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lwj wld cry over Clarity By Zedd i know it i know it in my heart
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art conservator meets the hottie from the damaged painting 馃帹
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Kissing scars is my favourite
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(putting on my conspiracy theory hat) yunno a lot of people make the argument that TGCF is the best mxtx novel just because it's the last one and she's "learned from her mistakes" but you know... I don't actually agree.
Sorry I have to drag scum villain into everything I post but I do think that there's something to say that mxtx's first book, before she became really popular, was about how popularity can pollute a writer's intentions and prevent them from pursuing what they actually want to write. I do think this applies to tgcf, which does, in my opinion, show a sort of stress that comes with being in the limelight that sv didn't have. I've seen a lot of people comment things like "SV is good but it needs a LOT of editing" and it's perfectly fine to think that way, but I do think you have to take into account that ultimately... SV was not the story that mxtx chose to heavily edit, it was tgcf.
I don't really like to make assumptions about the writing process because you truly don't know what's happening but in my personal opinion SV has a spark that the others don't have quite as much of, the spark that's just "oh, the author had a LOT of fun writing this". And I think that's, though not as quantifiable as some other measures of books, is a very important part of making a piece of writing good!
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MDZS translation by dragongirlG: Taiwan printed extra
Happy weekend, everyone! At last...I can finally present my complete fan translation of the MDZS Taiwan printed extra, featuring wangxian鈥檚 post-canon domesticity, kink and all!聽
As with recent chapters, I included footnotes with my notes and references and a preface with my translation goals. 聽
Reblogs and positive feedback are always appreciated!
Links below:
Same links available on twitter.
Screenshotted preview below! You can find it in text form under the cut. Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Day After Day
It was long past haishi, yet a certain person still had not returned.
On the table, a paper lantern still shone. Lan Wangji fixed an unblinking gaze upon its hazy light.
After a long stretch of time, he rose and walked to the entrance of the Jingshi, opening the wooden doors and briefly surveying the outside. He had just stepped past the threshold when a strange crash sounded behind him.
Lan Wangji whirled around. All he could see was the window, which had been opened at some point without him knowing. Its shutters were still fluttering in the evening breeze. A strange lump had suddenly appeared beneath one of his blankets. It seemed like something had broken in through the window, rolled itself onto the bed, and started rustling around under the covers.
Lan Wangji paused, not saying a word. Then he gently closed the doors and stepped back inside.聽
Blowing out the candles, he shut the windows and climbed into bed, lying down next to the huge lump. In silence, he pulled the other blanket over himself and closed his eyes.聽
Not even half a moment passed before a large, freezing form suddenly squeezed itself under his blanket. It wriggled toward him, closer and closer, until it pressed right up against his chest. "Lan Zhan, I'm back,鈥 it said in a cheerful voice. 鈥淗urry up and welcome me.鈥
Please reblog if you enjoy!
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modern au
they're on a date 鈾
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It's always "I love you" and never "you're really great. I like you. or in other words, I fancy you, I love you, I want you, I can't leave you, I whatever you. I want to night-hunt with you for the rest of my life."
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馃幍 make the clock reverse,聽
bring back what once was mine 馃幍
Permission granted by the artist. Do not repost or edit without permission. Support the artist on their page 馃槉
Artist: leafimochi
Source聽(Rapunzel AU)
Prev: 1, 2
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In the mood for a Fic...
1. Hey im in mood for some fics where the center relationships are one of the following
Synced by theherocomplex (T, 23k, LXC/NMJ, scifi au, romance, falling in love, light body horror, character study)
How To Communicate With Your Husband: A Narrative in Many Frustrating Parts by Lan XiChen and Nie MingJue by Vanja (E, 38k, NMJ/LXC, canon divergence, arranged marriage, misunderstandings, pining, angst w/ happy ending, fluff, smut, hurt/comfort, slow burn, everyone lives au, minor character death)
A Shadow in the Sun by Netrixie (T, 39k, NMJ/LXC, dragons au, PTSD, NMJ centric, pre-relationship, getting together, post-sunshot, case fic, slow burn)
