbfounded and lost, searching for the possible marts his friend may have sauntered empty-handed to.
“i don’t suppose you could…perhaps help me find my way around the area? i’m not quite familiar with it, and this is the first time i’ve been around here - well that is, if you don’t have any other immediate priorities you should be attending to?”
it’s a courteous request from a civil man, and you don’t see what’s the harm in obliging with it. “i don’t mind - get inside. i can drive you around.”
the inceptive tension inside the vehicle was beginning to suffocate you. after all, you were both strangers to each other, and it was only reasonable to presume that you both didn’t require to indulge in a conversation in order to find his friend…but you were admittedly curious how his friend ended up trusting zhongli so much to the point where the thick wallet ended up in his possession, as well as why there was an extreme amount of cash in a normal wallet.
and zhongli can see the evident curiosity in your eyes - with how your gaze discreetly flickers back and forth, from the abandoned road to the belongings in his hands. so he begins the exchange with the straightforward answers to your questions…and the unexpected reply soon escalates into a fully drawn-out and friendly conversation.
it’s funny how helping out one stranger after the tedious prom event, could have drastically changed the course of the rest of the night. the once serene environment encompassing your car eventually shifted into a warm and comfortable setting between you two - as you both share light-hearted jokes and somehow find yourselves driving aimlessly through the tranquil streets.
later on, you pause the vehicle and your eyes catch a glimpse of the late hour, suddenly recalling what you two were initially supposed to do. “oh god, i think we forgot about your friend.” you groan, covering your face with your hands in embarrassment - you’ve kept zhongli in your company for over half an hour now, and you were quite certain this time his lost friend was the one presently searching for him.
“it’s alright, i had a pleasant time anyway.” he muses, sneakily admiring your bashful state. “though i still don’t understand why you were so hesitant during your prom. i’m certain many guys would have wanted to dance with a pretty girl like you.”
all you do is grin politely at his compliment and hum in disapproval, as your hands snake onto the wheel and prepare to drive him back to the parking lot. “you flatter me, though no one in their right minds would ever like me in that way.”
you glance over to zhongli, however all you see from him are unreadable eyes and a thoughtful smile plastered across his lips - and his unusually inviting hand resting on the glove compartment.
he’s just a stranger…but he’s clearly made up his mind throughout the course of one drive filled with the sounds of your laughter, to eagerly promote himself from that lowly status in your life.
“based on that description, i presume i must be one of the crazy ones too then.”
+ i lost my way all the way to you, and in you i found all the way back to me.
route four: “alatus” xiao !!
because you refused to drive yourself to prom, you were currently seated near the bus stop and patiently waiting for the next transport to arrive. it had just struck 11:30 pm in your watch, and you were getting drowsier the longer you stared down at the uninhabited road. fortunately, the faint noise and piercing lights of the familiar vehicle slowly approach the deserted stand, and you sling your purse over your shoulder before sleepily setting foot onto the bus.
despite the late hour, the public transport was still somehow packed with weary citizens, and you were lucky enough to claim a seat beside a man wearing a baggy hoodie and…were those formal trousers? huh, streetwear and dress pants - what a peculiar sense of fashion…
nevertheless, you ignored it and wrapped your jacket tighter around your frame, in a poor endeavor to shelter yourself from the cold. the attire you were in was a little too conspicuous for your liking, and you could only hang your head low in shame upon sensing creepy and intrusive stares boring around you. oh, how you wished you could have made the less foolish decision to drive your own transport to prom instead-
something warm and cozy falls across your shoulders, and you glance in surprise at the unfazed boy seated next to you - still donned in his oversized hoodie yet his suit coat had somehow found its way over your meek figure. the pleasant woody fragrance effused from the blazer wrapped around you, and you can hear the defeated grunts and disappointed murmurs echo from the perverted men.
as the minutes fly by, the passengers slowly begin to file out of the bus - eventually leaving you, the stranger with the hoodie, and around five other citizens still mounted on the vehicle. you gingerly pull the boy’s coat off your shoulders, folding it neatly before timidly offering it back to him. “here…thank you.”
you hear a disgruntled snort escape his lips. “just wear it. those aren’t the only debauched idiots roaming around at this hour.”
your cheeks flush in chagrin upon recalling your own attire, hesitantly sliding your arms through the sleeves to sport the clothing properly. “i’m guessing you came from prom too.”
“was a waste of time.” he grumbled with discontent, still gazing outside at the closed establishments and slumbering city. “should have just stayed at home.”
“i get that.” you nod somberly, looking down as your fingers toyed with the loosened hems of your accoutre. “i can’t believe i spent too much cash on this damn dress.”
“…it doesn’t look that unpleasant though.”
“well, it never served a proper purpose.” you muttered, tone laced with spite and regret. “i stayed next to a pillar for the whole night.”
you don’t hear a response - perhaps he was having trouble forming one with the subject of the awkward conversation.
“that’s…a shame. the color sort of…brings out your eyes.”
you turn towards him, espying golden amber irises scrutinizing you, before instinctively shifting away at your abrupt gaze. it’s the first compliment you’ve received in a long and quiet night, but strangely you don’t mind that it came from him. “oh, thanks. that’s really nice of you to say.”
“right, right - just forget about it.” he hastily mumbles, his unkempt green hair failing to shroud the reddened tips of his ears from your amused expression. he was surprisingly shy when it came to confrontation about his shared accolades.
xiao, on the other hand, berates himself for clearly not thinking straight. brings out the color of your eyes, he says - recoiling in disgust at his awkward phrasing of the words. you haven’t said anything in the last few minutes in response to his statement, and he wonders if he’s already managed to scare you off with his own pitiful attempt at a compliment.
though what instantaneously ensues after those thoughts, is the sensation of something heavy and poking against his shoulder. he looks down in curiosity, only to find you simply dozing off next to him - your chest lightly heaving as you breathe, while your eyes were tightly shut in exhaustion.
he’s never been forced into a situation like this, but all he does is smile at the bemused circumstances, cautiously adjusting your head to lean in a more comfortable position. “idiot, how can you trust me so much…” he whispers in a tender manner, absentmindedly pulling your frame closer to his in a kind effort to keep you warm, as you drowsily smile at the gentlemanly gesture. he was certain you both would end up missing your stops because of this, but a joyride together after an uneventful night didn’t seem like the worst idea to xiao.
“…you do look beautiful in that dress.” xiao mutters beneath his breath, the longer he looks at your serene face. “forget about that boring event, and just sleep well…i’ll be here.”
+ love to me, is stumbling around in the dark, trying to find the right words to describe the feeling i get when she smiles while she sleeps.
route five: “ragnvindr” diluc !!
you called a friend to offer you a ride home - and now you were traipsing towards the nearby park where you two had agreed to meet over the phone. the night had grown colder, and your vain endeavors of wrapping the thin jacket tighter around your shivering frame, was of no avail. you let out a trembling sigh, watching in awe as your breath transformed into an opaque puff of smoke.
sure, you could at least admit that this dress was not suited for these kinds of circumstances - you were just particularly unlucky on this monotonous evening. the good thing was that you were soon headed home, and you were finally approaching the dimmed recreational grounds and the nearby central bench…which unfortunately was already occupied by a hunched person.
it’s a bit awkward to approach his arched figure, let alone make the cautious decision to wordlessly seat yourself beside the man. thankfully he doesn’t stiffen nor flinch at your unwanted presence, just continues boring holes with his pensive gaze into the cemented ground.
“uh…rough night?” you gingerly inquire, mustering the courage to look at the stranger next to you. he doesn’t respond to your question, stray red locks of hair obscuring his defined features, and the air gets heavy with a cumbersome tension. worth a shot - you think as you cringe at yourself, eyes hastily combing through the darkened park for a farther bench to sit on, instead of thoroughly embarrassing yourself towards the man.
“sort of.” you finally hear him mutter in a low breath - and you almost heave an audible sigh of relief out loud. “why are women so perplexing anyway?”
“eh…well, in what context are we speaking?” you hesitantly ask, slightly offended by his uncensored way of speaking.
“in the hypothetical context that the woman you ask to prom shows up with another date?”
“…damn, that’s brutal. i’m sorry.” “…i never said it was me. and it’s under hypothetical circumstances.” “nice try, merida - that’s the oldest trick in the book.”
you hear him scoff while mumbling incoherent words in defeat, whereas you smile with triumph at your wild guess. “i’d say you were just unfortunate with her. not all ladies are that vicious anyway.”
“is this the part where you claim that you’re one of those women who didn’t attend prom with a different date?” “no, uh…this is the part where i admit that i didn’t go to prom with one at all.”
red pools of irises ultimately meet yours - and you’re stunned at the visibly bright saturation of his hues. “you…didn’t have a date?”
you grin sheepishly, shrugging your shoulders in a nonchalant manner. “guilty as charged. besides, it’s not as bad as you’d think.”
and you’d never admit that it sort of was terrible - refraining from interacting with others as you tarried shrouded in a corner, only reluctantly stepping away from the darkness once the celebration eventually ended.
again, he doesn’t reply to your answer. instead his eyes scrutinize your exquisite attire, carefully masked behind the flimsy layers of your jacket. “are you…sure about that?”
“oh, definitely. you get to eat all the snacks you want without being judged for someone by it, and you’re not necessarily obliged to dance when the music plays-“
“i mean your date.” he interrupts, an odd expression flashing through his eyes. “why didn’t anyone ask you out to prom?”
“oh.” is all you can say in response, dumbfounded by the unforeseen inquiry. “i, uh…don’t know? i’m not exactly your typical date-material.”
“why not? being in your company for a whole night seems like a rather intriguing notion.” he suddenly remarks, raising an eyebrow at you.
“m-me?” you dumbly point at yourself, before throwing your head back and bursting into a fit of disbelieving laughter at the absurdity of it. you had expected other things, but his answer was just beyond what you had assumed him to say. “now that’s just funny!” you barely manage to comment with a foolish smile, wiping the stray tears from your eyes.
“is it?” he muses in thought. “perhaps i should have asked you to prom instead, then i’d be the judge of that.”
a warm shade of pink mounted across your cheeks. “i-i highly doubt you’d enjoy the idea of that. and besides, i don’t even know your name yet.”
“if i told you, would you then be hypothetically agreeing to attend a theoretical prom with me, in order to make it up to each other for the dull aftermath of the evening?”
your eyebrows furrow at the interesting thought of it, before feeling something lightly grumble in the pit of your stomach. “i suppose….only if the venue’s over at the nearest fast food chain.”
it’s a crazy scheme concocted with a complete stranger, but it’s enough to bring the urge to pull out your phone and briskly type a message to inform your friend to turn around and forget about the favor.
“…diluc. diluc ragnvindr.” he replies, sporting an unusually charming smile at you.
you grin childishly at his satisfactory answer, dusting off your dress before standing up to extend your hand out to him. “well then, diluc ragnvindr - it looks like we have a prom to get to.”
