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mozzzz05 2 days ago
I cackle at the thought of Eddie鈥檚 full name being Edward, even better: Edmund馃
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rozugold a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just a bit paranoid
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smalldistortion 2 months ago
....Ive come to the conclusion that any drawing of Nastya looks some what similar to each other. And I figured out why...
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lilybug-02 2 months ago
Love how whenever I lucid dream, the people around me get all confused when I try and tell them I鈥檓 dreaming. They quizzically stare at me like I鈥檓 joking and try to offset the awkwardness by politely telling me I鈥檓 not.
And whenever I prove it to them, they almost always start to freak out and have an existentialist crisis like a normal human being would.
Then when I wake up, I feel like I accidentally wiped them from existence.
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my-apollo-gies a year ago
Nico throughout hoo: No, I am not gay, and I do not have a crush on Percy.
Nico in boo:
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wiggidy wiggidy wassup dudebros I'm da firelord.
Someone help me.
[id in Alt text]
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many-gay-magpies 2 months ago
my family's principle of never lying vs the small harmless white lies i tell almost constantly like "no km writing down notes for a story" because my brain likes to blow things out of proportion and be like "well if you tell your mom you ARE texting then shell ask who and you say a friend and she could ask WHICH friend. and you could LIE but then youd be able to be found out because she THINKS you mean an irl friend when really you mean an online friend and she doesnt KNOW you have online friends because if she DID that would mean she'd know you have social media and then she'd probably ask to SEE said social media and she WOULD respect your wishes if you didnt want her to but then shed have reason to believe youre hiding something from her which isnt REALLY true except it kind of IS because she doesnt know you spend all your time online fangirling over kpop idols, cursing way more than you do in your real life, and being generally embarassing. and if she finds out about any of it youll die xoxo thx for understanding <33"
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eroticcannibal 2 months ago
Dyslexia brain unable to read tik tok censoring vs ex 4 chan teen being fluent in leet speak
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yoites-good-omens-blog a year ago
Me, telling my brain to stop worrying about a small mistake I made that has no bearing on anyone's life and that no one really cares about:
Tumblr media
My brain, one hour later:
Tumblr media
My brain, four hours later:
Tumblr media
My brain, for the rest of my sorry existence:
Tumblr media
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it-do-be-dylan 3 months ago
Poly Stray Kids x Male OC
AH! Okay, I have this...scenario in the mush that is my Brain and I've been putting off writing it because I'm not so good at writing certain themes and this scenario happens to be one I don't write that often.
SO this story is Smut but written by an amature so you have been warned as it might me cringe :]
Hyun was sitting with his parents at his home. He was on his week winter break and his mother allowed him to invite one of his friends if they could. He would be talking to his mother if she wasn't fawning over how adorable Hyunjin was and how he was such a good friend.
"Mom, please, your embarrassing him." Hyun butted in and she looked over to him. "Ki-Hyun, don't butt in. I'm just getting to know your friend more." The male sighed. "Are all your friends this precious?" The younger finally decided to hide his face in his hands as the older chuckles. "Some, yeah." "From what you say about them, Felix seems like a ball of sunshine, Seungmin and Jisung are like little puppies, Jeogin is a baby and鈥nd who are the others?"
"Changbin, Chan, and Minho, mother. They are sweethearts but more tough, y'know?" She nods. "That's sweet. I'm happy you have good friends, son." He hums uncertainly and shoves the food that has been in his chopsticks for a while now in his mouth. "How's that girlfriend of yours?" He immediately ended up chocking on the rice he just ate and stayed resting over his bowl for a moment. "I- uh, I've never had one yet, dad." He replied and watched as the man moved and kissed his wife on the head and went to the kitchen. "Well, how's that boyfriend of yours?" His father jokes and Hyun's utensils clink against his bowl as he groans. "Don't have that either." He lies with a groan.
His father jokes more and His mother eventually stopped him. The american got up when the phone rang and answered it. "Hyun, I hope you know we don't mind who you date." He smiled, he's lucky to have supportive parents.
"Hun, Your sister just called. Did you forget her birthday dinner was today?" He put down his cup and he had a look of shock on his face. "Oh, shoot. I knew I was forgetting something." He said and walk out of the dining room to go put nicer clothes on with his wife behind him. "Well, we need to get to auntie's birthday so I hope you two will be okay." Hyun tells her they will be fine and when his mother finally got the male out of the house and closed the door, Ki-Hyun immediately pulled Hyunjin over to him and hugged him tightly.
