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Abe Sapien with an S/O who’s afraid of water (HC’s)

abe upside down in a blue water tank holding his hand to the glass where someone on the other side holds their hand up too

Originally posted by heartmans-heartshaped-heart

  • He’s a little confused but not especially dismayed. He doesn’t have to be swimming all of the time and he doesn’t think it really impacts your relationship.
  • All the same, he’d be delighted if you asked him to help you get over your fear — he’d be with you every step of the way, making sure you don’t panic and everything.
  • But if the idea of swimming is that abhorrent then it’s still no problem. It’s not for everybody and he won’t bring it up.
  • You can spend time together in so many places that don’t involve swimming pools.
  • …Ok, maybe “going places” is difficult when he can barely leave the bureau, but there are enough different parts of the BPRD headquarters to explore and hang out in regardless.
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I made burgers and cheese fries today. I’m not giving up the food I love, because when I cut and restrict, I give up. Instead I’m eating these foods sparingly. Just smaller amounts and less. Below are my goals for the week.

Weekly Goals

  • Exercise 3 days this week
  • Stay under my calorie goal every single day.
  • No ordering food
  • Go to work everyday.

What are your goals for this week?! Let me know!

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