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Alright so after a mini hiatus I’m back doing word writing again. I just uploaded the 4th Chapter of Hand Me Down My Suit and Tie which is a fic that I have no easy way of summarizing but it’s about Grelle and she’s married to William in 1918.

This chapter has: 

Grelliam fluffy park dates~


Grelle trying to talk to Mey-Rin about womanhood and not getting a lot out of it because she’s not applying herself

Check it out!

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Grell: Oh my darling bassy~ You and I on Halloween night… We’ll have a little date, collect some souls. Forget about that brat, it’ll just be you and me.

Sebastian: I’m not interested.

Grell: Oh, what a shame. I had found a litter of kittens near my home.

Sebastian: Well, I guess I could reconsider…

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Grelle’s never met a pair of heels she couldn’t master, but what about Hannah’s boots, which have no heels at all? Can the reaper walk in a demon’s shoes? 

In which Hannah is ridiculously soft for her reaper girlfriend, even when Grelle demands to try on her baffling and horribly impractical footwear. Y’all know me…I always find myself rowing the Grellefellows canoe sooner or later. ;)

AO3 link here!

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