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inahallucination · a day ago
neil: my crush on todd isn’t that bad; i can totally be just friends with him and be fine with it
charlie: oh so are those wedding plans about another todd anderson ? 
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stargirl-anderson · 2 days ago
Just realized that there's probably a lot of dps fans here on Tumblr that don't follow Gale Hansen on Twitter and didn't see him tweet this the other day so here you go
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mortuus-poet · 2 days ago
Frick it DPS modern day Christmas headcanons
(Thanks @onceuponabluemoon for the first few ideas with the tags you put when you reposted 🥰)
Charlie brings his saxophone every year
And every year, without fail, as soon as he walks through the door holding it with the most shit-eating grin, everyone just collectively groans
They welcome him with open arms! Obviously! But do not be surprised if you see him and Cameron fighting atleast once during the celebration because charlie simply would NOT stop playing a horrendous version of Mariah Carey’s “all I want for Christmas” on it
Cameron gets really upset, claiming that “all I want for Christmas is a masterpiece and the way you play it brings shame to its good name!”
The fights are usually a lot like the “I’m being chased by Walt Whitman!” Scene, and usually end in everyone “chasing” Charlie around while laughing their heads off
Sometimes, Pittsie will whip out his mouth harp and start rocking out with Charlie, making BOTH of them the targets, not just charlie.
Todd and Meeks are the ones in the kitchen preparing the main courses mostly. The others help out, but Todd and Meeks are in charge of it all
Pitts and Meeks make the desserts, because although Todd is a fantastic cook, he isn’t the best as making desserts
Charlie and Knox are always completely decked out in festive gear
I’m talking matching antler headbands (yes, they light up), matching ugly sweaters, Christmas light necklaces etc etc
Secret Santa’s! Every single year!
It isn’t ever a secret when someone gets charlie as their Santa though, because he always buys some obscure, really specific gift that no one ever even told him they wanted
Pitts and Meeks can be found having dance parties in the kitchen half the time when they cook together
Neil 100% forces Cameron to sing Christmas karaoke songs with him
Cameron always acts super unwilling and grumpy, but the way he smiles and laughs as he’s doing it gives him away every single year
Cameron always pulls through with the absolute most thoughtful gifts for everyone
He seriously puts SO much thought into these gifts, he starts his shopping months before December just so he can put the upmost effort into choosing them without feeling rushed
He once made Charlie cry with his gift. That is the first time any of the poets saw charlie and Cameron hug
Pitts got a photo of the moment and gave a framed copy to Cameron and charlie next year as a gift
Charlie pitched a fit about how embarrassed he was, but he keeps the photo hung right above his and Knox’s bed at home
The poets always make sure to have extra hot chocolate and peppermint bark on hand incase any carolers come to the door. They like giving the singers gifts :)
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cupiiid · 9 hours ago
some HAPPY anderperry headcanons (which is really more of a short story) because im sad and want to do something nice :')
-it was todd who made the first move
-after the play (which mr perry never found out about), back in their dorm, todd kissed neil and then told him how much he meant to him (in that order)
-neil just had this surprised look on his face, like he couldn't believe it was happening ('you like me??' 'yeah?? why'd you think i kissed you??')
-neil is over the moon
-they take things slow because it's their first relationship and it has to be a secret of course because it's the 1950s but they couldn't be more happy
-its charlie who works it out first, being neil's best friend and all
-charlies known about neil's feelings for todd for ages. hell, he was the first person neil ever came out to as well as his first kiss and he is awfully perceptive, more than the poets ever give him credit for. he noticed the small changes in neil's demeanor as well as todd's
-one day, neil and todd are making out in their dorm. they were too caught up in each other to lock the door so all of a sudden, charlie bursts in
-they break apart quickly but charlie's already seen them kissing ('aha! i knew it!!' 'charlie, please don't tell anyone')
-charlie promises to keep their secret but soon meeks starts to look at them suspiciously and they decide (after much input from charlie) to tell their friends they're together
-even though they're all close as hell, it's still a massive risk that scares them to death. cameron is their biggest worry but charlie assures them he'll do everything to protect them if something goes wrong
-one dps meeting, they're in the cave and it just feels right, so neil looks at todd and it's like they're thinking the exact same thing so neil just comes out with it and tells them they're together
-they're mostly met with confused looks ('oh..?' 'oh?' 'we kind of already knew' 'what??') turns out neil and todd weren't as slick as they thought. meeks and pitts put it together ages ago, cameron had his suspicions and knox... knox had no idea
-meeks and pitts are supportive of the relationship obviously. surprisingly, knox is the one who takes a little while to convince. he's not against it per se, just confused. ('wait, neil, i though you were into ginny danburry??' 'w h a t')
-everyone waits for cameron's opinion. he's stiff and a little uncomfortable but doesn't really care that much ('oh okay' '...that's it? that's all you have to say?' 'yep') however, neil and todd don't miss the way cameron's eyes wander over to charlie every now and again, looking awfully like they used to look at each other before they got together
-todd makes a mental note to talk to cameron about it at some point
-neil and todd are still scared about the future especially as two gay people in the 1950s but they know they'll always have their friends and each other for support
-in the end, all is well and no one dies :)
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emilythefern · a day ago
not what he would have wanted.
