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sagwa07302 days ago
Andre, a college student (my imagination..)
I'm sure he started doing drugs when he is college student because of his friends
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ghost-postables9 hours ago
Concept Time!
Danny and Jazz are fluent in ASL, Sam knows a lot but isn't quite there, Tucker struggles a bit but has common phrases down. Danny and Jazz have a family member who's hard of hearing which is why they know ASL and why they're so good at it, they've had years to practice, Maddie and Jack are the same. Sam knows because her Grandma knows it an they use it to talk without Sam's parents butting in. Tucker learnt because he realised it was a good way to communicate with Danny and Sam without speaking aloud and most of the kids in their class don't understand what they're saying.
Wes and Kwan actually do know some ASL, Kwan more than Wes. But since Kwan doesn't pay attention to the trio and Wes can never catch them specifically talking about Phantom this isn't to much of an issue.
Someone who has caught onto their method of communication is Mr Lancer. Who's now in the process of learning, so he can call them out if they're doing it during his lessons. Though he is impressed that they can.
A major flaw in their chosen communication is that they don't know for sure who does and doesn't know ASL so they usually keep ghost talk out of the equation.
Jazz likes to sign little greetings and supportive comments to Danny if she spots him at school, since she doesn't want him to be upset about his big sister embarassing him in front of his peers but she does like to let him know she's seen him and she's there if he needs her. He often signs back, cause he appreciates it.
Danny also started to learn to read braille, he figures since he knows one why not the other? He's sure it'll come in hand to help people.
ASL is rising in popularity because some of the A-Listers have seen Phantom using it to communicate with a lady who was hard of hearing after he helped her cross the road. Simultaneously so is the habit of teens helping people across the road.
Danny sees this as a win since he things ASL should be taught in schools anyway. Or at least offered as a extra curricular activity.
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incorrect-caps-etca day ago
Alex Ovechkin: Excuse me, Nicky, who made you the boss of the group?
John Carlson: You did.
Dmitry Orlov: You said 鈥淣icky should be the boss.鈥
Tom Wilson: And then you said 鈥淟et鈥檚 vote,鈥 and it was unanimous.
TJ Oshie: You made him that little plaque that said 鈥淏OSS OF US.鈥 You put on sparkles.
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satanismyoffspring2 days ago
The one in the other suit is supposed to be Miguel O'Hara right? Because if it is I'm so exited. You don't know how amazing it is to have a Mexican/Irish spiderman on the big screen. My heart soared when I heard Miles speak Spanish and now Miguel. I'm so exited, I can't wait.
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thriftstoreoddities16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I don't know what it was supposed to be for but it was actually really really heavy.
Oddities Note: It could be a door stop?
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thebluestsushi2 days ago
(Based on theory that Warwick is Vander)
Vander: let me in
Front guard at The Last Drop: no
Vander: this is MY BAR
Front guard: *points to "no furries" sign*
Vander, muttering: I never should have put that fucking sign up
Vi and Jinx from inside the bar: *cackling*
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ceciliaspena year ago
Tumblr media
I鈥檝e been laughing at this all day
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rabdoidal13 days ago
neurodivergent people i need to know.......... what instrument/sounds do you love for the auditory stimulation? my personal pick is banjo because of the good crunch
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solarreid3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥 鈥渢he most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.鈥 ; ferdinand foch
richard kadrey ; aloha from hell // smoke and fire 1 ; jennifer walton // a quiet visitor ; holly warburton // la nuba roja ; david de la heras // burning hill ; mitski
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theartingacea month ago
Tumblr media
A spooky late night post for the holiday, as I was gripped by the spoopy mood and the love of the perfect spooky lady 馃槏
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