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Jeremy narrowed his eyes at the retreating form. His gun was held up, aimed at the small of the other’s leather clad back, aim unwavering. There was a burst of static from his radio attached onto his uniform and he instinctively turned his head to listen to the police chatter.

He should shoot.

He had a clear shot.

Why wasn’t he shooting?

The masked figure glanced over his shoulder and gave a two fingered salute as he climbed onto the motorcycle waiting for him. Jeremy’s finger tightened around the trigger but didn’t pull it all the way back. And then the engine revved and the Vagabond disappeared into the street.

Numbly, he brought a hand up to his radio. “I lost him,” he said.


Jeremy grinned wickedly as he roughly turned the wheel of his car. The tires screeched a bit but he paid no mind. The motorcycle ahead of him weaved in between traffic and the Vagabond kept looking back as if challenging Jeremy to keep up. And Jeremy never backed down from a challenge. He honked his horn at a car as they refused to move over, swerving around them the moment he had enough room to do so. The Vagabond turned into an alleyway and Jeremy was quick to follow. He had to slam on his brakes, however, when he realized it was too narrow for his car to squeeze through.

He unbuckled himself then darted out of the car to rush forward on foot. There, just ahead of him, Vagabond sat on his motorcycle. One leg was kicked out to keep the bike upright while he seemingly waited for Jeremy. The cop brought out his gun from its holster as he slowed his movements. “Having fun, Officer Dooley?” Vagabond asked with a smile clear in his voice even if Jeremy couldn’t see it.

“Oh, I’m having a blast.” He quipped back with a grin, pulling his gun up to aim at the criminal who sat still.

Why wasn’t he moving?

“You know,” Vagabond mused with a bit of a hum, “this would be much more fun if you were riding alongside me.” Jeremy frowned at that and narrowed his eyes.

“Now why on earth would I do that?” He couldn’t help but question, inching forward.

Vagabond merely laughed, his mask muffling the sound a little but it still made Jeremy’s stomach tighten uncomfortably. He shifted on his perch on the bike before speaking. “Look at how much fun we’re having on opposing sides! Imagine the chaos we could cause together!” Jeremy raised an eyebrow.

“Are you- Are you hitting on me right now?” He asked incredulously. He watched as Vagabond’s blue eyes dropped down before dragging them back up to his face in such a predatory way that it sent chills down Jeremy’s spine. He wanted to say something else but he was pretty sure his voice wouldn’t work. Instead, he opted to step closer. Vagabond’s eyes glanced down at the movement but he didn’t react other than that.

“Now’s as good a time as any.” He chuckled lowly. And, okay, wow. That was.. wow, that was hot. The sound made Jeremy’s stomach twist and those chills came back with a vengeance. He gulped and he was pretty sure those piercing blue eyes darted down to his throat as he did so. When they came back up to meet his, there was something hungry in them.

God what was his body doing?

A shiver went through him and it helped rock the fog from his mind as his grip tightened on the gun once more. Vagabond looked away from him as the sound of approaching sirens got closer before they shot back to him. Then he sighed as he revved the engine of the bike. “Next time, Dooley,” he said with the signature two finger salute.

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Alfredo: As a two time ydyd champ, I should’ve got a buy(?) week (Cue Michael telling him to shut up before giving a chuckle) - or somethin’.

Cue a bit of convo before Ryan speaks up

Ryan: Alfredo, Fredo- It’s 2020. You can be Bi every week.

Everyone just chimes in, giving signs of approval and agreeing.

Lindsay: Yeah! Dude I’m Bi everyday.

Alfredo: ooooo alright theeen. Here we go

Ryan: No one’s gonna take that away from you.

Alfredo: Thank You.

Lindsay: You’re right Ryan. They can’t take that away from me.

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