+ it was never the way she looked - always the way she was. i could’ve fallen in love with her with my eyes closed.
route six: “kaedehara” kazuha !!
the decision to walk all the way back home was clearly not one thought out well - you had now stripped yourself of your heels, and were currently treading the rocky sidewalk on bare and aching feet. honestly, you should have just waited for the bus or made the choice to drive yourself to prom - but no, you just had to settle with the worst option of all, in a mindless excuse to ‘get some more exercise’…who the hell cares about that shit at 12 in the morning?
you barely made the halfway mark from the venue to your home, and it already took almost an hour or two just to get to this point. face it - those drinks were the reason why you were messing with your mind, and why you were presently standing in the abandoned streets with your heels gathered on one hand.
what manages to comfort you despite the unfavorable circumstances, is the sight of a familiar man donning a loosened necktie and dress shirt, his suit coat tucked under one arm as he walked across the sidewalk situated on the opposite side of the road - a goofy smile contorted on his face as he raised an eyebrow at you. “need a hand over there?”
his name is kaedehara kazuha - and apparently, he was an idiot who mindlessly found himself in a similar trifle as you. you’ve been treading the streets together ever since you started wandering down the opposite sidewalks, and eventually realizing you were both coincidentally headed the same path.
you smile and shake your head, elevating your foot only to see some cuts on it to your dismay. “’s alright, i should be fine for a little longer.”
“come on, you’ve literally been wincing the whole way now.” he remarks, beginning to head over to your side. “give me those heels, i’ll help you.”
“i should warn you since we’re both technically still strangers,” you hesitantly admit, begrudgingly handing over your shoes to him. “i might be a bit too heavy for you to carry - archons, hey!”
it’s astonishing how he swiftly lifts you up without breathing a word of complaint, smirking attractively upon getting a closer view of your flustered face. “you’re kidding, right? i barely feel you in my arms.”
you scoff at his supposed sarcasm, fighting the blush off your cheeks, as you avert your gaze from him. “whatever - i get it tough guy. can we please just go now?”
and the rest of the journey continued with you settled in between his arms - sharing a friendly conversation and partaking in teasing banters together. he somehow gets prettier the longer you stare at him, perhaps it was the occasional glow that bathed his features beneath the passing lamppost, or the irritatingly handsome smirk that devilishly dances across his lips whenever he successfully manages to tease you.
the hours go by like a mere handful of minutes, and the sky above you gets noticeably brighter than it had been before you began your journey. “hey, i wanna watch the sun rise.” you mumble, softly tugging on his blazer with an innocent smile in hopes of successfully convincing him - and he allows himself to be swayed by your partisan beauty anyway. “sure, hold on. i know a place.”
he brings you over to a grassy and secluded hill behind a couple of houses, and lightly sets you down on the meadow, following suit afterwards. you both stare up at the yellow, red and orange hues painted across sky - persisting in your drowsy exchange with him. and you’re not sure how, but soon you find yourself laying on top of him as he holds you in an affectionate manner, lazily tracing the apples of your cheek dusted with blush, as he stares into the drowning pools of color in your eyes.
your drawn-out conversation had soon reached a point where you both had nothing more to say, than repeated mumbles of how you ‘hated’ each other, with half-amused smiles and your lips slightly brushing against each other. the small breaks in your sentences began to grow longer, as you absentmindedly found yourself lost in his alluring crimson irises - the sudden and forbidden desires pent up in the back of your mind burning at the intoxicating sight of him.
“just do it.” you suddenly breathe in a petulant manner. “what?” you hear him question, somewhat confused at your implied statement.
“just…do it.”
it’s all he says in bewilderment out loud before he smiles in the dawning realization, and finally presses his plush lips against yours - bathed under the gentle sun’s rising glow, through the running fields of weeds and flowers, his hand leisurely tracing the sheer fabric covering the skin of your waist as the other tenderly strokes the locks of your hair - savoring the flavors of your witless mistakes that led to a spellbinding night shared together.
he tastes like the prom night you had envisioned spending in this lavish dress - and it’s beginning to feel like such a shame how you belatedly experienced the fireworks after the party ended. his lips twist into an impish grin when your fingers scramble onto his loosened tie for purchase, and his arms tense to secure your sun-drenched and glowing frame even closer…
knowing this would perhaps be the first and last time either of you would dare to share the trifling kiss, throughout the rest of your fleeting little lives.
+ …and i want you to know that i will be here forever, loving you in dusk.
damn it. i wish prom was boring again.
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kaeyatic · a day ago
—𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐮𝐛𝐮𝐬 𝐡𝐜’𝐬
feat. albedo, zhongli, kaeya
warning: smut, 18+ content, minors dni
disclaimer: monsterfucking (incubus), dacryphilia, unprotected sex, male masturbation
a/n: new banners!!!
Tumblr media
𝐀𝐥𝐛𝐞𝐝𝐨, the incubus who’s known for his gluttony of knowledge, began getting curious with you studying and researching information for work or courses. He’d pose as one of your classmates or work partners, slowly getting close to you to see if you devolve into your desires. He always leaves you wanting more—lips inches away from yours, a hand securely on your thigh. The day you admit you want him, the man is ecstatic. This man will toy with your boy, allowing both pain and pleasure to melt you into a moaning mess. As you whimper, with his dick throbbing inside of you—he knows that it’s all work it.
“Come on sweetheart...can’t you say my name for me? seems as though you can’t form any comprehensible words. Interesting…”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐙𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐢, the incubus who’s known for his once wrathful presence, has pretended to be human for so long. He grew bored of the mundane like as an incubus, even if he was one of the most admired. He grew close to you since you were often at a bar he frequented at. The two of you became acquainted, often charmed by the fact you steered him away from trouble he knew he can manage. What this monster feels for you, is generally love—something he didn’t expect to harness in his life. When taking you, he is so gentle and affectionate, kissing away any tears gliding down your cheeks from the stretch of his girthy length—your bits so sensitive from the attention his forked tongue gave you earlier.
“Shhhh just let your lust consume you. Don’t worry, I’ll take special care of you.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐚𝐞𝐲𝐚 is the incubus known for getting people to fall for him with just his eyes. He sees you as a challenge, a game he plans on winning. The way you seem to ignore all of his advances or take them for friendly gestures, drives him over the edge. Nights are spent, dreaming of you—seeing your ass jingle as he presses his cock into you from behind. He can’t help walking up and seeing the mess of his pajama bottoms, ashamed at how a mere human has him so smitten. Are you sure you aren’t the demon?
“Fuck...more. You feel too nice squeezing my cock like that, ah!”
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childeluv · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A/N; Reader has scar on their back.
Will kiss your scars in bed because they think they are really pretty. And it’s their way of reminding you that they adore your scars. They like to trace them too.
ᥫ᭡ KISSES THEM OUT OF THE BLUE; Kaeya, Childe, Hu Tao + Keqing
Kisses them just to do so. They don’t want to do it for you all the time because they don’t want you to think that they are patronizing you. But they still like to do it and every once in a while will do it to the public eye.
Always compliments the scars that are left on your back and still linger till today. They always like to compliment it before placing a soft kiss that makes your cheeks burn for days.
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sidemariana · 2 days ago
NSFW Alphabet Event ღ
I organized all of my requests from this event here:
Ty all for participating!
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dr3ken · 3 days ago
genshin men + seasons
Tumblr media
zhongli likes winter, but to be specific, the cusp of winter. when it isn't too cold, but the sun shines merrily and warms the very marrow of his bones. he uses winter as an excuse to indulge in his dressing more than usual - he folds his shirts every morning, smoothens his heavy blazer and enjoys the way your hands flit with his tie. he likes spending his time sitting on the veranda, soaking up the sun and having his tea, because there is something so warm about the verge of winter that he can't help but to take your hands in his, trace circles on the back of them, and to truly feel as if he is whole.
diluc likes spring. he likes the promise of blossoms and the bursts of colour when he looks out of his window to the vast expanse of the winery, but most of all, he likes the way you walk with a spring in your step, a flower tucked in your hair, and the way the life around him accentuates the gentle lilt in your voice when you laugh and everything around you that seems so much more vivid. yes, diluc likes spring because with the season comes the promise of life coming to full blossom - and he thinks that is rather beautiful.
kaeya likes winter, true to popular opinion. he likes the crunch of snow underfoot, the crackling of fires and the bite of the wind underneath his faux furs. he used to be scared of the quiet melancholy that winter brings, and the bitter memories, too, but now that he has you to return home to - along with a warm bed and fine wine, he knows that it is more of a comfortable quiet now. he likes seeing the glow of lights inside the houses of mondstadt (perhaps it reminds him of his hometown) as snowflakes fall, the ring of the church bell, your arms looped in his and the short puffs of breath that you huff out when he throws a snowball at you. to him, what was once the saddest season of all holds promise of a future in which he is comfortable, and dare he say, happy once and for all.
childe likes monsoon, though winter is a close contender. winter reminds him of snezhnaya, his family, and teucer, and unlike kaeya those are things he would rather not fully confront - yet. for now, he is at home in the sounds and scents of red earth and pouring rain. he enjoys splashing around in puddles and picking wildflowers after a storm for you - you put them in a glass vase at the dining table. purple one day, yellow the next, and day after, who knows? he likes the unpredictability of the weather and the fickle hide and seek that the sun and the clouds play. it ignites impulse in him (moreso than usual), and an unbidden form of hope, that seeps through the cracks of his being, mending him wherever it can, till he is radiating. it's nice to see him like that, you think.
albedo likes summer. he does not say it (as he does with most things he enjoys a lot), but there is something about the heat that perhaps sends his brain into a little short-circuit, because he relaxes. the days are slow, spent at cafes or in your company, reading books that he doesn't quite pay attention to that much out loud in your lap, with the sounds of music filtering in from the church. the evenings are humid, but he sees the fireflies flit in and out of the window to your room, and the moon shine with a renewed glow after the sweltering days, and albedo tells you he loves you under the stars, because you aren't just something he enjoys a lot, but someone.
thoma likes autumn. it gives him a chance to review just how well the year has been passing. the yellow-gold leaves seem like symbols of fine ageing and longevity - something he earnestly desires with you. the season ignites something rather calm in him, something sparkling and hopeful. something like returning to mondstadt and passing the rest of his days with you and growing old with each year's falling of red-and-orange leaves, seeing his children run around in the courtyard and kissing the wrinkles around your eyes when you laugh. he likes autumn because it makes him feel alive and alive in the best way possible.
Tumblr media
© dr3ken mmxxi do not modify or repost reblogs are appreciated! masterlist
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Uno reverse card time. If you want to read part one click on the link I highly recommend it since in most cases I reference what happened before.
Also multiple endings are here again cuz I thought that different people respond differently so I hope that the 2 choices are good enough ✨
Zhongli, Childe, Kaeya, Diluc and Xiao doing the "Kabedon" with their S/O
He kept thinking about what you did recently. He wanted you to do it again.
But even Zhongli doesn't know the answer to anything and this time it was to a question: how is it called and how does he ask about it?
So when you were out together he said "Do you remember the thing you once did by any chance? I'd like you to do it again" he then realized that he had no clue what he himself just said "Nevermind the question, allow me to demonstrate"
The pillar appeared right behind you and that's when he did the Kabedon.
(If you got flustered) He smiled upon seeing you like this. Having you here was surely a memory he wouldn't forget. But you did stay like this for a while.
