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#lindsay jones

Alfredo: As a two time ydyd champ, I should’ve got a buy(?) week (Cue Michael telling him to shut up before giving a chuckle) - or somethin’.

Cue a bit of convo before Ryan speaks up

Ryan: Alfredo, Fredo- It’s 2020. You can be Bi every week.

Everyone just chimes in, giving signs of approval and agreeing.

Lindsay: Yeah! Dude I’m Bi everyday.

Alfredo: ooooo alright theeen. Here we go

Ryan: No one’s gonna take that away from you.

Alfredo: Thank You.

Lindsay: You’re right Ryan. They can’t take that away from me.

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Does Lindsay Jones have a Cameo?

Cuz if she does, I want someone to request her to recite the “I’ve come to make an announcement” speech from that Sonic fandub in her Ruby voice, but she’s basically roasting Roman

So like “I’ve come to make an announcement!! Roman Torchwick is a BITCHASS MOTHERFUCKER!!!”

We can try to clean up the lines (cuz I think Lindsay still uncomfortable w/ Ruby swearing and that has A LOT of swear words ^,^; ) but… I do wanna hear Ruby roasting Roman plz. Plz… let Ruby be MEAN to Roman plz

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@pastelideas’s art of lindsay and fiona with the battle buddies inspired me to make a colored version of the gunning gals emblem that they made!

the things i added/changed were the different types of flowers, the year change (2020) and the sn (supernova) and wc (wildcard)!

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