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neo--queen--serenity · 13 days ago
Antonio probably feels excessively endeared to his tío Bruno, because when the rats “told him everything,” they probably gave him what is likely the greatest, glowing, 5-star review possible in a squeaky speedrun of joyful infodumping about their favorite human. They probably spent the whole time just gushing over how great he is and how well he takes care of them, and I think this is why Antonio wears that shy, but knowing smile on his face when he looks at Bruno from then on out. Because how can he NOT smile and feel close to him after hearing from so many animals about how much they love him??? I cry
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silvermoon424 · a month ago
I love your Serenity collection, can we see more pics?
Yes, of course! I'm very proud of my Serenity collection and love showing it off!
You know, I didn't start collecting with the intention of having a Serenity shelf, but eventually my collection of Serenity things got so big that I was like "fuck it, I might as well make a shrine to her lol"
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queenrisa14 · a day ago
Long time no see!
So, I did a thing. Here’s my first finished writing piece in over a year and well, if you’re still here, enjoy. 
I will now go back to hide in my hole and go into hibernation.
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sailornyx · 4 months ago
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patoto-magica · a year ago
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waninglght · a year ago
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One aspect of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon that I really enjoy is Serenity being not only relentless, but destructive as well. Her emotions fuel her to an unhealthy degree, to the point that she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. . . especially when it comes to the safety of Endymion. She has destroyed worlds - her own kingdom - for him, and with her awakening in the 20th century comes a horde of grief and anger and destructive tendencies that Usagi often struggles to cope with. She almost has to force herself to be happy and accept the notion that her life will never truly be the same again.
As a teen, who has every right to a normal human experience, it’s difficult for Usagi to step into the position as not only a senshi, but a princess (and a future queen) as well. Serenity is not a separate entity inside of her, but rather a darker reserve of both her power and psyche, that Usagi is afraid to channel. She holds all the memories of a harrowed princess and a power inside of her that could devastate Earth. For the most part, Usagi keeps her head above the water despite life and the distress that comes with growing up - especially under such phenomenal circumstances . Her friends, family, Mamoru, and this world she loves so dearly makes it all the more easy for her to maintain a level-head, finding a clean balance between love and desperation when the going gets tough.
That is, until the events of the Galaxy Cauldron. While it’s certainly not the first time Usagi is forced to watch as her friends sacrifice themselves one at a time for her, it is the first time her hopeful resolve crumbles. She can feel the end of the world right down to her very bones, her youthful ideals of growing up and getting married and living a normal life shattered. Still, she’s forced to come to terms with the notion that her very existence will always be this cycle that she cannot seem to break, even moreso when she drags Chaos down into the Cauldron and Sailor Cosmos reveals herself. Usagi and the crystal that she carries inside of her are the embodiment of hope and she has this inescapable duty to the universe. And, although she wishes to return to her life as she was, the knowledge that she will most likely face Chaos again hangs heavy on her mind. She doesn’t mention Cosmos or the ever present threat that Chaos could return to her Senshi. Usagi wants them all to have a normal life, afterall. When they finally awaken, something changes in Usagi. Her powers become more difficult to contain; she’s stronger, more charged, and when a new threat presents itself to their world, Usagi is rash and negligent, to the point where she has no real recognition of what she’s doing.   She knows that something is coming - something that will bring forth the end of the world as they know it to make way for Crystal Tokyo, where she will take her place as Neo-Queen Serenity. What she doesn’t know is the evil that continues to terrorize the people that live on their planet is nothing compared to the destruction that she will bring.
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mahougirlfriend-archive · 3 years ago
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🌙 Royal Family Lockscreens 🌙
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awashsquid · 2 years ago
Castles made of sand
This is the group post for the ongoing commission series from @sittingoverheredreaming!  Will be updated as more is written/posted.  Current word count: approx. 7600.
Part One - Deciding between Haruka and Sailor Moon is no choice at all.
Part Two - The future they expected to have was never a guarantee.
Part Three - Holding onto reality is as impossible as harnessing the wind.
