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Hi all!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I’m planning on getting back on the studyblr game! Here’s a little update in case anyone is curious about what I’ve done in the past year:

-I started my doctoral program! I’m working towards my EdD.

-I bought a townhouse! 🏡

I hope you’re all staying safe,


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“I must be off. Necessity drives me on.”

 - Homer, The Odyssey

I finished The Odyssey this evening. I think I enjoyed the parts before he arrives back on Ithaca more. The relationship between the goddess Athena and Odysseus is fascinating.

I liked what the translator Robert Fagles said about Odysseus:

He is “the beggar-king who moves at will from self-effacement to self-assertion, from mê tis to mêtis, from Nobody to Odysseus.”

I wish I had more to say here since I have a lot in my journal, but those notes are mostly disjointed and I think I’m still a little overwhelmed. I’ll be starting Madeline Miller’s Circe probably on Sunday.

img: John William Waterhouse’s Penelope and the Suitors (1912) via Wiki

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Adjustment Day, Chuck Palahniuk, p. 270 
…traditional places of worship had been reduced to crass theaters where people went to signal their status and virtues. A true church had to serve as the place where people went in safety to risk confessing their worst selves. Not to boast and display their pride. Those who attended recovery groups, they arrived defeated. They told the story of their failure. Their sins and shortcomings. To admit their culpability, and in doing so they receive a communion with their flawed peers.
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may 28 2020

the weather’s been very spotty here recently, which essentially means 90 fahrenheit with storms every few hours. as such, i spent the day baking bread and finally getting around to giving wuthering heights a second chance, as i quit reading it last summer to do apush summer work & the book we had to read for ap lang. very much glad to be doing so.

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✨Happy Hunger Games✨ I finally finished the prequel and I definitely have mixed feelings about it. I loved the added world building, but I’m not sure if I enjoyed following Snow as a character. Either way, it was really fun visiting Panem again😊 I hope we get to hear more about this fascinating place soon!

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Damon Krukowski, Ways of Hearing

When you choose, as a listener, to focus on what’s buried deep in the layers of a recording instead of what’s been placed up front to catch your attention—then ‘you’ve’ changed what is signal, and what is noise.

But if the noise has been eliminated—as digital media can and so often do—then that choice is eliminated as well.

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