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#todoroki headcanons
escapenightmare · a day ago
Tumblr media
“i don't understand.”
shoto's voice cuts through the movie that played on tv, he had his gaze on it, watching the main protagonist and his love interest share a romantic moment and a kiss as a soft, slow, love song played in the background.
“don't understand what, sho?”
he turns in your lap to look at you, a tiny smile adorning his face when you run your fingers through his hair, parting the red strands from the white.
“this movie. why would he go back to her after everything she did? she gets angry at him for no actual reason, she spread rumours about him after they left each other and she tried to make him envious of how she moved on from him in such a short time, and yet he still came back to her. i don't get that.”
you pause your actions, making shoto frown at the loss of the soothing feeling. “hmm,” you hum, “it is a romantic comedy, you know, so you shouldn't it seriously.”
“would you come back to me if i did something like that?”
“would you?”
“i asked first.” the smile on his face is soft, and filled with adoration.
“well, i wouldn't. but only because relationships like that are toxic and it's good to stay clear of them,” hurriedly adding, “i know, of course that you wouldn't do anything like that!”
“that's good.”
“but would you?” you turn the question on him once more.
he shakes his head, “no, i wouldn't. as you said, i'd like to stay clear of them too.” he fiddles with his hands, “our relationship won't be like that, right? like that, or like my parents. i don't want-” a deep breath, “i don't want what happened to my parents to happen to us.”
“shoto...” your hands find his, fingers curling around his palms in a tight grip. “of course not. i won't let that happen to us.”
it goes silent, the only noise being the song that still played on tv. then, shoto rubs his eyes, making you realize he was tearing up. “what's wrong?” you ask while wiping away the stray tears that fell down his cheeks with your thumbs.
“nothing,” he laughs, “i just love you.”
your eyes widen at the confession, before softening, “and i love you.”
as he turned his attention back to the movie, shoto understood something. while some relationships were doomed, like how his parents relationship was at the moment, he realized that maybe if he did well on his part, held up his side, your relationship won't end up like his parents, or the two idiots on tv.
he feels genuine happiness, and can't help but keep a smile on his face for the rest of the day.
Tumblr media
only the real ones will reblog! <3
Tumblr media
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catacomb231 · 2 days ago
Koala Cuddles|Todoroki x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sum:Your quirk gives you the attributes of a Koala. And one of your favorite things to do is cling to your boyfriend and cuddle him, not letting go.
Tumblr media
He would be shocked the first time you did it.
Like, Shoto.exe has stopped working!
Poor clueless baby ha no idea how to react.
He obviously knows about your quirk as it gives you the attributes of a Koala! Like Tsu's frog quirk!
But once you two started dating you clung to him. LITERALLY CLUNG TO HIM! Wrapped your arms and legs around his side and snuggle close to him like an actual koala!
He is completely confused and flustered at first, but then once you do it more and more, he gets used to it.
Soon, he just starts walking around with you wrapped around him! Simple as that!
And he acts like it's nothing!
If anyone points it out or makes fun of you for it, he will literally whip their butts.
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hannamakki · 20 days ago
things you do that they find attractive !
✸ ft. bakugo, deku, todoroki, hawks, & dabi
✸ info & warnings: mildly suggestive
Tumblr media
✸ BAKUGO likes seeing you lose your temper. of course he’s ready to stand up for you whenever you need it, but watching you do it on your own always leaves him smiling. the little mannerisms that signal that you’re losing your patience like your eyes narrowing or your lips twitching get him excited. and when you finally snap, shutting them down before they can get another word in, all he can do is sit back with his arms crossed and watch. he’s pretty much ready to kiss the ground you walk on once your done.
✸ DEKU loves watching you put on chapstick/lip gloss. he’s ready to drop everything when he sees you pull out the little tube to reapply. watching the stick or brush run across your lips always has him shamelessly staring at your mouth. his favorite part is how you rub your lips together when you’re finished with the application and how they pucker after, shiny and soft with the fresh layer. all he can think about after the fact is kissing it off until you need to put more on.
✸ TODOROKI likes catching you while you’re stretching. watching your eyes squeeze shut as you roll your neck to relieve the tension never fails to turn him on. and the way your back arches when you reach your arms into the air only adds gasoline to the already growing fire within him. he’s absolutely losing his mind if you let out a groan of pleasure after soothing the strain in your muscles. the little noises— moans, squeaks, grunts— that escape your mouth are his tipping point.
✸ HAWKS likes when your modest outfit becomes a little revealing. sweatpants and a t-shirt on their own aren’t too exciting, but when your pants are riding a little low and expose some of your abdomen or the neck of your t-shirt is a little wider or deeper than usual, he has a hard time taking his eyes off you. it’s almost as if the blank canvas that is your skin is begging him to paint it. he has enough willpower to keep his lips off of you, but he can’t speak for his wandering hands.
✸ DABI enjoys when you bite/lick your lips. whether you’re focused and chewing on your lip because it grounds you or are licking them after a meal, he’s watching each little movement. eyeing the way your teeth press into them or your tongue runs over them is nearly hypnotizing to him. you fidgeting with them makes him want to to give it a try. in fact, he finds it hard to keep himself from pulling your lower lip from between your teeth or wiping away that little mess with his own fingers.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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sassiart8 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thanks to @my-hero-incorrect-quotes in tumbrl that inspired me for this comic (ofc this is my pov!)☺️⭐️
Chek it out my InstaPage: Sassi_art8
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shotorozu · 27 days ago
ドキドキ (heart fluttering)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
character(s) : bakugou katsuki, todoroki shouto, shinsou hitoshi, kaminari denki (bnha)
part two — tokrev ver.
legend : [Y/N = YOUR NAME] gender neutral, quirk’s not specific
headcanon type : fluff, crack-ish🤔(x reader)
note(s) : things you did that caused these characters to blush for the first time 💀 i had a hard time sticking with ideas for this one— either way, i’m sorry for the lack of posts 🧎‍♀️
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
calling him by his full hero name
as we all know, his hero name has gone through several revisions. the reactions of his classmates and teachers after hearing about “king explosion murder” deemed them unacceptable, unworthy (for the time being) to hear of his official, on the paper hero name.
even then, “great explosion murder god dynamight” still has its mixed reviews— mostly questioning the blond’s naming process. they all sincerely wish he’s not in charge of naming whoever’s kid.
which is why, hearing you say his full hero name and in it’s correct order— mind you, nearly caused him to erupt into shades of red, which could rival his very own irises.
the self control he possesses sometimes
he thinks you’re mocking him at first, naturally. considering that, everyone either stuck to the name’s simplified version, “dynamight” or, they just completely avoided the mention of his hero name all together.
until he sees the sincerity in your eyes— confusion swirling in your irises at the lack of katsuki’s response.
he goes to correct you, until he remembers that the order’s absolutely correct. so then, he asks you to say it again, a hand cupping his ear, so he could hear the way the name rolls off your tongue, as you stare at him with anything but ill intent.
katsuki doesn’t realize he’s blushing, until kirishima innocently points it out, believing his blush was the work of the newly purchased hot sauce.
“was the hot sauce i bought really intense? if so— i’m really glad, y’know! i scavenged the aisles for that specific bottle”
“the hell are you talking about?”
“uh, you’re like.. really red, bro. that’s.. that’s what i mean.”
“… i’m not. you’re just fucking colorblind. are you sure the hair dye isn’t seeping into your brain?”
“…i’m sure that’s not how it works—”
katsuki ends up not sleeping on time, and it’s all due to you. he concludes he might need professional, medical attention (no, katsuki. you just have a crush— and that’s perfectly fine 😭)
todoroki shouto
calling him his first name
his family only ever called him by his first name, which is a given. but, ever since he made it his official hero name, more and more people have been calling him by his first name.
is it something that he regrets occasionally? yeah, sometimes. did he choose that as his hero name, because he wanted to be recognized as him, and not the child of endeavor? yeah.
did he also make his hero name “shouto”, so he could erase the less than kind memories that associate with his name? maybe.
despite it all, he finds himself fighting the heat that threatens to spread along his cheeks, when you whisper his first name for the first time— addressing him as shouto in private.
not in a training set up, or in front of other classmates— but in each other’s company alone.
activating his right side, to regulate his temperature, he tilts his head to the side— prompting you to speak further.
“you weren’t responding, and i also never said your first name before so.. yeah. wanted to test that out.”
shouto holds down an uncharacteristic stammer. with shaky hands, he slowly (maybe even cautiously), approaches you.
“was that out of line—”
“no.” he starts, “it was quite— nice. yes, nice.” he nods with vigor. he likes the way you say his name, is what he wants to say. but, the words don’t come out as well.
“my first name. it’s free for you to use as you like.”
“oh— thanks, shouto!”
even when he says that, there’s undeniably some redness sprinkled across his cheeks. unsure of what just happened to him— he quickly turns around, hoping you don’t question the uncharacteristic action.
he only notices that he’s blushing, when midoriya takes one look at him, and offers him aloe vera gel
“aloe vera gel?”
“it’s for your..” midoriya gestures to the entirety of his face, “i don’t know what it is, but it looks like a rash?”
“why? what does my face look like?”
“really red, todoroki-kun.”
it dawns onto him on what it actually is, “oh.” not knowing how to reply to that, he accepts the gel.
it occurs to shouto, that there’s something he needs to figure out. whatever it is, it is causing him chest issues. he also believes that it’s detrimental to his ever so perfected temperature control. in reality, this was all because of his feelings towards you, but he’ll figure it out soon enough
shinsou hitoshi
oddly specific
for as long as he could remember, hitoshi has gotten used to paying attention to people, and their voices— because he needed to, if he wanted to pursue being a hero.
gradually, he just knew when to expect something, just by reading the conversation’s pattern, or maybe even their body language.
he thinks that people can be so predictable sometimes. so, when something else happens— it throws him off the loop.
like now, when you complimented him on his bone structure. something so oddly specific, and something he’s never been complimented on before.
to the point that heat flared up on his face— or a blush, he doesn’t know. either way, he just hopes it’s not obvious.
hitoshi knows a part of him would’ve been pretty amused at this compliment— then again, he’s never received such compliment before.
“bone structure, huh?” he questions, hand flying up to his nape, something he does as a fidget, or— when he finds himself shy.
the insomniac teen sincerely hopes this action does something to control whatever blush, or heat that’s about to emit off his face to no end.
“yeah. you have good bone structure. has no one told you that?”
“no, not really. but uh.. thank you?”
you smile, patting his back, “don’t sweat it.”
oh but, he will.
hitoshi only realizes he’s blushing, when aizawa points it out first (he wonders, why it had to be his mentor out of all the people.)
“shinsou, you good?”
“yes, sir. why?”
“you look like you’re burning up.”
“i am? ..huh.”
“don’t “huh” me, i don’t want you to be unwell during training. it won’t benefit you, and it’ll only worsen your condition.”
“uh.. i don’t think..”
“—unless, i’m misreading this all, and it’s not what it appears.”
hitoshi wonders if he was blushing because he was given an unexpected, and oddly specific compliment. or— if it’s because you were giving him the praise. but knowing himself, it’s probably because of you. (he’s screwed, he thinks to himself)
kaminari denki
when you flirt back
kaminari denki can flirt, but he doesn’t actually expect any form of reciprocation.
he knows when to back off and all— he’s not a creep. regardless of the fact, whenever he does flirt with someone, they either shyly shrug it off, or they ignore it all together 💀
then there are those rare occasions, where he gets told off, but hey— at least he tried, and at least they were honest.
denki thought you were just being nice, when you only smiled at his borderline cheesy attempts at throwing flirtatious punchlines.
which is why he doesn’t know what to say, when you actually flirt back with him. it was totally unexpected on his end— especially since you’ve never mirrored him in like, ever.