Hyun loved hugging Hyunjin, He was just so huggable. "Hey, can I tell you something?" The boy hums, leaning further back onto the male. "Before we left, I believe the others were trying to joke that I get you all to myself." His arms grip him in a tighter hug. "But I think they were actually jealous that they can't have you for a week." The boy sighed softly but made no comment.
"W-what if I like to make them jealous?" He muttered and Hyun smirked. "Oh, really now? Is it just them? Because you never try to make me jealous." "I know not to do it to you." He muttered and turned his head toward Hyun who was smiling. "It seems I've taught you well but it seems the others have work to do." He chuckled and an idea came to mind. "Since my parents are with my Auntie and her get togethers always last awhile, how do you feel about teasing the others?" He asked as his hand was softly grazing over the boys lower stomach.
He hummed, he honestly just wanted to cuddle with the male but he did like to tease the others. "H-How?" "Well~ We could call one of them or call the group chat and have them just watch?" Hyunjin sighed with a whimper when Hyun's hand moved under his shirt.
The blonde nods and follows the directions of going to Hyun's room. The older taking the forgotten dishes to the kitchen to clean them later. Walking into his room he sees Hyunjin waiting patiently.
The raven walks over to him and leans down to pull him into a kiss, Hyunjin whines and his hand grips the shirt Hyun was wearing. The older moved to unbutton the dress shirt Hyunjin was wearing, having planned to go out but his parents said to stay in so they were still in their nice attire.
With Hyunjin's shirt undone plus his pants and the male himself needy, Hyun moved to prop his phone up in the open space on this bedside table then sat on his knees a small distance away from the phone, pulling Hyunjin to sit on his lap with his legs spread around Hyun's knees. "Why don't you press the call button~?" He whispered in his ear and he leaned forward and tapped the video chat button.
Hyun made sure the others weren't busy when he was in the kitchen and the first to answer was Chan but it was just a ceiling. "Why hello." He answered not looking over as he was on his laptop. The raven smiled and finally gave what the boy needed which was his touch but it made him let out a whiney moan because it's not exactly where he wanted it.
That's when the view changed and Chan's face appeared on screen. He could only see Hyunjin's body leaning back against Hyun and Hyun's arms. "Look Jinnie, someone answered." He sighed weakly and took his head of the males shoulder to see Chan. "Now all we need are the other two." He whined, now wanting to just be touched. "Chan, Jinnie here admitted to teasing you on purpose. He loves teasing the three of you." Chan gasped. "Channie, you need to teach this one better, he never teases me." "I guess I do."
Hyun chuckled from his spot on Hyunjin's neck and looked up when someone joined the call. "Oh, this is a pleasant sight." Hyunjin whined from Hyun's constant kisses and touches and shied away from the camera as he was always shy with Changbin. "Hyung, please!" He finally spoke. "Please what?" "Please touch me..." He whimpers and the male with him hums. "Hold on, prince. You gotta wait for Minho." He pouts and leans his head back on the olders shoulder and whines. "He's in the other room, I could ask him to join." Changbin mentioned. "Please..." He cried again but was to lost that he didn't see Hyun shake his head. "Just a little more."
The younger started to move against Hyun's lap. "P-Please..." "I guess you can get what you want." Hyun said as Chang went to go get Minho.
On his end he walked out of his room and saw him on the couch with I.N. He mentioned for him to join the chat call and Minho thought it was a simple call but he was way wrong when the first thing he saw was Hyunjin. "F-Finally, p-please touch me, Hyung." He cried and Hyun looked up. "Oh, Hi Jeongin." He chuckled seeing the boy next to Minho. "W-what?" He looked up and saw the boy, "W-wait..." He never did things like this with the younger but I guess today is different.
"Jinnie, why don't you tell them what we did with my parents." He said and he held the boy still with his left hand as his right hand finally touched him where he needed. His back arched away from Hyun's chest as he let out another whiny moan. "H-Hyung...mmm, Hyung a-and I h-had dinner with them." He said through his whimpers and moans.
"H-Hyungs...P-please! mng!" He moaned, now completely leaning on Hyun as he was squirming in his hold. "Hold on." He said as he heard Chan and Changbin. Minho had left to help Jeongin but the other two stayed, needing to finish getting off.
