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#my hero academia headcanons


Originally posted by ichigoskurosaki

  • For a man who claims he hates loud, extroverted people, he sure does attract a lot of them.
  • Your Quirk transforms your energy into power. This can be a little draining on you.
  • When he first met you, he immediately took a liking to you. He thought you were talented and very down to earth, but God, sometimes your energetic behavior was really tiring.
  • Don’t take it the wrong way, he’s just an introverted guy and really extroverted people sometimes take a lot of energy for him to be around.
  • He loves you more than anything, but you have to understand that he is naturally a very reserved man and sometimes, he needs a break.
  • The best way to spend time with him is to just sit with him and enjoy the peace and quiet. Cuddle, even.
  • Speaking of breaks, he’ll try and have you slow down and take a break every now and then before you run yourself into the ground.
  • He really tries to get you to appreciate quieter, more peaceful moments, for your own sake.
  • Essentially, he’ll try to help you in little ways, like getting you your own energy packets or leaving reminders for you to eat in the morning.
  • Also, do not wake him up on his off days. He knows you’re one of those chipper morning people with an annoying amount of energy, but those off days are for him to catch up on sleep. He loves you, but waking him up needlessly is a big mistake.
  • On the topic of sleep, an energy quirk likely makes you a restless sleeper, so before bed, he’ll do his best to help you release that energy either via a light sparring session or some Yoga.
  • Probably even picks you up a weighted blanket if you suffer something like RLS. (He buys himself one about a week later because he ends up liking it so much.)
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Deku- Bi Demiboy

Ochako- Bi trans demigirl

Iida- Panromantic demisexual transman

Bakugo- Pan transman

Todoroki- Demiromantic Bi-demisexual

Kirishima- Panromantic Demisexual Boyflux

Tsuyu- Demiromantic Polysexual Demigirl

Momo- Bi Girlflux

Mina- Demiromantic Pansexual

Jiro- Biromantic graysexual non-binary

Kaminari- Bi

Sero- Pan transman

Tokoyami- questioning-romantic Demisexual

Toru- Heteromantic Bisexual Transgirl

Shoji- Panromantic asexual

Aoyama- Panromantic homosexual demiboy

Sato- aroace transman

Koda- Omniromantic asexual transman

Shinso- Demiromantic graysexual demiboy

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Fleeting Kisses

Headcanons on what type of kisses our favorite heros love.

Sir Nighteye (Sasaki Mirai)


Originally posted by dazaiosamu-s

Playful smooches

Please pepper kisses on his stoic face and he will crack the biggest smile

Will give them right back

Loves to wake you up like that

“Mirai stop!”


“It tickles”

“You have such a cute laugh and pretty smile my love”

*sadistic bastard continues to kiss you*

Fatgum (Taishiro Toyomitsu)


Originally posted by quirkquess

  • He’s tall
  • Very tall
  • So he prefers forehead and cheek kisses
  • He can lean down and smooch you whenever he wants
  • Thinks it’s cute when you pull out a step ladder to try and reach him
  • But you’ll get to his clavicle at best
  • Well definitely ghost his lips by your cheek
  • Just when you think he’ll kiss you
  • He pulls away and you start pouting
  • “Aw sweetheart I didn’t know you missed my kisses that badly.”
  • “Hmph”
  • He’ll eventually give in after you give him the silent treatment for so long

Hawks (Keigo Takami)


Originally posted by tatakaeeren

Kisses that will knock the air out of him

Kiss him like its the last time you’ll see him again

Loves leaving you breathless and wanting more

You tounges battling for dominance as you kiss each other until your lips are bruised and all the words you wanted to say are in your hearts

“Going on a mission?”

“Yeah. A kiss for good luck?”

You wrap your arms around his neck and connect your lips together in a passionate kiss your tongues dancing together as you hold one another tightly in your arms.

When you parted for breath he left.

Shirakumo Oburo


Originally posted by v-jolt

  • Pecks on the lips
  • Not full on kisses
  • Even if he’s loud and cheerful
  • He still gets scared especially when it comes to you
  • You’ll have to be the one to initiate make-out sessions with him
  • He’s just a softie when it comes to you
  • Oburo leand over tracing your lips as he left a small peck on them immediately pull away
  • You moved closer to him on the couch grabbing thr back of his neck and gently tilting his head toward you
  • You smile and kiss him back 10x more

Midnight (Nemuri Kayama)


Originally posted by winamp

Long, deep passionate kisses

Not in a sense that its the last one you’ll ever have

More of a sweet make-out session with an underlying feeling of lust the need to feel your lover’s skin close

To cross the line between lust and love

Nemuri sat on you lap her hands gripping and pulling your hair as you both groaned into the kiss

Parting for air and immediately going back to continue your kiss full of love which may be leading to something more.

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I noticed on your latest post it said that requests are open! Could I request a headcanon with Bakugo and a female reader, where Bakugo is really insecure with her spending time with other males lately more than she was spending with him, and there's just a whole lot of angst and fluff. If that makes sense

Your request made total sense that I wasn’t even half way done reading it before I knew what I was going write.

I really hope you like it and do feel free to request something again.


  • Bakugou was not a insecure man. So he wasn’t originally worried about you hanging out with your other classmates.
  • But despite this he was a little jealous but had faith you wouldn’t do anything to betray his trust.
  • The problems started to arise when you begin to spend more and more time with them instead of him.
  • One day while you were preparing to go out with the guys he would suggest the two of you do something together instead.
  • “You know we should do something tonight, just the two of us.” He would say while wrapping his arms on your waist and looking down at you, with a grin on his face.
  • “I have things planned for tonight, but we can do something tomorrow if you want.” You would respond trying to wiggle out of his grip but he continued to hold onto you.
  • “I know but it feels like we haven’t been spend a lot of time together and I’m just worried…” He stopped, making you look up at him. You could see in his eyes that something was troubling him, but you did not know what.
  • “I promise that tomorrow all about you, we can do anything you want Katsuki.” You would tell him, placing your hand on his face to soothe away any problems he may be having.
  • He would smile after a second or two and kiss you. The kiss felt more needy then any of your other kisses but you didn’t have time dwell on it since you had to leave.
  • Bakugou would watch as you left, he felt reassured knowing you were his but yet he couldn’t help but to feel nervous that this was one of the last few times left that he’ll be able to see you as his.
  • The next day came and you were true to your promise, about making the day about the two of you and no one else. He had decided that the both of you should spend your day in the dorms watching tv.
  • Bakugou was laying across your lap as you played with his hair. He wasn’t really paying attention to what you watching and was more or less enjoying being in your company as continued to move your fingers through his hair.
  • But you would stop making him curious so he looked up and saw you texting on your phone instead. This made him mad as this day was suppose to be about just you and him, not whoever your texting.
  • “What do you think your doing?!” He would question in clear annoyance. You would looked away from your phone just as he pulls away from you.
  • “Oh Kaminari texted asking what I was doing and if wanted to hang out with him and the guys.” You would reply not seeing anything wrong the problem that was clearly there for Bakugou.
  • “You should go waste your time with those fucking idiots since their so much more important then me!” He would say raising his voice. You tried to put your hand on his shoulder to calm him down but he just shrugged it off.
  • ”Katsuki you know that’s not the case. I was just typing up massage telling them that I’m busy with you.” You would try to reason with him but he was hearing none of it as he continued to rant about it.
  • You would leave the room in a huff, no longer wanting to be bothered by him. Bakugou would sit there still angry by what happened until it hit him that he had just driven you away to possibly someone else.
  • The day after your fight he would be heading to class and hear the guys talking about you as he walked behind them, so he decided to listen in.
  • “I planning on asking Y/N if she’ll like to join us to train later.”
  • “That’s great, I love it when she trains with us since she always so much fun about it when we do it.”
  • He knew he shouldn’t have read so much into it but he couldn’t shake off the feeling that more was happening that no one was telling him.
  • Bakugou tried to talk to you after class but you would just ignore him and join the boys as they were about to leave. He would become slightly in raged when he saw Sero wrap his arm around your shoulders as you all walk away.
  • Him and Kirishima would be walking to the dorms as he rant about how it seemed like you didn’t care about him anymore. Kirishima would cut him off tired of hearing him complain.
  • “What the hell are you thinking Bakugou? Of course Y/N still cares about you, she just wanted to spend with her friends and just because their guys doesn’t mean anything since she would never cheat on you!”
  • It took his best friend yelling at him in defense of you for him to finally come to better terms about your friendships. He also realized that he was a complete ass to you and needed to apologize before it was to late.
  • Bakugou would find you practicing with Kaminari. He shouted your name from across the gym, causing you to drop what you were doing in favor to glare at him. You were about open your mouth to cuss him out but he stopped you.
  • “Before you say anything, let me start with I’m sorry.” Your eyes would widen in surprise since he’s never been one for apologizes. Kaminari would ask in a hush whisper if he heard him right which you would nod you head to.
  • “I was afraid that I might lose to them I couldn’t help but panic and jump to conclusions which was wrong of me, because I should have had more faith in you.”
  • The boys would start laughing due to the fact that he thought they were a threat. Bakugou would yell at them to shut up as you begin to approach him.
  • The first thing you did was slap him which even he admittedly thought was deserved and then kissed him, shocking him slightly.
  • “Baby all you had to do was tell me and I would have reassured you every step of the way that your the only one I want.” You would say with a smile. Before Bakugou knew it he was smiling as well.
  • He would tightly hug you before passionately kiss now secured with the knowledge that you won’t be going no where no time soon.
  • “I’ll never understand why choose to hang out with these your idiots but it doesn’t matter as long as they make you happy then I won’t complain.” He would add looking at them trying their best not to laugh and ruin moment for you two.
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Hawks x Todoroki!Fem!Reader

Hey! Requests are open to feel free to ask!