Eyes Wide Shut by Netrixie (T, 65k, NMJ/LXC, everyone lives au, no sunshot, enemies to friends to lovers, identity porn, mistaken identity, misunderstandings, angst, slow burn)
soaring, carried aloft on the wind by Skadiseven (E, 68k, NMJ/LXC, LXC & LWJ, NMJ & NHS, wangxian, JGY/NHS, arranged marriage, horses, romance, friendship, twin jades dynamics, nie bro dynamics)
A Little Bit of Tender by natacup82 (E, 31k, JGY/NMJ, canon devergence, 3rd in series)
C) Established LXC/NMJ with JGY
scorpion, before the frog by Stratisphyre (T, 59k, NieLan, 3Zun, Canon, Dragons, Found Family, Pre-Relationship, Mutual Pining, Parental Abuse, Hurt/Comfort, warning for JGS behaving exactly as expected, sometimes a redemption arc is just dragons and kids and found families, allusions to noncon because of JGS, derogatory references to sex work, suicidal ideation and attempt) is more plotty than shippy, but it's Meng Yao pov with established nielan and can be read as moving towards NMJ/LXC/JGY although it's not tagged as such
D) Established NMJ/JGY with LXC
Keep It Smooth by natacup82 (E, 8k, NMJ/JGY, 3zun, seduction, married sex)
Any AU and i am quite ok with angst as long as it鈥檚 happy ending! I tried to find using filters but wangxian dominates over them all!!! Thank you!! Here鈥檚 to hoping a lot of recs 馃
2. Always pleased to see your wonderful In The Mood For posts! I鈥檓 looking for some more LQR grows to like WWX and is mad about it fics. Absolutely one of my favorite tropes. I just think LWJ would find it both hilarious and pleasing if his uncle starts to appreciate WWX @emrysmerlyn鈥
Joy In the Midst of These Things series by Glitterbombshell (T, 53k, wangxian, post-canon, hurt/comfort, angst w/ happy ending, fluff, teacher WWX, trauma & recovery)
Ji菐o T霉 S膩n K奴 by MavisMelisande (G, 10k, wangxian, LQR & WWX, post-canon, curses, fluff, LQR pov, crack treated seriously)
Inconceivable by merakily (G, 3k, wangxian, LQR & WWX, post-canon, fluff, humor, in-laws, chief cultivator LWJ)
The stuffed bunny, the beautiful nephew, and other gifts from Lan Qiren by deliciousblizzardshark (G, 8k, LQR & WWX, wangxian, modern, single parent WWX, accidental uncle acquisation, good uncle LQR, found family, fluff)
Deeper Seasons by piecrust (G, 8k, LQR & WWX, wangxian, basically LQR being nice to WWX)
and so, we change by Fleetling (G, 6k, wangxian, LXC & LQR & LWJ, LQR & WWX & LXC, LQR pov, good uncle LQR, wingman LXC, getting together, 2nd in series)
Discordant Rhapsody by nirejseki (T, 49k, LQR & WWX, wangxian, JC & WWX, LXC & LQR & LWJ, WWX & WN & WQ, canon divergence, fix-it, LQR has trauma, protective LQR, protective LWJ, protective WWX, politics, LQR centric, whump, angst) a+ grudging gradual unspoken mutual love between lqr and wifi and it is hilarious and horrible and heartbreaking
馃АStunted, Starving Juvenility by TomatenMark (E, 394k, WangXian, WIP, Fix-it of sorts, Talisman master WWX, Not JFM Friendly, Study Arc, Getting together, Fluff and Angst, Engagement)
3. I love this account so much!! Here today to ask for a weakness of mine--outsider POV. I'm such a sucker for fics where strangers with imperfect knowledge interact with wangxian or hear about them!
the river brought you here by chilianxianzi (Not Rated, 11k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, POV Outsider, Amnesia, not JC friendly, Past abuse, Strangulation, Found Family)
Resolutions series by incendir (M, 203k, wangxian, LWJ & LSZ, JL & WWX, most of the series as outsider POV)
pitfalls of greed by glitteringmoonlight (T, 3k, wangxian, post-canon, outsider pov, BAMF WWX, kidnapping, violence)
鉂わ笍 Wangxian鈥檚 Time-Travelling Shenanigans series by pupeez4eva (G, 18k, wangxian, time travel, love confessions, humor, Mojo鈥檚 post)
starlight shining brighter by Sienne (Not rated, 20k, LJY & LWJ, LJY & WWX, LJY & The Juniors, fluff, the 13 years, post-canon, parent LWJ, teacher LWJ, teacher WWX)
things happen, don鈥檛 ask by MarbleGlove (T, 6k, wangxian, Mojo鈥檚 post)
Always the right way round by so_shhy (G, 3k, wangxian, LXC & LWJ, modern, fluff, LWJ loves rabbits, good brother LXC, excellent BF WWX, office party, outsider pov)
oh brother by lanzhans_rbf (G, 5k, LXC & LWJ, wangxian, outsider POV, modern, twin jade feels)
love potion no. 9 by ria_green (G, 2k, HP au, oblivious WWX, fluff & humor, amortentia, patronus, love confessions, outsider POV)
five times people didn鈥檛 know sizhui is lan zhan鈥檚 son and one time they did by trilliastra (T, 3k, LSZ & LWJ, wangxian, 5+1, fluff, kid fic, outsider pov, father-son relationship, implied/referenced rape/non-con (not the main characters))
but there were things worse than love by planet_B612 (T, 5k, wangxian, post-canon, established relationship, outsider pov, 5+1, fluff & humor)
4. Hi! I鈥檓 in the mood for LWJ POV of WWX pretending to be MXY. Thanks!
watch the slow door by Lirelyn (T, 3k, wangxian, canon divergence, identity reveal, grief/mourning, angst w/ happy ending, dreams & nightmares)
5. For I'm in the mood: any AUs where WY's parents are alive? Or maybe AUs where they return at any point in the novel and/or post-canon fics where they end up alive again (whether via time travel or ressurrection)? Thank you!
