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i entered @shenzcorner​ 300 follower raffle and i HECKEN WON?!?!? (a amazing thing) and they drew such a beautiful prize i just HAD TO SHAREEEEE  

LOOK AT HIMMMMMMMMMM EUFIIYGGISIEFUIG i know i dont have to much reach but GO FOLLOW THEM they have a amazing fic and not to mention DO YOU SEE THIS ARTJFFWAJOFJWOFJ you would be a idiot not to follow :)

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Getting summoned into your inbox is Anon Scar, the demon!
Scar is the self-proclaimed Demon of Life, famous in hell for her healing spells to heal demonic injuries and maladies. But ever since a priest slapped a curse seal on her back, she has been bound to Earth with only the power of flight, some fire spells and a very strong healing spell. Luckily the Earth monsters are willing to show her more about humanity, as her fascination with humans is hidden underneath a facade of looking down on them.
As for her color scheme other than black, her horns are white, her eyes are red with black sclera, her black gothic dress has a white fluffy collar, a purple corset, pink tulle ruffles on either side, a black and white skirt, black and pink stockings, and pink spiky boots.
What do you think of Scar’s Monster AU design? I’d love to hear what you think!
-Fusion Anon

That’s really cool! Love the eyes

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