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#yandere aesthetic
lovestruckprimrose · a day ago
Ppl who report yandere blogs instead of just blocking are absolutely ridiculous tbh like
It’s one thing if the content triggers u!! I get it!! So BLOCK US!! There is NO REASON to report people for COPING.
NONE. Cut it out. Block someone and move along with your day.
You wouldn’t fuckin. Call the cops on someone for like. having blue hair just bc ur abuser had blue hair.
You can ignore them though! Keep them out of your space and life! If that’s what you need to do!!
There’s no reason to ruin someone else’s day just because you don’t know how to function as a person.
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lollipopsandcrimson · a day ago
wanna spam him so bad
i just want him to immediately wake up and be greeted with every thought i have so he can know i've been thinking about him
i wanna talk to him so much that he just doesn't have time for anyone else, but i don't wanna annoy him because he'll probably abandon me and i can't take that
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damned-dolly-dearest · 19 hours ago
trying not to go full obsessive and clingy cause you don’t want to freak your friends out.
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lovesick-lapin · 2 days ago
I want to make you jealous. I want to make you possessive of me. I want to make these feelings mutual.
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crazyushijimalady · 2 days ago
Can we have a part 2 for yandere eren? <3
i wasn't prepared for a yandere eren part two so writing this was pretty difficult since I never wrote something that was supposed to have only one part but was wished to have another. anyway,writing that was still fun and thank you for requesting!‹3
if you haven't read the first part, read it here first please ^^
!tw: character death mention!
Tumblr media
"I like the idea of craziness with discipline."-Karl Lagerfeld
Tumblr media
you wish you could remember how you got away from Eren in that parking lot,but you couldn't.
when you arrived at the police station your shaking almost made the hot chocolate they gave you fall out of your hand.
tears still streamed down your face and left a wet trail that made your cheeks go cold,the blanket around your shoulders didn't make anything stop.
the police said you were under shock,of course you were.
you didn't even knew if you should be glad that you don't remember what else Eren said,where else he touched you.
asking you out about the incident was useless,you were barely able to form a sentence without your voice drowning down in your own tears.
the police bought you back to your home that night.
you had several nightmares that night,but knowing that you weren't crazy for feeling watched so often was a relief.
the nightmares all ended different,they started different but they always contained the same middle part.
in one dream you were running already,your feet seemed to weight as much as the sun while you dragged them down as hard and as fast as you could trough all the cars and empty spaces they left between them.
the parking lot was absolutely full and you couldn't seem to find your car,it was almost like it vanished.
you couldn't safe yourself into your car,you swore you would've even run over Eren if he tried to block your way with his body.
the heavy, also running, footsteps behind you were faster than yours and within moments you layed on the ground.
there was a lot of weight on your back and you were unable to stand up or move in general.
you started crying and got turned on your back,it was Eren who now sat on top of you and kept you in place.
without wasting any time he stabbed you,he stabbed you everywhere.
in another dream you were walking down the parking lot with another person,talking and laughing.
after waking up you realized that the person you were walking with was the parking lots security guard.
you thought that having someone with you would give you safety,but you were wrong.
without any warning you were ripped down onto the ground and again weight laid on your back.
you frantically looked around for the security man,but he was gone.
you were alone,alone in this situation and alone with Eren.
there'd be no one to help you.
he turned you around,again you were laying on your back and again he wasted no time.
but he wasn't going to stab you,he said something to you.
"you're alone, you're mine and no one's ever gonna help you. you have to understand that you have to obey, there's no one that loves you more than I do! Just look at you,you're so pathetic,no one will ever love you!" he said,his eyes ripped open as if he went crazy.
and maybe he did.
while talking he shook you by your shoulders,your grabbed his wrists with your hands and felt how your fingers and nails digged into his skin but he didn't react.
your head hit the floor several times while he shook you and you eventually became unconscious from that.
the outcome of this nightmare was at least a bit more gentle,it was better than being stabbed to say the least.
you were an absolute mess the next morning.
you called into work to say that you were sick and wouldn't come for one to two weeks maybe.
the police called you at noon to tell you what they wanted to say yesterday but couldn't since you were too deep into shock.
