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#black butler anime

Welcome!! You have reached my masterlist for the reapers. If that was your intention, do carry on, if not head back to my main masterlist for other characters. If you want to request go back there too for the latest info, also my askbox is currently closed. Enjoy your stay!


Keep your eyes peeled!!





Grell Sutcliff



William T. Spears







Ronald Knox


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Hello!! This is my demons masterlist. If that was what you wanted feel free to carry on, if not go back to my main masterlist to find what you were looking for. Also go there for information on requesting things (askbox currently closed). Hope you find something you like!

Sebastian Michælis

Stay tuned for more of everyone’s favourite demon butler!!




Claude Faustus



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I really wish that who ever owns black butler would just give the rights to Netflix and let them do a adaptation of the manga. I mean Netflix does a pretty good job on animated shows, so why not.

But it’s not going to happen since they already made certain parts:(

And other more complicated things…

But a person can Dream.

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Of course!! Your English isn’t bad at all, hope you enjoy! Also! Angst. Obviously



  • Alright, so lets start off by saying that obviously Sebastian didn’t want you to find out
  • He knew how you felt about him and he cared for you too, but it was imperative that this circus troupe were stopped and it had become more than clear that this was going to be the only way to do it
  • Unfortunately, Ciel and by extension his duties as the Queen’s Guard Dog had to come first
  • Let’s be real though, that is like zero consolation and everyone knows it
  • He knew what he did would hurt you if you found out, but in all honesty he didn’t think you would be able to
  • In fact, he was quite impressed you’d managed it
  • Of course he didn’t say that to you, you were already upset enough
  • He knew you’d found out as soon as he saw you
  • Your eyes were still slightly bloodshot from crying too long and you were curled up on the sofa, defiantly reusing to even acknowledge the demon’s presence
  • He tries to approach you, walking slowly to avoid startling you and quietly saying your name
  • Without hesitation, you lean forward to pick up the tea sitting on the table in front of you and just walk away
  • You look straight past the demon, refusing to allow your tears to fall and not giving him a chance to say a word
  • He sighed silently but decided pushing you now wasn’t the best idea
  • You were going to have to talk to him at some point and he’d really rather it was sooner than later, but that was clearly not going to be the case for you
  • You on the other hand had managed to avoid Sebastian for most of the rest of the day and were quite pleased with yourself for doing it
  • Of course you realised you had only avoided him because he hadn’t put any real effort into preventing it
  • That was until the evening, when you were once again curled up on the sofa as he entered the room, quietly saying your name and asking to talk
  • You tried to do the same thing as before, aiming at just waking past him
  • He wasn’t going to let that happen twice
  • Smoothly, he caught your arm as you went past
  • He was gentle, but firm enough that you couldn’t just shake off his grip
  • You swallowed once, steeling yourself before turning to face him
  • You met his gaze with a cold glare, doing your best to cover up how truly upset you were
  • “Y/N, please can we talk?”
  • You moved your other hand in a silent ‘go on’ gesture
  • You didn’t know what excuses he was going to come up with and really you didn’t care, but you knew this conversation would have to happen at some point
  • H launched straight into it, starting with an apology (which you might even have considered heartfelt, had you not known better) and then explaining that everything had been for a case, for the sake of getting information to help Ciel fulfil his duty to the queen
  • You can feel your anger and sadness rising again and your eyes are beginning to line with tears, but you push on regardless
  • “And you mean to tell me,” you hiss out in a disbelieving tone, “that there was no other way?”
  • “Believe me, we exhausted every other method available to us. This was a last resort, a long shot at best”
  • You nod, albeit sarcastically, then ask, “And you did that work out for you?”
  • “We acquired all of the information we needed and the troupe were properly seen to, so yes we were successful” was his succinct reply
  • You blink a few times, nod once more then spit out “well good for you”
  • With that you rip your arm from his grip and spin away on your heel
  • Behind you, Sebastian narrows his eyes in annoyance then grabs your arm, only this time when you turn to face him, you use the momentum he provided to slap him hard across the face
  • The demon stopps dead and with the force you had used to hit him, there was already a bright red mark blossoming across almost half his face
  • He looks absolutely shocked, albeit not in pain, but his hold on your wrist doesn’t loosen any
  • When you lock eyes with him, you are sobbing, unable to keep it in any longer
  • “Y/N…” he whispers, though what he was going to say you didn’t know and you didn’t care
  • “You broke my heart!” You cry out, uselessly twisting your wrist in an attempt to make him let go, “I loved you”
  • You don’t miss the way his eyes flash at the use of past tense, but you carry on anyway
  • “Why would you do that to me?” The last comes out as a whisper, your voice cracking a little
  • He tries to say the same thing again, about the case and the string of child abductions, but it’s all falling on deaf ears
  • He still keeps ahold of your wrist as you try to walk away and you turn back to him once more
  • “Let go, Sebastian.”
  • There’s something in the way you spoke and he does as you say, watching as you walk out of the room, away from him
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Hi there! I’m good thank you, hope you are too!! Absolutely, hope you like it!




