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#cookie run
tiochesnaughty17 hours ago
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the new update is giving me life
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im-back-with-pink12 hours ago
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Here is part 2 of Pure Vanilla! yes im still brainrotting over him-
Though you might not have Pure Vanilla, you were still concerned of the situation revolving the disappearance of the cookie. Every player was freaking out. The devs could not do anything, no matter how many times they try to code back Pure Vanilla Cookie in the game, he still would not come to the game.
Your friends did not believe you when you said you still have him in the cookie gallery, but was shocked when you showed them a screenshot of him.
Perhaps you were the only one that did not get affected by this. It was something you could flex now in this period. Everyone would envy you for still having Pure Vanilla in your account, however he was locked. You can interact with him though by tapping on him.
Pure Vanilla blushed as you tapped on him. He chirped in happiness as his baker interacted with him. His baker was pampering him with tap..!
You however were surprised. Pure Vanilla had some special animations. He would always blushed and smiled, sometimes revealing his eyes most of the time. Additionally, he would sometimes pull up a song or two. Damn, you were missing out on getting his ass.
When conversing about Pure Vanilla's unique animations, your friends were confused. He should not have animations, and you have not gotten him yet.
One of them had joked about him falling in love with you, and you had laugh about the thought. Sure, you simp for him, but there was no way he would be self aware like Monika.
Haha...yea, about that.....
He was.
...wha..(Why were you hearing Sorbet?)
"Look! They're waking up! Let's go get Pure Vanilla!"
Why does that sound like Custard?
You slowly opened your eyes, blinking to gain back sight. It looked like a house of some sort. The interior was patterned like wafer cones, heck, everything looks like a food and bakery.
This was not your home. Where were you?
Quickly, you got up on the bed to stand up, and immediately fell. It hurts so bad, just from falling. You then realised, your arms and legs were flat, as if you had become a cookie.
"Oooo00!" the familiar voice of Sorbet Shark Cookie cried out.
He was panicking at the sight of you on the floor, quickly alerting Custard and Pure Vanilla.
The two of them rushed towards you, quickly healing you with their magic. You on the other hand, were confused. Was this a dream? Were you high? Why the fuck are you a cookie?
"Deary, you mustn't move," Pure Vanilla whispered to you. "You are not used to being a cookie yet, you have to rest."
You were panicking. You were just sleeping a while ago, then you suddenly arrived here, in some stranger's house! They were probably very good cosplayers and actors, you hope.
"What...what's happening?" you voiced out. " I here?"
Pure Vanilla perked at your question, but he was understanding. He had to team up with Espresso Cookie to have you be here in your own kingdom! The cookies were all happy when it was a success.
"You're the one that gave life to us cookies," he answered. "You fought for us, you cared for us, and restored our kingdom."
"I had to break out of the dreaded cages trapping us in, and find a way to bring you here," he continued, slowly filling your stomach in fear. Perhaps he was not a cosplayer.
Pure Vanilla had you cling close to his body, rubbing your back and whispering sweet nothings to you. Why was he acting like this?
"I'm here now, darling. I can now rule the kingdom with you.鈥
The Pure Vanilla situation was resolved. Players were happy to see the healer again. Your friends were celebrating over the return of the cookie.
Not only that, Devsisters had announced that a new cookie will be arriving, and getting the cookie allows you to unlock AFK mode! Allowing players to grind when out of the game. Not only that, they can be paired up with Pure Vanilla Cookie, allowing players to have 6 six cookies in the party.
Having them in the party buffs every single stat of the party, and even having Pure Vanilla Cookie to attack enemies. It was an instant meta cookie.
Though the cookie was hard to get, too hard to get, with only a rate of 0000000.2% chance. Devsisters had tried to fix this, but every time they fixed it, the rates would go even lower.
Seeing as the cookie has a bond with Pure Vanilla, with the title "Longing for Your Love", many people had theorized that Pure Vanilla and the new cookie were lovers. Some people even went and drew fanart before the cookie was released.
One of your friend, who was a whale to the game, went to check out what the fuss was all about. They were happy to see that Pure Vanilla Cookie had return! And a new cookie? Pfft, they have money, those rates were cute, since they were very rich.
When they took a look at the cookie, they immediately took a screenshot of them and sent it in the group chat.
The cookie looks exactly like you!
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syrupyy8 hours ago
cookie comic creator, out tomorrow !!
Tumblr media
after nearly a year and a half of the code sitting in my attic slowly being worked on, my little cookie run meme making tool is finally coming out! it鈥檚 easy to use (at least I think so), works on mobile, and has every cookie and costume ever released
it comes out tomorrow (october 26th) at 3 pm est, so set ur alarms. or just wait for me to make another post then lol
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ocublur9 hours ago
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You posted cringe
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doodlerhan hour ago
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in uncelebration of me having to buy fifteen soulstones from the mileage store to get madeleine cookie i wanted to redesign him the way he鈥檇 look as uncookie-fied as possible but also it鈥檚 11:30 pm on a weekday and im broken
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im-back-with-pink23 hours ago
hmmm... how do you think some of your favourite cookies would worship the player?
welp, my favs will always be espresso and rye (and sorbet-)
sea fairy too since i run with her in ovenbreak.
venti cookie too (i always put clover cookie on his stage everytime i open the game for comfort idk why-)
i really dont know how they would worship you too-
Espresso lowkey gives off zhongli and albedo vibes.
Despite being busy with his researches and coffee brewing, he always, always stick by you everytime you went out and check on your kingdom.
He鈥檚 basically like a butler, accompanying you everywhere, making you coffee (or tea if you don鈥檛 like coffee). He would also carry you in his arms if you鈥檙e tired of walking with your cookie legs.
and getting rid of pests that dared to speak so lowly of you-
Rye Cookie? Her way of worshipping you is basically bragging the extremely difficult bounties she did as a way to show her strength and capability to you.
She has beef with the coffee mage, as both of them were your first cookies. He would always attend to your needs, while she does her bounty stuff.
She questioned what her role is on serving you. You reassured her that she can do what she believes in, as she always have been serving you, even out of battle and idling in the kingdom.
Rye does not want to idle anymore. She would rather produce materials, fight in arenas, grind gems for you. Anything to make you proud.
(you sweatdropped as she chopped off the wood with fiery determination in her eyes-)
Although Clover Cookie is barely used, he would always play songs with his instrument in the middle of the kingdom. You had built his decor, and have him play every single day.
Now that you鈥檙e here in person, he would drag you and have you become an audience as he sings. You don鈥檛 mind though, you missed his music.
Though Clover does wish he does more than singing his heart out to you. Maybe accompanying you to bed~
However, in spite all that, nothing beats the smol shrak. Sorbet was the latest cookie you got, and you were glad. He was here in CRK.
He used his advantage of being small to have you coddle him. He lays in your hold as you walked with Espresso Cookie.
Though the little guy wants to battle in your party, he was intimidated by your coffee butler and the bounty hunter.
Sea Fairy on the other hand is probably plotting with Pure Vanilla Cookie to get into your kingdom. Trapped in gacha hell where her rates are fucking lower than the ancient cookies.
She鈥檒l reunite with you, just stay put and be patient.
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kxrachii22 hours ago
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i want their gender
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frootsnek6 hours ago
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day 2, protection/magic. Made trusting Es too much
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dittomckiddo4 hours ago
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gingerbravecookie3 hours ago
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