Part Four - A comforting lie may be better than a painful truth.
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isailorgalaxia · 3 years ago
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Sailor Moon Texts 🌙 @isailorgalaxia
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neo--queen--serenity · 23 days ago
I belatedly realized that Agustín & Félix took their wives’ last names when they married into the Madrigal family. These kings never stop impressing me.
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basedheisenberg · 2 years ago
Usagi is a monarchist, your argument is invalid
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lexichae-draws · 3 years ago
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envydraws · 3 years ago
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silvermoonbunny · 3 years ago
Happy Mother's Day
I know there are days where you wonder if the choices you’ve made are the right ones. I can see the look in your eyes when you’re asked to make these difficult decisions. I can see that sweet, innocent Usagi still inside of you even as you stand as queen of the Earth and Moon. 
But more than being a queen and making these tough decisions, you have also been a mother who has had to make tough You threw yourself selflessly into the line of fire for our precious daughter. You realized that our daughter’s training would be best handled by the soldiers of the past.
You have had to make a lot of tough decisions in your life, spanning thousands of years across time and space… But you’ve faced them all with your head held high and determination burning in your eyes. You are such a powerful and influential role model for our daughter, and I couldn’t be more lucky to be able to call you my bride, my wife, my eternal love.
So today, I hope you remember that even when you feel powerless, you’re the most powerful person in the entire galaxy to Small Lady. To myself. 
Happy Mother’s Day, my queen. My love. My Usako.
Love, Endymion Mamoru
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pokeloli · 4 years ago
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The first one is the original sketch. I colored it twice, but i didnt really like either of them (the first one gives me nightmares tbh). But i really liked the sketch, so I decided to color It again and I am satisfied with the results!!
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rubeusofbmc · 3 years ago
Can we talk about how friggin human the Sailor R anime [almost arguably] makes Neo-Queen Serenity?? 
Legit, just think about the events that had to happen and the amount of people that had to die in order to create Crystal Tokyo. Some chick with magical, super human abilities rises up to the world to claim her throne because she believes that once in power she’ll make it the picture of perfection, war breaks out cuz BRUH you think the world leaders would EASILY give up their nations and sovereignty, do you think the vast majority of people would give that part of their identity up??? That war gets SO BAD that it threatens to extinct the human race that Serenity Holy nukes the planet to bring every nation to its knees and wins the war. 
It gets better.
The war’s over, but she’s not done yet. She straight up tells every individual that if they bow down to her and allow her to remove every negative thought and feeling, she’ll give them a [borderline] immortal life with no aging or disease. This will insure her perfect planet becomes a reality. Those who refuse, will be sent away to the far reaches of the Galaxy to who cares where. Thus, The Cleansing.   
How many people do you think died being transported through space? How many died reaching Nemesis and being unable to quickly adapt to the toxic atmosphere? How many died during the first 5 years of settlement, crap we already know what a Hell it was for the first new settlers of any unknown/undeveloped land, imagine that but 10x harder. The new settlers of Nemesis obviously had to get imports/charity sent to make it at all livable. Cuz, crap I don’t think the Neo-Queen is that heartless to leave an untold number of people out to die. But maybe she did, cuz crap, the Neo-King was sure surprised when telling the Senshi about it, he figured they had gotten rid of those problem people a long time ago. Not even referencing them as human since now their spawn have meshed with the Dark Crystal’s power in order to create the legit antithesis of the White Moon Kingdom. 
And I just love love love how Prince Demando makes it very clear that “they’re finally getting vengeance for their banished ancestors.” How far ago was that? How many generations had to live the Hell that was Nemesis?? How many children had to pay for the precieved sins of their forefathers??? How long did these people put up with being driven away from their home planet, thrown away, and ignored before actually finally going out and rebelling?
To them, I believe when they started to see their continuing bloodline develop powers, that was what shot up an entire gleam of hope to the forgotten population. That maybe, just maybe, they’ll have enough power to equally compete with the Neo-Earth Kingdom. They could someday have a future where they can experience the warmth of the Sun again, instead of through the vague words that those who still remember or in the unimpressive library of books from Earth that the first settlers have brought in the number of prized possessions they could take with them.  