What happened next was far more memorable... Remember his pillar? It disappeared and he supported himself almost fully on it.
So you know what was next: he fell on top of you and it made you even more flustered.
(If you didn't get flustered) He had hoped to get some reaction but either way you knew what he meant so for future reference you could do that again.
So for him it was a successful outcome. And surely he wouldn't mind having a closer look at you like that, he didn't intend to make you swoon anyways.
It was time for his revenge. He still couldn't believe you got him like this...
But what would be more satisfying than defeating you with your own weapon?
He surely can do this better... Thus he desperately seeked an opportunity.
Your dates recently were in closed spaces all for one reason. To get you against that wall.
And he made it. Dumb luck made the scenery even more perfect. Just the right amount of light, his features highlighted in the best way...
(If you were flustered) "Yes!" he thought to himself- since he obviously wouldn't ruin the moment he waited for by letting this excitement take over.
He decided to use his free hand to get you to face him "I get it that I won?" he jokingly said- flirting wasn't really a competition after all "I'll claim my prize now, if you don't mind" and then he kissed you.
(If you didn't get flustered) "Dammit" he said under his breath as he freed you.
The blank stare was quite interesting to say the least. How was it that when you did it he couldn't calm himself down while it didn't work on you at all.
"Well... You won this one Y/N" he said slightly disappointed. He just loves to make you swoon but hey that just means it'll be more of a challenge and as you know he loves them but not as much as he loves you.
He did it in the past at least once without really paying attention. This time it he did it again.
Only the difference is that this time he realized it and decided to continue on and be a bit extra.
And when his smile gets all smug you know there is no escaping him. However his intentions were more sweet.
He used his free hand to hold yours. His grip changed and he took your hand to kiss it "You're my everything, you know that?".
(If you got flustered) He was happy to have you like this. He let go of your hand and his was placed on your cheek.
His hands were cold, your cheeks were not. But it felt nice, and you knew he was going to say something...
You were prepared for some tease, but as it turns out he didn't say a thing about it... But his smile said enough.
(If you didn't get flustered) He knew it wouldn't be that easy. But it doesn't make anything he said any less true.
Of course he's a bit disappointed, guy pours his heart out and doesn't even get a good reaction from you...
But seeing you smile sometimes is enough, he can't be too greedy.
He was exhausted, really exhausted. When he saw you he approached you right away.
You're just like a battery, whenever he doesn't have the energy to do something he talks to you and boom he suddenly feels alive again.
He placed his hand against the wall and his head was on your shoulder. Oh wait...
(If you got flustered) He quickly realized what he just did. However he decided to be a little selfish today "Sorry Y/N... I just had a long day. Can we stay like this for a short while?"
He tried not to fall asleep on the spot. It wasn't hard but it was a bit tempting...
(If you didn't get flustered) Hugging him you asked if he wanted you to walk him back home. He said yes. So that's what you did.
On your way through you mentioned the Kabedon and as it turns out- he didn't even realize that he did it.
But he had no time to think about it he just wanted to rest, he didn't wanted you to leave either so what would you say if he asked you to stay?
It was on his mind for a long time... Maybe becouse of the kiss? Or the fact that you set him in such situation?
He wanted to do it... Wait what?
He himself couldn't think of a reason why would he care to do that. Perhaps having you so close and focusing on you was that tempting?
It's hard to admit but he often feels like he doesn't give you nearly enough attention... So such gesture should be welcome right?
(If you got flustered) OK he didn't expect that... But it's not like he doesn't like it.
He was supposed to make you flustered, he succeeded, and now he's flustered too.
It was a bit awkward, but it was the wholesome kind of awkward where neither of you know what to say because you just can't admire your partner enough and the words just won't come out.
(If you didn't get flustered) He didn't know what he was expecting but he wasn't sure if he was doing it right to begin with...
But he realized he might have messed up because he was looking at you a bit too intensely... He wanted to say something but he was just not entirely sure what.
However later on he just accepted that he needed to make a move on you more often... You know... So he could get used to it.
~Mod Lisa
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ohmykazuha · a day ago
the little things they do
Tumblr media
order: HOJICHA (ほうじ茶)
from the customer: zhongli / kaeya / xiao x gn!reader
warning: fluff, none
a/n: hope you liked this!!! like / rb if you liked this, lets try to get it past 100!
Tumblr media
- he makes you tea at night
- he brings you the tea as you finish your work, as you're feeling tired and you just want to rest.
- he stays outside with you as you do your work as well :")
- zhongli cuddles you as the both of you lie on the couch together as well >:D he's (unsurprisingly) a cuddly person, expect it 24/7
- cuddles when you fall asleep
- cuddles as you cook breakfast
- cuddles as you do your work
- cuddles as you cook dinner
- cuddles before you fall asleep/as you all asleep
- also watching your favourite shows at night and regretting the "one more episode" syndrome the next morning XD
- kaeya is a wonderful cook!
- he makes you breakfast ~~
- dancing around the kitchen with kaeya at 9am in the morning while he cooks bacon and eggs (or a salad, if you're a vegetarian/vegan)
- kaeya loves music. he introduces you to all these little funky playlists and you get to hear bluegrass, indie, bedroom pop, etc
- eventually, you get used to his favourite songs and it ends up being in your repeated playlist as well!
- screaming the lyrics in the car while you drive down the highway? more likely than you think. <3
- i like the idea of him dancing with you at night, while jazz goes. yknow, he in his white pirate looking shirt as he twirls you around TuT
- aghjakskhsajd xiao <33
- xiao loves to read with you
- its calming, he doesn't have to talk, etc etc. he can just sit there with you in peaceful, comfortable silence!
- perhaps the two of you read the same books at the same time and then discuss the good parts and bad parts and the why-did-they-kill-off-the-main-character-this-is-unfair parts XD
- i think xiao would be an avid reader, tbh. i mean.. it fits! escapism!
- he loves to just. discuss
- also cuddles in the little reading nook. we can't forget that!!
- and he likes to play instruments as well. a guitar maybe? singing sessions <3333
- yeah agkhufhsj its very cute!!! jack of all trades, master of almost-one perhaps.
Tumblr media
hope yall liked this!!! likes/rbs are highly appreciated :"D
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duckil · a day ago
Zhongli x !fem reader [18+ CONTENT, MINORS DNI!]
Summary; You did something for Zhongli, now it time for him to repay you.
Warning; pet names, slight overstim, praising kink, slight agnst, slight dumbfucking, stomach bulge
Oh how perfect you were, beautiful eyes shining hair done well, and a nice black dress you wore. Though the only reason your eyes were shining were from your weeping at your mother's funeral. Oh how she had to go at the time you needed the most comfort while still being partially independent.
That's what Zhongli saw while renouncing the dead, he know that he shouldn't have thought this way though all he could focus on was you. On your end, you were filled with dread. It was sad how you knew that your dead mother is a casket will get cremated right after the 2 hours of display. It was sickening but it had to come this way.
After the funeral, you stepped out of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor to get a breath and take out the tissues filled with your snot and tears to dispose. That's when you saw the man with a elegant look who attended the funeral.
"Oh, ahem. My bad, I shouldn't have through my tissues here." You said, you began to grab them and find somewhere else to dispose them. "Oh, it's not that. I just came here to take a break right after my shift. I needed fresh air to clear my system up." He said in response.
"I think I'm going to stop by the new restaurant opened by here, I heard they're food was quite good. Care to tag along?" He says. "Ahah, sounds good. Let me just dispose these tissues." You say.
You arrive at the area siting down at a small table, taking a seat holding a menu. "Hmm.. I really want to try the Jueyen Chili Chicken that they serve here. It looks delicious on the menu." You say. In a few minuets of discussion that including introducing eachother, the waiter shows up and you order your food and you pay the tab with the low cash your on.
"My apologies for making you pay, Y/N. I thought I would have my wallet on hand, though I left it at work." Zhongli says. "Oh, no worries. It was only a small pay of mora you say, shaking off the 4,000 mora which was all your spending money. "Let me allow to repay you." Zhongli says.
"Hah, ah-!" You moan out. Your black dress on the floor while Zhongli's cock entering you. "It's to big!" You protest, it was spitting you wide open making you feel so full, even going as far to bulge out your tummy. "That's my girl, you can take it.." he coo's into your ears. It my you feel so sore and it stinged, it teared you up making you look so cute in Zhonglis eyes. That making his cock throb. He then slammed his other half right into you making you cry harder and whimper. He allowed you to adjust adjust awhile, though he began to thrust.
The male thrusted balls deep into you in the position of a mating press, going at a fast pace which made you hiccup and moan while tears were streaming. "OH- oh!~ hic!" "That's it, look at you so wet for me darling." He said while thrusting leaving little grunts admiring the marks he planted on you. He felt your walls clench around him assuming that you loved the pet name, squeezing a soft moan from him.
When his balls slapped on your clit, you jolted and let out whimpers. "Oh look at you being messed up by my cock. Oh how adorable you look darling, taking my dick into your tight cunt." Zhongli said in a sultry tone. Your legs where shaking feeling so sore, soon you felt a built up in your stomach and clenched around Zhongli's dick.
A grunts left Zhongli's lips as he thrusted even harder holding your body against him feeling the budge in your stomach. While on your end, moans, crys, and hiccups left your lips as you were to dumb to respond.
Soon you felt utterly close towards your release, you moaned loudly and finally you came of Zhongli's cock with a loud scream. You collapsed on the bed but Zhongli was still fucking your limp body reaching his own release making you wail out even more.
After a few minuets, Zhongli came undone with a moan. Spurts if cum came out filling you full with his seed. He fell collapsed right next to you hugging you you from the back admiring the red and purple hickeys painted on your back once again. "Did you like your repayment?" Zhongli questions.
(Author: I have no idea what I just wrote, I hope you guys enjoy it.)
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ddarker-dreams · 8 hours ago
Yan Genshin Boys / What Makes Them Unique.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Yandere themes, unhealthy relationships, manipulation, kidnapping and isolation. Note: i’ve been thinking about what things these characters might do that’d set them apart from other yanderes to further Differentiate how i write them, and this came about. i’m always looking to further improve my depiction of various yans, so this was a fun challenge. 
Childe wants to be more involved in your affairs than you’d prefer. He isn’t content to simply scoop you up from your life and plop you into a home back in Snezhnaya, no, he wants everything you have to offer. The ultimate scourge on your existence. He’s going to make your friends his friends, insert himself into your workplace, and even start showing up at family events. He’ll end up on a first-name basis with your parents within weeks. To make matters worse, you can’t sense any outright malicious intent; he’s simply a family guy who is doing what he knows. You’ll doubt yourself and wonder if you’re overreacting when you see him giving your smiling cousins a piggyback ride, or picking up the expensive tab for a night out between friends. It’s maddening to not know what his true intentions are. There’s nothing like hearing your parents sing high praises about Childe, even teasing you with the fact that he so obviously likes you, joking about how they’ll need to get the family’s heirloom ring out from the attic soon. Everywhere you go, he follows, whether physically or not. 