The Return of Cangse Sanren by milesofheart (T, 30k, WIP, WangXian, CSSR/WCZ, Canon Divergence, CSSR and WCZ Live, Angst with a Happy Ending, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, BAMF CSSR, Burial Mounds Settlement Days, creative talisman use)
tall as the mountains that sheltered us by thelastdboy (M, 4k, CSSR/WCZ, CSSR & WWX & WCZ, wangxian, canon divergence, CSSR & WCZ live, rogue cultivator WWX, crack treated seriously, hurt/comfort, childhood friends to lovers, genius WWX, happy ending)
6. Do you know any wangxian fics that have them being extremely shameless and affectionate in public with an annoyed Lan Quiren in the background perhaps?? Ty for all the hard work!
7. Hello! Thanks for all your hard work. For the next in the mood for can I ask for wei wuxian with kids? His own, adopted, just baby sitting a bunch of disciples, but have the focus be on him teaching, rather than him just having a bunch of kids. Baby demonic cultivators, baby ducklings following after their seniour wei on a night hunt while he gives them their very much needed experience, anything goes! Already read "The joy amidst these things (link in #2)" au and "The murder of crows", that kinda feel to wwx if you'd have any. Thanks in advance <3 @trashbin-is-home鈥
Seen and not heard by eatmyass (E, 51k, wangxian, case fic, no sunshot, kid fic, dadxian, strangers to lovers, found family, LWJ pov, pining, fake/pretend relationship, first time, falling in love) a mix of dad!xian and teacher!xian
8. Do you know of any fics where LWJ and JC are friends? I've already read Time Kept Flowing and the series Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji being bros, so I'd love to read some more. Thank you! :)
9. thank you so much for your work, this blog has been the best! this one's a little specific: anything out there where lan zhan is shorter than wei ying?
For number 9, all my (Scifigeek14) fics are in the cql (live action) universe so lwj is (slightly) shorter than wwx in my fics and i think i out right mention it in a few of them.
10. Im sorry if this is too kinky, but could you recommend some really good 鈥渘onono鈥 yes!鈥 vibe fics? Wangxian or Yizhan, top lwj or top yibo (Moved to the next YiZhan only post ^^ ~ Mod C)馃
Responsibility by cqwrites (E, 3k, wangxian, rape/non-con, no lube, self-lubrication, no prep, mild blood, happy ending, WWX鈥檚 canonical non-con kink)
Again And Again, You Stole My Heart by cqwrites (E, 3k, WangXian, Rape, Loss of Virginity, Incense Burner, Anal Sex, Somnophilia, Light Bondage, wangxian's canon rape kink, Self-Lubrication, 5+1 Things)
Punishment by Anonymous (E, 3k, WangXian, Consensual Non-Consent, Rape Roleplay, Time Travel, wangxian's canonical rape kink, Anal Sex, Overstimulation, Outdoor Sex)
you can count on me to misbehave by sophie_448 (E, 12k, WangXian, Female WWX, Male LWJ, Dubious Consent, Rape/Non-con Elements, Library Sex, Modern AU, College/University, Vaginal Fingering, Finger Sucking, Penis In Vagina Sex, Gender or Sex Swap, Squirting, Verbal Humiliation, Slut Shaming, Under-negotiated Kink, Semi-Public Sex, First Time, Loss of Virginity, wangxian's canon noncon kink, Dirty Talk, Pining while fucking, Consensual Non-Consent, Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Rough Sex, Cunnilingus, Tit Torture, Orgasm Delay/Denial)
Fuck Around and Find Out by notoriousfish (E, 3k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Cloud Recesses Study Arc, Ages Not Specified, Dark LWJ, POV LWJ, First Time, Semi-Public Sex, Rape/Non-con Elements, LWJ Has a Biting Kink, Rimming, Blow Jobs, Cock Warming, Anal Sex, Slut Shaming, Biting, Happy Ending, WangXian Have a Non-Con/Rape Kink)
Second Chance Phoenix by Solarcat (E, 3k, WangXian, Consensual Non-Consent, Spanking, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Light Bondage, No Lube, Rough Sex, Post-Canon, WangXian have a noncon kink)
11. Hi mods! Thanks for all your work <3
Can I ask for fics where wangxian meets different versions of themselves? Or like maybe wwx or lwj meets different versions of themselves and sees their other self in the wangxian relationship.
And i dont mean like time travel stuff, i mean stuff like novel version wangxian meets the untamed wangxian or canon m/m wangxian meets alternative reality w/w wangxian, etc.
Anything along those lines would be awesome, in case of smut no bottom lwj please!