That hope and that bitter hatred was most likely what drove Nemesis so far as an actual functional civilization and race. Obsessed with power, obsessed with being ahead, obsessed with beating the Neo-Earth Kingdom at their own game. 
It’s all so tangible and REAL. 
Do I believe that it takes away from who Usagi and Sailor Moon is? Does it make her actually a scheming, evil person who had always wanted to dominate the world? Was Neo-Queen Serenity actually the Big Bad of the Arc? NO. It just made her naive to what it means to create one person’s vision of a Utopia. 
This takes away from Neo-Queen Serenity being more of an enigma or a perfect celestial being of peace into an actual person with flaws. With the ability to become a monster, herself, like anyone else. 
Utopias cannot exist with out a severe price being paid. As long as people are human, with flaws, selfish wants, and desires, you will never get to a utopia. Ever.
That’s why in all honesty Wiseman was such a stupid character, with no reason to exist. A character to turn such a deep, rich, world view shaking story filled with a crap ton of grey into Black v White, defeat the big evil guy and lets not think about what the heck Neo-Earth Kingdom actually was.
Just. IMAGINE what kind of story could’ve been told. The Black Moon and the Senshi are duking it out like any other baddie. Thinking them as evil monsters, and how dare they go back in time to mess up the awesome future?! 
And through actually visiting that future, learning what happened, and who those evil monsters actually are. It’d be a big fat ugly punch to the face. It would be Usagi deeply looking at herself, looking at what she had become because she thought she knew what was best for the world. Because she just wanted eternal peace and no suffering, no matter what. Because she loves too much. 
Perhaps, that’d be the point where she and the Senshi come to terms with the fact that, times have changed. The White Moon Kingdom AND the old Earth Kingdom are gone. Serenity and Endymion CAN’T reclaim their thrones, because it’s not theirs anymore. 
The Season ending with her talking to Prince Demando, as he fades away. Promising that the war and Cleansing will never come, and how she’ll continue to protect her home world--but never abuse it to protect it from itself. He knows it’s true, cuz crap, he knows that he’s fading because the future that he came from doesn’t exist anymore. His people didn’t have to suffer anymore, his friends and brother didn’t have to die because of this stupid Earth-Nemesis war. It’s an odd existential death, but it’s one that brings great peace to him. 
And maybe when Chibiusa goes back to the 30th Century to the loving embrace of her mother, we’d see two brothers, with their friends walking off in the distance laughing at their smug douche poking fun at their crushing friend. A flawed world, but a free future. 
And then I die.  
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hotworldsummer · 24 days ago
Here's a short headcanon about Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon.
I think it's logical to believe that Usagi expresses doubts about becoming Neo Queen Serenity at the age of 22.
Usagi abhors the responsibilities she's been burdened with. "Why do I have to become the future queen of Crystal Tokyo? Why can't I just have a normal life?" These are questions I can imagine Usagi asking herself. Especially after the end of the Infinity Arc. I imagine she must be exhausted of everything by then.
Tumblr media
But. Also.
I think there's a part of Usagi who hates the fact that she has issues that stem from having ADHD. Now, I (the author of this headcanon, hello) have ADHD real fucking bad, and I relate to Usagi so fucking hard. We were both always late for stuff, didn't get the best grades in school, loved to snack, had tendencies to get upset and cry very easily, etc. Naturally, I believe Usagi's just like me and has ADHD too. And this is not an original headcanon or anything. Plenty of fans also believe Usagi has ADHD. Just check out the post I reblogged directly below this one.
This part of the headcanon may or may not be original, however: I do believe she likely wasn't diagnosed with ADHD as a teenager, since it was notoriously difficult for women, girls and people who were assigned female at birth to get an ADHD diagnosis in the '90s, as it was viewed as a disability strictly for young boys (or young people assigned male at birth) back then. So poor Usagi's going through most of her life knowing she's different from everyone else, but not knowing why (just like I, as well as countless other female ADHDers who got diagnosed as an adult did).