The fem!reader is a Todoroki here!

“Mmh… What could Shoto want to buy her? Well, I better wait for him to tell me about this girl.” Y/N was making her way to meet with her younger brother, Shoto. He asked for her help to buy something for a girl, so being a great older sister, Y/N agreed.

Y/N is very close to her siblings since she is one of the oldest of the five Todoroki’s. Y/N born a year after Touya and when their mother was sent to the hospital, she took the mother role for them. Obviously, Fuyumi helped her but Y/N wanted Fuyumi to have a normal childhood. Making her like the second mother for them.

For Shoto was the same. After Rei was sent to the hospital, he always went to Y/N after training for comfort. Sometimes, she had to cheer him up after a rough training and he started crying.

Now, with 24 years, Y/N keeps talking with her siblings and helping them the best she can. She visits her mother a lot too, more than her siblings.

For her dad, she only waits that someday he realizes what he could have and that now he at least tries to get closer to his kids.

“Y/N-nee. Sorry that I’m late.” Y/N turned to where the voice comes from. She sees her little brother coming her way. She got up from where she was sitting and hug him.

“Don’t worry Shoto! Well, let’s begin with this!” She was excited, her brother didn’t have a normal childhood and she knew that better than anyone. Seeing him try so hard for this girl made her happy. “If you want me to help you to search for something perfect for her, you have to tell me about this girl first. Let’s take a walk while you tell me about her and after that, we can go and buy her something.”

“Yeah, sure. That’s the best way.” And so, Shoto starts talking about the girl.

Y/N enjoyed listening to him, hearing in his voice the appreciation that he has for her and watching his eyes shine a little while he talked about her. She wanted someone to talk about her like that. As a teenager, she didn’t have a lover since her siblings were the most important thing for her, but now that she doesn’t have much responsibility over them, she can begin searching for someone. But she hasn’t had the time.

After walking around and talking all the way, Shoto finished and Y/N came up with an excellent idea for the girl.

“Momo was it? OK, I’m sure that she will like this.” Y/N showed him the gift that she was thinking about. A ring, not too expensive but beautiful indeed. After Shoto bought it (with Endeavor’s credit card) the two of them got out of the shop. Y/N told Shoto that she’ll walk him to UA so nothing happens to him in the way there. In her words, it was getting too late and he was tired to notice if some villain came out of nowhere.

“Y/N, you really don’t need to keep me company, what if something happens to you in your way to your apartment? I should be the on-” the girl put her hand in front of his face, putting a stop to his ranting immediately. She didn’t want to hear him say that she was weak.

“You know that I’m strong Shoto. I don’t need someone to protect me. Dad trained me too and I have a dual quirk like yours but I didn’t want to be a hero. I prefer to be a teacher. But even so, I’m strong so I can take care of myself.”

Looking towards Shoto, Y/N saw him looking down. She felt bad for how she replied to him. It wasn’t in an angry tone but maybe he took it in a bad way.

“Don’t feel bad, I know your intentions were good. You’re too overprotective.” She gave him a reassuring smile. “I will be fine. It’s not even dark, see?” Y/N’s hands were pointing at the sky trying to make her point valid.

They said goodbye after arriving at UA. Y/N saw him enter the dorms and then took her leave making her way home.

On the way home, she remembers that she had to make dinner. Thinking about what to make she didn’t realize that someone was calling her from afar.

When the voice got closer she for out of her thoughts. She turned around to see who was calling for her. It was none other than Endeavor.

“Dad? What are you doing here?” Y/N was genuinely curious about it? She saw how he tensed when she called him ‘Dad’.

“I’m… Patrolling. How have you been? I didn’t saw you the other day when Shoto and Natsu were in the house?”

“Oh, that day? Sorry, I couldn’t make it.” She was telling the truth. After her father fought against that Nomu and got his scar in the eye, she wanted to go see him but she didn’t have time with all the work that she had.

Later that day, Fuyumi called her and told her sister what happened.

Y/N couldn’t believe that her father apologized for everything.

“I had a lot of work to do that day. But Fuyumi called me and told me everything.”

She was about to speak again but something caught her attention before she had the chance. Someone was behind her dad. He had blonde hair and he was wearing a hero costume.

’ I feel like I have seen him before… But I can’t remember.’

She turned her attention to the guy behind her dad.

“Mmmh… Hi?” Endeavor turned to look at where her daughter was looking at. He notices that Hawks was behind him.

“What the hell are you doing here birdbrain?” Endeavor got mad, he wants to talk to his daughter and he shows up? Annoying.

“Oh, hi Endeavor-san! I was patrolling here too. I saw you and come to say hi.” Hawks change his attention towards Y/N fast. “And I saw you talking to this cutie so I had to come here and present myself. I’m Hawks, nice to meet you.” She noticed how his tone changed for one more smooth and flirtatious.

“Nice to meet you too… I’m Todoroki Y/N.” She gave him a sweet smile that Endeavor was sure that she got from Rei. Hawks face went from flirtatious to shocked.

“You are Endeavor’s daughter?! You look nothing alike! And you are beautiful?! How can you be his daughter?!” Y/N was laughing at how the guy in front of her was looking back and forth between her and her father. Endeavor’s face was just making this funnier for her.

After laughing for a good time, she decided to keep talking.

“Yeah, I get that a lot. I look a lot like my mother so I don’t have that many things from my father.” She finally turns to look at her dad. She wanted to finish talking with him but Hawks was in the way.

“Ok Hawks. I’m talking with my daughter about something important. Leave.” He was angry, he really wants to finish talking with his daughter.

“Ok ok, it sure looks serious.” He turned to Y/N and gave her one of his flirty smiles.

“I guess I’m going to have to ask for your number so we can keep talking later.” Y/N blushed at his smooth way of asking for her number. She took a piece of paper from her bag and a pencil. After writing her number she gave it to him. Hawks left with a huge smile in his face, annoying Endeavor even more.

“… Did you really have to do that?” Endeavor was huffing, he made a mental note to kill that bird later.

“I want to finish the conversation so it was faster to give him what he wanted.” Y/N was still blushing but she really wanted to finish talking with her dad. So that’s what she did.

“Ok so, what did you want to say to me?”

“I’m sorry. I know that you had to take care of your sibling when… Your mother was sent to the hospital.” Her blush and her flustered state were replaced by a glare directed at her father.

“After YOU sent her.” Y/N pointed a finger in his face. She didn’t want him to sugarcoat anything.

Endeavor stays quiet for a while. He knew that she was right.

“… I know, but I want to be someone better…”

At that moment, Y/N saw the regret in her father’s eyes. Taking a deep breath she began her speech.

“You know, we could have been a happy family, with mom, with us… With Touya…” She took a deep breath. It hurts so talk about her only older brother. She misses him every day. And Endeavor could feel that. Filling him with more regret that before.

“But you only cared about power and not us. Heck, I don’t even know if you even loved mom…” She looked him in the eyes this time. “But I know you are trying…”

Endeavor was taken aback by what Y/N said. She took his silence to her advantage and continue talking.

“I visit mom every week, and I have seen the flowers. But still, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to forgive you. And I’m sure that Natsuo was furious when you apologized to them… Because I know him too well, and I’m sure that Shoto was just looking at you and Fuyumi trying to calm everything. Because I know them better that you. And if you want to start being a good father.”

She raised her voice with the last words. Endeavor felt his breath hitch. Not even fighting villains made him felt this way. But he kept listening to his daughter.

“… start for knowing your children.” Y/N finished her speech, she was out of breath. But she kept talking anyway. For her siblings and for her dad.

“Ask them how they are, worry about them. I’m sure that you are trying, and I’m happy, but do your best. Go further.”

Starting to walk away, she turned to say something else.

“And as for me… I already see you as a hero at least, so give your best so I can see you as a father.” And with that, she left.