"I- ah, I'm gonna..." He started but he was cut off as he whined and turned his head. Hyun kissed him through his high, Hyun's hand getting covered in his cum and Hyunjin melting further into his hold has his high settled, loving how his mouth was dominated quickly.
Chan came on his hoodie and Changbin on his hand, Hyun came in his pants from Hyunjin's squirming. "You won't stop teasing them, will you?" Hyunjin whines and shakes his head. "You love it, don't you?" He nods and hums, still in his head. "We'll teach you better when you get back."
He whines thinking of what they would do. "I'm gonna clean him up. Let me know how I.N is later." Chan chuckles and is the first one to leave then Changbin.
"Come on, prince." He said and picked up the lost male. "I'm tired." Hyun chuckles and takes off Hyunjin's and his own's clothes and puts new underwear on and sweats then puts the same on Hyunjin plus a sweater. He messaged his parents saying they were going to bed and read the message from Minho saying "Thanks for the surprise." Where he chuckled because he was also sent a photo of I.N who still had reminance of tears of pleasure on his face.
He finally got into bed with Hyunjin who hugged him around the waist and buried his face into his chest. "Can we stay here an extra week?" Hyun chuckled at his sleepy voice. "Why would we do that?" "I don't want to be ruined." "Well, maybe you should listen to them like you listen to me." "Maybe I like you better." He gasped. "You really just said that." The male lazily laughs. "I'm gonna tell them that, let's see if you can walk after that." "No..." He whined and Hyun laughed. "Okay, but you ever disobey me and I will use this to my advantage." He got no response but soft breathing.
鈥淪leep well, Jinnie.鈥 He whispered and kissed his forehead then rested with his face in Hyunjin鈥檚 shoulder, content as he cuddled closer to Hyun鈥檚 side and proceeded to fall into the comfort that was sleep.
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cube-cumb3r 7 months ago
the worst thing about exile arc is despite everything, the era itself has such a cozy and festive energy to me like it gen just aww reminds me of christmas 馃槏
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mozzzz05 5 days ago
I鈥檓 sorry but the 鈥淟uther wants to throw you a party so you feel loved鈥 鈥渄o you feel loved?鈥 And then the most genuinest, most wholesomest, most gorgeous smile and the little shy 鈥測es鈥 from Viktor has me sobbing it鈥檚 so damn cute
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dora-tonks-lupin 4 months ago
Had a dream that I was filling in for Liam鈥 Laura, Travis and Marisha were also away鈥 so it was me, Taliesin and Sam. There鈥檇 just been a huge encounter and Liam鈥檚 character was down to 20 hit points before I had to start making death saving throws. I鈥檇 been having zero luck with the dice so I really didn鈥檛 want to have to roll death saves鈥 I asked Sam if he could heal me鈥 but he was down to two HP so had to heal himself first鈥 I turned to Taliesin and went 鈥渨hat do I do if his character dies while he鈥檚 not here?鈥 Taliesin鈥檚 response: 鈥淒elete all your messages and run.鈥
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smalldistortion 5 months ago
鈥︹.The Mechsnauts (yes I know ashes isn鈥檛 here lol) and Aurora would be the Octopod
If you were wondering yes I was watching the Octonauts-
Tumblr media
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bluebeadss a month ago
I haven't read shit in my eng books except for two poems for term 2 so les go complete them all in 4 hours
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sirmatthew1972 4 months ago
Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
Tumblr media
Pairing Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid Summary In which Aaron watches a hurt Spencer knit, to deal with getting injured, until said husband is ready for the hug they both need. Warnings/tags 18+, protective!Aaron, caring!Aaron, autistic!Spencer, hurt!Spencer, Spencer needs a hug, angst/comfort, kissing, hugging, established relationship, knitting
Tumblr media
LAZING ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON Maybe Aaron is supposed to work. Finish the report and sign it off on the dotted line. This is after all why he's stuffed the handful of files in his bag to take them home for the weekend. Why he's holed up in his home office on a rainy Sunday afternoon. But duty? No matter what he has promised his superiors, it will have to wait, because his attention lies elsewhere. Far closer to home. In fact no further than a stone's throw away from his desk鈥