And while there's a part of Usagi that desperately wishes she could be a normal girl who didn't have a responsibility to become Neo Queen Serenity and rule Crystal Tokyo, I think there's also a part of her that wishes she could just be more responsible, more punctual, more serious, less of a crybaby, etc. "If I'm destined to be a queen, my life would be so much easier if I could just have a more 'queenly' personality," I imagine Usagi also thinks to herself from time to time.
Tumblr media
Usagi is conflicted about her future duty of becoming Neo Queen Serenity because:
1. She resents having this responsibility in the first place and wishes she could just be a normal girl whose future is yet to be written, and
2. She's been told all her life that she's stupid, lazy, careless, too sensitive, etc, and she's internalized these criticisms, leading her to believe that wouldn't make a good leader of Crystal Tokyo.
I like to think that she eventually works through these doubts and makes a decision for her future that's best for both herself and all the people she loves and cares about, but yeah. The struggles of growing up with undiagnosed ADHD are fucking real, and I honestly don't believe Usagi was ever immune to them.
Tumblr media
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silvermoon424 · 8 months ago
Sailor Moon Astronomy Symbols and Their Meanings
Each planet (and several minor planets and asteroids) in the Solar System has their own symbol. Many of these have been used since antiquity, and most of them evoke emblems and signs associated with the gods the planets are named after. In this post I will be explaining what each symbol represents!
Moon Symbol
Tumblr media
The Moon’s symbol is rather straightforward, being a crescent. The symbol is is used to represent the lunar phase in the first quarter, or by extension is a symbol representing the Moon itself. This is probably the oldest symbol used, as people have identified the crescent phase of the moon for thousands of years. 
Interestingly, in Sailor Moon, the crescent symbol is usually flipped so that it points upwards rather than sideways. This is most prominent for Princess/Neo-Queen Serenity’s lunar forehead marking.  
Mercury Symbol
Tumblr media
This symbol is the god Mercury's winged helmet and caduceus. In antiquity, Mercury was almost always depicted wearing a winged helmet. It’s thought to have represented his speed, as he was the swiftest of the gods. A caduceus is a short staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes pictured with wings atop it. Hermes (the Greek version of Mercury) and later Mercury were always depicted carrying it, and it represented their roles as the messengers of the gods. 
It was associated with trade, eloquence, wisdom, and negotiation. Many centuries later, the caduceus also came to represent medicine and healthcare (although the correct symbol is actually the similar-looking Rod of Asclepius). These symbolic meanings are very suitable for Sailor Mercury, as she is associated with wisdom and wishes to become a doctor.
Mars Symbol
Tumblr media
This symbol represents the god Mars’s shield and spear. Mars is the god of war, so it is fitting that the planet that bears his name has a symbol that features emblems of battle. Mars himself was also frequently depicted with a shield and a spear, spears being popular weapons in the Roman army. In modern times, this symbol has become associated with the male sex (opposite of Venus’s symbol, which will be discussed shortly). 
Jupiter Symbol
Tumblr media
Jupiter’s emblem is meant to symbolize a thunderbolt and/or an eagle. These are both symbols associated with the god Jupiter, king of the gods and the god of the sky and thunder. Jupiter’s thunderbolts were crafted by the Cyclopes and given to him as a gift, and he used them to create the lightning we see during storms. As for the eagle, ancient Greeks and Romans praised it as divine and the most sacred of all birds; they also associated it with power and supernatural forces. It’s no wonder, then, why they associated with the king of the gods.  
Venus Symbol
Tumblr media
Venus’s symbol is a circle with a cross underneath it. It is meant to represent the goddess Venus’s (aka Aphrodite’s) hand mirror. Mirrors are often associated with femininity and beauty. This representation for Venus’s symbol makes sense considering Venus was the goddess of love and beauty. The symbol is also the chemical sign for copper, which again makes sense because copper was used to make mirrors in ancient times.