After talking with her dad, Y/N arrived at her apartment. She left the bags in the table to go change her clothes. It didn’t take long so she started cooking right after that.

While cutting the food she saw little drops of water in her hands. She stopped doing whatever she was doing. Her hands traveled to her face, that’s when she realized that she was crying.

She broke down, she let all the tears that didn’t fell when they needed it.

-Time skip-

It had been three months since Y/N talked to her dad, she watched how he tried to do his best to make her proud.

And even in so little time, a lot has changed for her.

“Y/N-chan!” She let out a little gasp from the sudden voice. It was none other than her boyfriend who found joy in scaring her whenever he found it funny.

“Hawks?! How did you get in?! I haven’t given you the key to my apartment!” He does spend a lot of time in her apartment but only when she is there too. He doesn’t have the keys yet.

“Ah, I got in with the window. I knocked but you didn’t hear me so I have to go throw there.” He smiles at her and hugged her right after. She doesn’t know how he does it to make her feel so relaxed in his arms but she did. She hugs him back and stays in his arms for a while.

A week after Y/N gave him her phone number, Hawks called her and asked for a date to get to know each other. After that date, that had another one, and do on. A month and a half after, he finally had the courage to asked to be his girlfriend. They have been a couple for two months now and the two of them have enjoyed it a lot. More than Y/N expected. Not in a bad way.

Her siblings and father didn’t know about her new relationship. She didn’t want to rush things with Hawks or make him uncomfortable but she wanted to change that. Her family is the most important thing to her so this would be a big step for her.

With that in mind, she let go of the hug, to look at him in the eyes. She didn’t miss the whine that Keigo let out after she let go of him.

“Keigo, are you free today?”

“Yeah, why? You want to go somewhere?” He tried to bring her closer to the hug again.

Now, letting go completely from the hug and leaving a pouting Hawks. Y/N turned around and began looking for her things.

“I want you to go somewhere with me.”

She didn’t tell him where they were going. Y/N made her way to the hospital where her mother is. She wants her to meet Keigo to finally let her know that she is having a normal and happy life.

The first step is her mother and then her siblings and father.

“We are here.” Y/N smiled at the familiar building. Her boyfriend just watched her with confusion all over his face. Why were they in a hospital?

“Ah! Y/N-san! Good to see you!” Hawks watched in confusion at how a nurse greets his girlfriend with so much familiarity in her voice. He didn’t know that Y/N was known in the hospital since she goes every week to see her mom.

“Your mom is in her room.” The same nurse told Y/N and then left her with Hawks.

“Wait…” Hawks began to put everything together and he began to get nervous fast.

“Y/N… I know your mom was in a hospital, you told me about it. But you want me to meet her now?! What if she doesn’t like me?!” He was panicking. Y/N that he was gonna start panicking, that’s the main reason why she didn’t tell him where they were going beforehand.

She put her hands in his face. Her hold was gentle and it made him relax almost instantly.

“You know, if you got me to love you I’m sure that my mom is going to love you too.” She gave him a sweet smile. Oh, how Hawks loves her smile.

He was blushing, that’s the other thing that he loves the most about her, she gets this side of him. He relaxes in her hands and let out a breath.“Ok, let’s do this.”

Taking his hand, Y/N opens the door.

“Hi, mom. I want you to meet someone.” Y/N gave her mother a big smile. She has talked about him a lot with her mom, she even told him how they met.

“Hello dear. I’m guessing that the young man is Hawks?” Rei smiled at him. It was the same smile that his girlfriend gave him to calm him down.

'Like mother, like daughter huh?’

Putting his best smile and trying to hind his nerves, Hawks introduce himself.

“Pleasure to meet you Miss Todoroki. Now I know from where Y/N got her beauty.” His girlfriend and her mother just laughed at his comment.

The evening pass with laughter from the mother and daughter duo and jokes from Hawks. Rei gave Hawks her blessing. Leaving a blushing Y/N and a smirking Hawks.

The couple arrives at Y/N’s apartment. She went to change her clothes and then she began cooking for dinner. In the middle of it, she felt a pair of arms hugging her from behind.

“Keigo, I’m making dinner. Weren’t you hungry?” She smiled to herself when she felt Hawks hugging her tighter. But when he began to get close to her neck and she felt his breathing, her face turned red just like the color of his wings.

“Yeah… But I want to hold you more.” He snuggles closer to her. Making Y/N stop cutting the ingredients for dinner, turning around and returning his hug.

That’s how they lost their dinner because of a needy Keigo.

-Time skip-

“Hawks… My siblings are coming. Do you want to meet them?” It has been a few days since he met Rei and he was confident that Y/N’s siblings were going to love him.

Oh, how wrong he was.

“Yeah! When are they going to arrive?” Just when Y/N was about to answer him, the two of them heard a knock at the door

“They are here.” Y/N made her way to the door and open it to her sibling. She greets them happily and told them to come inside.

“How have you been Natsuo? I haven’t seen you in a long time!” Y/N hugged her younger brother. He was in college so she didn’t get to see him a lot. She did feel bad but Natsuo always reassures her that it was fine and not to worry.

“I have been great! And you, ho-” Natsuo was happy to see his big sister and he was more than happy to tell her about his college. However, his face went from happy to overprotective in a second.

“Y/N-nee, what is a guy doing in your apartment.”

'Well, he notices him fast.’

She let go of Natsuo’s hug and went to hug Hawks to show her point.

“Well, I want you to meet Hawks, my boyfriend.” She said it with a proud smile in her face that made Hawks smile too.

“You have a boyfriend, Nee-chan?! You didn’t tell!” Fuyumi was surprised, but happy nonetheless. 'So that’s why she has been happier!’

“Yeah… I’m sorry, but at least he met mom already and he loved him. Right, Keigo?” She turned to look at her boyfriend only to see that the smile that he had just a moment ago was replaced with a frown. Natsuo and Shoto were having a glaring contest with Keigo. Y/N let go of Hawks and let out a long sigh.

“Let’s go to the kitchen Fuyumi. I knew they were going to do that.”

“So you are the one who didn’t leave time for Y/N to join me in shopping something again.” Shoto was glaring at Hawks. He didn’t like her sister to spend time with another guy. Yeah, he is the overprotective and jealous little brother.

“And Y/N doesn’t go to MY place anymore cuz she has to spend all her time with you.” Natsuo was glaring at Hawks, he was the same type as Shoto.

At that moment, Hawks knew that this wasn’t going to be like meeting Y/N’s mom. He was in trouble.

“Well, you are angry with me but have you seen how happy your sister is now?” Hawks smirked. He was going to play the guilty card. A dirty okay but effective none the less.

Natsuo and Shoto were quiet now. He was right, Y/N do seem a lot happier than before.

The two left a growl out. They hate losing.

“OK, fine, just don’t hurt her.” Natsuo was still glaring at him.

“I would never. I love her a lot to hurt her. For real.” Hawks smile, remembering the time that they have spent together.

“Well you seem honest so I’m sure that you are a good guy. Take care of her.” Shoto relaxed seeing that Hawks really cared for his sister.

Y/N finished making dinner and called everyone to eat. All of them were talking about trivial things. Y/N was happy that her family accepted Hawks and their relationship together.

Overall, it was a great dinner and Y/N really enjoy her time with the people she loves the most.

-Time skip-

“Bye! See you soon!” Y/N close the door after saying bye to her siblings.

“Wow, I’m tired.” After a long day, she really was hoping to go to sleep fast.

“Mmh, I’m tired too, but at least now I know your siblings. I’m happy about that.” Hawks smile at her, he knows that she really tries her best when it comes to her siblings.

“Yeah, I feel like you are part of the family now. A little bit.” She said. She went to hug him and Keigo correspond to her instantly.

“Why don’t we go to sleep? We are both tired…” Y/N just nodded her head. She was too sleepy to talk now. Keigo took her in his arms and made his way carefully to her room. He laid her down in her bed.

“I have to go now, princess. See you tomorrow.” Kissing her forehead as a goodbye, he started to walk to the door only to being stopped by Y/N who just grabbed his arm.

“Mmmh… Hawks, stay with me…” She was sleepy, but with the last effort, she asked him to stay with her.

He smile at her even when she had close her eyes. “Ok princess.” He made his way to the bed and laid down to cuddle with his girlfriend.

Saying goodbye to each other the two of them fell sleep in Y/N’s bed hugging each other.

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Chapter 1: Wrong From Right

Warnings: Language


One would think that the world being populated with billions of people, a concept such as a Soulmate would not exist. It seemed absurd that every one person belonged with another—separated by fate and destined to find each other once again. But sure enough, each person was born with a destined partner, their first words that their soulmate ever speaks to them being imprinted somewhere upon their bodies. It has been a fact since the dawn of time, taught in history classes across continents. More often than not these words are never romantic, but are truly indicative of an individual. One would think the world would be a peaceful place with such a system in tact.