Everyone had always joked that Neil was a misfit magnet, a joke Todd had once found hilarious. But it wasn’t so funny now that he realised it was a hundred percent true. Sitting here in awkward silence with Charlie, Knox, Meeks, Pitts, and Cameron, he felt like he hardly knew the people around him. Neil had always been the glue between them, but if he was gone, were they just broken pieces that had once been part of a masterpiece?
Todd fidgeted with his thumbs as Charlie cleared his throat. “I need a smoke. Anyone got a pack?”
“Aren’t you usually the cigarette hoarder?”
“F#ck you, Cameron. I don’t have any of my stuff because it was all taken by Nolan, and you know that. They think I have something to do with it. “
It. The incident. The tragedy. Whatever you called it, it was the thing that brought together these six boys.
“Well that’s bull. What would you have to do with it?” Knox piped up in a huff, clearly irritated by the bickering between Charlie and Cameron. Todd wished that he wasn’t there. Preferably, right about now a massive sinkhole would swallow the floor of the study hall whole, and he would fall into a pit of infinite darkness. He was already halfway there, his thoughts haunted by the memory of his roommate.
The memory of Neil.
“HEY. TODD!” Charlie snapped his fingers in Todd’s face, and Todd snapped back down to earth.
“Are you ok?”
The idea of being ok right now was practically laughable. How could he be ok? “I’m good.”
“Did you eat earlier?”
“Yeah.” He lied, of course. Half the time the idea of food was nauseating, the other half he couldn’t keep anything down. His friends had cottoned on to this from seeing how he’d wobble when standing up too fast, or be out of breath after a short walk.
“Now that’s bull if ever I heard it.” Knox scoffed.
“Take this, Todd.” Meeks offered a sympathetic smile and a granola bar.
Apricot. His least favourite. Not that Meeks would know that.
The only person he’d ever told that dumb stuff to was Neil.
He stuffed the bar in his pocket, hoping that Meeks wouldn’t be offended. He only looked worried, and Todd felt even worse.
“They didn’t invite me to the funeral.” The words came rushing out, jumbled and strung together. The other understood what he meant though.
“What?” Charlie was outraged. “Neil would have wanted you of all people there.”
Todd laughed dryly. “Guess it’s not the first time he and his parents disagreed.” The others flinched a little at the dark humour, not yet used to this cynical side of Todd. He hadn’t used to be like this. “Are you guys all going?”
They all nodded, a little ashamed.
Todd got up and left without a word.
Why did everyone else get closure?
Everyone but him.
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patientmerit · a day ago
I can’t stop thinking about what my brother asked me the first time he watched dps.
“is that dude Jim Carrey?”