Aside from these meanings, the Venus symbol is used to represent the female sex (much like Mars is used to represent the male sex). It’s rather fitting, because Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus have a rather close relationship in the manga and live action Sailor Moon series (which itself may be a reference to mythology, where Mars and Venus were lovers and often associated with each other).
Uranus Symbol
Tumblr media
Now we’re getting to the more modern symbols. Because Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were only discovered a couple of centuries ago (or decades ago, in Pluto’s case) rather than being known since antiquity, their symbols are more modern and only created recently.
Anyway, Uranus’s symbol is rather straightforward. It is a stylized H, which is taken from discoverer's last name, Herschel (full name: William Herschel). The circle and middle line might have been added to make the symbol look more “astronomical” and more in-line with the older symbols. It’s also interesting to note that, aside from Pluto, Uranus is the only symbol to have been stylized after its discoverer rather than its mythological namesake. This could be because Uranus, the primordial god of the sky, didn’t really have symbols associated with him in mythology. Also, there actually is another symbol for Uranus (derived from a combination of the Mars and Sun symbols), but Naoko Takeuchi chose to use this symbol instead. 
Neptune Symbol
Tumblr media
Neptune’s symbol is a trident. Tridents were heavily associated with Neptune/Poseidon, god of the sea. Poseidon's trident was crafted by the Cyclopes (who, if you may recall, also crafted Jupiter’s thunderbolts). This trident appears in many myths about Neptune/Poseidon and symbolizes his status as king/god of the seas. Also, according to scholars of Classical Mythology, Neptune's trident symbolizes the three properties of water: liquidity, fecundity and drinkability. 
Pluto Symbol
Tumblr media
Pluto’s symbol is again rather straightforward, being a P and an L combined. This represents the first two letters in Pluto’s name. It could also represent the name of one of the men who spearheaded Pluto’s discovery, Percival Lowell. Although this is the symbol commonly associated with Pluto and the one Naoko Takeuchi chose to use, like Uranus there are other symbols that are sometimes used to represent Pluto instead. One of these is a circle on top of a bident; a bident is a pitchfork associated with Hades (Pluto), the ruler of the underworld. 
Also, Pluto is one of the few dwarf planets to have a symbol. This is because, at the time of its discovery and for decades afterwards, it was considered to be the 9th planet of the Solar System.
Saturn Symbol
Tumblr media
Saturn’s symbol is meant to represent the mythological Saturn’s scythe or sickle. Saturn, or Cronus in Greek mythology, was a Titan and the father of the first generation of Olympian gods. He was the god of agriculture, which is why his symbol was a scythe; scythes were used to harvest crops. 
Before the discovery of Uranus in the 18th century, Saturn was the last of the seven planets known to ancient astronomers. Being the furthest out and the slowest in movement, the planet was feared and came to represent a number of archetypes, such as the Grim Reaper and Father Time. Although Sailor Pluto represents time, Sailor Saturn definitely leans heavily into the “Grim Reaper” archetype. She wields the Silence Glaive, which harkens back to both the mythological Saturn’s scythe and the scythe of the Grim Reaper. 
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neo--queen--serenity · 19 days ago
Thinking about when Luisa tells Mirabel, “last night—when you saw the cracks—I felt weak,” I was struck by how she said “WHEN,” not “if,” not once questioning if what Mirabel said was true, and how it’s the first, possibly the only time she got verbal affirmation that someone in her family believed her and took her seriously the night she told them something was wrong with La Casita.
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landofanimes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sailor Moon Eternal
Acrylic Stand Collection vol. 4, 5 and 6 at Sailor Moon Store
Vol. 4: Inners in school uniforms
Vol. 5: Neo Queen Serenity, King Endymion, Inner Sailor Princesses, Human Luna, Human Artemis
Vol. 6: Chibiusa in princess gown, Outer Sailor Princesses, Human Diana
(They don’t mention it in the post but it’s probably sold randomly like the others)
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