However, the world is not black or white nor is it simple enough to simply be at peace; the world is filled with various shades of gray. As many grow up, it seems that we tend to lose sight of that knowledge—especially in a world filled with Heroes and Villains and Soulmates. It was easy to forget that Heroes had their own personal lives filled with love, laughter, regret, and conflict, all the while trying to find their one destined person. It was even easier to forget that villains were more than destructive bastards that only wanted to do bad, and they too had a personal agenda to find their one true love. And, while volatile destruction seemed to be the only goal for the League of Villains, it wasn’t the endgame for all of them. If anything, most villains wanted the same things most people wanted—financial security, status and power, and to find their soulmate. In some scenarios, villains that weren’t associated with the League of Villains didn’t even realize that they were on the same side, often downplaying their crimes in comparison.

I did it for my love.

I did it because I deserve better.

I did it to survive.

Minus the dedicated search for her soulmate, such was the case for Hitoko Ohta—a thought to be quirkless orphan that ran away that used her quirk that manifested later in life to escape being put back into the system. The discovery of her quirk was not as eventful as most, for she learned in her early tween years that she was able to control inanimate objects through her days of playing with dolls. Hitoko often imagined different voices and scenarios when playing with her dolls, unknowingly bringing her imagination to life as she got older. The dolls would move without her hand holding them up, and even began to have voices of their own. Eventually they began to adopt human features such as various hair textures and even eye colors. But when it came to the orphanage checking on their inhabitants and their quirks, Hitoko’s mind would shut off along with her quirk—successfully fooling everyone into believing she was quirkless.

Why she didn’t want the headmaster of the orphanage knowing she did indeed have a quirk, nobody knew. Not even Hitoko herself. All she knew for certain was that she didn’t want to be a hero. Stupid heroes—it was all their fault that she was an orphan. If stupid heroes would have saved her parents from their burning office building when she was a toddler, Mr. and Mrs. Ohta would have still been alive. But that wasn’t what life had planned for her, she used to think, while she was trapped in The Exemplary Home for Girls, manifesting her quirk in quiet day by day until she had complete control over it.

It seemed life had so many other things planned for her, she remembers thinking the moment her Soulmate mark appeared on her body. Everyone in the orphanage remembered that day. At only ten years old, Hitoko felt the searing pain on the flesh of her right forearm as she was branded with the first words her soulmate would ever say to her—I will fucking kill you, bitch. It didn’t take very long to figure out that she was most likely going to end up with a villain which, in turn, caused the inhabitants of the Exemplary Home for Girls to shun Hitoko and keep their distance from her. With the young orphan’s obvious distaste for heroes, they too thought she would become a villain. It was almost a relief that Hitoko lacked a quirk, to the orphanage’s knowledge anyway. Maybe they still had time to lead her into a path of good.

It had taken several years for Hitoko to have a complete grasp on her powers—graduating from dolls to stuffed animals, up to mannequins she had found in the attic of the EHG. By the age of fifteen, Hitoko was able to make mannequins look like real humans, and was able to will them to do her bidding with only her mind. After perfecting her power, she decided to test out the extent of her quirk by controlling a mannequin to attempt to adopt her. She still remembers clear as day as she tricked the headmaster into letting her leave.

“Her? Are you sure? We have many promising young girls, many of them talented enough to get into UA.” The headmistress, Lady Shougi, said in earnest to Hitoko’s lifelike mannequin. So far so good, the headmistress didn’t seem to suspect anything suspicious. Though, she would be surprised if she did. The mannequin took on the form of an average forty year old woman, brunette and starting to show the slightest signs of aging with slightly graying hair and prominent crows feet thanks to Hitoko’s quirk.

“All the more reason. I myself am quirkless, it would be wonderful to have a daughter to share a normal life with.” The pseudo-human responded.

“I understand.” Lady Shougi replied, not exactly happy that of all of her girls to be chosen to be adopted, it was the one quirkless girl she had and not one of the pride and joys she had been harnessing. “I suppose I must disclose this before we fill out the papers.” The head mistress said in one last attempt to get the doll to adopt a different, more suitable child. “Hitoko has had some…issues with potential families. Most likely due to the fact that her Soulmate seems to be with a potential villain, and whomever it is plans on killing her. Not many families could deal with the potential heartbreak of their daughter getting murdered by their soulmate.” The mannequin stayed quiet, due to the lack of command coming from Hitoko. Her heart shattered as she listened to the headmaster speak.

“T-that’s alright.” The doll finally said. “She deserves a shot at a normal life, regardless if she is quirkless or a villains mate.” The headmistress sighed in defeat.

“Ohta, could you come here dear?” Knowing that all of the young ladies in the orphanage gathered outside of her office when there was a potential adoption. Pretending to show slight concern as if she were in trouble, the young teen stepped into the headmistress’ office.

“You called for me?” Hitoko asked politely, looking at her mannequin before looking to her primary caretaker with faux wide eyes behind her large, black rimmed glasses.

“It seems someone has shown interest in adopting you.” From there, the rest was a breeze. Hitoko manipulated the mannequin into being a gushing, doting mother and ready to sign off on her paper work right away. Crazy how the head mistress never caught on, even as Hitoko walked out hand in hand with her creation that ended up disappearing as soon as they were out of sight.

Despite not having the slightest clue as to what to do or how to survive on her own with her newfound freedom, Hitoko was glad to be free of that prison she was forced to call home. But her elation was quickly deflated when she came to realize she had no money, no food, no shelter—she had no way of living in the real world. All Hitoko had was herself and her stupid quirk that could control inanimate objects, something she thought to be useless in the real world—in any world.

Rather than it being useless, her quirk was the only thing she had that contributed to her survival.

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Do you feel comfortable with making headcanons for teenage endeavor? If not, Shinsou headcanons would be okay too!

Okay I watched Bnha a year ago and I have not expressed enough interest in Endeavor. However Shinsou is my fave

I am sorry these are short but I haven’t watched bnha in a while and I am afraid I will mess up something. I hope I will make more for him in the future!

Shinsou Hitoshi headcanons

  • Wanted to brainwash a cat but he felt so bad for it and refrained from doing it
  • He as a kid always took andom stray cats in his home and fed them, then let them out again
  • He doesn’t encounter much lately, but when he does - he feeds them
  • Has the darkest humour and nobody will ever know
  • Breaks all his headphones because he works out with them
  • A huge dark wave music fan
  • Likes to come across random series in YouTube and watch them
  • He always says “One more episode” but doesn’t notice that he has watched it until 6 am and it is l i g h t outside
  • Actually he is not lazy and does chores
  • Drinks way too much water save him pls
  • Only uses 9gag and tumblr. He says he cringes at other social medias
  • But he downloaded messenger tho
  • Has like, 5 pictures in his gallery only???
  • Spins objects on his fingers if he feels way too bored
  • Gets hella drowsy after a shower
  • Nope, you cannot wake him up after he fell in a deep slumber
  • He oversleeps his alarm but doesn’t inted to change its ringtone
  • He draws on rare occasions but he is splendid at it
  • Let us ignore the fact he draws morbid stuff most of the time
  • Likes metal and rock but still dark wave is the best for him
  • People always buy him watches because they say he will look good in them
  • He doesn’t get it and is like ???
  • Unironically reads celebrities fanfictions only to laugh his head off
  • Hates texting and talking on the phone, but does it anyways
  • He prefers to turn on the lamp in his room rather than remove the blinders
  • Hell he doesn’t like others to see what he is doing while they pass by
  • Gets take out pretty often because he adores foreign food
  • Draws on the mirrors after he had one hot bath
  • Never uses a brush and his hair remains soft yet messy
  • He tried using gel and experiment with new hairstyles but regretted it deeply
  • Uses his headphones only when he is outside or working out
  • He doesn’t want to damage them too much
  • His dark circles are natural
  • He jokingly said he wanted to become a villain because of his quirk
  • Hell nah he doesn’t want trouble
  • He liked to collect purple and black slimes as a toddler and mix them
  • Shinsou eats everything, he is just not picky about anything
  • Even if you play his most hated song he will not show any signs of irritation
  • Likes goths but is scared to change his looks so he can be one too
  • Likes to complain about his problems but rarely does it

Thanks for asking!