Key Differences by pupeez4eva (T, 5k, WangXian, Humor, Dimension Travel, Crossover, Drama!WWX meets Novel!WWX, Public Confessions, WWX plays matchmaker for himself, Post-Canon)
We always get what we deserve!(Doesn't matter even if you think you don't deserve it. Fate has mysterious ways!) by Ajareenlovesbtsandshinee (Not Rated, 16k, WIP, WangXian, Post-Canon, CQL WWX and MDZS WWX Exchange places, Happy Ending)
The Young, the Horny, the Jaded and the Jade: Partners in Time by Admiranda (M, 35k, WIP, WangXian, Established couple Crossover, road trip with your older selves, teasing your younger selves about their obvious crushes, yin iron does yin iron things, mdzs/cql crossover, adult wangxian, Teenage Wangxian)
12. Hello :D! For the next I'm In The Mood For, could you reccomend me some good OC-centric fics? I went through Vroomian's works yesterday, and now I and more stories where you throw someone new and unexpected in the middle of things, and watch everything change :D
姹熷北濡傛湁寰 | It Seems the Hills and Rivers Have Been Waiting by ScarlettStorm (E, 295k, JC/ OFC, Slow Burn, Post Canon, TransFem character, Switch Rights, FemDom, Fighting as flirting, Fighting as foreplay, WQ Lives, QS Lives, Eventual Smut)
13. hi!! do you know any fics where wwx is like a trophy wife/housewife ? thanks <3
Write It on My Neck by diamondbruise (E, 23k, wangxian, ABO, transmigration, alpha LWJ, omega WWX, fake marriage, falling in love, misunderstandings, jealousy, happy ending, smut)
14. Heyy. Thanks for everything! For iitmf, can you suggest any modern au jiang cheng protag fics? Preferably long and hurt/comfort? 鈾モ櫏
Unbroken Series by Chaotic_Calm (E, 31k, XiCheng, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Mind the tags, Modern AU, Sexual Assault, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Rape Aftermath, Rape Recovery, Hurt/Comfort, Self-Hatred, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Love, Happy Ending, Anal Sex, Gentle Sex, Crying During Sex, First Time, Past Rape/Non-con, mild panic attack, Character Is Supported Through and After the Panic Attack)
No Place Like Home by 2501987 (M, 207k, XiChengJue, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Mind the tags, Modern AU, Canon Divergence, Self-Esteem Issues, Self-Hatred, Bad Decisions, Physical Abuse, Emotional Baggage, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Unhealthy Relationships, Abusive Relationships, Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms, Recovery, Heavy Angst, Mental Anguish, Mutual Pining, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Hurt/Comfort, It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better, Assault, Threats of Violence, Death Threats, Threats of Rape/Non-Con, Attempted Kidnapping, Attempted Murder, Attempted Rape/Non-Con, Aftermath of Violence)
Lay your hands on me Series by hmc73, scaredysap (E/M, 199k, ChengJue, Modern AU, Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, additional tags in chapter notes for BDSM play, Rope Bondage, Impact Play, Sensation Play, Dom/sub, Bottom JC, Top NMJ, Bad Parent JFM, Bad Parent YZY, Slow Burn, Hurt/Comfort, Aftercare, Praise Kink, Kink Negotiation, BDSM, Explicit Sex)
stagger & healing Series by Misila (Varies, 216k, WIP, Series of stories, Check tags on each fic, Mind the tags)
the long way back home by Misila (E, 210k, WIP, WangXian Yunmeng Siblings, Family, Romance, Heavy Angst, Hopeful Ending, JC-centric, Dysfunctional Family, Abuse, Mental Health Issues, Suicide Themes, Recovery, Additional Warnings In Author's Note)
15. Hi mods (y鈥檃ll are doing a lovely job with the blogs btw, thank you for all the hard work, I can鈥檛 imagine managing something as large as this), I鈥檓 not confident I鈥檓 doing this correctly(so sorry if I鈥檓 not) but for the next Im in the Mood For can I please get WWX just breaking down? Such as him just finally being so pushed over the edge he just cries and gets some comfort? It doesnt matter who comforts him really, just as long as he鈥檒l be okay. Much love and thanks! (I鈥檓 sorry this got so long) 馃挄馃挄
馃А rain falls and soaks into the earth series by RoseThorne (T, 40k, WangXian, WIP, Near Death Experience, Attempt Drowning, Madam Yu Bashing, Recovery, No war AU)
try to praise the mutilated world by RoseThorne (NR/T, 4k, WIP, WangXian, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Post-Canon)
16. Hi!!! I recently read Lynchpin by ShanaStoryteller and now I NEED more of sibling dynamic goodness but I can鈥檛 find any that compares 馃槶 The longer the better and if it鈥檚 a time travel fix it or post-canon, even better ! THANK YOU !
17. Hi! Thank you for giving us the best reads mods. As for my request for the next "I'm in the mood for..." May I please ask if you have any recommended A) Dead or dying WWX fics or B) WWX major injury fics? Thanks sm!!
