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#gender critical
crossdreamers · 11 hours ago
How do you know if someone is trans? The difference between genital preference and bigotry.
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Evey Winters has written a very interesting piece commenting on people who say they are not attracted to trans people. The question is: How do they know this? To give one example: Can you tell me which of the people depicted here are trans?
As Winters correctly points out no one is obligated to sleep with someone they do not want to sleep with.  
But as Winters argues, if we’re going to talk about genital preferences and trans-exclusionary attitudes in dating, we can’t do this halfway. We have to look at the basis for the attitudes that make people say things like this.
You have no idea who’s trans
You can read the whole article here (and you should, especially if you want to respond to this post).
The main important point is this: 
Your emotional response to another person will not be based on whether that person is trans or not, because you will – in most cases – not  know whether this person is cis or trans. 
The attractive man sitting next to you in the bar can be trans. The beautiful woman passing you in the street can be transgender. 
Since most people do not expose their genitals in public, your immediate sexual attraction to other people is rarely influenced by what they have between their legs. 
In other words: Your sexual attraction to other people is not based on whether they are trans or cis (non-transgender).
Tumblr media
Winters takes this one step further:
A lot of you can’t tell if you’re sleeping with a trans woman. You have no idea. Many of you have slept with post-op trans women and have never known because they didn’t feel the need to tell you. More importantly, you don’t know that you haven’t slept with a post-op trans woman, do you? How would you prove it?
Look, if it were actually possible to exclude trans people from your dating pool, y’all would do so. But you can’t. 
When you say, “I don’t date trans people,” what you mean to say is, “I feel bothered by the idea of dating my idea trans people.” And that is a very different discussion entirely. 
Because even though you can’t avoid it, you feel some kinda way about us. If you think people don’t notice that subtext when you speak, well, I don’t know how to help you there.
Discussions about trans inclusion, or exclusion, in romance often reveal prejudices that we’ve all sort of decided not to talk about. For some reason, this particular conversation makes them fair game as rationales to promote abusive attitudes. 
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On genital preferences
As Winters points out, no one can stop you from having a “genital preference”. 
The question we have to ask, however, is why someone would have to announce this to the world  in the first place.  If transgender people had not existed, the penis-oriented or vagina-oriented people would probably not have brought this issue up in conversations. 
That tells us that in most cases the motivation is transphobia, not the fear of someone forcing them to sleep with a woman with a penis or a man with a vagina. Because no one is! Forcing them, I mean.
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Winters puts it this way:
Let’s say you have a genital preference. The place this gets a little more questionable is why you felt like you needed to say it in the first place. And I think that’s on you to examine, but you always had the power to just privately decline to date or sleep with anyone you like. 
What was it in you that made you decide to make a public service announcement about the genitals you prefer in partners? What stand are you making? 
It’s ok to say it, I guess, but it’s one of those things that feels like an odd coincidence and is only something you bothered to say because of trans folks. 
Still, any version of “I won’t date trans women because I don’t like penises,” or similar sentiments is where you’ve left the land of “preference,” and moved into repeating assumptions about our bodies.
Instead, if you’d like to avoid being rightfully called out on anti-trans sentiments in your writing and speech, try a version like this: “I only want to date women with vaginas, I’m not attracted to penises.” This is a perfectly valid expression of your wants and boundaries. 
Tumblr media
Let see how good you are at identifying transgender people. Who among the five persons depicted here are trans?
Illustration photos. No 1: Ranta Images. No 2: Nicolas McComber No 3: Aaron Amat. No 4: justhavealook.  No 5: FG Trade. 
Read the whole article here!
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euryale-far-roaming · 12 hours ago
Women have been oppressed for thousands of years... thousands! Yet we have about 50 years of a little more equality and men can't handle it.
Tells you all you need to know about men.
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euryale-far-roaming · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Credit to calming-tea on Ovarit
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lovelymedusa · 2 years ago
Meghan Murphy was just banned from Twitter and we should be worried
For those who don't know, Meghan Murphy is a prominent radical feminist and the author of Feminist Current. Today, she was banned from Twitter for stating that men are not women. She has been temporarily suspended in the past, but this time it's permanent. In addition, Twitter changed it's rules to BAN misgendering and/or deadnaming. That means that something as simple as saying that trans women are biologically male or using a female pronoun for a trans man could get you terminated on Twitter for hate speech. Twitter is silencing women. I will not stop speaking up. Fight to make your voice heard.
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discyours · 2 years ago
People who believe that small children are proof that gender roles are natural are really on a whole other level.
A young child, using words she learned purely by mimicking the way others speak: I want to be a mommy when I grow up.
Y’all absolute Mensa candidates: Wow. This child is a blank slate. Completely unaffected by society. Guess lady-brains truly are the only explanation here, science deniers. 
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lesbiansinthegarden · 2 years ago
Mpreg fanfic has led to the modern trans movement and you can't change my mind
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feministvenus · 2 years ago
anways I hate that “daddy issues” is used to belittle and insult women who have undergone horrific neglect and trauma at the hands of their fathers. It puts the blame on the women who were victimized by men who were supposed to protect them. And honestly the fact that enough women have been hurt by their fathers that the phrase “daddy issues” even exists is really fucking telling. 
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ms-hells-bells · 2 years ago
marie antoinette was a clueless teenage girl thrown into a marriage and country she had no choice in, and has been slandered for hundreds of years since her death, with made up quotes such as “let them eat cake” when her final words were actually apologising to a guard for stepping on his toes, the fact that despite the extravagance she was much less fancy and money wasting than previous royals, and the erasure of her efforts to listen to and help the people despite having no political experience and her king-husband being useless, all providing a perfect example of the sexualised demonisation of young women with any semblance of power throughout history, and in this essay i will
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hmm-uteri · 4 days ago
women in sports cant catch a break. they said they would be more comfortable if they wore shorts because bikinis made them uncomfortable especially when we are menstruating and they were threatened with disqualification.
the governing body basically turned a deaf ear to these valid concerns because treating women like people and not sex objects would ruin their ratings.
people insist that women in developed countries have more rights than men when they can't even play sports without sacrificing their dignity and men play fully dressed without a care in the world
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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liberatewomyn-blog · 3 years ago
by calling historically ‘masculine’ women trans (i.e. joan of arc, mulan), it only perpetuates the idea that heroism, strength, and success are male traits
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pikafem · 2 years ago
a liberal feminist wearing a frida kahlo t-shirt from h&m: fix ur brows, ugly
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grungebunny · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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discyours · 2 years ago
I support all GNC people but can we please stop acting like gender nonconformity is the same in men as it is in women? Like “It’s okay to be a man who shaves his legs or a woman who doesn’t” or “boys can wear makeup too and girls don’t have to :))) it’s about choosing what you want”. I understand the intention behind it and of course, these statements are true, but acting like these things are comparable is just gross. 
Gender nonconformity in men, in this context, is a performance, an active defiance (which is great and I support it!). For women it’s just... existing in their natural bodies. A woman could shipwreck onto an uninhabited island and she’d be the height of gender nonconformity. Stop treating natural female existence like it’s an active choice. 
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radical-tactical · 2 years ago
Calling straight and bisexual women dick worshippers or breeders is misogynistic as hell and I don’t know how on earth being a lesbian makes it suddenly okay for you to say that.
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naturerad-blog · 3 years ago
celebrate your vagina. don’t be silent about the experience of being female just because it’s politically correct to pretend that it doesn’t exist.
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