  • Sebastian thinks the whole thing is just overly cute
  • It’s like you’re some sort of mother act and all these kittens keep coming to you for comfort
  • Children seem to have this inbuilt radar whereby they know which people wouldn’t mind talking to them and which to avoid
  • Somewhat unnecessary to point out the demon himself has worked very hard to stay firmly in the ‘avoid’ category
  • Hopefully even ‘avoid at all costs’
  • You on the other hand couldn’t be more different
  • You’ve loved children for as long as he’s known you and he suspects it’s a lifelong thing for you
  • It’s not something he can honestly say eh relates to or really even understands, but it makes you happy and as long as they talk to you and not him, that’s good enough for him
  • One day, the pair of you had gone to the annual ice festival together
  • Although it was still fairly early evening, it was winter so the sky was already dark and your breaths were left frozen and hanging as white clouds in the air
  • You were in the middle of the city and there were street vendors and merchandise stands
  • Most people were going around with takeaway food or at least warm drinks and the whole atmosphere was alive
  • Everyone was chatting and laughing, even to strangers they had never met before
  • those who went every year knew the usual street vendors and struck up conversation while they waited in line often involving other customers waiting behind them in the cheerful talk
  • All was wonderful until you came across a small boy standing in the middle of the street
  • He was crying his eyes out, alone and clearly having lost his people
  • You and Sebastian saw him at the same time and you immediately rushed over, the demon following closely behind
  • He stayed back a ways though to avoid frightening the child any further - he did have a heart when it came to you, after all
  • You asked the boy what was wrong and between sobs he told you he’d lost his dad
  • You smiled warmly, reassuring him and asking what his dad looked like where he had last seen him
  • He told you, but when he got even more upset you told him his dad was looking for him even more frantically
  • The boy sniffled and asked if it was true, which you agreed with emphatically
  • You looked back up at Sebastian to back you up on that point
  • He just nodded, giving a small, polite smile
  • You turned back to the boy, but that left the demon to scan the crowd until he located the father, who rushing from one side of the street to the other, asking everyone who he found if they had seen his son
  • He was too far away for the boy to see, but Sebastian looked at him until he made eye contact, then raised a hand and glanced downwards to wear you were crouched on the pavement
  • He ran over, telling the boy off, hugging him and telling him everything was alright then thanking the both of you all in quick succession
  • You smiled and waved as they walked away together, Sebastian watching the unfiltered joy on your features with a soft smile gracing his own


  • Whenever Edward sees you interact with children, he always thinks about how great a mother you would be
  • He finds your kindness towards children to be inspiring, your willingness to help others remarkable and your smile infectious
  • He thinks its incredible that wherever you go, children seem able to single you out from everyone else in the crowd as a person it would be safe to talk to
  • Edward himself isn’t so much ‘anti-child’ as he doesn’t think it’s his place to interact with them as much as you can
  • His line of thinking is that most people don’t mind their child walking up to a woman as much as they do a man and he would hate to make anybody feel uncomfortable
  • That doesn’t mean he can’t feel happy and enjoy watching you interact with them though
  • One day, the two of you were on a trip out in London
  • You were sight seeing really, despite having been many times before, as it was an especially nice day and you had collectively decided it was the best way to spend your time
  • People came from all over the world to visit the many sights and attractions London had to offer and despite having lived there your whole lives you couldn’t honestly say you had visited all that many of the tourist destinations
  • You had decided to take something of a break around midday and as such were waiting in a queue for a new fast food phenomenon known as a ‘curry bun’
  • There was not a person who didn’t recommend it and the signs on the stall claimed it was the only one in Central London
  • They also boasted as many flavours you could think of so you couldn’t help but want to try one
  • You were chatting idly and swapping theories for what you thought the food would taste like when something tugged your coat
  • You glanced down to find a girl beaming up at you, two front teeth missing and utterly thrilled
  • You smiled back greeting her warmly and kneeling down to talk to her
  • “Did you know,” she started confidently, “that my mummy is going to get me a curry bun?”
  • “Really?” You replied incredulously, “I had no idea, that sounds so exciting! What flavour are you thinking of trying?”
  • Edward watched the scene play out with a happy smile on his face
  • The girl was very excited to tell you all about her favourite curry bun, the one she always had, and then about her second favourite and so on
  • You listened faithfully throughout the entire explanation, throwing in your opinion and asking questions every so often
  • Eventually the girl’s mother came over, carrying the long awaited curry bun and the girl immediately ran to grab it from her
  • Her mother apologised for her chatterbox tendencies, but you only laughed and said you had enjoyed the conversation, now knowing far more about the food than you had done previously
  • When you stood back up, you turned to Edward with a ‘what?’ as his eyes glittered with his smile
  • He shook his head, claiming if you could see yourself when you did that, you would be smiling too
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Yes you can, hope you enjoy!