Diluc is wracked by more guilt than most yanderes would be. He condemns the Knights for their dubious behavior, yet can’t help but find himself to be a hypocrite. He’s conflicted — not that you’re able to easily tell with that near-constant poker face — over depriving you of an unconfined life. There’s just so much darkness in the world. Unexpected disasters, deadly coincidences, malevolent forces ready to strike at your heel when you least expect it. Diluc’s already experienced his world being thrown upside down. He doesn’t want you to go through the same. Even if that means robbing you of future happiness too, then that’s a burden he’s willing to bear. There are times he returns home to the winery, wanting nothing more than to see you, only to choose against it. He’s lucid enough to know the mere sight of him disgusts you. That’s why he chooses to wait until you’re asleep, watching over your sleeping form with a wistful expression. You look... so at peace, so ethereal. He’s still a knight at heart — and a knight stops at nothing to protect his true love from evil. 
Kaeya wouldn’t immediately seek to whisk you away from a romantic relationship if you were in one. Most yanderes would act on an impulse, driven by revulsion at the thought of you with anyone other than them. Kaeya’s approach is different. He wants to study the two of you, observing from afar, taking mental notes of what works with you and what doesn’t. He’s confident enough in his people skills to outshine your current partner in every regard. By the time he gets around to you, he’s equipped to sweep you off your feet; or at least dazzle you enough to worm his way into your life. The second phase of his plan would be subtly discrediting your current interest. He begins small, planting seeds of doubt into your mind, allowing them to take root and sprout like weeds. Kaeya’s familiar enough with you at this point to be successful in this endeavor. Your strengths, weaknesses, insecurities — everything works in tandem to break down your trust in the other party. He wants you to come to him of your own accord and sets himself up to be the better choice in every regard. 
Zhongli comes to you seeking honest counsel, strangely enough. The Lord of Geo may be one of the most archaic known beings in current times, but that doesn’t stop him from actively pursuing knowledge; he’s never content as is. Zhongli finds you to be useful in this regard. You’re able to offer him various perspectives that he never would’ve considered before. He overlooks any hostility in your tone and focuses on the gist of what you’re saying, asking further questions to clarify anything he might not understand. This further adds to your confusion. If you’re so capable that an Archon seeks your opinion, why is it that he doesn’t think you can take care of yourself with his interference? It’s a juxtaposition that he never has an answer for. Pointing this out to him makes you realize that, for all his fancy words and courtesy, there’s a more primal instinct that he tries to hide. Which is that he simply wants to keep you to himself. Any excuse he offers is just that, an excuse, flimsy at best and insulting at worst. 
Albedo humors you in more ways than one. Whether you’re being serious or condescending in your questions regarding alchemy, or any of the sciences, he’ll provide the best answers he can. Takes the phrase “there’s no such thing as a dumb question” to heart. He’ll do visual demonstrations for you too, if he thinks it might aid in helping you understand, treating the question you posed on a whim as if it were a vital assignment from his creator. In a peculiar way, you stretch the extent of his abilities, since the limit is your imagination. Should you ask to see a frog that can fly, he’ll ask what colors the wings should be. Or if you say you want a slime companion who can change shapes, he’ll spend the next week figuring out how to do just that, training the freshly created slime himself with a monotone voice. He tells himself that he simply wants to continue his quest for knowledge. While that isn’t a lie per se, there’s more to it than that; he just wants to impress you in any compacity. You pay more attention to him when he’s indulging your whims, so that’s exactly what he’s going to do. 
Hangs around you more than any other yandere. Aside from his expeditions to vanquish fallen gods and their lingering resentment, Xiao doesn’t... have much to do. That’s not to say his task is an easy one, rather; he’s able to complete the battles within hours and then returns to where he’s keeping you. Xiao doesn’t have much (if any) social interaction aside from you, nor does he have any other obligations like a job. So he’s hanging around. A lot more than you wish he would. He doesn’t give you much to do, either, so you’re forced to interact with him to get some brain stimulation. This wasn’t intentional on his behalf at first, he just genuinely didn’t know what to give you other than the essentials. He smartened up to the fact that a bored you means a more reciprocal you. Once those dots are connected, your scarce collection of books and the like grows thinner. Unfortunately, he leaves you to carry most of the conversation. You might think he’s uninterested from how he responds in hums or a single word, but that isn’t the case. He’s just internally flustered at having received your attention in any compacity. 
This bastard honestly expects you to work. He gives you an “adjustment period” following your one-sided marriage (which he’s quick to point out should you be difficult), but the honeymoon phase doesn’t last for long. Scaramouche will tell you to make good use of your brain rather than sitting around and twiddling your thumbs all day. It starts small — he’ll have you sending correspondence on his behalf, the humdrum parts of living a life as a notable figure that he doesn’t care for. Congratulating a noble family on their newborn child’s birth things like that. Once you’ve proven yourself to be more competent, he’ll even have you entertaining guests. Never men, naturally; the thought of them staring at you with hungry eyes makes him disgusted. If someone like Signora were to visit, you’d keep her occupied with small talk and tea until Scaramouche was available. He takes great pride in teaching you the necessary skills to be his spouse (or at least by his warped definition). 
Kazuha has you by his side for his many travels. There are many nights where instead of a roof over your head, there are stars, and you’re lulled into an uneasy sleep by humming crickets and the calls of owls. You wish you could enjoy the sights more — and perhaps you could’ve, had it not been for Kazuha who never lets his eyes off of you. He’ll explain the various facets of nature, from the lifespan of a flower whose name you already forgot to point out a nearby fawn taking their first steps. Kazuha’s in tune enough with his surroundings to show you beauty that you never would’ve noticed on your own. In truth, you find yourself zoning out to the sound of his voice, pretending that you were enjoying the serenity on your lonesome. The head in the clouds experience doesn’t last for long, as he always drags you back down to reality. No amount of gentleness in his voice could make the experience any less abrupt and unwelcome. 
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bumbleklee · a day ago
trying to induce labor
masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | pregnancy series
pairings: diluc, kaeya, childe and zhongli x female!reader (separate)
warnings: pregnancy (so close to baby)
Tumblr media
As the days drew closer, you were getting more and more anxious to get the twins out of you. Not only was your belly huge with both babies, it was causing you a lot of pain. Fed up from another sleepless night of twisting and turning, you put your sneakers on first thing in the morning and waddled to the front door.
“Where are you off to?” Diluc asked, raising his eyes from the paperwork he was completing at the dining room table.
“Your children have overstayed their welcome.” You grabbed a jacket and slipped it over your arms, letting the front hang open since you were too big to zipper it. “I’m going to do laps around The Winery.”
Diluc was by your side now, “Is that safe?”
“Walking in the most effective way to induce labor,” You told him, “But if you’re worried, you can join me.”
Your husband slipped his own sneakers on instantly.
Diluc held your hand as you walked the property line of The Winery. Your feet began aching right away but you pushed through, needing to at least try this method of inducing labor. The thought about meeting your babies finally gave you a rush of adrenaline and you walked for thirty minutes before your body began showing restraint.
When you stopped to lean against a nearby tree, Diluc was in front of you with a concerned look on your face. You rubbed your belly and tried to catch your breath, feeling sweat drip down your forehead.
“Is it happening?” He asked, a hint of excitement rubbing off on his tone.
You shook your head, “I just need a break.”
Diluc held back the frown trying to creep on his face. Like you, he just wanted to meet the twins as well. “Can you make it back to the house?”
You glanced up to look at the house. It wasn’t too far, just past the vineyard, but your throbbing back was a good enough reminder for you to take it easy. “I’m afraid I’m going to fall,” You admitted sheepishly, “Maybe we should just stay here for a while.”
“Nonsense,” Diluc said. Before you could recognize what was going on, Diluc had lifted you off your feet and was carrying you bridal style. Upon seeing your bewildered expression at lifting both you and your babies, Diluc continued. “I’ve been working out for a reason.”
Kaeya couldn’t cook. He tried, he really did, but time after time dinner ended with take out. So when you suggested trying spicy foods to help induce labor, Kaeya knew this would be a job for someone else.
You watched intently as Noelle leaned over the stove in your kitchen. The smell of spices and flavorful armonas filled your house and your stomach rumbled everytime a waft came near you. Her eyes glanced between the open cookbook beside her and the boiling pot of something on a burner.
“Sit, sit,” Noelle instructed poliety, “Dinner’s almost ready.” You made Kaeya set the table as you and your husband sat down. Noelle finished up in the kitchen before she brought over a serving bowl and placed it in the middle of the table.
“What is it?” Kaeya asked. He peered over the bowl and, like yours, his stomach growled in anticipation. “It smells great.”
“It's a spicy stew but I added some extra Jieyun Chili peppers. Barbara gave me the recipe.” Noelle smiled sweetly and poured some of the stew in Kaeya and yours’ bowls before serving herself. When Kaeya opted out in cooking your spicy dish, he immediately ran to Noelle who had no problem serving you dinner.
Kaeya thanked Noelle before digging into his meal. You hesitantly watched Kaeya, knowing how he couldn’t handle spicy food, and almost burst out laughing when he almost spit the stew back into his bowl.
His tongue hung out of his mouth, “I think that could kill someone.”
Noelle giggled at his comment and tasted the stew herself, beaming at the taste. Unlike your husband, she didn’t seem to have an issue with the heat level. Kaeya shook his head at you in disbelief.
“Now I’m nervous,” You said, half jokingly and half serious. You poked your fork into a piece of beef and placed the food in your mouth. Instantly, your mouth lit up in a fire. You held back a cough as you chewed the food. Kaeya stared at you in disbelief, watching your eyes water from the spices.
Kaeya rubbed your bicep as you grabbed another forkful of the stew. “If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will,” You said, “There’s no way I’m going to have taste buds after this.”
When Childe comes home one day, he doesn’t see you resting on the couch like usual. He follows the light down the hall and finds you in the middle of the floor in the bedroom, your body stretched in a weird position.
One of your arms was standing high in the air and the other was low to the ground, causing the top half of your body to be vertical. You were taking mediated breaths and counting slowly before you switched sides.
“What are you doing?”
Without opening your eyes, you responded to your boyfriend. “I’m doing yoga,” You said flatly, “It’s time for Nikolai to come out.”
“Oh,” Childe takes a seat on the edge of the bed. “Is he?”
“He won’t move an inch.”
Childe smiles to himself. Any day now your son would be arriving and he could feel the excitement radiating off your body. He was three days overdue, preferring to stay in the comfort of your womb, but you were ready for him.
“I’m surprised,” Childe continues, “I thought you wanted to wait for him to come on his own.”
You stood up straight and opened your eyes slowly, placing your hands on your back to try and crane out any kinks with your knuckles. “I was,” You started, “But I changed my mind. I want to hold him so badly.”
Your boyfriend smiles again, this time at you. He agrees with you but decides not to say anything, knowing inducing labor was your decision and your decision only. Childe stands up and comes near you, “Let me help.”
With the help of your boyfriend, you get on the ground and prop a knee up. Childe holds your hips as you shakily lift the other leg into the air and extend it straight. He reminds you he has a solid hold on you so you lift your opposite arm, replicating the action.
“This is hard,” You complain, wanting to put your leg down already.
