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#i think

I don’t think I’m Christian anymore.

I think I’m a norse pagan.

About 98% sure, and that’s scary.

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here bb !!!! <3

  • cheng xiao || ‘98 || chinese || wjsn
  • dita karang || ‘96 || indonesian || secret number
  • minatozaki sana || ‘96 || japanese || twice
  • song yuqi || ‘99 || chinese || (g)i-dle
  • han dong || ‘96 || chinese || dreamcatcher
  • nicha yontararak / minnie || ‘97 || thai || (g)i-dle
  • ching tingyan / elkie || ‘98 || chinese || clc
  • miyawaki sakura || ‘98 || japanese || iz*one
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if you ever wondered what Piph does when she should be getting some sleep or texting nova back, its THIS  and trying to figure out who Alex’s voice claim is. Right now it’s between daniel henney or someone with a british accent cause alex seems like he would have one.

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Originally posted by kylos

Pairing: Ben Solo|Kylo Ren/Reader
Setting: Alternate Universe - Cyberpunk, dystopia, modern, gangs.
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, war, gang violence, emotional hurt/angst, codependent relationships (eventual fluff, smut, romance). 

Available here on AO3, and under the cut. 

The year is 2084.

Despite its advances, society has collapsed on itself. The world is crooked, damaged, dying. Rezoned into new territories, separating the elite from the unworthy. Civilization is crumbling at your very feet, and in the midst of it all, your best friend, Ben Solo, has been missing for three years. 
You desperately cling to what’s left of him, hoping that he’ll come home, praying that things will fall back into place. 

And then he does. And they don’t. Because life is different when you’re scoundrel in the midst of a class war. 

A/N: Please don’t mind me, posting another WIP.  I might continue posting this on here as well as AO3. 

This piece (particularly reader’s experience of Ben being missing) is heavily inspired (and named after) Stuck On You by Failure. You can find it here if you want to give it a listen. 

This is just the prologue, and won’t give much insight into the worldbuilding. That will come in the following chapters. Also, I’m writing this with the assumption that phones will still be a thing in 2084, though they’re only still used by the poor.

Keep reading

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I’m The Lesser of Two Evils: A Nikolai/Elyse Playlist ( x )

two evils - bastille, black sea - natahsa blume, dancing with our hands tied - taylor swift, iris - natalie taylor, young god - halsey, me and the devil - soap&skin, gorgeous - taylor swift, love me land - zara larsson, beautiful crime - tamer, a little wicked - valerie broussard, false god - taylor swift, in my veins - andrew belle, bloodsport - raleigh ritchie, mirrorball - taylor swift, keep on lying - jessie ware, i found - amber run, hold me down - halsey, don’t blame me - taylor swift, love and war - fleurie; mess me up - neon trees

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thinking too much about Juza’s dog tags and what they mean

hi i think about Juza a lot and today when i was re reading his strawberry temptation i noticed he had dog tags for the first time (pic below for ref)


I don’t feel like Juza is the type to wear something like this for the hell of it, and he definitely isn’t the type to wear something to try and look tougher.


in the second year however he isn’t wearing them anymore

but guess who is wearing dog tags now?


Kumon !! from every angle we see he’s only wearing one, which is strange because you would regularly have two, unless one was the tag of another solider. 

this could be just Kumon wanting to be like Juza and therefore wearing dog tags like him, but what i want to think (and its a bit of a stretch but i’m into symbolism) maybe its a symbol of how Juza’s past self/reputation or whatever died so now he doesn’t wear them anymore because that version of him is dead so to speak.

but Kumon has one to remember both Juza when he was younger (and when Kumon was the only one who believed in him) since when you have one tag it’s usually of a fallen solider to remember them.

as for who/where he got them? absolutely no clue.

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