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—awesome match and Taker and Jeff is my favs👊👊🔝❤☺☺👍
One of my favorite matches of all time
#jeffhardy vs #TheUnderTaker
#MichelleMcCool and #TheUnderTaker triva
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Omg I have 500 (and 1) followers!!!


Thank you all so much!!!

In honour (eventually, when I have time) I’m going to write a multi chapter fic with Undertaker. I mentioned this a while ago and this is just another teaser. It takes place in modern times but simultaneously is set before the manga begins, whilst Undertaker is still working with Dispatch and before Grell, William and Co become reapers. Reader is gender neutral as usual and it’s something of a slow burn, irregular updates are a guarantee (it’s me. I’m incapable of posting regularly that wouldn’t be any fun). I’m also planning something for Halloween, so watch this space!

Hope everyone’s keeping safe and thanks again for 500!!

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Ch169, Games and pawns

Took a while for me to get to this one, but here it is. The last overview post for ch169.

Lord Polaris comes to deliver the bad news,


and Undertaker’s response is actually hard to read. It’s a laugh, but it’s a short laugh that might mean something other than amusement. Lord Ciel, as he wants to be called now, is very pleased, much to Polaris’ dismay.

Lord Ciel sees this merely as a fight with his brother, discounting all the collateral damage and the lives it’s costing. It’s like a game of chess to him, so it’s all about strategy. He has said before that our earl and their dad were the only ones who gave him a good game of chess.

Something still feels forced about Undertaker’s laughter, but I do think he’s pleased that Lord Ciel is pleased. What does he really think about this fight?


Polaris goes into a fit of rage, knocking things off tables, tearing up the drapes. His focus is not so much on their enemy, our earl, as it is about what will happen if they fail and cannot provide Lord Ciel with enough blood. He wishes he had killed all of the people involved at Heathfield’s manor.


Then Polaris is down on the floor, stabbing the flooring, and he says it’s not too late to kill them. He would utterly destroy them.


Lord Ciel reminds Polaris that he goes by “Lord Ciel” now, not “Lord Sirius”. That’s because they are trying to make everyone else think that our earl is Lord Sirius and the one behind the blood draining deaths at Sphere Music Hall. Some bloggers have suggested that Polaris knows our earl and used to call him by another name. I think that’s entirely possible. But instead of Joker once calling him Smile, I’m thinking of how the previous Phantomhive servants would have called him by Lord (whatever his name is). Either way, this is a good way to avoid calling our earl by his real name or exposing Polaris’ identity… yet.

We also get confirmation here that, without a doubt, Polaris is also a bizarre doll who needs a blood supply.


Polaris is truly terrified that he could lose his master again. Was that previous master Vincent Phantomhive? Was it someone else? Some say Kelvin, but it doesn’t feel right to me. Joker didn’t call Kelvin “master” but “father”, and the only reason he stayed loyal to Kelvin was because of what he had done for him and his friends. He thought the workhouse was still running and that Kelvin would continue to help other disadvantaged people. He died not knowing the truth about the workhouse, but he knew Kelvin was a terrible person. Also, why would someone like Joker become obsessive about serving a kid who looks like the boy who got him and his found family killed? I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. “I can’t even imagine where else I could be” suggests he has no one and nowhere else to go to. Would Joker have nowhere else to go? Idk.


He’s a butler, even in death. Again, this does not sound like anyone from the circus. It sounds like someone who was a full-on butler before death… and Joker was not. He was more like an adopted son to Kelvin, which is why he and the others called Kelvin “father”. He spent most of his time with the traveling circus and visited “father” from time to time, usually to bring children or important news. And he was forced to put on circus shows for Kelvin… using lobotomized children for the acts (which he hated). Kelvin’s household staff were actually just more of those children, at least the ones we saw. Hard to imagine those kids cooking the huge feasts, but I digress.


Anyway… thoughts?

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The confirmation that Polaris is, indeed, a bizarre doll…


And his impressive breakdown…


Make me wonder just how much Undertaker could have experimented on this guy. He sounds utterly and completely out of it, to me.

The way he desperately clings to the idea of being a butler…


…seriously has me thinking.

The most obvious and most logical conclusion would be that this guy is a former butler who failed to protect his master and died. Either he was a really dedicated butler all his life, either he died with this desperation that he failed to protect his master, and, when he got revived as a bizarre doll, the desperation of having to protect his master stuck.


If so, then Undertaker’s reaction to his words here has me thinking that, perhaps, the former master Polaris is talking about is actually Vincent. Diedrich mentioned in the past how Vincent also had ‘special’ servants, just that they were different from our!Ciel’s, and Polaris would fit like a glove. Polaris would literally fit perfectly. If I find it, I will add here the panel of what Diedrich said.

The problem is, if this guy was only a random butler/servant Vincent had that we’ve never seen or cared about before, why all this secrecy around him? Why still keep his face hidden? All this secrecy keeps hinting that this guy is, indeed, someone we already know. 

It’s also possible that he wasn’t necessarily Vincent’s butler. Perhaps Undertaker reacted like that just because he knows who that master was, and that’s it. So his master could be someone else entirely. But even so, I still can’t think of such a… um, passionate dead butler. 

Which brings me to my other possibility, which kind of goes a bit deep into crack theory territory. Maybe, just maybe, this guy wasn’t even a butler.

As I said before, it looks to me like this guy has been heavily experimented on. He has the most commonly found blood type in the Kuro universe, so Undertaker probably had the freedom to do what he wanted with him. Plus, his strength and agility are also suspicious. Now that we know that he is a bizarre doll (with unlimited blood supply, kind of), maybe his strength and/or agility are also due to… certain enhancements. 

And we also know that bizarre dolls can still function even with someone else’s cinematic records. So I wonder, could this duty of his to protect his master actually be fake? Could it be that Undertaker created this Polaris person as a sort of parallel to Sebastian? For Real!Ciel? It is something I wonder.

Now, although, at least for now, I’m leaning more towards the idea that he might have indeed been some sort of butler who failed to protect his master (though, again, no one from the past really stands out to me in this case?), I keep all other possibilities open. I really think that Undertaker could have just edited his cinematic records so much that he has lost it. Literally.

Any thoughts? And thank you for reading if you’ve gotten this far!

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