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huaepiphany · a day ago
Tumblr media
or, as I call it “the beginning of the end”
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kenmascat · 2 days ago
i want to talk about the scene where wwx in lotus pier decides to fall from the tree and lan wangji catches him and relate it back to wangxian as a whole.
in the scene he talks about falling down and getting hurt often, and then he suddenly decides to fall off the tree and catch lan wangji off gaurd to see what happens right.
"He wasn’t scared of falling. All these years, he’d fallen many times. But falling on the ground still hurt, after all. If someone was there to catch him, it’d be more than wonderful." ( Ch87 ExR translation)
I want to emphasize on the "if someone was there to catch him, it'd be more than wonderful".
we've seen wei wuxian suffer through so many consequences on his own, by himself that it also resulted in his first death right.
but now in his second life where he has let lan wangji help him, carry him, share the load with him, he has realised that earlier when he was on his own, he sure could survive but it always hurt him in some way or the other, but now that he has someone by his side, who would stand by him, catch him when he falls, even though HE CAN get up on his own, it still would be BETTER to go through life WITH lan wangji. these two are very capable men, they are very strong and can very much survive seperately, but a simple thing is that, together they are happier, together they feel stronger.
together with the love and care for each other it makes any situation fine to deal with. even lan wangji, he too has suffered a lot, and he is very capable, can go through life on his own, but he too knows that with wei wuxian by his side, he'd be happier. they'd be happier.
I also would like to add that to me this reads like the moment where wei wuxian almost completely came to terms with how he felt about lan wangji's presence by his side, something which he could not realise in his previous life.
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cakeberrylatte · a day ago
It's so gorgeous! But I will never forget that in the novel they rolled into a shrub and had their first time all the while lil Apple probably heard everything lol
Tumblr media
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jadedadultritsu · a day ago
Wangji giving his final bow of respect to LQR before marrying off to WWX bc he's gon do it with or WITHOUT his blessing. 😌😛
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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angieloveshua · a day ago
What I love about MDZS donghua is the fact that, despite the censorship, they have ways to tell the audience: "Hey, these two dudes are in love." And I respect them for that.
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kenmascat · a day ago
Tumblr media
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qing-ling · 2 days ago
wei ying: that was so hot, lan zhan.
lan zhan: i literally just called the person who flirted with you a degenerate dog and told them i hope they get dragged through the streets?
wei ying, with heart eyes: i'm so in love with you.
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ying-ansanren · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
So, how did the party turn out?
WWX’s party:
Previous LiUber meme:
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raeyhem · 2 days ago
going apeshit everytime tgcf characters go "..." like yes go girl give us nothing <3
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