The dude:
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aedan-mills · a day ago
Uh... So.. I hit over 800 followers here and 300 followers on my lit blog @ameliterature and over 200 followers on @anderperry-ask-blog-ame
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Thank you so much for liking my silly little blogs 🥺🥺🥺 I really just make content on my spare time so I'm happy you guys enjoy what I make 🥺🥺💖💖
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Love you guys <3 <3
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syonastarkov · a day ago
what i imagine the dps boys’ hobbies would be:
charlie: playing electric guitar, dancing, going thrift shopping, pranking cameron
neil: reading, painting, rehearsing monologues, illegally plucking flowers from the welton gardens and making large bouquets for his friends, hanging out in cafes, skinny dipping in the lake by himself at night 
todd: singing, perusing his vinyl collection, perusing his poetry collection, writing little love notes and poems for neil and figuring out ways to hide them in his belongings without him noticing, getting cosy in thick blankets with a book, taking long naps, watching the dust particles in beams of sunlight dance above his pillow for hours
meeks: knitting mismatched socks and sweaters, cleaning his glasses, perfecting each perfect little red curl on his head with curl cream, cooking anything that involves pumpkins, practicing calligraphy
knox: eating frosting, thinking of new ways to impress chris, driving, watching rom coms, unpacking conspiracy theories, visiting museums, visiting drive-in cinemas, aiding charlie with the pranks, laying in grass, climbing trees to look at the view 
pitts: going on long walks, cuddling with anyone and everyone, nature photography, eating a lot, hiking, doodling on his hands, listening to music, screwing open any random appliance and trying to put it back together 
cameron: journalling, more studying, fossil hunting, sea shell hunting, trying to count his freckles, trying to escape charlie’s pranks, questioning his sexuality, trying not to fall for charlie’s stupid smirk, sorting through old pictures of his family, wandering the halls of welton by himself
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mortuus-poet · 2 days ago
The poets as things I have (roughly) said out of context
I say roughly because I don’t remember these things word for word, but these are 99% accurate.
“Why did they message me? Why are they just asking me how I’ve been doing????? What’s happening I’m scared”
“I went to my moms work last night and her coworker started showering me with compliments. I actually just started crying”
“You think I don’t like you? Yeah, I just talk to you out of spite of myself. No, if I didn’t like you, you’d know, I absolutely don’t have the energy to pretend to like somebody.”
“I didn’t even cuss! What are you talking about?”
Cameron: “yes you did, you said the A word.”
“What, ass??? Is ass even a bad word???? Wait I didn’t even say that though!”
“Wait, Cameron I’m ahead of you in the work? What the FUCK? What happened here????”
“I didn’t tell you I burned myself because there was like 3 cameras in the room! I was NOT about to be seen crying on the news!”
“I’m gonna commit. I’m not going to say what I’m going to commit, but I’m definitely gonna do it.”
“Hey, charlie, how much energy do you have today? Because I literally just woke up and I cannot handle your energy right now.”
“I’m really not vibing right now. I just want to make bread and then go to sleep.”
“Oh! Okay I am absolutely NOT awake enough to process that!”
“If one more person even so much as looks at me I’m either going to go absolutely feral or just start crying.”
“I hate this class so much.”
Charlie: “Skip with me then!”
“No! I’d feel too bad, my guilty mindset can’t handle that.”
Bonus: a conversation between me and my Spanish teacher as keating and charlie.
Keating: “all the blurting out is really distracting me, it ruins my flow every single time because it’s always funny and I can’t handle it.”
Charlie: “hey! You said I’m funny!”
Keating: “yes! You are! And I hate it because I would love nothing more than to just sit and crack jokes and talk shit with you, but I’m a teacher and I can’t and it’s SO hard not to laugh when you say something.”
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homopoetsociety · a day ago
charlie: where did neil go?
charlie: hmm
neil, burrowing up through the floor like a ground hog: TODD IS A GLORIUS, ENTRANCING, BEAUTIFUL, SENSUAL FLOWER POET, YOU INSOLENT BAG OF WEEDS
charlie: found him
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joytri · a month ago
I love how authors in classic literature spend three pages describing a street, whilst casually mentioning the death of the protagonist in one line.
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emilythefern · 22 hours ago
time travel
(Idea from @inahallucination ‘s post)
If any of the boys had read the news lately, they’d know that the Federal Bureau of Intelligence was currently carrying out investigations into time travel right there in Vermont. But being seventeen, none of them had ever touched a newspaper in their life, and were blissfully unaware of the scientific breakthroughs happening a good few miles away.
Meanwhile, in the shared dorm room of Neil Perry and Todd Anderson, introductions were well under way.
“It's every bit as tough as they say, unless you're a genius like Meeks.”. Charlie had seemed to take a liking to Todd, the new kid who was shy and undeniably handsome. He didn’t have an eye on Todd for himself, though.
“He flatters me. That's why I help him with Latin.” The boy who had been established as the genius named Meeks seemed nice enough, which Todd appreciated. He found the group of boys intimidating and overwhelming, two feeling he’d been hoping to avoid.
“And English, and Trig.” Charlie reminded Meeks, and everyone groaned. Todd put it down to an inside joke.
