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#grell sutcliff

im so tired of the grell gender discourse when we all know what grell’s gender is: the “and” in ladies and gentlemen

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GRELL SUTCLIFF - precious bean.

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imagine: meirin holdimg…,,grell hamds,.,,..

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Additional part of my carrot headcanon:

When Grelle moons over Sebastian, he doesn’t have to shoo her in the violent way he always does, just shows her a huge pot of carrots and she screams in terror and flees.

Grelle: Ara, Sebas-chan~!!

Sebastian: Ah, Grelle, the one I wanted to see today. Care for a pot of some delicious… *opens the pot* Carrots?

Grelle: GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I AM COMING LATER!! *leaps up the nearest stand and flees, breaking through the window*

Sebastian: *sneers* Well, well. It worked.

Now Seb has an anti-Grelle spray, hehe.

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It would be really interesting if the major characters we’ve seen die in the manga come back as bizarre dolls in the upcoming final confrontation.

The “Joker is Polaris” theory (while not my thing) makes a good point about not necessarily writing out the dead/characters from older chapters. The potential for some of the circus members to come back also makes for an interesting possibility for Snake’s character arc. He is still unaware that o!Ciel killed all of the circus members at Noah’s Arc, and we haven’t really had any major character moments for him in a while. Maybe since we already know Finny’s backstory Yana will instead explore moments with Snake on their mission?

Playing with the various degrees of decomposition and self awareness ranging from the very basic zombie-esque dolls on the Campania to the more fully coherent ones from the school arc, and later the star lords plus r!Ciel would also be very intense. Seeing a loved one or friend as either a mindless slobbering corpse or someone who appears to have been miraculously revived as they were in life would be an interesting mindfuck. Imagine Soma in his current emotional state having to see Agni again. Or the possibilities one could explore with Grell having to face Madame Red….

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Of course my two fav grelle ships have to be the ones with the least content

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The new page of @willl-to-live-fc inspired me to jot this down.

Grell’s teeth go from regular human to sharp when she drops her butler disguise, revealing that this is indeed her true form. One could theoretically assume all reapers have the same ability to slightly modulate their appearance as well. The choice to have William’s teeth be sharper when he loses his temper (while probably just a stylistic choice) makes me wonder if all reapers actually have sharper teeth like Grell. They just constantly keep up a small glamour/disguise that is liable to fall/break under moments of high stress or emotion, revealing the more monstrous features of the reaper.

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Never draw any shipping stuff but this has been on my mind for weeks

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