“You got this,” Childe grins, “Do it for Nikolai.”
“Archons, it’s cold out.”
Zhongli’s eyes watched you intently as you stood at the edge of the dock at Liyue Harbor. You were bundled in several layers and your hands rested on your large baby bump. There were even some premature snowflakes floating down from the sky and resting on your nose.
You never thought you would be someone to induce labor but when a week had passed past your due date, you knew you should at least try. You tried the common methods first (eating spicy foods, walking, doing yoga, etc.) and when none of them worked, you and Zhongli decided to look up some old wivestales in books. The easiest one to try was extreme cold, since it was already January.
“Can you feel anything?” Your husband asked, readjusting the hat over your ears for the tenth time that hour.
You shook your head, “Not really.”
Zhongli caught a snowflake on his finger and rubbed it off on your cheek. You giggled and leaned into his warm side. When you spoke, your breath turned into visible puffs of air. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were the Cryo Archon.”
“Oh, hush,” You playfully said, rolling your eyes. “Do you want to meet Jia or not?”
He reached forward to take one of your hands in his. He squeezed your fingers, instantly warming them up, “Of course I do. I just don’t want us to freeze before we can.”
a/n: sorry zhongli got the short end of the stick again </3
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cryoaquila · a day ago
Tumblr media
prompt; these drabbles are the make-up / end to this prompt which involves a needy reader who misses their s/o and goes to show them affection, but the timing wasn’t good and their s/o says some words that they instantly regret.
pairings (separately!); zhongli/gn!reader, diluc/gn!reader, kaeya/gn!reader, tartaglia/gn!reader.
themes; in the genshin universe, established relationship(s), drabbles, light angst, comfort.
wc; 3k
a/n; i highly suggest reading the first part so you can fully understand the drabbles below!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you had found him.
after weeks of relentless searching, you had found him. 
after plenty of sealed lips, dead ends, and favors traded for favors, you had finally found him.
your leads had led you here, to nantianmen, beneath a large, peculiar tree that zhongli used to speak of plenty. your search was long and had you talk to many different people from a funeral director to an old woman who was more than she seemed and even to a secret living in a faraway inn. you dug through the clues and helped people and adepti along the way. and there was the end of your journey, sitting on the tree’s roots, legs crossed, a small stone floating from one of his hands to the other. while his appearance had changed somewhat, his face and hair and beautiful amber eyes were still the same. his attire was different than what he normally wore - you had never seen him in a white robe with a hood before. furthermore, his body had changed a little, his obsidian-like arms and amber-like hands with lightly colored glowing veins instantly caught your eyes. you stood and watched him in both awe and uncertainty. you felt weak in the knees and your throat tightened to the point you thought you wouldn’t be able to say a word.
“i’ve been waiting for you.” he was the first to break the silence.
you licked your lips and cleared your throat, trying to find the right words to say after such a long time apart. you hadn’t done all that work just to gawk at him in silence, after all. “and here i am. i told you, i wouldn’t stop until i found the real you.”
he stood, the stone disappearing with a wave of his hand before gesturing to himself, “then you know who i am?”
your eyebrows furrowed, “yes, i do. i broke our contract eh, rex lapis?” you chuckled nervously, shaking your head at the situation you were in, “i broke a contract with the archon of contracts. and then i didn’t even try to adhere to the punishment bestowed upon me.”
he, too, found irony in the situation and chuckled warmly, “indeed, you did.”
you took a step toward him, “but you also didn’t adhere to the punishment, either, did you? you wanted to be found...” he eyed you, watching you carefully as you continued to walk toward him, explaining your accusation along the way, “remember? you told me the night you left that being apart was a punishment for you, too, and you knew the only way for it to end would be if i found you. you helped me, along the way, without ever seeing or interacting with me, per the punishment. some books in places they weren’t supposed to be with certain paragraphs circled, a blanket wrapped over my shoulders on cold nights i spent reading at my desk and i know you asked your... friends, i guess, to tell me some otherwise confidential information; all of these things were your doing, even if you only pulled the strings from the shadows. if you truly didn’t want me to find you, then i wouldn’t have found you.” you were now directly in front of him, looking into his amber eyes with a sly smirk knowing you were right.
he pondered what you said, for a moment, before asking something benign, “and who wasn’t as tight-lipped as you thought they’d be.”
you placed a hand on your hip, humoring him as he clearly didn’t wish to confess all that he did to help you, “an adepti just required almond tofu and the promise to leave him alone and he’d tell me where to find you.”
this brought a small grin to his face, “well, i believe he still would have divulged some information if you gave him those two things. but, finding that adepti was quite a search, wasn’t it?”
“true,” you said, nodding in agreement, “finding and getting to him was a lot of work - but i recognized his name from one of your documents, so when i heard of it again i knew it was well worth the trouble. but why not tell me you’re rex lapis after we’ve been together for a while? were you... afraid that i’d end our relationship?”
he finally dropped his stoic expression upon hearing your question. you noticed his lip quiver before he crossed his arms in front of him, looking down at their glow. “i’m not ashamed to admit that i was indeed afraid of what might have come of us once you knew. there are a plethora of reasons why i was afraid, especially since much of my past actions are recorded in tales and history alike.”
you reached a hand up to caress his cheek gently, “it’s alright, i don’t care about the past - what matters is the present... and our future.”
he smiled, softly pressing his cheek against your hand, happy to feel your touch against his skin once again, “i do tend to live in the past more so than most.” he took your hand, bringing it down from his face so he could hold it, “well, now that the punishment has ended, i believe we can discuss a new contract if you’re willing.”
“what are the agreements in this one?” you inquire before pouting, “because last time i barely knew we were in a contract.”
he looked amused at your little pout, “we will become a coupler once more and there will be no more secrets between us… but i must ask that you do keep my true identity a secret to others. is that to your liking?”
you clicked your tongue, pretending to think it over just to give him a hard time before smiling wide, “it sounds wonderful! can we sign the contract with a hug?”
he held his arms out wide, “but of course, my love.” with that confirmation, you embraced him, and a new contract was signed between the two of you.
Tumblr media
the rising sun called him back home, his duties of protecting mondstadt over until the next night came. he didn’t waste any time heading back because soon the streets would be bustling with people and he didn’t want any more silly rumors about some ‘darknight hero’ persona spread around town. usually being back inside the house where it was only you and him was a comfort, but the altercation you two had earlier was still fresh on his mind. he wasn’t the best with conversations let alone explanations, and he was quite anxious about upsetting you further than he already had by trying to apologize and, somehow, saying something that would only upset you further. but he was determined to try and make things right with you this morning instead of finding an excuse for his actions.
he closed the front door behind him, noting how the lights inside were still off, and, with that, decided that you must still be asleep. once inside, he noticed how heavy his eyelids felt and the thought of curling up beside you in bed only made them heavier. he took his gloves, shoes, and mask off in a hurry, wanting to go sleep beside you and get a few hours of sleep before having to leave to check on the vineyard. he slipped his coat off, hanging it up in the entryway before stretching out his shoulders, frowning at how tight his muscles were. he took a few moments to stretch and enjoy the feeling of being out of his attire before, quietly, he started to climb the stairs to the second floor; however, he stopped, mid-step, upon hearing something in the living room.
“diluc?” you stirred awake, peeping your head over the couch’s back to see his figure on the staircase. your voice was just a whisper and your heavy eyelids were already starting to close, wanting you to go back to sleep.
he turned to head back down the stairs and walked over to the couch where you were curled up. “did you sleep here?” he asked with concern in his voice and you gave him a little nod. “why?”
“i wanted to greet you when you came home,” you said with a yawn. “i didn’t like how we ended things last night so…” your voice trailed off as you slipped back into sleep, too tired to fully explain yourself. 
you didn’t see it, but a small smile graced his lips at your adorable response. “here, let’s get you off this couch and to bed. we can make up there.” you gave him a small nod before he gently picked you up into his arms and carried you up the stairs to the bedroom. he carefully laid you down before getting beside you and pulled the warm blanket over both of you. you grinned upon feeling the soft mattress under your back, the warm blanket, and your lover beside you. you roll to your side, snuggling up next to him.
“are you going to the vineyard soon?” you muttered against his chest.
he ran a few fingers through your hair, “... no, not today. they will be fine without me. let’s just stay in bed together for as long as we want.”
Tumblr media
the front door creaked open, letting the setting sun in for a second. you were sitting on the couch, cradling your legs in a hunched-over position. usually, the door opening brought you happiness for it met kaeya was home, but this evening your feelings were mixed. you had spent the day trying to make sense of what had happened earlier at his work, but between the constant overthinking, occasional crying, and bouts of anxiety, you couldn’t understand why he had snapped at you. and now you couldn’t even bring yourself to smile at his appearance. you heard him awkwardly shuffle his feet and clear his throat before he walked over to you. he stopped directly in front of you and held something out for you to take. you glanced over your knees to see what it was. 
“a book?” you questioned, lifting your head up further to read the title, “the history of khaenri’ah?” you looked at him, cocking an eyebrow, “what is this?”
“it’s a good read and there’s a lot of information inside about the city’s history.” as he explained you took the book from his hands and began flipping through the pages. “and if there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask me... you know, since i’ve been researching it lately,” he added before sitting down beside you. he looked at you, waiting for a reaction, a nervous little grin on his face.
you were silent for a moment, looking at the lines of text accompanied by a few drawings of structures long past. “i still don’t understand.” you finally muttered, closing the book.
“it’s an apology present,” he explained.
you looked him in the eyes, shaking your head slightly, “i know what it is. what i don’t understand is why you’re interested in it and why you were so defensive about it.”
he looked crestfallen upon hearing your remark, the grin wiped completely from his lips, “more people should be interested in it…” he mumbled. silence fell over the two of you as you continued to stare at him, waiting for a reply that explained his actions. you noticed his eyes began to look distant as if he was now looking past you, but he averted his gaze to stare at the floor before giving you a response, “i think we could learn a lot from khaenri’ah, you know, strategies, ways of life, buildings, and such. i was only defensive because i’ve dealt with a lot of people not agreeing with my ideas to learn from and follow them and…” he stumbled over his words and let out a deep, frustrated sigh. he ran a hand through his hair before looking back at you, eyes now glossy with signs of sorrow, “i’m sorry. i shouldn’t have lashed out at you as i did. i know you would try and see my side of things without mockery or… i’m just sorry.”
you gave him a small smile before leaning your head against his shoulder in a sign of forgiveness. he brought an arm around you and gently squeezed you before kissing the top of your head. you looked at the book, tracing the cover with your fingers before a question came to mind, “the city and its people are gone, right? should we really learn from them if they couldn’t keep their civilization alive?”
“... we’ll all be gone, one day, sometimes it happens fast or happens slow and sometimes it’s completely out of our control. but matter not, even when i’m gone, i’ll still be with you and i promise you’ll be ok. i’ll watch over you, protect you, and continue to make things right anyway that i can.” his smooth voice cracked as he spoke and you realized your question was on the darker side and that clearly had upset him so, to cheer him up, you lifted your head just enough to give him a small peck on the cheek. he smiled, rubbing your shoulder as you rested your head on his shoulder again, opening the book to read the first few pages while curled up together.