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What if class 1-a was being berated by Monoma, completely unaware that the new student (y/n) is a protective mom type? To be fair, its news to 1-a as well as (y/n) is usually sweet and slightly shy? Does that make sense? (I love protective friend hours)

Always protective friend hours

  • It was a quiet day
  • Everyone welcomed you to the class
  • You were kinda shy and quiet and no one really pushed you to talk
  • One day during training class B was nearby
  • “Oh here we are AGAIN HUH?” It was Monoma
  • “Class A just CAUSING problems with its PROBLEM CHILDREN. “
  • Everyone ignored him except you
  • “Whys he like that?” You ask
  • “Oh thats just Monoma! “ Mina would tell you
  • “Dont read into it” Momo assured you
  • You tried to ignore him but he just kept going
  • “As if you guys are better then class B! Youre nothing but-!”
  • “That unstable blond ? Hmph!”
  • “And that tall octopus guy? Weirdo!”
  • You sent him into the air placing him on the roof
  • Everyone was quiet.
  • “No one talks about my friends that way.” You said leaving him up there.
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Can I request your headcanons of Todoroki, Deku and Bakugou having a s/o who has a quirk that requires a lot of energy and she's constantly falling asleep? Please♡

a/n: i feel like i left out the “constantly sleeping” part and kinda just replaced it with them always being tired, so im sorry for that! thank u sm for the request<3

warning: not proofread!! i will be doing that tomorrow



Originally posted by osakaxkobe

  • you are constantly tired and he just feels so sorry for you
  • but he knows you love your quirk, and he admires your hard work
  • plus, he knows you can handle being a little sleepy
  • after all, you have been dealing with the effects of your quirk for almost your whole life

“i-i really admire you, y/n” midoriya says, slightly blushing. the two of you have been dating for a few months now, yet he still gets nervous whilst talking to you, “i mean- it must be really hard to be sleepy all the time, yet you always pull through”

you yawn like you haven’t gotten sleep in days, despite having slept the previous night “aw thank you, izu. that’s-” you yawn once again, causing midoriya to giggle at your cuteness

  • thinks your yawns are the cutest thing ever
  • this baby has so many notes on the details of your quirk
  • before you guys started dating, his daily ritual was taking notes
  • not in a creepy way, your quirk is so interesting to him, and he couldn’t himself
  • he knows the things that drain you the most, how much you can take before needing a nap, etcetc.
  • he 100% carries coffee for you and makes sure it’s accessible

“young midoriya i were not aware you drink caffeine” allmight stated, slightly confused,

“oh this?” he questions pointing to the mug in his hand, “no no, this is for y/n”

  • midoriya’s favorite thing is when the two of you are sitting next to eachother, and you just lean your head onto his shoulder and fall into a deep sleep
  • you mostly do this when the class is on their way to a school fieldtrip and you two sit next to eachother on the bus
  • he will start squeeling then and there

“oi, shitty deku stop fUCKING SQUEELING”

midoriya looks over to see a red-faced bakugo ready to attack,

“shh kacchan she is trying to sleep” he says quietly

  • if it weren’t for kirishima and his special talent of calming down bakugo, your boyfriend would be dead

“shitty nerd..” bakugo mummbles in annoyance



Originally posted by giorno

  • he didn’t find out about the effects of you quirk until a few weeks into you’re relationship
  • i mean, he noticed how tired you look, but he never really thought to bring it up
  • until one day after a particularly intense quirk training, you look exhausted
  • you had to go to recovery girl’s room to take a nap, as usual
  • when you finally felt like you had reseted enough to make it through the day, you got out of the bed to find todoroki waiting for you

“todo,” you yawned, “you waited for me?”

“yes y/n, i read online a boyfriend is supposed to wait for his s/o todoroki when they are somewhere”

when the two of you started dating, todoroki did lots of “research” online, and even asked kaminari for a few tips. surprisingly, kaminari is pretty good with helping clueless boyfriends become a little less clueless

but still, todoroki being himself got straight to the point, “y/n, why do you always look so-tired”

“gee thanks” you sarcastically stated, giggling slightly at how socially unaware he was

todoroki stood there, waiting for a response, “well…” he started, “have you been getting enough sleep”

  • once you explain the effects of your quirk to him, he’s less concerned with your sleep schedule so much as with how you make it through the day

“that must be very hard, y/n. im sorry”

“eh, it’s not that bad!” you shrugged,

“how do you make it through the day when you’re so tired?”

“two words, todo: naps and coffee”

  • i see todoroki as the type of person who never saw the point in naps
  • he has a lot of stuff to do, why would he want to spend hours on sleeping during the day when he can do that at night
  • unless it’s naps with you
  • napping with you is one of his favorite parts of his day, and never a waste of time
  • even if he isn’t tired, he just loves anything that involves cuddling you
  • most times, the two of you will go to your dorm when you need a nap. he’ll try to read a book while you lay on his chest, but he always gets distracted by how peaceful you look
  • will steal his fathers credit card and buy you a $100 giftcard to starbucks, as well as about 15 mugs
  • he just shows up at your house one day and his hands are full with mugs, bags of coffee powder, and everything in between

you’re in the kitchen, grabbing yourself a cup of coffee when you hear the doorbell ring, “one second!” you say, only for the door bell to ring two or three times more, “one second!” you exclaim even louder this time

huffing in annoyance, you put down your cup and make your way to the door. you look through the peep hole to see your boyfriend, hands filled with various items. you open the door, “oh hi todo,” you said with a smile,

“what’s all this?” you ask, gesturing to the infinite amount of items he’s holding

“well i was thinking about your quirk and how tired it makes you so i stole my dads credit card and took a cab up to the mall and-”

“wait wait wait- you stole your dad’s credit card to buy me coffee supplies?” you question, a hint of concered laced within your voice


“i- okay”

  • honestly, he just wants to take care of you and be a good boyfriend



Originally posted by sixcorrupted

  • brings coffee “for himself”, then never drinks it and ends up giving it to you
  • but its pretty obvious he bought it for you, he literally has never had an all caffeinated drink in his life

“aww bakubabe, you brought me coffee?”

“you idiot, this is for me!” bakugo exclaimed, blushing

“bakugo i know you don’t drink coffee-”


  • the delivery is wrong but it’s the thought that counts, right?
  • bakugo loves cuddles and that is a fact!!
  • so a girlfriend with a quirk that makes her sleepy? yes please
  • you need lots of naps and this baby will let you cuddle up to him everyday during lunch despite how embarrassed he is

“aww bakubabe, you’re such a good boyfriend!” kaminari mocked jokingly

“yea bakubabe it’s so nice of you to let your bakubabe rest her head of your shoulder” sero joined

bakugo was fuming on the inside, but he knew if he yelled at them now, he would wake you up. and the last thing he wants to do is deprive you of your well needed rest. but boy, were those two getting it after school was over

  • after after a half hour of bakugo chasing around sero and kaminari, he’ll intertwinehis hand in yours and practically drag you home
  • 100% is the big spoon to assert his dominance
  • you really don’t care, you just need a nap
  • if naps aren’t doing you justice that day, he’ll walk with you to the nearest cafe
  • if you have the energy to come with, of course
  • buys you anything you want it is honestly the sweetest
  • yes, that is including sweets

“hurry up and pick out what you want, y/n!”

you pout, “yea yea, one second”

  • if you take too long, he gives up and buys you everything

“i love you bakubabe,” you tease, knowing how flustered that name makes him

“yea yea, i love you too idiot. now hurry up and eat your food before i eat it for you!”

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S/o was one of batmans sidekicks?


Pairing:  Momo x Reader  |  Bakugo x Reader  |  Kirishima x Reader  |  Jiro x Reader

Request: “Can I get headcannons for Momo, bakugou, Kiri, and Jirou being yanderes for a girl from America who seems to have a bit too much training until they find out (totally not from stalking her) that she’s one of batmans sidekicks? Please and thank you! By the way, I love your writing! - Anonymous”

Notes: Thank you so much, you’re too nice! Also, you guys are super creative with your prompts and asks. You always get me thinking :) Yandere themes are ahead.



Originally posted by izukus

Momo Yaoyorozu:

  • When you first get introduced to the class, Momo sees you as some perfect little American foreign exchange student
  • She’ll invite you on shopping trips to the mall, take you to dinner, and invite you over to study at her house and have tea
  • You just so looked so innocent and adorable that she can’t help but want to hide you away forever
  • When she feels her infatuation for you deepening, she hires a team of detectives to look into your past in order to find out more about you
  • She was aiming for them to find things like your exes, best friends, allergies, where you went to school, not for them to come back telling her that you were some sort of crime-fighting vigilante
  • Her whole idea of you being some innocent girl was shattered, but that didn’t stop her obsession with you
  • The idea of you running around at night getting all bruised was unacceptable. That part of your past was something that she would not allow to follow you here
  • “Aww, my little princess isn’t as innocent as she lets on. We’ll have to fix that.”



Originally posted by aishitetsuro

Katsuki Bakugo:

  • You and Bakugo were paired up as sparring partners when he started having suspicions of your past. The fact that you had pinned him down in about ten seconds, definitely lifted up some red flags to you having prior training.
  • He’s angry when he learns the truth. How dare you put your life in danger so stupidly? He won’t allow you to do that again
  • Being a hero was one thing, but a vigilante is a whole nother story
  • He isn’t afraid to confront you about it either
  • He’ll march right up to you in class and ask what the actual fuck were you thinking being some sidekick
  • He isn’t Ashamed of using your past as leverage to keep you inline too
  • “If you know what’s good for you, you won’t go on that suicide mission with Deku. I mean, it would be a shame if while you were gone, the word got out about your sketchy past.”



