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I believe now is as good a time as any to reveal I have been working on a lil project for the past two years, and it is nearly finished!

Back when YDYD season 1 first happened, I noticed a lot of people rewriting specific scenes in a more dramatic/serious tone.

What did I do with this? I decided to rewrite ALL of YDYD in a story format! I have finished writing and am currently editing.

I have also begun to work on rewriting YDYD 2, which yes I will indeed be rewriting every YDYD in a full series of three “books”.

The first story is called “The Broken” and it will be posted on Archives Of Our Own and Wattpad once it is finished!

I am honestly very excited, it is the most work I’ve put into a story and I really hope y'all enjoy it once it’s finished! (Consider this a lil teaser!)

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If you wanna see more quality snaps like this and we’re mutuals follow me on snapchat @/melymac813 make sure to send me a pm so I know who you are

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So like, I know Alfredo and Fiona entirely hasn’t been introduced like, in the FAHC, but like, consider.

Alfredo and Fiona as undercover assassin’s. Like, they get paid for taking out targets.

Its like a game to them, having little to no remorse as the people they target are usually some really bad people. From scammers to rapist, they will get them all.

Both are skilled snipers.

Though, they both have their separate skills.

Fiona works very well in close combat, while Alfredo works well with coding.

Both are very flexible and get easily get out of some serious situations. They work so well together and are known as The Shadows, since they are usually hidden in the shadows while they work.

I’ll add more when some ideas come up.

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No offense but The Weird Place was absolutely fantastic and at least half of what made it so good was the fact that Alfredo, Trevor, Lindsay and Gavin have literally one of the most fun four-person dynamics out of the entirety of Achievement Hunter and we deserve more content that involves them as a team

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