“i think if we were a couple, you’d be the pretty one,” he says in an flirtatious attempt, and he opens his mouth to move onto the next topic, when you reply back with
“hm, i don’t know— you’re pretty good looking yourself. we’d really be one pretty couple.”
denki stares at you dumified, and the lack of words only cause the smile that was already on your lips to spread even wider.
what time is it? where is he? is the room spinning? is the world spinning? he knew, but it seems to be that he forgot about all concepts of time and location.
he believes he short circuited— the way his agape mouth closes and opens like a fish, and the way he stares at you dumbfounded is just enough to wrap a conclusion around his head
but he doesn’t see sparks of electricity, or an expression of worry on your face— which is something he catches a glimpse of, whenever he short circuits due his quirk
so maybe, it’s something else entirely.
denki only realizes that he’s blushing, when bakugou lands a slap on his back, straightening his posture.
“ow, bakugou! what was that for?”
“your expression, ‘s fucking haunting. the hell happened to you? got struck by lighting on the way or something?”
“your face, dimwit. look at your face— it’s red as shit!”
“what— oh. oh.”
“i just realized something. i think i’m screwed.”
“sounds like a personal problem.”
in reality, it really was. in a span of few hours and a hamburger, denki came to realize this unlabelled fascination, is him actually developing a crush on you— the subject of his daily banter.
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission :))
Tumblr media
TAGLIST (bold couldn’t be tagged 😔 lmk if you’ve changed your url ‼️) :
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writteninkat · a month ago
hello!! what would some of the MHA/BNHA boys would do/say if they found out that's their fem!S/O has a voice kink??
I'm honestly just curious
you dont have to do this if your uncomfortable (obviously) but if you do,,,remember to have fun!!!
love you babes <3
w/ Bakugou, Todoroki, Dabi, Hawks, Aizawa
a/n: keep 'em coming i love doing requests :')
Tumblr media
he's never gonna let you live it down. it's 50/50 a good idea and a bad one
a good idea cause he didn't react badly or got weirded out by you
a bad idea cause even in public he'll be whispering the dirtiest things in your ears and it'll be driving you wild.
got all shy and kind of insecure, not sure if his voice was the type you were into so the second you told him that he and his voice brought this kink to light, he used it greatly
he always used to just fuck you till you were too tired to fight back whenever you were being a brat, but now he learned to control his tone and found his way to putting you back to your place without using as much energy
the second you tell him about it, he puts it to the test
he whispers in your ear, "mmm? so princess has a voice kink..." and you're clenching your thighs in an instant
you've given this man too much power and you cruse yourself for doing so
"well, isn't that cute, lil mouse?" he brushes a finger across your jaw, tickling you ever so lightly as if it were a feather
"so what's happening in that cute mind of yours when I'm moaning?" you bite your lip at his question, not wanting to add more air into his already inflated ego but you can't help yourself
he's using his bedroom voice to test you, just like Dabi, and your cunt is spasming at the sound
you pant, looking up at him with pleading eyes. he looks genuinely taken aback that he has this much effect on you
first he's all shy about it then asks what kind of tones he uses that gets you going
"your voice is really just the main thing, hon. but if you're asking for something more specific," you sit yourself on his lap, pulling him by his tie, your face inches away. "i love the commanding tone you give villains."
"on your knees. now." his voice thunders around the room and you're immediately slipping off of his lap to kneel onto the floor, pressing your thighs together
"i see." aizawa nods, his fingers taking your chin to tilt your head upwards. "why don't you put that mouth to good use, hon? i'll tell you how to do it."
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katsuphilia · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: bakugou katsuki and todoroki shoto
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: this is a repost from my old blog
Tumblr media
You were too angry at him to speak right now, and Bakugou would not leave your room until you’d finally gave in and spoke.
“Come on you idiot, stop being so damn stubborn. I’m not leaving this room until your dumbass speaks to me.” You kept scrolling through your phone, stubborn as ever. Normally Bakugou loved the way you didn’t back down, but this was getting on his last nerve today. Reaching over, he snatched your phone from your hand, glaring at you. You sat there frozen for a moment before looking up at him furiously.
“Katsuki.” Your voice was cold, and your eyes narrowed in on him the way they did on an opponent. He furrowed his eyebrows, shocked at your tone. Absolutely not. He would not stand for this. Either you’d say his name the usual sweet way, or you’d call him babe. Those were your only options.
“No. If you’re not gonna say my name nicely you don’t get to say it at all. Now try again, say it with more love this time, otherwise I’ll light up your phone,” he said sternly, dangling your phone in his hands to emphasize his point. You crossed your arms glaring at him before turning away stubbornly, still unwilling to give in. Suddenly, he smirked, shrugging at you. “Okay, if you wanna be a stubborn brat that’s up to you.” Plopping himself on top of you, he wormed his way under your crossed arms and laid his head on your chest, trying to put as much weight as he possibly could on you.
“Katsuki!” You screamed at him angrily. Another smirk.
“Uh uh,” he shook his head. “I didn’t like that tone either. Try one more time.” You closed your eyes, breathing deeply before looking at him unimpressed.
“I am not happy with you.”
“And I said I’m sorry. And I even said it nicely this time. Not ‘half assed’ like you always complain.”
“And I said sorry wouldn’t cut it this time.”
“And I said you’re being too stubborn.”
“Katsuki,” this time your tone was exasperated. Once again, his face displayed his usual cockiness, and had it not been so adorable, you’d have smacked it.
“See that’s better, but it’s still not perfect. Try one more time, you’ll get it eventually. In the meantime, I’ll get comfortable.” True to his word, he shifted so he could lay more comfortably, head burrowing deeper into your chest while his arms wrapped around your torso. You sighed, giving in and carding a hand through his wild locks. Looking at you with a triumphant look, he pointed at a blanket at the foot of your bed. “Cover me in the blanket too while your at it babe.” You were so sick of him. Absolutely over him and his antics. But before you could stop yourself, you reached over and lay the blanket over your boyfriend’s body, making sure he was thoroughly covered.
“Is that good enough for your liking?” He nodded, satisfied with your compliance.
“Yeah I guess. But you’re still being shitty and not saying my name correctly, so get back to practicing that. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t get the hang of it, not everyone can be as fast as me.” Oh you’d kill him. But since he looked so cozy, and you didn’t get to really be the one who held him often, you decided just this once, you’d cave. You sighed deeply once more before rolling your eyes.
“Okay fine. I love you Katsuki. Was that better?”
“Sure, I’ll take it. I say your name better though, but I guess I love you too.”
“No you don’t, you just grumble it.”
“And that’s why you’re dumb as shit because clearly I say your name with a lot more love than you do.”
“No you do not.”
“Yeah I do, and I call you babe more often too.”
“Whatever Katsuki, I’m still mad at you.” Shrugging, he lay his head back on your chest and relaxed onto your body.
“You’re always mad about something y/n. Might as well be me so I’m the only thing on your mind.” Finally, you snorted, shaking your head. Leaning down, you kissed his forehead, making him grin. It would probably be his turn to be mad at you tomorrow anyway, so you decided to bask in his affections while you could.
Tumblr media
Todoroki wasn’t quite sure how to handle your current mood right now. He wasn’t the best at reading people’s emotions, let alone dealing with them, but it was evident that you were upset, and worse, you were upset with him. He stared at your figure as you looked at him expectantly, arms crossed.
“Y/n, why are you mad? I can’t fix it if you don’t tell me,” you boyfriend reasoned. But you were too angry to be reasonable, so you continued to be stubborn.
“If I have to spell it out for you, then you’re not gonna be able to fix it.” Frowning, he looked at you blankly, confused as to what he could’ve done to make you this upset. He reached over for your hand, but you snatched it away, death glaring him.
“Shoto, go away.” Slowly, he pouted at your tone, it was stern and cold, and he didn’t like it.
“Why… why did you say my name like that?” You glared at him, and Todoroki pouted even deeper. Your heart swelled at the sight, and before you knew it, you weren’t so angry anymore. But still, you didn’t want to give in too quickly.
“Because I’m clearly not happy with you right now Shoto.” Once again, you said his name venomously. This made his face scrunch up, almost making you laugh at his expression.
“Y/n, I’m sure I can fix it. But say my name the way you usually do,” he insisted. You raised an eyebrow at him, and he furrowed his.
“And how do I usually say it?”
“Not like that.”
“I’m saying it the way I always do.”
“No you’re not, you don’t usually say it like this.”
“Then like what Shoto?” He looked at you, blinking for a moment, contemplating.
“Well that time was a bit nicer, but still not like usual.” Finally, you gave in, giggling at how he was so effortlessly adorable. Holding an arm out, you motioned for him to come over. He looked at you confused, but made his way to you nonetheless, sinking into your hold as you wrapped yourself around him.
“You’re so cute Shoto.” Hugging you, Todoroki’s head met the crook of your neck as you played with his hair.
“You said it like usual again, does that mean you’re not mad?” Laughing, you nodded. He relaxed into your embrace, squeezing your figure gently.
“Yeah, I’m not mad anymore.”
“That was quick. How’d I fix it, I didn’t even do anything yet.” Rubbing his back, you smiled at him as he brought his head out of your neck to look at you.
“You were just being really cute is all.” He was still uncertain about what exactly happened, but he nodded anyway.
“Okay, I don’t really get it, but you’ll say my name nicely now right?” Pecking his lips, you nodded, chuckling once more at his confusion.
“Yeah, I’ll say your name nicely now.”
Tumblr media
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dawbi · 3 months ago
bnha boys introducing you to their family (gif reaction)
warnings - endeavor is in hawks part !!