Eijiro Kirishima:

  • How manly of you!
  • He is proud of the scars you wear. It’s a representation of all the people you’ve saved
  • He admires your bravery and thinks highly of you and your fighting skills. But, you won’t be needing them anymore
  • In fact, you wouldn’t even need to fight at all
  • Not with a man like Kirishima looking after you now
  • “I know you can take care of yourself, but you don’t have to anymore. I’ll take care of you now, so you don’t have to put yourself in danger ever again.”



Kyoka Jiro:

  • Jiro was probably the most chill about it out of everyone (at least on the outside)
  • She notices your scars in the girl’s locker room when you’re changing before training
  • Of course, she’s concerned and can’t help but ask you about them. Her worst fear is that someone may be hurting you
  • But when you come clean and tell her the truth of your past, she’s relieved that it’s not more serious
  • That being said, now that she knows how reckless you can be when it comes to saving others, she’s always keeping an extra close eye on you from behind the scenes. Making sure you don’t overexert yourself and get another scar.
  • While she may look as calm as ever, every time you take a punch, she can’t stop her heart rate from spiking at the idea of you being injured
  • “You shouldn’t be so reckless with yourself, Y/N. I’d hate to see you get hurt.”
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You guys were gonna ask for this eventually so im doing it now 💋♥️

Aizawa with a s/o who got hit with a de aging quirk .


Originally posted by yyh-archive

  • Groan
  • Sigh
  • “Zaawaa!!!!!”
  • “Oh no.”
  • He looked down at you to see you pulling at his capture tape
  • “De aging quirk huh? This is going to be a interesting week”
  • “Zawa! “
  • He picked you up holding you close walking to his home “yes?”
  • “Can we nap when we get home?”
  • He grinned kissing youre forehead “that sounds like a very good plan to me”
  • “Yaaaaay!!!!”
  • Long comfy cozy naps in the sleeping bag all day
  • Class was.. interesting.
  • Aizawa asked you to hand out papers for him and you happily did .
  • All the girls of 1A loved you .
  • Most of the guys did too except for Bakugo
  • “Hey Boomy man”
  • He looked down at you with his chin out
  • “I think youre a big dingus and youre quirk is dumb”
  • Eye brow twitch
  • “Y/N come back please”
  • You hurried to Aizawa and Bakugo was gonna snap his desk
  • The teachers loved you too
  • “Goodness its like another me!” Nezo beamed wagging his tail
  • “Aint you a cutie!! “ miss Midnight said patting youre head
  • Present Mic though was too loud for you and it made Aizawa laugh
  • Before going home he baught you a cat pj onezee and some questionable clothes
  • At the house he held you close telling you how relaxed he was now and how happy he was
  • “Zawa?”
  • “Yes my Y/N?”
  • “When im big can we get married?”
  • He choked setting you next to him . “That sounds great Y/N. Wanna go to the candy store tomorrow?”
  • “But what about class ?”
  • He smiled pulling you close to him
  • “Eh.. ill skip a few days. “
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Deku x Hare!Reader Headcanons

Prompt: Izuku Midoriya dating a classmate with a Hare Quirk.


Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

  • Your name is Y/N Usagiyama, your Quirk is Hare,
  • and Izuku thinks you’re the cutest damn thing to ever live.
  • He loved how your ears moved with you expressed emotions, so animated like a cartoon.
  • He wrote in about 4 pages in his Hero Analysis Notebook for your ears alone.
  • He also adored how you practically soared in the air whenever you jumped really high, as if you were flying.
  • He wasn’t completely confident with approaching and talking to girls close to his age. How he acted on his first day to UA with Uraraka is a perfect example, but he is getting more comfortable as the school year goes by.
  • Albeit very slowly
  • So it took him by complete shock when you approached him during hero training with a quick ‘hey’ and complimented him on his “bunny ears”.
  • Same Aesthetic, you insisted.
  • He didn’t have the heart to tell you that those “bunny ears” were really based on All Might’s hair, so he kept quiet.
  • As much as quiet as he could get when he was stuttering up a blushing storm while you were all up in his space stroking his pseudo ears in curiosity.
  • You guys basically hit it off from there.
  • You guys were a Cute, but Deadly Duo.
  • Him with his super powered punches, you with your strong ass kicks.
  • Speaking of kicks, Izuku is in love with your legs.
  • How they broke down pillars of Todoroki’s ice in the festival
  • How they drop-kick M*neta for miles for making a disturbing comment
  • How they heel-kicked Bakahoe Bakugo’s face during a hero training exercise when he tried to speak some bullshit
  • He adopted some of your eating habits in your special Bunny-based diet.
  • Tries to play it cool when he offers you a (favorite fruit snack) or (favorite vegetable snack) from time to time, saying that his mother pack him too much in his lunch.
  • When in reality, he likes seeing you nibble on snacks.
  • Your idea of dates are working out together 70% of the time. Not that you either of you minded one bit.
  • Spending quality time together and honing your healthy bodies? Killing two birds with one stone.
  • When the rest of your classmates can’t find you two in the dorm rooms outside of class, they know you guys went out on the training grounds for your weekly extensive jogs.
  • And by jogs, it’s really Bunny Parkour.
  • Seriously, the second Izuku showed you his training with Gran Torino on how he managed to utilize his quirk to his legs efficiently, you were fucking stoked.
  • Imagine Aizawa or someone else in Class 1-A having to retrieve you two from the grounds because you almost stayed out past curfew for the umpteenth time playing a hardcore Quirk version of Tag and/or Hero vs Villain.
  • Aizawa can’t really say much other than to keep your eyes on the time, seeing as this is technically considered as a training exercise.
  • You gave Izuku a imitation, green hare tail attachment to his hero costume as a gag gift for his birthday once, so that you could match and have “couple’s goals”.
  • Jokes on you. He wore that shit with pride for a good while until it broke off during a mission.
  • Then he asked for another one.
  • He calls you Usagi-chan, both ironically and unironically.
  • You call him Bunny-kun.


Prompt: Izuku meets your Pro Hero relative: Mirko!


Originally posted by fyeahbnha

  • Remember above when I said that your last name is Usagiyama?
  • Give you one guess why. XD
  • LOL so here’s the thing.
  • Izuku had an inkling that you were related to Mirko somehow.
  • Bunny-related Quirks and similar outfit design.
  • You even had the same last name for All Might’s sake! Of course, people can have the same family name and still not be related. 
  • But hell, even Todoroki had has suspicions.
  • He overheard you denying Todoroki’s claim that Mirko was your mother, illegitimate or otherwise.
  • So he dropped it then. Just assuming you were just a huge fan for her’s with a coincidental matching quirk.
  • So when the No.5 top female Pro Hero Mirko just casually and literally kicks open your front door and calls you to help bring in the groceries when you two teens were watching a movie in the living room
  • Izuku nearly had a heart attack!
  • “Y/N, Todoroki said that you told him you weren’t related to Mirko!”
  • “No, I said I wasn’t her illegitimate love child. And I’m not. She’s my (foster) (sister/cousin/aunt).”
  • “Illegit-…Y/N, who the hell are you friends with?”
  • All Mirko saw in front of her was a muttering, frail-looking fanboy whose blush was so prominent, that she hypothesized that he had a Strawberry-Head Quirk.
  • But you had a sweet smile on your face as you gazed at your rambling boyfriend as he ask question after question. She knows you and knows that you wouldn’t pick just anyone to court.
  • So, Mirko gave Izuku a chance for him to seek her approval a chance to answers all of his questions.
  • By challenging him to a spar in your large family backyard.
  • Because, of course she did.
  • You recalled talking to her about your classmates, especially the bushy-haired cute boy who you thought was a bunny hero in the making as well and how strong, smart, and cool he was.
  • So, she obviously wanted to see his skills for herself.
  • You insisted to Izuku that he didn’t have to fight her relative for her approval.
  • But he accepted.
  • Because, of course he did.
  • Your hero and quirk obsessed significant other was challenged by one of the Top Ten Pro-Heros in all of Japan in a friendly, yet out of nowhere spar. Did you really think that he was gonna say ‘no’ to this free firsthand experience?
  • Mirko: 😈
  • Izuku: 😠
  • Y/N: 😓
  • Mirko’s eyes widen ever so slightly when the petite boy took off his hoodie, showing off his not so petite muscles.
  • She nearly gasped when Izuku put on that look when he was prepping himself for the fight, One for All glowing and crackling around him, stance ready.
  • She became frozen in surprise when, after a few minutes of back and forth, the young man managed to land a strong hit onto her back when she was in the air mid-jump, plummeting her to the ground creating a small crater.
  • Izuku then had the nerve, the audacity, to speak so confidently to her about how Mirko relied too much on her legs on both hand-to-hand combat and maneuverability that she is left vulnerable in the air when her legs are more focused on properly landing or usually aimed at a target on the ground.
  • You shot a smug grin toward her way. My man just kicked your ass.
  • Mirko rolled her eyes, but smirked back. Shut up. I was going easy on him.
  • She sees why you like him now.
  • Congratulations, Midoriya. You’re part of the Bunny family now.
  • Get ready for plenty of rematches in the future, though. Mirko’s fucking relentless, family or not.
  • Mirko gives Izuku an internship invitation to work alongside her and Y/N, whenever he can.
  • She also signs his Hero Analysis Notebook. And makes sure her signature is bigger than All Might’s out of prideful spite.
  • Happy wasn’t enough of a word to describe Izuku when you walked him home that evening.
  • Mirko now joins in on the Bunny Parkour “workouts” from time to time.
  • Which helps because with the Pro Hero’s presence and permission, the young pair of teens can now play their ridiculous games in the city on actual public rooftops and alleyways without get into (legal) trouble.
  • Now, you’re a Feral Bunny Trio.
  • No villain is gonna so much as speak for more than a few seconds without being kicked down to their grave.

