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Monday, November 23, 2020

Do you want to learn how to swim right now but it’s too cold where you are to jump into a lake and you don’t have access to a pool? Well, you can take a look a this article I found entitled “How to Swim” by Lilian Cannon that was published in the local newspaper in 1926. Too bad it won’t actually help you learn how to swim.

   When one is learning the dog-paddle there should be no attempt at speed or long-distance swimming. These will come with other strokes.
   The dogpaddle is the first to be learned and is only learned to give one confidence in the water and ability to propel the body through the water.
   It is also useful in perfecting the scissors kick of the legs, which is as important a matter as any stroke.
   Unless the arms and legs are coordinated perfectly, there will never be any real swimming. The muscular smoothness of the body when swimming is very important, and effort should be directed toward swimming with as little exertion as possible, except when there is necessity for unusual exertion.
   Arms should move in perfect coordination with legs - right arm and left leg.

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Story time : one time I met my Italian cousins . We literally only knew each other for one day and our aunt decided to take us to a nice resort .

We went swimming at the water park there and decided that it would be fun to visit the lazy river which is basically where you don’t have to swim cause the current will take you along the entire park .

It’s probably a really good time that I now inform you that of the two siblings , one’s a boy and the others a girl .

And of course , me and my sister who actively hated men were beefing with this bitch .

So we were in the lazy river and since we were kids who didn’t know how to fucking lie down and just relax , I decided to chase this boy (in the pool so I guess …water chase ??) through the entire lazy river .

And I’m a really competitive little shit , always have been and always will be .

So my six year old gremlin ass swam under water trying to catch up with him , popped my head out and saw a guy with his head underwater who resembled him .

And I jump on the bitch and pulled his hair . And you know what happens ?

The brother pops his head out and locks eyes with me a few feet ahead .

And that , my friends is how I turned into an Olympic gold medalist swimmer trying to hide before the other guy saw me .

Also worth noting that after I swam away far enough I turned over my shoulder and saw him looking around in distress and confusion.

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Berenang jadi salah satu aktivitas yang aku tulis kalau misalnya ada pertanyaan “apa hobimu?” Menyukai aktivitas berenang dari SD sampai sekarang. Di antara 3 aktivitas fisik yang disunnahkan (?) oleh Rasulullaah saw, aku bisanya renang doang. Berkuda ngga pernah, memanah juga belum pernah.

Saking senengnya renang, aku punya temen se-geng bertiga sewaktu SMP yang kerjaannya renang mulu sampai kulit gosong kayak anak layangan. Maklum, dulu masih murah banget kalau main ke kolam renang terbuka, 1 atau 2 kali seminggu ngga jadi masalah. Sempet nyesel sih, dari dulu hobi renang tapi ngga bener-bener serius dan rutin dilakukan. Ngga pernah sampai jago dan lebih seringnya main-main air aja karena itupun rasanya udah refreshing banget. Coba aja aku seriusin ya, mungkin bisalah aku nyampe 160 cm. Hahaha. Ngarep ><

Oke, semakin bertambah usia, makin jarang renang tapi selalu kepikiran pengen dan pengen. SMA adalah masa paling jarang berenang, karena saat itu aku banyak melakukan aktivitas fisik lain. Udah terkuras tenaganya gitu. Di kuliah, beruntungnya sahabat dekatku juga hobi renang. Renang jadi salah satu healing moment kalau udah mentok sama tugas dan aktivitas kampus. Pas kerja, kebetulan teman dekat yang satu batch di MT program juga hobi renang. Lebih jago dan lebih rutin dia malah. Tapi, karena kesibukan pekerjaan masing-masing, kita belum pernah renang bareng.

Pengen renang lagi. Banget. Selama pandemi ini sama sekali ngga berenang. Sama sekali. Tulisan ini edisi curhat kepengen banget renang lagi, guys. Mungkin nanti abis renang, aku bakalan cerita lagi gimana rasanya renang lagi setelah sekian lama. Semoga segera, ya.

Stay healthy, y'all! ♡


Depok, 22 November 2020


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