馃А Company by WithBroomBefore (T, 29k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Pre-Relationship, Getting Together, POV LWJ, Fix-It, Pre-Canon, at least to start, WWX goes to Cloud Recesses, But Not In The Usual Way, fear of character death, Everybody Lives, Hurt/Comfort, Happy Ending, Light Angst, good teacher LQR, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, brief discussion of past minor character suicide, Kitten, Not YZY Friendly) (This could actually be considered both since WWX is dying Because of a major injury but he doesn't actually die - Mod C)
a small change Series by celialoves_lwj (T, 92k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Sick fic, Somebody Lives/Not everyone dies, Golden Core Reveal, Angst, Fix-It of Sorts)聽
Callous by Jengabears (T, 26k, WIP, WangXian, Duelling, Guilt, Defection, Golden Core Reveal, Tragedy, Accidental Death, Heavy Angst, Anger, Grief/Mourning, Somebody Lives/Not Everyone Dies, Canon Divergence, JC bashing, Betrayal, Trials, Eventual Happy Ending, Ghost(s), Eventual Fluff)
Without end by barisan (M, 71k, WIP, WangXian, Time Travel, Suicide Attempt, Hurt/Comfort, Depressed WWX, Good Uncle LQR, Bad Parent YZY, Bad Parent JFM, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Implied/Referenced Self-Harm, PTSD, Panic Attacks, Yunmeng Jiang bashing, Sentient Resentful energy, Medical inaccuracies)
How did I end up with this Frozen Heart? by Grace_ShadowWolf (TaubeLePigeon) (T, 42k, WIP, WangXian, Time Travel, Fix-It, PTSD, Angst with a Happy Ending, YP!WWX, twin prides of yunmeng are horrified at the relationship between their future selves, YP!WWX has short hair, Canon Divergence, Self-Indulgent, wangxian get together early, Songfic, JC Bashing, LXC Bashing)
If you didn鈥檛 get an answer to your ask here, don鈥檛 forget to make use of @mdzs-kinkmeme and MDZS KINK MEME on Dreamwidth. Authors actually do use them for ideas. You may get what you order!***Your prompt doesn鈥檛 have to be kink! Fluff, crack, whatever - it鈥檚 all good!***
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Tumblr media
the interior art in mdzs vol 3 is soooooooo pretty
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hannanodaa 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
I want him to be happy 馃槶 happy jiujiu, happy me 馃槫馃槫
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piosplayhouse 5 hours ago
I need sqq and wwx to be pta wine moms bragging about their respective disciples achievements together
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bloody-bee-tea 8 hours ago
The right courtship
Jiang Cheng walks the by now so familiar corridors of Qinghe Nie but for the first time in a very long time they feel threatening, as if the walls are going to swallow him up whole. Not for the first time today Jiang Cheng wonders if he can just turn around, return back home and pretend that the letter in his pouch is not burning through the fabric with the weight of the words it carries but he knows it鈥檚 futile.
His father would simply scoff at his spineless behaviour but his mother would tear him a new one if he comes back without delivering the oh so generous offer of the Jiangs.
Jiang Cheng wants to throw up.
He used to feel safe in Qinghe Nie, used to look forward to coming here on a regular basis even as other clans muttered abut him being send off by his own family but now it鈥檚 different. Now it feels like all of his dreams are being crushed here.
Nie Mingjue鈥檚 second in command bows to him as he leaves him off at the door, and Jiang Cheng never ceases to wonder just how much faith Nie Mingjue and Nie Huaisang put into him.
He鈥檚 allowed to walk these halls unsupervised. He鈥檚 allowed to drop by without warning.
Jiang Cheng wonders if they are in on his family鈥檚 plans and the thought tastes bitter on his tongue.
Nie Mingjue is reading through a report when Jiang Cheng steps into the room while Nie Huaisang is painting a new fan, clearly engrossed in his work because it takes Nie Mingjue greeting Jiang Cheng for Nie Huaisang to even notice that they are no longer alone.
鈥淲anyin,鈥 Nie Mingjue says, his voice as warm as ever but Jiang Cheng can tell the confusion sets in pretty quickly when he bows formally to him.
鈥淣ie-zonghu, Nie-gongzi,鈥 he greets them.
鈥淥h no, this spells trouble,鈥 Nie Huaisang mutters under his breath.
鈥淲anyin, what is going on?鈥 Nie Mingjue asks, already half-way standing up as if there might be something for him to do, as if there鈥檚 something he can fight for Jiang Cheng.
But this is not something either of them can fix, not by fighting and not any other way.
鈥淚 am here on behalf of my Sect Leader,鈥 Jiang Cheng tells them, still in his bow even as he reaches for the letter in the pouch. 鈥淲e hope you will accept.鈥
The words taste like ash on his tongue as he offers the letter but his parents were very adamant that he is not allowed to fuck this up.
Jiang Cheng supposes it鈥檚 not even really that bad, it鈥檚 just鈥攏ot what he would have chosen if anyone ever cared to ask him.
Nie Huaisang is faster than Nie Mingjue and snatches the letter right out of 聽Jiang Cheng鈥檚 hands, and Jiang Cheng guesses that鈥檚 only fair. It concerns him as well after all.
鈥淗uaisang,鈥 Nie Mingjue chides him, though his tone is mild and he doesn鈥檛 actually make a move to take the letter from him. 鈥淲anyin, sit, please. You鈥檙e making me nervous,鈥 Nie Mingjue then says to him and Jiang Cheng stiffly lowers himself down opposite of Nie Huaisang, barely able to look at Nie Mingjue.
Instead he watches as Nie Huaisang reads through the letter, watches as his face goes hard and then he watches how Nie Huaisang almost crumbles the letter in his hand.
鈥淭his is unacceptable,鈥 he hisses and Jiang Cheng flinches. 鈥淭his is humiliating!鈥
Jiang Cheng鈥檚 face burns with shame.
鈥淚 am sorry,鈥 he whispers. He doesn鈥檛 know what else to say in the face of Nie Huaisang鈥檚 anger.
His stomach turns when Nie Mingjue finally comes to take the letter out of Nie Huaisang鈥檚 hand and Jiang Cheng keeps his eyes fixed on his own hands.
