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Artist :  Cc发芽了吗 (weibo / lofter)


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Have I ever told I just love Jingyi? Well now I have. And don’t even try to tell me this wouldn’t actually happen.

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Chapter 1: The glow of moonlight


Brilliance in the Moonlight - 97k | Wangxian | E | Complete

It should be a simple thing, to show this boy his place. Though he is of a similar age, Lan Wangji’s years of superiority in the Cloud Recesses have taught him that he is extraordinary in most aspects. This boy is practically a no one. A nuisance. A child. It is not boastful, just a simple truth. Irrefutable, in Lan Wangji’s mind.

Bichen unsheathes, only to be thwarted halfway out. This boy, this peon, stops it. And it throws Lan Wangji off balance, so much so that he doesn’t even know what to do next. This child should not have enough cultivation to form a core capable of combating Bichen’s spiritual energy.

And then, he says something shameless and flaunting, clearly oblivious to the killing intent rising in Lan Wangji at the audacity of this boy.

It makes Lan Wangji reckless. It makes him wild. It makes him careless.

Soulmate AU retelling of CQL written for the MDZS 2020 Big Bang.

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Concept: JC sitting bare assed on LXC’s equally bare assed back

Me: Okay, this COULD be one image oooooor we could make it a comic, thus giving you more work for this one thought???

For the record, I only see LXC as a himbo when in love, the entire rest of the time he is a smart, dignified Sect Leader… with a humiliation kink

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cql didn’t have to go so hard on jiang cheng’s entrances

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Especially since people said she was on WWXs side. However I think previous posts mentioned how she didnt defend him per se but rather her sect. It makes sense if she had any intention to help him why not send something over instead of 3 bowls of soup before her wedding? A bag of rice is affordable and more helpful. Its tactless. If JYL came with the intention to stop WWX from hurting more people then save him then she’s not on his side. JC betrays him in every single way despite their closeness

To be fair you could argue that JYL didn’t know just how bad things were for the Wens when she came to visit for the first time? But then she didn’t, y’know, try to help them after her first visit. You want to talk tactless, her giving soup to the guy who physically can’t eat is tactless. (She didn’t know he couldn’t eat, I am being slightly unfair.) And she did try to at least keep YZY off of WWX’s back. But yeah, the Jiangs screwed WWX over so badly and JYL… isn’t actually exempt from that. She’s closer to being exempt from that than the rest of her family, but she’s not exempt. I’ll be honest, I suspect that if the rest of the Jiangs weren’t so horrible she wouldn’t be seen as quite as wonderful as she is. (Still love her though!) WWX grew up with a truly terrible family and he deserved better.

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just a quick thought but wangxian!phantom of the opera au would be absolutely fantastic after taking out all the parts that make the phantom and christine’s relationship abusive. i just think that lwj as a graceful opera singer and wwx as the annoying genius gremlin living in a basement is very fitting.

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Oh, I can’t decide, they’re both so good! The first one is good because I am by now firmly on board the “JYL wasn’t actually perfect and it would be interesting to explore the ways she failed WWX instead of having her just be Perfect Sister” but the second one is good because a) more stuff going into how horrible all the Jiangs (except JYL, who is Not Perfect but is considerably closer to that than the rest of her family) is always good and b) Chances For WWX And JZX To Bond. If WWX and JZX get to bond then option 2.

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Oh, super betrayed. Imagine leaving your beloved son to your trusted friend after your death only to find that he lets his wife whip the kid and tells him to protect his real son instead of saying goodbye before going off to his own death. Not fun.

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Yeah, I’ve seen that. I don’t buy it either, if only because… that is a wild gamble for JGY to make? He’s assuming first that JYL will die, second that her death will make WWX go berserk, third that he won’t die if WWX goes berserk, and fourth that if everything else goes according to plan this will actively benefit him. There are way too many moving parts out of JGY’s control for him to take the risk. And yeah, also he was already at the conference. So it’s a theory, but I don’t think it’s what MXTX actually had in mind.

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Okay, is there actually a underwhelming lack of not-found-by-LWJ!Sizhui AUs or am I just looking in the wrong places?

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