Because within the quiet symphony beat out by the raindrops falling onto the world lies hidden another sound. The rhythmic clinks of two metal needles coming together鈥 and again. Almost missable. On most days Aaron can tune it out, but not today when he is hyper aware of where Spencer is, and in what state. Bruised, but alive and never more beautiful to him. Oh, Aaron knows that he's possessive and fooling no one with his pretence of work. That his husband, better than anyone else, can read him like a book. It's why Spencer doesn't protest against being pulled in the office with him. Why he has brought his basket of purple wool and the grey knitting needles along with him. The very same items that have become a source of utter distraction to Aaron as well, or rather the ones of a comfort he's not going to admit to. Not even when he knows that Spencer is well aware of it. Damned those elegant hands and fingers! How they pop out from the too long sleeves of the faded, oversized cardigan vest that Spencer is wearing. Curling around the unending thread of wool. The knitting needles too. A complex rhythm to a dance of which Aaron will never learn the steps鈥 one that brings forth a scarf, going one stitch at the time. Messy curls grown half long are in the way of Aaron's line of sight. He cant see the expression in those focussed hazel eyes of intent, a look which is all the same belied by the index finger that straightens the glasses on his husband's cute nose. There too barely is a pause in his steady progress on his knitting project. Not even the bruised and scraped knuckles gone stiff seem to hinder him鈥 Because Spencer? To distract his genius mind from too much input, and any resulting meltdown, he needs a few hours to himself. To spend it with nothing but the soft yet prickly feeling of wool running through his fingers. The cool weight of the thick, metal needles in his hands. That sense of progress as he follows the set pattern, which he can keep working on until his brain is done processing events and emotions alike. By now Aaron knows Spencer well enough to both understand and accept why he can't do it in any other way. Why he in turn needs to keep up his pretence. To give them both the space to chase out the shared shadows on their terms. Aaron shudders to think what could have happened. If he'd reacted one second later鈥 if their team hadn't been on his heels鈥 No, he can't go there! Won't, because what means the most to him? Spencer? He's now looking up at Aaron. His eyes alight once more with his reclaimed inner self. With awareness, love and the unvoiced appreciation of his continued vigil too. The raw honesty that shows itself in plain sight as he sets aside his so treasured wool and project alike to ask for what he needs from Aaron at last with a beckoning finger of "Please?" To hell with pretence! Aaron pushes back his desk chair at once. Closes the distance between them in but strides before he sits down on the sofa to wrap Spencer in his arms鈥 to lie them both down鈥 and to entwine their bodies until there's not even a slice of air left to keep them apart. Yeah, he's a possessive bastard, but it hardly matters when Spencer curls up against him equally as tight to crash their lips together with the same urgency. The need to know that he's alive and here with Aaron answered barely before they've run out of breath. But even then they don't part鈥 not for longer than it takes to take off and rest aside the glasses that almost got crushed. Accompanied still by the symphony of the rain outside Aaron keeps kissing Spencer, gentler each time, not seeking to arouse but to care for him instead. Be mindful of the scattered, darkening bruises. The sore fingers gone cold that Aaron wraps up in his hands to softly rub them until quiet whimpers and sobs die to become snores鈥 and his exhausted husband falls asleep in his arms. Content to watch over him, and to hold on for as long as he can get away with, Aaron too closes his eyes to laze their Sunday afternoon for two away.
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deanwinchesterswitch 6 months ago
Just putting this out there...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Source // Source
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Source // Source
For those that know the man on the left, let me know your thoughts.
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whereflowersbloom 9 months ago
Dick: Anyone else feels good when their brain releases a bunch of endorphins?
Tim: can鈥檛 relate.
Wally: Why would my brain release a bunch of dolphins?
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jokerislandgirl32 5 months ago
These Pictures鈥akes Me Think鈥HINGS
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Well this post is inspired by my post from yesterday that some of you realized contained an interesting picture, namely the last one in this set. Let鈥檚 just say my brain is a dumpster fire, and my brain thinks THINGS about all these pictures. So this post should be entitled鈥.I am putting a read more break for the next part, as this will contain mild adult content鈥
My brain thinks Zach likes THINGS a certain way, and these are examples of the different ways he prefers.
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ranpowo 6 days ago
Me, having a meltdown with my eyes closed:
My brain: okay, I know I caused this, but now I feel bad, so what if I let you imagine nikolai gogol sitting next to you for moral support
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