He doesn鈥檛 need to see Nie Mingjue鈥檚 face to know that he agrees with Nie Huaisang.
鈥淲anyin, what is the meaning of this?鈥 Nie Mingjue says after an awkward silence and Jiang Cheng shrugs.
鈥淵ou read the letter. You know,鈥 he whispers and Nie Huaisang slams his hand down on the table again.
鈥淣o,鈥 he spits out and Jiang Cheng makes himself as small as he can.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry this is so offending to you,鈥 he forces himself to say, trying his best to ignore how his eyes burn.
He knew that neither of the Nie brother鈥檚 would be happy with this鈥攋ust like he isn鈥檛鈥攂ut he didn鈥檛 expect Nie Huaisang to be this offended.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not鈥擜-Cheng, this is offending to you! How dare they offer a courtship between us! You鈥檙e the heir!鈥
鈥淗uaisang,鈥 Nie Mingjue mildly says but his voice is off and Jiang Cheng wonders what kind of face he鈥檚 making right now.
They never talked about it, but it was always silently assumed that Jiang Cheng was being sent over by his family so often to pave the way for a courtship between him and Nie Mingjue.
Apparently they all thought wrong.
鈥淒a-ge,鈥 Nie Huaisang bites out, shaking his head. 鈥淚t is, though! He鈥檚 the heir and I鈥檓 just the spare. That alone is preposterous. But for them to offer us a courtship? At the very least it should be me courting A-Cheng. But not this!鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 Jiang Cheng weakly offers and flinches again when Nie Huaisang hits the table for the third time.
鈥淵ou shut up,鈥 he hisses but he softens immediately after. 鈥淎-Cheng, you can鈥檛 want this, right?鈥 he asks, his voice now pleading. Just as pleading as Jiang Cheng had been with his parents when they informed him of their decision.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not as if anyone asked what I wanted,鈥 Jiang Cheng admits, wringing his hands in his lap. 鈥淎nd I know I would hardly be your first choice.鈥
鈥淎-Cheng, you don鈥檛 even like me,鈥 Nie Huaisang helplessly says and that finally prompts Jiang Cheng to raise his gaze.
鈥淚 know I鈥檓 not good at expressing my feelings, but do you really think I don鈥檛 care for you?鈥 he asks and he wonders if their friendship has been one sided all along.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not鈥攐f course you care for me, we鈥檙e best friends, you better care for me, but you don鈥檛 like聽me. You and da-ge鈥斺
鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 matter,鈥 Jiang Cheng cuts him off, because he can鈥檛 stand to hear this.
He was a fool to allow himself for even a second to think that his parents might aim for a courtship between Nie Mingjue and him. He should have known better, because of course Nie Mingjue is too good for him but Jiang Cheng allowed himself to hope anyway.
Only to have it crash and burn all around him.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not that bad, right?鈥 he tries, even though his voice is shaking. 鈥淲e鈥檙e friends. We can鈥攚ork together, make this union work. It鈥檚 better than what most other heirs get.鈥
鈥淎nd what does Wei Wuxian get?鈥 Nie Mingjue ask and Jiang Cheng lowers his head.
鈥淗e gets Lan Wangji,鈥 he whispers. 鈥淎-jie gets Jin Zixuan. And I get鈥斺
鈥淭he worst of the lot,鈥 Nie Huaisang finishes for him, though it鈥檚 not self-deprecating. 鈥淭his is absolutely horrendous. You鈥檙e the heir,鈥 he reiterates again. 鈥淵ou should at least get engaged to another heir.鈥
鈥淏ut you are,鈥 Jiang Cheng argues, even though he doesn鈥檛 really want to.
鈥淚 am the spare, A-Cheng, let鈥檚 not kid ourselves. According to your standing da-ge is the only acceptable match in Qinghe. And for them to offer this courtship鈥斺 Nie Huaisang shakes his head. 鈥淭his is so far beneath you. You should never have to lower yourself to court someone beneath your standing. If this was a courtship offer to da-ge, that would be different, but to me? That is simply unacceptable.鈥
鈥淪o what are we going to do?鈥 Nie Mingjue asks as he sits down next to Jiang Cheng, pressing their arms together.
Jiang Cheng leans into him for a moment, daring to take the comfort Nie Mingjue so freely offers, but he鈥檚 keenly aware of the fact that they will no longer be allowed to be like this once the courtship is official.
Jiang Cheng feels like crying.
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 refuse it,鈥 Jiang Cheng chokes out. 鈥淚f you refuse it, my parents鈥斺 he trails off but they all know what his parents are going to do should he go back to Lotus Pier with a less than positive answer.
鈥淎-Cheng but you like鈥斺
鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 matter who I like,鈥 Jiang Cheng says though it feels as if he鈥檚 being choked by the words. 鈥淚t never does, we know that. It was a stupid dream anyway.鈥
鈥淚t wasn鈥檛, Wanyin, it really wasn鈥檛,鈥 Nie Mingjue says as he takes Jiang Cheng鈥檚 hand in his. 鈥淎nd we both had the same dream,鈥 he mumbles before he presses a kiss to Jiang Cheng鈥檚 temple.
