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~ The Kings of AH ~

I had so much fun doing these and Im so happy with how they came out ;; Their designs are semi based on their Minecraft skins, or at least the color palette is.

((Im going to be adding Fiona and Lindsay to this sooon))

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If there are monsters, Unloved realises, he needs a weapon. His mind instantly goes to the bow he found in his room, but he doesn’t remember finding any arrows.

He also remembers the red button he’d seen in his own room, and theorises to Protector that it might be a nurse call button or something along those lines, pointing out that they both have retrograde amnesia and his vague memories of doctors, suggesting they might be patients in a hospital.

Protector’s mouth twists. “This place isn’t like any hospital I’ve ever been to.” He pauses for a moment before waving his hand, saying, “I mean, sure, I can’t actually remember ever going to a hospital, but whatever. This place is weird.”

Unloved nods. “There’s definitely something strange going on here.”


“Either way,” he says, walking past Protector and towards the door, “I think I should head back to my room to grab the bow. Just in case.”

Protector’s voice stops him in his tracks. “You’re really going out there on your own? When I’ve fucking told you there are monsters walking around?”

“But you dealt with them, didn’t you?”

“There are probably more, idiot. We should be sticking together. Strength in numbers and all that.”

Unloved considers that for a moment, then asks, “Do you want to come with me, then?”

“What, escort you to get a bow that’ll be useless unless we somehow find arrows? No thanks. We should be prioritising finding other people and finding a way out of here.” Unloved catches a glimpse of him lifting his sword, and there’s a note of confidence in his voice when he says, “I can deal with any monsters we find along the way.”

He still wants to get his bow, but agrees with Protector for the time being. It would be useless until they could find arrows, after all. Once they did so, he would bring it up again.

“Alright. Shall we head off, then?”

Protector’s silent for a moment. “What about you? Tall, dark, and silent?” he eventually asks, addressing the third person in the room. “Are you coming with us, or staying here?”

They don’t react. Unloved shrugs. “I think we should leave them be.”

“Suit yourself,” Protector mutters, before coming to stand by Unloved. “Let’s go, Love.”

“Onwards ever onwards.”

He opens the door.


Oh. Well, that isn’t what he’d been expecting to see.

There are three doors, their plaques reading “Ghost”, “Wildcard”, and “Father”. The hall stretches off to the left and the right, nothing else in sight. What should he do?

((please use the reference number 1.006 in your suggestion))

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Things in YDYD Season 3 that make me want to cry real life tears:

  • Gavin blaming himself for Alfredo’s death
  • Gavin ‘reserving’ a grave so that Michael could be buried with Lindsay on one side and him on the other
  • Fiona’s reaction to Trevor’s death and her asking if she could sacrifice herself to bring him back
  • Trevor taking his revenge on Ryan while possessing the monster that he was killed with
  • Jeremy and Matt saying goodbye to their cats before leaving
  • Jack making Fiona promise not to die in front of him because he “couldn’t handle it” after spending the past two episodes trying to teach and protect her, only for her to do just that
  • The way Jack freaked out when Fiona died, and how Jeremy had to force him to refocus on killing the dragon
  • The whole finale scene where Jeremy and Jack filled in their would-be-graves and communed with the ghosts

Literally this shit gave me WAY too many feelings and I’m filing a report-

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I need corona to go away and the guys to go back to the office purely so Office Beautification can come back. Trevor “pranking” his friends by cleaning their desks and giving them cute decorations as a surprise is a concept that delivered more serotonin and positivity to my brain than anything else they’ve made and a bitch really needs that right now

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Fiona and Alfredo have been my top favs in AH now, sorry Ryan but god I just love Fiona’s dynamic with everyone! She matches rage with Michael, giggle fests with Gavin, and just the adorable dad daughter happening with Jack

it’s so refreshing to have her there

AND FREDO!! wew them skills are just wow

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No offense but The Weird Place was absolutely fantastic and at least half of what made it so good was the fact that Alfredo, Trevor, Lindsay and Gavin have literally one of the most fun four-person dynamics out of the entirety of Achievement Hunter and we deserve more content that involves them as a team

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