Tumblr media
you glared at your orange victim below as your grip on the cutting knife tightened. the front door opening and closing softly only caused you to stab once again - the poor carrot completely pulverized on the cutting board by now since you decided to take all your anger out on it; and yet, you still had plenty more to dish out to a certain someone who had decided to came home early.
“nice to see you back so early,” you muttered, your glare turning to tartaglia, who looked everywhere but at you.
“well, someone else is going to finish the job-”
“oh, because i ruined it for you by wanting to see you!?” you snapped, sticking the knife straight down into the cutting board and carrot bits. that caught his attention, and he looked at you with wide eyes, like a deer caught in headlights.
“u-um,” he stuttered nervously, “it’s just safer if someone that the treasure hoarders don’t know finished the job. that and, well, i asked to be replaced.”
you wrapped your arms around yourself, “you asked to be replaced?” you pursed your lips, “you couldn’t have done that before? i wanted to see you, i missed you.”
he walked over to you, but you took a few steps back, keeping a distance between the two of you. “it isn’t that simple. sometimes i have to go undercover for a while and i can’t just suddenly stop and let someone else take my place.”
your gaze fell to the floor, hands now balled into fists, “but even when you weren’t undercover anymore after they found out you acted horrible to me and that was the first time i had ever gone out to find you. i just wanted a hug, a love you, a-affection of some sort after i began overthinking. i thought you were...” you sighed, your tense muscles relaxing before you muttered the word, “dead.”
you heard him grumble something under his breath before saying, with slight hesitation, “... my job carries risks. you know that.”
“but can’t you sneak away to visit occasionally or send a letter or-”
“no!” he snapped, “damnit i’m just afraid i’ll lose you, alright!?” he took you in his arms, embracing you tightly in a hug, “the more i involve you, the more likely it is i slip up and they find out about you and… and i can’t… deal with the idea of you even getting hurt.”
you were surprised by the sudden hug you found yourself in, eyes wide as your hands pressed against his chest, “but... you’re the one putting yourself out there-”
he cut you off before you could finish talking, “yes, i’m the one who’s been trained to do undercover missions and knows how to fight. you’re the one who has no training whatsoever. you’re the one that, if they find out my true identity and find out about you, they will target to get to me. and you’re the one who i love more than anything in this world - more than the fatui, the tsaritsa, everyone. you’re what matters most and i cannot let them harm you, even if it means acting like a jerk to make sure you’re safe.”
you felt him tremble against you, his grip around you weakening as he poured his heart out to you. the sentiment was sweet and his words, his confirmation, and worry for you made sense as to why he had acted the way he did. you stayed quiet, letting him hug you, thinking the situation over in your head. suddenly, you chuckled, unable to stop yourself.
he took hold of your shoulders before breaking the embrace, “you’re laughing?” he asked, looking at you with bewilderment, his eyes wet from shedding a few tears.
“i’m sorry, i couldn’t help it. it’s just funny to me that we both were so worried about each other we went to extremes instantly to try to solve our problems.”
he tilted his head slightly, thinking about what you had said before looking tickled himself, “well, i guess it’s just the kind of people we are, going from zero to a hundred real quick.”
you put your hands on his hips, pulling him into a hug once again, “just proves that we’re right for each other.” you muttered before resting your forehead against his chest. “i’m sorry...” you felt his hands wrap around your back, squeezing you softly, “i’m sorry for the way i acted.” you apologized to him.
he smiled against the top of your head, “i’m sorry, too, for what i said earlier. let’s think of ways we can keep each other happy on long missions, ok? we can work through this together and find a compromise, i’m sure of it. let’s try and communicate better before my missions and, if anything, i think i can manage to leave messages for you to pick up at the northland bank.”
you grimaced upon hearing the bank’s name, remembering how you snapped and argued to the teller there until you got your way. “oh, i… i think the bank teller there might either hate me or be terrified of me.” you muttered, cringing at your own past actions.
“well, you can be like a raging storm sometimes.”
“hey now, you’re one to talk...” you scoffed.
he chuckled, giving you a small kiss before whispering to you, “i love you.”
you were happy to hear those three little words from him and you hummed against him, “i love you, too.”
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mintyayu · 2 days ago
"I don't care" pt.1 (Kaeya and Zhongli)
The Genshin bois saying they're not interesed in what you're saying
Warnings: Angst; Modern AU; not proof-read; Also my first time writting fanfics in forever so it might be bad lol
A/N: So it's actually my first time writing in English, so let me know if I made any big mistakes. I tried to make this G/N so i hope i did it ok ;w;
Basically got this idea cuz my friend said "i don't care" when i was talking about something __φ(。。)
You entered your small appartement rapidly, excited to show your boyfriend the new sketchbook you got. You’ve had your eyes on this sketchbook for quite a well now, so you were happy to finally buy it. Between paying rents, food and college, it took a while… But it was finally yours!
“Kaeya!”, you said happily, walking into his small office.
His computer was on, and you could see he was working on an essay. Not wanting to disturb him, you simply waited for your boyfriend to look at you. He finally did, giving you one of his signature smiles.
“Hey there sweetheart… You’re back already?”
You nodded vigorously, a big smile on your lips.
“Look what I got!”, you exclaimed, before showing him your new sketchbook.
Kaeya then frowned and took the book in his hands. He opened it, closed it, turned it over in his hands. This was odd… What was he looking for? Then, he simply said:
“Another sketchbook? Really?” “Well… I… I’ve been wanting this one for a few months, you know…?”, you simply answered.
You didn’t understand why he was reacting this way. What was wrong with you buying yourself a sketchbook? With money that you’ve earned! Kaeya then sighed and just fell back in his chair. There was an uncomfortable silence between the two of you, and you didn’t know what to say. Finally, he was the one the break the silence.
“Why would you buy this? You’ve bought one two weeks ago…”
“It was a sketchbook from the dollar store!”, you answered quickly.
“What about rents (Y/N)?”
“I’ve been saving for a while now! I still have money for rents and groceries! I’ve literally been saving for weeks for this sketchbook Kaeya…”
“It’s only a sketchbook (Y/N)! Why would you even put so much money on a stupid book??”
You were rather surprised by his harsh words. You took a step back, not knowing how to react. Looking at your feet, you muttered a quiet “Sorry” before taking the book from his hands.
“I still have the receipt… I’ll bring it back to the art store.”
With that, you left the room. Closing the door of his office behind you with a soft thud. Kaeya was looking at this exact same door, not knowing how to react. What did he say? Why did he say that? What just happened?? He didn’t know what went through his mind and why he snapped like that. Heck, he even knew how hard you’ve worked to get that sketchbook. He knew for how long you’ve been wanting this sketchbook. To you, it was an achievement. He had seen you drawing in those cheap dollar store sketchbooks, and he knew how you hated it. But you were doing this for your common life, so you could still help him pay groceries and rents. You literally put your passion aside to help him. And now, because of him, you were giving up. Because of him, you would be drawing again in those horrible sketchbooks. He buried his face in his hands, feeling ashamed, oh, so ashamed of himself.
“(Y/N)… What have I done…”
Finally, he took a deep breathe in before getting up. He was going to make it up to you.
The cashier at the art store was surprised to see you back so quickly. And was worried because of the sad expression on your face. When he asked you what was wrong, you made up some excuses… Telling him you’ve had miscalculated your budget and couldn’t afford the sketchbook right now. The cashier simply nodded, understanding your situation and processed your refund without any other questions. After getting your money back, you walked out, looking at your feet.
And, of course, that’s when you bumped into him.
You were now looking at your boyfriend with wide eyes. You were completely frozen and didn’t know what to do. Kaeya, however, was panting. He had run all the way from your appartement to the art store. When he finally managed to catch his breathe, he simply said “I’m sorry”. Then he said it again. And again. And again. And again. Those were the only words he was saying now. Quickly, you were wrapped in his arms. Your head against his chest, you could hear his heart beating like crazy. You could also hear his voice, telling you how sorry he was.
“(Y/N)… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it… I really didn’t! I know how hard you’ve been working to buy this sketchbook for yourself! I don’t know why I snapped like that… I’m so sorry angel…”
You finally decided to look at him. In his eye, you could see how truly sorry he was. How hurt he felt. Before you could say anything, Kaeya said with a soft smile:
“Let’s go get this sketchbook, shall we? I’ll be buying it for you, don’t worry about it my love…”
“Fine, but I’ll only forgive you if we can get the markers as well…!”
As soon as Zhongli walked in your house, he could smell the distinguished smell of pastries baking. He knew that you were fond of baking and were always eager to try baking some new sweets. So to him, it was no surprise to walk in your house smelling like sugar. Suddenly, your head appeared in the kitchen door frame.
“Ah, Zhongli! You’re back already!”
You were smiling at him, some flour on your cheeks. His heart melted at how cute you were. He then hummed softly, hanged his coat and walked up to you.
“What are you baking this time dear?”, he asked, hugging you from behind.
“Sweet flower cupcakes! Madame Ping gave me the recipe a few days ago, and I was really excited to try it out!”
Your lover then turned his head to the oven, where the cupcakes were cooking. He looked at them for a second before returning his attention to you. You were cleaning your dishes and the kitchen while the sweets were cooking, a soft smile on your lips.
“(Y/N)?”, he asked?
“Yes, Zhongli?”, you left your dishes and looked at him.
“You know you don’t have to bake every week, right?”
At those words, you didn’t really know what to answer. You simply asked him, with a weak voice, “why?”
“Well… You bake a lot… And it’s quite a lot, I don’t know if I can keep eating that much sweets.”
You looked at him for a moment, not knowing how to answer. Did Zhongli just say that he didn’t like your cooking? Was your cooking really that horrible? You were still unsure of what you should answer, but you finally managed to say a faint: “Oh… I see… I’m sorry then, I’ll stop baking…”
Before he could answer anything, you put the last glass away and the oven rang. You walked up to it, took the cupcakes out and simply left them to cool down on the stove top. Then you slowly walked to your room, your eyes fixated on the ground. Zhongli then understood that he made a mistake.
His eyes watched your form enter the shared bedroom and closing the door behind you. Then, he looked at the sweet that were just sitting there. The man finally let out a huge sigh, pulled himself a chair and sat down.
“What have I done?”
He put his head in his heads, upset. He knew that you loved baking more than everything (maybe not him tho. You absolutely adore Zhongli) and now… And… Did he ruin it? Your sad expression was still fresh in his memory. He could still see the light in your eyes fade as he spoke. As the moment replayed in his mind, his heart was aching. And it was aching badly. He didn’t want to be the reason why you stopped your passion.
Meanwhile, you were laying in your bed, hiding under the blankets. You were truly upset at the words Zhongli said. Did he hate your cooking? You’ve been baking sweets weekly for almost a year now, selling some of it to Hu Tao, Xianling, and some other townsfolks. But in the end, maybe that they simply hated your sweets too? This was upsetting you. You were upset that the support you got was fake. A simple big play. But you were also upset at yourself for feeling upset. After all, Zhongli only tried to help, didn’t he? He only wanted to tell you that you didn’t have to spend so much time making things that people didn’t really like. So you could find yourself a new passion, one that you were actually good at. One where-
You heard the door open slowly. Then, it closed, slowly again.