You swallowed hard, trying to control the trembling in your fingers as your breaths remained unsteady. Sebastian was standing mere inches away from you, eyes glowing blood red but gaze as cold as ice. How was it that he always knew what to say to hurt the most? Nothing had really even happened - evidently you had asked one too many questions about what he’d been doing with one Ciel Phantomhive and he had just snapped. You knew work was a decidedly off limit topic, but you thought you would try once more; you didn’t keep all that much from him, after all. In any event, you wouldn’t be trying that again any time soon.

“Fine,” you muttered, features drawn in a deep frown, “I guess that’s just something else you get to lie about.” You stormed out of the house before he had a chance to reply. Although you were cross, you were really more upset than anything else. Relationships are supposed to be built on trust, or so you believed, and there didn’t seem to be all that much of it to go around in yours.

It was about mid-morning as you left and as such you allowed your feet to carry you wherever they wanted to go. You paid attention to your surroundings - London wasn’t always the safest of places - but daylight hours provided far less concern that those of the night. You didn’t feel the need to keep checking over your shoulder either, fairly certain that Sebastian wouldn’t follow. No doubt he’d have a way of knowing where you were anyway, but at least he wasn’t actually here.

In actuality, Sebastian was pacing around the room you had just left in a threateningly calm manner, eyes were much crimson and an unnatural dark starting to swallow up the room. He was cross at you, yes; you didn’t seem to understand that when discussing the topic of work always leads down this road, you should just stop bringing it up. But more importantly, he was cross at his situation. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to tell you, it was that he couldn’t. The Young Master would be in danger if he did and he was fairly certain that was verging on a breach of contract too, which simply led to you being understandably confused and upset. You knew he was a demon, something he felt it wasn’t fair to hide from you, but you knew very little about him besides that.

Sebastian sighed. Maybe it was time he let you in on a bit more of the secret. He still couldn’t give you the fine details about things, but he could at least give you a bit more background information. Maybe if he did that, you would understand the need for secrecy a bit more. The other thing that bugged him was how you always accused him of lying. He didn’t ever lie to you, he was physically incapable of doing it, but that was something else he couldn’t explain to you. It annoyed him because while he did tell half-truths, he knew you wanted your relationships to be based on trust and if you could understand that was exactly what he was giving you, then you might be less intrigued by what he did at work.

That was it; he was going to have to tell you.


You sat down heavily on a bench in Hyde Park, a disposable cup of coffee pressed to your lips. You’d already finished the consolation slice of cake that you bought and you fully intended to just stay put until you had calmed down. You smiled half heartedly when you saw the barista had sprinkled a chocolate smiling face on top of the white foam. A particularly strong gust of wind jostled your hair and the collars of your coat and you took a long sip of the drink, proceeding to almost jump out of your skin when you noticed a man sitting next to you where previously there had been nobody. He laughed a little, a deep rumble in his chest at your reaction.

“Sorry,” he offered with an apologetic smile, “didn’t mean to frighten you.” Still a little breathless, you assured him there was no problem. “You look a bit sad you know. Want to talk about anything?” To say you were surprised by the stranger’s kindness would be an understatement. You didn’t end up telling him what had happened earlier on, though you did sit and talk for a very long time.