Author’s Note: I was forcing myself practically all day trying to write Bunny!Deku instead, but fate wasn’t having that for some reason. Then, I got distracted by Discord and new content of Mirko and I was like ‘FUCK IT’ and did this instead. XD Lol, why is my Bonus section longer than the main prompt?

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Originally posted by sstarphase

AN: I love you anon 🥺 Ms. Joke never gets any appreciation from the fandom. Thanks for giving me an excuse to write for my wife.

  • Emi actually suffers from pretty severe depression.
  • Her Quirk makes it difficult for her to identify whether people actually like her for her, or the the Dopamine rush her Quirk can give them.
  • She’s been burned by people in the past who treated her like garbage behind her back and only ever used her when it was convenient.
  • That’s actually why she ended up falling for Aizawa. He was really the first person to be upfront with her and to say what he means without toying with her emotionally.
  • When she first met him, she acted as she normally did; loud and over the top in an attempt to keep him happy (like everyone she meets) and to hide her true self.
  • He was the first one to see through the act and basically shatter it completely, and for the first time, she felt like she could just be herself without putting on an act.
  • She teased him throughout their time together and tried to get him to laugh or even just crack a smile, but she really did find herself falling for him the longer she was around him. Just like he saw through her act, she saw through his. She saw that he actually cared a lot about people, more so than he lets on.
  • And because of that, it became her goal to make him laugh.
  • On a lighter note, Emi is a fantastic combatant when it comes to Hand-to-Hand combat, but she also uses an array of support gear to help her in fights that require more than just fisticuffs.
  • She carries little grenades that hold laughing gas. Non lethal, but powerful enough to send her opponent into a laughing fit and put them out of commission. It’s also why she’s seen wearing a gas mask. Since it isn’t her Quirk, the laughing gas also affects her.
  • She also has a large cartoony hammer that she wields.
  • She likes stand-up comedy routines, but she’s also a fan of cartoons, including slapstick cartoons of old like Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry.
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Rei Todoroki Headcanons


AN: I’m lowkey salty that a character with so much potential gets overlooked by both Horikoshi and the Fandom, so here’s some headcanons for my favorite Ice Queen.

  • Rei actually had dreams of becoming a Hero when she was younger. She was more of a Pacifist, so she would have likely been a Rescue or Support Hero, but unfortunately, she never had a chance to live her dream.
  • She has masterful command over her Quirk and has since a very young age. You could even say she’s something of a prodigy. She can make extremely delicate and complex structures with her ice or solid ice shields stronger than steel.
  • She even gave some lessons to her kids, when their father wasn’t around of course. She was a much gentler teacher and made sure they had fun.
  • It broke her heart whenever she’d see the panic and fear in Shoto’s eyes whenever he failed to replicate her actions, how he’d flinch away as if he expected her to beat him the same way Endeavor did during their “training” sessions.
  • Rei never stopped hating herself for the abuse her children suffered. She feels partly responsible for it. She feels weak at not having been able to pack up and leave with them.
  • But she also feels disgust. She did love Enji, once upon a time. Like many abuse victims, when the abuse started, she deluded herself into thinking it was her fault or that she somehow deserved it. She was so broken mentally, so scared and so desperate, that she would often fall in line in hopes of pleasing him.
  • When it finally sank in for her that no, Endeavor’s disgusting treatment of her wasn’t normal, she just broke down. She tried to be fight back, but it only led to harsher punishment.
  • She stopped fighting altogether when Touya, their first child, was old enough to be trained. She would speak out against Enji’s treatment towards their children, but she was often too scared to intervene, fearing that her children would be the ones to suffer the consequences of his anger.
  • Other than her children, one of the only things that acted as solace for her was flowers. She loved gardening. Being among the gentle, fragrant blooms of her garden always helped bring her some peace, and the flowers never judged whenever she cried.
  • With her kids, she tried her best to give them some semblance of a normal, loving childhood. She cooked and baked for them, showed them how to play different types of games, and amused them with her Quirk, but she never felt as though she did enough. Even to this day, she feels like she failed them.
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AN: Incels and MGTOW are basically the same thing, at least in that they’re both cringey and Misogynistic AF. No Hero, or Villain for that matter, would like them. But nope, I don’t consider this a political ask since, neither of them are Political Groups, just really shitty beliefs.


Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic):

  • Hizashi probably heard about MGTOW and Incels before, seeing as how he makes an effort to keep up with internet trends.
  • At first, the idea of MGTOW didn’t really bother him. Guys not wanting to date? He saw nothing wrong with that.
  • He also liked the idea that some of them were actively trying to address problems specific to men.
  • Then he read a little more into them, saw how many of them make derogatory comments on women, how they’re all apparently dumb, childish, emotional, and only good for sex, etc.
  • He was immediately put off by those comments.
  • Incels were even worse, though he could clearly see the overlap. Men who were angry that women didn’t owe them sex? He honestly had a hard time wrapping his head around the idea.
  • He wasn’t considered attractive to a lot of women, but he never saw the need to shame them or even try and coerce them into sex. But then, he’s a sweetheart, so he’s never had any issue in terms of dating. Turns out, it’s easy to attract women when you’re actually decent to them.
  • His already sour opinion of the two groups when he saw that both had a comcerningly large number that wanted to strip women of their rights, with some radicals even calling for rape to be made legal.
  • As a Hero, and as a decent human being in general, it made his stomach churn and it, quite frankly, pissed him off. Just what the hell were these people thinking? How could anyone in their right minds think like this?
  • After giving himself a few days to think on the concepts (and let himself come down from his well justified anger and disgust) he decided to make a public statement.
  • Since he has such a big platform, he took the opportunity to openly denounce them on his Radio Show, letting it be known that he doesn’t agree with any of their stances and that men who actually think like this are monsters.
  • Majority of his fanbase took to this favorably, but, as he expected, he got a few angry callers in, calling him all sorts of insults you’d find in those types of communities like “Beta” or “Gender Traitor” and that he was just weak or less than for sucking up to women.
  • He’d always just listen with a lazy smile on his face and remind them that he knows several women that could snap them in half like toothpicks before blocking the call.

Originally posted by hitokayamaguchi

Shouta Aizawa (Eraserhead):

  • He didn’t hear about MGTOW until much later in his life, around his mid twenties. He didn’t particularly care or even try to look into it.
  • Why should he care that some people choose not to date? He doesn’t want to date anyone, it would be pretty hypocritical of him to hate anyone for as petty a reason as that.
  • Then he heard Mic ranting about some of the threads he had read online and his indifference quickly turned into disgust.
  • His feelings towards Incels had always been one of disgust, from the moment he heard of them. He finds them pathetic, and frankly, embarrassing.
  • How pathetic do you have to be to try and strip women of their rights just to force them to fuck you?
  • Some of the strongest colleagues he’s had and the best students he’s taught have been female. He always admired their strength to thrive in a Male dominated career like Hero Work.
  • Hearing these Men say such blatantly sexist things towards the people he respects pisses him off to no end.
  • He finds them illogical. What rational person judges an entire group of people, one consisting of billions of individuals, for something they can’t change? Why boil an entire gender down to textbook stereotypes?
  • He also just doesn’t understand MGTOW as a concept. He hasn’t dated and still chooses not to, but he doesn’t feel the need to demonize women.
  • He also doesn’t understand how women are apparently evil for wanting good partners. Going for the best mate just seems logical to him. If you’re going to theoretically spend the rest of your life with one person, shouldn’t they be the best choice?
  • Other than his general annoyance towards them, he doesn’t really give either groups the time of day. They aren’t worth his time or energy. He’s a very busy man. He has more important things to be concerning himself with.