You slowly got out of the blankets. Soon enough, your head was out, and Zhongli clearly saw that you cried. He chewed on his lip, feeling even more horrible.
You looked at him for a moment, not knowing what to say. Then your eyes stopped on something he was holding. He was holding a tray. In the tray were your muffins. Muffins that he had decorated. Now curious, you sat up on the bed, giving him a questioning look. Your lover then cleared his throat and said:
“I decided to decorate them… I… I hope you don’t mind…”
“But why? I thought you hated my cooking… That it is horrible.”
“Ah… I… I didn’t pick the right words, hm?”, Zhongli said, as he sat on the bed. “I absolutely love your cooking dear. So does Hu Tao. She always asks me what you are planning to make this week.”
He was now looking at you. He cleared his throat and then continued:
“I meant to say, if you’re tired, if you feel you need a break, you don’t have to bake. Your health matters too, and no one will be angry at you if you skip a week. We’ll only look forwards to your next pastries, my dear.”
A small smile played on your lips. Zhongli always found the right words, he always knew how to make you happy.
As he saw your smile, he allowed himself to relax. Then, he handed you one of the cupcakes:
“They’re still hot, we should eat them.”
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rulaineyu · 3 hours ago
Bathing With the Genshin Boys
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao x gn!Reader
Type/Genre: Headcanons, fluff, comedic
Warnings: Some suggestive undertones but nothing explicit, not proofread
A/N: Self-indulgent fluff is my favourite uwu
Prefers showers over baths 
Carrying Mondstadt’s economy on his back while also protecting its citizens at night means there aren't enough hours in the day for him to be able to relax in a bath.
Always ends up accidentally slapping you with his hair. One moment you're enjoying the intimacy of showering with your lover, the next you’re slapped with his heavy long hair. 
Turns the water really hot but doesn’t feel it thanks to his pyro vision. You have walked out of the shower feeling like a boiled chicken on more than one occasion. 
When Diluc does take a bath, he doesn’t really understand how it works. He’s always focused on washing and getting out as quickly as possible. 
You’ll have to remind him to slow down and enjoy the moment.
Confused and a bit impatient, but relaxes when you lean your back against his chest
Very thorough when he helps wash your hair. His own hair is thick, so he knows how to get every spot without pulling at your scalp. 
It takes a long time, though, and you usually run out of patience before he’s done.
“Stay still, I’m almost done. I might accidentally pull your hair if you keep squirming like that.”
Enjoys his baths and tries to have one every day.
Uses the time to unwind and take care of himself. 
When he does take a shower, it's a very quick in-and-out. He’s a lil grumpy and tired afterwards, so please give him lots of kisses. 
While you’re running the bath, he may pretend to push you in while you still have your clothes on, but save you before you hit the water.
The next time he runs the bath, you actually push him in but don’t save him, letting him get soaked.
The two of you now do a power-stance whenever you run a bath so you don’t get pushed as easily
Never take a bubble bath with him. Concealed by the bubbles, he will randomly grab your leg to scare you.
Splashes water on your face and pours it over your head on purpose, laughing as you complain. When you reach over to give him a playful hit, he takes the opportunity to grab you and pull you closer to him
Kisses your bare shoulders, occasionally biting you.
“Mm...just a hint of shampoo and body wash. Pretty tasty, I’d say.”
Doesn’t have a preference between baths or showers 
Childe doesn’t sing often, but he likes to hum the songs of his childhood softly while bathing 
The words are barely audible, but it comes out as a comforting, low rumbling sound when you lean your ear against his back. 
Teases you if you stare at his body for too long, asking if you like what you see. 
Tries to escalate it further but you splash water into his eyes
Loves the feeling of your fingers against his skin, admiring the scars that litter his body. He’ll proudly tell you the story of each one.
Traces the patterns of the stars, the outline of the world onto your back.
When showering, he tends to forget you’re in there with him, which means he might accidently knock into you
You’ll never fall over, though, because his reflexes are fast enough to catch you before you slip.
“Ah, sorry, baby...but I guess you can say I swept you off your feet, huh?”
Zhongli goes all out when it comes to baths
Mixes some stress-relieving scented oils into the bath, scatters sweet-smelling flower petals on the surface of the water, lights candles, etc.
You tell him that he doesn’t need to put in so much work—it’s only to clean yourselves, after all—but he dismisses your worries. To him, bathtimes should be a romantic affair. And if his frivolous ways can make cleaning a more relaxing experience, then it is worth it. 
Like with Diluc, when Zhongli turns his head too fast, he ends up smacking you in the face with his long hair.
He’ll apologize profusely, washing your hair for you as apology 
Massages your shoulders as he helps you wash your back 
When the two of you are showering, he’ll flinch in surprise when he feels your arms around his waist, resting your cheek against his chest.
Hugs you back for a moment but quickly lets go, reminding you that the two of you might slip and fall. 
“This is nice, darling, but we should save the hugs for after. It wouldn’t do if you fell and got hurt.”
Baths all the way. I can’t imagine him showering, only bathing in a rushing river, even when the water is freezing cold like a real man
Confused the first time you bring him inside to bathe. What’s the point of bathing in a tiny tub when there is a perfectly good river outside?
The first time he feels hot water, he flinches. You’ll have to turn the water slightly cold at first, slowly adjusting it until he gets used to the lukewarm temperature.
Shocked that he can sit down while bathing, but isn’t very used to it. Even though he’s had baths for thousands of years, he still prefers to stand, able to escape at a moment’s notice if needed.
Closes his eyes and stays perfectly still as you massage the shampoo into his scalp. If you stop your movements to check if he has fallen asleep, he’ll open his eyes, asking you to continue.
“Your touch is comforting. I...I like it.”
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childeluv · a day ago
Tumblr media
—SUMMARY; Watching a horror movie with them, while being scared and hiding your face in their chest every time something intense would happen.
—CHARACTERS; Kaeya, Childe, Diluc + Zhongli
—% WARNINGS; Mentions of Horror + Thriller & Comfort, Fluff & Cuddles x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ask if you want to watch a horror movie. You only agreed too because he was always so busy during most weekends and weekdays, so it’s only such a rare moment like this you get to share.
Ask if you want to watch a horror movie. You only agreed too because he was always so busy during most weekends and weekdays, so it’s only such a rare moment like this you get to share.
As soon as the horror movie starts you are already scared, but you didn’t want to say anything. Attempting to not be scared. It doesn’t take long until Kaeya noticed your fear.
“Are you okay, dear?”
You’ll nod but once things start to get scary and more intense you only find yourself burying your head into Kaeya’s chest. Placing yourself in his lap, with shivers crawling up and down your spine.
“Hmm, can hardly handle the cold, not surprised you couldn’t handle a horror movie too…” he teased.
You don’t even bother to reply, as he notices your shivers worsen. He wraps his arms around you after placing a thick blanket on you.
Your shivers will soon disappear as if they never existed and he’ll place soft kisses on your head. Cuddling and sleeping in his arms for the rest of the night.
“Fell asleep so quickly, hmm?”
Tumblr media
Would simply ask if you want to watch and see a horror movie with him. You’d reply with a yes. Though you managed to finish the movie with him, you hardly paid attention.
With all the constant screaming from the tv you were either clinging on your husband’s arm or hiding yourself in his shoulder.
“It wasn’t too bad right-?”
Though seeing you all scared only made him worry. So he’d carefully lift you up and carry you to bed since it seems that you didn’t want to linger on the couch no more.
“Didnt realize you got so scared” he chuckled. “Should have told me…”
And for the rest of that cold yet frightening night, he held you. Giving you enough warmth and comfort.
Being in his arms truly was a blessing.
“You’re so cold… did the movie frighten you that much?”
Tumblr media
Would ask if you wanted to just watch a random movie. That random movie happening to be in the horror genre. Not even half an hour in you, you already found yourself clinging onto him.
So he instantly cuts off the tv and asks if you are okay. And that you guys won’t have to keep watching if you didn’t want to.
“Love, look at me. We can do something else of the night, hmm?”
He’d offer to make you some juice (or wine) or just cuddle for the rest of the night. Which you obviously chose cuddles for because it would be the better option.
“You smell nice tonight…”
Always throwing around a couple of compliments. Whispering how much he loves you and feeling your shivers and clinging-ness go away for the night and tonight.
“No need to be scared. Wouldn’t let someone place their harmful finger on you anyways…”
Tumblr media
Would notice your fear right away and with no doubt turn the tv off. You’d ask why and he’d ask if you were okay. Both of you not answering the question.
After some time though expect him to pick you up and lay you bed, brewing you some tea he collected and made.
“Your face wasnt to pleasant with the movie choice for tonight. Not good to sleep with such thoughts here is some tea.”
He’d offer you some good warm tea right before bed with you would enjoy drinking every last sip.
“Hmm, you’re face seems to brightened. Glad to know that.”
You’d blush when he lays besides you. Allowing you to hide yourself in his chest. He always liked when you did that anyways.
The way you would just sleep on his chest till morning while he could wrap his arms around you. Nothing he could and would nor should trade in this world for this moment.
“Goodnight my dear… my beautiful love…”
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cecistarsnatch · 2 days ago
what did she look like? - zhongli. [a]
pairing: zhongli x goddess!reader
tags: angst
summary: in which zhongli, who prides himself in remembering everything that has stepped foot in liyue, forgets how the love of his life looked like.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
long before liyue existed, two gods hand in hand carried each other throughout their ups and their downs. morax and [y/n], two inseparable immortals who worked their way towards immortality together.
before they achieved immortality, the two were mere mortal lovers living in a small peaceful village. having received visions from celestia, the two often worked together to help their village stay safe from monsters, and before they had both known it, they had achieved godliness.
morax retained no emotions other than his love for [y/n], and as he watched countless generations of lives die in the village he used to reside in with his lover, he found himself not caring as long as he was by her side.
not long after their ascension to immortality, they both met guizhong, a god of dust that they have met on their travels. guizhong became their friend quickly, the two women specifically clicking with each other well.
however, the archon war began.
it reigned on for a long time, troubling many gods, including [y/n] herself. she often hid behind morax, preferring for him to do the fighting while she does the planning and the strategy. guizhong helped her, but time came where she eventually had to leave for her own safety.