It鈥檚 enough to set Jiang Cheng off and he wipes the tears away as quickly as they roll down his cheeks.
鈥淚t鈥檚 still better than some of the other options,鈥 Jiang Cheng admits, hating how his voice cracks around the words. 鈥淚鈥檇 rather get married to Huaisang than to Wen Chao.鈥
鈥淭hey didn鈥檛 even consider Wen Xu?鈥 Nie Huaisang spits out and he gets up to pace the room. 鈥淵our parents are the worst, how dare they?鈥
Nie Mingjue and Jiang Cheng stay quiet, because it鈥檚 not as if they have an answer to this. They watch in silence as Nie Huaisang paces and Jiang Cheng is lulled into calm by the steady motion of Nie Mingjue鈥檚 thumb on his hand.
鈥淒idi, what are we going to do?鈥 Nie Mingjue asks once Nie Huaisang comes to a stop and Jiang Cheng doesn鈥檛 dare to hope for a solution he鈥檚 going to like but when Nie Huaisang turns around to them he is smiling.
It鈥檚 not a very nice smile but Jiang Cheng finds comfort in it anyway.
鈥淲e鈥檙e going to accept. Who knows of this letter?鈥
鈥淢y parents, me, you,鈥 Jiang Cheng answers, and he doesn鈥檛 know how to feel about the fact that Nie Huaisang just said they are going to accept.
He doesn鈥檛 know how he feels about getting married to Nie Huaisang.
鈥淎lright. We accept a courtship between Yunmeng Jiang and Qinghe Nie then.鈥
鈥淎 courtship?鈥 Nie Mingjue asks, clearly picking up on Nie Huaisang鈥檚 plan much faster than Jiang Cheng is. 鈥淣ot the courtship?鈥
鈥淣o, da-ge,鈥 Nie Huaisang says with a smile and sits back down, clasping his hands excitedly together in front of himself. 鈥淲e鈥檒l accept a courtship. We鈥檒l spread the word, about a courtship between Yunmeng Jiang and Qinghe Nie. You parents will be appeased by that, and the public will come to their own conclusion.鈥
鈥淲hat conclusion?鈥 Jiang Cheng asks, feeling as if he missed a major step of this plan and Nie Huaisang sighs.
鈥淭he only possible鈥攖he only acceptable鈥攃ourtship between our two clans would be between da-ge and you. And we鈥檒l let everyone believe that. Word goes around fast; the world will be convinced you two are courting.鈥
鈥淏ut we won鈥檛 be,鈥 Jiang Cheng weakly says, his hand clutching tighter onto Nie Mingjue. 鈥淲e won鈥檛 be, because I鈥檓 supposed to court you.鈥
鈥淏ut no one knows that. And they won鈥檛. You will court da-ge like you both so clearly want and we won鈥檛 officially mention it. Let the gossip work for us. Everyone will assume you are courting da-ge because the other option doesn鈥檛 even bear thinking about. Everyone will congratulate your parents on a well-matched pair. And we will just not say anything. We accepted a courtship, not the one that was proposed, but I doubt your parents are going to notice the difference. And by the time your parents realise what鈥檚 going on, you will be well into the courtship, the cultivational world will be highly invested and no one can back out again without losing face. Least of all your parents.鈥 Nie Huaisang gets a dreamy smile on his face. 鈥淐an you even imagine your mother admitting to Sect Leader Yao that you were to be married off to me originally? That they don鈥檛 want a courtship between you and da-ge?鈥
Jiang Cheng tries to imagine it, but he really can鈥檛. His mother would rather die than admit to that, especially in face of Sect Leader Yao.
鈥淣o,鈥 he admits and Nie Huaisang nods.
鈥淓xactly. Because she wouldn鈥檛. She couldn鈥檛, not if she doesn鈥檛 want to make Yungmeng Jiang the laughing stock of the entire world.鈥
鈥淪o I get to marry Wanyin,鈥 Nie Mingjue says, his eyes fixed on Jiang Cheng.
鈥淵es, da-ge, you get to marry A-Cheng. Thank you for appreciating my wonderful plan,鈥 Nie Huaisang huffs out, clearly aiming for annoyed, but the smile that he can鈥檛 help from breaking through is ruining the effect somewhat.
When Nie Mingjue squeezes his hand, Jiang Cheng tears his eyes away from Nie Huaisang and finally looks at Nie Mingjue.
鈥淵ou would be amenable for a courtship between us, right?鈥 Nie Mingjue asks as if Jiang Cheng could ever have wanted anything else.
鈥淵ou are the only one I want to court,鈥 Jiang Cheng admits for the first time and his stomach flutters when Nie Mingjue smiles at him.
The dimples that show up are too tempting for Jiang Cheng and since he鈥檚 now technically allowed to he leans up and presses a kiss to Nie Mingjue鈥檚 cheek.
鈥淚鈥檓 in love with you,鈥 Jiang Cheng whispers, finally able to say it out loud and when Nie Mingjue slightly turns his head to brush their lips together, Jiang Cheng doesn鈥檛 move away.