characters - midoriya, bakugou, todoroki, dabi, & hawks
Tumblr media
oh the midoriyas are nervous as hell. you're coming over for dinner and meeting for the first time ?? inko’s freaking out. cleans their house top to bottom at least 3 times. "izuku, does the lamp look better here or over there? what does y/n like to eat? does this outfit look like i'm trying too hard?" all of this chaos is adding to midoriya's own anxiety. "m-mom please calm down. y/n will be here in 10 minutes." he should really take his own advice because his shaky hands cause him to drop the utensils he was holding. the loud noise freaks out inko and she trips over the plant, knocking it over. omg cue horrified noises from both of them. luckily the food was done because as they struggle picking up the last bits of the broken pot, the doorbell rings. they welcome you in trying to hide everything that just happened lol. once you three are sitting at the table, inko is just watching your reactions to her cooking. please let her know it’s good ☹️ eventually light conversation makes things more comfortable and midoriya even holds your hand and looks at you with a loving smile as you talk to his mom. this warms inko’s heart and she knows, her son chose well 💕
Tumblr media
bakugou did not want you to meet his mom, at least so soon. his dad maybe, but not her. he knows how she is. mitsuki would tell you his embarrassing childhood moments or expose the times she has caught him simping for you. somehow mitsuki makes him bring you over for lunch. she’s really friendly and welcomes you with a hug. “omg y/n. i have been dying to meet you!! come in please.” bakugou is twitching and looking for the nearest exit but his mom is one step ahead of him and drags him to the table. “unfortunately katsuki’s father couldn’t make it. it’s just me.” “no worries!” mitsuki asks you questions about yourself. “you know y/n. i was worried this brat wouldn’t introduce us.” she says as she turns to him. “katsuki has changed since he met you.” the rest of the meal and conversation go smoothly. you say your goodbye and bakugou walks you out. when he comes back, he sighs a breath of relief until he feels a whack on his head. “listen! they’re a good one, treat them well.” mitsuki places her hands on her hips. “if you don’t, i have plenty of stories ☺️ ” he better be on his best behavior lol. bakugou won’t admit it but he liked watching you get along with his mom 💗
Tumblr media
todroki would be hesitant to introduce you to his family. meeting his dad is out of the question, he's very protective of you. he doesn’t know what he'd do if his father made any offensive remarks about you. natsuo and fuyumi are his first choice. but, natsuo and his college life conflicted with that day so, it’s just his sister. fuyumi is so happy for todoroki and wants everything to go well. she’s trying so hard to make things comfortable for you. her food is amazing do not even lie. his sister even tries to seem fun by telling you a joke lol. “y/n, why did the tomato turn red?” “why?” “because it saw the salad dressing, ha ha.” finger guns unironically. laugh out of politeness pls ajshshjsks. fuyumi is in awe when she sees you two clean up together. shouto is smiling and expressive around you. his sister smiles to herself, happy her brother has found someone 🥺 later down the line in your relationship, todoroki would introduce you to his mom. rei practically knows everything about you and already loves you. the way todoroki would talk about you during his visits ?? she has to meet the person making her son happy 💞
Tumblr media
"never gonna happen." is what dabi says when you ask to meet his family. this is a very obvious answer if he’s told you his past. if not, this sounds hurtful and he knows that. so, he'd introduce you to the lov. dabi strikes me as a possessive person, so he was kinda hesitant sharing lol. "this is my family now." he gestures over towards the members of the lov. shigaraki probably playing some video game and barely acknowledges you. twice and toga come over and introduce themselves. “so, you’re dabi’s lover! you’re really cute!” toga can’t hide her excitement. twice is a shake your hand “i’m twice. dabs never wanted to introduce you and i see why.” kinda guy. dabi is like 😪 mr.compress and spinner introduce themselves later on while kurogiri is very hospitable. offers you something to eat or drink. they try not to make a big deal out of it because dabi hates that kinda thing. you sit with dabi on the couch while they practically interview you lol. dabi silently watches and pulls you closer to him. woah. they’re shook. dabi? showing some? idk? affection? but they don’t point it out cuz then they risk getting burnt 😬
Tumblr media
sadly, keigo doesn't have family or loved ones and barely trusts any colleagues. who can he bring you home to ?? i feel like this would make him feel a bit insecure. makes him stay up at night wondering if you'll find someone else that has a big family to welcome you. keigo holds you a bit tighter when it crosses his mind. he'd mention you here and there. the pro heroes like mirko and edgeshot have seen a photo of you. even endeavor knows about you. i don't think keigo would plan for you to meet them until accidentally, it happens. you would be working your 9-5 when you see the number one hero and your boyfriend walk in. keigo's eyes light up when he sees you, "hey dove. hope i'm not distracting you." he walks up to where you're at and enji follows. "uh this is y/n. y/n this is-" "endeavor." enji bows and you do too. "keigo. please don't overwork yourself today. you got this." enji watches keigo melt at your words "i won't. love you." they exit the building after getting what they needed. the moment makes endeavor wonder if his kids will find someone like you. since nothing bad happened, keigo is already thinking of introducing you to mirko 💖
a/n - i struggled shortening these omg. the first draft was so long 😭
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angeldlust · 3 months ago
MHA - Pulling them close by their belt
Characters : Various x reader
Tumblr media
Warnings : Suggestive content, Pining , use of brat, mention of choking. If I'm forgetting something pls let me know!!
A/N : quick hcs because I keep thinking about this but I'm to lazy to develop the rest adffyhjjootssgjicrddy
Navi || MasterList
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Are you sure you wanna do this here? Be careful you have a public image to keep, doll”
HAWKS, DABI, Shindo, Monoma, Mr.Compress
Babble Mess, would blush and hug you so he can hide his face and make you feel his er*ction
MIDORYA, TAMAKI, Kirishima, KAMINARI, Shoji, Vlad
(Hope you’re not next to a wall) Pins you against the wall, a hand around your neck, slightly squeezing, calls you a brat, while theirs thumb caresses your bottom lips, and then walks away.
DABI, AIZAWA **, Bakugo , Mirko , SHOTOOOOOO
“What do you think you’re doing?-Insert here an arched brow followed by an almost sadistic smirk- Don’t cry on me later”
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to bubblebeemie do not modify or repost; if found please let me know
Tumblr media
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long-cosmos-overhead · 3 months ago
MHA Preference: What Makes Them Emotional
(I do not own MHA or it’s characters/ gifs not mine)
Tumblr media
1. When you show up to every one of his events
Even something as small as watching him train or a study session. All his life people have let him down and bullied him, he’s used to people not showing up to birthday parties, cancelling on him or flat out ignoring or beating him. Just you showing up for him and him alone makes him so happy. He was actually surprised when you showed up ready to watch him train on time with some snacks so he wouldn’t run out of energy
2. Kissing his scars
Izuku is insecure about everything especially the scars on his hand, he’s worried to hold your hand or touch your skin purely because he’s afraid you’ll find them ugly. He is a blushing mess for your affection but his heart stops when he feels your lips kissing the scars on his hands. Needless to say he cried no one has ever made him feel more appreciated and strong
3. Fretting over him
Izuku feels guilty for making you worry about him especially since he practically lives in recovery girls office and is constantly pushing and overdoing it but he feels happy knowing that no matter what happens you’ll be by his side. He accepts your scolding with a sheepish apology and smile but it’s nice for him to know that you care about him and his well-being something he didn’t usually get a lot of
Tumblr media
1. Sticking with him during his anger
Bakugou knows he’s not the nicest and he genuinely feels unworthy of anyone to be with him during his moments of pure rage. He doesn’t see it in the moment but you sitting there after everyone has ran away from him helped him more than you know. He didn’t realise how much he needed someone to be there for him before you
2. Standing up for him
He acts like he hates it but he secretly loves when you stand up for him before he can get a word in. He knows you know he can handle it perfectly but yet you still back him up. It’s just further proof of your love for him a factor that shows you’re with him no matter what and he always stands up for you in return
3. Giving him space
Bakugou is a person that needs time alone he can’t be around people when he’s hit a low and he prefers to deal with it himself and he is eternally grateful that you never push or force him to tell you anything when he disappears. He appreciates that you don’t mention it and act like normal asking if he wants to watch a movie or go for a walk instead
Tumblr media
1. When you kiss his scar
Shoto is deeply insecure about his scar and left side, he freezes for a good few minutes after you kiss his scar processing what you just did. He doesn’t smile or cry he leans his head into the crook of your neck and you both stay that way until you hear him say a quiet ‘thank you’
2. The first time you praised his fire quirk
It was after the first time he used his fire quirk against deku. At the time he barely even knew you but after his match you ran over to him gushing over how ‘cool and pretty’ his fire was. You didn’t acknowledge endeavour instead talking about his quirk as HIS and not endeavours. He never told you but he still thinks about it to this day
3. When you came over to his house and his siblings loved you
Shoto wasn’t expecting the best response when you came to his house but you settled right in with Fuyumi offering to help make dinner and cleaning up so she wouldn’t have to. Not to mention the amount many times Natsuo said ‘they’re really cool’ after you left. You made the evening with his family better and he’s forever thankful for making him feel happier in his home
Tumblr media
1. Taking care of him when he short circuits
You were the only person aside from his mother that didn’t laugh at him after he short circuited that in itself would have been enough since he’s always so embarrassed about it but you led him to his dorm and made sure he wasn’t hurt until he came back. Denki has never cried out of happiness so much after you left
2. Always assuring him he’s not annoying or ‘too much’
Denki is secretly insecure of himself after he’s been around people. His smile and energy is genuine but afterwards he always wonders if he’s annoying his friends and that they ‘just put up with him’ but you reassure him for hours that that’s not the case and he’s always wanted by you. It lessens the load of thoughts in his head and he’s super happy that you would go to so much effort to make him know he’s loved
3. Always congratulating him after every exam
No matter if he passed or failed you don’t care, you’re proud of Denki and always take him out for ice cream or treat him to cuddles after an exam. Not only does it make Denki less nervous for exams but he can fall in your arms no matter how he did and you’ll always remind him that he’s amazing and capable of becoming a hero
Tumblr media
1. When you bare his burdens
Kirishima by nature is sunshine. He’s always cheering everyone up but sometimes he’s the one that needs cheering up but he doesn’t want to burden everyone else seeing as he feels it should be him doing the cheering up. When you come along he realises he can come to you, curl up in your arms and share his bad days, insecurities and feelings. You help him in ways you never know
2. Reassuring him about his quirk
Kiri never really liked his quirk as much as he should. He often came to you after days of training looking like a kicked puppy explaining how his quirk was useless and how there’s so many other cooler ones but his words fall short when you take him in your arms and say ‘I think your quirk is the manliest though.’ He fell in love all over again
3. Helping him dye his hair
Kiri used to hate when his roots would show and he’d have to dye his hair again but now he lives for it. He even kind of shows them off so you can both go out and buy red hair dye, come home and for your fingers to run over his scalp. He loves the domestic aspect and cherishes each time you help him dye his hair. He keeps the boxes and writes the date on them so he never forgets
Tumblr media
1. Helping him maintain order
Honestly Iida can go over the top trying to maintain order but his heart is in the right place. Despite his leadership skills sometimes it just doesn’t work. You hate seeing Iida frustrated so even if it’s a minor offence you’ll step in, hand of his shoulder saying ‘come on guys sit properly.’ Or ‘cmon don’t run in the corridors.’ Iida can never stop the smile and blush on his face when you do that
2. Jumping in with Deku and Shoto during the stain incident
He sure as hell didn’t appreciate it then but afterwards he came to realise you’re the reason he’s alive. You were with him all along fighting stain to save him. Where he was extremely grateful he was also terrified, if he lost you because of something he started he would never forgive himself. You came out injured but still carried him to safety and whenever he thinks about it he pulls you into his embrace still unable to repay the favour
3. Helping him care for his engines
Iida is very good at taking care of things but sometimes he doesn’t know when to ask for help. Helping him maintain his engines, checking in on him to see if he can walk okay and didn’t overdo it, carrying deep heat or painkillers for when his legs cramp up or hurt makes him so mushy inside, he feels cared for and relaxed knowing he has a great partner to make sure he’s okay
Tumblr media
1. Interacting with dark shadow
The trouble he has with dark shadow is obvious and Tokoyami constantly stresses that you will leave him because it’s essentially a 2 for 1 deal because of dark shadow. One day while laying in bed reading absentmindedly he notices dark shadow is more manageable then he realises it’s because you’re talking with him, laughing together even. You don’t notice how he relaxes so much neither do you notice him put down his book to admire you. You’ve never make him feel more accepted
2. Buying him books and poetry
When you go out of your way to analyse his bookshelf and figure out which new books he would like and leave them wrapped on his bed, tokoyami feels all sorts of warmth even dark shadow gets excited. He finds you in your dorm wrapping his arms around you and nuzzling his beak into your neck, hopefully asking ‘would you like to read with me darling?’
3. Keeping matches on you incase he needs light
You always keep some form of candle, match or light on you incase dark shadow gets out of hand, you both have torches in your room for any instance and you never once complain about it. Tokoyami honestly saw a life with you in it when you proposed the idea asking if he was comfortable with it. Give him some love
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shoutogepi · 11 months ago
S/O begging to be choked
with Todoroki Shouto, Bakugou Katsuki, & Shinsou Hitoshi
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 : ✘ 𝐧𝐬𝐟𝐰 (𝟏𝟖+)
𝐡𝐜 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐭 :
Tumblr media
and i decided to add my other two boys ;)
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫’𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 : it’s been a hot min since i’ve tried headcanons... perhaps they’re all into it... perhaps this is indulging my choking kink *laughs nervously*
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐢 ❄️
reluctant about it at first, but after seeing how much you love it, he finds he thoroughly enjoys it.
he’s a switch, so this time you had asked sweetly if he would dom you. how could he say no to you pleading for him to fuck you, when you look like that?? mans is whipped. 
just getting into a rhythm with it, your legs bent over his shoulders as he rocks his hips into yours, he starts to pound your writhing body into the mattress. he hits a special spot when you’re in this position, and this fucker knows it, too— uses it to his advantage.
right when he thinks he’s got you right where he wants you, you whimper out “choke me baby, please~”
shocked as hell but damn it, he spoils you in every aspect of life, of course he’s gonna do what you ask.
he’s never choked you before, let alone anyone... but you may have just awoken a dormant kink o.o
“Mmm baby,” Shouto groans in your ear, breath heavy in his chest as his cock glides deeper inside of you. “You feel so good— so warm, so wet for me.” 