Originally posted by justin-ripley

Toshinori Yagi (All Might):

  • He’s such a genuinely kind and open-minded man, that the concept that there are people like that out there can still catch him off guard.
  • He’s seen so much evil in his lifetime, so many murders and other foul atrocities. He tries so hard to see the good in people, that when he sees radical fringe groups like this. It hurts.
  • He’s sworn to protect others with all his might, but how can he stop Villains like these, that spread hate and misinformation? He can’t, other than trying his best to speak out against it.
  • His Master, Nana, was a Woman, and probably the most powerful person he’s ever known. She was like a mother to him.
  • When he thinks back on all of her strength, her morals, how much of herself and her happiness that she sacrificed for others, he just can’t understand how people can make such baseless claims.
  • He tries his best to protect the students from seeing stuff like this. They’ve had to deal with enough hate. They’ve seen enough of the bad side of humanity. The hatred, the bigotry, so he just tries to remind them that most people don’t think like this.
  • He has Tsukauchi look deeper into it though, considering some fringe extremists on both ends have actually killed people or committed other atrocities, so he wants them monitored by someone he trusts.
  • Over all, the poor man is just so tired of seeing the worst of Humanity when he knows that humans can be so much better.

Originally posted by cowcat44

Nemuri Kayama (Midnight):

  • Nemuri is torn between finding both groups hilarious, sad, and irritating.
  • On one hand, hearing people spout such obvious nonsense like “women are incapable of emotions” or “all women are gold diggers” with such blind conviction is incredibly funny to her.
  • On the other hand, knowing that these groups insite violence that have led to the deaths of innocents is incredibly sickening, depressing, and rage-inducing.
  • It’s funny to her that these men really think that just because women won’t date or fuck them, that they’re evil, even though the running theme she sees amongst them is that they have incredibly unlikable personalities, no goals, and horrible hygiene.
  • She takes pride in being everything they hate. She’s confident and knows her worth. She knows she’s not inferior to men, she knows she’s strong. She is a skilled Hero and a respected Teacher at a prestigious school.
  • She’s also unabashedly sexual and preaches sexual autonomy, having the right to choose who you pair with Romantically and/or Sexually.
  • She also supports charities for victims of Domestic Abuse, Rape, and other atrocities, but after hearing about the very real violence these two groups cause, she starts speaking out more against radical, misogynistic ideas.
  • She abhors that people still legitimately believe women (or anyone for that matter) is somehow “used up” or “less than” for having sex. Women are people, not goods to be bought or sold. They are damaged for having had sex.
  • Like Shouta, she always finds herself confused with their idea of “Hypergamy.” She sees men search for the best woman they can find, but apparently it’s wrong when women do the same?
  • She tries not to think too much about them. She has men in her life who she loves and who love her. She knows not all men are like this. That gives her some comfort.

Originally posted by desubringer

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Shigaraki kidnaps you thinking you’re dating Hawks?


Pairing:  Shigaraki x Reader

Request: “I am here to be specific again. Can I get a little platonic league (Shigaraki romantic and has convinced himself that the reader and Hawks are an item) where the dynamic is similar to Roxanne Ritchie and Megamind (perhaps a hal figure of your choosing, I just think Megamind and Roxanne are hilarious) - Anonymous”

Notes: Dang, I have not seen Megamind in forever and I’m ashamed. I definitely have to give it a rewatch eventually, but here’s the best I can do from what I remember of it, and their whole dynamic. I didn’t know if you wanted LOV(+VillainReader) working with double agent Hawks, or LOV kidnapping hero reader who works with Hawks, so I went with the latter. If you do want to see it the other way, feel free to request it. (Or drop into my messages if I did this completely wrong lol) I won’t mind! Also, please forgive me but I had to do this as headcanons because it was easier. 



Originally posted by xx-kachi-xx

  • You and Hawks are a very sarcastic pair (which can often be misinterpreted as the two of you flirting). Not to mention that you both are always in the spotlight together since you work with him at his agency
  • So it isn’t too far fetched that people naturally assume that the two of you are dating. 
  • No matter how many times you both deny it
  • One day, by working off of the information given by the press, the LOV decides to kidnap you, (thinking that you’re dating the pro hero) so they can use you as bait in an attempt to capture him, and maybe get some information out of you in the process
  • Of course, they expected you to be scared and nervous but you were the complete opposite. So calm and snarky.
  • I mean for someone tied to a chair in a room surrounded by villains, you sure radiated a lot of confidence
  • Shigarakis not gonna lie, it threw him off a bit. Especially when you started making your smart comments like “Damn, you guys were obviously planning on bringing me here. Couldn’t you have cleaned the place up a bit?”
  • Everyone is caught off guard. They’re just like, “Umm aren’t you scared?”
  • “Not really. No offense, but it’s all just a bit predictable. I mean… let me guess, you guys all kidnapped me because you think I’m dating bird boy, right?” They stayed silent but that was all the information you needed “Yeah, spoiler alert. I’m not. If I had a dollar for every time some villain, made the same mistake you guys made, I wouldn’t need to still be a hero with all that money.”
  • Shigaraki is the most surprised at your explanation. Of course, there was always the chance of you and Hawks not being in a relationship. (As long as the two of you are close, his plan would still work, so it didn’t matter if you were or weren’t)
  • He was more interested in the fact that you really seemed unfazed by all of this.
  • Eventually, you do escape, but you do it on your own with no help from Hawks (having to escape villain lairs often left you with a good set of skills that they severely underestimated)
  • After your escape, Shigaraki’s interest in you began to grow. He would even catch glimpses of you in the press every now and again (always next to the winged hero)
  • Even though he knew you and hawks weren’t dating, he still saw him as a rival. And if there’s one thing we know about Shigaraki, its that he hates to lose.
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Okaaay! I really wanted to share my newest video! It’s a reading of @jaideite ’s headcanon for BNHA Boys and Lice! This headcanon is hilarious and the second I read it I knew I wanted to record a reading of it for April Fools 😂🤣 Please check them out they have really good work!

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Would Villain!Deku be as much of a chubby chaser as normal Deku? And could you please write headcanons of it if you think he would be? As always, whether or not you write it I love your writing 💖💕💞💝💗💓💟♥️ -👀👀👀 anon

oooooooooooooh i don’t think i’ve ever written for villain!Deku but this was interesting to do! i hope it’s okay though, i’m not sure if it’s good lol but i hope you enjoy my dear! <3

Ko-Fi || Commissions


  • Now, if we talk villain!Deku, that’s something special right there
  • Canon Deku will be more of a ‘thick s/o’ kind of guy and his villain counterpart really doesn’t give a damn about what type of body the one he wants has (also doesn’t have a gender preference, if he likes you he likes you and that’s it)
  • Now with that said, he will find some sort of preference to thicker people as well, finding they’re a bit more comfortable to be with
  • Most people would think that, because he’s a villain, he has no idea about physical/romantic affection, but they’d be surprised to find that he’s just a big softie when it comes to his significant others
  • Once he finds someone he’ll like to build a relationship with and they happen to reciprocate his feelings, there’s no getting out of there I’m sorry
  • If there is something he enjoys is teasing his partner and most of the chubby people he’s been with were rather shy, which only fuels his lust
  • Loves and I mean loves to praise his s/o both in bed and in everyday life
  • He finds great pleasure in touching every single part of their body, especially when it comes to cuddling – he’ll wrap his arms protectively around their waist and keep them glued to his chest all day and night if he can, enjoying the warmth their body provides
  • Villain!Deku is more ‘aggressive’ in his way of showing his feelings and won’t hesitate to be more vocal about everything he likes about them and the things he’d like to do with them
  • However, if his partner wears anything tight or any kind of special lingerie it’ll be them who takes control of the situation – he’ll be too distracted to even focus on one thing
  • His way of joking around with his partner will be to poke them all over until they’re either laughing or poking back (don’t let him fool you, he likes the way their plump body feels), but he won’t do this if they have any sort of self-esteem issues – if that’s the case, he’ll refrain from making any type of advances or remarks and will severely punish anyone who dares say anything bad about them
  • There’s a rumour going around in his HQ that says he once got so intense with one of his previous partners they had to lose weight for him to lose interest as well – no one mentions it since Deku has a non-disclosure policy and has more than once punished a few of his employees for asking about it
  • In his civilian persona, he’ll act laidback and always keep a watchful eye over his s/o, but if anything happens he’ll have a bad time to stay in that peaceful façade
  • He’ll work harder than anyone else to make sure his partner sees they’re worth so much, even going as far as claiming he’ll give them the world itself if it means they’ll be happy
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