His name was Jason as it turned out. He worked at a local car garage as a mechanic, and a good one at that. During the time you spent with him, short though it was, you felt like you had known him all your life. Without really even realising it, the distance between you had lessened until you were brushing elbows with him as you moved your hands to demonstrate a point, until your knees touched. When he leaned right into your personal space, clearly intending to kiss you, you didn’t catch yourself in time to think about Sebastia-

“Oi!! What the hell was that for?!” A gloved hand had shot between you before your lips could touch and Jason had been hauled upright by the collar of his shirt, Sebastian’s face now very much in his.

“The hell indeed,” Sebastian growled out, eyes flashing as fury burned bright behind them.

“Oh I see,” Jason snarled, eye colour turning to match Sebastian’s in seconds, “she’s yours.” Your boyfriend bared his sharpened teeth in a far more literal snarl than the other demon could seem to manage. You watched on, mute at the whole affair and astonished you hadn’t realised Jason was a demon too. But still, it felt like there was more fuelling this heated exchange than just a kiss.

“How dare you try to mark my mate,” Sebastian hissed, “do you have any idea who I am?” His voice had taken on a shadowy, other worldly quality that sent shivers down your spine. It was something old and dark, belying an immense power that should by all accounts be left alone. Jason on the other hand seemed to know exactly what it meant. He all but shrunk in size, leaning away from the other demon in surrender where moments earlier he’d been leaning forward in challenge. “I need not remind what will happen if she ever sees you again.”

With that he let go of Jason’s collar and watch as he practically disappeared into thin air. Satisfied the other was actually gone, he turned back to you. If you thought he was scary when cross before, now he was downright terrifying. Wordless, he held out a hand for you to take. You did so, albeit hesitantly, to find yourselves instantly transported back to the house. Sebastian crushed your body against his immediately, nose pressed against the shoulder of your coat where Jason’s hand had been.

“Despicable,” he muttered, glancing back as you started to stammer out apologies. “I didn’t mean you.” You stopped short, the demon taking the opportunity to kiss you for as long as possible. It quickly left you breathless and you pulled back, chest heaving and hands against his shoulders. You couldn’t help the smirk that made its way onto your face.

“You’re jealous,” you murmured. His eyes glinted dangerously.

“Is that your attempt at telling me I have no reason to be?”

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Hello again!! You said unhappy and you sure have got it! Seriously though, this is completely different to what I normally write and if anyone’s feeling at all bad about themselves, please don’t read this. Links to happy Grell stories in my masterlist 😂 Also, male pronouns for Grell as requested and a gender neutral reader.

❗️Warnings; aaaaangst, all the way through. Very sad. Blood/injury/violence. Death.



How. How could this possibly happen? Grell’s mouth was dry, his fingers gripping the dreaded black notebook so hard his knuckles were starting to turn white. This was some sort of mistake, right? Had to be. Because Grell had already been through so much, had barely managed to claw himself back from the edge of despair and had continued doing so through finding you - you couldn’t possibly go now. This was not your time.


“So where are we going now?” You were walking next to Ciel through the cobbled streets of London, Sebastian half a step behind. A recent string of murders were proving more trouble than they were worth and all you kept coming across were dead ends. The police force had really tightened their ranks around this case and were not giving the earl any more than the bare minimum of information, despite his position as the Queen’s Guard Dog.

“The authorities aren’t going to help us with this,” Ciel informed you gravely. “They appear to have lost their faith in me and as such are using it as an excuse to not cooperate. There is only one other person I know who will help us with this.” A few minutes later, you were standing in front of an out-of-the-way shop, the sign of which loudly proclaimed ‘Undertaker’. You raised a questioning eyebrow at Ciel, who dismissed your confusion with a light wave of his hand.

Sebastian held open the door for you both to enter and you thanked him as you walked through, ignoring the chill curling up your spine at the creaking of the old hinges. The room was so dark you could hardly see anything, but the earl didn’t seem concerned.

“Undertaker, are you here?” He called, glancing around for the man in question. As it turned out, you would be the one to almost collapse in terror when the coffin propped up on the wall behind you slowly swung open, revealing someone dressed as though he were attending a funeral standing inside it. Your reaction was enough to make him giggle, which Ciel simply tutted at. “We’re here for information about your most recent guests, the police are refusing to hand anything over.” After a good twenty minutes of trying to make him laugh, Sebastian finally succeeded and you were once again on your way, this time with both a lead and destination in mind.