Your legs widen around his waist, ankles crossing behind his back in an attempt to push his hips closer to yours. You’re panting, head thrown back into the sheets and wrists pinned down by his tight grip, moaning as he starts to pick up the pace. “Aha— Sho, fuck yes, all for you!”
He takes your ear between his teeth, nibbling at your skin and washing the side of your face in his hot, ragged breath. His mouth moves to kiss and suck at your jaw, and you stretch your neck so you expose everything to him, wanting for him to mark your throat. 
“Sh-Shouto, choke me baby, please~” you whimper, eyes fluttering closed. 
Shouto’s so shocked that his hips actually falter, leaning back to look at you and make sure he heard you right. Even though he’s frozen to the spot, you’re restless for him— you shake one of his hands from your wrist and place it around your neck instead, squeezing his thumb and forefinger on the sides of your throat. Wiggling your hips, you urge him to start thrusting again, wanting nothing more than for him to rearrange your guts.
It takes him a second to recalibrate, putting all his weight on his free hand, and just barely pressing down on your neck with his other. But when he does, he groans at how you back arches, a fucked-out expression blooming on your features as your fingers dig into his skin.
Experimentally he give a few shallow thrusts, and when he’s satisfied with the desperate mewls that leak from your mouth, he shoves his cock deep inside of you, all the way. Squeezing at your throat just a little harder, he begins to fuck you eagerly. Excitement courses through him at the image of his hand around your neck, his cock harder than ever as your choked voice moans out his name again and again.
“You look so pretty with my fingers around your throat, baby,” he huffs, watching your tits bounce as his hips smack against yours. The lack of oxygen makes you feel dizzy, cunt twitching snug around his cock as you near your peak. “Gonna cum for me already, like it that much? Fuck babygirl, I like it too...”
Tumblr media
𝐛𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐠𝐨𝐮 💥
enjoys fucking you roughly in the first place, this mans will not hesitate to fulfill your request.
you and bakugou have hot, rough sex on the daily. he’s got a lot of pent-up aggravation (somehow, even tho he’s screaming “DIE” every 10 mins), but you happen to like it when he takes it out on you between the legs. 
he’s taking you from behind, smothering your face into the pillows as his hips pummel yours, the slick slap of your skins filling the room.
fucks you like he’s got somewhere to be— fast and hard. 
but the thing is, he’s got the stamina of a young stallion, so he’s been drilling into you for quite some time now, ignoring your throbbing clit and whines for attention.
so when you moan out “fuck katsu, choke me, choke me”, you don’t think he’ll hear you. 
biiitch, you’ve never been more wrong in your life. 
Your slick is slowly dripping down the back of your thighs, each swing of Bakugou’s hips spreading it even further. A little puddle of drool is collecting below where he’s pressing your face against the comforter, your jaw hanging open and weak moans pouring out.
“You’re so fuckin’ loud,” Bakugou grunts, clapping a hand over your already-raw ass, causing you to clench around his thick length that’s plunging deep inside of you. “S’like you want the whole place to know how good you’re getting fucked, huh princess?”
His calloused fingers brush over your neglected clit when you don’t respond, your body seizing up. You let out a long moan instantly, pushing your ass onto his abs in pleasure. “Yessss Katsu, I love it!”
He snickers, pulling your hips back to meet his as he pushes his cock into your wet cunt with ease, watching how your body swallows him whole. Taking a second to spit on the base of his dick, he slaps your ass again, grabbing the flesh there and jiggling it.
“Fuck Katsu, choke me, choke me,” you mumble, starting to slam your ass back to meet his thrusts.
You’re yanked upright abruptly, his hands on your elbows and then one wrapping around your neck so fast you barely have time to realize he’d heard you. His thick fingers coil tight around your throat and you gasp for breath, his grip just loose enough so that you can take in a measly puff of air. Your back is arched perfectly now, on your hands and knees as he begins to plow into you without restraint.
“Fuckin’ dirty little girl,” he growls, loving the way your body looks contorted in his grasp. You try to moan but it comes out a garbled mess, Bakugou’s hand too tight around your throat for the noise to come out regularly. He’d be lying if he said your request didn’t make him ache with a fresh wave of lust— he bares his teeth as he furrows his brow and staves off his impending climax. “Gonna make me bust, you’re so sexy like this, shit..”
His admission sends chills down your spine, and his grip on your neck eases up enough to hear your whines pour out as his fingers start to play with your clit. You sob, your head spinning as you hurtle closer to the edge he’d been keeping you from crossing for so long now.
He chuckles when you start to shake, only pounding his cock into you harder. “If you’re gonna act like a slut, I’ll treat you like a slut.”
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐮 🔮
dom daddy shinsou, is it really a surprise that he’ll take the ball and run with it?
with shinsou’s nonchalant, intimidating aura, he’s definitely the one to take the reins during sex. make no mistake, he is the one in charge. 
he loves to take his time with you and make you squirm until you’re crying for his cock, and then once he’s sure you’re ready for it, he’ll fuck you into next week, just like you beg him to.
he’s doing just that— toying with your overstimulated clit as he leisurely drags your dripping cunt along his thick cock, sitting back and whispering degrading things into your ear while your eyes roll back. 
you’re a blabbering mess, squeezing down on him as he sits you flush against his thighs, nestling his hot cock all the way inside. “uhhnn, choke me, daddy~” falls from your open lips, your eyelids fluttering almost shut as you lock eyes with his sinful, violet gaze.
he doesn’t have to say a word— you’re in for it now. 
Shinsou moans in your ear, his deep voice making butterflies flutter in your stomach. Little do you know that while he loves to tease you and prep you for him, it makes his cock leak and throb for you— he’s been wanting to sheath himself in your tight cunt for a whole hour now, and finally, he does. Your mouth falls open as he guides your hips up, your wetness sliding down his length and into his lap. 
You can barely keep your mewls of pleasure in as he starts to bounce you on his thighs. He reaches down and thumbs over your slick clit, your eyelids struggling to stay open. 
“How’s that feel, kitten?” he grumbles, savoring the way your soft tits move with each drop of your hips. He fights the desire to latch onto your nipple with his mouth, tongue moving across the bottom of his front teeth instead.
“Fuckkkk, feels so good Toshi,” you cry, and his thumb starts to circle around your swollen clit faster in reward. He bucks his hips up into yours, making you shriek in pleasure. As he starts to pick up the pace, you move in tune with him, nose coming to nudge his cheek as you whine for him. “Uhhnn, choke me daddy~” you mumble in his ear.
Shinsou is still for a moment before his hand laces around your neck, gentle grasp soon becoming firm. With a steady hold on your throat, he pulls your body down to seat yourself on his cock even harder, making sure to rut his hips extra deep as well. Your cunt trembles, hugging his cock tight while you throw your arms around his muscled neck, your head dipping back in sheer ecstasy. He wraps his free arm around your waist, hand cupping your ass to throw your body onto his lap while your bouncing begins to get messier, off-balance. 
“Nnn, love your tight little cunt, kitty. You look so cute with my hand around your throat like this...” he rumbles, enjoying how your skin feels slapping against his. You’re so soaked at this point that you glide easily on his cock, only getting wetter by the minute with his fingers on your rapid pulse. “Didn’t know you were such a little whore— you like being choked? Like having daddy choke you, hmm?”
You can barely respond, eyes crossing as the head-rush starts getting to you. “Yesyesyes fuck yes daddy~” you whimper, his thumb stroking over your throat. Your clit grinds against his pelvis as you abandon any kind of rhythm with your hips, desperate just to feel his cock stretch your walls and deliver you to euphoria. 
Shinsou smirks through his labored breathing, watching you unravel on his cock with pleasure. “C’mon cutie, cum on my cock. Cum and I’ll fuck you hard and fast with my hand on your throat, just like you want.”
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yanderenightmare · 4 months ago
oh please can you do the soft boyfriend headcannons for shoto too🥺🥺🥺
TODOROKI SHOTO ! boyfriend headcannons
is this gonna be a trend now
goodiebag WARNINGS: some nsfw, tad bit possessiveness, drinking
He's so in love.
He's honestly obsessed with you.
He thinks of you all day long.
How your hair falls around your ears and shoulders.
How your eyes crease when you smile at him.
Your giggles.
How you bat your lashes at him.
How small your hands are when being held within his.
Your neck.
Your waist.
How your thigh-highs squeeze just a bit into the fat of your thighs.
How your short skirt swings when you bounce about.
How he sometimes catches a glimpse of your panties.
He'll sit quietly at his desk in the middle of class, slight blush dusting his cheeks and a small smile playing on his lips, silently amusing his own thoughts.
He's a bit of a perv, but only for you.
He'll daydream for hours.
Replaying the first time you called him beautiful in his head.
Closing his eyes to try and remember the feeling of your gentle fingertips running over his scar.
That soft look in your eyes and how you brushed his bangs from his face and told him to stop hiding.
He'll wonder what you're up to...
If you're thinking about him...
Often caught zoning out when looking at you.
Even when you're talking to him.
He won't even be listening half the time.
He'll catch the first part of the conversation before tuning out to study how you swing your hands when you talk.
You have to repeat yourself constantly.
It's a bit annoying...
The last thing he wants is to be disrespectful.
But, he's just so easily distracted.
He loves FaceTiming.
He'll call you up in the morning.
He'll call you up all day long.
Even when he doesn't really have anything special to say.
He'll call you before bed so that you can fall asleep together.
He'll fight to be the one to stay up longer, just so he can study your face in all its softness when you're sleeping.
Loves your soft groggy voice over the phone.
Smiles when hearing your snores through the speaker.
Likes to imagine you're lying just next to him.
He asks Fuyumi for advice on the daily.
Regarding EVERYTHING girlfriend related.
Even if it's intimate.
Even if it's sexual.
He literally has no filter.
Was very reserved when it came to touching in the start of your fling.
But feels very on-edge and fidgety if he doesn't have at least one hand on you at all times after a while into the relationship.
Especially if others are near.
He doesn't get too possessive...
Or at least it doesn't come across that way.
It's portrayed more as him being protective rather than jealous.
Especially around grabby guys like Denki and Kirishima.
Despite them being friends.
He doesn't like how frisky they are with you.
He doesn't like when other people touch you at all really...
There are a lot of things, especially intimate, that he doesn't understand that he needs to discuss with you before trying.
Like how: - Just because he's horny, doesn't mean that you're in the mood. - Or like how you don't want to make-out with him in front of your friends and family. - How being horny in some situations are inappropriate. Like the common-room couch, even if no one's there to see you, or in someone else's dorm or the mall...
It goes right over his head and he never really learns.
In the bedroom...
It's a bit of a rocky road in the start.
A road with a ton of ups and downs.
And way too many speed bumps along the way.
He was very EAGER.
He was very ready to make you his.
No words, just action.
Once you give him even the slightest hint that you were ready to take the next step, he was instantly on you, almost aggressively.
