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#ryan haywood

ikr, am i right or am i fuckin right? i love all current members and former members of AH, except for the one that was kicked out after being exposed for being a predator and then was a cowardly bitchbaby about it afterwards 😇

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Good nite to Punk dads, squad mums made of love, out of character mass murders, imported birds, woefully straight explosions, chaotic bisexuals that could but won’t kick your ass, waluigi kin stoners, brightly coloured monster trucks, people with donut shaped desks, bosses who are younger than their employees, smart people who always lose at trivia night, and beautiful women who are in disbelief about the stupidity of their friends.

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was listening to a bit of skyfactory 4 today for background noise while i gamed and powering through the JRH bits, but there was an instance that caught my attention and pissed me off.

at one point lindsay was talking about how she- or maybe it was fiona- sends ryan images on instagram, and never gets a response. ryan replied saying he doesn’t know what to send back, and lindsay just said that she usually answers with a heart and he’s like “reply with a heart, got it, sorry i dont understand this social media thing like you do” or something like that.

and it just hit me in the gut because he does, and he did, and at the time when i listened to it i believed him and i laughed about it because he was the out of touch dad guy and now im just filled with rage again.

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