The people you were chasing were a notorious circle of smugglers who excelled at their craft and whose organisation had been doing so for the last century. The people being murdered were those who had tried to escape from the ring, bound only to it by their predecessors’ decisions to join it. The circle dared not let them escape, lest they hand over any information to the authorities and disrupt the entire ongoing operation. Their current storage unit was hidden in an abandoned warehouse at the dodgy end of the Thames, nestled between two disused docks. It was perfect really - they could take a boat by night to pick up and drop off their goods and nobody was any the wiser. Not until now, at least. But your downfall came in not realising they had their own network of eyes and ears.

The warehouse was empty when you got there; no smuggled goods, no people who were smuggling them. Not so much as a scrap of paper to be used as evidence. You had split up to search the main floor, you insisting that Sebastian stayed with and protected Ciel, given that you were something of an old hand at this. Pistol in hand, for precaution’s sake, you carried out your search quickly and efficiently. You found nothing of any interest, until you came across several large stacks of crates. They secluded you from the rest of the warehouse, but you were so intent on finding something to help further the investigation that you didn’t even think about it, certain the whole place was empty. But oh how wrong you were.

In a split second, an entire stack of wooden crates fell forward, more than enough to crush you to death had you been any slower in jumping out of the way. On your hands and knees and breathing heavily from shock, you crawled back to your feet only to let out a strangled whimper of pain. Searing agony was pulsing through your lower back and you were hardly able to look back over your shoulder to see the face of your assailant. The man, dressed all in black with a piece of material covering his face forced the knife further in until you both heard something crack sickeningly. With that, he let go of the hilt and watched you collapse to the ground, body twisted helplessly and incapable of doing anything more than wheeze in pain, desperately trying to fill your lungs with air that didn’t want to come. Your mouth was filling with blood even as you weakly tried to spit it out, your vision starting to distort. You just had to hold on a bit longer, just until Ciel got here and caught the man, no doubt one of the smugglers…

When butler and earl had heard the almighty crash, they glanced towards each other for but a second before they started running towards the source of the noise, Sebastian ahead of Ciel. Ciel was fighting back a nausea that he didn’t want to admit to having at the thought that the noise had come from the direction in which you had gone.

You kept your eyes locked on the man for as long as you could, him doing to the same to you as he watched the damage he had caused slowly consume you. You had never felt so sick in your life. Grell meanwhile, was running as fast as his already inhuman speed could allow him too. He was not going to let you die, no matter what. You were too important, your death would be a loss to this world. To his world. He was not going to allow it.

You watched the man even as he turned tail to run, as he was met by Sebastian’s fist and help off of the ground by his throat. Ciel’s shattered whisper of your name was enough to bring tears to your eyes, should your body have been capable of producing them. Even Sebastian’s eyes were wide. You could imagine the state your back was in, but had you not, the look of horror and guilt rising in the boy’s, no, your boy’s eyes was enough to tell you. The earl couldn’t even put a hand to the wound to stem the blood flow; it was so deep and wide, so cruel, there wasn’t even a discernible area to apply pressure to. It took every ounce of concentration you had left to look up at Ciel, to try and convey through your eyes alone that you loved him, that he would be alright. There were tears in his eyes.

Just as you could feel your mind starting to fade, a shattering of glass managed to grab your attention once more. There was a blur of crimson, lighter than the patches of your own no staining the concrete around you, and a deafening screech as the perfect chain saw, the one Grell was so proud of, was dropped with its chain still whirring to the ground. The reaper’s hands were cupping your cheeks in seconds, wiping away the moisture your eyes had given out and trying to get rid of the rosy red, the red he loved so much on you, from your sickly face. It was hopeless and somewhere deep within his heart he knew it, but he wasn’t giving up yet. Your lips formed Grell’s name once, twice, but you were too weak for your voice to come out.

He was sobbing, teeth bared and face wrenched in agony and Sebastian and Ciel were there but he didn’t care, because it was you, it was his Y/N who was bleeding out before his very eyes and there was nothing he could do. He was a god of death and you were dying and there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t have gotten here any faster, couldn’t have punished his lungs or his legs or his heart any more than he already had and he had only seen that God forsaken To-Die list ten minutes previously, while he was thinking about which restaurant to take you to for this evening’s date night. His hands shook as he remembered the silly teddy bear he’d bought you only yesterday, the plush one holding a heart that had ‘I’ll love you forever’ embroidered on it in gold thread. It had been in his cupboard for a month now because he hadn’t been able to pick the right time to give it to you - he’d wanted it to be perfect.