He's removing his shirt and tugging you out of yours without a second thought, lifting you up and placing you down, hands squeezing what they want, kissing whatever place his lips are closest to in the moment, not really paying too much attention to see if what he's doing is in the right tempo to you lying beneath him.
Your first time could in one word be summarised as heavy.
And a tad bit one-sided...
He can be a bit overwhelming.
Since he'll often forget his own size and strength compared to you.
Also, in regard to the fact that he can't stand not being the one in control.
As one can expect for a guy who's been raised with an absent mom, strictly to become a fighter and not a lover.
He can't handle not being the one on top.
And he's got some panicking issues when it comes to letting you touch him.
Because you'll sometimes graze places that still give him unpleasant memories.
It's difficult to get him to open up about it, but when he does everything makes sense.
You've had the talk about what places are okay for you to touch and what places are off limits many many MANY times.
His kisses...
Sometimes extremely soft.
Slow and gentle.
Like snow fall.
Barely brushing lips against lips.
Sharing oxygen more than actual kissing.
Or just a million small pecks everywhere but your lips.
Lazy eyes and needy hands squeezing your waist, pulling you closer.
He's a bit of a cryer at times when he's feeling soft.
Even letting slip the soft occasional whimper.
Other times however...
His kisses will be the epitome of CARNAL.
He'll be rough.
Nearly scary...
Enough to have your heart pound when he pins you with his strength.
Your wrists held tightly above your head, out of the way for him to do as he pleases.
Teeth and tongue. Bite-marks and growling.
But he won’t ever think too much about how harsh he's being until afterwards.
Seeing the love-bites decorating your otherwise fine skin.
He'll have this look on his face as though he's been slapped.
"Did I do that?"
Sometimes you'll wonder if the aloof innocence is just an act, because you'll often swear you can spot a small tug of a smirk playing on his lips only a short while after.
You'll have definitely talked safe-words.
You're the one that brought it up.
He was completely clueless about it, sitting there like the embodiment of a question mark.
Looking almost angry at the explanation you give.
He doesn't understand why you would need such a thing unless you don’t trust him.
It all makes him feel a bit offended and sad.
The last thing he wants is for you to think he’ll ever hurt you.
It makes him feel like his father...
He cried a bit.
You needed to be careful explaining it to him.
Constantly reminding him of how you do trust him.
Telling him how it could come in handy for his sake as well.
Where instead of pushing you off in a panic when you touch places still too painful, he could instead apply the safe-word.
He still doesn’t like it though.
Adores sharing the bed.
Especially those first times you stayed over and he still only had the slim twin bed and the two of you would practically have to lie on top of each other.
Hugs and smells your pillow every chance he gets and uses it as a plushie when you're gone.
Enjoys how you wordlessly sneak over to the other side of the bed when you want to enjoy either his cold right side or warm left.
Lowkey dislikes that you got a new Kingsized bed when you moved in together, as he doesn't have an excuse to cling to you as much.
Buys you A LOT of presents.
Every time he comes across something that he wants to see you in.
Could be anything. - Dresses and jewellery - His merch - L I N G E R I E
Likes you dripping in silver and gold in a lace-teddy, adorned with a garner-belt and thigh-highs...
It's somewhat of a kink for him.
Poor boy gets upset when he hasn't seen you in a while.
Or when the two of you are fighting, and he's been banished to sleep on the couch.
He'll be snippy and grumpy with his friends.
Brows set low in a frown.
Snaps and barks and growls at people.
Real violent and reckless in training or on patrol.
As said, he loves face-timing and resorts to it multiple times a day when he doesn't get to see you.
But there's more.
Asking what you're wearing, listening to you explain, always a bit embarrassed when whispering through the phone.
It makes him smirk.
He'll give you instructions...
Soft moans coming through the phone to his side.
Groans and growls sending shivers down your spine on the other.
He prefers it being just the two of you.
He'll join you for parties, but will want to leave early.
He'd rather watch movies and snuggle in bed. Preferably on the smaller intimate screen of his laptop where you have to huddle close.
He doesn’t like your friends that much either…
They’re always telling you that you can’t spend all your time with him…
Talking about stuff they don’t understand.
Nor is he a fan of double-dates either.
He wants to be alone where he's free to touch without you shooing his hand away, telling him to behave.
Has seriously no reservations and does not grasp the concept of space or limits.
Nor the fact that there are times and places for certain things.
It doesn't get better over time.
Almost as though he chooses not to understand what you mean.
He’ll start stuff in public, no care for drawing attention.
Kiss your neck and bite your earlobe.
Whispering dirty nothings into your ear as though they’re not at a gala with all his hero-colleagues.
He barely understands that he’s a celebrity, otherwise doesn’t care.
Paparazzi just annoys him.
Hates it when people mix themselves up in his business.
Especially regarding his relationship.
Be it the media or friends or even family.
He'll brush of fans when you're on a date like he’s heartless.
You always need to correct him.
Make him give them an autograph.
He makes it sloppy on purpose just to spite them for looking at you with disdainful ugly envious eyes.
He honestly doesn't like his own fans too much.
He thinks they should understand that he's taken and spoken for.
In interviews or any other type of media where he's asked to address all the fans pining for him, he'll always point out how you're the only one for him and how none of them stand a chance and that they should all stop trying.
He could not care less that his producers bank a lot on his good looks and charm.
But despite Shoto being completely careless to all the pretty girls and boys that gawk at him...
You obviously aren’t clueless or blind to how beautiful he is and how large his fanbase is...
It used to intimidate you.
But having known Shoto intimately for a long while you're also completely aware of how little he cares for such things.
He gives you way too much attention for you to feel insecure anyway.
Has a lot of issues with his father.
He's very fragile.
Accuses you of taking Enji's side when you try to suggest he talk to the old man more.
He's the root cause of most, if not all, of your fights.
He’s impossible at family dinners.
Always getting a bit too tipsy.
Causes a scene...
Cries afterwards.
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sugawaraxo · 21 days ago
warnings: none, just fluff :)
characters: shoto todoroki, denki kaminari, bakugo katsuki
synopsis: them being cute gamers or whatever
a/n: i chose the characters i could see being streamers/gamers the most but lmk if you guys want a part 2 with more people :)
shoto todoroki
- you two met through twitch and immediately clicked
- you would stay up for countless hours playing anything and everything together
- your guy’s numbers started growing when you complimented him on stream once and shoto malfunctioned
- he got so flustered that he had to turn his camera off and regain composure
- ever since, your viewers have speculated something more than a friendship is going on between you two
- you guys like to feed into it and keep people guessing
shoto is down to a one v four in CSGO. somehow your whole team had slipped up and got wiped by your opposer, leaving shoto to fend for himself. you know he’s a phenomenal player, probably the best player you know in all honesty. but for some reason, your faith in him clutching this match is substantially low. your chat is in agreement, being poor sports and commenting as though shoto had already lost.
you watch as he uses his main, an AK47, to plant a perfect headshot into an unexpecting enemy.
“ok ok, nice shot shoto. 3 more like that.” you cheer him on. he’s quiet, too focused to respond but your morale boost is very appreciated on his end. you have his stream open on the side of your monitor and you watch as his eyebrows furrow so tightly together it almost makes you laugh. but you refrain, not wanting to distract him from his detrimental task. after a few seconds of walking around the map shoto is met by another member from the opposing team. his reflexes are eerily quick as he slides his mouse, aligning his crosshairs perfectly on the opponents head and taking the shot in a matter of seconds. instant headshot kill.
“holy. ok two more.” you state, quite frankly at a loss for words.
you hear a few distant shots and shoto notices them too. those cat-like reflexes take over once more, he turns to see the remaining two opponents approaching him, firing their weapons mercilessly. shoto crouches and fires his gun. he hits one opponents chest and the other’s arm, though it’s not enough to take them out. his health is dangerously low, but he fires again and lands two perfect headshots. the rest of your team goes absolutely insane and shoto has the most smug smirk on his face as he tries to humbly mask the fact that he just annihilated a one v four with mostly headshots.
“that was so sexy, oh my fucking god.” you exclaim, unaware of the volume in which you said it.
“wait, what?” he chokes, though there’s no possible way he didn’t hear what you said.
“that was sexy, you’re too good.” you repeat, adding a bit more emphasis on the ‘sexy’ this time.
you look at his stream on your screen, his face is flushed of all color save for the rich red blush creeping over his cheeks.
“yeah thanks um, you uhh, you did really sexy-really good too y/n.”
“shoto, i died in the first five seconds.” you laugh.
he turns his face cam off and you feel slightly guilty for flustering him into embarrassment, but it was fully unintentional. his reaction was cute though, an image stored away in your brain forever. you glance at your chat which is full of people laughing and saying you broke shoto. you giggle while reading each comment but your laughter is cut short by shoto’s reappearance.
“sorry about that, needed some water.” shoto explains while awkwardly scratching the back of his head. “chat relax, stop spamming ‘sexy shoto’” he continues.
you laugh again before muttering, “i mean, they’re not wrong.” to what you thought was yourself, but apparently you need to work on your whispering because both your chat and shoto hear you.
“maybe i need to start clutching one v fours more often then.” he tries to play it off coolly but that telltale blush is still plastered on his face.
“if you clutch another one then i might just have to kiss you, i don’t even know.” you joke, though you’re not sure if you’re even fully joking at this point.
“bet.” he responds as you guys queue up for another match, where shoto does in fact clutch another one v four.
denki kaminari
- you’re his streamer crush
- you know of him because you’ve played with him in a few lobbies put together by mutual friends
- but everything you know about him is surface level
- one thing you do know about him though, is he’s very competitive
- and so are you
- so what happens when you two are put in the same crab game lobby?
- one word…
- chaos
you tend to be decently calm and collected, but for some reason video games bring out the absolute devil in you. today one of your friends invited you to play crab game in a huge group they had put together. you figured it’d be super fun to play with your friends and meet people in the lobby that you haven’t yet, so you agreed to be apart of it.
upon entering the game, chaos is already ensuing. there are about fifty players already in game, chatting and jumping all over the place, hitting each other and laughing. you can tell tonight is going to be fun.
you’re about to go see if you can find anyone you know when someone with a name you’re somewhat familiar with but don’t know too well begins to approach you.
“i hear you’ve never lost a game of crab game” the guy states.
interesting way to start a conversation you think to yourself.
“you’ve heard correctly then.” you respond smugly. it’s true, granted you’ve only played three times, but still.
“well i’m here to change that.” he responds. you can’t see his face but you can tell he has an all too confident smirk spread across it.
“well, denki? am i saying that right?” you ask and he simply hums in response.
“that’s big talk for someone i didn’t even know existed until five seconds ago.” you continue.
“oh trust, you’ll know who i am by the end of the game.” he says nonchalantly before walking away.
you could scoff at his audacity, but something about the banter intrigued you and you most definitely were not about to let him win.
after everyone has readied up, the game starts with the classic red light green light. you’re stood to the right of the map and you notice denki walking towards you and stopping once he’s standing behind you. you know what he’s about to try and do, he wants to hit you during a red light so you get eliminated. clever but predictable, you don’t plan on letting him win that easily.
the huge doll at the end of the path begins singing, signaling that it’s time for the players to move. you do exactly that, making sure to dodge and weave to make it difficult for denki to hit you.
“why are you moving so much, you scared?” denki asks while everyone is stopped and waiting for the doll to move again.
“not scared of you if that’s what you’re implying.”
“are you sure about that?” denki questions before clicking his mouse, causing his character to hit yours.
in perfect timing, the doll turns around and begins singing again.
