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#cookie run fanart


「Shall I sing you a song?」

I drew clover cookie from cookie run kingdom,,, he reminds me of venti and I love him very much 💕🥺

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I haven’t played Cookie Run in forever but Whipped Cream Cookie still holds a special place in my heart.  💖🍰🌸🌹

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Well, this was my mashup with my boy @psijokecap

James + Captain Ice Cookie = James Ice (I guess xd)


Supongo que ya se entiende más o menos que hice jsjs

James + Captain Ice Cookie = James Ice (quizás, no sé :/)

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cookie run art dump becaue i’ve been inactive here

i’m hella excited for kingdom btw

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(Amazing shading help by @basilgeest also partner in making the dragon AU🐉🍪)


tatzlewurm meet pt2

As rougefort flew swiftly through the air eyes sharp enough to see the tree to find the pest a quick swift dive caught the spy with thier talons like an egale , the culprit  choking  seem to be in distress upon  face to face at  rouge, it was a taztlewurm a spitful feline serpant , “i knew i smelled some one like you here ” rouge growled deeply angred

“Ack-ah phantom wait i can explain ! ” the wurm exclaimed nervously as rougeforts claws digged closer to his throat rougefort tighten there grip “ack,,,brother please listen-” “DONT - CALL - ME - THAT,,,,,"rougefort growled angrily bearing fangs out as steam emenssed from there mouth  , "okay , okay,,,” the wurm gulped

“Now tell me why were you spying on us ” they hissed through there teeth “this is my territory , did one of THEM sent you to finish the job ” “n-no no ive only come to warn you about them” he began , “tanza wants your territory a-and have you k-killed for good  ,, ,i had to sneak out to get to you an warn you” it wheezed nervously an continue “ i didnt know you had a mate and cubs of your own here you should leave get t-them somewhere safe ” rouge staring for a moment in silent and lossen there talon grip as the wurm exclaimed  breath , an rouge stayed quiet turning away from the wurm “they are not of my blood,,” they sadly responsed “ but i still will forever see them as my own and if you ever,, lay a claw on her and our cubs,,, i will tear your throat out and leave the vultures a feast in the plains” rouge codly threaten  “ah i wont i swear , id never lay a claw on either of them ! ” the wurm said nervously , rougefort silent again , it was quiet for awhile as the night winds howled , the tatazelwurm eyes shifted around looking dread almost sad ,, and rougefort spoke “ im not going to kill you, so leave before i change my mind,,an dont come back” they said in a intemidating growl , “okay,,, phantom i-” rougefort growled again, cutting him off , the tatzelwurm slithired away in to the bushes they watched as they leaved

Rougefort let out a sigh and flew back

(Part 2 done ! Hah drew an angry cheese wyvern right there hah ! Ah welp i hope what i wrote was okay again )

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“A final ball to celebrate the end of another year. Cocoa Cookie has graced the party with the most colorful and warmest of gowns. A beautiful melody drowns the crowd in timeless bliss, and one could not be happier at this moment”

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Hello !! ♡

Okay, so. This is my first post! I know my art isn’t that good, but I just adore the pawn cookies! They’re both so cute and I am so glad that I managed to get them in game!

If wanted, I can make more art for more cookies! Of course, the art might be traditional… Since I don’t like doing digital art that much, honestly.

- ʏᴏɢᴜʀᴛ ʙᴏʏ (ˊ˘ˋ*)

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