“I’m going to have a smoke.” Charlie proclaimed to no-one in particular. Neil pulled down the shutters to the room, making sure no-one passing by would be able to see the unmistakable signs of cigarette smoke. Neil smiled at Todd as he made his way back to the desk set on his side of the room, tucking his legs underneath him. Charlie was having trouble getting his lighter to start.
“What the he-“ Charlie was cut off by a loud electrical buzz, and suddenly the lights went out. Just what Todd needed. There were sounds of general panic, of boys bumping into furniture, and a fair few profanities. Power cuts weren’t unheard of at Welton, but certainly uncommon, especially during the day. The worst bit of it all though, came after the lights came on.
Todd’s eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the brightness, but soon came to realise they were not in same dorm room they had been in.
They were in the living room of a New York apartment, the city skyline visible from the windows. The boys were spread out across the room, all shell-shocked.
“Did Nolan put something in the water,” Neil said slowly. “Or am I hallucinating right now?”
The others let out shaky laughs, not quite sure what to do. Todd was grateful for the humour, he was pretty sure that he would have lost his head by now without it.
Neil thought it a good idea to explore the apartment, but as it turned out, the residents of the apart found them first. Two men, couldn’t be older than 30, burst in the door, hand in hand. The blonde one, upon spotting the out of place gang, froze in place, his eyes practically opting out of his head. The other, the brunette, looked as if he was about to laugh.
The two men bore an uncanny resemblance to Neil and Todd.
The brunette turned to the blonde, seemingly amused and alarmed. “Todd, why is there a boy who looks exactly like you did at 17 sitting at your writing desk.”
“What’s the year?” Charlie interrupted confidently, with a curious air. Future Todd was still staring like he’d seen a ghost, but current Todd was reaching for anything that might be able to be used as a weapon. His parents had prepared him for prep school drama, not this.
“It’s 1970. April.” The man with brown hair helpfully offered up the information. “I’m Neil, and this is my partner Todd. Mind telling us how you got into our apartment.”
Surprisingly, it was 1959 Neil who spoke up first. “We’re students from Welton, we were sitting in our dorm room, and then there was a power outage. And the when the power came back on, we were here.” He took a deep breath. “Also I think you’re me.”
Older Neil (this was messing with Todd’s head) nodded. “Uh yeah. And if I’m not mistaken, that’s Todd,” he pointed directly at Todd, sitting at the writing desk. “That’s Charlie, That’s Meeks, and That’s Knox.”
“Did you say partner?” Charlie addressed his question to Older Neil, who was simply amused now. It didn’t seem to bother him in the slightest he was talking to the seventeen year old versions of his best friends.
“Uh, yeah. I’m Todd. But you already know me because, well… God this is weird.”
“I know, sweetheart. But kind of cool.”
“Kind of cool? Neil…”
Neil smiled at the younger boys. “Todd and I have something to discuss. Uh, make yourselves at home?” The two men disappeared off into a bedroom, leaving the other to look around.
Todd admired the photos on the wall. Neil and Todd- no, Neil and himself, standing on empty stage with cheesy grins. Outside Welton in graduation robes. In an empty apartment, standing with Todd’s older brother outside Harvard. One stood out to him though. They looked about the age Todd was now, kissing in the snow in a place unfamiliar to Todd. Neil, the version he had meet in the dorm room, stood behind him, looking at the photographs too.
“I thought you were cute when I saw you walking in the courtyard. Kind of validating to know you feel the same way.”
Todd looked at his feet. “Uhm, yeah. I mean you seem nice and I like your hair…”
“Thanks. This is a bit weird isn’t it?”
“Totally. But kind of nice. I’m assuming this is some kind of future time line, like those shows in the TV. Do you think this is our future?”
“I don’t know. “ Todd spun around, taking in the apartment. It was a lot, with mismatched furniture and sheets of annotated Shakespeare lying on the ground. “I think I like it though.”
“I’ve noticed there’s nothing to do with being a doctor around here. I hope that means I got the courage to stand up to my father.”
Todd mentally filed that under things he knew about Neil. “Do you think we have a dog?”
Neil looked confused. “A dog?”
“Yeah. I’ve always wanted a dog.”
“Me too.”
Maybe this reality held more truth than he thought.
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oscar-still-wildin · 6 months ago
“don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, I say as I remain a slut for a book with a pretty cover.
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