“i’ll remember that.” you say, already plotting how you’d get your revenge for his attempted murder.
you both barely complete this round after countless attempts to get the other eliminated. this continues for the entire game with you guys targeting one another other in each challenge, ignoring anyone around you. obstacle after obstacle, you guys barely make it through. no one else is seen as a threat and it almost seems as though all the other players are leaving you to hash out whatever rivalry had brewed in the lobby.
eventually you two are the last ones standing in bomb tag. the premise of the game is to be the last one standing without the bomb. you’re the one who starts with it and denki is already sprinting across the map. he jumps and climbs ladders with ease, gaining distance on you. though you’re able to cut him off and tag him, transferring the bomb to him. you run away as quickly as possible but you evidently weren’t fast enough because he tags you back immediately. you’re now in possession of the bomb again with fifteen seconds on the clock. ten seconds. five seconds. you lose hope in winning until denki trips up and accidentally slips down a ladder, you tag him and the bomb explodes his character.
“hell yeah, eat my ass bitch boy. what was that you said about changing my win rate? i can’t hear you talking shit now. aw, are you embarrassed? cute.” you say with mock sympathy. you’re admittedly a bit too excited for winning something as dumb as crab game, but it’s the satisfaction of beating denki that’s so gratifying. you wait for a response for a couple seconds, hearing a faint
“chat, i think she’s my soulmate.” before respawning back in the lobby.
katsuki bakugo
- you’re his significant other that makes occasional appearances on his stream
- like denki, he’s very competitive
- so his viewers think it’s hilarious how soft he gets when you’re there
- he’ll be in the midst of cussing someone out with every cuss word known to man in two different languages
- then you’ll walk in and ask what he wants for dinner and he’s just like
- “whatever you want baby, i know you had a long day so get what’ll make you happy. let me bow down to you and kiss your feet while you’re at it.”
- that’s not exactly what he says, but his chat swears that’s what he sounds like
“holy shit you absolute fucking moron, are you actually fucking kidding me deku? how are you so fucking shit at this game?” bakugo practically growls at his friend on the other end of the discord call.
“i literally asked for backup ten times but your dumb ass wanted to try and take out a whole team on your own.” izuku explains.
“well maybe if you weren’t complete dog shit you wouldn’t have needed backup in the first place doofus.” bakugo counters.
“says the guy who died to a bot last round.” kirishima laughs, chiming in on the argument.
“fuck off. don’t even get me started on you, you fucking-”
“hey babe, oh sorry. i didn’t know you were still streaming.” you stop yourself, beginning to back out of the room.
“wait no, it’s ok. come say hi.” bakugo says, his tone a complete 180 from the menacing demon he was about to unleash on kirishima. you walk into frame, sitting in the extra chair that katsuki has for whenever you guest star in his streams.
“hi chat. hi eijiro and izuku.” you smile and wave, catching how bakugo looks at you endearingly as you do so. his chat starts booming with ‘hi y/n’s’ and ‘how are you’s.’
“i’m good, how are you guys?” you ask, used to this routine from the first time you appeared on bakugo’s stream. one comment in particular catches your eye.
‘i’m good, bakugo seems to be having a rough day though lol’
you read the comment aloud before laughing to yourself and asking “why’s that?” even though you could more than likely guess why.
‘he’s ass at valorant but keeps blaming his friends for it’ someone else comments.
“i heard” you respond “katsuki, you can’t cuss out your friends for being shit when you’re shit yourself.”
“damn, she got you there.” you hear kirishima mumble.
“kirishima shut the hell up before i shove my fist up your-”
“katsuki.” you cut him short, rolling your eyes at how easily hot headed your boyfriend can get.
“sorry.” he mutters, voice still sharp yet carrying a lot less bite.
you glance over his chat again, looking at everyone talking about how amusing it is that you calm him down so easily.
you and bakugo spot a ‘i can definitely tell who wears the pants in this relationship and it’s not bakugo…’ comment at the same time.
“tsk. i wear the pants. end of story.” bakugo grunts.
“hm, wonder if you’d still enjoy wearing the pants while you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.” you shrug.
“what? no.” his whole demeanor softens as he turns to face you, his eyes are pleading for any sign of a joke in yours.
“ok fine, we share the pants. a pant leg each.” he sighs.
“better.” you reply with a smile and you stand up to leave.
you wave ‘bye’ to bakugo’s viewers, basking in the glory of them all knowing katsuki has an inescapable soft spot for you, and there’s nothing he can do about it.
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hannamakki · 10 days ago
when they’re touch starved !
✸ ft. bakugo, deku, todoroki, kirishima, denki, & sero
✸ info & warnings: fluff
Tumblr media
✸ BAKUGO rarely ever explicitly asks for affection. he’s more likely to hint at it and hopes that you pick up on his subtle requests. things like standing or sitting closer to you than normal or hanging around when you’re partaking in activities you usually do alone are telltale signs that he’s craving your attention and touch. though, all of that subtleness is out the door when he’s tired. if he’s sleepy or just had a long day, he will walk through the door and envelope you in his arms without a care.
✸ DEKU never wants to come off as clingy or overbearing, but you’re always able to tell when he’s being more touchy than usual. he’ll play with your fingers and aimlessly trace patterns on your palms when he wants some attention. he especially loves when you play with his hair, so when you guys are on the couch or in bed, he opts for laying his head in your lap in hopes that your fingers will tangle in his emerald green strands. he’s more than satisfied when your nails finally reach his scalp, gently scratching away.
✸ TODOROKI is the silent but obvious type. growing up in his family, he never thought asking for affection was an option. he’s working on adjusting to a new environment, but old habits die hard. so he often ends up following you around like a lost puppy, just waiting for you to pay him attention. if you don’t catch on as soon as he’d like, he’ll rest his chin on the top of your head or on your shoulder and wrap his arms around your waist. and he’ll stay like that as long as you let him.
✸ KIRISHIMA sees no shame in being open about wanting some more physical contact. he knows that you’re busy and wouldn’t want to be a hindrance to your usual routine by asking you to set aside time for him, so he sneaks his way into your daily tasks. crawling into your arms while you’re scrolling on your phone or making his way into the shower with you are both norms when he’s feeling particularly touchy-feely. this way you’re able to carry on with your day as normal and he gets the contact he was seeking out.
✸ DENKI lightheartedly whines about needing to be held. he’ll ramble on about you neglecting your duties as his significant other and insist that you rectify it immediately. he doesn’t take being told no or being brushed off lightly. he’d rather not try again later so he always ends up taking matters into his own hands. he’ll lay on top of you and snuggle his head between your neck and shoulders, his hair tickling the sensitive skin. protesting is futile because as long as he’s comfortable, he’ll keep you trapped beneath him.
✸ SERO isn’t afraid to let you know he’s craving your touch. so when he sees that you aren’t too busy, he’s quick to ask you if you’re up for some cuddling. he usually likes being the big spoon, but every now and then he’ll want to be the little spoon so he can be held in your arms for a change. he loves when you litter kisses down his neck and over his shoulders. he’s also a fan of when you play with the hair at the nape of his neck and when you whisper sweet nothings in his ear.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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izukulus · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
feat. izuku midoriya, katsuki bakugou, shouto todoroki.
summary: the nightmares the boys have about you, and how you make it better.
content: nightmares, insecurity, shouto's trauma, implied child abuse, tell me if i missed any!
notes: something quick so my blog doesn't die. also i'm sad. enjoy <3
Tumblr media
izuku dreams about you finding someone better. from the beginning he's been racing behind the people he idolises, struggling to keep up, choking on the dust their heels kick up as they charge ahead. it used to be enough to cling to them and sap up any attention laved upon him, gentle or violent, but oh, izuku has grown selfish under your ministrations, your tender instruction.
he's grown horribly used to the way you touch him like he's the most precious thing in the world, an exquisite ornament with the cracks all filled up with gold (as if somebody had deemed him important enough to repair again, again, again). he's grown used to the starry look in your eyes when he pulls back suddenly from a kiss just to catch it, and the way your hands have found home upon his skin, fingers walking over his scars and curling in the hair round his earlobe.
and suddenly it's the most terrifying thing in the world to izuku that one day you might look at him with anything less than adoration in your eyes. deep down, he knows he'd take anything from you, whether it be affection or pain, it would still be lovely if it came from your hands. but you've accustomed him to affection now, and it might be the cruellest thing in the world to take it from him.
these terrors find him in the darkest depths of his sleep, when he tosses and turns fitfully. he dreams of looking at you one day and seeing nothing but coldness, dreams of you finally realising he's not the hero you thought he was. and you'd leave, you'd find someone stronger or braver or brighter than izuku could ever hope to be, and he'll be that chubby, wide-eyed child again, tears running down plump cheeks, chasing after you until he sprawls in the dirt.
you'll know when he's had these nightmares, though he'll try to hide it from you. he becomes quiet when you wake, watching you warily as if you're rigged to explode, and when he finds nothing amiss he'll drop his head to your chest and nudge toward your warmth. as if he's committing you to memory whilst he still has the chance. cup his trembling face and press kisses to his wet eyelids, and the dreams will be forgotten by noon.
Tumblr media
katsuki dreams of driving you away. he's always known he was tough to love - easy to idolise, to admire, even easy to respect, but tough to love. it's just that it never particularly bothered him until he finally had someone he was intrinsically afraid of losing.
and now there's a hesitation on his tongue after he says anything - was he too harsh? too angry? you knew what he meant, right? that he didn't mean to insult you? sometimes his fears come to fruition, when he sees you hanging off people's arms casually or pinching their cheek without question, but you always ask before draping yourself over him. in case he flips out. are you afraid of him?
he reasons that you're not. you can't be, because you're strong and you never took any of his shit before the two of you were together. in fact, katsuki had only accepted being with you because he was sure you could handle him, sure you knew what you signed up for. and yet the dreams come anyway, that one day you'd wake up and realise you could do so much better. one day you'd wake up and realise you deserved a partner who wasn't so emotionally stunted, who didn't shove you away every time he cried, who could actually communicate without choking on the words like glass.
when he has these dreams, of you walking off into the sunset with kirishima or deku or shoji, he wakes breathing tightly. without a word, he'll roll so he's pressed against your stomach, grip your fingers desperately in his own. he's so vulnerable in the blue-dark of your room, shuddering under the weight of his insecurities. tell him you love him assuredly and hold him close for longer than necessary, and the fear will abate.
Tumblr media
shouto dreams of doing something wrong. anything - he just doesn't know which mistake is more serious than the next. he has nothing to model a relationship on - certainly not his parents, silently skirting around each other in that empty, echoing house. all he knows is that being around you makes him feel safe and coddled in a way that he hasn't since before
( before the kettle and the scream and the burn, before they took his mother away, before he started associating kindness with pain. )
but trying to keep up with all the stuff he must say and must not say and must do and must not do feels like kicking water with exhausted legs, trying to keep his mouth and nose above the surface. shouto fears offending you so badly that words, certainly ones as clumsy and unpractised as his, will not fix it.
he dreams that one day his porcelain skin cracks. and you wedge your fingers underneath and pry until it comes loose and you finally see the ugliness beneath it, the dark reality that he tries to keep hidden from you. the way he flinches from soft touches before realising it's you affording them to him, the way he ducks his head so that his bangs obscure his scar, the way he fumbles hopelessly when you tell him you love him and he doesn't know what to say back. he dreams of his tongue growing until it fills his mouth and he can't tell you all the things he wants to say with his entire chest, because he doesn't know how to put it into words.
he dreams that you finally sicken of this, of having a ventriloquist's dummy for a partner and you leave and he doesn't even have the words to call after you. you'll know when these dreams come because the next day he makes sure to tell you that he loves you as many times as you'll hear it. all you have to do is brush back his hair, trace your fingers at the angry edge of his scar and murmur "i know, sho. i know you love me, and i love you too."