“I got you a bear,” he choked out, watching the speed of your blinking become ever more lethargic. “It’s holding a heart.” A dry sob, a pale face slick with a stream of tears that wouldn’t stop coming, turning red as they mixed with your blood. “It - it says, ‘I love you’. I love you, Y/N, you know that, right? I-” He couldn’t breathe. His ears were ringing with white noise and the only real sound were your gargled breaths, each one taking less oxygen into your blood than the last. “Don’t go, Y/N,” he whispered out at last, voice coarse and rough but he didn’t care, because this was the last thing he was ever going to be able to say to you. “Please, please don’t go. I can’t.. I don’t know what to do without you. I’m nothing without you. Please Y/N- Y/N? Y/N look at me. Look at me. Sweetheart open your eyes, plea–” A whimper tore itself from the back of his throat as your hand went limp in his. Your chest no longer moved, your laboured breathing ceased; he heard your heart stop beating. That didn’t stop the raw, feral howl of pain the reaper gave as he curled his arms around your body, as he begged you to wake up. It was over. He barely registered the muffled sniffling of the boy crouched next to him, nor the way Sebastian for once held his tongue. One glance towards that wretched death scythe was enough to bring a burning fury to every fibre of his being.

“I will not,” he hissed out, hand subconsciously smoothing down your hair. “Not to you. There is not a being in this world or any other who could make me.” With that he reached into his pocket and drew out the black, leather bound notebook, opened it to random page and ripped it in two clean down the spine. “I will come back for you my darling,” he whispered before standing up, “I swear.” The reaper stooped down to haul his death scythe over his shoulder, allowing the gleaming chrome to get scratched as he dragged it for a moment against the concrete. It was barely a few minutes before he stormed into the office of one William T. Spears.

“Haven’t you ever heard of knocki - oh, Sutcliff, it’s you,” was the bored, uninterested greeting he was given and when he didn’t reply, the other reaper eventually looked up from his paperwork. “I’m listening, Sutcliff, what’s the-” he cut himself off abruptly. It wasn’t the fact that Grell was covered in blood, that was a fairly normal occurrence for those in collections. It wasn’t really even the scratched and bloodied paintwork of the scythe he cared so much about, though that added to the image. It was that Grell’s perfect makeup was flawed beyond repair, that his eyes were puffy and red in a way that only tears which truly hurt can cause, that his hair was tangled and his chartreuse gaze was wild with anger and defiance, fuelled onward by unadulterated agony.

“You monster,” he spat out, “you knew. You knew what they meant to me when you gave me that list, don’t you dare try to deny it. I knew you were cold and calculating, but how could you do this?” Grell was for once talking quietly, albeit with a growling quality, for he knew if he raised his voice now he could never stop. He didn’t give William a chance to respond. “Well do you know what? Enough’s enough. I quit.” Grell dropped the scythe on the desk, denting and splintering the polished hardwood surface and scattering the carefully organised piles of paper. He then picked up the book one last time and with a look of fury William thought even he couldn’t rival, Grell slammed it down on the free section of desk between his hands. As his former class and work mate left his office with tears flowing once again, the management reaper was left staring at a profile page, your smiling face looking past him and into the distance. The ‘uncollected’ stamp was still written next to your name, two drops of dried blood marring your death date.

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Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me!! Of course you can and sorry this took so long!

Prompts in bold



Ciel, as per usual, was more than tired of how the day was panning out. Nothing specific had happened, but taxes were due and he was organising several new properties on his estate to be rented, there was the matter of arranging the purchase of a new carriage after the old one had been damaged during one especially stormy journey… He just had a lot to do.

You on the other hand were faring much better. You had woken up knowing it was going to be a good day and you were all the better for it. You had time to read some more of your most current book, getting through the really exciting part you had known was coming and had been looking forward to from the start.

As the day went on, you became more and more excited. You were scheduled to have dinner with Ciel at the Phantomhive estate. It was about an hour’s carriage drive away so you needed to be ready considerably earlier than that, but you were having trouble preventing yourself going and putting on your finery right now. When it was eventually time, the journey seemed to take far too long. Your excitement was palpable and you could hardly focus on your book for trying to will the carriage to go faster. You were greeted by Sebastian, who welcomed you graciously as ever and asked you to wait in the drawing room, as the Young Lord was just finishing up some paperwork. It was only another few minutes until he arrived, wearing his finest blue clothes and with his hair shining beautifully.