"there's nothing we can do right now" the lady on the phone said.
all your hope vanished with those words and you felt numb.
you felt something like home sickness,you felt like your heart sank into your stomach and that you couldn't even swallow the air and you felt like crying but you couldn't.
"since he didn't appear anywhere near your home, there's no use being seen in keeping on to set a police car with two officers in front of the building. But we're looking for him, you'll be informed if he get found."
you wanted to say something,yell at the woman on the other side of the line but you couldn't.
it wasn't her fault so you just hung up without any other word from your side.
you sank to the ground, holding your hand in front of your face to at least stop yourself from sobbing.
what you felt right now was awful,you felt almost betrayed.
you trusted them and told them the whole story,and this is what you get? nothing?
wasn't the police supposed to help you? to contain criminals?
one more reason to not go to work,as long as you didn't certainly knew where Eren was you couldn't step outside.
he could be anywhere.
falling asleep the following nights was a challenge,the nightmares chased you again and again.
even at day you caught yourself thinking about them, recalling the events.
you were present in front of your tv at ever time the news were shown and only used your phone for that purpose too.
after you were about to run out of food after a week, you almost broke down.
you couldn't go outside for grocery shopping even if it meant for you to die on hunger.
your local grocery store didn't deliver so you had to call a one further away, paying almost the double for your shopping.
you even ordered something from the pharmacy to help you fall asleep at night, the little sleep you got wasn't enough to recover from the event at the parking lot you supposed and you felt exhausted all the time.
you bought sleeping gums, they couldn't exactly make you fall asleep but they calmed your mind and body to a point where you could fall asleep easily.
you promised yourself to only use them until you felt better, you knew how addicting such things were especially in your constant state of anxiety.
with those gums the time seemed to be passing by like nothing and before you realized it half a week passed already.
you didn't feel exhausted anymore and decided to eat only one gum today, you ate three usually.
but you wanted to try to get away from them a bit more,the sleep really helped you get over the parking lot incident.
falling asleep with one gum was as it was with three,the only difference was that you couldn't sleep through and woke up in the middle of the night.
at first you couldn't make out why you suddenly woke up at night, you pushed it onto the gum at first.
that was until you felt the presence of someone else,the breath in your neck, the arm around your waist and the light moving of the body pressed into your back.
you froze for a moment.
that couldn't be, right?
you awakened from your froze for a moment and moved yourself a bit,you felt the other persons body as clear as day now.
there was someone laying in your bed with you.
cold sweat formed on your forehead,making your hair wet and stick to your skin.
your heart started beating like crazy,your breath became unreagular and a chill ran up and down your spine.
"you're awake?"
it was him, it's Eren.
you could recognize this voice under a million,make it out from miles away.
you still pretended to be asleep, hoping that the cold sweat of terror on your body wouldn't give the truth away.
"i know you (Y/N), we're dating i know how you behave when you're asleep" he said.
'we're not dating' you wanted to scream,in his face if necessary as long as it meant he'd leave you alone.
"wha-w-wh" you started, your body shaking so hard that you couldn't even speak probably.
was it the fear or the hatred that blurred your thoughts?
you weren't sure, maybe it was both.
"what I'm doing here?" Eren fulfilled what you tried to say but you weren't even able to nod your head.
"we're dating,i live here or have you forgotten? I'm glad you're finally over you tantrum and realized you were wrong with what you said"
he planted a kiss on you cheek, ignoring the tears in your eyes.
"your words really hurted me" he added, his fingertips brushing the skin of your hips softly, pushing your shirt up while his fingers went up to your waist.
the touch sent goosebumps to your skin, you knew this touch.
you knew it from the almost endless nights you two would be laying bare skinned next to each other,out of breath and sweaty.
'we're not dating' you repeated and repeated as if it'd make him stand up an leave,never showing up again.
but it didn't,not surprising you a lot.
Eren kept talking and talking about how much he missed you, how lost you must've been without him and how hurt he was by the things you said and did.
every muscle in your body was tensed, almost ripping.
you had to move, try to escape and run away.
how could he still think you were willing to date him after everything that happened?
"you know, i liked that security guy. what was his name again? Jean? yeah I think his name was Jean..." suddenly your lips moved.