Tumblr media
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shotorozu · 5 months ago
Hello! Happy belated birthday, hope you had a great time! May I request headcanons with Bakugou, Tamaki, and Shoto about the tiktok of "Denying my man's kisses". If you don't know about that tiktok is like when he's going to kiss his S/O, they avoid the kiss, how would they react? Thanks in advance! ♥️
denying their kisses
(tiktok prank)
character(s) : bakugou katsuki, amajiki tamaki, todoroki shouto (bnha)
legend : [Y/N = your name] they/them pronouns used, quirk not specific
headcanon type : fluff, crack (x reader)
note(s) : so like,, i’m very very sorry for the delay! at this point, it’s not even april anymore so.. thank you for greeting me last time! i was really planning on doing this sooner, but i got busy outside of tumblr before i got the chance 💀 and my other drafts needed to be posted so,, yeah. sorry for the delay, once again!
there’s no proof read, it’s literally 4am here 😃🖐 i’ll edit the errors out later though, when it’s not 4am anymore
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
okay, so at this point— you basically fear nothing. absolutely nothing at all
the tiktok algorithm gave you the idea, and you were curious about katsuki’s reactions, since you’re usually the one that pleads for kisses
then, you were skeptical— at first anyway. since katsuki doesn’t cope well whenever tiktoks pranks are being pulled on him it depends on the severity
the skepticism didn’t last very long, and you ended up going through with the prank. since you’ve pulled riskier pranks on katsuki, this would be an easier task.
it’s been a productive day for katsuki. not that it wouldn’t be productive, since he’s always striving for the best
and what more to end the day by spending some time with his s/o, that’s always there by his side? yes i hc katsuki as a clingy when tired boyfriend, and what of it?
tired and reeking of his quirk— he grumbles, realizing that he hasn’t seen you in hours. it’s partially on him, since he insisted on doing a lot for the day
little did he know, you were scheming something during his absence.
he opens the door to your room, seeing that you’re just scrolling on your phone— and you quickly open tiktok, seeing his entrance
“dumbass.” he addresses you with a single word, loud enough for you to hear— but it’s different, the volume in his voice’s calmer
“busy day?” you quietly start discreetly filming for the tiktok, he doesn’t seem to notice.
“‘s busy as hell.” he replies, reaching down to kiss you
with eyes still affixed onto your phone’s screen, you quickly move your head, successfully dodging his attempt
man’s like 🤨❓did you just avoid his kiss? “the hell was that for?”
you look up in a questioning matter, “oh what? were you about to do something?”
he doesn’t answer. instead, he moves to kiss you again— but you dodge, once more.
“the fuck?” he’s now baffled that you even moved away, but he takes a whiff of himself, “is it the sweat or some shit?”
“well,, it’s a little overbearing.” and with that, he wipes the sweat from his face with his shirt— and then he tries again
you still dodge, and now he’s certain that you’re doing it on purpose.
like.. you dare evade bakugou katsuki’s kisses? when you’re the only person on this earth that he’d ever press his lips against??
this is slowly starting to aggravate him, since smell and sweat was never a concern you had with him so like 🤨❓❓
since he’s so certain that you’re avoiding his kisses on purpose— he can, and will manhandle you, trying to aim his lips on your forehead at least
“stop this difficult bullshit— wait no, this has to be another shitty prank, right?”
earning the reaction you wanted, you end the video, along with your act— bursting into laughter
and his face immediately changes from 🤨 to 😐 after getting the confirmation he needed, and also— realizing he got clowned by one of your tiktoks, again.
only muttering a quick “bye.”, man just straight up leaves 😭
you don’t get kisses from him for at least a few hours, before he sneaked into your room— drowning you with kisses
“do that shit again and you’ll receive no kisses for 72 hours.”
“okay, i get it— i’m sorry!”
shortly after, you post the tiktok— and it gains at least 90k likes, and 240k views— the comments are mostly making fun of katsuki’s attempts at kissing you 💀
safe to say, you didn’t deprive him of your touch with pranks ever again 🧍
Tumblr media
amajiki tamaki
i don’t get it, why would someone do this to him 😭
unlike the other two, you were convinced— meaning, you originally looked at this trend and said “pass” 😃
it’s too bad nejire and mirio are way too good at convincing you to do it anyway— saying ‘it’ll be fun’ and ‘you’ve pulled pranks that were worse than this!’
they’re not wrong. you’ve in fact, pulled pranks that were far more severe than this like hiding under his bed to scare the lights out of him
which brings you here— waiting for tamaki’s arrival in your respective room. you’re scrolling on tiktok, but you note that he could arrive at any moment now
a knock on the door signifies his presence, and you give him permission— shouting him a ‘come in!’
he opens the door, holding a plastic bag filled with snacks, and he stands ever so sheepishly near the doorway
“hey bun,” he greets in his usual manner, closing the door behind him
“hey tamaki!” you move out of your fyp, and open your camera, ready to start the prank at any moment now, “whatcha got there?”
“some snacks,” he sets the snacks down on your desk, getting comfortable on your bed, and slinging his arm around you— thanks to your non-verbal command
he doesn’t notice anything at all. so, you decide to proceed with the plan “i missed you,”
oh no, he’s needy 😃🖐‼️ you were gonna shatter his world— and not in the good way.
after a few seconds of silence, you decide to start filming the tiktok, when he moves closer to press a kiss against your temple
but you move away, avoiding his kiss. it’s a subtle motion, but he noticed.
man FREEZES in his place, his entire life flashing before his eyes— as he inches away from you, “b-bunny?”
you look at him, and you have to bite the inside of your cheek to prevent yourself from laughing, “yes?”
“did you just..”
“no? were you gonna kiss me?” you ask, and he sighs in relief— you weren’t actually avoiding his kiss
so, he tries again— except, he’s attentive. inching closer and closer slowly, as if he’d detonate a bomb at any moment if he moved the wrong way
he moves to kiss your temple, again— but you dodge
his entire world crumbles, and he BOLTS to the opposite side of your bed, eyes watering in panic
you’re unable to keep it in, so you burst out laughing at his actions— moving to comfort him, seeing his watery eyes
he sits in a ball of shame, but he still accepts your comfort, even after realizing what exactly you were doing “i can’t believe.. that just happened.”
tamaki eventually had to leave the dorm temporarily for some fresh air💀 nejire and mirio shooting amused stares, as they catch a look at their mortified friend
“woah— did Y/N do it already? he looks like he’s seen a ghost!”
“i think that’s just his normal reaction, have you seen him after the hiding under your bed prank? he looked half dead!”
okay so, whether or not you posted the tiktok, that’s up to you— since tamaki was mortified but then, if you didn’t post it, it would’ve been a waste of an effort
so yeah, that’s all up to your imagination for that one 🤩‼️‼️
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto
first of all— why? this man’s kisses are the best?? why would you avoid them 💀 considering that it took some time for him to finally kiss you
a conversation you had with mina earlier that day was half the cause of this
the both of you were scrolling on the fyp, and you came across someone denying their s/o’s kisses for a prank
which made mina ask, “hey, what would happen if you did this to todoroki?” and it’s a good question, considering that you were thinking of him while watching that tiktok
after much encouraging from mina, and also because your curiosity was getting to your head— you decided to do the prank
because yes, all of todoroki shouto’s reactions are amusing, and different each time. and if things went south, you’d compromise with your affection
wanting to burn some extra time, you decided to take a brisk walk near the height alliances
spotting a bench, you decide to sit down— originally wanting to briefly check your phone
then, you hear your name being called out. the voice is one you’re familiar with very familiar actually so, you start discreetly setting up your phone for the tiktok
“hey love, what are you doing out here?” shouto smiles, sitting down next to you
“i just decided to take a short break from walking.” you smile, not drawing any suspicion— after all, your phone was already out when he appeared
“i see,” shouto replies in his usual tone, but you know what he exactly wants. “i was looking for you, but you weren’t inside.”
you tease him, “missed me already?” but he doesn’t seem to deny it. 😳
like routine, shouto moves in to press a kiss against your lips— only for you to move aside, his lips missing you completely.
he notices, but he doesn’t make a comment about it. instead, he tries again— moving to kiss you again
but you move away, the camera capturing the exact moment. your behavior doesn’t change— but you have to make sure it doesn’t crack
his reaction’s like 🧍 but on the inside he’s like ‘loading.. please wait for 30 seconds!’
“are my lips wet?” shouto chooses the blunt approach, and there’s something in his heterochromatic eyes that you can’t get a grip of
he takes your non-verbal response as a yes. getting desperate— he WIPES off any moisture from his lips, moving to press yet another kiss onto your lips
you dodge for the 3rd time. you have to hold in your breath, the silence is nearly deafening.
now he’s starting to think of the things he did that week, and while doing so— his control over his expression slips
and shouto thinks of NOTHING like please, he knows he can be a little dense but he can’t think of anything that would’ve made you upset at him 🗿
his expression’s currently like 😨 ❓and you can actually smell the smoke that’s starting to emerge from his left side
“can i.. at least give you a cheek kiss?” his tone is nearing the edge of pitiful, and this is what causes all of your administrations to collapse
you end the tiktok, and you’re unable to contain your giggles— as a result, you lean against shouto’s shoulders
shouto stares at you with the widest set of eyes you’ve seen— you can almost call them bug eyes. still perturbed, but his confusion is growing
he’s drawing his conclusions, but you still ended up telling him what exactly you were doing. your boyfriend’s like🧍 “oh, i see.”
but on the inside, he’s RELIEVED.
shouto knows he should be more upset, but he’s just glad— knowing he didn’t actually do anything upsetting. he always looks deadpanned, but there’s always a lot going on in his head
you still have to make it up to him, with tons and tons of kisses 🤩‼️ it’s restitution.
a few hours later, you post the tiktok— and after a few hours of it sitting, it immediately exceeds 500k likes and 850k views 💀
but the comments are MAD— clowning, slandering you for denying him three times
“apologize to that poor man, now 👹‼️‼️” “haha omg so funny *reports on three separate accounts*” “ARE YOU SANE?? THAT’S TODOROKI SHOUTO 😨‼️” i mean, if anyone denied shouto three times, i would’ve questioned them too 🙄🖐
you had to make a follow up video, proving that you did in fact— kiss your boyfriend as much as he craved. what better way to prove that, by kissing him all over? and he was smiling so hard in the follow up video so yeah, w on both sides
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission :))
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writteninkat · 5 months ago
Heyy🐹 May I have a headcanons Iida and any of the MHA/BNHA boys with a S/O that squirts for the first time? why would they react? if the reader is insecure about how do they comfort her? do they want her to do it again?
you can add any characters and do what you want with this. you can change it if that's easier for you☺
only if you're comfortable and if requests are open😊
remember to drink water and eat daily🥰
w/ Iida, Katsuki, Kirishima, Shoto
a/n: thanks for your request <3 as always, requests are open and u remember to stay healthy too 😚 also i love doing your requests don't stop hun <3
!! all characters written about are aged up !!
genre: smutty smut smut
Tumblr media
there's like five seconds of silence cause Iida's letting what just happened sink in
with wide eyes, sweat still dropping down his face and eye glasses drooped down the bridge of his nose, "Did- did you just-?"
