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roosterteeth fandom, the answer to the problem of “parasocial relationships between fans and on-camera talent has been a factor in allowing on-camera talent to take advantage of his position and exploit young women” is not “develop even stronger parasocial relationships with other on-camera talent”

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There’s a big difference between r*an actively seeking out young fans to sleep with him vs Geoff finding people online to date who HAPPENED to know him.

There IS a power imbalance in both, but r*an was using it for his advantage. Geoff was just,,, dating. When he realized that dating fans wasn’t ideal (for not only them but himself) he stopped.

Geoff may not be perfect, but I still believe he’s a good man with a golden heart.

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i haven’t been an active part of the rtah fandom since around 2016, and i haven’t really watched their content in the last few years. but as someone who’s blog was once dedicated to the fandom, who once wrote fanfiction featuring ryan (which now makes me physically sick), and who was 100% a ryan stan, i feel the need to address the recent events. 

under a read more for those who don’t care, or who are not in a place that they are able to read about this right now. tw for mentions of sexual coercion and grooming.

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Howdy hey anon! I just got off work, so sorry for late reply. Instead of poorly explaining it myself and you end up with misinformation, here’s instead a link (tell me if that doesn’t work) that has everything up to date on it I believe.

My personal opinion on it is really unimportant to your information hunt, however, I went through my achievement hunter tag and either tagged the post “rh mention” if he wasn’t prominent in the content, or took it down all together. (If I missed anything please inform me!) What he did was disgusting and vile and I hope he rots. I looked up to him for years, I have drawings and writings from middle school that are centric around him. I bought stickers with his face on them, slapped them on my laptop and paraded them around. I was reminded about that fact and seeing his smug face on my laptop made me sick.

There are people out there trying to defend him, and if after everything you- not specifically you anon- have heard and read have formed a similar opinion, I’d like for you to leave and unfollow me. He will obviously no longer be appearing in any of my work, and I hope everyone respects that decision.

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