[y/n] heard of guizhong’s death three days after the god of dust left her home.
it was a painful day for not only [y/n], but for morax as well, who had to sit still and watch as his liver mourned over the death of her bestest friend. [y/n] started pleading morax to allow her to fight, all of her previous fear of fighting disappearing in her rage and in her desperation to avenge guizhong.
he refused repeatedly, not wanting the same thing to happen to [y/n]. even so, [y/n] persisted, insisting that she could protect herself. being the god of stars, she had tremendous power, but preferred not to use it on fighting to prevent herself from hurting others unnecessarily. any thought of this fear disappeared the moment guizhong disappeared from her world.
however, morax would not budge. he kept telling her that he was strong enough to fight for the both of them, and kept asking her why she insists on putting herself in harm’s danger.
the night didn’t end well for the couple, and morax was heavily troubled when he found that during the next day, [y/n] had taken all of her things with her and left him in the mountain that they resided in together alone.
he knew where she was going.
and she knew that he knew where she was going.
after all, the two of them were bound to each other. they would always know where the other is.
however, even so, [y/n] left all the thought of morax behind and allowed the rage to take over her form.
powerful and weak gods alike trembled at the sight of [y/n], feeling her glare bury itself deep into their souls. it was always her deep purple eyes that they saw before they perished at her hands.
her arrogance led to her own demise.
a month after [y/n] disappeared from his life, morax suddenly felt their connection withering and fading away. he wasn’t sure if [y/n] had broken it herself, but either way he rushed to the scene and found himself horrified at the sight of [y/n] bleeding out because of a spear thrust into her abdomen.
the female god was kneeling down on the floor, her hands on the face of whoever had stabbed her, tears streaming out of her eyes. the owner of the spear, a man with medium-length raven hair with green highlights, seemed horror-struck as the consequences of his actions slowly dawned on him.
as morax neared them, he could hear her repeating the following words, “hey, hey, it’s okay. it's okay. it’s not your fault.”
the boy removed his hands form the spear and leaned on his head on her chest, wanting to hear the last beats of her living heart. morax followed suit, sadness slowly taking over his body before it was replaced by anger.
towards himself.
why wasn’t he here for her? didn’t he always say that he would be able to protect her?
so why wasn’t he able to?
why didn’t he look for her sooner?
“hey, there.” [y/n] smiled weakly at her lover.
morax’s heart tightened at the sight of her bright smile, directed at him. even while dying, she looked beautiful. she always looked beautiful in his eyes. her beauty rivalled that of even the stars. “hello, my love.”
“this…” she coughed up, covering her mouth with her hand and pulling away to see blood covering her palm. “this boy. p-protect him. g-give him the name xiao, for me.”
“but -” morax tried to argue with her words, glaring at the boy who was now laying on [y/n]’s lap. it didn’t take long for him to realize that she had knocked him out with the last of the magic that she could muster in the palm of her hands. with a weak glare from [y/n], he nodded his head weakly.
“i will miss you dearly.” [y/n] looked down sadly, the tears streaming down her face even faster than it was before. “but alas, i let my guard down.”
“i will see you in the future, my one and only [y/n].” morax breathed out as she took her last breath in his arms.
Tumblr media
morax, now going by the mortal name zhongli, strolled past the present streets of liyue. he bore a small smile on his face, thinking of the memories that he and his lover ahd once shared.
his lover?
zhongli paused in his tracks, pressing a hand to his head, feeling a headache coming in. ‘i had a lover. and i know it. her name was [y/n]. but… what did she look like? why can’t i…’
he found himself not remembering what she looked like.
his chest ached.
out of all the things that he could have forgotten, how could he forget her?
she, who was the light of his life. she, who was as beautiful as the stars - no, comparing her to the stars would be an understatement. she, who was kind enough to save even the very same person who had killed her.
as liyue grew into the nation it is today, any tracks of who [y/n] was eventually got lost in time. his own people slowly began to forget her, and any memory that she had ever existed slowly disappeared from history books. you could ask the most talented scholars, ask them about her name, and they wouldn’t be able to answer.
it was like she never existed in the first place.
zhongli just didn’t expect that she would slowly start to disappear from his memories as well.
he was surprised when tears suddenly started streaming down his face. he hadn’t felt sadness like this in so long.
he believed the last time he did was when she… passed away.
how long ago was that? he didn’t know, he couldn’t remember.
‘why can’t i remember her? why can’t i remember what she looked like? why can’t i remember what she was like? why is the only memory i have of her now simply her name? is it because liyue has forgotten her as well?’ these thoughts frantically raced in zhongli’s mind. he hadn’t even noticed the amount of citizens who had paused in their tracks to watch him, simply placing their gaze upon him and not bothering to ask him what was wrong.
a familiar voice snapped him out of his daze. “mr. zhongli?”
he turned away from the eleventh fatui harbinger, not wanting him to see the clear sign of weakness that had presented itself in his face. “i must get going.”
why can’t i remember?!
Tumblr media
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alberivh · 2 days ago
Their Lover Remanence
ficlets of genshin men and their lover’s only remanence (and how do they hold onto it)
Kaeya, Diluc, Zhongli X (GN!reader)
angst + slight fluff, comfort/hurt (implied death)
a/n ; enjoy this before i’m in s/ia and i’m currently in writing-block so fuck it, but anyways thank you for reading, have a pleasant day ahead! :)
Tumblr media
Kaeya — a broken wedding ring.
Kaeya loves the sweet lingering feels he gets, whenever the crook of your hair surrounds-it’s feelings to his chest. Whenever the sound of a silent lullaby clinge to his ears and whenever you stayed in his arms, he adores it. He wished he could treasured it for years after years, the feeling was an addiction..a pure love story. Although, he never thought it would be gone just like that. He wasn’t so sure to finally let go. Kaeya is a man full of regret, but he never once felt this much pressured of guilt; when your body were just an empty-shell of you, who could only rest in his company by arms. you’re so peaceful when you’re asleep, it makes your eternal rest more hard to accept. the mutual feeling of denial and acceptance couldn’t be more a pressure to kaeya, than the face of you whom shown him the end, a peaceful end; the way of an end. The broken ring on your fingertips is shining through out the breaking poin of the sun, making a space between the clouds and him. It was hard seeing his name and yours combine, even when you’re not here any-longer, even when you still hold the name of your husband till the end of it’s legacy. This was a fast journey and i hope you could stay longer than the due. Kaeya never cried, void and numb, just a hollow behind a replica. And maybe that’s the reason why the only thing keeping him sane were one thing, the broken memories of you, your shattering piece of broken dreams; a wedding ring he bought to propose you in another life. He was numb, holding back the memories. He wasn’t sure if this is right, but this is how he wanted to live. Remnants of you will sure keep him sane, even if memory loss hit his mind; he’ll be sure to protect those piece of you he didn’t remember any longer.
Diluc — clothes and fragrance of home
A home to diluc and his love, you are his treasure he never dare to trade. The heartbeat who only belongs to you, the yearning of endearing love connected to his veins. He was sincerely thanking the gods for the freedom of loving and the curse of it. He wasn’t so sure if it’s right to abandoned his duty just to love you…but he never though this would be the last. he seeks your comfort, not your corpse, so why didn’t you breath for him any longer? The fragrance he adores, where are they? The home he yearn the most…where are those? Is this the one person who treasured his life the most? why are they leaving me behind then..i thought they treasured the world i brought upon them. he wasn’t ready to seek comfort when you’re not even with him any longer. You are the hook of the pond, and he was the one who needed you. He wasn’t sure if this was right, so whatever it is or whatever will happened he will make sure to keep your fate to be fair. And thus, he began to search the counsel of home. But nothing…nothing, empty and numb. The clothes you wear at the accident was his only source of remembrance. He was so close on losing each part of you, but the thing he hold now, aren’t they belong to his once home? Maybe if he forgot your smile, he could still turn back to see you again. To see the plain clothing and scent of melodies, the resistance of a warrior; to forgot their lover.
Zhongli — heavens of petals
The beautiful plain leaves over the centuries history, flew to the atmosphere of you and him. Lingers of kisses, warm of embracement and He land a contract to you to be forever within his lines, to never write the history back into a tragedy Zhongli never predict. He told the wind and the guide to freedom a never-ending story, a beauty and a beast. A tyrant and the innocent. I shall remained with them..even if the time was near to say goodbye one more time. He shall remained with the creature who fall within his sin, to be in love with a mortal who remained flowers in his eyes, were a cursed to be found. You found glaze lilies to be fond, you found his eyes to be worth to treasure. You found him to be warm, inside and out you find him to be a pleasant one. Although the time to end all of the contract you signed, was within the last petal of glaze lilies you pick. He watches you fall in your knees, begging the petals to bring you peace. Zhongli just stand there watching the contract in your eyes dull in embrace of lilies. The lilies his old lover would adore, the lilies you treasured whenever you were in love. He held the petals in his hand, whispering devotion to the endless void in his mortal heart. His belief wouldn’t allow you to go, but the cruelty of fates are out of his reach. So he began to count the petals you pick, the lilies you grown, and the ground that took your life apart. He began to count the nights where you would pick flowers with him, he began to ask more question, what memories were left within you and him?
Tumblr media
© all rights to alberivh. do not copy nor plagiarize my works.
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xiaosmoon · a day ago
Tumblr media
welcome to xiaomoon's flufftober event!
Tumblr media
what is flufftober? well, i'm glad you asked! for the month of october, i will be publishing fluffy fall/halloween themed drabbles!
Tumblr media
taking klee trick or treating + albedo | oct. 2nd
drive through horror movie + xiao | oct. 6th
pumpkin spice horror + diluc | oct. 9th
making s'mores at a bonfire + kazuha | oct. 13th
corn maze + thoma | oct. 16th
couples costumes + kaeya | oct. 20th
coffee & bookstore date + zhongli | oct. 23rd
halloween fair + childe | oct. 27th
everyone at a halloween party | oct. 31st
Tumblr media
these dates are subject to change! happy haunting :)
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yeonkiminfan · 15 hours ago
hi! can I request s/o taking care of sick venti, xiao and zhongli (wait um, can they get sick.... doesn't matter hehe) - or/and whoever you want <3
Tumblr media
Taking care of them! GN!reader
Venti, Xiao, Zhongli
Note: for plot reasons, lets pretend they can get sick 🤩✋
♤ VENTI ||
He got sick because he sang and sang in Dilucs tavern while drinking a LOT of alcohol
Of course he'd get a huge headache, So you had to take care of Venti.
He's really clingy beforehand trying to make you stay on the bed with him. Might sleep in while you cook soup for him so he could feel better.
He's really thankful that you check on him time to time, always changing the towel so it cools his head.
Venti appreciates that you didn't do your commisions that day because of him.
(Kissed you on the cheek as a 'payment' for taking care of him)
♤ XIAO ||
This idiot will still try to get out of bed so you have to force Xiao to just take a break for once. (You offered to buy him almond tofu, Once he feels better)
Xiao will just sleep in like Venti and wait for you to cook soup for the both of you.
He might even try to get water himself because hes too stubborn to call for your help 🙄
You threatened to wrap him up in tape if he keeps moving around.
Nonetheless Xiao is still quite thankful for the kindness you gave him, Taking care of him while he's sick.
Xiao says a small 'I love you' and 'thank you' once he's all better. He isn't that prideful when someone helps him and easily says thank you even though he's hesitating to do it.
He's honestly surprised that he had actually managed to be sick- An Ex archon like himself isnt used to these kind of things but Zhongli knows that he can't do things by himself.
So he does wake you up and ask for your help, Zhongli knows ancient recipes for his fever so he does instruct you what to buy.
(You had to ask for Childe's help because it wad really expensive....Your money wasnt enough for it 😧)
Zhongli spent his time reading books on the bed or Sleeping and taking a rest for a day.
Since he's an ex archon, Zhongli recovers pretty quickly and easily admits that he's thankful for your help towards him.
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