and you're hiding your face in your palms and turning your body to the side cause you're so freaking embarrassed and Iida looking dumb-struck isn't helping at all
then you start feeling him kissing down the side of your neck, panting as his hands squeeze your waist
"fuck baby that was so hot"
it's safe to say he won't be as surprised the next time you squirt
i'm telling y'all, the second this man finds out you squirt, his first makes it his goal to make you squirt everytime y'all get together
but then during the fourth or fifth he began counting how many times you can squirt until you're shaking in overstimulation
"fuck Katsu! no more! too fucking sensitive!" you whine as your grip on the sheets get tighter with every flick of his wrist
you've squirted for a good three times tonight and your body is drenched in sweat, cum, and spit
"come on, baby, just one more for me. come on just squirt one more time for me." he pants, his fingers rubbing against your sensitive clit as another orgasm washes over you
everytime you squirt Katsuki has this proud feeling for himself. he's proud cause he made you squirt and that you felt so good
definitely loses his sense of reason
like you can just see a fine line behind Ei's head snap the second your juice squirts all over him and up his torso
"oh my god, fuck Eiji I'm so sorry I-"
the light in his eyes are gone my friend and they're replaced by animalistic intentions
"squirt for me again." He pulls you by the back of your thighs, pressing his thumb on your clit as he pushes three fingers inside your needy hole
"you're squirting for me again even if it takes me all night baby."
he'll have your legs up in the air, shaking as you cry, your orgasm causing you to squirt once more
after that night his go-to-line with his friends is now "yeah sex is great but have you ever made her squirt?"
you can see the loading sign in his face and as he just stares into space you're placing a pillow on your face in an attempt to suffocate yourself cause THAT SHIT WAS SO FUCKING EMBARASSING THE MOOD'S ALL RUINED NOW
wrong, wrong, wrong, you couldn't have been more wrong about something in your life
Shoto is ripping the pillow out of your face, his expression incredibly red and flustered like this is the first time you've seen him lose his cool like this after your guys' first time
"I've heard about that before, I think you call it squirting?" He looks away, just as embarrassed as you are, but for a very different reason
"Do you think you can do it again?"
you can feel him getting hard inside you as he recalls that amazing four-second event in the middle of sex holy shit that was good
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katsuphilia · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: bakugou katsuki, aizawa shota, todoroki shoto, takami keigo, dabi
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: this is a repost from my old blog so if you recognize this, i promise i’m not plagiarizing
Tumblr media
✿ 𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎𝐔 sat with his arms crossed, nostrils flared as he finished ranting to you about his newest cause for irritation. He didn’t expect your hands to reach forward, staring at you with his eyebrows furrowed as he felt your hands softly cup his cheeks, thumb swiping over the apples of his cheeks. “Katsuki, relax, babe. It’ll blow over, okay?” His eyes focused on you, watching the smile on your face widen as he met your gaze, anger slowly fading away as all he felt was you. He’d never let anyone take care of him, yet with you, he found himself indulging, the feeling of your hands holding his face like home. “Yeah, whatever, dumbass,” he mumbled, eyes now focusing on his lap. But you noticed how he didn’t pull away from your touch— in fact, he leaned in ever so slightly.
✿ 𝐀𝐈𝐙𝐀𝐖𝐀 was tired of grading papers, not wanting to go to bed until he had at least half of them done before his nightly patrol. His brows creased as he reread the same line over and over, frustration bubbling as he tried to comprehend what he was reading. Gently, his face was pried away from the paper, now being turned to meet your gaze. One hand held his cheek, the other moving a strand of hair behind his ear. Staring at you with tired eyes, he felt himself relax for the first time that day, comforted by your touch as he leaned into your palm. “Shota, you need a nap before you leave. The papers can wait,” you whispered, pecking his forehead after. He closed his eyes, face burying itself into your stomach, arms wrapping around your waist as you stroked his hair. “Only if you join me.”
✿ 𝐓𝐎𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐎𝐊𝐈 was awoken from his nap by the feeling of fingers carding through his hair, eyes opening slowly as he groaned. His breath hitched when he felt a kiss being placed on the tip of his nose, so unfamiliar with soft gestures, ones that he hadn’t felt in so long. He stared at you with wide eyes as your hand lay on his cheek, thumb tracing the edge of his scar, a smile on your face as you stared down at him. Your eyes were always so soft when they looked at him, so filled with love, safe enough for him to finally find a home in. “Time to get up, Sho. Wake up, baby.” Closing his eyes, he basked in your touch a little longer, craving just a little more affection, just a little more attention, if it came from you. “Five more minutes, y/n,” he whispered, hand laying itself on top of yours.
✿ 𝐇𝐀𝐖𝐊𝐒 collapsed on top of your body, a tried grin on his face, eyes bright and excited that he finally got to see you after a long day. Groaning as your thumbs kneaded his tense muscles, he tightened his grip on your waist, never wanting to leave the security of your arms. “How was today? Did you get the bad guys, Kei?” He laughed, looking up and meeting your eyes. “You know I did, dove. I always do, gotta keep you safe.” His laugh rang through the room once more when your hands clasped his cheeks, squishing them together and shaking his head gently. This was home, one he finally got to call his. “Well, it’s a good thing you’re around then, huh?” And this time, his heart skipped a beat as he stared at you, your palms cradling his face more carefully now as he noticed the way your eyes glimmered when they looked at him.
✿ 𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐈 hissed as he felt you press a rag to his skin, the burning painful as he overheated after yet another over usage of his quirk. He noticed the way you pressed it into him harsher than usual, anger in your movements instead of the usual gentleness. “Why’re you being so harsh for?” Looking up, you glared at him. “Because you were supposed to be careful, Dabi.” Just as he was about to retaliate, he was cut off by your hands grabbing his face, forehead pressing itself against his. Finally, he noticed the worry in your eyes, a look he hadn’t received in so long. “Don’t worry, baby, I’m okay,” he tried to laugh off, slowly trailing off when he felt your finger trace the edge of his scars. “I worry about you, you know.” Sighing, he brought your closer, burying himself into your neck. You were the one person he’d grown soft for, he’d vowed to himself that he’d protect you at all costs, even if the price was the skin on his back.
Tumblr media
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dawbi · 3 months ago
bnha boys when you try on their hero suit (gif reaction)
warnings - none !!
characters - midoriya, bakugou, todoroki, iida, dabi, hawks
Tumblr media
can this boy simp even more than he does already ?? just put on the suit and if you put on the bunny ears all might mask part, he is your number one fanboy let’s keep it real. “ohmygoshyoulooksoadorableineedtotakepicturesdon’tmove aaaaaaa” pulls out his phone and takes at least 100 and you’re like over it but he still won’t stop gushing about you. is hugging you so tight and placing kisses all over your face as he tells you should get a matching one ☹️ if he's feeling a bit down after an argument, just put it on and cuddle up to him. midoriya will fall in love all over again. will have one of the 100 pictures he took as his lock screen for sure. if you find it embarrassing he’s all like “but y/n, i wanna see it everyday 😢 “ just let him plssss.
Tumblr media
oh he’s proud and already showing you off. why wouldn’t his s/o look great in his suit ?? already thinks your hot, but this just took you to a new level 😳. “hmmm ? you pull it off so well babe.” i am a sfw blog remember that, but this boy is grabby and this shows some skin so, be careful lol. you’d be surprised by his reaction because you’d expect something brash from him. but bakugou just doesn’t care to keep up his tsundere title because he is too in love with you wearing anything that’s his. it’s his lowkey possessive side but you didn’t hear that from me 🤐 thinks it's so cute if you struggle holding up the arm pieces. but bakugou doesn't say a word and just pulls you in for a kiss. the pride he has is you now 😔
Tumblr media
you would witness another moment of todoroki smiling. lucky you 🥺 thinks it’s so adorable ahhhhhh. it warms his heart seeing the one he loves try on something that showcases what he works hard for everyday. just enjoying small moments like this that he wishes to protect always. “it looks better on you.” todoroki just worships you and truly believes you pull it off better than him. on a rough day doing hero work, he looks down at his suit and pictures the day you trying it on. it brings a smile to face and his heart warms up pushing him to get through the day awww 😞 this would push him to give you more his clothes for you to wear. shouto will grow obsessed with this because he loves things that remind him of you 💖
Tumblr media
listen iida loves it but he is worried lol. has to help you put it on because it’s complicated sheeesh. “listen y/n. i understand this is cute and all but it’s heavy. you’re gonna get hurt.” you’ll have to tell him to chill. make sure you can at least walk the walk lol. it's probably a bit heavy so, you might be like this🧍for a bit. iida would think this is so adorable. all of sudden you feel the head armor being pulled off and iida planting a kiss on the tip of your nose. "okay love that's enough. lemme help you outta this." suggests wearing his sweater next time lol. lowkey wishes he could have you in it longer but iida is too worried if anything wrong were to happen. he just cares about you that much but kinda regrets not taking a video ☹️💞
Tumblr media
omg please wear this mans jacket. secretly has always wanted you to try it on, even leaves it out hoping you’ll put it on one day. and when you do ?? dabi.exe has stopped working. this guy is lowkey annoying because i feel like he’d keep up the villain front that he’s soft for no one. so toga might point it out like “ooh look. y/n is wearing your jacket.” “mmm. it better not get dirty.” inside though ?? his heart is having complications you could mistake it for cardiac arrest. he’s living that young teenage love he never got to experience and has always internally craved ahh. when everyone is gone, dabi’s all over you and literally smothering you. “baby, i can’t breathe.” “you look good in this.” he’s not listening by the way, just relishing the moment 🥺
Tumblr media
oh hawks is completely here for this. may joke around and say “i kinda wear it better tho.” but he’s really lying because he thinks it’s so cute omg. like the holes in the back where his wings would go through ? glimpses of your shirt would be there instead. keigo would find that so adorable and even lightly poke you through the holes. would probably inspire him to wanna do matching couple outfits lol. like if you find an exact jacket waiting for you at home, you know who it is. will be salty if you take it off too soon, mans just wants to enjoy the moment. grabs you buy the jacket collar to go in for a kiss. but keigo still teases you with "too bad. the glasses are in the way 😛" secretly took a picture and plans on having it as his home screen 💓
a/n - sorry i’ve been inactive lately. classes are killing me 😩
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loveindefinitely · 8 days ago
sub! bnha boys headcanons
Tumblr media
izuku midoriya
- he's definitely a service sub. he just wants to please you, make you happy -- and if that means he gets some pleasure too, that's just icing on top of the cake.
- he loves praise for sure. whether it's praising you like the god you are, or you praising him for being such a sweet boy, he'll be a sobbing mess.
- mommy kink. just... him needing the control his mommy brings after a hard day of heroing.
- oh, and he is a sucker for overstim. he'll be whimpering, hiccuping, pleading with you to let him rest.
- the aftercare is so very important for this man.
- bubble bath, washing his hair, reassuring him... and lots of cuddles. he just wants to be babied for a bit afterwards.
katsuki bakugou
- brat. need i say more?
- he will fight you on everything, will tease you and taunt you until you break. and when you do, he is more than happy to submit to you.
- but only once you've earned it. he doesn't just roll over for any 'extra', even if you are his lover.
- strap. no better way to have him begging for forgiveness than pounding him into the mattress. while that usually takes a lot more planning and prep, it is still very fun to do.
- he needs to be hit around and degraded a little. spanking him for being a 'little slut' will turn him into putty in your arms.
- and he'll never admit this, but his inferiority complex eats up praise like nothing else.
- aftercare will more be him taking care of you. it's still done right, it's just that he settles down and gets out of his mindset better when he's helping clean up and reassure as well.
shouto todoroki
- he just likes to not think for a while.
- when he gets too much in his head, he'll go directly to you. if you're sitting on the couch, watching tv or reading a book. he'll just come over and kneel by your feet, head slumped in submission.
- your precious boy just needs to be treated gently for a bit.
- he wants to be the best for you. have him eat you out, he'll be so good for you, have him worship you.
- because he will.
- and when he gets that dull, hazy look in his eyes, you know you've done your job right. playing with his hair, softly stroking him off while telling him he's such a good boy for you.
- aftercare is mostly focused on bringing him down from subspace. gentle kisses, heat packs and soft words are that's needed for the both of you to feel fully sated.
Tumblr media
just had a sub!boy brainrot. i'll be focusing on requests now!!
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