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Very soon the next installment of my series, Fennglade Forest, will be available for pre-order! This will be the second book in the series; Fennglade Forest #2: the Journey. Keep watch!

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I just watched the first episode of the anime “HYOUKA” and I’m very intrigued by oreki and chitanda’s characters. I’ve heard multiple times in a couple comment sections that their relationship isn’t explored nearly as much as it should’ve been and having gotten to see the first episode with them interacting I agree 1000%. Even though I just started the anime, I already know I’m gonna be very disappointed with the show as a whole if at least one just one big thing doesn’t happen between them. But I’m gonna keep watching even knowing they’re relationship isn’t gonna develop much, cause watching them interact in just this episode has me swooning a bit. When she gives him that look, he just can’t say no… theirs even symbolism to show that. 😚

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Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8 Part 1, Chapter 8 Part 2, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12

FYI: This story is also being posted under the same title on Wattpad. If you find that reading experience more comfortable, feel free to head over there.

A teenage boy and his mother, living in the outer ring of town, were driving home along the cold, quiet streets of black tar and electric lamps, their radio pumping forth the weak radiance of cheerful pop music against the dread that perpetuated the midnight hours. As they rounded the corner for their street, one lamp flickered with a reddish orange from above, though was left unnoticed.

“Whatever,” muttered the son, shadows licking at the beams of the headlights “I still don’t see why we had to stay so long”

“It’s important to be polite, that’s why” stated his mother with a soothing tone, pulling up their driveway.

“If you say so” blurted the son, bubbling with sarcasm as he eyed the front porch. “Does the porchlight look right to you”

His mother shut off the car and glanced for the front door. “We’ll have to replace it” she informed calmly as she opened her door to remove herself.

“Alright,” cheered the son, opening his door “I’ll go unlock the door, if you can handle the bags” as he rushed ahead.

“Thank you, Sean” replied his mother, lovingly, moving to the rear of the car. Quietly popping the trunk with the key fob, she retrieved numerous bags of drinks and leftover food. He was a good kid, at times. Breathing audibly, she lugged the bags to the porch, where the door was closed, no Sean in sight. He probably went inside already.

She jiggled the knob, and found it still locked. The orange light of the dying porch bulb waned lightly, casting flickering shadows across the yard.

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The Constant Gardener, John Le Carré
Tessa distinguished absolutely between pain observed and pain shared. Pain observed is journalistic pain. It’s diplomatic pain. It’s television pain, over as soon as you switch off your beastly set. Those who watch suffering and do nothing about it, in her book, were little better than those who inflicted it. They were the bad Samaritans.
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Semesta yang kehilangan buminya.

“Cerita yang baik adalah cerita yang selesai, semoga cerita kita tetap menjadi cerita yang baik walau kenyataannya selesai sebelum dimulai ”

Ini kisah sederhana seseorang yang menikmati takdir yang sering membuat dia patah. Ya, kita semua tentu tahu hidup takkan selamanya berpihak pada apa-apa yang menjadi keinginan kita bukan? Adakalanya membuat kita merasa kalah hingga pasrah.

Namanya Semesta, kata orang ia adalah wanita tangguh, yang padahal kenyataannya dia seringkali rapuh, ia dikenal sebagai wanita luar biasa yang mempunyai segudang karya. Hmmmm, nyatanya banyak orang yang tak pernah tahu bahwa ia juga wanita yang berusaha keras melawan semua rasa perihnya sendirian.

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“Not everyone can feel things as deeply as you. Most people, their feelings are … bland, tasteless. They’ll never understand what it’s like to read a poem and feel almost like they’re flying, or to see a bleeding fish and feel grief shatters their heart…”

— Garey, Juliann. Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See.

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an excerpt from a novel
You taste good enough to inspire death. Like some perfect poison that leaves me in the throes of a blissful agony. I know you’re a rare breed. Lithe and sexual and violent. A serpent that approaches prey that stumble innocently into its territory. To satisfy you is to overthrow God from his mighty throne. I live to blaspheme.
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Random Lore Fragment of the Day no. 17 (RLFOTD #17)

The Tiste Andii were a non-human Elder Race. They were the Children of Darkness. The first of Mother Dark’s children, they were her dearest, the dwellers of the land before light. They were sometimes referred to as the Souls of Starless Night. The Tiste Andii were immortal, and their actions could be difficult for mortals to comprehend. The leader and Archmage of the Tiste Andii was Anomander Rake, who ruled by strength of personality.

Before the coming of light, the Tiste Andii lived alone in Kurald Galain. The city of Kharkanas was their first city. The Tiste Andii worshipped Mother Dark. After Mother Dark turned away, the Tiste Andii fell into turmoil, leaving Kharkanas and wandering from place to place, following Anomander Rake as their Lord.

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I seem to be writing more meta text than actual prose these days, and I have meta prepared for many chapters in advance. 

 So… as you can see the Quolech don’t like the Utai much either. I’m just imagining what happened at this diplomatic event that left the Grand Co-ordinator unable to sleep for so long. I’ll probably leave that one to the reader’s imagination…

“We met once, many years ago when the both of us were young. It was quite unlike any diplomatic event I had ever attended before, and remains unparalleled in every event since. I was in their company for five hours, no more and no less, yet that time will live forever in my mind.
 They weren’t yet of a stature that is in any way imposing, and I can imagine they’re still small to this very day. That didn’t make them any less of a terrible thing to witness. Of course, the Utai lifespan is a long one; the young god-emperor has untold millennia stretching before them to grow into their robes. But that’s none the easier on us, not when the one who holds the lives of so many in their hands will be caught up in awkward adolescent cruelties for lifetimes to come.
 I cannot believe that they were born this way, no matter the stock of the foul bubbling broodpool that spawned them. They were coaxed into this shape by the flock of advisers that has thronged them since the day that they rose sputtering onto the poolside. The young Great Sage is among the worst of them, a being who’s ambition is only matched by their pettiness.
 It makes me terribly angry that such a society should be on top of the universe’s hierarchy. Both rampant theocracy and a king’s divine rights are something most civilised societies abandoned eons ago. Yet the Utai prevail.
 I haven’t known peace since the moment our eyes met, and I may never sleep soundly in my roost ever again. The Aultveqna is a creature not to be messed with.”

- Extract from the memoir of Nemes Yis Mamekm the Woadwinged, 18th Grand Co-ordinator of the Quol Cluster

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Hello, Imaginary Readers.

I am actually posting twice within a week. WHAT?!

To get right into it. We are so close to 8000 words in Thorns. But the bug for the Rewrite is back and I am going to do a little writing for that and see how it goes. I want to find a workable name for this story. That’s a goal for this week regarding Rewrite.


- Lilly 

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“I will notify Sarek and Amanda. And Commander McCoy’s daughter. […] What’s the matter, Jim? Do you wish to do it yourself?” -”As a matter of fact, yes I do.” Truth be told, Jim couldn’t bear the thought of anyone else delivering the news.”
(Jim here believes Spock and McCoy were killed.)

“Jim realized he had not totally given up hope, until that moment. […] As long as the shield had been up, there had been a possibility that Spock and McCoy were on the other side, undetected, and still alive.
But no more.”

“Kirk nodded, struggling to maintain his own composure. Spock would have been offended by any lapse in efficiency due to human emotion, even when that emotion was the result of his own death, and McCoy… […]
Don’t take it out on the kid, Jim. Kirk could almost hear McCoy chiding him.”

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painting i did over the weekend to test out some new brushes! 

(a redraw of something i did 11 years ago, but as how i imagined it instead of what my ability allowed me at the time)

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