You greeted each other, you perhaps a little more warmly, then picked up on the last conversation you had shared as if it only happened yesterday. You had missed him dearly and fully intended to enjoy every second of this evening. Dinner was surely the best you’d ever had. Ciel had told Sebastian to make your favourite fish for every single course you had. He had your favourite drink for during the meal and your favourite type of tea for afterwards; everything was truly perfect.

After you finished eating, you moved to one of several sitting rooms so you could continue talking in more comfort. Ciel sat down on one sofa and you chose the piece opposite to him. A fire burned in the hearth to the side of you, the room already warm compared to the cold outside but now also containing a relaxing glow. The earl told Sebastian to make tea and the butler left immediately, reappearing barely a minute later with a full tea set on a wooden trolley. It looked to be their finest china brought out in your honour, something you greatly appreciated.

“Do you have any plans for next Thursday?” Ciel asked during a comfortable lull in conversation. He was leaning lightly on the arm of the sofa, gaze locked with yours over the rim of his teacup. When you said you didn’t, he gave a small smile. “There’s a matinee performance of an opera I plan to attend, would you do me the honour of joining me?” You smiled widely, utterly thrilled that he wanted your company.

Ciel explained which opera it was - one you hadn’t seen before - and that it had gained the highest praise from multiple members of the nobility. You didn’t need the convincing, but this only made you believe you would enjoy it more.

“I would love to,” you told him, mentally planning out what you were going to wear already.

As the evening went on, the night started to come in through the windows. Sebastian had come to close the curtains, some time ago you were now certain, and had also restoked the fire. A gentle rain had started lightly pattering against the windowpanes and that with the gentle crackling of the fire in background made the room’s atmosphere a happy one. You were drawn from your thoughts when you realised Ciel had been staring at you for quite a while now. You smiled, jokingly asking nif you had something on your face. You wouldn’t say he found the joke all that funny, but his features seemed to soften considerably. He extended a hand to you.

“Come here.” You did as he asked and stepped between the two sofas, taking his hand and sitting down next to him when he nodded. Ciel allowed his thumb to lightly run over the back of your hand, taking in every detail of your face as he did so.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, ignoring the pink starting to stain your cheeks at his words, “do you know that?” You stuttered around a few words for a moment or two before deciding you couldn’t viably answer yes or no to that question so just opted to remain quiet, gaze down a little and to one side so that you avoided his eyes. “I don’t mean to embarrass you,” he continued, sounding if you were correct at least a little bashful, “but it’s true.” You looked back up again, finding he was indeed smiling, small though the gesture was. You laid your other hand over the top of his, watching carefully how they seemed to fit perfectly together.

“Thank you,” you murmured quietly, eyes returning to the fireplace once more.

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Remember in season 1 of the anime UT showed up at the grim reaper library to return books that he ‘forgot’ to return?

As a librarian, I got thinking about the kind of fines UT would expect to have accrued for that -in today’s money. The library I work for charges 20p per each day after the book’s due date.

I’m not sure if it was stated how long Undertaker had been retired from the dispatch, but let’s say it was the 50 years as stated in the manga. 

50 years = 18250 days.

18250 x 0.20 = £3,650, or $4,705.94.

Bad Undertaker! No more books for you!

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Absolutely, sorry these took so long!! Also!! Manga spoilers, purely because he appears more in the manga than the anime. You’ve been warned!