"what did you do?" you asked, the tone in which he spoke was different, sadistic almost.
"huh? what makes you think i killed him?" he asked back.
"that's not what I said" you whispered.
"you really know me too well. okay, I'm guilty of the charge. but how could I just let him go after he hit me in the face and dragged you away. i was just tryin to clear our differences" he said,his voice soft as honey.
you felt nauseous, someone died because of you.
with every force you had you pushed Eren off the bed with your back before you jumped out of the bed and ran towards bedroom door as fast as possible.
but you weren't fast enough, not fast enough to escape Erens hands that grabbed your ankles.
he pulled you towards him on your ankles easily.
"you're so naught" he said,his hot breath walking over your ear as he leaned close to you.
"guess you need to be taught a lesson."
Tumblr media
ok byeeee lol
we were really robbed of Eren in the S4 uniform🙄✋
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lovestruckprimrose · 2 days ago
Where is the aesthetic with blood-soaked angels
And devotional insanity
Like I want to see bitches going nuts to worship their beloved as a holy figure
Where is it. Gimme the bloody angels
Gimme the insanity
Don’t make me make it myself!!! I’ll do it!!!
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kowai-yume · a day ago
Tumblr media
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sinsludgeslimes · a day ago
Seeing the red flags and continuing to talk to them like the idiot I am 😊😊😊😊😊
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yanderec0r3 · 2 months ago
it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts i̷̩̳̙͒͂̾͊̚ţ̷̡̲̯̻͕̃̈͂͘͘̕ ̶̖̤̝̮̳͍̦̝̖̹̱̥͛̓̎̌̃͌̎̾h̶͙͌̂̿̊ư̶̺̜̲̲̬͈̱͎̯̱̳̟̲̫r̵̮̬̗̗̜̟̩̩͕̣̃́̏̃̾̓̚t̶̡̢̧̡̤͚̯̝͒͝ś̴̢̧̢͇̭̻̞̓̊́͛͆̓̉̎͘͝ ̵̨̛̗̲̫͈͓̱͈̦̞̝̙̎̃̌́̐̑̒̓̕͜i̵̢̛̻̙̍̍̇̿̓͛̍̈́͝t̸̨̢̟̭̦͙͍̦͍̘̤͕̿̏̄͆͋͑̔͝ ̴̛̙̝͚̜͉̔͗͋̃͜ȟ̷̡̧͚̥̦̑͐͂͊̈́͑̈́̀͌̀̕ư̴̙̲̦͉̟̬̰̣͖͓̐̇̈̑͂̍͆̌̑̎͑͝r̵̢̧̝̘̩͚̤̠̝̮̮̜͙̋̅̇̄͐̂͠ͅt̶̢̨̩̝̣̬͔̟̯̳̖͍̋̊̎̈́̀͊̌͛̃͝s̴̠̠͖̰̙̣̥̘̗̻̲̯̎̋͋ͅ ̷̺̝͚̜̊̅͊͛̎̽̐̌i̸̝͛t̴̻̾̾̽́̋̇͗̓̌̑͘̕͠ ̴̢̢̰͖̮̩̝͓̜̰̺̬͗̀́̃̎͑̔͜͜ͅḩ̶̝̫͎̤͕̪̱̓̊̿͂̀̿͒̓̓̿̀̂̋͘ȗ̵͖̖͖̱̔͊͝ṙ̴̖̺̺̥̪̈́͑̏ț̷̻̑͊͋͆̄͆̅͐̃̐͂s̶̨̛̙̫͕̪͈̘͉͕͖̋͌̂͆͝ ̴̢̮̀̐̍̌̇͑̓̾i̵̢̳̼̠͍̥̩̫͓̟̞̇̎̈́̽͑́̈́̍̌̒̅͊͜͝͝t̸̻̺̳̼̟̳͖̫͉͓͚̾͌̎́̌̃̈̍͝͝ ̷̡̫́͒́͐͘ĥ̸̞͎͈̺͍̼̤͚͂̋̆̀̏̎̊̊̓̕͝u̴̗͎͎͓͉̳̤̮͕̮͐̐̑͆̂́̈́̑̈͘ȑ̴̯͈̈͐̄̾̈̇̊t̴̢̡̧̩̤͎͍̘̘̝̯̖͖̼̥͛̌̏͐̆s̵̭̩̬͔̼̥͎̫͖̠̻̲̬͒̆̏̓ ̸̯̟͉̞̗̻͈̱͇̫̻̔̈́̌̽̌͐̈́̚̚͝i̵̧̮̪̩̋͒̆͂͐̈́̀͒̊̋̆̔̄̈́͛t̸̡͓̲̪̯͌̓̐̂̽͛͋͂͂̈͑͛̕ͅ ̸̨̧̨̭̳͈͉̣͖͐͐̊̋̌̃̀͠ḣ̶̨̯̯͕̭̫͎̠̘̲̊̿̇͋͑̅̑́͒̒̈́͊̔ͅu̶̝͇͍̬̾̈́̉͐̽͌̾̚͝͝r̴̢̢̥̗̲̣̓̅̏ṫ̶̻͔̙̯̯̪̬̜̊́̄̈̈́̀̉̍͋͝͝s̶̅̊ͅ ̴͎̪̟̟̬̰͎̙̇̅̀͗͛͠ỉ̷̧͎͔͙̬̳̼̠̏̽̈́̈́̓͆̔͆̋͑̀̑͜͜ẗ̴̛̪̠͖̗͖͔̠̖̞̗̲̥̯͊̔̾͆̚̕͜ ̶͇͍͙̟̼̭̣̗̤͛̋͗̅͋̈́̎̓̓̚͠h̴̛̺͉͙̀͐̂̓͒̄͠͠͠ú̵̧̞̫̥͚͍̼͕͇̑͐̊ͅr̸͕̮͇̐̄͌̊͗͊̏͝t̶̢͔̱̘̩̦̩͍̪͈̗̘̮́̽̐s̶̙̝̥͕̖̱̺̣̺̫̠̥͖̀͗͂̏̓̾̑͋̕͜͝ ̵̯̬̗̱̱̑̐̾͂͜i̵̡̼̖̝͔͙̭̪̊̿̔̾̍̔̀ͅt̷̢͉͇͇̦̖͍͖͌̾͂͌͗̉ͅ ̴̝͇͇͔̬͐h̸̺̳̠͌ű̷̧̧̦̦͎̭͕͓̯̱̠̗̬̲͝r̶̬̗̠̗̟̞̯̅̒͒̎̐ẗ̶̢̪͖̩̥͖̥͈̱̺̭͇̥́̏̄͗̓̾͌̾͗̏̃͒̈́̕͘s̴̟̘͕͔̣̘̻͚̺͚̤̈́͗̽̊̅̏̔̂̏̉̚ ̷̢̰͉̼̠̞͈̈͑̈́̃́͆̔̄̐̋̈́́̏ͅí̵̢̧̖̲͔̪̝̖̘͍͔̫͖̾͗́̋͂̈̓͑͌́̈͠ţ̵̨̡͉̱̘̽̓͂͌͌̃͝ ̶̮̩̅͆̂͊̽͜͝ȟ̷̢̰͙͙͕̣̺̦̘̭͍͔̰̽̔́ͅū̵͐̾̀͘ͅŗ̶̩̲̣̺̰̿̈́t̴̫̩̻̝̺̪̯͊̀̔̎̍̈̎̽̈́̏̄͛s̶̼̺̫̤̦͎̯̒͛̀̍̑̇͗͆͒̽͠ ̷̧̧̪͈̝̺͇̭̟̬̙͕̣̐̀̈̈́̉̐i̶͙̮̱̣̺̳͖͍͕͚̞͙̙̽͊͂ť̴̯̳̤̞͖͉̪̰̪͖̗̗͑͜ͅ ̸̨̡̢̹͚̮͔̥̲̙̺̮̟̰̌̃̂̽̚ḣ̸̰̬̻͔͙̮̫͙͉̬̤̘̾̀̍̇̾͜ͅu̸̬̝͔̤̘̥̰͖̣͆̈́̐͑͂̒͌̀͝͝ȑ̴̙̙̻͕̪͖̺̹̗̝́͛͝ţ̴̡̺̩̞̲̝̙̭͕͇̲͓̐͊̓͛̎̋͐͌̌͛̃͗̍̚͠s̶̡̲̰̟͋̌̽̐͐̚͜ ̴̧̯̥̽̓̇͛̀̃͂̎͛̄͘͠͝ï̶̧̨͕̗̯̲̼̲̬͎̫̪̹͚̱̍̈́̏́̍̇͋̽͌́͝͠t̴͉̙̪͍͘ ̸̬̦͓̫̹͚͆̍͠ḩ̷̫̟̰̘̖̮͍̹̱̒͛́̽̊́͐̎̌͗̂̆͝͠ͅù̸͉̹̭̻͔̹̲̙̆̓̈̌̋͆̐̄r̶̺̲̜͇̝̯̣͇̪̼̟̣̳̩͓̂t̵̨̨̼̺͉̜͎̙̜͐͑̐̐̆̀̇͠ś̵̨̨̱̭̰̫͍̮̫͕̥̤̟̱͌ ̵̢͙̗̬͈͇̟͔̱̱̝̖̣̦̑̊̅͜͝i̸̛̗͕͗͂̽̽̄̿͒̚͝͝t̴͉̻̥̭̙̭͎̠̰̘̂͛̈́͌͂̂͐̋̓̾͜͠ ̸̡̨̢̡̧͓̻͈̫̜̪̗͘h̵̢̨̡̺͍͇͚̺̓̈̑͗͋̿͐͠ų̷̨̛̠̣̰̜̬̟̜̩͎̺̼͓̼̇̓͛̚͠͠r̶̛̯̘̬͎͓͚̥̥͛̀̊̐̅͊̀̿͠ṯ̸̈́͑̚s̶͚̗͐̑́̌̂̍̆́͌̈́͐̈́͝ ̴̡̧̨̛̥̪̲̙̖̙̦̰̲͛̀̂͌̍̿̚i̸̧̧̢̡̮̫̯̬̊͒͒͑͜t̶̫̟̹͇͎͚̻͍̂̃͛ͅ ̷̧̧̟̖̗͔̻̖̖̦̓̈́̑͒̓̉̓͑̕͘̕̕͝͝ͅĥ̷̢̲̼̭͕͉͇͍͇͖͖̈́̓͊͐̋̈́̾̊̕u̷̡̪͙̭̱̻̯̳̎̊ṛ̵͎̖̦͎̤̀̋̓̀͛t̷̡̖͙͈̪͍̩̖͇͇̰̘̎͌̽͒̕͠s̷̠̥͖͇̞͙̤̱͉̭͎͎͆̓̆̉͋̂͆͑͌͊͜͠ ̵̧̛̖̱̉̐̏̉́̀͘͠͠͠ḯ̸̡̡̙͖̰̺̝̻͖̱̭̙͖͗̃͆̒̉͋̅͑͂̕͝͝t̵̨͙̯͙̙̒̔̍̓̅̅̄̄̽̃̚͝ͅ ̵̨͍̫̳̘͓̲͈̮̳͎̮̳̦̍͐̋͛͌̀̋̚͝͠ḩ̸̮̙̜̣͙̱̘̖͎͚̊̈̋̒̓̿̈́͋̇̄͒͝͝͝ų̸̖̦̩̲̻̝̖̝͚̩͋ŗ̶̭̩̻̺͉͌͐͋̽̐̀̃́͛͠͠ͅt̴̗͔̺͎̪͎̋̈́̔͑̃̔̕s̴͖͕̣̩͍̠̼̪̞͕̝͔͌̃́ ̶̰̖̥̘̳̻̺͙͂̂͐̉͐̈́̑̾́͝͝í̵̡̗̻͈͇͓͙͕͈ţ̷̛͈̰͎͕̙̭̱͍̜̑̾̈́͘ͅ ̸̡̧̲̮͇̲̙̫̖̫͎̈́h̸̡̡͓̝̫̘͓͉͖̞̠́̆̒͜ǘ̴̻̬͙̾͌̓͆̃̉̕r̵͖̪͌͆̊͆̍̾̒̏̽ͅț̷̢̡̛̀̃̊͑͊͛̚͘͠͝ş̴̱̪̗̳̺͕̩̘͂͆̓͂͘ ̷̪̒͂͗́̋̂̍̊i̵̛̥̗̲͉͖͑̓͐ͅṫ̷̢͖̞͕͍̗̖̱̘̯̞̑͜ͅ ̸̢̛̪̭͕̗̤̥͈̬̖̗̥̣̱͛͜h̸̢̛͓͓̰̻̮̰͍̃͗̋́̈̏͐̊̂̆̿͠͝u̵̩̤̰̦̮̯͓͒̾̒̎̄̔̉͒͊̆̅͘̕ṙ̵̢̘̟̤̘̺̦̼͎̤̰̣́̄̏́̃́͆̋̍͂̃̕ͅͅt̴̢̤̬̘̜͔̻̦̲̘͍͆̓̂͜s̴̲̯̯͇̦̻̐͐̇̈́̅̋͐̏̊̍̑̚ ̷̧̨̩͙͇̼̫̗̦͍̮̣͍̣̯͗į̷̧̳̥̤̞͎͇̫̫͙̻̤̙̑͊̎̿̇t̴̢̻̮̻̳̭̮̳̾͒̐̓̇ ̶̡̯͉͍͚̭͔̘̩͝ͅḩ̵̦̲͎̬͙͍̣͇̘̤̗̣̠̭̒̐͠u̵̯̣͖͈̝̗̠̥͋̾̾̒̍̇͋̍̃̾͑͠r̸̨̨͚̭̲͍̮̟̳̣̗̯̞̞̱̆̍̍͋̑t̵̢͙̆͑̌͊̐̒ś̸̢̢͓̰̲̮̥̒̿͒̽̾̀͗̽̅ i̷̩̳̙͒͂̾͊̚ţ̷̡̲̯̻͕̃̈͂͘͘̕ ̶̖̤̝̮̳͍̦̝̖̹̱̥͛̓̎̌̃͌̎̾h̶͙͌̂̿̊ư̶̺̜̲̲̬͈̱͎̯̱̳̟̲̫r̵̮̬̗̗̜̟̩̩͕̣̃́̏̃̾̓̚t̶̡̢̧̡̤͚̯̝͒͝ś̴̢̧̢͇̭̻̞̓̊́͛͆̓̉̎͘͝ ̵̨̛̗̲̫͈͓̱͈̦̞̝̙̎̃̌́̐̑̒̓̕͜i̵̢̛̻̙̍̍̇̿̓͛̍̈́͝t̸̨̢̟̭̦͙͍̦͍̘̤͕̿̏̄͆͋͑̔͝ ̴̛̙̝͚̜͉̔͗͋̃͜ȟ̷̡̧͚̥̦̑͐͂͊̈́͑̈́̀͌̀̕ư̴̙̲̦͉̟̬̰̣͖͓̐̇̈̑͂̍͆̌̑̎͑͝r̵̢̧̝̘̩͚̤̠̝̮̮̜͙̋̅̇̄͐̂͠ͅt̶̢̨̩̝̣̬͔̟̯̳̖͍̋̊̎̈́̀͊̌͛̃͝s̴̠̠͖̰̙̣̥̘̗̻̲̯̎̋͋ͅ ̷̺̝͚̜̊̅͊͛̎̽̐̌i̸̝͛t̴̻̾̾̽́̋̇͗̓̌̑͘̕͠ ̴̢̢̰͖̮̩̝͓̜̰̺̬͗̀́̃̎͑̔͜͜ͅḩ̶̝̫͎̤͕̪̱̓̊̿͂̀̿͒̓̓̿̀̂̋͘ȗ̵͖̖͖̱̔͊͝ṙ̴̖̺̺̥̪̈́͑̏ț̷̻̑͊͋͆̄͆̅͐̃̐͂s̶̨̛̙̫͕̪͈̘͉͕͖̋͌̂͆͝ ̴̢̮̀̐̍̌̇͑̓̾i̵̢̳̼̠͍̥̩̫͓̟̞̇̎̈́̽͑́̈́̍̌̒̅͊͜͝͝t̸̻̺̳̼̟̳͖̫͉͓͚̾͌̎́̌̃̈̍͝͝ ̷̡̫́͒́͐͘ĥ̸̞͎͈̺͍̼̤͚͂̋̆̀̏̎̊̊̓̕͝u̴̗͎͎͓͉̳̤̮͕̮͐̐̑͆̂́̈́̑̈͘ȑ̴̯͈̈͐̄̾̈̇̊t̴̢̡̧̩̤͎͍̘̘̝̯̖͖̼̥͛̌̏͐̆s̵̭̩̬͔̼̥͎̫͖̠̻̲̬͒̆̏̓ ̸̯̟͉̞̗̻͈̱͇̫̻̔̈́̌̽̌͐̈́̚̚͝i̵̧̮̪̩̋͒̆͂͐̈́̀͒̊̋̆̔̄̈́͛t̸̡͓̲̪̯͌̓̐̂̽͛͋͂͂̈͑͛̕ͅ ̸̨̧̨̭̳͈͉̣͖͐͐̊̋̌̃̀͠ḣ̶̨̯̯͕̭̫͎̠̘̲̊̿̇͋͑̅̑́͒̒̈́͊̔ͅu̶̝͇͍̬̾̈́̉͐̽͌̾̚͝͝r̴̢̢̥̗̲̣̓̅̏ṫ̶̻͔̙̯̯̪̬̜̊́̄̈̈́̀̉̍͋͝͝s̶̅̊ͅ ̴͎̪̟̟̬̰͎̙̇̅̀͗͛͠ỉ̷̧͎͔͙̬̳̼̠̏̽̈́̈́̓͆̔͆̋͑̀̑͜͜ẗ̴̛̪̠͖̗͖͔̠̖̞̗̲̥̯͊̔̾͆̚̕͜ ̶͇͍͙̟̼̭̣̗̤͛̋͗̅͋̈́̎̓̓̚͠h̴̛̺͉͙̀͐̂̓͒̄͠͠͠ú̵̧̞̫̥͚͍̼͕͇̑͐̊ͅr̸͕̮͇̐̄͌̊͗͊̏͝t̶̢͔̱̘̩̦̩͍̪͈̗̘̮́̽̐s̶̙̝̥͕̖̱̺̣̺̫̠̥͖̀͗͂̏̓̾̑͋̕͜͝ ̵̯̬̗̱̱̑̐̾͂͜i̵̡̼̖̝͔͙̭̪̊̿̔̾̍̔̀ͅt̷̢͉͇͇̦̖͍͖͌̾͂͌͗̉ͅ ̴̝͇͇͔̬͐h̸̺̳̠͌ű̷̧̧̦̦͎̭͕͓̯̱̠̗̬̲͝r̶̬̗̠̗̟̞̯̅̒͒̎̐ẗ̶̢̪͖̩̥͖̥͈̱̺̭͇̥́̏̄͗̓̾͌̾͗̏̃͒̈́̕͘s̴̟̘͕͔̣̘̻͚̺͚̤̈́͗̽̊̅̏̔̂̏̉̚ ̷̢̰͉̼̠̞͈̈͑̈́̃́͆̔̄̐̋̈́́̏ͅí̵̢̧̖̲͔̪̝̖̘͍͔̫͖̾͗́̋͂̈̓͑͌́̈͠ţ̵̨̡͉̱̘̽̓͂͌͌̃͝ ̶̮̩̅͆̂͊̽͜͝ȟ̷̢̰͙͙͕̣̺̦̘̭͍͔̰̽̔́ͅū̵͐̾̀͘ͅŗ̶̩̲̣̺̰̿̈́t̴̫̩̻̝̺̪̯͊̀̔̎̍̈̎̽̈́̏̄͛s̶̼̺̫̤̦͎̯̒͛̀̍̑̇͗͆͒̽͠ ̷̧̧̪͈̝̺͇̭̟̬̙͕̣̐̀̈̈́̉̐i̶͙̮̱̣̺̳͖͍͕͚̞͙̙̽͊͂ť̴̯̳̤̞͖͉̪̰̪͖̗̗͑͜ͅ ̸̨̡̢̹͚̮͔̥̲̙̺̮̟̰̌̃̂̽̚ḣ̸̰̬̻͔͙̮̫͙͉̬̤̘̾̀̍̇̾͜ͅu̸͆̈́̐͑͂͝͝
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