鈥淭hat is not at all proper,鈥 Nie Huaisang complaints, though he sounds happy. 鈥淪o you鈥檙e lucky I haven鈥檛 seen anything.鈥
鈥淲e don鈥檛 need a chaperone,鈥 Nie Mingjue mutters, not moving away at all and Jiang Cheng leans in for another kiss.
鈥淕ood thing you鈥檙e getting me as one then. Your parents are going to get suspicious if we don鈥檛 spend time together, A-Cheng, so I鈥檒l be accompanying you to all outings.鈥
Nie Mingjue sighs.
鈥淭his will be a pain in the ass,鈥 he whispers and while Nie Huaisang is probably going to be insufferable Jiang Cheng couldn鈥檛 care less.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 care. Let him complain. We get to court. I would accept far worse than him as a chaperone for that,鈥 Jiang Cheng tells him and Nie Mingjue smiles again.
鈥淲e get to court,鈥 he repeats and he seems just as happy about that as Jiang Cheng himself feels. 鈥淚 love you.鈥
Jiang Cheng is so happy he can鈥檛 even find words for it, so he simply leans back in, stealing kiss after kiss from Nie Mingjue, who willingly gives Jiang Cheng what he wants.
Jiang Cheng can鈥檛 believe that for once he really does get what he wants, but with Nie Mingjue still holding his hand, still kissing him so softly and Nie Huaisang smiling so happily at them both Jiang Cheng dares to hope for once.
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wangxianficrecs 23 hours ago
鉂わ笍i'm the one for your fire by occultings (microcomets)
Tumblr media
鉂わ笍i'm the one for your fire
by聽occultings (microcomets)
E, 43k, wangxian
Summary:聽聽Wei Ying, virgin and noted heterosexual, gets hit with a curse of an unusual nature on his 30th birthday: Through physical contact, he can read the minds of others around him.
Enter Lan Zhan, hot former rival and current coworker, whose true thoughts about Wei Ying are nothing like he expects.
(A loose Cherry Magic AU.)
My comments:聽聽Ah, tropelicious! It just serves up everything you could want: involuntary mind reading, sexual fantasies, gay awakenings, veerry insecure wei wuxian and his self esteem issues, very hot sexytimes at the end. *chef's kiss*聽
Excerpt 1:聽聽Is he still cold? Should I offer my other coat? He will say no if I ask him directly. Does he run cold when he sleeps? I have spare blankets if he
Wei Ying quickly moves his arm away. A ridiculous, flustered warmth has risen to his face, tingling against the cold.
It is rapidly becoming evident that, in a horrible turn of events, Lan Zhan may actually be a decent person in addition to being beautiful and very competent at his job.
This cannot stand, Wei Ying thinks, very put out by this discovery. It ruins the whole 鈥 their whole thing if Lan Zhan secretly doesn鈥檛 hate him.
Excerpt 2:聽聽It鈥檚 just that 鈥 if they鈥檙e friends, then there鈥檚 no 鈥 there鈥檚 no friendly way to think about gagging someone and tying them up, right? With clothes or without, but the without does seem significant here. Wei Ying may be a virgin, but he鈥檚 definitely no prudish, innocent maiden. If Lan Zhan considers them friends, then that means 鈥 when he鈥檇 been thinking those things earlier, it means
It doesn鈥檛 bear thinking about. It鈥檚 not even a possibility.
modern au, cherry magic au, (I鈥檝e never seen Cherry Magic and didn鈥檛 need to so don鈥檛 worry if you haven鈥檛 either), wwx thinks he鈥檚 straight, modern cultivators au, touch telepathy, curses, modern with magic, mind reading, bewildered wei wuxian, thick as a brick wei wuxian, oblivious wei wuxian, POV wei wuxian, self-worth issues, involuntary mind reading, lack of communication, wei ying has drawn many inaccurate assumptions, enemies to lovers, misunderstandings, pining, hurt wei wuxian, protective lan wangji, hurt/comfort, getting to know each other, sexual fantasy, lots of them, feelings realization, gay awakening, coming out, light angst, crushes, drunk lan wangji, emotional hurt/comfort, love confessions, first kiss, first time, top lan wangji, bottom wei wuxian, getting together, favorite, @microcomets聽@wanlangji聽聽
(Please REBLOG as a signal boost for this hard-working author if you like 鈥 or think others might like 鈥 this story.)
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grewlikefancyflowers 7 hours ago
'wwx has always been carefree and flirted with people flippantly' and 'wwx didn't treat lwj's feelings carelessly because he didn't know lwj's feelings existed' are two correct statements that can co-exist
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fluff-crt 14 hours ago
"08.12 Happy Birthday鉂わ笍Wen Qing"聽
Source: https://m.weibo.cn/5406119222/4801430085439193聽
Tumblr media
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mdzs-owns-my-ass-i-guess 10 hours ago
Modern AU, the juniors wrote the "Stacy's Dad Got Me Down Bad" song but it's "Jin Ling's dad" instead and he refuses to talk to them for a week
Jin Zixuan finds it absolutely hilarious and sets it as his ringtone. There is a non-zero chance his phone rang during a Serious Board Meeting and some 60 year old shriveled up asshole almost passed out.
(The juniors then make another rendition with "Sizhui's dad" but never mention which of them the song is about. Hilarity ensues).
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