  • I think Edward is possibly one of the least dark (does that make sense) people in Black Butler
  • I mean
  • He doesn’t have a dark past, I don’t think he’s killed anyone, he doesn’t appear to have any ulterior motives and his big thing is protecting his little sister above all else
  • I’d say he has a very big heart
  • Pretty family oriented, he loves his family and he tried to protect them as best he can
  • We know he’s an academic
  • I reckon he has a very good work ethic, but academia is not his heart and soul
  • He knows how to get his work done and also have a healthy amount of time left for things he wants to do; fencing, reading, probably other sports too
  • Horse riding and shooting were quite popular at the time so I’d say he enjoys those too
  • As I said a minute ago, he’s very protective of Lizzie
  • He doesn’t want her heart to be messed around with or worst of all broken, which is why he gives Ciel such a hard time
  • He would really do just about anything for her, just wanting to make sure she’s alright
  • If she’s ever upset, it breaks his own heart
  • That said, if another person is responsible for the state she’s in he will make sure they never see her again
  • He’s a very good actor/excels at taking on another personality when he needs to
  • His alter ego in the Phantom Five was, as the name suggests, completely different to his normal personality
  • But after practicing a bit he pulled it off excellently
  • He’s also a good leader
  • He’s confident but not bossy/demanding
  • He probably expects things to be done in a timely fashion but wouldn’t insist people work themselves flat out just to meet a deadline
  • He’s more flexible like that
  • He knows how to delegate tasks to the people helping him so that each of their strengths are used to the maximum
  • He also knows the value of teamwork, which is likely why his leadership skills are so good
  • Now, his fencing skills may not be up to Lizzie’s standard, but he is definitely no slouch
  • He’s not one to get put off by the enemy he’s facing (be it a real one or another member of the duelling club)
  • He’s able to push fear and anxiety aside to get the job done, like how he was unphased by the zombies on the Campania
  • That and he doesn’t really get nervous or anxious, only when it comes to the safety and health of his family, especially Lizzie
  • And despite how protective he is of her, he still respects her choices and right to chose - he doesn’t prevent her from doing anything/speak for her/etc except in the most dire of circumstances, ie when she’s liable to get hurt
  • Going back to the leadership thing, he’s current prefect of the Green House at Weston College
  • This tells me the guy has awesome time management skills
  • He can be prefect, keep grades up AND do everything else he wants in his free time
  • That is some achievement
  • On another note, honour/valour are things he values highly
  • Like he was trying to get women and children onto the Campania’s life boats first
  • He also protected as many people as possible from the zombies
  • With a s/o, I think he’d look for someone who is capable of standing on their own two feet
  • Healthy debater/doesn’t just accept what they’re told if they have a different opinion, but not to the point of being rash/stubborn
  • If the s/o can fence, prepare for a lot of training sessions
  • If they’re at his level or better than him, the competition is going to be fierce - he won’t lose easily
  • I think he’d enjoy going horse riding/hunting with them if they know how, or for walks around the estate if they don’t
  • If they have any questions involving academia, either they’re studying and don’t understand something, they want to know more about what he’s studying, they want to find an interesting book to read, etc, he’s more than happy to help
  • He has a way of explaining things that allows you to understand your content
  • He always knows the best books which you will be most interested in
  • He takes into account your current mood when picking them as well
  • If you have any interests/hobbies/sports that he doesn’t partake in, he’s more than happy to give them a try with you if you want him to
  • He also loves to here you talk about them, or about your favourite book or anything really, it’s just how you warm to your subject
  • Even if you don’t necessarily convey your passion in words, the feeling is there in abundance behind what your saying and he can see it clearly in yours eyes
  • Really, he’d be a caring, insightful person to be with. He’d know your tells for feeling stressed or anxious and he always has a way to dissipate that
  • Even if it doesn’t quite work, he’ll still keep you company until you feel better
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Of course!! Sorry for the long wait!



There was a light rain falling as you made your way through the London streets. Puddles were gathering at the edges of the pathways and reflecting the city lights. The moon was obscured by cloud and it was quiet, with most people asleep; the best time to enjoy the human world. A smile came over your lips as you heard a very dinstinct set of footsteps approach you from behind. You weren’t entirely sure what William T. Spears was doing here at this time of night, but you certainly weren’t complaining.

The tall reaper moved next to you then matched his pace to yours, properly dressed as ever. His black suit was pressed into crisp lines, glasses polished and oxfords shining. His breathing left clouds of mist in the air and his nose had the slightest tinge of colour, but he didn’t put on any extra layers to stave off the cold. You walked in silence for a while, before he said your name. His voice was low and soft, your name pronounced slowly and deliberately. It was not a tone of voice you had ever heard him use before. You gave a small smile and turned your head towards him.

“We’ve known each other a while now,” he started, meeting your gaze with no small amount of care in his eyes, “and over the course of getting to know you, I’ve realised something.” A breath. “I find I am happiest when in your company, that when you leave I can think of nothing but you. I feel comfortable around you, which is something I haven’t felt with anyone in many, many years. Y/N… I love you.” You stopped walking and he copied. “I do truly hope you feel the same, though I understand if.. if you-”

He stopped abruptly when you stepped close to him. You firmly wrapped your arms around the other reaper, absolutely beaming, and rested your head against the lapels of his blazer. He hesitantly returned the gesture, freezing his movements immediately when you shifted to look at him, fearful of doing something wrong. He breathed a sigh of relief at the look on your face.

“I love you too.” That was all it took for his embrace to tighten, for his gaze to flick over the finer details of your face.

“I wonder then, can I kiss you?” You gave the smallest of confirming nods, and when his lips met yours, it struck you that you had no idea he could be so gentle.

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