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indra lennox // character intro

name: indra lennox

rank: general, seventh march

alignment: true neutral

“I was raised to be a general, to lead, to conquer. I was born to do this. And all of a sudden, just because the Royals couldn’t see through the smoke to the truth, I’m on the run. With you. God, Chaos couldn’t have orchestrated this better herself.”

indra lennox was chosen for the academy of generals at the age of four. he was given seven nights to say goodbye to the only life he knew. at the time, he did not understand why his mother cried when the letter was delivered.

twenty-two years later, indra has been sent out to lead a platoon to the front lines of what has begun to be referred to as the never-ending war. he has been sent out on missions like this many times before. nothing could go wrong.

and then everything goes wrong.

indra does not wake when smoke fills his tent during the first night of the journey. he does not wake when his lieutenant runs, screaming, out of the tent, only to stumble, fall, and not get up again.

general indra lennox does not wake up until the smoke is so thick and the fire so hungry that he fears there is no chance of his survival. but a voice calls through the destruction, and he calls back.

when indra regains lucidity, he finds he’s been rescued by one of his own foot soldiers, and that the city— no, not the city, the Royals themselves— are coming after him, armed with charges of treason and sabotage.

so he bands together with a soldier he thinks is below him and a runaway royal he knows is above, and hopes that together, they might just survive.

jude st. nox character intro // asa pax character intro

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This is called “A Mood That It Happened.” A slipper with a smile. 


I had a dream I died. But it wasn’t in the usual way. I died in the dream like how a person forgets what they dreamt the night before. As if it actually happened. But only in a feeling. A mood that it happened. But you can’t quite get back into that mood. And so it just hangs there on the side like a velvet night waiting to be pulled in on a hook to replace daytime. And you lie on your bed naked and eating sugar. And it isn’t like I was frightened by the death that happened to me. I woke up like a melodious reverb. Like I wasn’t real and didn’t have authority over anything but didn’t have to be and didn’t have to. And all the flowers popping out for spring had blood already sprayed on them. But nobody took this as an omen.    

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Summary: After the death of his sibling, Jake Johnson moves to New York to live out his remaining few years of life in peace. As his dream begins taking off, he turns to the internet to find a baking assistant, where he meets Evie Fuentes, a pastry chef with equally big dreams and the same spirit as Jake’s deceased sister. What starts as low-key partnership soon blossoms into something far larger, changing the lives of not only them, but five other residents of NYC who all came to the city to escape painful pasts.

Context: It’s Evie and Jake’s first day baking and he worried that his personal battles will get in the way of everything, as it usually does.

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   Now that my express World Literature course is over I’ve been wondering how I can retain what all I have read over the semester so far and I’ve decided I would like to do a series of creativity that I feel expresses the heart of the written work I’m focusing on.

   I also hope this will help quarantined students, like myself, stave off stagnation, loneliness, and boredom. This is a good time as well to hit those books you’ve been neglecting ;) 

  So, I’d like to invite others to join me in doing so! If you have a favorite work of literature you’ve read or are reading for school, or if it’s just a lot and you’d like a way to dedicate more time to each book and test your understanding of them, why not rise up to challenge of creating something in dedication to these stories?

*I’d like to add, this may encompass novels, series, short stories, comics, graphic novels and poetry, including online works!* 

   If you’re interested and want to participate with me, please read below! 

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If you enjoy reading young adult romance with a fantasy twist, are dedicated readers and most importantly can offer honest feedback, I would really appreciate your help. I’m currently rewriting my first novel which should hopefully be published as an e-book at the end of 2021. I do have people who mentor me, but I have to pay for every 5000 words I send them, which means that each time I resubmit something, I have to pay for the whole 5000 words even if I changed only a few sentences. Which, you know, is not cool.

So if someone would be willing to beta read my work for free, and help me get rid of any glaring errors, it’ll help a lot as I won’t have to go through so many edits with my mentors then. I’d like to repay you for your effort by sending you a free copy of my book once it’s done – can’t guarantee anything now, but it will be something along those lines. 😊

And hopefully, once I’ve finished this book and move on to the next, I’ll be comfortable enough with my writing to quit the mentoring courses and work only with beta readers.

Here’s what you need to know:

Title: Behind the Mask (Book 1 in my Destiny series)

Genres: paranormal romance, mild horror, fantasy

Length: I’m guessing it’ll be around 70k words – that’s what the first draft was

Warnings: some strong violence (though only occasionally – in the first chapter and towards the end)

Synopsis: Jane Stewart is an outsider at school. Her best friends had become just like all the girls who are only interested in boys, makeup and shopping, while she remained a tomboy. It’s the start of Year 11 and she finally finds a new friend, Jessica. Jessica encourages her to ask her crush, Alex, out to a dance. Alex is the most popular guy at school, captain of just about every sports team and pretty much the polar opposite of Jane. They start dating and Jane is temporarily accepted by the popular clique. She’s always wanted to find a group of people she could fit in with, and used to think she would find that with the popular group, but she was wrong. Now she sees how shallow and nasty they truly are.

Jane starts to suspect that Alex isn’t really interested in her, that he’s cheating. When she eventually gets proof of this, she breaks up with him. Devastated, she looses all hope of ever finding a group of people who will accept her, who she can feel she belongs with.

Enter the vampires. They’ve been prowling the town for a while and now they finally move into the house right across from Jane. She doesn’t know they’re vampires, but they appear very mysterious – even more outsiders than she is. Two of them, the guy (Guillaume) and his ‘sister’ (Adelia) happen to be in the same school as Jane. The more contact Jane has with Guillaume, the more she’s convinced that there’s something strange about him.

Eventually, he meets her at the old theatre in town where he reveals that he’s a vampire. At first, Jane doesn’t believe him. She needs proof. So he shows her the things he can do and the magical weapons he carries on him. She’s terrified and tries her best to avoid him, but in the end he’s able to convince her that he loves her too much to kill her. She finds a strange kind of acceptance at the vampires, the acceptance she’s always been longing for. The book ends with a cliff-hanger, where he tells her that she is half-vampire herself, and she starts wondering about her parents and possibly being adopted.

POV: always first person. Mainly Jane, but a couple of chapters written from Guillaume’s perspective too

Status: The first 10 000 words are finished (after about 4 edits) so I want to continue with the next. I’m working on 5000 words a month and my mentors need me to submit it before the last Tuesday of the month. I generally write my piece in about 8 days and I’ll post it as I finish scenes. I’ll notify you every month about how much I need to write, when I’m going to write it, and what my deadline for feedback is.

Type of beta reading: mostly grammar, sentences that can be cut / changed / extended, continuity. My mentors have already helped me plan the first couple of scenes, but there are some later scenes that still need to be put in the right order. Also, I need long-term beta readers who are willing to work on this project with me until it’s finished (which could take 2 more years maximum).

How to contact:

Notes: I’m South African and home schooled, while my characters are British and in secondary school, so if anyone could help me make sure that dialogue and scenes taking place at school ring true, it’ll be greatly appreciated.

I’ve done a couple of writing courses and won some short story competitions, so I’m not a complete idiot when it comes to writing, ha ha. Despite that, I’m always open for new ideas and advice – don’t worry about me taking your feedback as criticism – because I want my story to be as good as possible.

Along with my writing, I’ll also give you notes about what I want to achieve with each chapter, so you guys can help me get that right. I’ll also send you more info about the characters, how my vampires work, etc. One of my main aims is to make my vampires as different as possible from those in popular works of fiction so they won’t be rich, impossibly good-looking and sexy, have superhero powers, are immortal or old-fashioned.

If you’re interested, send me an e-mail and I’ll come back to you. The deadline for applying as a beta reader is 8 April because I need to start writing the next day. I’ll pick around 5 different beta readers so if you’re not chosen, please don’t feel bad about it – it’s nothing personal. If I do accept you as a beta reader, it means I trust you to keep my writing private.

Lastly, here’s my writing schedule for April to give you an idea of how I work:

9 to 16 April = I’m writing my 5000 words. I’ll send it to you one scene at a time.

22 April = deadline for receiving feedback. That gives me 5 days to look at all the feedback and edit my work.

28 April = deadline for submitting to my mentoring course. I’d prefer to submit my work the day before, or earlier, depending on when I’m done with editing.

If you guys could reblog this to get the word out that would be wonderful and very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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